Vampire Diaries Recap: The Kat's Out of the Bag

Vampire Diaries Katherine RecapWith a little help from Dr. Wes, this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries introduced us to a new game called “How Long Can You Go Without Eating Your Best Friend?” As you might expect, there were no winners.

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Enzo barely escaped Damon’s fangs with his accent in tact, just in time to miss Katherine’s even more exciting game, “How Long Can You Go Without Eating Your Brother?” By pitting Salvatore against Salvatore, Katherine hoped to eliminate Damon and keep Stefan all to herself, thus killing two birds with one stone. (Well, technically, she wanted to kill one bird and have sex with the other. But I’ve never been great with ornithology.)

Unfortunately for Katherine, that plan totally blew up in her face, as Stefan not only saved Damon, but also figured out that she’s not Elena. Caroline played a small part in reaching that conclusion, but let’s face it, she was too excited about Stefan and “Elena”‘s hookup to truly grasp what was going on.

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HOTEL PARTY | Speaking of that hookup, Katherine must be pretty pleased with herself right about now. Not only did she coerce Stefan into sharing a hotel room with her, but she even got him to RSVP to a mouth-on-mouth party. His noble instincts put a stop to it before anything else happened, but it’s clear he’s still got major feelings for Elena. “You don’t know what it’s like being in love with you,” Stefan told Katherine, effectively breaking the hearts of all viewers with hearts.

Vampire Diaries Matt NadiaONCE BITTEN | Nadia and Matt spent the hour downing pancakes, playing cards and “canoodling,” and I was starting to get giddy about their romantic potential — especially when they started going at each other like a couple of bunnies on steroids. (What’s their shipper name, Madia? It must be, because I wasn’t mad-ia about seeing them get down to business!) Sadly, it was all for naught, as Matt was merely using his irresistibility to distract Nadia while he texted Caroline for help. Not only did Caroline show up to save the day, but she brought Tyler for backup… and he bit Nadia! (Hmm… will Nadia and Katherine be going to hell the “other side” together?)

MOVING FORWOOD | Prior to saving Matty Blue Eyes, Caroline and Tyler spent some time working on their “post-breakup, pre-friendship relationship,” which started out promising… then quickly went down in flames. Tyler just can’t let go of the fact that Caroline slept with Klaus, which is understandable, to be fair. The end of the episode showed promise, as Tyler apologized for flying off the handle, but he wanted to make it clear he’s not “past it.” He ended the conversation by telling her, “The idea of us being good, it’s not going to happen.” Ouch!

What do you predict will happen now that Katherine’s secret is out? Do you think Nadia’s fate is sealed? And can Tyler ever learn to forgive Caroline? Pack up your thoughts and head straight to the comments section.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Morgan says:

    Tyler is still a douche. He hates Klaus, but he forgets that Katherine is the real reason his life is s**t. He wouldn’t have become a werewolf, and he wouldn’t have become a hybrid. So Klaus killed his mother. He kills everyone!

    • 80s says:

      HAHA! I think someone killing your mother is enough grounds to hate them, even when the said killer has a murder streak. Tyler IS a douche, but you’re being unfair. I think he’s hatred of Klaus is 100% justified.

      • Sara says:

        Completely agree. I love how some viewers have gotten way too into this show that they think murdering someone is no big deal. Let’s come back to reality if just a little bit. He killed his mother. I’m sorry, but that is more than enough reason to hate someone. Geez!!!

        • You wont like that, but… Lets remind ourselves that Tyler was trying to kill Klaus first. If Tyler hadn’t tried to get Klaus Killed first, his mom would be alive and well. Actually, if he had been a good boy and didn’t have fled cowardly, Klaus would have killed him, we would be all very happy and his mother would be alive.

  2. Amber says:

    I hope Caroline and Tyler NEVER get back together. They are awful. Why can’t they kill off Tyler already, sick of him and have been for years. And Caroline and her obsession over “stelana” drives me up the wall. Thank goodness Katherine was revealed, don’t know how much more of that I could of taken

  3. 80s says:

    Random thoughts:

    I did not love the episode (I don’t like the current storyline, to be honest).

    I’m glad Stefan and Caroline finally realized Elena was not acting like herself (though Damon deserves credit for planting the seed in Stefan’s head. Seriously, Stefan spent hours with her. I’m going to assume he was blinded by the craziness of the situation, or in denial because he wants Elena to want him).

    I’m surprised that Enzo turned out to be a decent friend.

    FINALLY they acknowledged that a new hybrid should be able to hold his own against an old vampire. Tyler took a beating from Nadia in the last episode, and I was confused.

