American Idol Top 30 Announcement Recap: Side-Eye at the Not-Quite-OK Corral [Updated]

american-idol-season-13-top-30-announcement-recapIt seems like only yesterday that Candice Glover was singing her victory rendition of “I Am Beautiful” while trying not to get confetti in her mouth, nose and eyes. (Feel free to throw a Gospel hand if that memory inevitably moves you to the brink of tears. And don’t you dare leave me hangin’ misty-eyed all by my lonesome, fellow Idoloonies!)

And yet here we are, nine months later, with a mere 31 contestants left in the running to win Season 13 of American Idol. Time flies when you’re having fun yelling “What in the name of what?” at your TV screen.

Yes indeed, that sound you hear is the first needle screeching across Harry Connick Jr, J.Lo and Keith Urban’s fairly pristine record thus far on the Season 13 panel. Briston Maroney, Ethan Harris and Jordan Brisbane over David Oliver Willis and Savion Wright? For serious real? And how the heck did Sarina Joi Crowe get booted on the basis of that terrific rendition of “Wrecking Ball,” while Marrialle Sellars’ version was notably inferior? I thought Harry said he wanted this year to be an unpredictable dogfight!

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We all know what happened, of course. This was the episode where exec producer Per Blankens & Co. began to suggest possible story arcs that will be turned into grating hashtags at the lower left hand of our screens between now and late May.

“We are the ‘Bama Boys!” shouted CJ Harris, Casey Thrasher and Dexter Roberts — three talented fellas linked by their state of origin. Jen Asciutto is being positioned as the “sleeper” — even though her original ballad was so hauntingly beautiful that it seems kind of ludicrous not to send her directly to the Top 13 (without passing “Go” and without collecting any objectionable tips from in-house mentor Randy Jackson).

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When you’re a storyteller, though — which all reality TV producers are, in the end — Rule No. 1 is “Edit, edit, edit.” In a conference room somewhere in Los Angeles, you just know there was a lengthy discussion about creating the correct ratio of true contenders to absolute cannon fodder. And somewhere in that vortex of fuzzy math and lack of faith in the voting public, Savion and David and Sarina (and Sandie Lee — who sounded quite good in the 11 seconds of singing we got to hear this season) got cut.

It’s easy to blame the judges — but deep down, that just feels like shooting the highly paid, incredibly good-looking messengers. Out of Sight notwithstanding, J.Lo’s not such a great actress that her face didn’t betray the fact that some of tonight’s decisions didn’t sit quite right with her.

But outrage is a longstanding part of the Idol process — along with elation, sadness, befuddlement, couch-dancing and speed-dialing. And so we wake in the morning and we step outside, we take a deep breath… and realize we’re accidentally quoting 4 Non-Blondes to try to come to terms with our emotions. Gack!

Shall we sweve abruptly and get to the facts? Yes!

Women Sent Through to the Top 31 on Thursday’s Episode
Austin Wolfe
Brandy Neelly
Briana Oakley
Jena Asciutto
Kenzie Hall
Majesty Rose
Marrialle Sellars

Men Sent Through to the Top 31 on Thursday’s episode
Briston Maroney
C.J. Harris
Caleb Johnson
Casey Thrasher
Ethan Harris

Left in Limbo
Neco Starr and Ben Briley — with fans voting online to advance one (and only one) of ’em to next week’s “Rush Week” performances

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Eliminated on Camera
Sarina Joi Crowe
Nalani Quintello
David Oliver Willis
Savion Wright

Eliminated Without Any On-Camera Mention
Megan Miller
Paula Hunt
Munfarid Zaidi
And as Twitter follower @SpencerCoile notes, what the heck happened to Paisley Van Patten?

Before we get to a reminder of who made it through Wednesday — you can read the full recap of that episode here, BTW — as well as two handy scientific polls where you can vote for your faves, some additional observations on the Thursday hour:

* It’s time to call a moratorium on contestants singing Grace Potter’s “Stars.” There, I said it.

* The show has eased up a bit on pushing Marrialle Sellars as the runaway front-runner, but honestly, I thought her final solo put the “wreck” in wrecking ball — even if the bellowing background singers threw her off her game. Yeah, she looks the part of a pop star, but I’m still unconvinced she’s mastered the audio part of the equation.

* Here’s hoping we get to hear the full version of Jena Asciutto’s original ballad during the live shows. I can’t say I know what a hit sounds like anymore — otherwise, wouldn’t “Hit the Ground Running” be a No. 1? — but I’d buy it on iTunes tomorrow if I could.

* It’s got to bode very badly for Caleb Johnson that 80% of viewers tonight voted before the commercial break that he’d be getting the boot based on his big, growly cover of “Radioactive.” If the judges take that number into account, he might be one of the contestants booted before he gets to deliver a single note on Wednesday.

* BREAKING NEWS: Majesty Rose forgot some of her lyrics in her final solo performance of “Stars.” I don’t know how to feel about this, so I’m gonna concentrate on her adorbs crocheted sweater instead, OK?

* So Harry Connick Jr. gives Briston Maroney this whole spiel about how he wasn’t ready for the big time till he was 18 — and then puts the kid through to the live shows at age 15? Does. Not. Compute. Especially based on the teenager’s whiny rendition of “Let Her Go” (done so much better by Cole Vosbury last year on The Voice).

* I’m stoked that Briana and Brandy both advanced — despite being called in front of the judges together. Yeah, I’ve got a soft spot for returning contestants, but their respective takes on “Up to the Mountain” and “My Kind of Love” were pretty darn spotless.

