Castle Recap: Misconstrue Confessions

Castle Recap Room 147This week on ABC’s Castle not one but three people came forward to confess to a murder, describing the crime scene in detail — though none of them could have actually done it.

But more importantly, viewers were rewarded for enduring the not-so-long national Pi’ghtmare with a version of the long-overdue Kate/Alexis scene many have asked for.

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First things first: Struggling actor Justin is killed by a gunshot to the chest in Room 147 of the Best Traveler Hotel. First, Anita Miller shows up to confess to the killing — thought she’s “confused” about why she did it. Then, Sam Carson arrives at the 12th to claim that he pulled the trigger, again describing the crime scene to a tee… and blaming it on “hazy” anger issues. (After Sam surfaced, I figured this had to be a case of brainwashing or the like. Getting multiple people to take the rap and thus throw off the scent.) Last but not least to confess is CPA Dwight Carruthers, thus making the case “officially outstanding” for Rick.

Ultimately, a mysterious van spied outside Anita’s and Sam’s places leads to EHI, a self-help “cult” run by Dr. Bauer (who meets with Rick and Kate from “Stockholm” via video). He claims to not know any of the principals, but later (in his “Stockholm” aka secret Manhattan office) admits that he hired Justin for some “visualization” training video thingamabob, to act out a scene that his killer would end up replicating. An employee at the video’s post-production house is one of Justin’s theater pals, Pam, and she saw an opportunity to avenge her brother’s death (at an EHI sweat lodge). As motives go, I’m buying this one. Plus, the lady seems a bit unhinged to begin with. Afford her a primo opportunity, and…. Finit.

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But man, the Alexis stuff. So, the episode opens with Rick and Kate being surprised at the loft one morning by Alexis, who had crashed there after a late night of tutoring and assorted train problems. Rick asks why she doesn’t just move back in, and she reminds that she has the lease and all. But since Rick has offered to take care of the lease snag, he wonders: Is there another reason?

Kate wonders, too, and later in the hour she sneaks off for a meeting with Alexis. Brushing up against the issues that surfaced at the start of the season, Kate tells Alexis, “I want to make sure one of reasons isn’t me….” Alexis, though, insists, “It’s not you — it’s me,” in that she’s been beating herself up over the whole Pi thing, standing her ground against her dad during the whole move-out thing, and all for… well, Pi. Kate urges her fiance’s daughter to not kick herself, saying that “the love haze’ makes smart people do stupid things. “Your penance is paid,” Kate says, coaxing Alexis to reconsider.

And sure enough, during the episode-ending sipping of wine and trading of flirty words, there’s a knock at the loft door, where Rick is met by Alexis: “Dad, can I come home…?” And as they hug, Alexis and Kate trade warm looks. Bravo.

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What did you think of “Room 147” and its unexpectedly satisfying family elements?

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  1. Teri says:

    Seriously, can Castle get any better? Each week the writer’s out do each other for excellence. Great scene with Kate and Alexis which was long overdue. Stana Katic continues to amaze with her acting talents.

  2. Anon says:

    I like Pi

    • prish says:

      I was indifferent, bordering on impatience, with Pi. But then I found out he was researching bees, how cool. I hope he goes to a good place, and not become murder plotting fodder. Maybe, he can help solve a case, in the future?

  3. Laura says:

    Loved this episode and the variety of looks from Stana Katic. She and Nathan Fillion have mastered the art of making faces.

    (Also, in and out before someone mentions the wrong ring on the wrong finger of KBex)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Agreed — when he launched into his “psychically connected” theory…? Her reaction was great.

      • Rich Abey says:

        For once I, and Kate too, thought Castle had a perfectly reasonable theory to offer after his “do you think so low of me?” appeal to Kate after she complains out loud that his theory better not be anything to do with “parallel universes” (which managed to bring out some rather poignant ‘Fringe’ memories)…should have known better!

  4. Just one thing says:

    Just to put the whole Alexis/Kate conversation in perspective, it was arguably the longest exchange between them in the entire series’ history AND it was the first one-on-one scene between them (w/dialogue that could actually be heard) since Cops and Robbers in early Season Four. (WTF?)
    So, yeah… Interaction between Alexis and Kate was long, long overdue, and it’s really nice that the show finally went there. It helps sells the notion that these characters are going to be a family unit soon. I never believed that Castle and Beckett getting together should disrupt his family or their living situation. While Alexis will naturally move out one day, I’ve always loved the idea of Martha sticking around. It just seems right.
    The last few episodes have maintained a consistent balance of case + Caskett, plus great moments with the secondary characters. This was yet another solid episode with some classic Castle humor and fun.

