DWTS Drops Cohost Brooke Burke-Charvet -- Who Then Comments On Her 'Shocking' Axing

DWTS Fires Brooke Burke CharvetThe music has stopped for Dancing With the Stars cohost Brooke Burke-Charvet.

As reported by E! Online, Burke-Charvet got word on Friday afternoon that her services would not be needed for Season 18 of the ABC competition series, which premieres March 17.

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In a statement to E! Online, Burke-Charvet said, “[I] understand the need for change considering the position of the show at this juncture” — a seeming nod to DWTS‘ declining ratings and buzz.

“I’ve seen my fair share of shocking eliminations in the ballroom,” she added, “but this one takes the cake.”

Later this evening, she also addressed the news on Twitter:

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A former model, Burke-Charvet first appeared on DWTS as a contestant — and eventual winner — of Season 7, and then went on to cohost with Tom Bergeron Seasons 10 through 17. In that capacity, she succeeded Samantha Harris (who replaced Lisa Canning starting with Season 2).

Will you miss Burke-Charvet’s presence on the parquet? Any knee-jerk suggestions for her replacement? Perhaps another former mirrored-ball trophy winner?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Not surprised considering “Dancing with the Stars” no longer has that room where the teams wait to perform and for their scores and she interviews the team after they dance.

    • Kristin says:

      I agree; she probably won’t be replaced. I don’t think she was fired as much as her position was eliminated. With the shorter show, they just don’t need a co-host.

    • TheFactsR says:

      She was ONE of the problems at DWTS She helped lower the ratings. She was boring and off putting with her airheaded comments and questions. She WILL not be missed AND her missing COULD raise the ratings! KEEP the GREAT changes coming DWTS. Bring back the viewers!

      • Nora says:

        Agree with you! Thank you for saying it all. This one needs repeating, SHE WILL NOT BE MISSED!

        • Pam Macy says:

          I couldn’t stand looking at her any more. That annoying PERMA-GRIN! So glad she’s gone, I can watch the show again.

      • Tammie says:

        Totally agree, she would ask the most ridiculous questions, and you know they had to answer with a politically correct answer. There was no way they could answer what they were really feeling. Glad she’s gone.

        • k rivet says:

          Do you actually think she made up those “stupid” questions? It is more realistic to think the producers wrote the questions for her to ask and she takes the wrap if the questions come across as being stupid..

      • B.t. Iam says:

        I never liked her. She sounded fake and insincere. And kind of snobby like, especially when she huohenated her name. Who cares!

      • sue says:

        I agree with you “TheFactsR” … Thanks for saying it! I’m not going to miss her AT ALL!

      • Laura Blake says:

        Could not disagree with you most. I really liked her and WILL NOT being watching any more. I WILL miss her. Have a nice day!

        • I agree, I loved Brook AND the Band AND the dancers, contestants waiting room !! As the show down sizes so does my viewing downsize. I almost stopped watching when Julianne Hough quit. If Derek quits, even though I love most, not all, of the rest of the dancers. Then I am gone for sure. You should have dumped Carrie Ann instead of Brook ! And on a personal note. Tony, you are so wonderful…why do you keep getting the duds each season? You have my sympathies ! Kate G. Was a Witch, now you’re stuck with NeNe.

      • JJ says:

        The Star Dancers are what brings rating down plus it’s going on another week to hear who will be eliminated and then eliminating stars that are good? Geez you people are a trip thinking co-hosts brings ratings down. Duh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lol

      • Sam Spade says:

        Why then throw out the band, they where super especially there back up singers where tops, it all boils down to $$$$$$$$$$. and ratings, have to cut costs! Now there just about crap and skimpy costumes and geared toward the younger set and away from real ballroom dancing, now it is junk to watch.

        • Debi Newby says:

          No! It boils down to always wanting to appeal to a younger audience. The whole changing to a one day show, hardly any musical guests, removing the band & co-host and skimpier and sleezier costumes make it cheaper and cheaper! No BAND??!!?? REALLY??!!??

      • Renee says:

        I agree! I never liked Brooke. She was horrible at interviewing, stuttering and stammering, and her questions were stupid.