* Kenzie Hall’s “Your Song”? Rated Y…for Yikes.

* I’m gonna say something possibly controversial: I didn’t love-love Savion Wright’s final solo — from a vocal or a songwriting standpoint. But his overall body of work certainly seemed strong enough to earn him a spot in the voting rounds over Jordan or Briston or Emmanuel, no? I mean, why not give every single slot to a srrrrrrrious contender, rather than waste space on obvious cannon fodder?

* Loved seeing Sandie head-bob during Austin’s spot-on “Radioactive.” Hated seeing her have to put on a brave face after Austin beat her out for the final spot among the Top 15 women.

* I know Ben Briley’s probably going to prevail over the underexposed Neco Starr for the final spot among the Top 15 guys, but that’s not gonna stop me from writing a strongly worded tweet asking Fox to open up the voting to include David, Savion and maybe Paisley van Patten and Megan Miller while we’re at it! (OK, it’s not that strongly worded, but it’s hard to fit all that info in 140 characters and maintain a haughty attitude!)

Women Sent Through to the Top 31 on Wednesday (a quick reminder!)
Andrina Brogden
Bria Anai
Emily Piriz
Jessica Meuse
Jillian Jensen
Kristen O’Connor
M.K. Nobilette
Malaya Watson

Men Sent Through to the Top 31 on Wednesday (a quick reminder!)
Alex Preston
Dexter Roberts
Emmanuel Zidor
George Lovett
Jordan Brisbane
Malcolm Allen
Maurice Townsend
Sam Woolf
Spencer Lloyd

With that, I turn it over to you.

What did you think of Night 2 of The Green Mile? Which singers stood out for you? Which cuts had you dialing 911 and reporting a robbery? And have you already got a favorite heading into the Live Rounds? Take our polls below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mollie says:

    Oh Happy Days! Limited voting finally comes to Idol!

    • LeahKittyS says:

      And it’s staying all season long! Now I don’t have to stay up for hours to make my votes count! Hooray!

    • Kenneth says:

      An no longer can people vote continiously for two hours…most noticeably teenagers with nothing to do…

      • Stormy says:

        Hallelujah! I haven’t watched the last two seasons because of the voting policy.

      • trimaran12 says:

        you really think teenagers are the majority of the power voters?

        • Leah Hoffman says:

          Teenagers don’t give a rip about Idol, let’s be real now.

          • Larry says:

            Teenagers aren’t the only ones who don’t give a rip about Idol. Who cares that Idol finally limited its voting? How many people are voting anyway compared to before? I think it’s kinda funny reading about contestants singing songs like Radioactive, Stars, etc.–and there’s not one rock judge on the panel.

          • Gailer says:

            No teens I know watch lol

          • sg54 says:

            Hey! I’m sixteen, and I love American Idol and watch Reality Check on a regular basis! Of course, taking 5 ap classes, i don’t have time for power-voting, nor do i think it influences eliminations as much as we think it does. Most power-voting comes from the area that the contestants live in; If you live in a close-knit community, you have a greater advantage. Hopefully, the new limited voting will fix this flaw.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      I didn’t catch the new/revised(?) voting policy…would appreciate someone cluing me in 8<D

    • Linda says:

      Not sure it matters since lots of my favorites have been eliminated already. Really, really liked Paula Hunt who just sort of disappeared after the audition show–brief clip online of her in group performance and then nothing and where did Tessa Kate go?? For commenter on page 2–Paula Hunt is in the U.S. Air Force band.

  2. Jim says:

    Brandy came out of nowhere! shes amazing and in my top 5 girls! Her and Brianna also.

  3. Briston Maroney makes it, Emmanuel Zidore makes it, Jordan Brisbane makes it, Ethan Harris makes it, but not Savion Wright? What???? The males are so much weaker than the females as a whole this year, maybe not as much as last year’s pure female domination, but still weaker. I think there is a lot of talent in this Top 30, and I’m pumped for that, but there are a few crazy selections made the past 2 days.

    • screan says:

      Well said!! Felt bad for David O.W. also.

      • JVee says:

        VERY very sad that Savion and David didn’t get through – so superior to some of the ones who did. And they kept showing how nice Savion was to the other contestants when they got the news they were through. That got my hopes up for him! I hope both these guys come back next year. They deserve a shot.

    • JM says:

      Yes, it makes no sense whatsoever. I also thought it was extremely cruel to eliminate David Oliver Willis AGAIN when he is so talented. I hope he goes to the Voice.

    • tealeaves says:

      “Briston Maroney makes it, Emmanuel Zidore makes it, Jordan Brisbane makes it, Ethan Harris makes it, but not Savion Wright? What???? ”
      THIS ^^^^.
      At one point I could not figure out how Savion, David Oliver Willis, and Munfarid were all going to make it into the Top 15. Then none of them did! We don’t even know what happened to Munfarid! They just never showed him again. I disagreed with a lot of what was decided tonight.
      So far, I disagree that the girls are stronger this year. Next week we vote in 5 of 15 girls and 5 of 15 guys. I can see a scenario where by the end of next week I am only excited about 2 or 3 girls, but like at least 5 or more of the remaining guys.

