Exclusive Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peek: Will Suspicion Drive Emily and Paige Apart?

Paily fans, we’ve got an exclusive first look at your favorite couple in Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (8/7c on ABC Family) — and it’s definitely going to raise a few eyebrows.

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Just two weeks after Paige and Emily’s black-and-white love scene, things seem much more uncomfortable between them in this clip, as Emily continues to hide the girls’ search for Alison.

To be fair, you’d also be suspicious if your girlfriend pulled out a wad of cash from her purse, claiming it was a gift from her grandmother. And considering how many turns this show takes on a weekly basis, speculating that Emily’s grandmother might be a stripper doesn’t even seem that far-fetched.

(Oh, Rosewood.)

Check out Paige and Emily’s tense chat below, then weigh in with your concerns: Do you think their relationship will manage to last the season? 

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  1. Riana says:

    Hopefully so Emily and Ali can be together

    • lk says:

      Yeah totally Emily would be do much better off with her emotionally abusive straight former friend.

      • lily says:

        haha! .Best comment ever and so true. I hope the pll writers don’t dump the awesomeness of paily for emily/alison.(yuck)
        HELLO! alison bullied paige almost driving her to suicide. the writers better not whitewash that or make emily forget.

        • lk says:

          Seriously why have Emily go from shy closeted insecure teenager to a strong self assured young woman to go back to Alison? That would tick me off more than the Ezra non-reveal

          • kr says:

            Paige and emily have grown and evolv(ed) together. they make each other better. you’re right. when emily is with alison she regresses and all her character development gets thrown out the window. I think it would such a slap in the face and send out a horrible message, not to mention ruin emily’s character if they had her leave paige for alison ( someone who tortured paige that lead her to self harm and almost made her kill herself)
            Paily is truly better for both characters. Plus it’s a way more important/inspirational story that actually impacts young LGBT youth in a positive way. I’ve read so many comments online from people that Paily have helped them come out of the closet
            Nothing can beat that. and I hope the PLL writers get how important this couple is to a lot of fans.

          • lk says:

            Exactly kr, Emily and Paige aren’t my favorite couple, I’m a Spencer Toby fan. But i think it is a very important part of the show for many reasons not only the social responsibility but for Emily’s character to have any kind of credibility.

          • Olivia says:

            @kr “when emily is with alison she regresses and all her character development gets thrown out the window.”

            THIS 100%, I couldn’t have said it better. I really disliked Emily when Alison popped up, she was so OOC and OTT… my goodness.
            I liked Emaya, I like Paily. But lol @ Emily/Alison, this is so ridiculous that people would wish that for Emily. They must really hate her. They probably like Ezria too.

      • Sixers says:

        But I guess dating someone that tried to drown you, bully you, and try to hook up with you more than once knowing that you have a girlfriend is ok then right?

        • lk says:

          You have to take into account Paige’s character growth. She was deeply closeted with a super homophobic father. She had been tortured to almost the point of suicide by Alison who if you just casually knew Emily you would assume she was similar to her friend. Paige has been nothing but good for Emily once she dealt with her own baggage.

          • Sixers says:

            Paige’s history is no excuse for how she treated Emily. Even Maya commented on how crazy it was that Emily dated Paige after she held her head under water, and Emily agreed. If Emily was my sister Paige would not be dating her, cause I would have put a stop to that. Bully my sister ONCE and I’ll make sure you have nothing to do with her ever again.

        • lk says:

          So you think that someone who was clearly suffering from extreme ptsd should be judged solely on their behavior prior to seeking help. Interesting. I personally think that Paige’s behavior since Maya’s death has redeemed her. That would also coincide with her coming to terms with being brutally bullied by Alison and coming out yo her family.

          • Sixers says:

            Once again, if Emily was my sister I wouldn’t want her anywhere near Paige even though I knew that she was suffering from “extreme ptsd” when she was bullying Emily. Why would I want my sister with someone that bullied her (in the manner that she did) while they were supposedly in love with her.

        • lk says:

          Except that Paige did not bully Emily once she came to terms with her feelings. The liars initially had the same reaction as you, but obviously came around based on all of Paige’s actions since realizing she was in love with Emily and being ok with her own sexual identity.

          • Sixers says:

            Even after seeing Paige change her ways I would still tell her to stay away from Emily if she was my sister.

        • lk says:

          Just out of curiosity are you one of the people who think she should be with Alison. Or do you think she should just be single? Because i think all of Ali’s transgressions are worse than Paige’s imo.

