Beauty and the Beast Sneak Peek: Vincent Introduces His Mentor to His... Not-Girlfriend

Beauty and the Beast‘s Vincent gets a blast from his past (and a peek at what could have been his future) when genre-TV fave Christopher Heyerdahl (Supernatural, Sanctuary) guest-stars as the former physician’s mentor — and TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at their sorta awkward reunion.

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In Monday’s new episode “Redemption” (The CW, 9/8c), a mission to find and save some of Gabe’s acquaintances leads Vincent back to the hospital where he was an intern, where he reconnects with his onetime mentor Dr. Nicholas Markus. The good doc, however, makes a misdiagnosis about his protege’s connection to the beautiful brunette at his side.

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How do Cat and Vincent react to the amusing mix-up? And what about when Vincent begins to reflect on the life that “could have been” for him? Press play for those answers.

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  1. I don’t wait to see!!! #BatB

  2. Dina says:

    Listen to the doctor Vincent – she is your girlfriend (or should be!)

  3. Adele says:

    Another exciting episode of my favorite show BATB, can’t wait!!! Deserves a season 3!!!!

  4. Karen says:

    Looks like some interesting scenes on the way from Beauty And The Beast! Love it!

  5. Maggie says:

    I hope by the end of this Ep they will end up as girfriend and boyfriend….no longer friends

    • liz says:

      if Cat forgives Vincent and gets back with him by the end of this episode, I’ll lose it. There’s no way. He has to do some major work on himself before they can get back together. Nothing has changed; he’s still going to hurt her when something more “important” comes along. He needs to learn to put her first.

      • Anne Chapman says:

        He is putting her first. He’s willing to sacrifice his own feelings for her because he thinks she’s better off with Gabe. What more does he have to do to convince you Vincent haters. I really can’t believe you’re still on this. Hasn’t he suffered enough? I honestly don’t think it would matter what he did, you’re so determined to hate him.

        • Liz says:

          I’m not a Vincent hater, the reverse actually. And I’d love it for him and Cat to make it long term and epic love and all that jazz. I just think it’s not okay that not 4 episodes ago (like two weeks in the show’s time) that he left her for another woman AND when Cat begged him not to kill her father he still chose his own anger over her wishes.
          I want them to get back together, but not all of that can be fixed by Vincent suddenly feeling bad and trying to make amends. That takes time and I want to see that process, I don’t want a bandaid solution.

          • Shannon says:

            I agree. We don’t want glass bond that is easily breakable we want a steel bond and I agree things need to be done before we have steel. I want their reunion to be right and feel natural not forced and rushed and right now it would feel rushed and forced. It is a starting point but I want steel and long term and we get that by having a slow and steady path back to things and Vincent fighting for things even when obstacles are put in his way. It is nice he is allowing Cat to be with Gabe and exploring other things and sacrifice his feelings but I also want to see him fight for her and not be on the sidelines waiting for her to notice him again and for her to make the move as that would again make Cat do all the work and it needs to be both doing it not one sided.

          • Vee Harris says:

            But it’s okay for Gabe to continually spout that he wants to make amends and say he’s sorry then suddenly Cat falls for Gabe? why because he such a standup guy?!?!? Vincent isn’t the only one in this relationship that has made mistakes. The new Producer came in and totally changed Vincent’s character and not for the better, and the old Cat would have never turned her back on Vincent, not even for he psychopathic Bio Dad.
            So now we’re toggling on whether the show will be renewed for a 3rd season. Had the creators of the show stuck to their guns and stayed on a similar path as they did with for season 1 this would not be an issue.

      • Kay says:

        Oh great. Another Vincent hater who is projecting all her pent-up aggression and hatred for men ON A TV CHARACTER! Do you need him to roll in mud and dirt to like him again??

        Stop blaming everything on him. Poor choices have been made by BOTH OF THEM. Cat is not without fault, just like he is not without fault.

        Stop watching the show with your preconceived ideas and bias and actually watch what’s onscreen.

        • Liz says:

          Lol well judging by your extreme over reaction, I’m thinking it’s you that has issues to work out with men and tv characters.
          I love the show and I’m well within my rights to be angry with a character. Much in the same way that we can be angry with people in real life and still care for them. As I replied to the commenter above you, I like Vincent and I’m rooting for a Cat/Vincent endgame…..but I don’t want a quick fix. He’s made incredibly selfish decisions and actively chosen to do things that Cat has asked him not to. She begged him not to kill her father, begged! And he still chose his desires over her, over their relationship, etc. Not cool. I think there needs to be more time from a significant event like that before they can be back together.