      • S. says:

        I honest to God had a hard time remembering the vocals of several of the guys just looking at the names on the poll. I know them when I see’em on tv and I know the names, but that’s the sort of impression they’re making which is to say not the biggest. Savion and David and Munfarid were robbed as were Paula and Megan. Sorry but neither Sarina’s nor Marielle’s version of Wrecking Ball was that good. Sarina would’ve gotten cut at the next round and if Marielle doesn’t step it up she might too. It’s gonna be harder to narrow down the girls. I was really surprised that Caleb Johnson got a 80% go home vote on the Idol tv poll. Bizarre. He’s talented, just very loud. The personality is probably what’s causing a problem.

        • tealeaves says:

          For the guys I like Sam (the kid with the red cheeks – he had to grow on me but I was very impressed with his vocals on his own song), Alex (the guy who brought his guitar into the room to find out his fate), Malcolm Allen (the guy who sang Superstition in his audition and beat boxed with an air guitar because he didn’t have a guitar like so many other contestants – they have showed him at every stage and he has a great voice), George Levitt (the guy who sang “I Won;t Give up On Us” this week) , any of the country guys are fine with me (I expect at least 1 of them will make the top 5). Caleb the rocker guy is okay with me too, though I am not sure he will make the top 5. I don’t think any of the teenage guys should have been put thru except for Sam, but I also don’t think any of the others will make the top 5 next week.
          For the girls I really like Majesty and Jessica. I am not sure Jessica will even make the top 5. I think there is only 1 country girl and she is okay with me. For many of the other girls I really need to hear another performance before I make up my mind. I am not a fan of several girls they have been pimping, like Marielle, and I am afraid several of them might make the top 5.

        • JVee says:

          I agree with you! He’s got a terrific voice. What’s with the critique about his look not being relevant? Totally ridiculous how they panned up his bell bottoms – who cares?? He can always change his clothes – the guy can SING!

    • Lauren says:

      Those crappy singers made it so they could cut them right before the voting rounds and it would be easy on them. There are some lesser singers on both the guys and girls side and it’s pretty clear who most of the “expendables” are.

    • Katy says:

      Briston maroney is fantastic. He is such a unique singer he deserves to be in the top 30. It was a very smart decision to put him in. Ido believe that savion deserves to be in the top 30 as well.

    • Bonnie A. says:

      Agree with everything you said. SOOO disappointed in the choices for the guys, especially Davud O. W. and Savion. Two of my favorites. Last year I almost quit watching when they eliminated David. I was sure he would make it this year.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        Yup — very disappointing for them and us. Disappointing and sad.
        I don’t get it, but on the other hand, they can try again next year, whereas if they’d made it through, and then were cut, they can’t come back.
        Whether either one of them will try again — particularly David — is another story.

  4. JimJam says:

    Just waiting for another Jessica Sanchez, but it ain’t gonna happen – She set the bar. (If Idol ever returns to being a singing competition.)

    • Msmoore says:

      Idol has never just been a singing competition. It is about finding the next music star who will produce songs that people want to buy en masse.

    • sam says:

      Two half filipinas (mother side) marrielle sellers and malaya watson

    • Lauren says:

      Gotta be honest, but Jessica set no particular bar for me personally. There have probably been several dozen female singers on this show I’d rather listen to that her, including Elise Testone and Erika Van Pelt from Jessica’s season alone.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Awwww…you had to go an remind me of Elise and Erika. Loved them both, but unfortunately I think their age worked against them.

        • Lee says:

          And they’re both white and Jessica isn’t. So we know what ethnicity Lauren prefers. No wonder Jessica couldn’t set a bar for her.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I don’t understand what being white has to do with anything. I LOVED Candice. Loved Joshua Ledet. Loved Melinda Doolittle – still do! I loved David Oliver Willis and Savion Wright. I grew up on Motown. Can we please put this race thing to bed? Some of us just like the best singer. I also wasn’t crazy about Jessica Sanchez but it had nothing to do with race.

      • James says:

        Savion should not have been cut. Since then, I’ve become friends with him online. He’s a really nice guy too.

  5. JimJam says:

    Limited voting may turn this back into a singing competition again. Still, 50 per handset is a bit high. The teenyboppers will still flood for their boy-toys, sending the better talent home early.

    • Stormy says:

      Better than 10K from one teenybopper who doesn’t even care if their heartthrob can sing.

    • Tess says:

      Do people really still believe that teenagers watch this show? Hasn’t it been proven that the average viewer is about 40 (the average age may have even gone up from that as it has been every season since the first one)? Trust and believe, it’s not teens that are voting non-stop by phone for 2 hours to keep their favorite contestants around, it’s more likely middle-aged women (hence the predominance of wgwg for so many years and plenty of “cute but average” singers making it further than they should. Not teens keeping them there, but older women voting for the eye candy.

      • Jerry says:

        The Median age is actually 51 this season, up from 31 in the first season.

      • Timmah says:

        Basically, it’s 50 year old women voting for teenage boys.

        • PeaceMaker says:

          OK, I keep hearing this comment about middle-aged women voting for young boys who can’t sing. Being a woman in her 50s, I just do not understand that perception of women my age.That cannot be true!!

          • Jennifer says:

            It isn’t true. It’s just an assertion of an under-thirtysomething who has no idea that 50something doesn’t mean dead. :)

          • tealeaves says:

            The fact is, no one knows the demographics of the voters or who they are voting for.

        • trimaran12 says:

          Scotty excepted, weren’t all the WGWG in their 20s?

        • Stormy says:

          I doubt that. The teens in my family and their friends would never watch idol. But the girls who are between 9 and 13 gather every device in the house, phones, computer, cells etc. and vote like maniacs. I’m so glad that they finally changed the voting. Now we can have a reasonable outcome.

