Did The CW's Star-Crossed Leave You Beaming?

starcrossed325In the new CW drama Star-Crossed, which landed Monday night (8/7c), Friday Night Lights alum Aimee Teegarden plays a high school girl named Emery who gets wrapped up in a world of secrets, betrayal and romance when a pack of aliens try to integrate into a futuristic society. But did the show’s out-of-this world concept crash and burn or keep you wanting more?

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Before you vote in the poll below, a brief recap. The pilot opens with an alien invasion: Shots are fired, space beings are on the run, and no one is safe! After watching coverage of the invasion on TV, a little girl goes to her shed where she finds a little alien boy is hiding. Instead of screaming at the sight of a stranger (like any rational human would?), she feeds her new pal some spaghetti because well, an alien’s gotta eat, no?

Fast-forward 10 years, and our little spaghetti-smuggler is all grown up and in high school — and so are the aliens (or Atrians as they are called). Sadly, no one really wants the Atrians at their school… including the Atrians, who are given strict curfews and are forced to stay in a government-sanctioned facility.

At school, Emery meets a sarcastic Atrian named Roman (90210‘s Matt Lanter) – who she later discovers is the boy she fed all those years ago. Near the end of the episode, the two have a serious handhold sesh and then almost kiss — until they are rudely interrupted by a phone call.(Technology sucks!)

VIDEO | Star-Crossed Stars Talk Civil-Rights Issues, Crazy Fashion and Three-Way (!) ‘Shipper Names

When she’s not almost-smooching forbidden hotties, we learn a lot about Emery. Before returning to high school, girl was out sick for four years in a hospital – the same hospital where her friend Julia (Malese Jow, The Vampire Diaries) now resides. A love triangle is also established among Em, Roman, and some guy named Grayson (Grey Damon, Friday Night Lights), who clearly just wants Em for her scrapbooking skills. Oh yeah, and her dad works at the facility that houses the Atrians.

While much of the pilot is spent establishing the futuristic setting — and not necessarily a realistic high-school world/dialogue (what kind of teacher tells a classroom full of students, “Yes, I have been laid recently, thank you!”?) — there are certainly tried-and-true CW elements that could make this one a hit.

Now, let’s hear what you have to say. Can Julie Taylor Aimee Teegarden carry this show to hit status? And what’d you think of that hip “Age of Aquarius” cover? Grade the new series via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Steven says:

    I really wanted to like it, but I just don’t. The writing was really laughable which is surprising since it’s from a co producer of The Good Wife.

    • Shannon says:

      Same here and too many antics that are similar but not as special as it aS done on Roswell. Which is another reason I couldn’t like it because it was just an imitation and a poor one of the show I liked in 1999.

      • Lena says:

        This! Roswell’s writing from the beginning was just better in my opinion. Even this pilot couldn’t compare to it.

        • Shannon says:


          • Plum says:

            I liked that it was a lot like Roswell, but Star Crossed is smart to have the aliens be out in the open instead of hidden. Now their Michael character gets an actualy civil rights movement to fight in instead of just being a rebel without a cause.

            I love that Star Crossed is mirroring the civil rights movement; especially when so many Americans are still fighting for basic civil rights. I also like that Star Crossed isn’t trying to rapidly age up the kids like Roswell did. Within two seasons Max had a baby and Isabel was married. Star Crossed gets to copy the best of Roswell while avoiding Roswell’s many pitfalls, like Roswell’s battling showrunners and the every shifting mythology (blame that lousy shape shifting Nacedo).
            I am surprised at how much I liked Star Crossed, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.

          • wingsstef says:

            Too early to know if the show isn’t going to age the Star-crossed the kids though. The Tess & Max baby thing didn’t happen until the second season of Roswell.

    • Eric says:

      I could have liked this show but they had to go and make it political. During the pledge of allegiance scene the phrase, “one nation under God” just HAD to be omitted. Why!?! This country’s OFFICIAL pledge (like it or not) does indeed include that phrase. If the wtirers or producers don’t like it why even go there? Was there really a need to stir the pot of contraversy? Was that scene so important it had to be included? I think not. It was all for political reasons. Sorry Star Crossed, myself and many others just crossed you off for being politically stupid.

      • SL says:

        Plus the show and everything isn’t well balanced either…

      • SL says:

        I hope they make it more balanced as there probably are good and bad people on both sides and I want them to show that instead of the alien race all the victims and human race the all out aggressor and shoot first and ask questions later type of people.

        • wingsstef says:

          I am sure they will be good and bad people on both sides. I hope so anyway. You right it will be interesting to see. Though, I am glad that the aliens are not just “invaders” as well.

      • Robert says:

        You know the original Pledge did not have “one nation under God,” right? “God” was added in the 1950’s to vet out communists because the government believed that no body would pledge allegiance to a country not their own under and oath of God. Additional there are plenty of schools these days that have gone back to the original pledge sans “God.”