  2. Sarah says:

    I will always be team Emaya. Never forget.

  3. Kate says:

    I ship them with my all paily helped me through a lot in my rls I hope they last.

    • Kate as an older gay woman working with gay youth I agree that paily is extremely important and must remain together to continue to be the positive force they have become to youth watching this storyline. Paige coming out and her struggle were so inspiring and then getting the woman she loved shows there can be happy endings even if your gay…

  4. kara says:

    They are the most boring relationship on the show! What is Paige’s point? She adds nothing.

    Team Emaya and Team Emison

    • RebeccA says:

      What did Maya add post S1 in terms of story? I loved her and Emily at the start. Maya really helped her come out and grow in confidence after how Alison treated her but that’s all she was, a catalyst. Even the follow up to her murder was about other people’s reactions, and the Nate thing was all to make Paige a red herring for the murder- Paige who has been central to the main A/Alison plot in the same sense as Toby and Caleb have been w/ their significant others, especially since S3 and obviously continuing into this episode.

    • Liz says:

      wow you must really dislike Emily. You don’t want her to move on from her dead former girlfriend. I can kinda see the Maya thing, at least Emily actually had a relationship with her.

      But really Alison over Paige? Why? Alison repeatedly emotionally abused Emily. Plus Alison has always been portrayed as straight. So you would rather Emily have a one sided relationship with her straight emotionally abusive friend than Paige?

      Because she’s boring?

      Really???? Really???

    • Meg says:

      +1 for the boring comment. I don’t even understand why they’re still together.

      • Beth says:

        Because they have grown together since S1 as a couple, and they have a rare connection they belong together. We could only be so lucky in real life to have such a relationship.

      • lk says:

        Seriously if a relationship isn’t filled with turmoil and drama what’s the point.

    • Sweded_frog says:

      one is dead, the other is straight…. so now i’m wondering, what’s YOUR point?

      • lk says:

        Seriously I can’t understand people who hold a candle for Emily and Maya/Emily and Alison… i can only imagine they are people who have never been in a real relationship.

  5. l says:

    I love Paily. Easily the best relationship on the show. There may be drama ahead, but I have no doubt that they’ll work it all out in the end.

  6. RebeccA says:

    I love them, they’re probably one of the more realistic relationships on the show (with Haleb) and the ones I really want to see work out in the end. I like that Paige has grown so much and seems to be among the small minority in Rosewood who actually has common sense.

    • Liz says:

      Don’t you think it’s funny that people complain constantly about how outrageous this show is. Then they complain about the normal relationships in the show as being boring.

    • Olivia says:

      I agree, Paily & Haleb are the more relatable and “healthy” relationships on the show. Well, as healthy as it can be in Rosewood lol.

  7. Et al says:

    They must be planning on making Paige ‘A’ for half of a season before they obnoxiously explain it away as a lame red herring.

  8. alex says:

    I hope they work out! One of the most inspiring couples ever on television :)))

  9. spindae2 says:

    Paige has grown a lot & just when I thought Emily was pulling away from Ally and clipped herself of her they are pushing us right back into the mess. I hope Emily doesn’t make a huge mistake & goes back to Ally.

  10. Beth says:

    I love Paily, of course there will be angst, but nothing they can’t overcome, they belong together, in any decade, or universe.

  11. Anna says:

    This breaks my heart:( why is emily even lying to her? paige has always been honest with her. They can’t break up paily,They’re the best couple on PLL hands down.

  12. Hannah says:

    Can’t believe Emily is lying to Paige, I guess it’s call ‘Pretty Little Liars’ for a reason. I hope we finally get to see Paige call her out on it though, also can’t wait to see how Paige will react when she finds out Ali is actually alive. Drama can be tough to watch when it’s one of your favourite couples but I think Paily needs this, and hopefully makes them stronger for it in the end. Maybe the drama might even allow Paige to have some more screen time. Nice to see a Paily sneak peek being aired before an episode as well, that rarely happens with the exception of 4×19.

  13. Stacie says:

    Andy welcome to TVLine. The best way to win some readers hearts is posting Emily stuff, specifically Paily stuff. Thanks so much

  14. Joylle says:

    As awesomely amazing as the Paily love scene in 419 was we have to remember it didn’t actually happen. It occurred in Spencer’s dream. But I love Paily!! Emily needs to be honest with Paige.

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  21. loki says:

    I hope paige will come back..