        • darcy the slutty twin says:

          That is offensive! I only vote for men above 20 years old!

      • sg54 says:

        As I commented above, I guess I’m just an outlier. I’m a sixteen year old girl who loves this blog and has watched American Idol for years. Yet, I’ve never seen the appeal of power-voting; i prefer strong voices and personalities. Power voting is usually a result of large communities that the contestants live in.

  6. Davey says:

    I probably won’t vote for any of the Alabama boys. Cutting Savion was a mistake but I hope he comes back next year, if there is a next year.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Yep, I felt bad for Savion. I thought he brought a lot to the table. I do love 2 of those Bama boys though… It will be interesting to see which, if any, America puts through…

  7. Angie_Overrated says:

    So many sloppy decisions tonight. And thank you, Slezak, for catching that Marialla Sellers sounded like an unlucky giraffe in a Dutch zoo. She sucked.

    Now onto a very important question: what happened to Paula Hunt?! I was hoping she gained a lot of weight and was the last girl they showed so that we could send her through, then I fell into a funk when I realized she was nowhere to be seen.

    • analythinker says:

      Hm, you’re right about Paula, where is she? Did she withdraw?

      • MamaLis says:

        How about Rachel Roleri? Does anyone remember her? I actually had to look her up again, but she was considered a favorite in the beginning. Blond with a guitar, sang Sugarland “Stay,” made the faces when she goofed, which they found endearing. They all really liked her, even Harry. Said she had an “understated confidence.” Then Poof! She disappeared! Did I miss something or WTH?????? How does that happen?

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Aww…you had to bring up poor Marius! That case made me so mad! I’m a Wildlife Biology major and am considering a career as a zookeeper, but I will not work for a zoo that allows that!

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Yeah, that story sucks, but isn’t that what happens in the wild? If they weren’t going to eat giraffe, wouldn’t they have eaten some other animal? Dunno. It sucks, but I don’t see a clear cut answer on that one.

        And I apologize to Marius for saying he sounded like Marielle. I’m sure he was way better at Miley. Maybe even better than Miley now that I think about it.

        • LeahKittyS says:

          Animals in the wild, we must let live as they do. However, that giraffe was in the care of the zoo and was perfectly healthy. They should have just sold him to the man who wanted to buy him and not slaughtered him in front of children. They have plenty of other meat for the lions every day without killing their own animals.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Hey, Wildlife Biology Major – you know what else giraffes do in the wild? They inbreed. ;-)
        So it seems a bit odd the zoo was concerned about inbreeding. Remember, those wacky Scandanavians are descendants of the Viking!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I’ve never really dug Marielle. Once Majesty Rose was in, I kinda lost interest anyhoo…

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I thought her audition was ok, but tonight’s clip of Wrecking Ball was tragic.

        • CK says:

          Yeah, I don’t get it. I would say that she had stage presence, but it’s obvious that she’s just a try-hard. The “acting” during the grenade performance just killed me. Wrecking ball was well I never thought I would say this, but Miley did it better…live.

        • Tusk says:

          Yeah her performance was kind of revealing that perhaps her weakest attribute was her voice. She’s hot as heck, full of energy and appears to ready to be molded into a pop star. Yet, there are definitely at least 15 better female vocalists than her this season… I think she has ‘surprise elimination’ in her future, unfortunately

      • CapitalW says:

        What was up with her freaking about MK getting in? It might just be me but it felt like she was really surprised about that in a not so good way.

        • jaded says:

          Probably because M. K. is a lesbian and she figured that M. K. would have no chance. But when she found out that M. K. DID get in, that meant that her belief that M. K. would never be a threat was shattered.

          • Jaszy says:

            What does M.K. being a lesbian have to do with anything?!?! Marielle freaked out only because she thought there was more slots open for the girls, but she didn’t realize that M.K. had already gotten through, which left her mind reeling that there was one less slot for the girls. It had nothing to do with M.K. being gay.
            In my opinion, M.K. shouldn’t have gotten through based on that solo performance alone. It was bland, boring, there were no high notes, she sang in monotone the whole way through, it was just…awful. She would have been better off singing the Birdy version of that song.

          • Maya says:

            Question: WHY DO THERE ALWAYS NEED TO BE HIGH NOTES? There is a thing called restraint. There is a thing called people with good voices who don’t have big ranges. There is a thing called Ed Sheeran songs that don’t HAVE high notes. I’m trying to figure out why people didn’t like that performance. There doesn’t always need to be vocal pyrotechnics in order for the performance to be good. Nobody yelled at Phillip Phillips for not using high notes, so why are we holding MK to a higher standard? I just don’t get it. Can someone please answer my questions? I really would love to know.

          • Jaszy says:

            Sweetie, that was just one aspect of what I did not like about M.K.’s performance. I agree that one doesn’t always have to sing high notes, but M.K. brought nothing fresh to that song. Like I said, her vocals were bland, boring and she sang in monotone the whole way through. High notes are just one part of adding flavor. Yes, she doesn’t have to sing high. But give me some flavor. I love the little idiosyncrasies that make a voice unique. Just hearing a dull rendition of that song doesn’t do it for me. Her voice was dull! This is my opinion, end of story.
            In regards to Phillip Philips, I didn’t particular like him—in fact, I didn’t like him at all—but his voice was intriguing. His voice had character and tone. M.K.’s performance lacked that for me. It was like hearing “Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh” line after line.
            But again, this is my opinion. I don’t see M.K. making it that far on the show. Her voice is good, but there are better girl singers, like for instance, Jessica Meuse. She doesn’t necessarily have all the vocal pyrotechnics, as you say, but she has something that makes me think she could be a star.
            M.K. could be better than she’s letting on right now. But sometimes, you only have one chance to wow and that performance was not a wow performance.