    • TheFactsR says:

      If replaced…………….bring in a GREAT personality because Ole TOM is getting boring as well……his jokes are getting OLD!!!!!

      • sasha says:

        i’m ready for boring, fake tom to be replaced….he has a fake laugh at the end of each performance. not his place to comment or voice his opinion at all … he’s just the announcer …

    • TheFactsR says:

      I also say…….bring in a GRAND PIANO to replace Harold Wheeler group! NOTHING more beautiful than a great piano sound

      • JLK says:

        They already hired a different band leader, Ray Chew, who was the music director for American Idol for awhile. I think they’re trying to go for something flashier, not traditional or classical like a piano.

    • Tess says:

      Definitely with the changes made last season – losing the results show and the celebrequarium – Tom was doing most of what Brooke used to do (and better at that) since contestants were staying with him to receive their scores and he could chat with contestants before and after dances since they were right at the side of the dance floor. They relegated her to backstage coverage more than half the time last season. I don’t think there’s been a season since she’s been on that people haven’t complained about her inept interviewing skills and lack of relevance to the proceedings even before the changes made last season. I for one am glad we will no longer have to hear her ask “how does it feel?” after every performance.

  2. dude says:

    I thought she was the best co-host out of the three and I liked her presence on the show but she simply wasn’t needed anymore. Those post-dance interviews never added anything to the show and her main contribution to the show was just being a pretty lady for Tom to stand beside so it makes sense that they’d let her go.

    • Paula says:

      I agree totally. I will miss her but I would feel worse if Tom was leaving he is my all time favorite!!!!

      • MarMar says:

        Totally agree, Paula. Tom is very good at doing a live show – he makes it look easy. He is witty and likable. He can make fun without being insulting or hurtful. As for a possible replacement – Lisa Rinna, please, please! She is hilarious and would bring a boost to the show. (They would just have to keep their finger on the “bleep” button.)

  3. Kim (@AD76) says:

    She was on seven seasons too long and this past season she wasn’t needed.

  4. Sarah says:

    Tom Bergeron is the best host there doesn’t need to be a co-host!!!

  5. Jefrey Roseff says:

    It’s about time. she was annoying the hell out of me last season. She had nothing to do and no place to go. Her comments were infantile at best. She just needs to go home to her Baywatch hubby.

  6. nobody special says:

    THANK you!

  7. Cory says:

    YAY! I would much rather have Samantha back! At least Samantha had personality… and if not a new co-host… Can we bring back the Harold and the band now?

  8. Janet says:

    First feeling: Shock. Next feeling: Indifference. Final Tally: Brooke (0), DWTS (1) Fans of the show (insert number for screwed)
    I just hope that Tom is staying. Love him!! :)

  9. I was never crazy about her as co-host anyway so matters little to me if she stays or goes. What is shocking to me is the letting go of Harold Wheeler. That band was exceptional.

  10. TiTi says:

    GOOD! She never added anything to the show & always looked uncomfortable standing there. Let Tom use his great sense of humor ALONE!!!

  11. Ronnie says:

    Wake up, ABC…the show is about dancing & music. U do NOT need to add an arm charm in a dress to get viewers! Tom Bergeron has hosted many other shows w/ wit & charisma. He doesnt need any help from a cohost!!

  12. Patricia Boxx says:

    Good. Love Tom.

  13. H.Houston says:

    When I watched season 17, with all of the changes (going to one night, having Tom keep the contestants next to him during the scores, etc) Brooke’s role was eliminated. I wondered truly why they kept her last season. I believe they did it because they were not sure if they were going to keep it “changed” and held onto her through the edited show so if they had to return to the other format she wasn’t off doing something else.
    First, it was changing the format to one night instead of two, last season. Second, it was changing how the couples were eliminated, with that bizarro scoring-from-this-week-added-to-scoring-from-last-week weirdness. Then, the band was fired, which I think is a huge mistake because they brought something special to the show (I know with rising costs and having to get permission from every artist that they use music from is a pain and then to get permission for another band to essentially cover that music, the cost was becoming prohibitive). And, now, finally, letting Brooke go as well. These changes are either going to revitalize the show or simply sink it.
    We shall see.

