Did The CW's Star-Crossed Leave You Beaming?

starcrossed325In the new CW drama Star-Crossed, which landed Monday night (8/7c), Friday Night Lights alum Aimee Teegarden plays a high school girl named Emery who gets wrapped up in a world of secrets, betrayal and romance when a pack of aliens try to integrate into a futuristic society. But did the show’s out-of-this world concept crash and burn or keep you wanting more?

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Before you vote in the poll below, a brief recap. The pilot opens with an alien invasion: Shots are fired, space beings are on the run, and no one is safe! After watching coverage of the invasion on TV, a little girl goes to her shed where she finds a little alien boy is hiding. Instead of screaming at the sight of a stranger (like any rational human would?), she feeds her new pal some spaghetti because well, an alien’s gotta eat, no?

Fast-forward 10 years, and our little spaghetti-smuggler is all grown up and in high school — and so are the aliens (or Atrians as they are called). Sadly, no one really wants the Atrians at their school… including the Atrians, who are given strict curfews and are forced to stay in a government-sanctioned facility.

At school, Emery meets a sarcastic Atrian named Roman (90210‘s Matt Lanter) – who she later discovers is the boy she fed all those years ago. Near the end of the episode, the two have a serious handhold sesh and then almost kiss — until they are rudely interrupted by a phone call.(Technology sucks!)

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When she’s not almost-smooching forbidden hotties, we learn a lot about Emery. Before returning to high school, girl was out sick for four years in a hospital – the same hospital where her friend Julia (Malese Jow, The Vampire Diaries) now resides. A love triangle is also established among Em, Roman, and some guy named Grayson (Grey Damon, Friday Night Lights), who clearly just wants Em for her scrapbooking skills. Oh yeah, and her dad works at the facility that houses the Atrians.

While much of the pilot is spent establishing the futuristic setting — and not necessarily a realistic high-school world/dialogue (what kind of teacher tells a classroom full of students, “Yes, I have been laid recently, thank you!”?) — there are certainly tried-and-true CW elements that could make this one a hit.

Now, let’s hear what you have to say. Can Julie Taylor Aimee Teegarden carry this show to hit status? And what’d you think of that hip “Age of Aquarius” cover? Grade the new series via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Plum says:

    Are you kiddin’? I loved Roswell, District 9 and Smallville; heck I’m still rooting for Chloe and Doomsday to get back together. Of course I loved Star Crossed; it has smart humor, quirky characters and a moral conondrum that would do Star Trek proud. Yes, same moral conondrum has also been explored for 5 seasons on True Blood but there is always room for fresh sci fi. And the actors are all terrific, giving it a smart and sassy Teen Wolf/Buffy vibe.

    • wingsstef says:

      Yes. I like the social commentary that the show is showing so far. Star Trek always had the social commentary, and I am a fan of that universe too. I hope the show stay with the social commentary aspect of the show. Romance is good but I like the twist.

  2. Brittany says:

    People who says they didn’t like star crossed are nuts and crazy. Because the show was awesome and I got hooked after watching the first episode and cant wait for more. Looking forward to seeing the romance between Roman and Emery continue to go forward.

  3. Diane J. says:

    You people need to get off the Roswell obsession! I loved that show, bought the DVD’s, but it is long gone! If Star Crossed is like Roswell, that can only be a plus. I think Star Crossed has great potential. I enjoyed the first episode. We all need to give it a chance to develop. I thought the actors seemed a little old for high schoolers,but I can get over that. By the way, did you all spot the Roomba shooting across the hallway?

  4. Rose says:

    This show is amazing!! I hope they renew it. Some might say its cheesy but in my opinion it’s no different than vampire diaries, reign or beauty and the beast. We watch cw because we like that cheesy love story kind of stuff

  5. pls can someone tell me who sang the version of age of aquarius at the ending of the episode. i love it so much and its killing me that i cant find it.. hit me back! tnks

  6. Mildred B says:

    I habven’t seen Roswell but I enjoyed watching the first 2 episodes. I’m giving this another shot, so I’ll be watching the succeeding episodes, looking forward to it, actually.

  7. imani says:

    Its a watered down version of roswell! The only thing I agree with abt some ppls viewpoints is that roswell was abt the aliens hiding bc they didn’t believe they’d be accepted. Star crossed assumed the opposite viewpoint that they don’t hide and yet….proves that the roswell show plot was right! We would lock them up like animals, monitor their every move! How does roswell not make more sense? Humans wouldn’t be able to accept an alien race.as far as starcrossed plot, how are they not superior in ways that should make the humans nervous? Roswell aliens had gifts & powers..some good,some bad.roswell explained their human form by mixing of alien & human dna…yet these guys look like humans with weird birthmarks! why do the starcrossed characters look so human? Why are they allowing themselves to be ruled when they constantly make comments abt being a “superior” race light years ahead of humans? Why? Bc this is a tween romance that doesn’t address a heavy topic they had the nerve 2 breach..assimilalation and racism…on a whole new level! Roswell didn’t address integration bc it should be a heavy topic so they stuck to the “hide in plain sight” theory. This show is really abt pretty teens,romance & some light weight cloak & dagger drama. Sooo not on the level of roswell! And on top of all that…roswell was funny! wicked funny sense of humor.maria was hilarious…and as far as chemistry?the chemistry btwn both roswell couples was hoooot!

  8. Lone Browncoat says:

    Never watched “Roswell” but Alien Nation did this much better.
    I’ll give it one more episode [this Monday] and if I’m not reeled in, I’m deleting Its’ folder from my download list and hope it gets cancelled.
    Yet am still looking forward to “The 100” as it seems more sci-fi oriented, rather than the prime-time soap opera this train wreck seems to be.

  9. Kaylee says:

    Does anybody know a website where I can watch Star-Crossed from the beginning?

  10. megan says:

    Honestly, I want Taylors baby to live so bad!!! That season premiere scared me!!!!!!!! I don’t want it to end:(

  11. megan says:

    I’m loving the 100 tho!!!!!:)

  12. Feel they did not give star crossed a long enough time period to prove it hs
    Enough time period to prove it has staying power
    Please find it anew home or a new season
    To play in.

  13. Ramon Reques says:

    What’s with destroying the Pledge of Allegiance? They left out the most important part, “Under God.” — This show is set to be in 2014— The Pledge should be as it was then. Vile manipulation!

  14. Kayla says:

    Please bring back star-crossed I want to see season 2 it is a great tv show. Thank You