    • The Beach says:

      I believe that was a Danish zoo, not a Dutch one. Not trying to play copywriter here, just hate seeing the Dutch get blamed for something so ugly.

  8. J.B.S says:

    As a whole, the girls are more talented than the guys this season, but at least this year’s guys are talented too (unlike the debacle that was last season).
    If asked to pick a winner right now, I’d probably say either Kenzie, Majesty, or Malcolm.

    • Danny says:

      Agreed 100% on your top part. Every single guy is better than any guy last year. “Brutal” this year would be “WOW!! TOTALLY EXCELLENT!!” last year. Most of the girls are better than any of the gals last year too.

      Where I’m inclined to disagree is the bottom part. I’m not sure how old Malcolm is or even which one he is, but the other 2 are young. I like them both, but 16 year olds tend to fade. I think Kenzie and Majesty are among the best right now, but how will they hold up?

      • Jeremiah says:

        Majesty is actually 21.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        They kept saying over and over that the men were horrible last year, but other than La-la-lazaro, I though they were pretty good. Devon and Burnell were money, the gospel singer was very solid, and even the gay Taylor Swift wannabe wasn’t that bad.

        This year, I’m not loving the men at all. Pretty weak overall.

        • LeahKittyS says:

          I do not appreciate you making fun of a former contestant’s disability. But other than that, I agree with you; the men last year weren’t as bad as everyone says. By the way, the gospel singer was Curtis, and the “gay Taylor Swift wannabe” was Paul.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            You know, 99.9% of the time I would agree with you that making fun of someone’s disability is taboo and verboten. However, this is Lazaro we are talking about here. The dude cried non stop, had zero talent, was nasty to other contestants, made excuses for himself after every disaster, and couldn’t even remember song lyrics. In these circumstances, I’m ok slamming someone with a disability.
            But other than that, I think we’re on the same page. The guys last year I thought were excellent, maybe even better then the previous 2 or 3 seasons. The guys this year a bit “meh.” The kid from Boston’s not bad, I like Dexter, and then I don’t care about the remaining 14.

          • Wandergirl says:

            Well I can’t speak for LeahKittyS, but for me it’s fine to make fun of people with a disability, but not of the disability itself. The problem when you are using the disability to make fun is that it can be diminishing to anyone with a stutter, for example.

          • Samantha says:

            The really good male vocalists are going to the voice.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Good point about the boys this year as compared to last. I think generally it’s a solid lot (I am ignoring a few that I wish/hope will go away soon)… Um… I would add Sam Wolf to top contender list.

      • MamaLis says:

        Ya, I actually really like some of the dudes this year. Sam is obviously a #1 contender. I agree with Melissa in thinking Spencer deserves another shot. Alex Preston’s youtube version of Fairytales has been stuck in my mind ALL day, which is a huge compliment. If the rocker dude would open his eyes – he could do well for awhile. I think one or two of the country dudes will put up a good fight. There really are quite a few.
        Now.. Ben Briley? He just kinda scares me. There’s something very… 65-year old strange rural man in him.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      This statement is much funnier when the first three words read, “as a whore, the girls are much more talented than the guys this season…” I guess I should put my contacts back in. :)

  9. Idolbeat says:

    What about voting on the most robbed?? Maybe Idol can see who should go into a wildcard spot. I vote Savion!

  10. For the record: Sarina definitely sang all the wrong words to Wrecking Ball.

  11. Also, #VoiceSave Savion.

    • MamaLis says:

      Here’s what I honestly think happened in the Savion situation. Cause initially I was indignant.
      I think he has huge potential. And I think Idol knows he has huge potential. (In fact, isn’t he the one that waited to try-out? Maybe not… ???)
      ANYWAY… personality, potential, drive, talent…… and a brother’s deeply tragic, heinous murder just ONE month prior. The emotional magnitude of that is so enormous, one can’t possibly imagine. And it sounds like the family doesn’t even have all the answers yet. Savion’s pride, and Savion’s drive wouldn’t let him “sit out” his commitment to join Idol this year. But it’s clear from watching him that he had a ton of raw emotions just bubbling beneath the surface – on temporary “hold.” Fast-forward several weeks from now and the pressure cooker increases. Would he make it? Would he break? Would he even be operating at full potential? Would any of us?
      By Idol making the tough decision for him, they gave him the respite he wouldn’t take for himself. I believe they’re banking that he’s going to come back stronger than ever – next year. In fact, they’ve listed only 5 names on the website of “Who should come back next year?” And he’s one of them. And he’s leading by a landslide.
      If I’m right, I actually think it was a good, kind decision. He’ll be okay and I think he’ll even be better.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        MamaLis, you offer an interesting, logical, and, most of all, compassionate explanation for Savion’s cut.

        Unfortunately, past AI seasons have tended to demonstrate any lack of compassion, much less any logic that the viewing audience can discern. And we don’t know enough about the new leadership to give it the benefit of doubt (although you have done so).

        I would love to believe you are correct, but my cynical nature leads me to believe that it’s not about doing the “right thing.”

