Stephen Amell Sizes Up the Growing Team Arrow, Nixes 'Jealousy' Talk and Teases Massive Finale

Arrow Spoilers Oliver Felicity SladeIt’s a good day to be Arrow.

Because as dark (and deadly) as things have become in Starling City, the mood on the CW hit’s Vancouver set in mid-February is bright and lively, given the news that series lead Stephen Amell just helped shoot across the Internet: Season 3 is happening.

Not long after tweeting out the good word — and prior to blocking a quite pivotal scene that will air this spring – Amell kicked back in his trailer for a conversation with TVLine, sizing up Team Arrow 3.0, anticipating the inevitable Oliver/Slade showdown and surveying the many complicated relationships a chiseled billionaire vigilante must navigate.

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TVLINE | How does the lead of a show find out about renewal? Is it a [WBTV president] Peter Roth phone call? Is it [CW president] Mark Pedowitz…?
You know, Peter Roth has been so wonderful to me — you can print that. [Laughs] He called me the morning after we premiered and he was really excited, and then he called me the morning after our second episode, when our numbers held, and he was like, “It’s on, baby.” He was super pumped. Mark Pedowitz had a conversation with several execs, and then I found out about a half hour before [the press release], because they wanted me to tweet the news and share it on Facebook. It’s good because we’ve seen some really interesting growth in terms of some demographics that are a tough get. I fully expected the show to be renewed, but I’m also of the school that I can’t…. I mean, I haven’t even extended the lease on my apartment yet, so it’s a real honor that they have faith in us and that they do these early renewals.

TVLINE | Coming out of the last episode, “Heir to the Demon,” both Sara and Roy are basically on the team now. How will that affect dynamicsThree Ghosts inside the Arrowcave? I mean, it’s getting a little crowded there.
Well, they’re “on the team” with a lowercase T. I mean, there’s myself, Diggle and Felicity, and everybody else for the moment is just kind of a visitor.

TVLINE | They’re “available assets.”
Exactly. I didn’t bring Roy in by choice; I brought him in out of necessity. So his introduction to the team is going to be a bit slower than most people think. He’s not coming out of the next episode in a red version of my suit. He’s very much on the periphery. Canary, on the other hand, immediately becomes like a full-fledged member of the team. Like, when I go out, she goes out — and vice versa.

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TVLINE | And how do Diggle and Felicity take to her in that capacity?
I think that they understand her skill set, but in this coming episode (airing Wednesday at 8/7c), it definitely ruffles some feathers. Like you said, it’s not a very big cave.

TVLINE | The logline for that episode says that after seeing Oliver, Diggle and Sara comparing battle scars, Felicity “starts to feel left out.”
Felicity doesn’t actually become intimidated when we’re comparing battle scars. She become intimidated when, out of nowhere, Sara infringes — or so she perceives — on her territory a bit in terms of something that needs to be done on the computer. That’s where feathers are ruffled, so Felicity tries to branch out a little bit.

TVLINE | As far as Diggle versus Roy Tremorsversus Sara, what do you see their specialties as being? Do they serve specific purposes?
Well, Diggle is seasoned. In the show and in real life, Diggle is older than me. He has more experience with combat than I do. He has some tactical know-how, and he’s very much my “Pump the brakes for a second and think about what you’re doing” guy. He’s my conscience in some respects. Roy, meanwhile, is just brute force, and if we are on a very calculated, precise mission, he’s not the person that I call.

TVLINE | He’s a liability.
Precisely. But when the stakes get raised — and I’m sure as you would anticipate, the stakes are being raised very shortly — we need somebody with the Mirakuru to match up to other people who have the Mirakuru.

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TVLINE | Speaking of the Mirakuru, it’s been a bit quiet on that front for the past couple episodes. Is that because the team is supposed to believe that they got Skull Mask? That he’s been neutralized?
You saw that Brother Blood was in cahoots with Slade Wilson and that their initial attempt to mass-produce the serum wasn’t successful. Slade said that he would get him another sample of the blood, but obviously that hasn’t happened yet. But we are about to see that storyline jump right back into the mix.

TVLINE | Oh, in this next one, Episode 14?
The end of this next episode is one of our best in terms of, “Please let it be the following week right away!” And it’s actually funny, because I’m a big fan of Robert Knepper (who’s guest-starring as The Clock King), and as it turns out I didn’t actually get to work with him. But I saw a cut of the episode and he’s just fantastic. It was a real honor to have him on the show.

