Castle Recap: They're Playing Our Song

Castle Recap KateThis week on ABC’s Castle, Rick got Carrie’d away with his theory that a telekinetic girl was at the center of a prep school murder, while Kate labored to keep her partner’s feet on the ground.

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THE CASE | Mean girl Madison is seemingly killed after being mysteriously thrown around her bedroom like a rag doll, at least based on the Facetime call she made to gal pals Kris and Hillary. All roads at first point to prep school outcast Jordan, who appeared to exhibit telekinetic powers in the cafeteria weeks prior.

But then it is discovered that Madison had a secret of her own — namely that she was a thief, her antemortem haul being $2.3 million in German bearer bonds (which apparently exist outside of the movie Die Hard). Helping her pull off that particular heist was Jordan’s geeky pal Lucas, who orchestrates special effects as a hobby — Jordan’s cafeteria outburst included.

In fact, Lucas also helped Madison stage her bedroom “assault,” which was intended as a mere prank on her gal pals but instead was co-opted by Kris to afford her an alibi after killing Madison for real, having been unable to extricate herself from the bitch clique’s bling ring. In the end, Lucas gets the girl (Jordan) — and so does Rick, as he asks Kate to the school’s “A Starry Knight” dance.

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THE CASKETT | As the investigation leads Rick back to Faircroft Prep, one of his alma maters, we and Kate and made privy to some of his delinquent ways — including a prank that cost him a hot prom date. As it turns out, Kate didn’t go to her prom, either — because “rebel Becks” was too cool for such things and instead attended a poetry slam in the East Village. throughout the episode, starting with a bedroom debate, continued later over wine and then concluded at the dance, Rick and Kate discuss what “our song” is, for the purpose of their first wedding dance. In the end, it is not “Witchcraft” or “Dancing in the Dark” or “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” but “In My Veins,” which when it is played at the dance causes both Rick and Kate to comment, “I always loved this song.” (Probably since it played during Seaon 4’s “Always” love scene.) AND THEN ZOMG SO MUCH KISSING.

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THE QUOTABLES | “Isn’t it obvious? Madison made the Hulk angry.” * “I see you’ve managed to extricate yourself from a life of delinquency, Mr. Rodgers, and become a writer… of sorts.” * “I cannot wait to tell Stephen about this case.” * “I am not choosing our song off a list that includes Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me.'” “That song I am sure ignited many a strip club romance in 1987….”

THE REVIEW | Listen, I enjoy Rick’s penchant for buying into the far-out theory — it’s his “thing,” I get it. But in a season that has already featured time travel and The Da Vinci Code, it can come off as the go-to device a la “Let’s find a case that will send Rick spinning in some wackadoodle direction! While Kate divines the plausible!” (Especially since the “Facetime “video appeared so obviously fake from the get-go. Plus, a teen kills instead of just going to the cops for a plea deal?) That said, the episode had a good blend of procedural and personal; I was surprised to also get a Caskett-y loft scene at the midpoint versus the usual bookend placement.

What did you think of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”?

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  1. georgiamadman says:

    Fun episode. And we get an appearance by Holland Manners — another Whedon alumnus.

  2. Flick says:

    You know what, the Castle theories didn’t even bother me because there was so much right about this episode. And that ending – enough said.

  3. Anthony says:

    I agree with you about the “wackadoodle theory” trend, Matt. Also bothersome is that this is the second time this season (the time travel ep being the other one) where the sting at the end of the episode implies that Rick’s theory wasn’t so far-flung after all, and in this case it stood out as so unnecessary since Beckett brings it up in such an awkward, out of place fashion.

    • Alan says:

      i had the thought that beckett is just saying that to make him happy, one of the things she like about him is his crazy off the wall beliefs and with each case that goes by were his theory gets blown to pieces his enthusiasm drops so this was just her way of correcting the course a little in my mind. i mean its not like the time travel episode where we were explicitly shown something to cast doubt on the logical explanation, all we get is a quiet word from kate about it.

    • kate says:

      season 5 was much worse with stunt episodes that felt gimmicky. i liked that this episode answered all the questions but that beckett tried to give castle some hope at the end. she wants him to believe in things like telekinesis because that’s who he is, even if it annoys her. i think that was a nice thing, not an implication for us all to assume it’s real. that was about castle, not about the audience.

  4. skrable2 says:

    Better episode than many this season, though I do agree with the over-reliance on supernatural material.

    And once again they threw out their own history, since Beckett did attend her prom. They discuss this in the ep where Alexis is prom-bound and Beckett talks about her dad scaring her prom date.

    Aren’t they supposed to keep a series “bible” so as not to make mistakes like that?

    • Kim says:

      I could be wrong here, but Castle was referring to his senior prom, right? It could be possible that Kate went to her junior prom but skipped her senior prom, since Castle was referring to his senior year of high school. Granted, that could have been explained better. But that’s what I took from it while watching the scene where she tells him she didn’t go to her prom.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I also thought it was plausible that Jim Beckett scared Kate’s prom date, but they went to the poetry slam instead and “rebel Becks” never told her mom and dad that they ditched the prom.

      • Apples says:

        That was my interpretation from the way she said it.

        • Jenni says:

          I read it that way too. Ditching of prom as opposed to openly not attending. Explains that canon issue well. However Castle’s timeline of being at Edgewick Academy from age 14 through graduation, I can’t explain so easily.

          • DarkDefender says:

            As to that.. I understood it that Castle only went his senior year there .. He was a scholarship kid (by that point his writing may have gotten him in – he did publish his first book in his early college years).. But after clowning around at the school, his senior prank got him suspended.
            I did love at the end when it was clear the principal kind of admired the prank with the cow.