    • Kim says:

      Once again, I agree with everything you said. The Kate/Alexis scene was long overdue. And I loved it. It’s nice seeing Kate be sensitive to what Alexis might be going through and reaching out to her to make sure everything is ok between them. I had a feeling that Alexis wasn’t thrilled with moving back home because of what happened between her and Castle. He was right and it’s not always easy admitting that you were wrong. Especially when Alexis was adamant that she was right when she decided to move in with Pi. Tough lessons to learn all around. The interaction between Kate and Alexis was really great. It’s nice to see these familial moments between them. And I mean, come on, what 19/20 year old girl wouldn’t want to share a living space with Kate Beckett’s killer wardrobe? ;)


      Loved the case. The look on Kate’s face every time someone else showed up to confess was absolutely priceless. And Castle was loving it. It reminded me of the season two episode with the con man when Kate said she hated the case and Castle said it was great. :) But it was clear to see how far they’ve come when even though Kate is getting a bit frustrated with the case, she can look at Castle and think he’s cute because he’s so excited. All in all, I really enjoyed the episode. :)

      • Just one thing says:

        Yeah! It was nice to see that storyline come full circle and find some resolution. There were examples of character growth all over the place, from Kate and Alexis’ movement to Rick and Alexis’ final reconciliation – and yeah, like you said, Beckett being irritated with the case but still appreciating Castle’s excitement.
        The cases will never be perfect and neither will any episode, but they’re definitely on an entertaining roll.

        • Francine says:

          Agree with both of you! We’ve had the discussion before about the lack of character development and the LONG overdue scene with Kate and Alexis, so it was very nice to see both of those things finally play out. The Alexis storyline never bothered me like it did with so many others- I actually thought she was acting like a normal 19 or 20 year old, whereas in the past she seemed too perfect to me- but I understood people’s complaints with it at the same time. And I sincerely agree that Martha still living at the loft makes complete sense. If I had a mother-in-law like her, I wouldn’t mind it so much myself. But just a really great episode.

          • Just one thing says:

            Hey, Francine! I was indifferent to Alexis’ behavior, because even though she was acting annoying, it seemed realistic. I just never liked how they were intertwining it with some harbored resentment against Kate that was never going to be expounded upon.
            But now, by having Kate clear the air with her concern and with Alexis having moved on, I’m willing to let it go. They don’t have to be BFFs who braid each other’s hair and go shopping. Just acknowledging each other’s presence while in the same room will be a decent enough start. :P

          • Kim says:

            Late in responding, but I’m going to do it anyway. I was annoyed with Pi, but not violently so. I understood why he was there, but I wasn’t completely convinced he was needed for the Alexis storyline. I’m not saying the “I brought a boyfriend home from Costa Rica! Surprise!” plot line was bad. His character was just over the top. And I think if the writers had toned down his character some, or gone with a completely different character, people would’ve been less annoyed. Because I think it’s safe to say that most everyone saw the train wreck happening long before Alexis did. And yeah, she was being a typical 19/20 year old trying to assert some independence and maybe stick it to her dad a little bit over his lack of telling her about his engagement. I just found it hard to watch Castle look all gutted in those tense scenes with Alexis. I’ve always enjoyed the Castle/Alexis, father/daughter dynamic. To see it hit a rough patch was hard to stomach. Neither of them handled it all that well, but it’s over now and that’s all that matters to me. It’s nice to see some good moments between Kate and Alexis. I think there’s great potential there. I’m with you, JOT. I didn’t love that they made it seem like Alexis had issues with Kate. The engagement is going to be an adjustment, sure. But it seemed like a smokescreen since they never did anything with it. I’m glad they cleared that up and gave the audience a nice moment between Kate and Alexis.