TVLINE | Will Oliver start getting inklings that Slade’s involved in the Mirakuru plot? Or will it be like “Boom — here’s Slade!“?
Oliver has no reason to suspect that Slade is alive, much less alive and well in Starling City, so I think that if it came across little teeny piece of information by little teeny piece of information, he would almost dismiss it. I think that it’ll happen the other way.The Odyssey

TVLINE | Will we get that missing piece of flashback that connects the dots about why Slade got so angry?
Our 15th episode, titled “The Promise,” is this season’s version of “The Odyssey,” in that present day in Starling City takes place over the course of 40, 45 minutes, but a lot of time passes on the island. It’s the episode that I am most proud of. A lot of people have written or said that there are a couple of episodes in the second half of our first season — “The Odyssey,” “Dead to Rights” — that took the show and elevated it to the level that we’ve gotten to this year. I believe that our 15th episode — and possibly our 13th episode that just aired — are the episodes that take the show to another level.

TVLINE | I was going to say, you always knew that action and ass-kicking was going to be part of this role, but you must also be satisfied with the emotional places that Oliver’s been allowed to go — both in the current timeline and of course in the flashbacks.
I’m very satisfied with it. I had two opportunities in Episode 13 — after Felicity tells me that Merlyn is Thea’s father, and the scene where I confront Moira – that I was very happy with. They essentially kept that Moira scene in its entirety, with all of the awkward pauses. We have a very finite amount of time to tell a very big story every week, so I was very happy that that ended up on TV. There is a scene coming up in Episode 14 and it’s a side of Oliver that we’ve never seen. It’s him essentially giving up on somebody. They’ve given me some room this year to operate, and it’s been very exciting.

TVLINE | That sounds like the scene you teased for us on the People’s Choice red carpet….
That’s right. There is an Oliver/Laurel encounter, the likes of which we’ve never seen — and also a scene from Oliver, and from Laurel as well, that we haven’t seen on the show yet. I think that based on the way that people have embraced those scenes this year, there will be an episode before the end of this season that will be a little different in tone, in terms of what we focus on for the hour. You’ll know when you see it.

TVLINE | Let’s talk for a minute about the women Tremorsin Oliver’s life. The close of the last episode rubbed some people the wrong way, so tell us: In your mind, what brought Oliver and Sara back together in a heated clinch?
Caity [Lotz] and I talked a lot about that, and there is a lot more history between those two characters than the audience knows about because there are a lot of things that are happening on the island that we haven’t seen unfold yet. We don’t know yet, as a viewer, how important Sara is in Oliver’s life. This was backed up for us by the writers, that there is a far richer history, whether it be romantic or not, between Oliver and Sara than we have experienced yet on screen. So, I understand why it rubbed some people the wrong way, that in some sense it came out of left field, but to think that this was just an “I’m sad, you’re sad, let’s have sex” moment would be incorrect. The deepness of their connection, we don’t totally understand yet, but it’s certainly deeper than a casual hook-up.

TVLINE | OK, because that seems to go against what Oliver once told Felicity, that he can’t be with someone he cares about. Aren’t you saying that he cares about Sara?
He could very much care about Sara, but what’s the thing that we know about Sara? She can take care of herself. Part of what Oliver said to Felicity in that episode is that he doesn’t know if he’s willing to open himself up to having feelings for her, if in fact he does, because the danger is so imminent when you’re in close proximity to him…. Him working with her and her working with him is one thing, but a relationship is another.

TVLINE | A reader wanted to ask, “How are we going to see the Felicity/Oliver relationship evolve over the rest of the season?”
When we introduced Barry [Allen] in Episode 8 and 9, we saw a lot of people saying, “Oh, Oliver’s jealous.” I don’t know how it came across, but that certainly wasn’t the way that I was playing it. It was more curiosity about this guy and their interaction. But jealousy? Not so much. We have this Oliver/Sara thing happening now, and the immediate reaction is, “Oh, Felicity’s going to be jealous.” But Felicity’s way stronger than that. Felicity is much more interested in the overall goal of this team than the fact that Oliver and Sara might be together, and we see that in this next episode. We see Diggle say, “This must be difficult,” and her say, “Yeah, OK. Leave me alone. I’m working.” So, I think that we will see Oliver and Felicity’s relationship really solidified as partners and equals.Darkness on the Edge of Town

TVLINE | And how are things between Oliver and Moira now?
Not good. There’s nothing between them. There’s public support of her campaign and… that’s it. And that’s tough.