    • Mary says:

      From what I remember, it wasn´t Alexis´s prom, she was the boy´s date…and I believe Kate was also the pair, it wasn´t her prom; but maybe I´m wrong….

    • Stormy says:

      The hard to believe part of the show for me is that all of these very complicated and bizarre cases go down in their precinct. Not bloody likely, but I love the show so I make the leap.

    • Alan says:

      could very easily be 2 different proms, from what i can see from the other side of the atlantic there seems to be loads of them during high school.

      • grey says:

        Not loads, usually just one per grade level i.e. Jr Prom, Sr. Prom. When I was in school we only had the two with a combo freshman/ sophomore *dance* and a dance is different from a prom – at least in the US. A dance is less formal and usually way more casual also, at my school the juniors never attended the senior’s prom or vice versa (that was a big no-no). However, some schools do have one prom for each grade level and if you also attend some at other schools I can see how it would seem like “loads.”

        As for “Castle,” I still think they’re being sloppy with the history of the characters once again. The scene in question is in episode 10 of season one entitled, “A Death in the Family.” As soon as Beckett said what she said about ditching the prom I was like, “What? Wait.” I went back and re-watched that scene from “A Death in the Family” and it is not implied that she ditched the prom. And you would think *if* that was what the writers intended here (which I don’t think it was) they would have made the distinction. They could have had Rick say something like, “Hey, wait a minute. I remember you telling me you went to your prom!” and then have Kate clarify things with another line or two. But that didn’t happen because the truth is they’re just being sloppy and I don’t get it. It making these two seem like they don’t know each other or have feeble minds! I mean you would think that if one of the writers or Marlowe didn’t catch the error at least one of the actors would have and said, “Hey, let’s make this a little clearer to the audience. Long time viewers will remember we’ve already covered this.” How hard is that?! Geez.

  5. Kate says:

    No nitpicking from me on this one. Even before the ZOMG kissing I loved it. I also LOVE that they used the song from Always. Perfection!

    • Katherine215 says:

      I have a Pavlovian response to that song from watching Always so much. I *immediately* teared up when it started playing. So glad they chose that as their song!!!

  6. Teri says:

    Do enjoy the less far out cases, but seeing Beckett/Stana reactions are priceless! Nobody does them better and they are so entertaining! Seeing Castle give a heartfelt, loving message to Kate in the end scene is what fans have been wanting to see more of. And, finally a good, passionate kiss.

  7. Apples says:

    Loved this ep. Filliona and Katic’s skills and chemistry elevate moments that should be cheesy into ones that romantic, emotional and touching. I didn’t think the “whacky” stuff was overdone (and the little kicker that Castle MAY be right is a show staple harkening back to the earlier seasons).
    I love the thought of Beckett fooling her parents into thinking she’s attending prom but instead sneaking off to a poetry slam instead. Even though the song choice broke the fourth wall, I loved the nod back to the history of them, and to the fandom. Perfect.
    Overall one of my favourite eps this season, far better than the last few that have preceded it (the underwhelming Dressed To Kill, the uneven Deep Cover etc).

  8. Kourt says:

    I totally adored the opening, middle and end scene. It’s not normal for us fans to see Castle Beckett getting ready to go bed. The look on Beckett’s face when Castle wasn’t trying to get her in the mood was hilarious. Stana’s fact was spot on. I liked how Castle and Beckett couldn’t decide on what their song was. Nice call back to season 3 when Beckett told Castle that their song was “you talk too much” by clarence carter. The in sync moment “do we not have a song” was nice. I have missed those moments where Castle and Beckett speak at the same time. The middle scene was perfect. Castle and Beckett felt like a real engaged couple who were just having a nice evening together. Discussing the case, Castle making dinner for them, etc. We really don’t get enough of their home life. The living situation still bothers me. Why hasn’t Beckett moved in yet? Castle and Beckett were acting like giddy teenagers on their prom night when they were dancing together. Beckett was all smiles. I loved it when Beckett buried her face into Castle’s shoulder. Just absorbing the warmth of him. She really feels safe in his arms.

  9. RBA says:

    Great review Matt.

    I agree that the need for the outlandish type episodes this season has been overdone. I don’t mind having one of those type of episodes in a season, but as you said we have had three thus far.

    The episode was really good if we judge it by season six standards. However this episode is just average to good when put in context of earlier seasons. In my mind this episode fits the Castle we saw in the first half of season 5. The Caskett elements reminded me of what we saw in “Secrets Safe wit Me”, “Cloudy with a Chance or Murder”, and “After Hours”, but it fails when compare to “Murder He Wrote”, “Final Frontier”. It is also awfully short of what we saw in “Still” and “The Lives of Others”.

    IMO this episode is number four in the season rankings. Number One Fan is tops because the case and the Caskett was the best we seen this season, Disciple is number two simply because the Case was top notch, and Deep Cover is number 3 because we had some Caskett with a good action type episode.

    Overall I get the feeling that the show is beginning to turn around from the dismal first half of the season as though Marlowe has heard the criticism and decided to respond. How else would one explain the Kiss in the end… People have been complaining about a lack of a proper kiss, and this episode as well as Dressed to Kill seem to be delivering them.

    What this episode did in fact have is what some of us who have been complaining have been asking for… Caskett portray as an actual engage couple that is in love and are happy and free to show their love openly.

    I’m hoping this is the beginning of a positive turn for the show, but then again I was saying the same after Number One Fan…

    • Apples says:

      Disagree completely. IMO S6 has been a big improvement on S5 on virtually every measure. Given the ratings (Castle is a phenomenon for an older show), looks like people agree.

