The Walking Dead Recap: Full House

The Walking Dead Season 4 ClaimedEarly on in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, the makeshift family of Rick, Michonne and Carl is settling into its suburban digs so swimmingly that a sitcom spinoff seems inevitable. But, of course, that’s before unexpected visitors drop in, and a fatal fight breaks out over the home’s one grownup-sized bed. Confused? Keep reading. (It gets better.)

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ON THE ROAD AGAIN | After a dust-up with some walkers during which Tara notices that Abraham smiles as he bashes in their skulls, an unconscious Glenn finally comes to and is horrified to learn that he and his new sidekick have been riding in the back of the sarge’s truck for more than three hours. (Even worse, they long ago passed the bus on which he hoped to find Maggie.) But he can’t go back, Abraham argues. First of all, Maggie’s dead. (As if.) Second of all, “believe it or not, the fate of the whole damn human race might depend on” them sticking together “like wet on water.” What’chu talkin’ bout, Willis!?! Turns out, Abraham and his companions — smokin’-hot girlfriend Rosita and mullet-headed scientist Eugene — are on their way to D.C., because the post-apocalyptic Sheldon Cooper “knows exactly what caused this mess” and apparently is going to help unmake it. To get there in one piece, however, they need as large an army as they can amass. Not interested, Glenn says with a right hook. Before he and Tara can take off, though, more walkers emerge from a field like rotting Children of the Corn, and, in his haste to dispatch them, Eugene accidentally shoots — and kills — the truck. After that, Rosita goes along with Glenn and Tara. “What else we gonna do?” she asks. It’s the right — safe, sensible — thing to do, Eugene agrees. And, when Abraham starts to object, the brainiac shuts him up by telling him, “Trust me. I’m smarter than you.” (Hey, at least he found ONE target he could hit.)

HOUSE BEAUTIFUL | Back in the ’burbs, Michonne and Carl start their day with cereal and a playful debate about the deliciousness and/or grossness of soy milk… which leads to Carl accidentally making a joke about Judith’s formula… which, in turn, sours the whole moment. Still, Rick is so happy to have heard his son laugh again, if only briefly, that he appeals to Michonne to stay with them. “I can’t be his father and his best friend,” he says. “He needs you.” Not a problem. By this point, Michonne couldn’t be more committed. In fact, when she and Carl later go on a supply run, she even tries to get him to crack a smile by filling her mouth with Crazy Cheese and pretending to be a zombie. When that doesn’t work, she gives up on the smile and confesses that she once had a 3-year-old son, Andre. Naturally, this floors Carl. But, to keep things light (or at least LIGHTISH), Michonne makes a game of his subsequent interrogation. As they search a house for food, she offers, “I’ll answer one question at a time, one room at a time, and only after we’ve cleared it.” When they’re done, they are, as you’d sorta expect, closer than ever. “Your secret’s safe with me,” he promises. “It’s not really a secret,” she replies. “It’s still safe with me,” he says. (I know there are a lotta Carl haters out there, but c’mon. That’s freakin’ sweet.) Michonne’s openness even seems to help Carl make peace with his baby sister’s fate. “Maybe,” he suggests, “her and Andre are together somewhere.”

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HOME INVASION | Meanwhile, a still-recuperating Rick has no sooner dozed off reading Jack London in bed upstairs than (as far as I could count) four hooligans have burst in downstairs. Before he has time to spell WTF, our weary hero is out of sight, sweating bullets under the bed, and one of the thugs has plopped down in it to make some Zs of his own. Shortly thereafter, another villain enters the room, and a battle royal ensues over napping rights. During the fracas, hooligan No. 1 hits the floor and — ack! — sees Rick hiding. Luckily, these baddies take their sleeping arrangements VERY seriously, so before hooligan No. 1 can blurt out, “Dude, there’s a guy under the bed!” he’s dead. Later, while the discovery of Michonne’s freshly washed shirt gets the scoundrels excited about the prospect of terrorizing a woman, Rick sneaks out from under the bed, kills another goon (No. 3? 4? No idea!) in the bathroom and climbs out the second story window. Now all he has to do is warn Michonne and Carl before they’re spotted not to come anywhere near the house — a prospect made 100 times more difficult by punk No. 2 (3? 4? Does it matter?) parking himself on the front porch with a can of beans. Rick is just about to take him out when the ruffian is drawn back into the house by the reanimated corpse of hoodlum No. 1 (maybe). After that, keeping Carl and Michonne away is easy. And, as the episode concludes, the trio are on a collision course with Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika and Judith — like that gang last week, the threesome is following signs to a place that offers “sanctuary for all, community for all.” In other words, Terminus.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of “Claimed”? Are you digging Michael Cudlitz as Abraham? Hit the comments!