        I’m not saying this show is good or anything but if you are not going to watch a show about ALIENS because they dropped and antiquated tradition that rose out of fear in the first place, you and people like you should stick to watching Fox news and the “Left Behind” series on repeat.

        • JMJ4242 says:

          Please get over yourself. Regardless of when and why it was added, “one nation under God” IS included in the Pledge of Allegiance. This show is set in Louisiana! Do you REALLY think that Louisiana is going to drop that anytime soon? If it ever happens, I don’t think it will be in the next 10 years.

          Honestly, I think it was a stupid decision but it isn’t going to change my view of the show very much — the acting is meh, the storyline is a mirror imaged version of a show from 1999 (on the same network!) and, while it is a worthy subject, the allusions to integration and the civil rights movement is so heavy handed that it loses its message.

          My biggest issue with changing the pledge – it sounds wrong in my ear. It wasn’t what I expected to hear and it threw the scene off for me and completely pulled me out of the show for a few minutes. Maybe they intended it to have that effect but I think it’s a poor choice to throw it out there so early in the pilot before the audience is invested in the ‘future’ reality they’re trying to create. It might have been less jaring in episode 2.

      • ds says:

        I agree 100% I will not watch again I am so tired of basic beliefs being attached everywhere you turn

      • becca says:

        I’d like to cross you off for being grammatically stupid.

      • Tammy says:

        I totally agree. I was wondering if anyone else noticed or was offended by the omission of “under God” in the pledge. I certainly noticed and am upset over this supposed p. c. move.

      • critic4 says:

        Hey, Dummy!
        The “Under God” was added during the McCarthy era, one just as stupid as this one,
        it originally was “one nation indivisible’ .

  2. Sheldon W. says:

    Roman and Emery are no Max and Liz. At least, not yet…

    • Mj says:

      Where is the darn like button =]

    • Shannon says:

      Sorry no one can compare to Max and Liz as those characters were awesome and the actors of Roswell was better.

    • Lena says:

      Totally agree.

    • Claire says:

      Max + Liz forever!

    • alsa says:

      It’s been a while since I’ve watched any Roswell, but I agree. One of the reasons that program worked (if I remember correctly) is the time the writers took to develop the characters.
      I wanted to love Star Crossed but after watching the pilot I suspect they’re falling into the same groove as most tv dramas these days: low character development and slamming the plot full force ahead. Case in point—the trailer for episode 2 previews everyone getting worked up about going to war. Really? Episode 2? How about developing the worlds better on both sides, showing us who these characters are, developing them beyond their current stereotypes, giving us a reason to care about them and THEN threatening them with war. This doesn’t have to take ten episodes, either. There’s a balance in there somewhere. The great writers knew how to do this.
      But too many of today’s writers, producers and the ilk are so busy pushing high action, often violent, plot driven stories that many of them have forgotten what it takes to tell a really great story.

  3. Et al says:

    The CW buried this under the Olympics? They must really hate how it turned out. Guess I won’t bother since it’s doa.

    • Tarc says:

      The Olympics are DOA as far as I’m concerned, so I’d guess the audience for Star-crossed might think the same. Let’s be honest, Reign got a (deserved) second season, so this probably will.

      • Ram510 says:

        I don’t know if Reign necessarily “deserved” a second season: it’s numbers aren’t really that great, kind of middle of the road. It seems like it’s going to be like Beauty in the Beast all over again for CW

  4. Ryan says:

    I really thought that the premier of the show was great and has a lot of potential. What I also found interesting was when the students were saying the Pledge of Allegiance that they removed god from it when the students said it.

    • Riana says:

      They did that years ago. I didn’t know that they did it in high schools, though maybe it was brought back after the Atrians arrived

      • Tarc says:

        They didn’t add the ‘God’ bit until 1954, so taking it out made it correct again. Even as a child, I left that bit out because it was obvious to a nine year old that it wasn’t the right thing to do as an American.

        • Real American says:

          Since this country was founded by people seeking the right to believe in God saying it doesn’t make to since to have it in there means you obviously never studied American history that well or don’t deserve the right to be called a true American! Tired of people speaking out when they don’t really know the facts…our country was founded under God whither it was added or not. Read about the founders of this country and what they wanted for it…we have strayed too far away from it due to political correctness and the fact that too many people are allowed to change things they have no business being a part of. Our ancestors would be so ashamed of this countries outcome as I am.

          • rarefied says:

            You should read this little thing called the Constitution, specifically the Establishment Clause. It starts out like this: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” That has nothing to do with “political correctness” – our freedom from having Christianity or any other religion forced upon us is LAW. Seriously, what are they teaching you kids in school nowadays? Apparently not American government.