      • RBA says:

        The ratings are the same as last year demo wise. If the viewers went up, I would attribute that to DWTS doing better this time around than it did last year since many people have not been happy with the last two season’s of the ratings. Also the best seasons for Castle in terms of the important ratings when people actually watch live rather than DVR were in season 2 and 3.

        Also you can not say that since more people are watching therefore people are enjoying the show more. Quality wise the show is not the same as it was in the past. If season 5 misfired it was only due to the disastrous finale arc that turn many peoples opinions on the season from mostly positive to a big “meh”.

        • Apples says:

          It’s up in the demo (at least the last time Matt reported on it, it was). DWTS on the other hand, is down from last year from my understanding. Any comparison to seasons older than that is somewhat useless due to the ol’ Gunsmoke Rule as the TVBTN folks put it.
          That said, you can assert quality is down and I can assert it is up till we’re both blue in the face, but it is really meaningless. The only thing that matters is that the numbers are very healthy and continue to be so. The show does well in syndication too. (ABC can’t seem to launch fresh drama for neither love nor money, either, which has no bearing on things for the moment, but might just have an impact on how long the show runs).
          “Also you can not say that since more people are watching therefore people are enjoying the show more.” That might be single silliest comment I’ve ever read on a TV website. It is the ONLY indicator of people enjoying a show that counts.

          • RBA says:

            How so… The rise in viewers totals could simply be that there is a lack of competition from CBS this night. We knows that last year Castle competed directly with Revolution and H50, and both these shows enjoyed good viewer numbers. CBS decision to move H50 where it is hitting nearly 10 million viewers on a Friday can now be seen as benefiting both Castle and The Blacklist. Take away a show like H50 which does share an audience with Castle (the two highest rated episodes in the two previous seasons aired when H50 was on a rerun), and your left with a night were The Voice led The Blacklist and a solid performer like Castle competed with CBS offerings that never connected with viewers.

            Ratings wise the demo is even with last year, but it is running behind season 4. Also though down from its glory days of a couple years ago, the fall edition of DWTS rated higher than the two previous cycles both in terms of the demo and viewers.

            You are right. Quality is on the eye of the beholder, and IMO last season was better than this one up until the finale arc.

            What I have notice though in this site and the forums is that there has been more unhappiness with the online fandom than there was last year.

          • RBA says:

            Update: Just double check the DWTS numbers for the two previous cycles, and the fall edition ran even with the fall edition of 2012 but slightly behind of the Spring 2013 edition. Only a tenth off between the Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 edition.

          • Apples says:

            I’ve learned not to take the “online fandom” at all seriously. Ultimately, getting into what the competition is offering is a fool’s errand and underpinned by a logical fallacy- that there is a very limited pool of viewers to be divided up between the the channels. That isn’t true at all. What does it matter if there are different shows on the other channels now than before? If the people didn’t like what was being shown by Castle, they’re not bound to watch another channel, they can easily switch the TV off and do something else. The fact that people are watching is a straightforward indicator that they’re finding the show a quality use of their time.
            Comparing to S4 or earlier is nonsense, as you know. The fall of the overall audience for the broadcast networks is simply too large, you can easily compare ABC’s average from year-to-year to see that. Obviously with more methods (online etc) to watch and the proliferation of cable, comparing to old numbers is meaningless as anyone with even a basic grasp of statistics and TV viewership data would know.
            You can find S6 to be lower quality than S5, fine that’s subjective. I was simply disagreeing with your assertion and pointing out (unequivocally) that ratings are better. If that runs counter to your personal viewpoint, so be it, be proud of the fact you are out of step with the broader audience. Embrace your inner-rebel KBex and head to a poetry slam instead.

          • RBA says:

            I think you are overlooking that I said that Castle and H50 shared an audience, so it follows that once H50 moved to another night those who watch H50 on Monday would tune into Castle. I say this because the highest rated episodes for Castle in Season 4 and 5 were in weeks that H50 did not air or was in rerun. In fact whenever that occur Castle’s demo would hit 2.3 and viewers went up by 250K.

            My disagreement with you is that you stated ratings are higher therefore most people view this season as a big improvement over the last which I say is not something you can deduce by ratings alone because there is an alternative explanation as to why ratings might be better this year than last. Unless you have a poll which specifically asks the question “is this season better than last season” there is no real way to know. It is subjective, but there is no denying, even if you dismiss it, that there have been more complaints online about this season than last.

          • Apples says:

            lol the idiotic online fandom complaints about lack of kisses or whatever are absolutely not worth taking seriously. As for any audience share with H50, maybe they went over TB, maybe they turned off their TVs on Monday nights, who knows? Unless you have a survey of your own.
            Ratings are pretty much the only way to track the quality of a show, and the only ones that matter to network execs. Dismissing them or trying to play sleight of hand with the numbers simply because they oppose your point seems pretty silly to me, but whatever (I continue to have no issue with you thinking S6 is worse than S5, I’ll just keep thinking the opposite and enjoying this season).

        • Just one thing says:

          Quality is subjective. The only thing we can measure (somewhat) are viewers, and that number hasn’t gone down as one would expect for a show in its sixth season whose fall lead-in weakened and who has been up against the biggest new drama in several years.
          Yeah, more people watches live in past seasons, but it looks like that was the case for everyone but NCIS and TBBT. The viewership attrition Castle has experienced is far less than the majority if of its younger network companions. That’s apparently all that matters.