    I do not dislike Nadia, but I won’t be sad to see her go.

    And finally, though I never thought I’d say this, I’m getting bored with Katherine.

    They need to introduce a new big bag (no, not Wes).

    • Mari says:

      I looked away from the screen briefly for just the wrong moment. Is it possible Nadia is faking the bite to test Katherine ‘s affection? I wouldn’t be upset to see Nadia go, but this seems too convenient.

  4. Sandra says:

    I thought the episode was boring. It seems like the writers don’t have a clear direction this season and there is no sense of suspense.They jump from storyline to storyline so quickly and the characters don’t seem like themselves. I’m just glad that Stefan and Caroline finally figured out Katherine is possessing Elena.

    • 80s says:

      This is accurate. Many people hated the cure storyline, but at least it gave the characters purpose (and the viewers a somewhat watchable season.)

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Yeah, somewhat but just barely. I actually quit watching the stupid cure story and just read the recaps, then picked it up again at the finale. I’m thinking of doing the same with this season.

        • ejdax37 says:

          That is what I have been doing since Katherine took over Elena’s body! I don’t think I could have taken watching everyone stumble around clueless for week while a giant neon sign blinks over her head “I AM NOT REALLY ELENA!” and no one notice. I guess I will catch up now that they know.

  5. Tina says:

    I’m over this show and it’s horrible spin off. And now that carina Mackenzie 2.0 aka Andy is doing the reviews I think I can stop reading the recaps.

  6. AlwaysGonnaBeDamon says:

    Although there wasn’t any real suspense, this episode was nowhere near as boring as most of Season 5 has been. And at the very least, they’re finally going to deal with the Katherine as Elena thing now.
    They really should’ve let Katherine die with some of her badass status intact. Instead they have taken a character who was smart enough to stay ahead of Klaus for 500 years while playing anybody and everybody she wanted and turned her into a simpering idiot! Suddenly, all she cares about is Stefan? So much that all her brain cells have turned to mush? Ugh, just kill her already, she’s overdone, overplayed and ruined now.
    I’m glad Tyler actually got some teeth into Nadia. I don’t care one way or another about her but it’s nice to see him do something useful. And unless the Travelers have a never before heard of spell to save her, she’s a dead man walking. The only cure for a hybrid bite is a little occupied right now so there will be no magic Klaus blood for the save. Unless he left his great friends in Mystic Falls a big ole jug of Klaus blood for werewolf situations! ;)
    I love this show and will watch to the very end but it has really suffered since Kevin Williamson left. S4 and now S5 are the proof.

  7. S says:

    Tyler was the best thing about this lol-worthy episode. I’m glad he took the high road out of this. Caroline should just sit down already and shut up. It’s like she doesn’t get why he’s upset. Klaus killed Tyler’s mom. That reason alone should have been enough to deter her from Klaus…but it didn’t. So…she’ll just have to deal with it now and forever.

  8. Jessica says:

    Did I miss something? How did Stefan/Katherine get out of that house that had a spell on it keeping them in it with Damon to take him home to chain him up?

  9. Riana says:

    I hope that they get rid of Katherine pretty soon. She’s outstayed her welcome. They should have just had Silas kill her and be done with it. Also Wes is a sucky villain. He’s like John with none of his charm

  10. Elisa says:

    Snore! Another week and I still cannot bring myself to watch it. Let me know when Katherine is finally dead and Damon is actually allowed some character growth. Until then, I sadly cannot watch and a part of me misses the excitement of a new episode. :(

  11. sls says:

    A few things…why is Katherine suddenly an idiot? For someone so well-practiced at staying alive, she is now terrible at it. Did she never stop and think that the “virus” Damon was infected with could possibly be transmittable via bite? That certainly sounds like something Wes would cook into his virus that way any vampire bitten by an infected vampire, that somehow managed to survive the attack, could then carry the virus and spread it and kill more vampires.

    Also, where the F are Bonnie and Jeremy? I get the actors may not be available but they don’t even get a mention? We are left to assume that when Bonnie saw Katherine for a brief second (while Katherine was just about to die) Bonnie believed that Katherine crossed over to other side? Is this what we are suppose to believe? If so, maybe some clarification would be nice because that was not exactly clear.

    Don’t know if Nadia’s bite is real or fake for attention but I think I need a refresh on the werewolf bite mythology. Can Tyler’s blood cure the bite since he is a hybrid? If not, why is it only Klaus’ blood (and now his baby’s blood- wait does that also include Haley’s blood while she caries the baby?)? I simply can’t remember the details to this.

    And Damon really believes Elena would want Stefan to kill him? That’s a stretch, even for a broken-hearted Damon. Why do writers turn their characters into morons? I don’t get it.