        • Liz says:

          Also, “preconceived”??? How can my feelings be preconceived when I’ve only to judge what the writers have decided to present us with. That’s ridiculous.
          And roll around in the mud? No. But some honest remorse and some soul searching would be nice. Actually, Vincent saying out loud what he did wrong (not the euphemisms they tend to go for) would go a long way in making me happy.

          • shay says:

            I totally agree with all you said! They are my OTP but Vincents needs to gain Cat’s trust and to work on him. I miss Vincent season 1. And cat deserves right now to be on her own or Gabe (but I don’t want him to be hurt because we know Cat will always love Vincent). And guys Liz has the right to express her opinion. we can love them but be objective. it’s you Vincent’s extreme fans who are overacting, overprotecting… calm down

    • Vee Harris says:

      That’s certainly what I’m what I’m hoping for!!!

  6. liz says:

    Frig, I love Chris Heyerdahl. I’d watch that man read the phone book

  7. Sarina says:

    Whats doc saying after “what brings u here?” And what does Vincent say after cat asks him why he didn’t ask doc to trespass quarantine? I can’t wait to see this!!! So good..thx anyone for helping me out with understanding !

  8. rose says:

    So looking forward to watching this episode.

  9. Brenda Burton says:

    Yes, she is your girlfriend Vincent,she just is not sure yet,but soon!

  10. @KristinDSantos #SaveOneShow ^ Where is your beautiful heart?
    Not yet set free
    But how do you go these days?
    ^ Lonely I be

  11. Brad kern tactics 4-5 yrs show!! says:

    Don’t let this writers fool you again !! beginning or the ending of this episode its a gabe/catherine sex scene!!this show escape cancellation for now but after summer they cant escape anymore!! brad kern stop being an ass this show went down the hill because of u at first now the creator of this show join you!! the result of this big cancellation on the cw network!!! batbwriters in twitter are the most arrogant and self confidence on there show which everybody knows that this show is on the bubble!! instaed of encouraging people to watch they throw off there most concieted attitude i ever read on twitter!!batb writers you have to be thankful that some people are watching ur show not us thanking u we give u a job cuz the show is still on air thats a fact!!!

    • Maryann says:

      A Gabe and Cat sex scene? Gross!

    • batb is gone for good!! says:

      your right it was in the ending. there were both in bed! grosssss!!this show will be on the cancellation doorstep with this kind of story!!gabe is the main character of the show now his the reform beast w the beauty!!!beauty and the beast cw version the most epic fail lovestory remake in the history of television! i think canadian watching last night are shock watching cat/ gabe making out!!!groosssssss!!wish i could forward the scene on my tv!!!

      • batb gone for good says:

        did i make any stupid story arc? did u watch the epsidoe? gabe/cat did sleep together and it was shown n the last part gabe is half naked and cat in tank top !!they shacked up already!!ratings is the lowest again eh!!

    • shirin khuzaimi says:

      don’t make a stupid storyline making cat and gabe end up sex together. Pure love cat and vincent just need some ‘interruption” thats all. make they realize how deep they feeling and love…dont mess up with creating gave to be with cat..this is not the epic love. How the 80’s beauty and the beast ron pullman and linda hamilton bring the soulmate love that willing sacrifice for each other..truly epic love. Yes,I miss season 1 as cat and vincent is a good couple..bring them back together to continue BATB season 3.

      • batb gone for good!!!!!!!!!! says:

        you will not have sesaon 3 with this kind of ratings!!! it doesnt reach to 1million viewers every monday.

        • Shannon says:

          I just realized something and that we are so focused on the mistakes people made and who is with who and why we don’t like it that I myself just realized we missed something critical and that is it how Vincent survived every single beast test on him and he could control his beast side more than Gabe ever could and Vincent was hunted and not Gabe. Gabe was first experimented on before muirfield existed but it was Vincent’s DNA every wants..
          One has to wonder how people found things out and why things seem so connected to Gabe and Vincent. How could the Sam guy know all about the procedure and guided J.T. to make a serum and how did he know all about the orphans that were connected to gabe and had inside knowledge of? Kind of funny the convenience of things and makes me doubt Gabe and his sincerity about being good..
          Then what good does having his acquaintance be killed be for unless they have knowledge whether known or unknown..
          It was Vincent’s DNA everyone is after so what trait does Vincent have that everyone wants? Why did Gabe just give up on his beast research and how did muirfield and cat’s mom figure things out of how to create beasts? How was gabe being one of the first experimented on apparently not because of tori dad but how could his DNA be human and harder to control his beast side and yet Vincent’s DNA is corrupted but he could control it better. I think if the writers focused more of the mystery of things and answering questions brought up and digging things up and such than forcing a wedge and weakening the love story the show would be much better and interesting and we get all what we want VinCent, romance love action mystery drama etc…
          I think the writers purposely forcing a wedge between Cat and Vincent and forcing the tori arc did some irrevocable damage to the love story but also to the show and it was unnecessary
          I am still watching and hoping for a third season…
          It seems like the reviews for the new shows aren’t great so I am using that to fuel hope for BATB

  12. Amanda says:

    What happened to Tori? Is she still there? Didn’t Kern say it was going to Vincent and Tori for awhile with Vincent keeping Catherine in his back pocket? Is it back to VinCat now already? Is it worth catching up?

  13. Judy Poorman Theriault says:

    Sure hope they get Cat and Vincent back together soon! Gabe is very good looking, but Cat belongs with Vincent!! They make the whole show….their love!!

  14. Larissa says:


  15. Si preannuncia un altro stupendo episodio non vedo l’ora di vederli amo #BATB

  16. tamara says:

    the ratings are the worst! you can male million petitions if the ratings stay that low, the show will be canceled

    • beasties puppy says:

      you are right but at least beasties are waiting for the “DOG TREAT” of the producer and brad kern “CANDY TREAT” pca award

  17. Shannon says:

    Can’t wait to see it but as much as I want Vincent and Cat back together they cannot do it on this episode. There is a long road ahead before reuniting as Vincent needs to know who he is and wants to be and also what he wants and willing to fight for it and everything but currently it doesn’t feel right. I am fine with the long slow steady path for Vincent to be with Cat when it feels natural and right and this is too soon and would feel rushed or forced. I like Vincent acknowledging his mistakes and willing to let Cat go for now but I also want to see him fight for her and them and I haven’t seen it yet. During and the first episode after winter break cat stated to Vincent he needed to fight for his humanity and them as she couldn’t keep doing it for them both and she is right so until I see some major changes and Vincent trying then I am okay for now with them being apart. Slow and steady wins the race and I will wait for when it feels right and such and comfortable enough that Vincent and Cat bond is so tight we won’t have to worry about Vincent going off and playing house with the next red head he sees and he feels he has to explore things. J.T. needs to also encourage things and not be so flip floppy…
    For now I think it is good for Cat to be with Gabe even if just for a short while because she gets a chance to explore another option and return to herself and Vincent will be here friend and there for her like Cat was when he was off with Alex then Tori and he can see and feel what Cat felt like and he can continue to see where his mistakes lie and hopefully rectify things and again fight for things and realize what he wants and who he is. Last season, Alex wanted Vincent to be normal and be human and at the first sign of trouble she bails and tries to get him help that almost kills him despite warnings not to trust people. This season Tori wanted him to be beast and be her arm candy socialite and such. If he compares these to to Cat he can see Cat liked Vincent for who he is all around and was there for him and both times Cat has shown her feelings he went to another… so if Vincent can show and want to be with Cat and like her for all of her and such then maybe I can begin to hope again
    I think the path back to each other is still awhile away and when it does happen it will feel right and natural and not rushed or forced.
    We don’t want them to rush back together for us to be worried again.

