Ratings: Killer Women Ends on a Low Note, Winter Olympics Drop, Special Idol Steady

Killer Women CancelledABC’s Killer Women rode off into the sunset on Tuesday night with a final audience of 3.17 million total viewers and a 0.6 rating — dipping a tenth in the demo opposite the Olympics to hit a series low.

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NBC’s coverage of said winter games averaged 18.5 mil and a 4.8, dropping 21 and 14 percent from Monday night and off 13 and 11 percent from the comparable night in Vancouver 2010.

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American Idol‘s Top 10 Girls performance show drew 9.7 mil/2.7, on par with the series’ most recent outing, last Thursday.

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  1. Ange says:

    There must have been a missing episode of Killer Women because the takes from the “previous” episode were not what happened during the last episode. Very disappointed. Also disappointed that there was a conclusion and the show will probably not return leaving the unfinished business taste in our mouths.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I’m so annoyed they skipped an episode. If it was going to end on a cliffhanger anyway, why not at least let us keep the continuity? I really enjoyed the show, and I think ABC did it a disservice, from it’s promos (which apparently turned quite a few people off) to running the episodes in the wrong order to just not even showing us the remaining two. Is whatever’s taking its place really going to do that much better?

      • Ange says:

        Happy to know I did not miss anything.

      • Maryann says:

        I expect a lot of people were like me, including Nielsen families. I was totally turned off by the promos and especially by the logline that included the words, “a beautiful badass.” What century are we in again? At any rate, when I finally checked out an episode, as I do with almost all network dramas, I really liked it, but it had already been cancelled.

      • Deb Saine says:

        i’m with you, katherine215 – i questioned whether i blinked and missed an entire episode … i liked the show because it was cheesy in a way that was fun – and i invested time to watch the first five episodes … but once again, the network proves that it cares nothing about the viewers … and i think they did molly a disservice by skipping the episode where she exposes her abusive husband …

      • JC says:

        The two missing episodes have been put online. They’re available through the Watch ABC app and on Hulu. Probably also on the website, but I didn’t check there. Just FYI.

    • Kim R says:

      I started the episode last night and felt like I came in to the room late. I wish they hadn’t skipped an episode because so many things didn’t make sense. We were left to fill in some blanks with our imaginations. Very annoying. Why wouldn’t ABC just let it run and make some sort of effort to tie up a few ends in the finale? Disappointing, to say the least. :(

    • randy russell says:

      You are right about a missing episode. I went to “On Demand” and found it. This is a good show and I will be sorry to see it go. Don’t know why it didn’t catch on.

      • tonya says:

        Where did you find the episode? I’ve looked and looked. Its almost like ABC blackballed it – no episodes are on abc.com

    • Trish says:

      I was looking forward to this episode too! They totally missed an episode I thought I was going crazy, but it’s not on Shaw on Demand or online.

    • wizurd99 says:

      the episode 106 “demons” has yet to be shown. 107 “Daughter of the Alamo” was shown out of order. Episode 108 “Queen Bee” has yet to come up.

    • TIRA says:

      I am so mad right now, missing an epidsode and then cancellation, who cares about promos…watch the show…it definitely beats a another REALITY BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE.

    • Maggie says:

      I loved the show!! I think it was supposed to be a one-season show. They should have aired every episode and in order!!! And to end it opposite the Olympics was crazy. Taped last week’s, but if it’s out of order, then….

      • Maggie says:

        and if they want an audience, then the network should have continued to promote it even more than they did before it started. The show was so much better if you got into it, than half the crap on tv. But I guess it did not appeal to that sacred 18 to 49 demographic!!! I’m a baby boomer, but I guess any money I have to spend on the advertisers’ products does not matter.

    • Mary A says:

      tis is so like ABC, I loved this show and your right they dropped a show ,and then show previews of the nice being kidnapped and the end it.

    • Gillian says:


      Yes I agree about the missing episode. The last episode ends with the brother in trouble and the next one begins with him working with the DEA and the DEA breaking up with Ranger. Where did that episode go. It would be nice if the network would just air all of the episodes.

    • Koko says:

      Thank goodness. I thought I was missing something. Why did it jump like that? Such a shame ABC did not give the show a chance.

    • naner says:

      I’m sad also about the missing episode..It was a good show and better than the Bachlor…They needed to just finish off the first 6 episodes like they said they were going to. Shame on ABC for taking it off too soon!!