            I never saw Kate and Alexis as BFF’s. I can see them hanging out or going for coffee/lunch together every so often. They’re going to be family. Actually, they pretty much are family already. With Alexis moving back home, I wouldn’t be opposed to a scene every now and then of Kate and Alexis (and Martha) ganging up on Castle while making dinner, or Castle walking in on them watching Twilight (to mock it viciously) after getting back from a Black Pawn meeting. Just fun little scenes thrown in there to show they’re family. Not every week. And no, definitely no braiding each other’s hair. :) But yeah, having them in the same room and acknowledging each other is a good start. Last night was a great start. :)

  5. Jeremy says:

    A classic Castle episode. Felt like it was a throwback to seasons 2&3.

  6. c-mo says:

    Loved the Alexis/Rick/Kate scenes and even really liked the COTW, it was quite interesting. Adam Frost did a phenomenal job on his first outing as a Castle writer!

  7. James D says:

    Outstanding episode :) might make my top 5 great COW even though i figured it out pretty early. nice Caskett moments, and it was good to see Beckett take initiative with Alexis, although they seemed to have pushed the whole problems she had with Beckett under the rug. I could be wrong.

  8. Flick says:

    Can I just say that Beckett probably had one of the best one-liners of the season of “well take a number”, in that scene when the third guy came in to confess. Stana’s face was just perfect, like “I’m so over this case”, just awesome! Great classic episode, the storyline really pulled through! Loved it!

  9. liz says:

    we need more scenes of Alexis and Kate…..or Kate and Martha. But another fabulous episode. Loved the case, and Stana did a fantastic job in a lot of subtle ways this ep.

  10. Kris says:

    No quotable quotes this week?

  11. K says:

    Yeah we haven’t gotten an one on one scene between Kate and Alexis since cops and robbers (4.07). Kate and Alexis have had scenes together just with Rick present too. Kate really took action and was assertive. She needed to find out from Alexis if she was the reason for her not wanting to come home. I like how Alexis opened up to Kate about what was going on in her life. As we know Beckett was shut down of the story when Alexis decided to move in with pi. Beckett wasn’t even invited to the dinner in 6.06.

  12. Jill says:

    I really enjoyed the way the Alexis storyline resolved, but I DO wonder… are Columbia sophomores even allowed to live off campus? Wouldn’t living in a dorm be an option for her? A more PREFERABLE option than living at home, really?

    • DarkDefender says:

      I’m sure her chance at a dorm room mid semester is shot. Glad she’s going home. Some of the best Castle moments are between Nathan and Molly.

  13. lauri5567 says:

    I did like the scene between Alexis and Kate, as well. It was needed to clear up any issues from earlier this season.
    As for the case, I knew it was brainwashing/cult, but the way the guy touched the girlfriend’s shoulder when they first went to the theater, I was expecting it to involve one of them versus the director.

  14. Flick says:

    Oh, can we also talk about the PROMO? We’re in for a fun badass ride next week people.

    • Just one thing says:

      I’m reserving judgment until next week week, though I have high hopes for it. It just seems so unrealistic at this point. There are a number of things that a merely quasi-intelligent criminal could say to Undercover Beckett. Here’s just a few:
      * Say, you look familiar. Aren’t you marrying that writer guy?
      * Didn’t you save the senator from a car bomb last year?
      * Aren’t you the cop who got shot at that other cop’s funeral a few years back?
      I look forward to it as a Beckett fan, but I’m really surprised they even tried to pull that off mere weeks after Beckett announced her engagement to Castle. Maybe they’ll explain that away in the episode… I hope they at least acknowledge it with a throwaway line.

      • sigh says:

        Ohmigosh thank you, that’s exactly what I was thinking in having her go undercover lol. But i agree in having high hopes for next week. And after being mostly disappointed this season, I really enjoyed tonight’s ep. Finally felt like how the show used to be. Classic Castle :)

      • Mary says:

        I´m also reserving judgment, but I could give an answer to your remarks:)
        * Marrying the writter guy – it could be there wasn´t any photo, only the text? – Same with the senator, maybe there wasn´t a photo…
        * The cop who got shot – like you say, a few years ago, they could find her face familiar but be unable to relate it?

        Anyway, looks like a great episode and I´m so looking forwrd to it:)

        • Allie says:

          Right on Mary, I don’t feel any of those situations make Kate any more recognizable. Wasn’t there a teaser that she will have a run in with an old enemy tied to the JB case? Maybe what really gets her cover blown is not her ties to her job or Castle, but to her mom’s investigation. And I don’t think it’s Bracken, that seems too obvious.