    • TheFactsR says:

      The wheeler band is what threw the timing OFF! They didn’t play the song the same way each time which threw the celebs off! They practice with a recording all week then dance to a band who never played the song at the same timing! I think a great piano for Ballroom and same instruments for Latin will be much better!

    • Kt says:

      When did it go to one night? I always enjoyed the show, but they dragged it out over two nights, so i dvr’d the shows every night and ran through it quickly. It would be watchable if one night. As for brooke – would love to hear the REAL story behind it

  14. THANK YOU!

    Brooke was awful, awkward, stiff, and basically incompetent as a host for a live show.

    As a former winner she NEVER made any effort to empathize with the contestants; it was like she had never competed.

  15. Tellurian says:

    Whoever’s making executive decisions at ABC has blundered yet again! Brook added depth and beauty to the show. The wearing of new wardrobes was exiting to watch and the feminine side gave to the show satisfaction and variety. This, plus the firing of the ultimate band and its superb leader, marks the demise of a great reality show-one that brought ballroom dancing into the hearts of America.

    • Aeol says:

      Can’t tell if sarcasm…

    • Wanda says:

      I also think this is a big mistake!!!!! I think she added class to the show!!!!!!!!! She is a beautiful woman and I’m sure many women watching were a little jealous of her!! She added to her name to honor her sweet husband, I’m sure. I don’t understand why people are so cruel when there is no need for it. That’s what all these shows do, change often in hopes up upping their ratings. I’m just not understanding this one at all. Brooke, if you are reading these reviews, take them as a grain of salt. You did an awesome job and I and many of my friends are going to miss you!!!! I’m sure it won’t be long and some show is going love to have you, your beauty and your sweet personality!! Best of luck to you and your husband. You have a precious looking combined family!

      • JayCee says:

        I TOTALLY agree with you as most of these negative, & rude comments are because of jealousy!

        • darhil says:

          Actually no jealousy really…if the majority of the people are saying the same thing then its probably because there is some truth. I am the first one to say if someone is beautiful, talented, and sweet. I didnt see that in her..none.
          She is average looking, and not suited for that job. But thats just my opinion. Im sure she is a great mother and wife…ive seen her interviews and she seems like her family is her priority. She has an amazing body too and works hard at it. But I ..as well as many others..didnt find her genuine on camera…very fake and uninterested in anyone but her poses. So thats my opinion and we all have them. If u r a fan then I hope u find her again on another program so you can watch her as long as u wish. I certainly wont….enjoy

  16. Eurydice says:

    Tom Bergeron is so smart and quick and funny, it was a shame he had a co-host who was basically dead behind the eyes. It would be great if they could find someone who’s got chemistry with him, who can bounce some jokes and snark back and forth with him, it would really lift the energy level and add some entertainment. And after that, they have to do something about the judges, the chemistry is dead there, too.

  17. Kaye Nicholson says:

    Never cared for her, interviews were usually so awkward. Didn’t enjoy watching her as a contestant and was surprised she was selected to co-host.

    • Dionna Gould says:

      she was horrible. I always felt like pushing the mute button when she talked. She asked the stupidest questions ever. It was really getting embarrassing. I am also glad about the firing of the band because I hated how they messed up the dancers by not staying on key or singing to slow or to fast. I really disliked the male singers and the singer who always dressed like a star trek character.

  18. Cannadycynthia says:

    Brooke I enjoyed your presence and appeal on the show. Will miss you!

  19. meleliot says:

    First off, I am sorry Brooke is losing her job. That must hurt. She seems like a very a nice person. That being said, I am not a big fan of her interviewing and chit chat skills, and at times I just cringed; however, she sure looked fantastic every week. Her dresses were gorgeous, and looked like they were made just for her. I will miss “seeing” her, not “hearing” her. Good luck Brooke in your next endeavor.

    I will be interested to see the new format, music, hosting, etc.

  20. Her role seemed to disappear with the shorter show and the reconfiguration of the ballroom space last season. She didn’t do much last season at all, so I’m not surprised they decided to save her salary. Would be shocked if she was replaced.