TVLINE | And she has a whole other secret she’s keeping from him. That Malcolm is alive.
Yes, she does. And as we know on our series, the writers aren’t particularly interested in allowing people to keep secrets. So yeah, things are really tough between Oliver and Moira at the moment. Whenever I finish playing such a scene with Susanna Thompson — basically Episode 14 through what we’re shooting now in Episode 18 — I feel kind of bad. When you really have to excoriate someone, especially someone as lovely as Susanna, when you see her heartbreak and you’re trying to be steely, it’s really difficult.

TVLINE | What are you hearing about the finale? Any teasers or anything from the producers?
I’m hearing that we want to rent out a block [of the city]. I’m hearing that the scale and the amount of people involved is something that we haven’t yet seen on the show. This season has been incredibly expansive, you know? We have an episode coming up that’s just Diggle, titled “The Suicide Squad,” so we have a dynamic between a group that we haven’t even seen. We’ve taken the Arrowcave from three people to five. We’ve had stuff happening in Russia. We have Malcolm Merlyn. We have the League of Assassins. We have so many things – including, of course, Slade and Brother Blood. There are so many things up in the air, and I think they’re all going to land at once — and on opposite sides.

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  1. andrea says:

    people keep talking about sara/oliver is green arrow/black canary relationship, I have no idea dinah laurel lance change her name to sara, if you like them because they’re comic book canon that just completely BS.

    and writers be careful, if you keep pushing laurel and felicity into the background because of sara, their loyal fans not going to be silent about it, if you think their fight with each other was bad, imagine if they join forces to protect their fav character

  2. DS says:

    I don’t even ship anyone in this show anymore (I used to like Laurel and Tommy in season 1) but a dude who scores with a pair of sisters is a d-baggy asshat, there’s no way around it, “deep connection” or whatnot. Asshat.

    Showrunners should stop reading Penthouse letters and go back to plotting their show with a minimal amount of logic instead of retconning, backtracking, and having to explain major plot holes in interviews.

  3. DS says:

    Have a feeling that Arrow cast and crew didn’t really expect the immense amount of backlash they got on the Sara/Oliver hook up. Answers feel defensive here, on Twitter and on Stephen’s facebook. They have learned naught from fan rejection of Laurel just a few month ago.

    • SZ says:

      So true. But really, how could they not realise this was a bad idea?! I mean, it just makes them both looks like selfish jerks who haven’t grown at all.

  4. JC says:

    Great interview – thanks Matt! I’m really excited about what’s going to happen in the back half of this season. I really hope we get some good payoff for all the storylines they have up in the air right now – Slade, Thea and Malcolm, Isabel, Roy….so much going on. As far as the shipping goes, my philosophy has been “anyone but Laurel”, so a more involved Sara/Oliver storyline doesn’t bother me at all. All the more reason for her to stay as Black Canary. And speaking of Laurel, this scene between them in tomorrow’s episode sounds more interesting all the time. Based on what’s been teased here and other places, I’m guessing Oliver gives Laurel a piece of his mind regarding her recent behavior, and doesn’t mince words. Looking forward to it.

  5. cinthy says:

    I love arrow but give more olicity!!!!!!!!

  6. Mel says:

    Sara is better than laurel for Ollie but The oilicity chemistry added rate for this show. C’mon directors and scriptwriter, do your math!

  7. Izzie says:

    I wouldn’t lie. I love Olicity and am i little disappointed. But it’s a slow burn so gotta be patient. I really want more Slade it’s killing me. I didn’t think we got enough of him the past couple of episodes. And can Roy please actually be the episodes – he just joined Team Arrow and was replaced by Sara. Not that I don’t love her but come on. Roy needs time to get involved with Team Arrow.

  8. Lacey says:

    I don’t really buy Oliver and Sara and not because of any shipping reasons. I personally wanted Ed Raymond to be introduced. I love Oliver but I just don’t think he’s good enough for Felicity (don’t hate me). But come on, she might not know it but she’s beautiful, smart and stupid cute. She doesn’t really need him.

    Now the mess of Laurel, it cannot be fixed. It’s just gone too far. It’s painful. My precious Katie Cassidy can’t catch a break with this character.