          • tabularasalocke says:

            Read the constitution or better yet, read a book on the American Revolution. This country was founded on people not wanting to pay taxes from a King in London. It has nothing to do with “God”. Please take your bs somewhere else.

          • Jax says:

            Well our ancestors also had slaves and thought women shouldn’t vote. So you’ll forgive me if I’m quite proud of making them ashamed.

          • Jordan222 says:

            No idiot….it was founded so people could belive in which ever god they so choose, or any variation of that god in their religion, or to not belive in any god, they fled one guy saying this version of this god is the right one and if you don’t think so feel free to die. This country was also founded under slavery and women having zero rights, also of the people, by the people, for the people not for 30 long dead white guys for all of time, our country was ment to grow and change as it did, not be dead locked by 300 year old ideas, there not a true american? Why because they don’t completely agree with your belief system? I’d call you a moron but that would give morons a bad name. What were you even doing watching this show when FOX news is telling you how awesome you are?

          • Angela says:

            Everyone else already properly schooled you on your skewed history, so I’ll simply say this: Anyone who thinks they can make claims about who is and isn’t a “real/true American” has already lost the argument and shown their stunning ignorance right there.

          • HAP says:

            It was added in 1954 because certain folks (i.e. the Joe McCarthy crowd) feared what they perceived to be the “Godless Commies” No other reason. And there were atheists and non- practicing folks among the founding fathers.

        • Jordan222 says:

          We’re all really proud of you, you are such an awesome person…

  5. opus says:

    I’m angry at the southern setting and the writing was poor, but got caught up in the story of the three leads. Definitely will give it more time to develop.

  6. Tran 2.0 says:

    Bad news I’m afraid. I give my grade of Star Crossed an F or as in other words: SKIP IT :-(

    • Starcrossed says:

      can you just not talk badly about shows because its just rude and your opinion is one out of thousands

      • Anon says:

        You do realize that there was a poll at the bottom asking for opinions, right?

      • dude says:

        Do you work for Starcrossed or something? If you do, you need to accept criticism because not everyone is going to like the show and they have every right to express that dislike.

        • Tarc says:

          There wasn’t any criticism – just a troll ‘Dude”.

          • Tran 2.0 says:

            Message to Tarc: don’t EVER call me a “troll” because I hate it when you type in that word and you’re nothing than a BULLY because I hate bullies. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!! :-( :-(

          • Tarc says:

            Message to Tran: I know a troll when I see one, and I’d ask who is ‘bullying’ and issuing ‘warnings’. Sounds trollish, no?

      • Tran 2.0 says:

        Enough with the whining and complaining you guys. It’s my advice not your guys’ agenda. If you people are making up so-called “conspiracy theories”, grow up and stop messing things up in your brain because it should kill you and damage your entire head 100% if I was a wannabe doctor. BTW, I don’t like when people starts lying to my face when they talk so mean and bullied people around. DEAL WITH IT OR ELSE…

          • Elyse says:

            Tarc is there a reason you’re trolling Tran 2.0’s post? he didn’t like the show… a lot of people probably won’t.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I swear Elyse there are way to many “police” on these boards. I get yelled at all the time and then when I strike back I get accused of attacking people :-)

          • Elyse says:

            @wrstlgirl i feel like i missed something on this thread? Tarc is calling Tran 2.0 a troll for just saying he didn’t like a show? we don’t all have to agree on every show! i love TVline but sometimes i wish i could stay out of the comments section.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            @Elyse I completely agree. I hope you didn’t take my post the wrong way, I wasn’t calling you board police :-)

          • Elyse says:

            @wrstlgirl oh no worries i didn’t think you were talking about me! :) though i would like to know if you watched Star Crossed? i have it on my DVR but i came on here to see peoples opinions so i could decide if i should check it out or not!

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I have not Elyse. I really have no room left on Monday nights to view/record another show. But I did see that it is airing again tonight so I’m going to check it out. Although, IDK what I’m going to do if I want to continue watching it. I have nine shows I watch/record on Mondays and when Dallas starts up that will be 10. Fortunately Dallas repeats on Saturdays. Monday’s are just ridiculous :-)

          • Elyse says:

            @wrstlgirl i checked it out. not the worst show i’ve ever seen. definitely has room for improvement. not sure it will keep a spot in my packed Monday line up though!

      • Brian says:

        Your opinion is one out of thousands too…what’s your point?

      • Jordan222 says:

        And why should your opinion about liking it be heard?…..like, could you not just say you like a show because it’s just rude and you opinion is just one of thousands…..see how that works when it’s you opinion? And it’s the opinion of 94 ppl at last count not thousands

  7. Beth says:

    I was surprised by how much I liked it!

  8. Starcrossed says:

    i loved the show and for all the haters out there dont judge it because it has its potential to prove you wrong about what you first thought just like most shows people say they at first dont like i think its different to what the CW has which is good because people what to watch tv shows that are unique the show has alot to offer

    • Sara says:

      Is your name a coincidence?