  21. Amanda says:

    She was a TERRIBLE co-host and interviewer. I would fast forward through her every time I could. Unless they replace her with Drew Lachey – who was a much better option when they were auditioning potential co-hosts – don’t replace her at all. Tom would be fine on his own, too.

    • TheFactsR says:

      Brooke should NEVER have been on DWTS being a prior contestant and of Derek’s also. Made DWTS even that much more LOPSIDED!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad pub for DWTS to slant the show ALL one way!!!!!

      Now if say CAI and Lenny and maybe even Bruno would disappear then maybe just maybe the show will revive!

      The concept of DWTS is GREAT! But the show stood still then took a nose dive!!!!!!!

  22. maria says:

    Harold wheeler and singers added to the show. Really really hate to see them. I did like brooke-vharvet though

  23. maria says:

    Correction: Really, really hate to see harold wheeler and the band go, not sure I had made that clear.

  24. TheFactsR says:

    If replaced…………….bring in a GREAT personality because Ole TOM is getting boring as well……his jokes are getting OLD!!!!!

    • Kate says:

      TheFactsR, if you’re going to comment again and again on the same thing, it would be nice if you’d be original with the wording each time. We get it: you don’t like Tom. But you, yourself, are BORING and ANNOYING with the repeats. At least Tom doesn’t repeat himself.

      • TheFactsR says:

        I NEVER said I did not enjoy Tom. There you are putting words out there that I never said……Tom does repeat himself DUH Kate! You must think you know everything and are the only one with thoughts and opinions! This is not Russia and I have the right to speak my thoughts. DUH

        • bunny says:

          TheFactsR take your opinion about Tom and the piano and shove it. Just my opinion and we’re not in Russia, so you don’t have to go there.

          • Minx says:

            Your obviously a hater, hater hater , naughty hater, and no one cares about your comments, hater bulley

  25. TheFactsR says:

    Brooke should NEVER been on DWTS being a prior contestant and of Derek’s also. Made DWTS even that much more LOPSIDED!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad pub for DWTS to slant the show ALL one way!!!!!

    Now if say CAI and Lenny and maybe even Bruno would disappear then maybe just maybe the show will revive!

    The concept of DWTS is GREAT! But the show stood still then took a nose dive!!!!!!!

    IF not this season 18…… then if a season 19 exist…….bring in OLE Tom a great female personality that he can PING off to revive the show.

  26. Keeps your kids engaged and you do not have to hear “Are we there yet. Guests will also complete the night surrounded by luxury in an Executive King Suite, featuring an expansive master bedroom, separate living space and a personal marble wet-bar. The landscape is beautiful with spacious 14 blocks and over 1165 houses.

  27. Kim says:

    Bring in Melissa Rycroft. She had great chemistry with Tom Bergeron.

    • Lorraine says:

      I TOTALLY agree. Melissa Rycoft has a much better persona than Brooke ever did. I never understood why or how she became a co-host of this show. Her comments to contestants, at times, were insensitive and callous. Hey, Brooke, how does THAT feel?

    • Young Matthew says:

      ^^^^^^^ Yes, this! A million times this. I was waiting for someone to bring Melissa up. I was upset that she didn’t get the gig the first time around.

    • luvjax says:

      Melissa would be an awesome co-host !!! I loved Samantha too… Did not like Brooke at all.

    • Angela says:

      Yes! She was great and I was also shocked when they didn’t choose her. She is funny, has a great smile and personality.

  28. Eric7740 says:

    Thank goodness!!! I was so tired of seeing her in those short, hussy dresses of hers and her cleavage all the time!!! And I was always sick and tired of her trying to hog the spotlight when she would interview the dancers, “when I was dancing”, she would always say, it drove me crazy!!!

    • JLK says:

      Someone above was just complaining that she didn’t empathize enough with the dancers (which would entail mentioning her experience) and now you’re complaining she did it too much. Seems to me like she couldn’t win.