    Oliver and Sara kicking ass and taking names. Yes. Then they lost me at the end of the episode. And never found me again. It just makes them both such shady, selfish people. That they continuously treat Laurel like dirt because they were *said with mysterious mocking voice *on the issslannnddd*.

    Diggle faced war and he doesn’t have douche stamped on his forehead.

    What happened to Summer Glau? What happened?

  9. Starbreeze says:

    This is totally my opinion but even though I am an Olicity shipper, it is not because he is not with Felicity that I don’t like Oliver/Sara. It’s just it feels really gross after everything with Laurel, they do that again. Seriously this more a soap opera than a show. they could have used any other character but it seems that Oliver needs to be with every woman on the show. Even after they hinted Nyssa/Sara, and tbh that made sense.

  10. TigerTara says:

    I like the preview we were given. That Felicity’s feelings are about her nothing Oliver and Sara related. Because Felicity is the most boss character on that show!

    I’m invested in her character development than a relationship with Oliver. Yes, Amell and Rickards chemistry is undeniable and they struck gold. And even though I don’t actively ship they are the only potential couple worth anything on the show.

    But I’m about the characters and I want more development on Felicity, Diggle and Slade.

    The SPOILERS of the Sucuide Squad made me super happy. Please please use the amazingness that is John Diggle!

    I sometimes worry the show doesn’t know how run multiple arcs the way they dropped Roy after 2×12 was weird.

    • Sonic says:

      Only Felicity fans think this is the Felicity show.

      It will never be, and some people just need to come back to their senses.

      • Meg says:

        I love Arrow, the whole cast is great. You bring up a good point though. I would totally watch a just Felicity show ;)

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Whats hilarious is this post is made up of several comments from about 6 Olicity fans just spewing the same crap over and over now i wonder if Felicity was one of the Lance sisters they would be preaching the same spiel lol not to mention Ollie has friend zoned Felicity about 5 times this year alone he wasn’t bothered kissing Sara in front of Felicity you know why because he doesn’t feel that way about Felicity

  11. Joey says:

    I hope Olicity shippers finally see what us Lauliver shippers see that Stephen Amell is full of it! You guys were always in his corner. the biggest arrow supporters but look at the kick in the teeth.

    all this oliver/sara go deeper is complete bull and i’m calling it. in season 1 the oliver/sara thing was he hit, he quit. and he loved laurel and only did it because he was scared of commitment. and that he cared about shado.

    BUT NOW… we’re supposed to believe that oliver and sara have my heart will go on as their frickin theme song with we’re sailing on the frickin titanic rather than the queen’s gambit. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sneaky buggers threw in a ‘you jump, i jump Jack’

    now hopefully olicity fans will stop give arrow mad props and just realize they shouldn’t hype it and let the annoyance play out. and just enjoy the plot.

    I gave up on Lauliver a while ago but Oliver sleeping with Sara was the last straw. Ergh!

  12. sophia7470 says:

    Having had some time to sleep on it, I’m still a bit disappointed and despondent following this interview. It’s not because it sounds like Oliver and Sara are going to give a relationship a go – they’ve both been through a lot, and are kind of each other’s only option – they’re two sides of the same coin, so I get why they’re going there. .

    What I’m not keen on is the retcon of what has happened on screen so far this season – Oliver definitely didn’t like the Barry/Felicity connection – Diggle even pointed this out, so it is canon. I don’t understand why Stephen and the writer’s are backtracking now. Not to mention all the lingering glances, intense eye contact, unnecessary touching etc – none of that is made up, it’s on screen, which means it’s a conscious decision from the writer’s, actors and directors to portray that. Which is fine, so why pretend now that didn’t happen / didn’t mean anything?!

    Even within the same interview above, Stephen seems to be saying conflicting things – on the one hand, Oliver can’t open himself up to having feelings for Felicity because it’s too dangerous for her, and then pretty much within the same breath saying that Oliver sees her as a partner and equal but there’s nothing more between them. Doesn’t add up.

    I understand that it’s Stephen’s job to promote wherever the show is going at any one time – give it a few weeks and they’ll probably be teasing a great Olicity moment in the finale, but in the meantime this seems a little a fairly abrupt about-turn compared to what’s been said this season up to now – not to mention what has actually and properly taken place on screen. Apparently, we read the Oliver/Barry interactions wrong (goodness knows why Oliver was such a jerk to him otherwise) while at the same time we didn’t pick up enough on the Oliver/Sara connection. Whatever, I see what you put on screen, I’m not sat in the writer’s room listening to what they think we should telepathically pick up.