    • jerrired says:

      Also add why Tyler really believed Matt was fine? and why Stefan really believed that was Elena? And why Caroline really believed Tyler was going to forgive her for sleeping with the guy who killed his mom? The whole episode made me question how little the writers care about this show right now. I want to say they just lost their ability to write these characters, that’s why I really don’t want any of them to appear on The Originals more than 5 seconds. The Originals is so good right now that I’m scared the bad writing in Mystic Falls will taint it, if they bring its drama to New Orleans. I think they need to revisit seasons 1-3 and see what made fans love it so much, and fix these huge problems!

      On a positive note,Matt was the only not terrible character tonight. Second place is Tyler for at least putting aside his hatred of Caroline aside to save her from Nadia, and not sugar coating how he feels about her. Last place goes to Stefan and Damon for claiming they love Elena so much, but both being too dumb to see it was an imposter all this time.

      • sara says:

        Caroline may have thought there was a chance Tyler would forgive her for sleeping with the man who killed his mom b/c she has seen how her bff Elena was able to forgive Damon and be with him even after she swore she hated him and would never forgive him for killing her brother…maybe? It’s not a stretch, all of them have done horrible things that those who love them seem able to overlook or forgive them for.

        • jerrired says:

          Well Elena isn’t someone to really model your life after, plus Jeremy is like immortal, without being immortal. He didn’t really die. IF Tyler’s mom didn’t really die, sure he could probably forgive her. But now, nope. But I’m sure in the long run, if Tyler lives long enough, he’ll forgive her.

      • sls says:

        That fans are left questioning so many character motivations/actions should serve as some kind of clue to the writers that perhaps they should tighten some strings around here. it should…but it probably won’t matter.

        • jerrired says:

          I feel like The Vampire Diaries can get worse and worse and will never get canceled unless all the main actors decide to leave. I’m pretty confident it’ll get a seven season, despite 4 and 5 being really bad. So I’m guessing the writers are like “whatever, we can do whatever we want, the ratings will stay just good enough to last.” It’s really sad, the show actually did used to be good.

          • sls says:

            It probably will depend on the lead actors. If they have some opportunities to move on from this show and want to leave then maybe they will put an end to the series. But as long as the ratings are okay this series will probably drag out regardless of the writing. Sad. So sad, because, yes, this show used to be great. Now…it’s just getting phoned in.

            Maybe some new life could be breathed into some writers who take a newfound interest in it, or some writers who figure out a way to get back to the things that made the first few seasons so great. But in it’s current state, with its current writers in their current state, I’m afraid the laziness and cluelessness will continue.

          • jerrired says:

            Agree! The fact that The Originals has been surprisingly good, because honestly the original pilot was terrible, and I had no faith in the show, proves that the team still has it in them. But I don’t know what made them not even try with the vampire diaries anymore. I hoped because this season has less characters, they could get it back to where it was in the past, but sadly it just keeps getting worse. TVD has a very talented acting team, so I don’t see it surviving past season seven, unless they offer them a lot of money. I think the main three will probably make a decision to all leave together after its 7th year.

          • sls says:

            Im really enjoying the Originals as well. Maybe between the Originals and the other series that producers/writers are working on TVD has been put on auto-pilot. Hopefully someone will realize it’s not doing the series any favors.

            The actors are talented and I would rather see them move on to new series than to go down with TVD if the powers that be aren’t going to take it seriously any more.

          • jerrired says:

            Yeah but to me, TVD has been going down hill from season 4, and at the time, TVD was the only series they were focusing on. I know some people work on The Tomorrow People too, which is also better than TVD at this point. So i think it’s less about too much to do right now, and just not trying. I think they need to realize trying to please every shipper fan is cost them storyline quality. I agree, I rather the cast leave then stick by a sinking ship.

          • sls says:

            Could be a lack of effort. I guess I would just rather think there was a better reason than simply not trying. lol Wishful thinking maybe. I haven’t completely given up hope on this show. Right now I’m putting in the effort to try to find things I enjoy about it. Not sure how long I’m willing to keep up this level of effort though. Maybe the writers will figure it all out before that point…maybe not.

          • jerrired says:

            Yeah part of the reason I’m still watching is my hope that the writers will have a moment and completely figure out how to fix the show. It’s not an impossible dream, just a really hard one.