  18. Shannon says:

    I agree with an above comment that Vincent needs to acknowledge and address his mistakes and work to rectify and work at who he wants to be and fight for it. J.t. said it right last season when he told Vincent that Cat knows he will be there to tear a guy from limb to limb but as soon as she showed him her feelings he went off to Alex and J.T. told Vincent Cat needed to know Vincent would be there and not run off to play sand castles with the next hot chick to come by which he did this season. It isn’t enough yet and although I am enjoying the slow path back it doesn’t feel right yet for a reunion. I am glad Cat is exploring things and putting herself first and working on things. I don’t want quick and easy fix as that makes things glass and easily breakable instead of steel like bond we all want and crave. Killing off Tori was too easy and felt wrong for him to cry over her than rush back to Cat and choosing wrong. He should have chose Cat way before than and worked back with Tori still being alive and not dying and making herself a martyr…
    I feel like with this season they tried to rewrite everything that make season one special and likable and while I liked a lot of what have done this second half of the season and will continue to watch I am also unhappy with a lot of things they have done and what happened to Vincent beasty out? He doesn’t beast out like last season and wonder if it due to budget or something else. Cat even made out with Vincent not full beast but close and wasn’t afraid or disgusted by it last season and I kind of liked it. I also liked Vincent last season being able to self heal but I also liked his vulnerability that he had to watch his heart rate and adrenaline because those were triggers to beastly out..
    This season he seems more robo beast than anything and aside from the not self healing anymore we don’t see or feel that vulnerability that made Vincent special and so likable last season despite mistakes. I also agree this season Cat begged Vincent to not shoot her father and choose her and them and she was on her way to take him in and arrest him and he caused Cat to crash and chose beast and Tori over her so sorry that is one huge mistake that needs to worked hard to amend and rectify and can’t be easily erased or fixed. Cat has made mistakes but she has always been there but hasn’t made nearly as many or as bad as mistakes as Vincent has like the above example for one. Vincent blamed Cat for everything anyone ever did wrong to him even though she never did those things and never knew what people did like her mom and dad. Her mom tried to help Vincent like she helped Gabe like making sure Vincent was eliminated like he remembered last season after blacking out. Tess tranquilizer him last season because she didn’t know him but got to know him and has been helping ever since…
    Vincent needs to do a lot of things and realize what he wants and who he is and fight for it and make Vincent likeable again despite flaws and show some vulnerability and feelings instead of this cold stone wall we have been seeing pretty much all season. I liked Vincent so much last season because yes he was a deadly beast and all but he was also vulnerable and he showed it more like when he was with Cat. I guess what I am waiting to see is Vincent be rebalance so to speak and see him fight for what he wants and knows solidly who he is and wants to be and show it and work to the path back to everything including Cat. Right now I think his beast side is still the majority and in control and would be a recipe for disaster if he and cat got back to quickly. Go VinCat but slow and steady wins the race. I will be watching and hoping for season three..

  19. Shannon says:

    Vincent also forgot all what Cat has done for him this season and last and wondering if his memory was still not fully back. If his memory is fully in tact again than Vincent would know what Cat has done for him and yet he was still mad at her for things others did and blamed her again a mistake not easily erased or fixed and he was willing to just take the necklace and leave the hostages there even after Cat asked for his help…
    I want Vincent to just help without needing to be asked or begged to just do it because it is right and he wants to help like he did last season.

    • maureen says:

      We also have to remember all of what Vincent has done for Cat and all her friends. He has saved everyone of them, including her new boyfriend, who caused all of what happened to Vincent in SO2. He has saved all of them in not only season 1 but also season 2 and he did those things on his own. He just saved Gabe and Cat last episode and the episode before and the episode before that. We also need to remember that Cat has a moral compass that is different for Vincent than anyone else, including herself! She can forgive almost anyone doing anything except Vincent, who really could not help himself this time around. We also need to remember that Cat and Gabe have consistently asked Vincent to be there for what they need, while still expecting him to be human. And the Tori angle, as much as I hated it, was realistic in that she was a she-beast and had no prior connection to any of the characters. Gabe, on the other hand, did have a prior connection to the characters and that was to try to kill them all. So, maybe both need to atone to each other for their past mistakes and accept each other for who they are. And that needs to be done in the next episode as we only have one before we have been told they are back together because then we have to wait another 3 months for the remaining episodes.

      • Becca says:

        exactly!! that’s one of the things I just don’t get, and I don’t even understand how the writers could go there!! I would have accepted Cat being on the rebound with about anyone, and it would have been believable, I mean Vincent did hurt her and did some pretty unforgivable things, so I get her not wanting to be with him for a while or wanting someone she could actually trust to not break her heart… but Gabe??? get out!!!

        how can she just forget that Gabe IS the reason she lost the man she was supposed to love more than her own life??? how can she be with him, when Vincent; who was supposedly the first man she had wanted to build a life with, is just under her nose and trying to make amends? how can she choose Gabe over Vincent when he’s the main reason everything went to hell between her and vincent… I’m not condoning Vincent’s mistakes or the Tori’s arc, but none of that would have even happened if Gabe hadn’t tried to KILL THEM ALL for his own selfish needs and reasons!! oh and let’s not forget that he was all too willing to let Vincent kill Tyler, his own girlfriend who spent like her life trying to help him and find a cure for him, without even thinking about it twice… yeah, indeed Cat traded a beast for suuuch a gem, the lucky girl!!