        • Just one thing says:

          Hi, Mary! If the ABC/Castle social media posts are anything to go by (though sometimes they probably shouldn’t be), then that article did include a photo. I don’t know if that’s considered canon or not.
          My point is, she’s been involved in enough high-profile cases where it just wouldn’t be smart for her to ever, ever go undercover (stood on a bomb, car went into the Hudson, thwarted a high-profile kidnapping and a terrorist plot, office-involved shooting in the 12th, apartment exploded, etc.). I was hoping “In the Belly of the Beast” would NOT end up meaning undercover, but now that it is, I guess we’ll just have to roll with it. :P I plan to be thoroughly engaged, regardless of my misgivings.
          SIDE NOTE: I guess we now know why SK had that tape around her two fingers during “Under Fire.” And I hope fans realize that hounding her co-workers for an explanation to something like that will never work. (Another WTF? moment on social media.)

          • Jul says:

            What’s the story about SK fingers? Did I missed something?

          • Just one thing says:

            In one of the final scenes of “Under Fire,” she had mysterious tape around her fingers that randomly appeared. It launched some Twitter sects into a strange tizzy for the next day or so where everyone associated with the show got tweets asking about it. (Um… yeah.) I’m assuming she injured it while filming a particular scene for this episode, even though it would’ve been months ago at this point.

          • Kim says:

            I thought they finished filming “Belly of the Beast” in early February, which would’ve been a few months after “Under Fire” was filmed since that episode aired in early January. She did have that confrontation scene with the killer in “Under Fire”. It’s possible it happened then. But I could be wrong. :)

  15. skrable2 says:

    I was happy with this episode. If you think about it long enough, I suppose, you can drive a truck through the holes in the case … but that wasn’t the point. This was supposed to be one of those bizarre cases for humor’s sake, and I though they achieved that very well. Beckett’s growing frustration at the lack of orderliness of the was really fun.

    Also very happy with the Alexis scenes. The entire Pi arc was unfortunate for what it did to a character that had been one of the best things about the show. Glad she got some “big sisterly” advice from Beckett about love screwing with your head, and that she needs to regroup back home before heading out on her own again.

  16. STANA often says in her interviews, that it’s in the writing which makes a good story & the
    Acting, of course! The last 2-3 episodes certainly shows it, how truly great these writers are.Special kudos to them all! Also want to compliment STANA for her role as BECKETT!!!
    Truly outstanding, superb, I’d say MAGNIFICENT!!, Absolute perfection indeed!!! Thank U.

  17. Apples says:

    Interesting case + humorous lines and banter (“genius at annoying me”) + sweet character moments (Alexis/Beckett) = Excellent filler ep. Really enjoyed that and looking forward to the tension and drama of next week.

  18. June says:

    Does anyone else find it annoying that Castle was so desperate to get his adult child to move back in yet has never once mentioned the fact that the woman he’s about to marry still has her own apartment and refers to the loft as his? Ridiculous.

    • Annie says:

      Mmmm….nope. Not even a little.

    • Summer says:

      I’m with you on the loft thing and Kate still keeping her apartment because she is NEVER there. Seriously, I don’t care how much money my fiance has, I would not be paying rent/mortgage on a place where I basically store my out of season clothes.

    • Mary says:

      Nope, don´t find it annoying at all! A lot of people only start to live together after marriage…

    • John NYC says:

      No, not even a little. She’s written as a capable adult so I expect her reasoning is sound.

    • lkh says:

      Keeping her place just to store the Alex Gross painting is reason enough!

    • KC says:

      Not at all. She must have a lease and rather than subletting it is putting off moving until the lease expires. They aren’t married yet or even set a firm date. Good luck finding a wedding venue in Manhatten a month or two before the date (again, still not decided.) It will take time before she thinks of the loft as jointly “theirs” probable not until they officially tie the knot or even after that.

    • Anon says:

      For me, her retaining her apartment maybe a hint of foreshadowing. On the surface it is clear she does not need it since she will marry in a few months. But emotionally, is there a reason? Has Beckett committed 100%? Is the ‘one and done’ girl afraid? Yes she loves Castle but he has struck out twice and during his pre-Kate days he was playboy.

  19. Rick Katze says:

    I liked it.

    The murder plot line worked.

    And finally getting Alexis back into the Caskett orb was a win.