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  1. mia says:

    Awesome ep, can’t wait to see what’s ahead at Terminus. Missing Daryl this ep, can’t wait for next week

  2. JP says:

    Really enjoyed the slow build this episode.. Tense but at same time revealing layers to each character… And Chandler Riggs is growing right before our eyes.. Yeah, he used to be a kid to not pay attention to in all reality, but he has been throwing down in these past two episodes…ad respect for a 15year old to be doing that type of work

  3. wasabi says:

    Was the fight over the bed fatal? It looked like the guy who saw Rick hiding under the bed was just choked till he passed out. He seemed to be breathing in his close up.

    • Bjohns says:

      Yeah dude was snoring. It was a sleeper hold. I would think the dude would know by now to finish him off with a head shot if he knew he killed him. Would be hard to sleep with a nearby zombie. They were being attacked by the guy Rick killed for sure in the bathroom.

    • David Mills says:

      I have seen multiple recaps of this episode make the same mistake this reviewer did. The guy was “choked out” by his buddy.
      The directors did not do a good job of clarifying the guy was passed out from a sleeper-hold, not dead!

  4. Cherie says:

    Fantastic episode! Michonne and Carl were great together, just like in the comic. Their scenes together were funny yet touching and both actors did a wonderful job. I was so worried for Rick! I’m just glad he got out and warned Michonne and Carl. Rick, Michonne and Carl stood out in this episode, but I really liked Abraham. I like Glenn, but he is grating on my last nerve lately.

    • Nanny says:

      Try to keep in mind Glenn is a newlywed in his mind and has a one track mind, getting back to Maggie. He JUST found out Herschel is dead, which makes his concern for her twofold, also, he needs he to know that HE is alive to lessen the extreme gif she must beef feeling. Maggie thins she is an orphan and a widow, and sisterless. He knows this makes her vulnerable and possibly off her game. We should all be blessed with a Glenn in our lives.

  5. omarid513 says:

    Michonne’s attempts to be funny were more awkward than anything else for me, but her being more open and natural is a work in progress, so It won’t just happen in an instant. Fair enough. And while I get Glenn’s determination to find Maggie, you’d think he was just a BIT grateful for Abraham, Eugene and Rosita for at least giving them a lift and trying to put the zombie apocalypse in a larger context.

  6. Dandilyons says:

    Hooligan 1 didn’t die; he was put in a sleeper hold. They showed him breathing. The zombie was the guy Rick killed in the bathroom…that’s why Rick left the bathroom door opened, knowing the dude he just choked would eventually come back and jack up the other guys.

  7. Jackson says:

    I liked the episode, but could have done without Tara. Annoying actress.The best parts of the show were Michonne and Carl becoming buddies. I also liked the conversation that Rick had in the kitchen with her. Carl is so bloody miserable so I liked that she attempted to be funny and tried to make that kid laugh. I laughed out loud when she tried to make him laugh and then failed. Again, I think their scenes played really well. I’m always thankful for any laughs this show gives me since they are so rare. Michonne has been bringing the comic relief since the end of season 3 and I love her for it.

    Rick and his escape was really intense and I liked that bit of the show as well. I didn’t care for the the Glenn bits and I agree with omarid513 that he should be somewhat thankful that Abraham and his friends helped him out. As for Abe,Eugene and the girl, too cartoonish for my liking.

  8. igo says:

    Glenn got on my nerves this week. I used to like him but this past seasons he becomes more and more annoying, I understand his frustration but he didn’t need to be so arrogant to abraham and co.

    • Jane says:

      Glenn is desperately trying to believe that Maggie is still alive and Abraham just kept pushing it that she was dead and that Glenn should just give up and come with them on their “quest”. I would have punched him also. I actually found Abraham to be a total jerk and Eugene to be really annoying. There is no way I would have gone with that group over trying to find my family.

    • Lena says:

      The best part of the episode was anything without Glenn in it.

  9. omar says:

    I was really surprised when I noticed that Rosita is Christian Serratos from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. (I googled to confirm it) I was telling my parents “I know that girl… I saw her on tv before”.

  10. I don’t have a good feeling about the outcome of next week’s #WalkingDead, both Daryl and Beth are going to be on #TalkingDead

  11. tamihagglund says:

    Ok, not to be nitpicky, buuuuuuut…I’m gonna nitpick.

    The guy on the floor was just passed out. His face was twitching and Rick was being careful not to wake him up. [They just pointed out on Talking Dead that the guy was breathing. Plus him seeing Rick alive means the possibility that he might wake up is stressful.]

    When Rick killed they guy on the toilet he carefully opened the door so that when the guy reanimated he would be able to get out of the bathroom and hopefully go start attacking the vandals.

    Now, onto bummer stuff you missed, Eugene shot the truck on purpose. At first I thought he had bad aim, but then they went out of their way to point out how hard it is to disable one of those trucks. Plus, I *knew* it was on purpose when he walked the other direction and had that creepy smile.

    I’m just calling it now: Eugene’s a fraud. No way is his line true. Maybe it’s just to have a survival tactic, to give someone as tough as Abraham a reason to keep him alive? No way does awkward, almost autistic seeming or Asberger’s Eugene seem like he’ld last long on his own. To be fair, Mr. I Have Purpose Army Man on Another Mission Abraham needs him as much as Eugene needs Abraham.