  10. nickseydiva says:

    One small nit, Matt: the prom theme was Starry Knight – as in a play on the school’s mascot.

    Also, did anyone notice that Beckett never seems to be wearing her engagement ring? I noticed it specifically at the prom.

    • Kim says:

      I’ve heard that in real life most police officers and federal agents don’t wear their engagement/wedding rings for a couple of reasons. With their jobs, I would figure most women wouldn’t want to risk having it damaged. Also, because it reveals something about their personal life. Gives suspects a chance to get under their skin during an interrogation by saying not so nice things about the officer’s potential spouse/fiance. And it shows the officer has someone they love dearly, which can be a weakness if a criminal wants revenge. But that’s just what I’ve heard and I’m not a cop so I don’t know how factual it is.

      • Just one thing says:

        It makes sense, Kim. Plus, it just seems like a big ring rock would get in the way or be easily lost. Both in reel and real life.
        It’s interesting to me how so many people seem to gravitate toward that – especially when the characters behave the way they have these last couple episodes. Even when they aren’t super romantic or cutesy, it’s still clear to me that they’re engaged and doesn’t suggest a lack of commitment.

        • Kim says:

          JOT – I can’t tell you how manny times I’ve seen that question being asked on social media or in the comment section of an entertainment website. For some fans, if they don’t see Kate wearing the ring, they automatically start asking questions: “Why isn’t she wearing it? Does she not love him? Does she not want to get married?” Most of their scenes are in the precinct or while they’re out running down leads and working a case. Granted, we did get two loft scenes in tonight’s episode, but Kate was getting ready for bed in the first one. Maybe it’s just me, but I would totally not wear a ring that size to bed for fear of scratching myself with it. In the second loft scene, it looks like they had just gotten home and were making dinner. Doesn’t make much sense to put it on for such a short period of time. Same with seeing Kate get ready in the morning. Why put it on while getting ready for work only to take it off in order to go to work? Am I being too logical? I feel like I’m being too logical.


          Like you said, Kate not wearing the ring 24/7 doesn’t mean she isn’t committed. I think this season has shown just how committed they both are in spades. And I’m sure she wears it when they weekend in the Hamptons, or go out for a night on the town. Like you, I’ve never had trouble seeing them as engaged. Even in episodes that don’t hit you over the head with it. To each their own, I guess. I just don’t understand it, lol.

          • Just one thing says:

            One the one hand (pun kind of intended), I see why people think it’s strange. After all, what is she going to do when they get married? But I’ve seen so many married men and women who simply don’t wear the ring, for whatever reason, so it’s not a shock to me.
            If one doubts Beckett’s commitment, just watch how she looks at Castle. And she’s been doing that since Season Five, so the gaze is pretty perfected.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            To be a bit fair, its not like she hasn’t strayed. That kiss with the super rich gross guy? And shes always doubting him/pulling away/has walls up…she kinda is a mess. Though last episode i was very happy to see her “cold feet” turned out to be for a good/loving reason and they got over it. But still at every turn she seems to be written to be doubting the relationship or pulling away or something, so i can understand some fans looking too deeply at “clues” that “imply” they arent close enough or something.

          • Really says:

            You must be a virgin kisser if you call what the super rich guy tried to do to Beckett’s lips a kiss :)

          • c-mo says:

            She IS wearing it, just not on her finger, she’s wearing it around her neck which might be considered more meaningful since it’s right next to her mom’s ring.

        • I don’t know why people is complaining about her not wearing her ring. If they ever watch Valkyrie Kate even said the ring was big. That to me was a giveaway, she wasn’t going to be seen wearing it much.

      • lkh says:

        Thank you. Finally someone expresses what would be reality. I’ve not worn my rings on several occasions or have turned the diamond so it is on the palm side.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Cops don’t usually wear rings on the job (except for a band).. It’s a safety issue. I also think it’s been established that Beckett wears her on a necklace with her mother’s ring.

  11. Alichat says:

    Love the way they tied that Andrew Belle song into the story!

  12. M.E. says:

    Why on earth would In My Veins get picked for their song….it is so depressing? Yes I know it was used in Always and has significance for fans, but would you want to see them dancing at the wedding to these lyrics?

    Nothin goes as planned.
    Everything will break.
    People say goodbye.
    In their own special way.
    All that you rely on
    And all that you can fake
    Will leave you in the morning
    But find you in the day

    • Kourt says:

      You have a point

    • Just one thing says:

      That reminds me! This cements my belief that all of the wedding details are smoke and mirrors. They’re setting the stakes and creating investment, by letting the audience in on every decision so they can yank it away.
      I’m not sure how they’re going to do it, but I firmly believe they will. It has the potential to be really good, even though the hypothetical meltdowns will be epic.
      So maybe that’s why the song has twisted significance to their wedding day. LOL

    • Apples says:

      I think this is one of those fourth wall breaking nods to the fandom and history of the show you can’t dwell too deeply on IMO. Just enjoy the emotional connection and move on.

    • Sophie says:

      LOL, you have a point. But I guess the part that rings true to them is “youre in my veins and I cant get you out”. That’s always been true about them, right from the get-go…he kept coming back, he couldn’t let her go, and in a way, neither could she.

    • Jeff says:

      Plus, a lot of times IRL people only listen to the refrain in a song, and think it means one thing, when if you listen to the rest of the lyrics, the song means something else entirely.

  13. Sara says:

    For the record, they were talking about Senior prom. Since the prom Alexis went to in that episode was the Junior prom of her date, technically, she had two proms of her own to attend. It is not against the realm of possibility that Kate went to her Junior and not her Senior. And everyone knows YOUR Senior prom is the prom that matters. The nitpicking is offbase in this instance.