    • Xandra says:

      Exactly, I thought something was weird I even re-watched the last episode. And the missing one looks like it would of been good. This makes me sad.

    • Maryanne Petersen says:

      I love Killer Women and am sad to see it go. I don’t watch many show on your station.

    • louise says:

      It left you hanging it needs to return so we can seewhat happen its nice to see a woman take charge she has a hard job plus her personal life is so real that what makes the show

  2. mike says:

    that sucks about Killer Woman I really enjoyed the show I do hope it might come back next season?

  3. Keith says:

    WTF? ABC runs ads clearly stating it’s 8 weeks and now I find out it’s 6 eps with a missing ep (so they made it 7 instead of 8)? Seriously?!

    ABC being really crappy in ad promos and then lying,

    Take “Last Resort” when it came for the season finale, they had already internally cancelled the show and put out the notice via “mainstream” sources yet ran commercials all that week saying it was the season finale (and not series as it ended up being).

    This is an issue where the FCC should be allowed to fine the network for fraud and deception since 90% of the general public doesn’t know where to get info on cancellations of their favorite tv shows.

    • Dav says:

      Fraud and deception?!? Uh…no. How is it fraud? It’s Broadcast TV. It’s free. You didn’t pay for the show. They don’t owe you anything.

      • Keith says:

        Fraud when they say 1 thing and do another. Maybe bait-n-switch But clearly running a commercial that says Season Finale when they have already made the decision to cancel it and announced it (just not advertising it to those watching the show) clearly shows fraud and misrepresentation.

        Apparently Tricia herself doesn’t know what ABC is doing by her own tweets last night. She did state that they are going to show the last 2 eps but out of order, but had no info why the screwup last night.

        • Dav says:

          Certainly that is frustrating and I do sympathize with you but they aren’t breaking the law. They are not obligated to make cancellation announcements. In fact, many networks don’t. You only find out the show was cancelled when it doesn’t appear next season. They also are not obligated to advertise any changes or show you the episodes in order. Of course, if they WANT you to see the show they will do those things but once the show has failed and they know it will be cancelled why would they bother? Why spend money to advertise a dead show walking? It would just be a waste. Again, I know it’s frustrating to fans but calling it fraud and threatening FCC action is a bit far fetched.

          • sgm says:

            we the people own the airwaves. they the networks many lots and lots of money. the content is suppose to serve OUR interests.

          • No, but it is just common decency, something ABC has forgotten all about. We viewers help keep these networks making money. They said 6 episodes and we only got 5, and 1 crucial one was out of order and not seen. So there…

      • ben says:

        Yeah, not fraud. But false advertising, fine.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    Yeah, very disappointed in ABC for cutting an episode of Killer Women. The first half was terrible but the last half was great and the cliffhanger twist we were left with last week (ep 6) was awesome. So instead of showing us the result of that they cut episode 7 and skip to episode 8. Total BS!!! I didn’t expect to get any closure at the end of 8 so I can deal with that.

    • Kim R says:

      I know! Last week’s big reveal in the last scene was what we were building up to all along as far as the brother’s storyline. To not show us the fallout of that was just so disappointing. The show itself is not a bad show and I’m still confused as to why it is canceled and some other shows aren’t but the least they could have done for the viewers is to show the episodes in order. Badly done ABC.

      • Apple says:

        This show was cancelled because it has the absolute lowest ratings of any ABC show this season. It started off with the lowest rated premier of any show on ABC ever and never showed any signs of improvement. I’m sorry you lost a show you like but let’s be real here. Ratings wise the show was a complete failure.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I saw on another board that ABC said they are going to air the eps again this summer including the one they cut. Not sure if it’s true though so I guess we’ll see.

        • randy russell says:

          I have Charter Cable Service. I went to “on demand” for ABC, and saw the missing show last night. If you have “on demand” you can watch it right now.

        • Mary A says:

          ABC lies better than a rug, don’t you know ABC means AlwaysBeingCanclled!!!! They say they’ll bring it back on but we’ll never see it again. They don’t like Strong females in lead roles.

  5. ibjbyron says:

    I agree with all of the above – thought this was a really good show. Good portrayals, especially by Tricia Helfer – her Ranger Parker is a great character that I would love to see more of. I don’t know that it was ever even considered as more than eight episode show, but I would watch it all the time. Cutting that episode is unforgivable – I may not even give “Mind Games” a chance, in protest.