      • Starcrossed says:

        Sara if ur relpying to me starcrossed i gues yes it is a coincidence because im such a big fan and have been waiting for this to come out forever aswell as the 100 i just love the CW shows i just wish they had better ratings so people can see that CW has good shows to offer there just not smart with their marketing and advertising skills if they changed things a little things could be better i only say this cause i watch heaps of shows and i knw the competition between networks

  9. Amanda says:

    I really liked this show. The chemistry between the two leads was great and i hope people give out a chance.

  10. 80s says:

    To be honest, I watched this show to mock it, but I was pleasantly surprised. It exceeded my expectations. I think it was potential. I probably won’t watch it regularly, but I wish it well!

  11. I haven’t seen the show yet!

  12. wingsstef says:

    I thought it was pretty good. Nice social commentary on Xenophobia. Also the two teens that met as little children were quite cute. “You were kind”. Simple but perfect. Also the end…was a very nice moment. I mean I had feeling something like that was going to happen but it did not make it any less awesome.

    • Tarc says:

      I thought Roman’s observation about there only being one kind person in a sea of human was pretty dead on.

      • wingsstef says:

        Well, yes. I mean she was the only nice example he witnessed. However it will be interesting to see things change. It would be interesting to see who stays so guarded and prejudiced, and who opens up. I like the romance, but I like that seems to be going into more. Hope can be powerful thing, but so can stubbornness.

  13. Gemma says:

    The thing I took away from this is that I need to break open my Roswell DVD set again. And, I will be skipping this.

    • Jj says:

      Word. Roswell was so well done, they should have skipped this concept altogether.

    • Shannon says:

      Couldn’t agree more… the actors and chemistry was better too..

    • Alice says:

      I’ll watch this version if they have an equivalent to the Michael/Maria relationship. Those two were a really pretty trainwreck that I could not stop watching. If this is an updated Roswell with only the Max/Liz noble sappfest, I won’t be able to watch.

      • wingsstef says:

        Ha. The “Liz and Max sap fest” LOL, I know what you are talking about. The “I love you, but being together is dangerous.. Oh but Tess is my “real” mate. blah blah” So far the lead couple don’t seem to be that way. I liked Michael and Maria more myself as well. Still, the show isn’t all Roswell. It’s more Alien Nation. (I was quite young when that was on but my parents used to watch it.) I guess the only way to tell for sure though is to watch some more episodes. I do like what I have seen so far however.

        • Plum says:

          That’s why I love that the aliens are out in society. Roswell is a great show but with some huge changes (that alien baby, what they did to Colin Hanks, Emilie “I’m good, no I’m bad, no I’m good” Ravin’s character waffles etc. Star Crossed is doing a lot of things right.

          • SL says:

            I know what you mean. The whole Tess and Max arc was ridiculously and added in the baby and can’t survive earth etc.. but then came back was ludicrous. Having Liz Rob stores to gain access to basement was annoying just as annoying of what they did to Colin Hanks characters. I still love Roswell and so far I find it better than this new show in comparison to the characters, acting, chemistry and writing. Hopefully for the fans of SC it gets better and they learn from past shows pitfalls. It is nice being in society and known but it would have been more believable had there been people on our side who would have rushed to try and help the aliens or try and compromise and talk instead of the all of being outright hostile. I was hoping emery dad would be like William Sadler’s character of Jim Valenti in which he is suspicious but still helps in some ways and when his son is saved he chooses sides and helps them more. So far Emory dad is shoot and ask questions later and I don’t like it. Plus since they are out in society I wanted Roman to be like Max and risk himself by saving someone and then putting their trust and faith in people. It showed both sides not all on the other side was bad. Right now I am not liking the whole one sided stuff and I wish they came up with something better to co exist with the futuristic stuff that compliment things better. Hopefully Aimee lightens up in her role and some humor is added and not everything is so dark and sad and what not. Again if you are a fan of the show that is nice but I am not. I do hope they learn from past shows mistakes and avoid pitfalls. I still think SC even though in public the aliens should have a small group of human friends and each side accepts the other that is one of the best things Roswell did was have the mixed group of friends where the humans got to know aliens exist and weren’t bad and accepted them and the aliens got to live a semi normal life with friends who knew their secret and accepted them and helped them but they also realize not all humans are bad and they were able to open up. I loved Liz and Max and the actors who played them same with Michael and Maria as each balanced out the other. So far SC, I am not seeing it but hoping they settle onto their roles because right now I am only seeing Roman and the actor playing him as having potential.

          • SL says:

            Since the aliens are in public… the sacrifice would be greater and riskier and wished they did it differently. I am not sure if I liked the sick friend healing thing instead of Emory being the one needing healing. So far not a fan but will see how it progresses in the next few episodes..
            Right now not really liking a lot of it.