    • spyros says:

      DAMON is idiot :/ i hate him :/ kill damon :/ KATHERINE is amazing :) i love her :) please not kill her please :'( kill elena she is idiot,stupid and boring :/ KATHERINE FOR EVER :)

      • Chantall says:

        Ok you are crazy even if they do kill elena which im pretty sure they wouldnt nina the actress will still be on the show so you will be looking at the same face..katherine is an over used old bitch!! She has become an idiot ever since she became human she runs around town and doesnt know what to do with herself..i think she is like a jealous kid on the play ground trying to take whats not hers…i mean really when its time to die just let go..taking over someone elses body living their life..with their friends and preteding all to someone that you not…how pathetic can you be JUST DIE BITCH

  12. Liza says:

    This show is a hot mess! Maybe season 6 should be the last and they need to wrap up with a satisfying ending. I was at least glad that Matt and Tyler had something to do. They are so underused in the plot lines.

  13. R says:

    What is really going to piss me off is if now that they know it’s Katherine, if Damon is just going to be excused for trying to kill Jeremy…again! Anytime Damon gets rejected in some way, he starts killing people. Are we supposed to just think he can’t control it? So if when Elena ‘comes back’ (and you know she will), she just glosses over the fact that he went after her brother…I think I may scream.

  14. janet says:

    I knew Stefan would be the 1st to figure it out. Why do they have to keep torturing Stefan why can’t he get to be happy?! I agree with the above comment that it’s going to be frustrating when Elena does come back- and all of Damon’s dark deeds are going to be forgotten. Urgh, this show…it’s just…no.

  15. Britt says:

    People seriously need to realize something. If you have been watching since the beginning chances are you have grown up and out of teen targeted shows like the vampire diaries. You should not be surprised that a show you once thought was great doesn’t seem like it anymore. It may be your expectations for television have changed not that the quality of writing has gone up or down. Also consider this is a make belief show about vampires. The writing is not going to be fantastic especially since the show is in its fifth season. And people who complain about the characters or the love triangle the entire premise of the show is that two vampire brothers are in love with the same girl. It is essentially a soap opera with supernatural elements. People watch soap operas as a guilty pleasure that they don’t have to think about to critically. Go away if the show has stopped interesting you. Simple as that

    • Dmac says:

      This is an opinion based forum and if we don’t like the shows direction we have every right to complain. Yes, it is a story about vampires and live triangles BUT it has become a badly written sops opera and that is not excetable. If you don’t like our comments don’t read them. LOL

  16. Shana says:

    This story line is YAWN and BORING…The writing totally sucks, the actors suck, this show just needs to go out with some glory while it still has it. I am sure the actors and burned out after playing the same idiot/emo characters for so long.

  17. Delena says:

    Yea the writing isn’t always gonna be the best besides it’s based on a book series by an author named L.J Smith and they may take storylines from the book and make them into their own. They have done certain storylines and made them way different in their own. I am a huge fan of the books so as I watch the show I compare it and it’s pretty easy to guess what’s gonna happen. But I am excited to see what’s next. If you keep complaining about the show don’t watch it. But the basic storyline is actually about a girl named Elena and two vampires. But L.J Smith actually said it’s about Elena and Damon falling in love with eachother. So I am a huge delena fan and I hope they have a future together. Stefan maybe Elena’s epic love but Damon is her true love and I hope they find their way back to eachother.

    • dmac says:

      Umm, no LJ Smith never said that. You can look all over her blog and not once did she mention the story is about Elena and Damon falling in love. She has stated over and over again she had no idea who Elena should end up with and now that a ghost writer has taken over and she isn’t allowed to write about these characters I guess we will never know. I think Elena’s true love is Elena and that is about it. LOL

  18. #queen says:


  19. Heather says:

    Ithink they should kill Damon already. He is a horrible person and I don’t know what Elna sees in him. Yet Stefan is stable and doesn’t lash out when he gets mad like Damon does. And finally, I hope Katherine can somehow take control of her body again to live on as the diva we all love, and I hope Elena and Katherine start fighting over Stefan.

    • Weezy says:

      Come on, they are ALL terrible people. Anyone who murders/kills someone is a terrible person (99 out of 100). These are characters on a freaking supernatural TV show. It’s completely devoid of reality. These kinds of shows are setup to operate in some sort of “gray area” with complex situations that make it seem justifiable (in my opinion a big driver as to why our society has devolved so rapidly) when in reality morality is pretty simple. It’s admitting that it’s simple and examining your own actions without a bias that is the difficulty. Everything on a show like this is setup to evoke an emotional response (same way we are manipulated regularly in real life) to generate differing opinions, etc. But to say Damon should be killed because he is a horrible person is just dumb b/c just about everyone on the show has done evil things. It’s the fact that Damon’s transgressions are more recent that makes people think this way I guess…

      • Lena says:

        I totally agree. What’s funny about the response above is that the person labeled Damon “horrible” but he or she is obviously a Katherine fan. Let’s forget about the fact that she is evil. She asked her daughter to kill Matt, who is completely human and innocent. Let’s also forget the fact that she recently wanted Damon dead so she could have all of Stefan’s attention. She is so selfish, Katherine did not even consider how painful Damon’s death would be to the so called guy she claims to love. She also wanted Jeremy dead in the last episode because he was an inconvenience to her whole seduction plan for Stefan. I think if the writers were to kill off all the characters who are horrible, Katherine would die right along with Damon. It’s laughable to state Damon should die because he is horrible, but then turn around and praise a character like Katherine when she is no better.