    We shall see how things go, but no way is Eugene telling the truth. (And not a comic reader so I do to know if that’s already clear in the comics.)

  12. Andrew Hass says:

    I liked last night’s episode.Michonne and Carl grew closer.We saw Rick in action again and i do think the guy he killed in the bathroom turned into a zombie.Also Rick may have left the door open on purpose in order to create a distraction later to escape.As for the other group As for Eugene he may have a way to fix things but i have a feeling his way may not be good for anyone and be part of the season finale.Finally it looks like everyone is kind of on the same road to reunite with each other soon.Also i can’t wait to see Rick and Carl’s reactions when they learn Judith is alive.

  13. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Abraham and his wife beater are too hot!

  14. wrstlgirl says:

    Another great episode. I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to like Abraham but he’s not so bad. My guess is he will grow on me. I also really like Tara and the way she supported Glenn. Yeah, Glenn was being an a**hole but who wouldn’t. He doesn’t know these people and given everything he’s been through he deserves to have some bent up anger. Plus as someone else mentioned here, Abraham kept saying that Maggie was dead so just move on. That would tick me off too. Carl and Michonne were fantastic and the house intruders really gave me the creeps. I’m sure we’ll see them again. Terminus makes me nervous. I already don’t trust it.

    • tamihagglund says:

      I think we’re totally going to see the guy that was eating out of a can on the porch again. I really hope we don’t regret Rick not killing him. But the fact that they openly planned to rape whatever woman came back is horrifying. But point being, I felt like they let us really see his face (but not Rick see his face) for a reason. Then on Talking Dead Chris said that’s a recognizable guy who plays a bad guy a lot. Ugh.

  15. Marco says:

    What happened to Luke and Molly , they where with Tyreess and noe they are not ?? And where is that old black women from the bus that told Maggie that Beth is looking for Judith ??

    • Mel says:

      They were either killed on the bus, eaten in the fields where Daryl and Beth were running, or turned into Walkers. RIP.

      • Marco says:

        But how did they died ?? Old lady wasn’t shown when Maggie killed the prison bus walkers…
        And how did Luke and Molly get eated ?? They were with Ty, Lizzie, Mika and Judith when they left prison, but weren’t with them after ?? o.O
        And if those corpses at the trail were their, how did they get there ?? They should clear that up so we can now….

    • omar says:

      Thats the same question I’ve been asking! Where are Molly and Luke? :( I was expecting a comment from Tyresse or Lizzie, like: Oh yeah, they’re dead now. They were eaten.

  16. Mike says:

    The guy on the porch was Jeff Korber. You all might remember him from the show China Beach.

  17. Stop the talking , twd! says:

    Lots of talk but no action. This is a tv show and not real life. They cannot be serious on having seasons continue going without any serious development plots being address. Enough with the soap opera. Give me some action. Serious development. Something.

    All the viewers know is about Georgia and I have wondered from time to time about other states and whether or not there conditions are just as bad and whether the entire world has been impacted or are things reaching a slow but readly solution.

    I’m hoping that the series will end with someone finding a solution that will end the ZA. How? By creating a vaccination (not a cure) that will prevent people from turning into zombies. This will help people just die and slow down the zombie count.

    Need some action.

    • Mel says:

      LOL. Good points Stopper. Eventually there will likely be a group elsewhere that is thriving. At some point all the Walkers will stop existing, etc. The possibilities are endless. If they don’t make any headway in that area and just re-hash another Governor-esque sanctuary, I don’t foresee the the show going for more seasons of the same crappy storylines with zombies thrown in.

    • Alan says:

      yeah screw character development, i just want mindless zombie killing by people i have no attachment to, woohoo!!!

      • Nono says:

        What character development? Who has been developed? 90% of the cast are 2d characters. Long conversations do not equal character development.

  18. Titoveli says:

    the only thing i didnt like was the dude saying classify i was like wtf classify to what? the zombies lol
    come on who here wouldnt just bash someone head in if someone said that to u in a world like that

  19. Liz985 says:

    Uh, oh. I may be falling out of love with my favorite show. The last two episodes were not up to snuff and I already hate the new trio. Way too cartoonish. The realistic edge that gave The Walking Dead its legitimacy is waning. I’m beginning to understand all the troubles with the show runners leaving in Season 1-3. If this is the new guard, my weekly addiction is in serious danger of going south for good.

    • Kate says:

      That is too bad. I fall in love with it more every episode, because I love these people and care what happens to them. The zombies are boring.

  20. omar says:

    Next week is all about Beth and Daryl! (I hope) Love Beth! <3

  21. Catpro says:

    Why didn’t the family in the pink room turn to zombies? I feel like I’m missing the obvious.

  22. Catpro says:

    Why didn’t the dead family in the pink room turn to zombies? I feel like I’m missing the obvious.