  6. I am so mad at ABC! They don’t have to renew the series for another season, but they should have aired ALL 8 episodes, instead of skipping an episode, cutting it to 6 episodes and then leaving it at a cliffhanger. “Mind Games” is going to take it’s place and I don’t see how that will do any better in ratings than “Killer Women”. It’s up against “Person of Interest”, and I’d rather watch a crime drama over a comedy-drama.

  7. JulieAnn says:

    KIller Woman was boring, but Tricia Helfer is a good actress. Hopefully she will get cast in another show. Who knows, maybe they can fire Minka Kelly in Almost Human and get Tricia.

    • Barb says:

      That would be great. Then I could start watching Almost Human again.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Not that Tricia wouldnt be better, i really like Minka and her on Almost Human. But yes i agree this show should get cancelled and i cant wait for Tricia to be on a TV thats amazing so i can enjoy her amazing acting and gorgeous face on my TV.

      I was recording Killer Women to give it a shot, though the teasers looked bad. Then i saw a interview on Jimmy Kimmel of Sofia Vergara….and it all made sense. Its a Americanized “Tela Novela”….cause when i first heard about Killer Women and Tricia as the only female Texas Ranger i thought badass! Like Justified but with a woman…but no it ends up being a soap. The concept could have been amazing if done seriously, a Person of Interest/Justified style. OR a USA Network style like Burn Notice/White Collar/Graceland would have been fantastic.

    • Carrie0op says:

      I love Trica too…and Marc Blucas and Michael Trucco… I really hope they find themselves in another show soon! Can’ get enough of them…

  8. Missy Kelly says:

    Don’t think the show was a bad as many say – it was on against Person of Interest which is a better show but I did like it. Hope they post the remaining episodes to On Demand or On line.

  9. bj says:

    I agree with what Katherine said about the promos sending out the wrong message about the show. A lot of people didn’t tune in just because of those. And calling it Killer Women probably didn’t help either.

    It wasn’t a bad show. I don’t know why they couldn’t have at least showed us the whole series even if they burned off a few the last few weeks in place of repeats. And skipping an episode and then finishing on a cliff hanger was absolutely ridiculous. And very disrespectful to the viewers that were following the show, and who, I’m assuming, they want to follow their next new one.

    I for one will probably just DVR the first 4 or 5 episodes of any new shows now and see how they are rating before I get into them again.

    And on an off note, I wish they’d hired Marc Blucas for the new NCIS NO. He was available.

  10. Doug H says:

    It was also up against Justified… I too thought it was a decent show but bad promotion.. Sure hope Tricia gets another starring gig… She was good in this show because as a tall woman, she could pass for a Ranger.. Loved her in her hat!!!

  11. April says:

    Maybe they could write a role for Trish on “Longmire” this season. That way she and Katie Sackhoff could be reunited.

  12. I’m confused. I know they skipped an episode, but did they show episode 7 or episode 8? If it was episode 7, is it possible the cliffhanger was resolved in episode 8? I assumed they had already filmed all 8 episodes before the show started airing, so if that was episode 7, it is possible the show doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. We just won’t know until they release all episodes online.

  13. Kiki says:

    I am among the pissed off last night too. After a really effective cliffhanger they skip an episode? It’s not like they have anything better to air in the hour, why not burn it off properly?

  14. cookiekirk says:

    Thank goodness its not me. I was completely lost when the show started this week. I love this, like someone said its Justified but with a woman. I loved her independence and spit fire and loved that she could fight when she needed too. When she needed to fight the woman who was killing off abusive spouses was my favorite episode. Lived the blonde chick she kicked some serious butt. Sorry its been cancelled. But ABC’s decision not to air episode 7 was just wrong. I taped last nites episode and was just lost. When her brother was pulled over for transporting the cows I expected it to pick up there,wtf????. Bad,bad ABC, you killed the show and hurt the viewers.

    • Deb Saine says:

      me, too, cookiekirk – i was so confused!! i was watching online a little while ago and i was like, did i blink and miss something? because the opening says, previously on … and then i’m watching previous scenes i’ve never previously seen at all … that sucks!!

  15. cookiekirk says:

    Sorry for the auto correct guys in the previous post. Love ya Cooks

  16. Judi says:

    Show was in a bad time slot, Chicago Fire and Person of Interest and then the Olympics. Why skip an episode? At least they could have finished the show out instead of leaving us hanging about the daughter being kidnapped before they put on Mind Games which I won’t be watching. ABC is notorious about leaving you hanging, they did this with Zero Hour but finally showed all the episodes during the summer and finished up the story line. Bad, for you ABC, you are losing me again as a viewer.