        However, there is the caveat/exception that, by sending him home now, he can come back in the future. And I surely hope that he will (assuming that AI has more years).

  12. I actually really enjoy Briston Maroney’s voice. I think he’s got a great tone, and he seems to be very knowledgeable musically. Hopefully he chooses songs that showcase his voice well. My three favorite guys are Briston, Sam, and probably either Maurice or Neco, and my three favorite girls are Majesty, Kenzie, and M.K.

    • Kevin Babbles says:

      I agree – I’m loving Briston’s voice – he’s my favorite male in the competition right now. It’s admittedly different so I get why it doesn’t sit well with everyone, but I’m surprised that everyone’s writing him off automatically. He has a uniqueness and musicality that many in the top 30 lack. At least we know he won’t be serving up sound-alike cover songs!

  13. DD says:

    Please tell me why….why…Oh why was David Oliver Willis was sent home? So very disappointed. One of the most talented men this season and last season. Love his style….a natural…so smooth (like Darius Rucker). Please someone be smart and give him a recording contract. Never agreed more with Slezak…lost two great ones in David Oliver
    Willis and Savion Wright. What are the judges thinking? I wish they would have given us a chance to vote on them…I guarantee they would have made it to the top 15 men!

  14. analythinker says:

    Neco Starr and Ben Briley… hm, I liked them both at some point. Not sure I remember Ben in Hollywood Week 1 though.

  15. Chablis says:

    So sad about Savion…. Jordan over him? Sigh :-(

  16. Davey says:

    Whatever happened to Cree? I liked her but she has disappeared.

  17. Danny says:

    I had thought Savian was a lock. So much for what I know. I see in the polls not many have 2 of my favs up there (Jessica and Maurice). Majesty is on top though, so I guess I at least got 1 right.

    I noticed they didn’t show the interviews in the order they were done. Like Jena was in the background for one of the guys after she’d already made it. There were a few other times where I thought that a person sitting in the waiting room chairs had already been decided on. No big deal, just not sure why they’d do it like that.
    I’m looking forward to a good season. It’s nice to be able to anticipate the show again.

    • The Beach says:

      I’ve gotta ask a question. Does anyone on here actually enjoy the overly dramatic shtick the judges do (and have for years) leading the contestant on like they are being cut only to magically pull a “just kidding”, you’re in our Top 30? Am I the only one who finds it totally exasperating? Can’t they just say “You made it” or “Sorry, you didn’t make it” and let that be it?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        No. that is HIGHLY annoying. I also don’t like two contestants in there at the same time. I’m beginning to think it should be like a casting call where they just publish the list of people that made it.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        No, you are not the only one who dislikes it! They need to think about what it’s like waiting to receive the news of “through” or “home.” I think it’s offensive.

      • waterbug says:

        Totally agree! Whenever it became long winded and morphed into parental yammering (remember the teacher in Charlie Brown) we the audience knew they were going through (at least I did)–and I am sure the contestants figured that out too. Why would you drag out a “No?”

  18. analythinker says:

    I don’t seem to remember anything about Ethan Harris either…

  19. Maya says:

    This episode made me both spaz on the couch from happiness (JENA AND MAJESTY!!!) and yell at my TV because of the complete idiocy of the events (SAVION??? DAVID??? SERENA???) and those who were sent through in their place (MARIELLE? BRISTON?) I was mostly agreeing with the choices this season (with the exception of Jordan, Spencer and Bria’s advancement and the cutting of Keri Lynn Roche), and then tonight happened. This was complete ridiculousness. Some serious talent went through (wait, what the heck happened to Megan Miller?), but then some serious talent got cut while a bunch of teens who weren’t ready yet got put through instead. WHY MUST THIS OCCUR??? I HAD SO MUCH FAITH IN YOU, IDOL.

    The girls are clearly crushing this season… the only boy I’m really excited about this season is Sam (MY GOD HE’S AMAZING). Hopefully some major improvement will be shown with the “meh” contestants over the course of the season.

    Is it just me, or would anyone like to see the deliberation process before the Green Mile episode, just to see if their decisions are actually as illogical as they seem?


  20. RodMod says:

    Sam and then C.J. in the polls? I mean, seriously?

  21. Meg says:

    What about Munfarid? I swear I saw him in the holding room.

  22. sg54 says:

    It was SO hard to vote for 3 girls because they’re all so amazing. of the 15, the only 2 I’m not extremely excited about are bria and marriale, who i think should have been cut. But the guys? I could only vote 1, sam wolfe, cuz i could barely remember the names of anyone else. looking at the results, i now realize who cj and malcolm are and I’m excited, but the rest? Wheres David and Savion? If they had gotten through they would’ve been near the top. Briston, Jordan, Emmanuel, all cannon fodder! Are they trying to give girls the advantage this year again, just a bit more subtly??!?!

  23. Brandy says:

    There are SO many girls I like this season. But what happened with the guys? Not feeling most of them at all.

  24. Austin says:

    Rooting for Majesty and Jillian the most! Both are so amazing.

  25. Mollie says:


    The Top 15 girls perform on Tuesday February, 18 and the Top 15 boys on Thursday February 19. Except–uh oh. Not all of the Top 30 will perform! The judges will choose whom they think are worthy for a shot at the top 10. Some contestants will leave Rush Week without singing even a note.

    Be prepared to hurl some shoes at your TV next Thursday

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Oh, I might have to skip that show… Sounds annoying. Haven’t they already had their say?