    • iammusic says:

      not every school does that. my school only had a junior prom. it’s also not against the realm of possibility that she went to someone else’s prom as a date. or they could’ve mucked it up.

    • Kim says:

      I thought the same thing while watching that scene. My high school had both a junior and senior prom. Since Castle was talking about his senior year of high school, I just figured Kate was referring to skipping her senior prom. It never occurred to me that some schools wouldn’t have a junior prom and a senior prom since my high school had both.

      • Stormy says:

        Mine, too, as well as a Sophomore Hop which wasn’t formal.

      • S. says:

        I was trying to figure out how a fancy prep school wouldn’t have booked something somewhere instead of holding it in their gym or whatever. I mean these kids have money, it’s a low number of students. They’d spend money on a place. They would’ve gone to a private party that was very high end where they’re keeping an eye on who’s coming in, and Castle and Beckett couldn’t have just wandered back into it to dance. That said SO cute that they did. I’m not complaining about the Caskett, I’m thinking that it was probably a shooting venue cost issue. This isn’t a gripe, it’s an observation. Great song choice too.

  14. James D says:

    Fun Episode. I always enjoy these wacky Castle Episodes. and that ending! how adorable was that. :)

    • James D says:

      P.S I agree it was a poor song choice, while I understand why they did it, one would think a more uplifting song could have been chosen. and i also agree with you Matt that these kind of episodes have been over done this season I also think this one was executed the best and enjoyed it in spite of the over used plot device.

  15. Jackie says:

    Loved it! One of the best of the season! I love In My Veins so much. So glad they chose that even though it broke the fourth wall. A great nod to fans and a beautiful song to boot! I loved it so much that I downloaded it when it aired. Every time I hear it I think of them and that scene, so it’s a perfect no-brainer choice for me.

  16. Just one thing says:

    My favorite aspects about this episode were the insight into Castle and Beckett, with specific emphasis on Castle. The audience already has a handle on “Rebel Becks,” so finding out she skipped her senior prom for a poetry slam and that she likely regretted that choice immediately is fun, consistent, but not that groundbreaking.
    Now, hearing more about Castle’s past, where he had the charm to be on the “in” crowd, but often lacked the means to stay there? Seeing more evidence that the Castle who has everything now was once a Rogers who had very little? Very interesting, and it helps add further dimension to who he is as a celebrity – while also explaining who he WAS before he met Beckett. I liked it, and hope we get more of that before the series concludes.
    As usual, lots of fun and funny moments, even when they go to the same Mulder/Scully well with Castle and Beckett. I’m bemused to admit that, after watching that ending the first time, I suddenly had a better understanding of why people say things like, “I’m going to jump off a cliff.” I mean, it’s still nonsense and crazy talk. But I kind of get it now. I do.

    • Kim says:

      JOT- I agree with everything you wrote. I love gaining insight into the characters. I did enjoy the senior prom factoid about Kate. Like you said, I can totally see her doing that. I’m secretly hoping the grunge rocker that smelled like clove cigarettes makes an appearance in an episode one day. Because Rebel Becks is fun. :) But yeah, learning about Castle’s past is so interesting. To see how far he’s come and how different he is today. Gives his character more depth (which he already has, but more is always good). I don’t care about who he’s dated or his playboy/party persona. But I do love hearing about his childhood. That scene in The Final Nail where he tells Kate about how he was homesick at boarding school and how he wouldn’t be a writer if it weren’t for Damian taking an interest in his work…gold. Loved seeing that side of the Castle character.


      I thought it was a great episode. It wasn’t like they were reinventing the wheel or anything. I just love Castle sticking to his crazy theories in the hopes that one of them in right. He looked delighted at the prospect of a Carrie-esque murder. I also loved the scene where they went to talk to the principal and Castle turned into the scolded schoolboy as soon as the principal started talking. And the look on Kate’s face was fantastic. The ending was…sigh. I’m not ashamed to admit that I melted a little bit. Throwing yourself off a cliff? Does that mean you loved it or hated it? Not that I understand either reaction, lol.


      As you stated previously, I’m with you on the wedding hitting a wall of some kind. They’ve given us way too much. We practically know all there is to know about the wedding. There’s no way it’s going to play out this way. Which instills hope for a trip to the Justice of the Peace. :)

      • Just one thing says:

        I really enjoyed the ending. :P As in, I rewound the episode a few times to kind of bask in it… Unfortunate sap that I apparently became during this episode. I don’t come for the cases, so I only nitpick bigger plot themes. And I rarely pay attention to exposition enough to catch the unintentional clues. But I was impressed that the killer was not as easily identifiable as in the past few episodes. That was a nice change of pace.
        As for the wedding… Oh, man, I’m really intrigued with how they’re setting this up. There are few surprises left. It’s one thing to tell us the venue. It’s another thing to show us the dress AND have them dance to their first song BEFORE the wedding. They’re just totally loading the truck up for a trip to Disastersville.
        Which is fine, because I wouldn’t mind seeing their first attempt at a wedding fall apart, as long as it isn’t too hijinxy. A fine line, to be sure. Hoping for some good drama. And then, yeah, maybe a cute trip to the Justice of the Peace.

        • Kim says:

          The ending was all kinds of fantastic. A bit swoony. Castle and his words. Gets me every single time. And them kissing like teenagers at a school dance? Funny and amazing. If I were Kate, after that speech he gave, I’d make out with him too. :)


          I was left guessing for the case. I watch more for the characters and the romance, but it’s nice to have something that makes me use my noodle. I didn’t even catch that the FaceTime call could’ve been a setup. I never use FaceTime, so that went right over my head. It was interesting trying to figure it out. I know there won’t be an entire episode dedicated to just character growth or just the romance (though the latter I would be more than ok with). Fun and interesting cases are a nice treat.