  17. Mokiicu says:

    I have to ask…why bother at all with airing an “only 8 episode” show if you did not have a proper ending? This could have been a great op to see if a single season show would attract an audience in America…in other countries they do it all the time…it’s going to have 10 episodes and that’s it…and the story always has a beginning middle and end like a good book…and if truly done well they could hint at a on going story line for a possible return if it was really successful but otherwise the audience had closure.

    Killer Women was a show with a great strong female character and great writer’s… ABC not only lost a chance to have a great possible series…but really disrespected its viewers by dropping one of the episodes and leaving the story hanging with no closure. I mean really, they billed it as 8 episodes KNOWING there was no closure? That just shows how much integrity they have as a company and lack of respect they have for their viewers!

    ABC has done this so many times…. with more than a couple of their shows like ‘GCB’, ‘Red Widow’ and ‘Last Resort’… that I am to the point where I think I am just going to DVR their new shows and not watch them until I know there is going to be a second season so I do not waste my time and get vested into the characters and story lines only to be left hanging…AGAIN…shame on you ABC!

  18. Tahonia says:

    I’m hoping Netflix picks it up so I can stream all8 eps. I really liked it, even though Trucco gets to play a morally reprehensible person again. Any time he’s on screen is just fine with me.

  19. I am so disappointed the way they ended the series. Bad enough that they skipped an important episode to the story line, but then they leave you hanging. I am still so mad at ABC for canceling my soaps after 40+ yrs. and now this. I only watch Castle and Grey’s Anatomy, I was giving ABC another chance with Killer Women; which I liked,but Again they blew it!

  20. Ellen Brown says:

    I agree with most of the comments above. I’m really disappointed that Killer Women is being cxl. I LOVED the show and thought Tricia did a great job. Boring?? I never thought any of the episodes were boring, I don’t think ABC gave it a proper chance. I understand that the reason is “low ratings”, but how do they get ratings anyway. I’ve NEVER been asked.
    The missing episode was not right either. Come on ABC!! Don’t cancel Killer Women!!

    • akpatty says:

      I agree with all the comments. ABC really should have given this show more of a chance. I put off watching it for the longest time because of the title …Killer Women…really?? But once I did watch it, I was hooked and had to go back and watch all the other episodes.

  21. Sheila says:

    I also liked Killer Women……and c’mon its been up against the Olympics recently. Wished ABC gave it more of a chance and if it was to be cancelled, at least show us ALL episodes. Major Fail ABC!!!!

  22. Terri Stratton says:

    SO disappointed . . . cancelling one thing but LET it run it’s 8 week course and don’t skip an episode to make us feel like fools . . . I’ve probably wasted 20 more minutes of my time trying to figure out what the heck happened and how did I miss that much stuff?

    This is WHY I am SUCH A BIG FAN OF CBS . . . ABC continues to disappoint.

  23. Dipali patel says:

    I absolutely agree with all the positive comments for Killer women (even though it had a stupid name) it wAs a good show and just getting interesting. It should have been given a longer chance. I watch it on-line in the UK and it would have done well here. Missing an episode is ridiculous and why not end the show without a cliffhanger if you are ending the series. Maybe the US should air new programmes with a conclusion, if it is unsure if the network is going to pick it up or not…….you networks do this far too many times. Tricia Helfer is a great actress and should definitely get her own show again. Bad call ABC!!!

  24. LJCM says:

    This show should get picked up by Lifetime. I actually found it rather entertaining and well acted. I can’t believe they skipped an episode though. I wonder if they were just trying to end the run as quickly as possible.

  25. Jae says:

    Where is my comment?

    • Jae says:

      I wrote of my disappointment in yet another cancelled show when many of similar ratings or beginning with such before improving are still on the air. I discussed my disappointment in those who in authority that want to cut and run. It cannot make good finical sense either. I believe this is why cable and satellite companies have had a tougher time negotiating when contracts with these networks are up. Why pay more for less. And we who are fans of Killer Women certainly got less. Those fans of other shows getting less as well. In today’s age of DVRs or whatever others may have combined with busy lives show are not always watch in what they consider a timely manner. We have such devices to fit our busy lifestyles. But somehow my comments were not posted. I had no cursing. Did not go off topic or try to sell any items. I did however have more to say. Better points than this…or at least I thought. But it was never posted!

  26. Kenya Hayes says:

    I’m very disappointed, that anothr good show has been cancelled,and they had the nerve to skip an episode. SMH!!!