    • Angela says:

      “Hussy”? Gee, how classy of you.
      I wasn’t a fan of her interviewing style, either-as many noted, she asked some ridiculously obvious questions, and when the partners were practicing for quick dances, I never understood why she needed to take their precious time to do an interview with them, especially since all the interviews usually consisted of was stuff like, “How nervous are you?”. So this news doesn’t bother me.
      Having said that, however, losing a job is never fun, so I am sorry for her in that respect, and wish her luck in finding something else to do.

      • TheFactsR says:

        Stop being a BULLY everyone has a right to post opinions and thoughts. This is not Russia!

        • Angela says:

          …uhhhhhh…how in the world was I being a bully? At what point did I say they couldn’t post their opinion/thoughts? I don’t see that anywhere in my post. I just disagreed with the use of the word “hussy” to describe a woman. And yes, I’m fully aware this isn’t Russia-I’ve lived in the U.S. my entire life, I’m well aware of what country I reside in, thanks.
          Seriously, take a chill pill.

  29. Jamie says:

    She didn’t bring much to the show, so I’m not surprised they let her go. I love Tom Bergeron and he can carry the show by himself.

  30. Nero the TVFiddler says:

    This the beginning of the end for this era of reality programming. There may still be reality shows on the air, and I don’t doubt we’ll see new attempts to reininvent the genre, but the end is near, it is all downhill from here. The days of domination of these shows in the ratings, and in particular in the demo, are over. AI, Survivor, DWTS, X Factor, Super Nanny, etc. all … even Amazing Race [now, with the Harlem Globetrotters]. It’s coming to its eventual end.

    When measuring the impact of these programs now/today, compared to the height in popularity of these programs, look that demo, not the ratings/total viewership. My mother watches DWTS [she’s not in the demo – any demo] and all her friends still do watch as well, and that’s terrific, but tell that to the advertisers. The advertising rates for shows like DWTS are being cut year after year due to declining ratings. That’s not a slam on DWTS, it is just the reality of the business and the numbers/money – the reality of the effects of time on a product.

    Brooke won’t be replaced – they need to cut costs. TB may have to take a pay cut, the show will continue to shrink in size and time – they have no choice… the money is not there anymore. I don’t know what they pay the dancers, but we may see more disappearing. This is what ‘the end’ looks like.

    AI is done, X-Factor? Come on. Great Race? The last time I saw the Harlem Globetrotters on TV, they were visiting Gilligan’s Island, and even the GI cast has said they knew that was the beginning of the end (no slam on HGT-they are wonderful, it’s just the fact that stunt-casting often signals the end of a series). Survivor continues, but it’s dead man walking – the casting/’contestants’ now are full of wanna-be actors and models of a certain age. That show lost its creative ideas years ago. It’s over.

    Keep an eye on the pilot season to see what types of new reality programming may be coming down the pike. That’s what we all need to begin to focus on – the ‘new’, the next, what shows may be in production, the new ideas coming in reality TV. In the meantime, enjoy the moment, enjoy these old reality series while they are still around – they are coming to the end. I’ll feel bad when they do leave the air, if for no other reason than my mom and dad won’t have anything to watch on tv at that point.


  31. Diane says:

    I won’t miss her, but I feel bad that she lost her job. I think that DWTS are hoping these changes will improve their ratings, but I think viewers are declining because we are just tired of the “dancing show” (SYTYCD too).

  32. Jean Wilkinson says:

    Lately, I recorded the show and then hit fast forward when she was on.

  33. Donna says:

    Brooke is leaving?? I thought she was an amazing co-host. I’ve had much respect for her through the years. She brought class to the show.

  34. Maryann says:

    When they went to a one night format, I tried to watch, but it just wasn’t working any longer. The entire atmosphere of the show was changed and became just intolerable. It was a different show entirely. Add to that the loss of a great, classy bandleader, and that totally screwed up elimination system, and I only checked in a couple of times last season. Now this. Brooke will definitely be missed. With all of this, I will skip entirely, unless i catch individual dances out of context on U Tube.

    • TheFactsR says:

      You are welcome to stop watching if you so desire. Many will return now that they are not exposed to an airhead each Monday.

  35. Aeol says:

    They can replace her with a wet mop. Infinitely more interesting than Brooke Burke.