          • wingsstef says:

            I pretty much stopped watching when the show got rid of the character of Alex. Though I am planning a re-watch on Netflix. Though to be fair, I already started to not watch regularly. I did watch a random episode of season 3 years ago but I did not really know what was going on. I did hear that many people thought Season 3 was better compared to season 2. Though I have also heard the opposite. Either way, I wonder how different Star-Crossed will be .Or if a Michael & Maria-like story emerges. Maybe the side story though will instead be Roman’s sister and some dude.

  14. Sokratis says:

    Can someone tell me was it just my version that I watched here in Aus, but is there this really annoying sound effect that kept on popping up every 10 seconds, kind of like a glitch? Cause if that sound effect is on the whole season Im done, even though it was above average. It made me cringe every time

  15. Kk says:

    I rated it as “B”. I like the phase from vampire and werewolves, to the Romeo and Juliet themed (alien) series. Awesome leads in the movies, nothing like some nice, kind looking, man-candy to keep teen girls interested. Well anyways, it’s good, and I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.

  16. Ben Smith says:

    Love the show and it’s nothing like Roswell. For those of you who keep saying Roswell this and Roswell that, Let me tell you this. Roswell sucked! I use to watch it and started watching it again on Netflix and realized it’s not that good of a show. This show is so much better and the actors are way better!

    I will be watching this every week. We have a million cop shows, and doctor shows, so we can’t have 2 Alien shows in the last 15 years? Are you people just plain dumb? Hmmmm

    • Jj says:

      I’m sorry, does that annoy you?
      Also, if you want to watch 9 million cheap incarnations of the same thing, that speaks far more to your stupidity than anything else. Thankfully, Ben Smith, my intelligence far outstrips yours.

    • Elyse says:

      I thought I was the only person who hated Roswell! I tried ti watch it on Netflix… not a fan.

      • Sasha says:

        I loved the first season! Then it kinda fell apart for me….I mean i was 14 or 15 at the time and i have watched it back since so i can’t say for sure

        • Elyse says:

          Sasha I have to agree. Watched the entire first season and liked it! It lost me during the second season though. I actually only checked it out because everyone talks it up so much! I thought I was crazy for not liking it.

    • Alice says:

      Hey- there’s been other alien/invasion starcrossed love shows. We had two seasons of V, the 4400 etc. Although, if the lovers relationship is gonna end up like the teens on V- i will totally watch. There needs to be more post-coital devouring on television.

  17. justsaying says:

    I havent watched yet, but there seems to be a growing trend where people just WANT things to fail/do badly? Whats up with that? Its all, skip it, its crap, dont bother. All these violent reactions to a pilot that im sure wasnt THAT bad? Moderation people.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I’ve noticed that too. It’s okay to dislike something and when you do you shouldn’t be criticized for it but there are two bubble shows on the CW that have a pretty good following, albeit a small following. I think some of these people want new shows to fail because they want their old favorites to get another season. That’s just my guess.

  18. mari says:

    I liked it, I’m a sucker for CW shows anyway. Looking forward to getting to know this world.

  19. Mika says:

    It might have been more believable if the actors weren’t close to 30!

  20. troll says:


  21. Ram510 says:

    I feel like the story is very much “been there, done that” kind of scenario and they didn’t bring anything interesting to the table. I’d like to see where the story goes after a few episodes. But honestly I don’t expect this one to make it to a season 2 anyways. It’s this years Cult.

  22. azu says:

    I haven’t watched this yet. But I already think I’ll love it because of the promos!! Can’t wait to watch!!!

  23. Ben Smith says:


    You are clearly an idiot! I was saying we have a million doctor, cop, fisherman, csi, shows and no one is complaining, but we have 2 alien shows in the last 15 years, and all I see on these boards is Roswell this, and Roswell that…which SUCKED!!! SO SHUT YOUR HOLE AND DON’T WATCH!

  24. Real American says:

    Way to go CW by leaving out the One Nation Under God part of the Pledge of Alliegance….considering deleting ALL of your shows timers from my DVR….disrespectful and completely unAmerican! Your showing your true colors as a network and I can guarantee you anyone who respects this country, God or live in the middle to southern part of this country are going to roast you for this….start killing out the apologies because it will be talked about….maybe you should take your network to another country….shocked and amazed right now!

    • seriously? says:

      uh, yeah, no. i live in the south (right in the middle of the bible belt, actually), and i completely disagree with you. first of all, this ‘real american’ ideology is so unfounded. the whole idea of our country’s founding was based upon freedom of religion – that is, from the compulsion of anyone to be any particular religion (they already had that in england and that’s what they were trying to get away from). so, i’m not un-american if i don’t want to say ‘under god’ in the pledge – not everyone believes in god, and belief in god is NOT a prerequisite for citizenship or being a ‘good american’. finally, how about you understand that there is some *dramatic point* to this reworking of the pledge within this narrative, within the story that the show is trying to tell? in other words, geez – it’s fiction, get over yourself and your judgemental high horse.