        • maria says:

          Damon is more sinister than Katherine :/ katherine is amazing :)

          • Lena says:

            That is a matter of opinion, BUT the actions of Katherine are not less evil. If someone claims to want Damon dead because he is horrible, Katherine should die as well. But of course, people are bias, especially if they are stelena/stefan fans.

    • maria says:

      i agee with you i hate damon :/ kill him :/ i hate him :/ katherine for ever :) she is amazing :)

    • marialena says:

      yes i agree with you kill damon now :)

  20. Weezy says:

    I used to love this show and now I find it virtually unwatchable. I went back and watched the first couple of seasons again to try to figure out what is bothering me so much about the show now. I think it has to do with the writing/storylines. S1 and 2 seemed to unfold organically and while it certainly wasn’t perfect, the writing was cohesive enough and the storylines strong enough to make it an enjoyable show to watch. My opinion is that the writers have really lost the ability to write these characters and come up with specific outcomes/ideas that require a lot of ridiculousness in the lead up. For example, Katherine and Stefan getting a hotel room on this week’s episode. That was obviously the specific outcome. In order to achieve that they had to have Katherine rip out a random piece from Stefan’s car. To get to the hotel room they had to make Stefan so stupid that he wouldn’t realize that a car that was operating perfectly when he went inside to get snacks now had a component ripped out/missing. The only other person shown in the entire scene (gas station) was Katherine. Hence it’s OBVIOUS that Katherine ripped the piece out. There are just WAY too many examples of this kind of storytelling over the past couple of seasons (the worst being how Katherine somehow made it into Elena’s body despite all the already pointed out obvious mythological nuances and other characters stupidity that was required for this to play out). This is why I think the show has gone so far downhill.

  21. Tobi says:

    I really don’t think the show is as bad as everyone says. There are some plot holes and the whole Katherine sticking around just for Stefan thing, that was a very unkatherine like thing to do. But in general it’s still fun

  22. Johana says:

    I love Kathrine so much! She belongs with Stefan.

  23. evi says:

    i love KATHERINE so much :) please not kill her please save her please :'( i love her :'( she is amazing :) kill elena :/ elena is stupid and boring :/ if katherine died i will stop watching TVD because she is only reason i watch TVD :) KATHERINE FOR EVER :)

  24. Life disco says:

    Nop, i do love katherine, but i think stefan deserve to be wit someone better than her like caroline, oh, but caroline hav technically made out wit evry star on the show. Elena wil find her way back to earth:D

    • Chantall says:

      Ok please!! No way if caroline hooks up with stefan too she will look like a slutbag she had damon,klaus,almost matt and tyler please stop letting the girls bedhopp its getting diguisting now sleeping around on this show is over rated

  25. Trice says:

    i hate katherine, I like her earlier seasons but now is just ridiculous like die already bitch!! now she’s just starting to seem bitter constant annoyance… she needs to die let Elena Damon and Stefan find their way you had your chance with them.

    as for Delena absolutely love it but I know some people think that Delena suck because elena just keeps Damon leveled but people have to know in a relationship it should always be something the other person has to offer. for example Elena offers being in love, peace, and humanity he’s just simply a better person with her. and Damon offers a life of obstacles he challenges her to be the best her that thrre is. So i hope Delenas for the long hall !!

    I also like Stefan since he’s returned though I think you should be with Caroline. who cares if she’s been with everybody its a TV show. and its not Stefan really need to let Klaus n her get together I mean because Tyler doesn’t want her because she’s done the ultimate betrayal I guess… I say I guess because Tyler ran off to fight a debt that he would never win when he could’ve just stay there and loved her. although Klaus murdering Tyler’s mother was epically wrong he’s Klaus he does what he wants with little consequence

    • Chantall says:

      I agree dont be surprised if damon does something bad thats damon he is a dick! But we love him..and as for katherina she is pathetic living the life of someone else how sad is that? Everybody loaths her so what does she do she jumps into the body of someone that everyone loves just die bitch