  36. JLK says:

    People have never liked the female co-host. People loathed Samantha and complained about her endlessly. When she left, people rejoiced and then started trashing Brooke. She asked the same inane questions as Samantha. Why is that? Likely because neither of them had the autonomy to ask whatever questions struck them as interesting. They’re clearly told through their earpieces what to ask, and then they’re forced to cut answers short because producers are screaming in their ear telling them they have to move on to the next part of the show. No matter who you put in that job, they’re going to face the same criticism over and over again because that was the nature of the job. As such, I agree with everyone who’s said she won’t be replaced. If ABC has done their research, they know that the co-host has always been considered a negative for the show, and Brooke really didn’t have a lot to do for most of last season.

  37. Jack says:

    I can think of two words to describe Tom Bergeron – Unfunny and irritating. And for those who are TB fans, my apologies for my dislike of him. And yes, I don’t watch him (the show) anymore or any show he’s ever been on. I’m not sure why some people just irritate, but he is definitely one.

  38. Ambee says:

    I feel so bad for the TV hostess, but I would like to try to see if Tom will feel naked without a co-hostess. No offense, Mr. Bergeron.

  39. Ana says:

    I think it’s time for them to replace DWTS completely….they can’t possibly take off more of the costumes coverage and stay on the air, so drop it….it’s run it’s course.

    • TheFactsR says:

      Well they would have to go to THONGS which would cheapen the show. I say MORE material to costumes, piano, loose a few of the TRASHY female pros, and viewers will return. Dancing NEVER gets old…….it is the people trying to do the jobs that are the problems!

    • Joan says:

      Last night’s show turned into a pity party. Dancing for your dead Grandma, losing weight for your child, and the worst was when Billy Dee bitched about his back and then picked up each of his grandchildren! Robin Roberts is good on GMA but what qualifies her to judge dancing? Being a cancer survivor? The whole show looks like it’s struggling and I think it is.

  40. Boiler says:

    Don’t watch the show but the cruelness of the comments here crazy but typical of people hiding behind their computer. This probably should have been an article with comments turned off,

  41. noel says:

    I dont care about Brooke but my friend and i who watch together have notlikedthe new dance styles added and the rock night and dancing with the classic symphony night disappearing. There was just something about doing ballroom dances to a great rock song or a symphony orchestra that was exciting to us.

  42. Mary says:

    It’s about time! If they need another talking head, I recommend Drew Lachey. He was a great stand-in back when Samantha was on maternity leave. But Tom is awesome by himself.

  43. DavidSask says:

    It DOES NOT say they are replacing her! The show never needed a second host, any extra chatter Tom can handle after dance alone or with help from judges!

  44. Jean says:

    The band was fine but the singers were BEYOND terrible, so often the music was so bad I was forced to mute it. And Brooke was also terrible. Boring, repetitive, predictably trite. Actually the entire show is pretty terrible, but getting rid of Brooke and singers is a positive.

    • TheFactsR says:

      YES! Correct! I NOW am starting to give DWTS credit for “WANTING” to reach out to the people who stopped watching DWTS out of frustration and at LEAST TRYING to revive dancing.

      As long as I KNOW DWTS executives are reconstructing the interest in DWTS I AM INTERESTED!

  45. Vickie Peterson says:

    I vote for Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir!! WOW — that would bring in the viewers!!!!!

  46. Diva says:

    1. Tom by himself
    2. Melissa Rycroft
    3. Drew Lachey
    Choose one

    • It's all over, isn't it? says:

      I choose none. They might as well just have Derick be the host -he’s pretty much doing everything else – choreographing, dancing, winning. A chance to save some money in production costs.

  47. Thea says:

    Ding dong, the Brooke-bot’s gone! =D I will miss the dresses they put her in, though. Tom will do fine on his own.

  48. Fairy says:

    Drew. Please Please Please. Drew Lachey.

    Wishing Brooke the best.

  49. TheFactsR says:

    Loosing Brooke and Wheeler are a ………VERY GOOD MOVE! When DWTS Executives make a few MORE of the right moves………I will be drumming up viewers for the show!