    • Angela says:

      Well, I live in the middle of the country and I really couldn’t care less. But thanks for thinking you speak for others.
      Good grief, give it a rest.

    • Leah says:

      I’m rather inclined to believe that individuals who feel the need to declare themselves “real” Americans at the expense of other Americans are usually fundamentally unqualified to determine what does or does not constitute un-American behavior.

  25. jo says:

    I really like this show so far. i see all these sites ragging on it because its supposidly not original. well heres a big news flash there really is no new ideas out there. They say this show is a play off romeo and Juliet. mixed in with rosewell. if someone could name me one show on tv today that isn’t a take off something els be my guest but i can guarente you will fail. Even there new show the 100 guess what its a teeny bopper version of lost. people are attaching this show before its even had time to sink or swim.i think if people just give it a real shot it will be great. un;ess of cours the CW do the same exact story line that thy have done with every single show for forever. you know what i mean that same story line they do with every show from rose well to vampire diaries, life unexpected, the secret circle, smallville You get my point its with every show. Boy meats girl they fall instantly in love. Boy and girl can’t be together. There will be one episode in the first or second season they give it a try. within that one episode they realize why they can’t be together. boy finds different girl to occupy his time. drives main girl even further away. something extreme happens to occupancy girl she die or has to move or gets to involved. boy and girl try to be friends after that. somebody somewhat important dies. everyone heart broken. the lead boy and girl realize they should be together because lives to short. that will go on for about two seasons then boy will do something to make girl leave him. they will unavoidably become friends again. usually on the last episode of the last season they will decide to be together forever the end. That is pretty much how every show plays out rheas days especially on the CW. like i said though i really think this show has some promise. i just hope they don’t use the same old formula. like twilight the books weren’t big because it was vampire they were big because for once someone wether it be an author or a screen writher used a different formula. fairly similar but different where it counts. For the majority they were together.

  26. adam says:

    I really liked the last 5 or so minutes of the show, particularly the new version of age of aquarius. Kind of liked all the stuff about the Atrians trying to fit in and be treated properly, plus of course Malese Jow.

  27. jo says:

    ok so as far as i know its a competition. they are going to cancel two of the following shows Rein, star cross, tomorrow people, or the 100. as far as I’m concerned they should cancel. Beauty and the beast that show started bad, the 100 haven’t seen it yet but like i said in the post above it looks like another lost. and i hated that show. the vampire diaries i am so sick of nina darvis or whatever her last name is and Ian somerholder. whatever i can’t spell. anyways chicks voice makes me want to lash-out on my tv. good actors and all i just can’t stand them. and lastly the tomorrow people i keep waitron for that show to get better unfortunately. the boringness of it is actually growing on me. oh that bring up Arrow real like the show really like Steven or Roby i don’t know which one is on that show. but in all honesty i don’t like him playing Queen. He seems to be more of a comedy guy then drama i don’t know, to me they don’t mesh well together. now on smallville i like that guy as the green arrow. Anyway as for star crossed i think the whole reason they made the sow way because of netflix people started watching Roswell and crying because it was a good show that was canceled to soon. so the cw guys were like” well then people didn’t want to see aliens the but i guess they do now lets try a new show” and in a few years if this show flops then pops up on netflix again there will be people who never even heard about it going that looks interesting then they will be mad this show flopped it is a vicious cycle. i think the CW just needs to gets some new writhers new story lines and see if they can change it up a little

  28. Shannon says:

    I will see if the show develops any more in the next few episodes but I will watch it on hulu instead of live. So far they haven’t brought anything new to the table except aliens are known and kept in an internment camp and a hand ful try to integrate but I haven’t seen anything profound and hoping they are able to have some friends that are human besides one. I was hoping they would have a character or two who brought in some humor to all the drama and action..
    So far I am not impressed and yes Roswell was better with the actors and chemistry they all had together and the writers totally screwed everything up. To me it is just an imitation of Roswell but for those who are fans of the shows I hope you enjoy it and if it gets a chance I hope the writers take a cue from Roswell that if you integrate a magical love story into the show don’t be stupid and do something stupid and destroy it to create something or force something else down fans throats. Take a cue from Roswell on that one of what not to do to a beautiful live story and realize there are other things to do to make a story etc..
    I am not a fan of the new show and it doesn’t compare to Roswell in the least for me but I won’t disparage any who are fans of the show.

  29. DavidSask says:

    How old are the people rating this show?, SC is horrid and deserves quick cancellation, not one original plot line and awful acting. CW owns it though ughh.

  30. Jax says:

    The storyline has potential but the writing is just horrible.