          I still don’t see a big wedding for them. Justice of the Peace of beach wedding in the Hamptons. They really have given the audience so much information about the wedding at this point. I kind of expected something to go awry, but after this week (and after I, too, watched the end scene more times than necessary) I’m convinced something is going to go down. Which is fine. As long as it isn’t cold feet (which I don’t think it will be) or some other ridiculous relationship issue. Mortal danger? I’m game. In this situation, I would prefer suspense instead of angst. I’m confident we’ll get a wedding. It’s just a matter of when and how. But as long as we get it and as long as there isn’t some relationship based issue that postpones things, I’m more than ok with whatever the show has cooked up. Otherwise, I will be sharpening my pitchfork. :)

          • Just one thing says:

            I’m 99.99999991% certain that whatever drama befalls “Caskett” will be from an outside force not their own stupidity. All of the questions, doubts and insecurities seem to be out of the picture, so if their wedding doesn’t go off without a hitch, it’ll likely be due to something outside their control. I’m thinking (hoping) Jelly. And I totally agree with you: I’m up for suspense and mortal danger, Season Three style. Bring it.

          • Just one thing says:

            And yeah, episodes dedicated to just character growth would be fine by me. They’ve done a good job of blending the two throughout the season, while still keeping the show at its designated level of popcorn entertainment.

          • Kim says:

            I don’t think whatever happens at the end of the season will be relationship based either. But you never know, right? Mortal danger is more than ok with me. The Disciple episode this season was creepy. I wouldn’t mind more creepy, but not cheesy, danger. We’ll see what happens, I guess.


            Jelly? Like, Jerry (Tyson) and Kelly (Nieman) combined? Because I haven’t heard that mashup, and to be completely honest, I was going to ask if you preferred grape or strawberry. :) I wouldn’t mind seeing either of them again around the season finale. Good amount of drama with that storyline.


            I do love me some character development. I’ve enjoyed seeing new dimensions to the characters. Hopefully, we’ll get more of those in the future. :)

          • Just one thing says:

            Ha! When Tyson was first introduced, I think the handwriting was scribbly, so Castle (or someone) said “Jelly?” And then they realized it was Jerry. :D I haven’t watched that episode in forever, but people call him that sometimes, and I like it. Now it also serves as a great couple combo name. Very romantic. LOL
            And yes, that story seems like the perfect fodder for serious drama. I’m interested to see how it’s revisited.

          • DarkDefender says:

            I totally agree with you guys… As long as the wedding isn’t called off because Jerry (or his Disciple) makes Castle rescind the proposal ala Bones/Booth. That would be horrible, cause it sucked when they did it.

            Mortal danger yes.. Stupid fake drama.. Hells no. Intimate wedding as a result (instead of the lavish thing they are planning)… I would love that and it would suit the characters.

          • Kim says:

            JOT- Now that you’ve said that, I vaguely recall the “Jelly” thing. I need to go and rewatch that episode. I’ve never heard him called that before. Clearly, I need to spend more time on the internet. ;) After I figured out you weren’t referring to a jar of Smuckers, my next thought was, “Have we really gotten to the point where we’re giving even the bad guys a couple’s handle?” :)


            DarkDefender – I hated that episode of Bones. That was the point of no return for me. If Castle pulls that stunt, unspeakable pitchfork-y things will occur. :) But I’m more than ok with anything else. Just no relationship stuff. Castle and Kate are beyond that by now.

  17. DarkDefender says:

    I loved the episode. This season is cranking on all cylinders. I can look past the goofy cases… It made me think they are going more Fringe/XFiles.. But I’m good with that for a bunch of episodes each season. Season 6 is really shaping up to what this show could have been all along. Also, addressing the fan issues seems to be paying off.. The additional Caskett-y moments are TV ratings gold.

    • Dory says:

      I also liked this episode. Fun and some affection shown by Rick. But then I’m easy

      • Dan says:

        Dory, nothing wrong with being easy. It just means that you like something or you don’t. I thought this episode was great. Castle will go down in history for me as a fave. One to own and revisit. Unrelated, just started rewatching S1 of Boston Legal. Miss it. Enjoy your faves while they last because you will miss them when they are gone.

  18. I agree with M.E.’s comments on the choice of song ‘In my veins’. I was hoping CASKETT
    Would have requested the musical genius that we all know Master Robert Duncan, who is
    The musical composer in charge of CASTLE , for their WEDDING Song. That would been
    Really great and memorable, just like the “I. WANT YOU ” in ALWAYS. And so it goes…
    May the dance never stops, and the music/song never ends for this TWO; and ther epic
    LOVE story , truly a many splendored-thing!!!!

  19. Martina says:

    They once messed up Beckett’s badge number as well. Stuff like these happens in every single show in the universe. Cut them some slack.

  20. lame says:

    Continuity has always been a hicup and something fans have accepted after the first two seasons. If you really want to dig into that, think of what happened to the huge scar that never was, the large incision that was made to massage Beckett’s heart. It’s something we have come to accept and go with the flow of the story and the Castle Beckett arch.
    I’m hoping next season AWM & CO substitute those classic final two minuets that used to be Rick and Alexis gold into Rick and Kate gold. Those scenes revealed so much.

    • lame says:

      P.S. : I would be shocked if there was a large church wedding, or even a ceremony at the Hamptons. There’s no way in hell she’s gonna wear that dress after the almost unanimous negative response,lol.