        • Shannon says:

          Well stated and I agree with most of what you said. I want Vincent and Cat together but I think he has to make amends for a lot he did this season and I am hoping he recognizes things and does it because he wants to do it and not a chore. I also want him to be alone so he can figure out who he is and what he wants and starts making things right with himself. This season a lot of things he did with saving people he made it appear to be a chore and such and that isn’t Vincent as he would help anyone no matter what and didn’t make it seem like an inconvenience before. I agree with people that we need our strong Cat back to who didn’t let any man tell her what she can and cannot do and kick butt all the time. Right now I feel like Cat and Vincent aren’t ready for a reunion because I don’t feel like Vincent knows who he is or wants to be yet and he is just recognizing his mistakes and I want their bond to be steel like grip not glass. Right now with Vincent just discovering things and the writers making him be out bent out of shape with Tori death if they got back together would be too soon and the bond like glass and easily breakable and such that I don’t want. I am not sure what BK was thinking with a lot of things and especially when fans are so outraged with a lot of things and the ratings plummeted he is still sticking with what he wants to do and asking people to have faith is a little annoying when he thinks everything is still okay and when he makes it seem like VinCat is a chore is not fun to have. If the main people don’t want or have faith in the main couple and don’t see or listen but have a five year plan to just want to do what they want and expect fans to just sit tight is a little arrogant notion..
          I am liking Vincent on the right path but I think he has to continue for awhile in order for the bond to be steel…
          I will continue to watch because I want a third season and hopefully when we do they will be better capable of things and not mess up a lit of things that they did this season that made season one so special…

      • Vee says:

        Shannon You’re right on point!!! It’s like J T’s line in last night’s episode, ” you can’t have Dr Jekyll when you keep asking Mr. Hyde to show up”.. Make up your mind Cat, Beast or no Beast!! IMO they have made Vincent and Cat’s characters almost unrecognizable.. I keep watching and hoping that at least one of the Powers that be- running this show will get a clue..

        • Vee says:

          Sorry needed t to repost with a correction’, this a response to Becca..You’re right on point!!! It’s like J T’s line in last night’s episode, ” you can’t have Dr Jekyll when you keep asking Mr. Hyde to show up”.. Make up your mind Cat, Beast or no Beast!! IMO they have made Vincent and Cat’s characters almost unrecognizable.. I keep watching and hoping that at least one of the Powers that be- running this show will get a clue.

        • Shan says:

          Thanks. I have to rewatch last night’s episode because I may have miss something. Is Cat capable of taking on a beast because of her ancestry history and not just the necklace or something else? Please tell me the Sam guy didn’t make a female beast version of Cat and somehow cat is linked to it? Or is it her connection to Vincent that she can sense him too or have premonition? I recognized in the first episode back cat had pain in the same spot she shot Vincent so I am thinking the sensing each other goes both ways. So many thoughts…
          I think the biggest problems this season has been the tori arc and the forcible wedge they made for Cat and Vincent that didn’t feel right and then mending them? The mending would be better and more natural if the wedge to drive them apart was more natural and not forced and stupid. They could have done so much more this season rather than spending so much time and effort to force a wedge. Anyways just a couple of major problems I have about the season… I really want a third season…
          Here is a thought aside from not having the story arc of tori or changing that arc and probably the wedge…. what else would you change about this season or better yet how would you have transition from season one to this season and what would you have done story wise? I personally would have addressed a lot of the unanswered questions from last season or continuing them this season and bringing up new questions and looking into the mystery of things. Cat could have explored her side and Vincent could have explored the beast side and try and gather more info hence it would have been circumstances that separated them or drove a slight wedge but at least it would have been better mended…
          After the hostage situation cat stated to gabe she didn’t know what happened to her and she used to be strong and independent and they could have show cased it more and her and tess solving cases but also having them be led more into the mystery of things like did cat’s mom know about things or is her family like the Reynolds have a secret or something…
          Reynolds knows a lot more than he is saying especially when he never wanted his daughter anywhere near the beast situation but why and where does his hatred for beasts come from? Did cat’s ancestor also fall in love with a beast and created a hybrid line? I as a fan can think of a lot of things that could have gone in this season so I am not sure why the writers and powers thought it was such a great idea to force a wedge and destroy things just to try and mend it later thinking things would be stronger later? Also seriously the other love interests not a great idea…