    The cynic in me feels like they’ve yanked the Olicity shippers chain, right up to getting renewed for a new season, and then backed right off again. I feel just a smidge played, and it’s made me much less excited for the shows return, which is a shame.

    • SZ says:

      THIS. I am actually seriously considering backing off the show for a while and just waiting to see where they go with it and whether it’s worth my time anymore. I feel thoroughly jerked about and cheated by the writers and SA and frankly after the last episode, I don’t even really like Oliver anymore because what he and Sara did was plain selfish (and even if I didn’t ship Olicity I would think that because how could they do that to Laurel?? Particularly, how could Sara do that to Laurel? It’s as if those 5 years of apparent character growth never happened.)

  13. C says:

    I think my issue with the Olicity ship is they are using Felicity to sail the ship on her side. I dont care if they ever happen so I am not invested on that level but I am invested in her and
    I dont like that in order to appease shippers they are using her character to kind of moon over him while Oliver gets to have all these great loves. Either make it equal or stop giving all these shipper bait scenes to manipulate the shippers to keep hanging on. If that isn’t the story they want to tell then dont tell it, but its not all in shippers heads that they really started bringing out the shipper bait this season, its been blatant. Let Felicity get over it and meet a nice smart guy so we can learn more about her from that angle.

  14. RedK says:

    Arrow is watched by millions of viewers in the USA and worldwide, a few hundred shippers being upset and throwing fits about not watching the show anymore isn’t going to change that this is a sucessful show, with higher ratings for its network and will be here for a long time.

    The showrunners need to stop wasting their time listening to a bunch of crybabies who have zero impact to the ratings.

  15. Mara says:

    This leaves an arrow in the heart! I can accept that Canary needs to be with Arrow but please, make Felicity happy! SHE NEEDS SOME LOVE, TOO! I do believe that the Olicity fans care more for Felicity than for Oliver.

  16. cindy says:

    Its going to be interesting who oliver ends up with since fans of the show have different ships, Maybe oliver should just end up alone.I must commend the writters though, great show!

  17. Mikael says:

    PLEASE don’t kill Sara. I like her as the Canary. Even if Oliver and Felicity get together, I still want Sara on the show. I think Laurel was intended to be the lead female, but Felicity, who was supposed to be only a minor character, became so popular that they upgraded her. Laurel was even pushed into the back of the promo pic for season 2! Now that Sara has gotten a very good reception, I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers changed their ideas and kept her as Canary. People just don’t like Laurel and they should stop trying to force her. I have to say, that motorcycle scene with Arrow and Canary chasing the van was incredible, especially for a CW show!!

  18. clearhaven says:

    lol Felicity and Diggle should just hook up. That’ll solve the ship mess!

  19. Dennis says:

    It’s clear the show-runners are driving the plot to some preconceived destination, regardless of what’s happening on screen. Here’s an example: Laurel’s contrived “evolution.”

    Back in mid-January, Andrew Kreisberg said the next four episodes would be “a big Laurel chapter,” as Laurel hits rock-bottom and then starts her comeback. So I watched those episodes with an open mind; I gave the writers and Katie Cassidy every chance to make Laurel a sympathetic and relevant character. And it just didn’t happen for me.

    For 90% of those episodes, Laurel was a whiny, weepy, snarky, nasty, bitch wallowing in self-pity, blaming Oliver and Sara for everything wrong with her life–and then Oliver gives her a strong talking-to. She immediately reconciles with Sara and attends an AA meeting. Say what? The sisterly reunion was genuinely touching, but the blindingly rapid reversal was preposterous.

    Another preposterous notion? Laurel as the Black Canary in anything close to the near future. As many have noted, she doesn’t have the combat skills or experience required. And Katie Cassidy simply doesn’t have the physique needed to be credible. I’m not being nasty about her chin, or her boobs, or her feet. I’m talking about her build, her muscularity. Her legs and arms are so thin, almost spindly, she looks as if she’d break her limbs if she punched or kicked a villain. Her metamorphosis would be contrived, to say the least.

    I’m not going to elaborate on Olicity; the evidence is right there on the screen.

    The more of these interviews I read–and those with the show-runners too–the more I foresee dropping “Arrow” from my viewing list. And that’s too bad, because this show had such promise, and now seems to be headed down an all-too cliched road.