  20. Summer says:

    I had an idea when watching the promo for next week. I think Kate being in danger will make them want to not put off the wedding any longer and finally just get it DONE! And I’m okay with that. Loved this episode. Saw just a little glimpse of Kate’s insecurities from last season, but she handled it really well by addressing the situation head on. Stana, as always, was amazing. Glad to see some light in Castle’s eyes again.

  21. Did anyone else miss Lainey? I totally enjoyed this episode, I always enjoy Castle.

    • Just one thing says:

      I’ve found myself missing her, Martha and Gates on a regular basis throughout this season. And I say that even though I’ve consistently enjoyed this season far more than the previous two.

    • Lori says:

      Lainie was at the murder scene and Gates was part of the investigation. The only one missing this time was Martha, and I always want more Martha.

      But as many have said, great episode. The case was fun, Caskett scenes were fun, and I wasn’t even bothered by Alexis for the first time in a very long time, though I still find her the least realistic of the characters (and I know, that’s saying something).

    • Anon says:

      I miss Lainey. There was no excuse to have her say ,I’ll know more when I get him back to the lab for this episode. Surely they could utilize this character more. She is Kate’s friend. She could be written in as her friend when she is not needed for ME work. She gave Kate great advice in Like Father, Like Daughter (which I didn’t particularly like) when she told her to forge her own relationship in that family when Alexis sought help from everyone except Kate, including Lanie.

  22. Susan says:

    I would love to see more of Martha and I missed her in this episode. Her character plays off of the other characters really well.

  23. Ana Rubio says:

    I enjoyed it so much!!! The case was interesting and Beckett’s faces were hilarious (Stana is amazing really). And I’m really happy for the scene between Kate and Alexis, been longing for something like this :)

  24. Allie says:

    Loved this episode. I get a little scared when new writers have their first crack at heading an episode, but this new guy had it all going on. Great COW, though a little predictable was excellently executed, the episode flowed great between case and personal, and of course, the Kate and Alexis scene was beautifully done. This episode was a nice blend of all the classic Castle elements that made me originally fall for this show. Only complaint was lack of Martha. The presence of Martha will always bump up the points on the episode a few ticks.
    I don’t care about lack of engagement ring, Kate still holding on to her place, kissing or no kissing, all I care about is getting an entertaining 43 minutes and season 6 is delivering that. People projecting their “reality” on to television characters and situations is so tiring. The simple premise behind this show is so far beyond “reality”, yet some can’t find it the realm of possibility Kate would hold on to her place until the I do’s are said or she chooses to not wear the ring, which BTW since we have never seen Castle question it, he seems to be perfectly fine with it.
    Next week looks to be another great performance from Stana.
    Matt, kudos for working the word “thingamabob” into the review. One of my favorite words. :-)

    • Nit Picker Jr says:

      About the ring… Beckett wears it around her neck, alongside her mother’s ring. It should be “common” knowledge by now (as in common in the Caskett fanverse). Apart from that I’m right there with you – any ep. without Hurricane Martha isn’t quite as good as it could have been, even though this one was as good as it gets in terms of a Castle filler.

  25. lkh says:

    Can anyone tell me why the number ’47’ appears so frequently in Castle. Actually, I’ve heard it is the quintessential ‘random’ number, ie, it appears more frequently than other numbers-so I wonder if it’s actually random. It’s not just Castle, I think it appears often in Star Trek. I also know that Timothy Olyphant’s ‘name’ in Hitman was 47. Other places too. Are the producers/writers just responding to this or does it indeed mean something specific to them. Just curious–thanks. (yes, I know it was 147–still got the 47 tho)

    • lauri5567 says:

      I don’t know. 137 was a catchphrase for one of the Sweet Valley High characters back in the 80s. So many of us read those books that I wouldn’t be surprised if unconsciously it was used or a similar number.

  26. james says:

    I love Castle and I love pie, but I hate Pi. I look for him to turn up in Season-8 as the victim of a killer bee attack! Stana and Nathan make this show the hi-lite of the week for me!

  27. lame says:

    I remember Andrew Marlowe selling this series as something akin to Myrna Loy and William Powell of the Thin Man movies. They were a husband and wife team who never backed down from the sassy exchanges between them. I just would like to hear those funny no holds barred disagreements that made Nick and Nora so much fun. Let Rick and Kate cut loose to the point where it becomes something Esposito and Ryan can look forward to. I’m not bitching, well I guess maybe I am. I would like to see one of my favorite series get that much better.