  20. Arl says:

    cant wait for Monday!! another juicy n epic episode! Lav to see VinCat!! :)

    • gabe is the beast on batb not vincent says:

      there’s no epic lovestory on this show anymore, i think jay ryan will be replace by sendhil he got more airtime than jay. every scene sendhil is there he always has his moment on this show!! they really build up his character to much w/c i dont get it cuz the 80’s beauty and the beast his character is the one who killed catherine and kidnapped her son.writers who is really the beast on this show? is it vincent or gabe?

  21. Jude says:

    It’s fine to say let’s take it slow to get them back together….BUT …..do you think they can do this before they cancel the show……if all the chatter is right it is gone …and we will be left hanging with no end to our epic love story …except Cat with Gabe

    • Vee Harris says:

      Yes, Jude I agree with you.. We keep hearing about all that Vincent has done wrong, but it appears that Cat has gotten more lip action with other guys than Vincent has with other women. And keep in mind they never showed Vincent and Tori in a Love Scene. In my opinion all focus has been shifted from Vincent and Catherine to Gabe, period! Everything that Vincent and Catherine do seems to be written on how it will affect Gabe, this makes no sense. I too would like to see the epic love resurface between Vincent and Catherine but sooner than later! because it seems as though with the backwards approach the writers and Producers have taken with this show we’re running out of time! In love stories like this there are always obstacles that the main characters experience, but the two lovers never lose sight of their love for each other.

      • C. M. P. says:

        Yes! That is.. Two lovers never lose sight of their love each other …… So, where are OUR Vincent & Cat?????

  22. lvna says:

    I love the show and vincat

  23. amends says:

    Very well said Liz. Spoken with intelligence, calm and very realistically as it applies 2the current state of VinCat. Kudos! Realizing wrongs is 1 thing but part of making amemds requires addressing the 1 u’ve hurt. There needs to be admissions,apologies and continuity in genuine acts of love 4VinCat. It’s not an overnight fix.

  24. amends says:

    Vincent and Cat have much talking and doing 2 do still IMO. Let the chips fall where they should. For this stronger bond they r supposed 2 end up with, they still have alot of work 2do. Liz, I dont see u as a V hater in fact I suspect ur a VinCat lover, u just know there is still work 2b done. And yes there r some crazed fans who cant c pass an actors body parts to realistically look at the storyline.

  25. Adele says:

    Gabe is the evil genius. In season 1 the episode titled “Insatiable”, Gabe killed the carriage driver in Central Park with the old century weaponry that was hanging on the wall in his apartment, it was missing the piece that Vincent and Catherine found under the horse’s hoof in the stable. In the episode titled “Any Means Possible” Gabe killed the guy that Joe’s brother owed money to. In the last episode of season 1 he kidnapped Catherine and tried to kill Vincent. Now in season 2 he has to pass himself off as the bad guy who has redeemed himself in order to throw everyone off his trail. Last week’s episode “Till Death” brings us right back to where we were around this time in season 1. Vincent loving Catherine completely but not feeling deserving of her love because of who he is and what he has done, not realized that he has once again become the hero, flaws and all that he was in season 1. So he keeps Catherine safe and happy from a distance so she won’t get hurt. Catherine completely in love with Vincent, feels damaged and broken because of all the hurt and pain she suffered in the past, is not looking at the present realizing the old Vincent that she fell in love with is right in front of her in the present. They both feel unworthy of each other’s love. The message from the episode “Till Death” represents no matter what path they take crooked or not, their love for each is “Till Death”. If you look at BATB from this perspective, I would say the writing for season 2 has been nothing short of brilliant!!! This show absolutely deserves a season 3!!!!