  21. Cheryl says:

    That’s so funny! When I saw the song choice clip last week my first thought was that “In My Veins” should be their song, but couldn’t think of how they’d actually tie that in as something both of them actually knew. Yay for Andrew Belle getting more well-deserved recognition!

  22. Rich Abey says:

    Best Casketty episode this season. And “In my viens” is their song?? Fandom is bound to implode. Enough said!

  23. lauri5567 says:

    I’ve watched clips on YouTube since I was busy watching Davis & White.
    Was I the only one trying to make a connection between Jordan, the car company from Castle’s boarding school days and Jordan, the girl from Castle’s prep school?
    I really thought that Kate had been alluding that she had gone to the jr/sr prom when she was a sophomore, like Alexis was doing. Like going out with an older guy was early rebel Becks.

  24. leigh says:

    Great episode. My only issue and maybe its just me but did anyone else have an issue with Esposito’s green and black jacket? Other than that it was great. And thanks for clearing up which episode that song came from. I knew I heard it I just couldn’t remember.

    • DarkDefender says:

      After the reveal of the wedding dress.. I can forgive all the other fashion faux paus .. If they just ditch the dress.

  25. Nelmar says:

    I really enjoyed the episode! Yes, laurie5567, I did want to watch Davis and White, but chose to record it and watch Castle, I would go back during commercials to watch the figure skating, though. I will watch today the whole figure skating but I am happy I chose Castle over it. It was a good episode. Sorry leigh, I did not pay attention to Esposito’s jacket :( When I re-watch the episode, I will make sure I notice it and will let you know what I think about it, :) have a great day everyone! Doris, where are you my friend?

    • Dory says:

      Hi to my friend. Dealing with some bad weather. Loved the episode. Will be in touch. Hope Rick posts also. Havne’nt read him in a while.

  26. JMK says:

    Castle has ‘jumped the shark’ for me… trite, comic-bookry… crimes my grandmother could solve quicker. I think I’m done with it.

    • Jul says:

      Yep! It doesn’t work anymore for me too but I just can’t help tuning in for Kate/Stana and Espo and Ryan. I have a MAJOR problem with Castle and Alexis, both characters I would avoid like the plague in real life and I want to slap on tv, so the less I see them the better.
      The problem now that they are together is that no one is calling Castle off anymore except Captain Gates and we don’t see her often enough. I just need someone on the show to sometimes tell him to shut up… How on earth nobody’s in that precint assault that guy yet?
      ….ok, stopping now cause that could be endless!!!

      • Just one thing says:

        Castle is often the butt of many jokes. Is that not enough? Less malicious and violent, too.

      • Dip says:

        So previously we didn’t like the character castle because he seemed so bored and they (Nathan & Stana) don’t like each other in real life, and when the chemistry looks good we don’t like him because he is so outlandish? Please stop complaining. I understand your obsession with Kate/Stana. So pertinent her name is. She is really stunning with an even deadlier weapon in her arsenal. Intelligence.

        But why do you think the show was named “CASTLE”? Is it because it sounds more like A%&*#le which was more suitable to his character as i read somewhere? let me give you a different perspective. In a game of chess what is the significance of “Castling”? It is a tactical move to protect the king by exposing the rook, a.k.a. “CASTLE”. To me Castle is essentially the rook acting like a shield to protect the queen (Beckett). How many time we have seen him running in the line of fire without any kind of formal training (?) to protect Beckett. Do you really think a trained sniper like Cole Maddox missed his shot just by chance? If we revisit the episode we could definitely see, he almost tried to take the bullet to protect her. to me it is the actual purpose of his character and he conceals this by constantly making mockery of himself by building up some outlandish theories which he himself doesn’t believe. Once he even admitted the same to Ryan in the zombie episode.

        To me Captain Gates is the anomaly of the show with no real significance, who without any knowledge of the previous history and without any real reason always tries to ridicule Castle. To me Montgomery was and always will be the real captain.

        And Espo and Ryan? The three are more like partners in crime so no slapping from them I think.

        My point is if you don’t like the character “Castle” how will this be a show for you? Because all of them essentially complement each other and if we remove any one of them the show will fall apart.

  27. Mike Q. says:

    Where in the holy hell is Alexis? It’s getting harder and harder not to believe the rumor that Molly Quinn and Stana Katic don’t like one another.

    • Apples says:

      This ep was missing Martha, Gates and Alexis. Occasionally they really strip out the supporting cast and focus on the main pair- understandable given the heavy romantic theme of the ep.

      • Alan says:

        also im fairly certain that the main 4 are the only ones contracted for all the episodes in a season so its likely that the rest sat this one out because of that too.

    • Just one thing says:

      I’ve wondered about Alexis’ absence, and thought it’s possible the studio/network is requiring some sort of über-focus on Castle and Beckett. Maybe Alexis no longer “tests well,” whatever that means; maybe the network took some fan responses to heart. The people behind the show clearly like the actress, so I can’t imagine they would marginalize her by choice.
      Same goes for Tamala Jones, Susan Sullivan and Penny Johnson Jerald — all actors who seem to get along with the producers and are also liked by fans (as is Molly Quinn), but whose screen time has dropped significantly this season. The only culprit that comes to mind is the network, either directly or indirectly.

      • Just one thing says:

        It may also be a cost-saving measure imposed from on high — which, if true, must’ve been fairly rage-inducing (would’ve been for me), considering the varied casts of thousands in ABC’s arsenal.