    • Anon says:

      I made a point of reviewing some Thin Man Episodes. They are really good and entertaining. The back and forth was beautifully played by those two. The banter between Castle and Beckett is as good or sometimes better the William Powell and Myrna Loy. But i can to realize a slight difference in the banters. William Powell sometime played the subtle comedian and Myrna was the straight man. but William’s portrayal was more sophisticated and wise, yet comedic, . Nathan’s sometimes comes off as silly and immature. Sometimes I wish I had not seen the Thin Man series because I find myself comparing and maybe that is not fair.

  28. AshnToph says:

    So did anyone else think this episode was a little nod to Once Upon a Time’s new Wicked Witch? You have the three people who went to EHI for help with: drinking so much she would black out (or needing a brain/memories), anger issues (or needing a heart), and self esteem issues (or needing courage). The scene with the head of EHI was a bit “man behind the curtain” like and the murderer was avenging the death of her sibling. You also have Alexis wanting to “come home” the entire episode.

    So is Beckett Glinda the Good Witch and is Castle either Auntie Em or Toto?

  29. barbara says:

    what a great episode. becketts faces with all the confessions was priceless she is so talented. and finally her and alexis having a chat no tension just an honest discussion between them.

  30. james says:

    This episode was entirely entertaining to me. I’d rate it above average in an up and down season spanning the range of excellence to down right turkeys. Continuity suffers at times but I can give that a pass most times. Kate and Rick make this show fly, no amount of co-stars can carry this show, it’s never been an ensemble effort. Marlowe apparently doesn’t give much credence to normal conversations that real couples have every day. The Kate & Alexis talk is a prime example. We wait so long for things to be discussed that we tend to forget about them. But, maybe that’s his plan, who knows? He has omitted so many great moments, opportunities if you will, to give us some great interactions between our characters. I love this show, but I get so mad when they skip over scenes that we would find very entertaining. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  31. Nelmar says:

    Agree, eps was great! I miss Martha and other characters also, it is good to see the re-runs, where all of them appear. I see more chemistry between Caskett in the 2 last eps – I hadn’t seen it or felt it for a while ( my opinion). Hi Dory!

    • Dory says:

      Hi Nelmar. Enjoying the eps. Nothing is ever perfect. Hope they will use the other characters more. I guess they had to clear up the Alexis thing. Wish I had time to check out the other shows fans refer to. As you probably know still bad weather in the NE. Will post again after Mon ep.

  32. Kathie Menker says:

    Love this episode for all the reasons you’ve mentioned above. Kate’s reaction to the 3rd confession, besides “Take a number”, included her rattling off the confession word for word in a bored voice and the 3rd guy non-plussed as to how she knew it already–priceless!
    I also miss Martha when she’s not in, agree that Lanie should be seen more in every episode. I loved the scene with Kate and Alexis. I never thought Alexis didn’t like their being together. Rick worried about that after Alexis initially seemed not-so-happy about it, but she was just temporarily caught up in her own problems at the time. Kate’s little squeeze of Alexis’ shoulder as she passed by was very sweet and loving. And don’t forget Kate’s anxiety during the kidnapping and their big hug when Rick and Alexis came home from Paris.
    The scene in the interrogation room when the defiant witness refused to tell Kate anything and called her a bitch and Kate upended the table which threw the witness to the wall–magnificent!!! Don’t mess with Kate when it comes to family and there was no denying she thinks of Alexis as her family, not just Rick’s daughter.
    I’m not surprised Kate still has her own apartment. They sometimes go there instead of his place. After all, he does have his own drawer. Now if they could just find a way to destroy that UGLY wedding gown and replace it with something simple and classic like all the other ones she has ever worn on the show. Don’t mess with the basics of wardrobe!
    Last Mon. I ended up with a total veg-out day at the computer. Through this website I discovered the 2010, 2012 and 2013 Castle panel discussions with the cast and writers. They were so great! I watched through the list of love scenes and went through tssues like crazy.

  33. Rick says:

    After DC the shows have been fun and answered some questions about the Caskett relationship. Since Beckett wears her engagement ring on a chain around her neck is there a significance to her wearing a green ring on her right hand in this episode?