  27. queenbrat says:

    I wish the ratings had been higher and that all of the episodes had been shown. I thought it was a good show.

  28. jake says:

    This show was a lot better than a lot of the b/s tv shows on right now. I can think of a bunch of higher rated shows that are nothing but Sh*t. Sorry to see it go.

  29. jake says:

    I am sorry but the Nielsens are so outdated. I cannot believe that shows are still ranked on a systems that really doesn’t take into account DVR recordings and on demand.

  30. Jerri says:

    Netflix should pick up Killer Women.

  31. mel says:

    Where can I find the missing episode????

  32. Virginia says:

    ABC’s decision to cancel Killer Women is just another example of ABC’s really bad choices; They cancelled 2 wildly propular long running soap opera’s for idiotic shows like “The Chew” (a cooking show for idiots). They’ve kept even more idiotic shows like “The View” (a bunch of catty women trying to brain wash bored housewives with their own political “VIEWS”. And don’t even get me started on all these stupid reality (supposedly) shows like “The Batcherlor ” & batcherlette (can’t even spell it, much less watch it) OMG! Do people really watch this drivel…do they really belive it’s “REAL”? And speaking of watching, I watch TV for entertainment, not to be preached at or sent a message or for some “celebrity” or story line to try and sway me with their political views and “politically correct”, BS. If I want political views and comments, I’ll tune into the Sunday morning political talk shows (and lately I have my doubts about them)! I watch TV for entertainment and escapism Not for reality (have enough of that in my own real daily life). And also, about ratings…where do they get their information? As old as I am, I have never been asked or surveyed about what I watch. Besides all that, as one commentor said, what about DVR’s and Tivo’s. I can’t remember the last time I watched something I had’nt already recorded. I could write a book about this but let it suffice to say that the “major networks” are screwing up by the numbers. My favorite shows are now on cable channels, FX, USA, CM, TNT and so on.

    • Pam says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth! The View and the Spew are awful (never have watched more than two minutes of the Spew!) – I still watch Castle and Grays, but that’s all. Unfortunately, we have no cable available and can’t have satellite because of trees, so we are stuck with off-air and Netflix DVD’s… makes the loss of shows like Killer Women and Body of Proof even harder to take!

  33. junkie4tv says:

    Will never trust abc with a show again. This is not the first time they have done this. Heroes, The happening or incident or whatever it was called and numerous others. Canceled a show without any closure. ABC you are the worst!!!

    I’m going cold turkey on shows for ABC. I think we all should do that to teach them a lessonl.

    • Jerri says:

      Heroes was NBC, not ABC. If you’re such a junkie for tv as you claim, you’d know that. And people won’t go cold turkey on ABC shows just because KW was canceled. You can do that, by all means, but even if those who watched KW go cold turkey on ABC shows, it won’t matter because the viewer numbers weren’t that great unfortunately.

  34. We all need to contact ABC and voice our displeasure on how they skipped and episode and then left a cliffhanger. They should have waited till after the Olympics to air All the new episodes. This was a good show and they cancel it and leave garbage like the Taste on. Who cares about that show?!

    • Virginia says:

      The taste, the chew, the view, the bachelor, bachelorette? I don’t know even 1/10th of the garbage all the networks have on anymore because I DON’T watch them!!! Who watches this garbage. They say KW was canceled because of low ratings. GIVE me a VERY LARGE break! If any of the really mindless stupid above stated shows have a bigger rating then I really feel sorry for the people watching them. They are brain dead!!!! Like I’ve stated before…I watch TV to be entertained, for escape into some other world besides the day to day realism of real life. The taste, the chew, etc…..get a cook book, look on the internet for a recipe, learn how to cook instead of ordering fast food, getting fatter and fatter because you haven’t got a clue how to cook a decent nourishing meal…you really think watching these idiotic shows is going to make you a better cook or really teach you anything? Killer Women wasn’t any mind bending philisophical cultural self improvement show, it was just fun, exciting, romantic and enjoyable ENTERTAINMENT…good chacters, lots of action, lots of interaction among them, etc. The reason most people even watch TV…not some idiotic show that tells you what to do and how to act and how to think…the world has turned in to a bunch of sheep that will leap off a cliff just because the one in front does!!! Me…I’ll be watching Justified, Supernatural, Arrow, The Originals and a lot of other mindless ENTERTAINMENT! USA, FX, CW, TNT, ETC. All the so called major networks, ABC, NBC, CBS better get a clue!!