        • Dan says:

          I’m reminded of public statements by the cast of John Wells’ shows like E.R. and The West Wing that actors would be permitted to have time off for professional or family reasons. No doubt these actors worked longer hours one week to film scenes for upcoming episodes. As for Tamala, Susan, Penny and Molly it could be many things … but billing in the credits does hint at contracts as recurring stars, not permanent cast.

          • Just one thing says:

            I definitely think that all 8 actors are on contract, but as you say, half must be at a different level.
            The difference between this cast and Wells’ is that the focus is primarily on two people, and I get the impression that the other six cast members are more than willing to pull their share of the weight. The problem is, the audience seems to balk at anything (at least online) that isn’t part of the Castle formula.

          • Dan says:

            I couldn’t agree more. If a “Castle” episode lacked Castle, Beckett, Esposito or Ryan, this online forum would explode. It is apparent that the other actors have more of a recurring status. Let’s face it, not every episode makes it necessary for the recurring cast to be present. In some cases, we might even ask, why is character x here? Back to John Wells: he and I’m sure other show’s EPs allowed his cast to do movies, plays, uh, have babies, and he worked the show around it so that he could keep them happy, keep them invested in the series longer term. With such big casts in the Wells world, it wouldn’t be unusual for a tv doctor or nurse to be off that shift, in with a patient etc. Sadly, we can thank John Wells for letting George Clooney be Bat(nipple)man at the same time as ER.

      • Apples says:

        Hmm I thought we’ve seen quite a bit of Susan Sullivan/Martha recently. I think we eps that feature more or less of the support cast in bits and pieces (ie Alexis’s early season arc, Martha’s supportive presence through Deep Cover, Dressed To Kill etc.)

        • Just one thing says:

          I don’t know… Yes, Martha was showcased in Deep Cover and Alexis played a larger role in that Miley Cyrus episode. But it seems like Martha and Alexis sometimes go multiple episodes without being seen, and if they are, it’s primarily in the beginning of the episode.
          Lanie will disappear for similar lengths of time, which is even more jarring when they continue to focus on this Tory character. (Nothing against the actress; they just seem to be shoe-horning her character. It’s becoming very deliberate, which gives me pause.) Of everybody, it seems like Gates’ presence has diminished the most.
          All that to say, I don’t think actor dynamics have any bearing on airtime in this case. It seems to be by design.

  28. barbara says:

    well first why wud they put a new castle against the olympics then say ratings were down. it was tho a great episode and loved the ending

  29. Jenni says:

    I felt the episode overall was good. The over reliance on “Castle going to ridiculous theory land” is getting old. There were a couple of canon plot issues as well. The one that glared most for me was what happened to Castle’s time at Edgewick Academy from The Final Nail. He was supposedly there from age 14 though to his graduation given the canon from that episode, I think?
    The Caskett scenes throughout made it shine brighter. I’m with you Matt in that I loved the placement of the mid-episode loft scene. Shook things up a little bit from the usual arrangement and I liked it.
    The end scene is the stuff of fangirl legend already. Lovely dialogue and an actual real kiss to shut the whiners up.
    I thought though that the song choice was not a good “wedding song”, it was however an immense “fan song” and I will ignore my cynical reaction to that and just give a round of applause to everyone involved instead.

  30. Lori says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Yes, the case was goofy, but I was completely entertained. My one criticism was Esposito’s jacket. I know it’s personal taste, but to me, wow, that was awful So bad in fact that it distracted me from what was actually happening. But just the thought of Beckett dancing Courtney Cox style with Springsteen and Caskett doing karaoke, well, it all just made me smile.

  31. Ana Rubio says:

    It was a good episode, I really liked it. and I LOVED that they picked “In my veins” as their song, so perfectly beautiful.

  32. I’m just waiting for the episode where they go full Dr. Horrible nod with a guy seemingly teleporting on a video and Castle proposing the guy stopped time rather than teleported. The twist at the end doesn’t even have to be they can’t explain something but instead the Precinct, as suggested by Kate, mess with Castle by doing a freeze-frame flash mob or something. After the Rear Window homage it seems like something she’d do.

  33. Jaime says:

    Loved the episode, but also felt it was sort of an homage to the Xfiles episode Pusher, albeit with a much lighter tone. In Pusher, it was about telekinesis of sort, and the color Cerulean Blue played a big part in it. Great Caskett scenes and some sweet romance too. All in all a good episode!

    • Krithika says:

      Huh I thought I was the only one who flashed back to The X-Files. Great to know more fans are out there! Also the theme of this episode was really similar to an X-Files Season 8 or 9 episode, with the whole “student gaining telekinetic powers” thing, though I’m not sure which one it was.

  34. Jaimeson says:

    While reading all of the other Castle comments on the board. I can honestly say that this espiode was a better leveling off on both sides of the main issues raised earlier the sixth season of this show. There were many more Casket moments shown, which I do agree are great moments to show us the audience more depth to these characters. Also the inculsion of the case, with it being a little more on point basis. Still I will say that it was funny that both Espio and Ryan were kind of having a similar debate that Casket was having about the ablity telekinesis. Still at the end I loved it when we had more of inlook to the Casket development. Especially when Castle was going over those songs for the year in 1987, I defintley loved that moment when he was looking back to his high school days. Probably we all do that from time to time. Also loved that final scene of the episode with that great tender moment between the both of them. Probably my second fav ep of the season just slightly behind Number 1 fan. Have a great day everybody.

  35. DarkDefender says:

    Also, if it hasn’t already been suggested, here’s my pick for quote of the week:

    “I am not choosing our song off a list that includes Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me.’” ~ Beckett

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