  20. Sillyme says:

    agree with sophia 7470, we have been yanked left to right and back and its not a good feeling

  21. Mary says:

    I think what a lot of shippers in this comment section tend to forget is that “Arrow” is an action/adventure ensemble show and the writers usually try to incorporate all the various characters and their storylines in every episode. From this perspective I think that Felicity has actually been much better served than Thea this season, both when it comes to storylines and screen time. I mean, Thea has barely been visible in the latest episodes and she is basically a prop to the Roy Harper storyline. If Thea had such a big and vocal online fandom as Felicity, online comment sections like this one would be full of posts whining about how the writers are neglecting Thea and how they will stop watching if they don’t get more Thea and Thea/Roy romance! The same thing goes for Diggle…his character has been more or less butchered by the writers in season two. If there is ANY fan group who has the right to feel neglected it’s the Diggle fans. But I guess a mature Black man on a 18-34 demo CW show will never attract an online fandom that is prepared to constantly push for more Diggle or write angry tweets to the producers when they feel his story is not moving in the direction THEY want it to move….

    TBH, I think the problem with the Felicity/Olicity fans goes deeper than complaints about the writers’ using Olicity for ship baiting. I get the feeling that SOME Oliciters just can’t accept that the writers/showrunners/the rest of the fandom do NOT regard Felicity as the most important character in “Arrow” and in Oliver’s life and that the “Arrow” writers don’t (and cannot) write their scripts to cater to their particular subfandom. In fact, I think they should be grateful for all the attention their girl is getting…I mean, the “Time of death” episode was basically a Felicity love-fest, where everybody kept telling Felicity how awesome she is, giving her compliments on how “cute” and “irreplacable” and courageous she is. In fact, it almost seemed like the writers themselves had momentarily turned into Felicity fangirls!

    Anyway, this preoccupation with Felicity sometimes leads to somewhat exaggerated reactions towards the other female characters on the show. Whenever Laurel or Sara or any other female character “usurps” Felicity’s place as Oliver’s partner/love interest (because in their minds she is his love-interest), there are cries of indignation from some quarters of the Olicity fandom, who can’t stand to see their girl sidelined. For example, when Laurel co-operated with the Arrow in “Blind Spot”, some Olicity fans on tumblr threatened to boycott this supposedly Laurel-centric episode…as if the fact that a few thousand online fans (whose boycott wouldn’t be registered unless they had Nielsen boxes at home!) would drastically affect the ratings and make the writers give in to their demands for more Felicity/Olicity. Now we have the same reaction against Sara, who is berated for having the audacity to get involved with Oliver, as if Felicity somehow had the dibs on him!

    In my humble opinion the showrunners don’t owe the Olicity fandom or any other fandom anything. The fact that some fans spend hours every day, writing fan fics, making gif sets or participating on social media like tumblr or online comment sections doesn’t give them any more privileges than the casual viewer, who only tunes in every week to watch the new episode. The online fans are important, especially to the CW network, but I sincerely doubt that it’s the Olicity shipper community that gave the show the ratings that prompted its renewal (a misconception that seems pretty common among some olicity fans). So, just like any other fans, I think they have to bite the sour apple and accept that “Arrow” is an ensemble show. This means that if other characters than Felicity Smoak get substantial storylines/screen presence, they are NOT stealing her limelight, because to the writers Felicity is just one supporting cast member among many others. I know the majority of her fans know this, but anyway…

  22. Joe says:

    Has anyone on this forum ever read a single green arrow comic! Oliver ends up with Laurel who ultimately becomes Black Canary. There is no Olicity end game. Gees you guys. That’s like saying in smallville that Clark would ultimately end up with Chloe. They’re not going to deviate that far from the story line. Olly and Laurel are like Lois and Clark. They just are.

  23. tomatoepotatoe says:

    I honestly hated sara, there was just something about her that really bothered me. I wished many times that she would just die. and it didn’t even had to do w “olicity”. i mean i knew edventually she would get killed off and laurel would be the black canary and olicity would b together (that didnt last long tho :/) and when she acutally died I was overjoyed! so finally we can move on with the show but no then all the episodes were all about avenging her so even tho she was gone she wasn’t really gone prob sounds horrible I hated her so much but that’s just how I felt, Also I really liked felicitys episode! finally we can c something new come into the mix!