  35. Janice Norris says:

    This show was really good AND the cast had chemistry, a rare commodity. I watch a limited amount of TV and I’m picky about how I spend my TV viewing time. Killer Women was something that I reluctantly added to my short list of “must watch” shows but it was worthy. It makes me sick when they keep reality shows on forEVER and they keep adding new ones! I’m very sad about this cancellation. If there’s a petition, point me to it!

  36. Brenda Poole says:

    I loved Killer Women. Just the way she owned the room when she walked into one. The guy who played her boyfriend was really nice to look at and just loved the way he acted. I am soooooo disappointed it got cancelled. I sure hope abc changes their mind and brings it back. I really like the way she worked when someone pissed her off. Please bring it back. I liked the new Texas Ranger style without the karate.

  37. Dub says:

    Just like all the others, ABC knows what sells. Sex but WITH the ability to act. Tricia Helfer is a bit skinny for my tastes but she can act. However, she’s no Pamela Anderson (who couldn’t act to save her life… but who cares! She was the epitome of the words “ratings gold”.) As far as story line goes, the show was a little rough around the edges but never seemed to establish itself.

    If anyone disagrees with what I’ve said about ratings gold than please correct me by giving at least one example of any current prime time show that doesn’t have some sort of “TnA” on staff. If anything, the big four better learn new and different ways to show more skin without pissing off the censors. That and they better find someone who looks good and can act.

    I think what it boils down to is demographics. The younger crowd probably saw Helfer as a bit of a MILF whereas my age group sees her as, for lack of a better term, rode hard and put away wet (a little Texas humor there.) But the big four are on track. It seems to me that women are quickly becoming the hero of choice. I’ve always loved watching a tough girl who’s built, beautiful and can kick some A$$! Take note of that ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. The dollar signs are no mistake.

  38. Joan Cliff says:

    I am very disappointed they yanked Killer Women. I loved the show but hated the title. I also wish they would have ran all the episodes in order. Going up against the Olympics was tough and they should give it another try this summer (I hope).

  39. Millyd says:

    Soo upset to find out they cancelled Killer Women!! My husband would save the episodes for me to watch when he hung out with the guys! I thought I Missed something so went backwards through the old episodes. How can they just leave you hanging like that?! Really! It’s like reading a really good book and finding out the chapter before the ending is missing. WOW what a let-down ABC has been to their viewers! They should at least put out the missing episode for the viewers who really loved this show!! Nothing better than a woman who can wear a gun, do a tough job in a male dominated field and showing her inner real woman when she’s with her man! Loved it. Shame on you ABC. Bad Form!

  40. Linda says:

    Great show. Agree with everyone. Reality shows are so stupid and fake. Off topic though, what in the world does that honey boo boo BS, low life family, has to do with learning anything but bad and disgusting manners. Shame on The Learning Channel (TLC)!

  41. My wife and I both liked this show. I think ABC exhibited poor judgment in several areas here. First is the name. Totally wrong as it states the plural “women” when it is plainly about one very tough, beautiful and sexy woman. In addition, she was a detective Texas Ranger not a killer. The title was a turn-off as well as inaccurate. And for the second area of dumb moves: the time slot. Why put a new show with promise but not strength, yet, up against a strong show like “Person of Interest”? It should have been married to a strong show as a lead in like “Castle”. I would love to see them resurrect it with a new title or sell it to CW who needs some well produced dramas. Let them rename and pitch it with some new trailers.

    • Maggie says:

      The name of the show did NOT refer to the marshall, it referred to the perpetrators of the crimes, which were all women!! That is one reason I liked the show, because all the killers were women.

    • Virginia says:

      Absolutely!!! Bring it back! Didn’t mind the name but it seems like it mattered to a lot of other people. After all it was about killer women. With a great Woman Texas Ranger that took them all on!!!

  42. catndogtails says:

    I have no idea where get your ratings from, but this was a great show. Agree with everyone else on the order of the episodes. My daughter was also upset over it ending and the order!

  43. Bring it back. Amazing show

  44. Anah says:

    I really liked Killer women and was looking forward to it coming back. This saddens me because the good shows always get cancelled. Well tear!!!!

  45. Cheryl Ellefson says:

    I liked Killer Women. Mind Games bores me. So does most of the shows on tv. Wish it was still on.

  46. Elizabeth Paterson says:

    why does a good series end so soon just as you are really getting into it. What happens to Dan and Molly. They just leave you hanging