  31. Lia says:

    It was poorly written. I didn’t like it at all! The acting wasn’t good either.
    Overall a bad show … I certainly won’t be watching it !

  32. Sasha says:

    Loved it! Cant be compared to Roswell because though they share similarities both are quite different. I thought the leads were odd choices until I saw them actually reacting with each other. Out of all the CW shows on so far I’ve only liked the idea of ‘the 100’, love ‘the Originals’ and now this one. If only the CW would just try to keep the teen-regal-bitchiness of Gossip Girl and the Vamp Diaries out of its other shows then maybe they could actually attract other viewers as well. But we all know that they try to stick to one formula….so hey. I know that they have a history of canceling my fave shows so I wont hold my breath.

  33. Brooke says:

    The average age of the people commenting here must be quite young.

  34. Drew says:

    Bah. The depiction of the humans was way off. They could have accomplished a much more effective version of this story without the cartoonish characters.

  35. jm says:

    i didnt like the main actress, too old for that role. I did like the character tough
    Saying that i like the premise, and everything around.
    Can someone tell who sang that version of Aquarius at the end. I loved it! Thanks

  36. Melissa says:

    I kind of felt like if they really were 7 “aliens” coming to the school kids wouldn’t sit and pick on them but battle over who could be your friends. Really, who wouldn’t want to be friends with a good looking alien. The whole macho boys saying stay away from our girls and picking fights seem more a ’90’s attitude. I feel like kids in High School these days are more accepting. It just seemed a little off that people would be that resistant and out picketing.

  37. AW says:

    Roswell had a great 1st season, but seasons 2 and 3 weren’t very good. I saw Star Crossed and the pilot wasn’t very good. Roswell pilot was definitely better than Star Crossed pilot. On top of that, it’s kinda heartbreaking to see US government portrayed as unwelcoming and so negative towards the aliens and to see aliens living such poor conditions in internment camps.

    • Mare says:

      I know, the bigotry and oppression that humanity showed them, right off the bat, just put me right off. Shooting a little kid? Yea, no.

      • Shan says:

        Seriously the aliens came down not armed and asking for refuge and to talk and I first response is to capture kill them including kids. Not one person on the human side thought this was wrong and tried to intervene and create a compromise not even emery dad. It just put me off because more than one human especially now a days would think things are wrong and try to help whether verbally or otherwise..
        I don’t really like that it is a futuristic show but with past oppressive themes like the thing with leaving the human girls alone is a direct parallel to the fifties and other decades where interracial marriage or dating was against the law and unacceptable especially in the south just replace the black population with the alien one and you got the show and concept..
        We know that Roman blood can cure people but is that his only power and why hide it or be secretive? That is what I didn’t like and compared it to Roswell and Max saves Liz in the open and risked his secret and life to save her and had to rely on others to help and cover it up. However by doing that he got the girl, friends and a semi normal human life and gained trust and acceptance amongst people. I was hoping the show would do something similar and have both sides who show others and be able to trust etc..
        I will be curious to what happens to her friend now that she has alien blood mixed in. How do they look like us aside from the tattoo? How did we know they were coming to set up the barricade? Is Roman a prince or something? What happened to their planet? Really not.liking the theme they have going in the show that sets things back..

        • Elle says:

          I like your p.o.v. Shan. Agree. It seems like the show is ignoring the ugliness of integration times. Did it not occur in the universe of the show? Sincere question. I wish that humans were shown to be more open/tolerant/willing to take a different approach, considering American history and the monstrous behavior towards black people back then. I am going to watch a couple more episodes before I decide y or n.

  38. Mr. Sunshine says:

    So do they have any special powers?

  39. Mike says:

    I was put off when they removed “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. I finished watching it, but nothing I saw makes me want to watch it again.

  40. Trish says:

    I was surprised that I did like. Not the greatest writing, but I think the CW shoots for a younger demographic and that is who the writers are writing for. I will give it a shot, by watching 2 or 3 more episodes to see if it get’s better. What gets me, is the total lack of respect some of the people on here have for other people. You were asked for your comments on a TV show, a TV SHOW, something that was created to entertain, like it or not, post your comment, move on, there is no need to tear in to others because they don’t agree with you. It’s your opinion, it’s their opinion, leave it at that!

  41. Mike says:

    Digital Daggers sang Aquarius.

  42. CountryQueen says:

    The 16 year old living inside me loved it. LOL I knew what was going to happen, but the 16 year old in me said “So what?!” Couldn’t stand the jerky high school bully. He was too much of a cliche. I’ll keep watching, but I’m hoping for a lot more about the Atrians. Why do they have those tattoos? Why did their ship crash? There’s lots of fun stuff to find out, but I want it to come out fast and furious, not in drips and drabs.

  43. Paul says:

    Have to give these new show a chance. You cant just grade it on the pilot. Things change after the pilot. Give it some time to grow.