    • Shan says:

      He also killed the guy at the ball after getting information from him. I believe it was the guy with Joe’s brother when he was killed. Gabe did kill the driver and framed Vincent on purpose so I may not be minding Gabe right now but I don’t trust him with a ten foot pole. He spent most of his life researching himself and such and all of a sudden stops and things change and where are certain items? Wouldn’t he be curious about the experiment that was done on him even if he wasn’t a beast anymore and how a defibrillator could kill his beast side and more on how his and Vincent beast DNA compared? Is Vincent’s beast and human DNA more blended than Gabe ever was because it seems like Gabe human side and beast side were almost completely separate especially by the blood samples. I think that is why his beast became more powerful than his human side and how he couldn’t control it and how Vincent can because his DNA and blood is intermixed. There are so many things and questions from season one left unexplained and unexplored and unanswered… again they could have spent time this season doing that they creating all the wedge with Vincent and Cat… ugh

  26. ? says:

    Yeah really brilliant….absolutely….! All u need to do is wipe away all this brilliance~ brilliant meaningless love triangles, brilliant misogynist themes, brilliant loss of self in a season of self discovery, brilliant sweeping romance….brilliant non continuity…just brilliant!

  27. Footnote says:

    When a woman demands that a man treat her with dignity and respect that does not make her a man hater that makes her an intelligent,strong woman!

  28. V extremist says:

    Definition of Vincent extremist~fans who get all bent out of shape if any1 says anything negative abt the V character whether his behavior b acceptable or not. Quick to call other fans V haters. Will defend him at any cost with loss of all reason.Tend to have the actor who plays V character plastered all over their web pages and make lude sexual comments concerning said character/actor repetitively. Hello Reality Check!

    • batb is gone for good!! says:

      i saw that this jay ryan fan on twitter there dilusional and disgsuting do they really think that jay would even like them!! one is from UK and 2 fr australia who even have blog about jay ryan! there grosss!!

  29. Lecourieux says:

    I think that this story, everybody completely life completely, they are so much made for each other, difficult not to imagine that even in the life they will finish together. And the concept of the story is very new and interesting.
    I think that the CW makes deliberately annoy us with Gab so that we lose interest in this series and after they can to end in any Peace of mind. I suggest to all the fans boycotting program of CW in case of stopthe series BATB and do not forget the petition for the season 3.

  30. liar liar says:

    wont be surprise if the rating of this show will go down again and this will be the lowest on cw!once you lied to your viewers they will not watch your show anymore for good.

  31. Becca says:

    seriously, I’m getting so sick of Gabe, more Gabe and… oh, still more Gabe!! and it’s not with the little bread crumbs we get of VinCat here and there, that we’ll be satisfied and suddenly think “oh, the writers are doing an awesome job with this show!!”… way to ruin something that could have been amazing and different from anything else out there!!

    I’m all for Vincent having to work for it after everything that’s happened, but seriously, tell me where the epic love is still in there? is it in the fact that Cat says Vincent’s name while she’s with Gabe,or the dream she has of him, or him of her??… yeah, right… whatever, it’s clearly not enough!! we’ve been lied to before about the supposed awesome “romance moments for Valentine’s day”, (they just conveniently forgot to mention those were G/C moments… gag me with a fork please!) so what are we supposed to expect from episode 16 and its cliffhanger? for Gabe to shoot Vincent and leave him for dead so Catherine realizes who she really loves? oh, yeah, that will just solve everything and make it all better… not!!… SMH RME!!

    oh, and BTW, what the h**k happened to the Catherine who was so strong and didn’t let a guy tell her what she could do or not, or who she could see or not… I remember her walking out on Vincent when he told her he didn’t want her to see Gabe anymore in season 1 and reading him the riot act afterwards… but Gabe tells her Vincent needs to go and guess what, it doesn’t matter, let’s go to bed hun’… I’m seriously wondering if she’s been abducted by aliens and brainwashed as well; funny how she seems to forget all Gabe has done wrong but she can’t get past vincent’s mistakes… yep, that’s eeeeepic love indeed!!!! at least it must be in BK’s super logical and romantic mind!

  32. Becca says:

    just wondering, are we gonna have episodes 15 and 16 before the break because I just saw the TVschedule for next week on Imdb and they seem to say that on Monday 24, the CW will air S02E10 again instead of episode 15!! wth???

  33. Rebecca says:

    The only bright spot of Season 2 is Jay Ryan acting skills . He’s really good. But writing and storylines are cringworthy , Brutally honest : The serie has been downgraded to one of the most sexist ,misogynistic adaptation of a fairy-tale. An insult to women. That’s why Batb is a total failure. The audience , the female audience , is not blind nor stupid.

  34. Gigglybay says:

    If BATB must meet Season 3, Vincent and Cat must not get together again. A situation must continue to tear them apart. Thats the suspense!