    • Kelly says:

      I understood it to be that all 30 of them will sing live, and we will see them but not vote… the judges will cut them to 13. Which…. STILL will probably have me hurling a shoe, or 5.

      • Peg says:

        No. Live voting begins Tuesday. My guess is they will cut 6 to 10 singers before live voting. Gives you a number you’re familiar with like the top 24.

    • The Beach says:

      Yikes! I think I’ll watch next week’s show at a friend’s house so when I throw that shoe it won’t be my TV that gets busted.

  26. LeahKittyS says:

    Like most people on here, I was bummed that David and especially Savion were cut. But maybe they’ll be back next year. I take things for what they are on this show; pretty soon it will be a blip on my memory radar. But what a week this has been, with all the cuts and twists and outrage. Looks like it will be a violent start to my story! Get ready for a storm at sea, people! (And look for it right here in this comment section.)

    • waterbug says:

      Agreed about Savion…Remember Candice Glover the second time around???

      • My Alter Ego says:

        waterbug, if you are referring to Candice from last year, that was actually her third time. (“Third times a charm.”)

        Candice tried out in the ninth and eleventh season before making it to the live shows in Season 13.

  27. JayNC says:

    I am so disappointed about Savion getting cut that I need some time to recover. I have been so excited about this season and then they go and do something so absurd. Oh well, of the remaining guys I think Sam and Alex and CJ are my favorites, but I really the girls this year – Majesty, Jena, Briana, Emily, Jessica. I’m sure by next week I will be excited again but I am nervous about the latest “twist” – that we may not get to vote on all 30. Will they cut more of my favorites before I can vote???

    • Gailer says:

      I know what you mean, I can’t believe I even care about this dern show anymore, but I’m really pissed they cut Savion.

  28. Jeremiah says:

    Man. Two of my top 3 (Keri Lynn Roche and David Oliver Willis) were cut this week. And my other favorite, Majesty Rose, messed up her lyrics. I’ve also been really excited about Kenzie Hall, but I didn’t want to totally commit to her until I had heard a second knock-out performance; the very little bit that they showed of her tonight didn’t sound so great. I’m not going to hold anything against Majesty or Kenzie. It was probably just nerves, and I’m still looking forward to seeing them on the live shows. But there were definitely a lot of disappointments this week.

    • Danny says:

      Kenzie being so emotional wasn’t a good sign. I like her singing, but I’d think there’s a certain amount of poise one would need to have in order to be successful in the entertainment industry. She may need some time to mature.

      • The Beach says:

        Yep, I think she is mega-talented and her Macklemore song blew me away but if she’s going to enter this crazy and stressful Idol world she had better develop a lot thicker skin or stock up on the Xanax.

  29. j says:

    Savion and David Oliver were such amazing talents. Both cut left me in shock.

  30. Trouty Mouth says:

    Briston Maroney should not have even advanced past the audition rounds. His voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard. There’s a fine line between having an interesting voice and having an unpleasant one and he falls in the latter category. Not to mention his stage presence reminds me of a nervous kid at a school talent show (which is the vibe I have got from a lot of 15-year-old contestants since they lowered the age limit) than someone with the intention of having a career as a professional singer.

  31. Rex Master says:

    What happened to Rachel Rolleri? There was no mention of her getting cut. She was one of my favourites.

    • danin says:

      Thankyou!! I said the same thing about Rachel Rolleri last week.She sang Bonnie Raitt and another girl before her sang Bonnie Raitt.I wish I could also find the other girl as well.She had a dusty sounding voice..or maybe I’m putting 2 contestants togethrr w/dark hair(not Rachel though)

    • tvlover44 says:

      mine too, rex! for folks who don’t remember, she was the one who kind of bugged out her eyes towards harry connick, jr. in her audition when she felt like she’d messed up. i’ve loved her all along and was hoping she’s make the top 30. wonder what the story is with her?!

    • Mikko says:

      I went to her Facebook site: She was cut after group performance. She was my ultimate favorite. I am shocked that they can afford the unique talents thay have found to slip through their fingers.

    • jj says:

      I have to say that i was not only disappointed….but incensed that this gal was not shown again after such a great performance with Angel. I had never seen this talented girl before. Enjoy watching new talent discovered and evolve and can not believe that Urban who was compelled to harmonize with her, or HCJ, who was also impressed, did not give her a chance. I must say, poor directing in the show. This was like having Ernie Els with a great second shot to a par 5 and never showing the eagle put. I am getting tired of the lack of continuity on American Idol.

  32. LibbyxD says:

    I thought it was so odd how the camera kept panning to Savion. And then he’s cut. Me thinks he’ll def be back next year.

  33. Liz says:

    I am so sick of the judges telling us how hard their job is. Do you want us to feel sorry for you? Sorry, but I can’t when you get paid a crap ton of money (on top of the crap ton you already have) to do a cushy job.

    Of the remaining contestants, I love Sam Woolf, Jessica Meuse, Briana Oakley, Emily Piriz, and Jena Asciutto.

  34. Msmoore says:

    There are so many great talents this year I wish we were going to vote next week for the ones we don’t like. I don’t know how I’ll be able to divide up my votes among my many favorites.

  35. Michael says:

    Look, no one is every going to agree on every choice. And I too had my issues (I think Neco is so damn charismatic he deserved to be in the top 30 outright). But why Michael, my favorite recapped Michael…why must you always think it’s the producers up to no good? The new team has done such an amazing job reinvigorating the show this year, can’t we think that maybe it’s something we didn’t hear completely on TV? Express your opinion difference of course, but must it always be a conspiracy theory?!