    • chris says:

      Totally agree! Not to mention Monday night is a heavy night for alot of shows. Not sure why the networks can’t spread shows out. Monday and Tuesday’s my DVR is maxed at two shows for 8, 9 and 10. What Networks also have to realize is I DVR my favorite shows so i can watch them later, fast forward through commercials and better yet i sometimes wait until i have a couple so i can watch shows back to back to i don’t have to wait a week to find out what happens. I also sometimes never watch the last episode so i am not waiting a months to a year for the next season wondering about the cliffhanger!

      I personally love this show -its different. I never watched Roswell which everyone is comparing it to but District 9 comes to mind. The only part i wish was a little better is its sad to realize we haven’t gotten any better at treating people. With all the shows like star trek – we embrace aliens “seek out new worlds”. But after 10 years of keeping them caged up its time we start treating them better.

      CW – Give it more time – you can’t expect everyone to fall in line in just a few episodes. I would glady watch this over Tomorrow People and Reign which i also watch. I am also not young either – this show was said to target adults 18-49 – well i amthe 49 year old.

  44. A says:

    I totally went in expecting to hate it. It was actually pretty good. Probably wont watch every episode but I may catch an episode here and there

  45. David says:

    Show has potential. Hope it doesn’t get canceled. Glad to hear Robert Hewitt Wolfe is involved. Aimee Teegarden needs to start eating some cheese burgers with Katie Cassidy though! What is going on?!

    • HBH says:

      I totally agree. She changed so much from FNL. I mean its a given, she’s growing older, but still

      • Shan says:

        I am not a fan of the show and not a fan of Aimee..
        She is playing this character the same way she played the other character. I was hoping for more life from her and smiling or having lightness about her character but all I am perceiving is distant and serious…
        I think the actor playing Roman is decent but I agree with other commentators that they are no Max and Liz and the actors who played those characters were better than the ones on this show…
        I agree a lot not just Aimee need to eat as they are too skinny
        I liked Roswell and yes I am comparing the two and the pilot of Roswell and the first season was great and so far I think the pilot for this show could have been better especially if David Nutter could have directed it because he has made shows just by their pilots and him tweaking episodes to fit more or make it more intriguing. So far the writing and acting quality was better on Roswell. I will give the show a chance to see if it improves but not anxious to sit and watch every week so far and will just catch it online or something later. If they can make things interesting maybe it can be intriguing and they definitely need a humor outlook because too much dark and angst and drama gets to be old and overwhelming. Even the race is similar in name to the race from Roswell. I am curious how they answer the question of why they came to our planet for refuge and how they brought their whole race and what made them flee their planet. That is more interesting arc then what I am currently seeing..
        We have had other shows dealing with the same stuff just not on main networks but just look at the Study network and tnt and they have many sci first and other types of shows. We also have had shows of this nature on main networks like Roswell and the X files and yes the show will be compared to those too just like other shows are compared to others. For example, not all fans of NCIS the original like the spin offs and vice versa but each is compared to the other and mostly to the original. Even the show Once and Grimm are compared to each other because of similarities and differences…To me Roswell is better and season one was the best and the writing and acting and directing were better.
        I doubt my opinion will change but I will wait a few episodes for further judgment. Even if I am not a fan I do hope the writers and powers that be learn from past and others mistakes because Roswell was great and I liked the actors and the chemistry they all shared, which I am not seeing on the SC, the writers and powers that be were great but made mistakes that milled a lot of the essence that made the show compelling especially in season one.

  46. HBH says:

    i had higher expectations for it. the episode didn’t really meet my expectations, but i won’t dismiss it right away. i like the concept and i hope it gets better within the coming weeks.

  47. Mare says:

    I tried it. I was willing to give it a shot, but I just found it too frustrating. I didn’t like most of humanity in it. Hated the bigotry and oppression the aliens were suffering under. I did like the lead alien boy, and the sick girl, and the lead girl was OK. But that last scene, when the alien kid is sacrificing and saving the human girl’s best friend, while his dad is trying to find him and tries to stop a fellow alien from firing his gun and ends up being killed by her dad? That just killed it all for me. Wow, way over the top in the melodrama, and frankly, a lousy set up. I’ve never enjoyed Romeo&Juliet like stories, but this one outdid even Shakespeare for contrived and annoying drama. No, thanks.

  48. Jon says:

    Incredibly bad. I won’t be tuning in again.

  49. jack says:

    I enjoyed it while noting it had some of the roughness of a pilot.

    Aimee’s acting was a little “pitchy” but at times very believable – she has potential and will likely relax into the role. Matt was very good.

    Hope Matt’s character has a little bit of a dark side at some point, that always makes the protagonist more compelling.

  50. April K says:

    it was ok i hope it get a bit better as the show goes on ^^ but they are no max and liz please. i always give shows a two show try so.. lets see how next week goes..lol