    • ben says:

      Indeed. As much as I really do like Michael and his recaps, easily the best around of Idol, I still sturggle with this aspect of his viewpoint.

      • kate'shomesick says:

        those are definitely NOT conspiracy theories…If you’ve ever been involved in a TV-castingshow process…you know how these things work…ask former contestants or people that worked on such a production… that’s just how this business is

        • Ben says:

          No, the business casts. There are not going to be 15 black girls, for instance. That’s not a conspiracy to deprive particular individuals of their opportunity. That’s just casting.

  36. CK says:

    So I guess I need to start liking Marrialle Sellers, right? They’re definitely trying to make that happen.

  37. ben says:

    I’ll say it every season, and I’ll say it again. This 30 has to go down to 13. That means a good half will not make it. I fully support Idol padding that 30 with a good 10 or so contestants who are good, but just not good enough. It means they can’t come back next year. In the mean time, the Savion Wright’s of this world CAN come back next year. The alternate reality suggested by Michael well could have meant someone like Candice Glover was eliminated before the top 13 a season or two before she won.

  38. Michael says:


  39. Lauren says:

    I have to say that both Majesty and Kinzie showed some definite chinks in their armor although they are being propped up as front-runners. From what they showed, both totally bombed their final solo performances and could very well do the same once Idol goes live. Marielle also was not very good and showed to have a somewhat grating entitled personality, like when she was acted stunned MK made it through as if she was better. Puh-lease.

    • Jaszy says:

      I didn’t see Marielle’s reaction that way at all. Like I said in another post, I think Marielle was confused on how many girls had gotten through and how many slots were left open for her to possible snag one. She didn’t realize that M.K. had already gotten through. She was shocked when she found out only because she thought there were more slots left, not because M.K. made it.
      Geez, some people are misreading her reaction!
      With that being said, I don’t particularly think she has the greatest voice. In fact, based off of that solo performance, she should not have gotten through. I didn’t even think her audition was that good. Her voice is too limited, she doesn’t have much control over it. Sometimes it seems as if she’s forcing her vocals. I don’t think she’s going to last.
      I also don’t think M.K. is going to last either. Her voice is not that good. That Ed Sheeran performance left my mind reeling as to why the judges put her through.
      And people, it’s not because she’s a lesbian that I think this- She’s a brave soul for not being afraid of what people will think about her. I wish I was like that- BUT her voice is just simply mediocre.

      I have my eyes on Jessica Meuse, Jena Asciutto, Emily Piriz, Jillian Jensen and………………..Austin Wolfe just a little bit.

      I hope a girl wins this season. I always want a girl to win. Girls rule!

  40. chris says:

    I feel without naming names that the two that we are being asked to vote for should have both made it over a couple of others and doesn’t that put that at a disadvantage in that they are being asked to vote for them twice again for the person that did make it.

  41. Shawn says:

    I’m still can’t believe they told Savion no but said yes to Briston. Savion probably would have made it far whereas Briston’s voice grates on my nerves. I think he will be one of the first to be voted off. The Alabama boys are alright but not “jumping up and down” for them(my one Randyism for the day). I say out of the guys Sam Wolfe has a shot at going far. For the girls so many to choose from. I like Majesty and Jessica Meuse the best but there are a lot of talented girls there this year it will be hard to pick a single favorite.

  42. kenzie says:

    Jillian Jensen hands down! She is an inspiration to me. Unique voice and writes her own songs!

  43. Kaba says:

    If there’s one thing about the contestants this season, it’s that nobody who went through really seems like a similar artist to one another.
    People say majesty and marielle have similarities but I only see two black girls with guitars, not similar artists quite honestly.
    There’s a tasteful uniqueness to everyone that I really enjoy. Because it would get tiresome seeing like 5 R&B soul singing divas make the cut, always felt like good unique potential would always get passed up.
    Another thing I like about their uniqueness is that they (to me) just feel more musically refreshing. Like I feel these contestants aren’t such generic examples of past contestants to the point where they’d be useless to the industry because they don’t offer anything intriguing or new.
    Majority through don’t really remind me of many artists. They just seem fairly stylized.

  44. Tonio says:

    Loved Savion Wright so talented!! What were the judges thinking??

  45. Lauren says:

    Oh and I also want to add that I do NOT like that Brianna girl’s voice AT ALL. When she sings I am reminded of an 8-year-old singing at a child beauty pageant. Don’t like her tone at all and I have no clue why people are harping on her like she’s so great.

    • tvlover44 says:

      i thought i *did* like briana until tonight when they showed her right next to brandy neely, and then i found briana’s tone not very pleasant at all in comparison. brandy’s tone sounded, to use the judges’ term, ‘pure’. very curious to see how they sound next week (if they both get to sing…).

  46. Kaba says:

    I’m sorry. They’re doing what next week? I can excuse the bus round but for the love of God why are they making live round cuts before people even perform? What is the God forsaken point of that round if they’re just going to do more useless cuts? Why with the lack of certainty. Just make this simple:
    Let the damn top 30 perform and let us decide who we want.

  47. Nicole Aldridge says:

    Jillian Jensen and Alex Preston should both be in the top 10!!!! They both deserve it!!!! Xo

  48. Darline love says:


  49. jodie says:

    Jillian Jensen!!!! I love her tone and artistry.

  50. JM says:

    Did anyone notice Majesty’s reaction to Marielle’s freaking out? Priceless!