Glee Exclusive First Look: Rachel Channels Her Inner Barbra in Funny Girl Photo Shoot

Rachel Berry’s Fanny (Brice, of course) is finally ready her closeup.

In the first of two exclusive first-look photos, Glee‘s leading lady (played by Lea Michele) channels her inner Barbra Streisand and participates in a photo shoot promoting her starring role in a Broadway revival of Funny Girl.

The second image obtained by TVLine for your viewing pleasure finds Rachel’s roomie Santana (Naya Rivera) auditioning for — and landing — a gig as Ms. Berry’s understudy.

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The aptly titled “Frenemies,” which serves as Glee‘s spring premiere and marks the show’s return to a Tuesday timeslot, airs Feb. 25 at 8/7c on Fox.

TVLine’s own Matt Mitovich recently reported that the subsequent tension between Rachel and Santana will “turn violent” and significantly alter their current living situation.

Check out the pics below, then share your anticipation level for Glee‘s return!


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  1. kd83954 says:

    ah!! lea looks AMAZING! and i can’t wait for the rachel-santana drama! give me glee back already! #longesthiatusever

  2. TJA says:

    Lea looks so good! Can’t wait to see more of the FG stuff, hopefully some of the actual performances they did in the show. Give me FG over Blam any day!

    • Lydia says:

      You know they’ll do “People” at some point. It’s too iconic to pass up.

    • Liz Weaver says:

      Yes. More Broadway Berry and a little less of the omnipresent Blaine would be much appreciated.

    • Gunny says:

      I get it. I really wanted the focus to be on FG and NYC, but it won’t work if they bring Blam to NY – they were a big reason why Ohio wasn’t working. I am so over all the little battles that Rachel had to go through to prove she was the best singer. Britney was the only one who did not challenge her to a singing contest. I can only think this understudy gig is a big joke.

      • rm says:

        But oddly enough a good portion of season 4 Brittany sang more that n Rachel. That just shows you are screwed up season 4 was… The understudying role isn’t a joke Santana is talented and I am sure there are some part out there that would be great for her. This plot is just to manufacture drama.

        • Trouty Mouth says:

          I would actually like to see Santana and Kurt actually write a musical and perform in it, and get Mercedes and Artie on board, going back to what Kurt’s dad told him a couple seasons ago about how if there aren’t enough roles for him, he should create his own.

      • furyianfyre says:

        Santana is a strong singer and a strong person. I like this little twist. Make Rachel work to keep her spot and know that someone talented is breathing down her neck. After all – that’s how Broadway works.

        • Really says:

          But that is an old story for Rachel. She always had people breathing down her back and she always has to say thy are talneted too.

          • furyianfyre says:

            Santana was right when she said that Rachel was an awful person. She never truly cared for another person but herself. Even when she was dating Finn, it was all about her.

      • meg says:

        Rachel isn’t the best singer. Mercedes is, but the show and the fans refuse to acknowledge that because she doesn’t look like Rachel.

        • stop it says:

          That is a matter of opinion. I love Mercedes but I prefer Rachel voice and style, lets not pretend it is anything other then i opinion. ANd no it has nothing t do with how anyone looks. Rachel is the lead character that was set up in the pilot. Mercedes is a supporting character.

        • Gunny says:

          Amber has a great voice, but she is fairly limited in her appeal outside of R&B and Gospel – compare the ITunes download sales. I think it is unfair to suggest that looks have anything to do with this. Gleeks were very active in support of Amber for DWTS. Rachel is clearly my favorite, but I stayed up for hours voting for Amber, Mercedes was featured a lot on the show – she had two big features on the Quarterback – more than anyone else.

          • FF says:

            Mercedes always had the songs but some fans seem to ignore she is a supporting character. She wasn’t neglected she was used how supporting character are used. There is no shame in being a supporting character. Amber knows that was her job. When asked if she would want to trade place with Lea she said no, she didn’t want all that work. So it is no surprised to Amber what she got as Mercedes.

  3. J says:

    I have no idea why Rachel would be wearing the outfit Barbra wore to the Oscars. You would think Rachel would wear a outfit Fanny would wear. Oh glee.

    • Annie says:

      Hey this show wants you to believe Naya Rivera would EVER be the understudy for the Funny Girl lead. I’m just saying – drastically reduced expectations would be advised, LOL.

      • LT says:

        Naya isn’t going to be an understanding Santana is on a fictional show. I don’t see Santana as Fanny Brice but it is hardly the most ridiculous thing to believe from glee. Having drama for the show makes some sense having a costume for no reason is just bad costuming.

      • S. says:

        Yeah, I agree that’s just ridiculous. Never in a million years would Santana get cast as Fanny or her understudy. I love Naya and her voice, but this was purely for Glee drama. It would’ve been great to see Santana dealing with Rachel’s ego as she made it. No way does our Ms. Berry stay grounded without her friends giving her what for. Instead they create drama where it would never realistically be.

        • SWAT says:

          See this is the part I don’t like. Why do we have to have Rachel keep learning this lesson over and over again. She knows others are talented and she knows she has to dial back her diva we have seen that story a dozen times. I like the idea that Rachel doesn’t trust Santana 100% and is worried she will undermine her at work.

          • Gunny says:

            A new storyline would be Santana admitting that she has been jealous of Rachel all along and why she said all those horrible things to her. It would be similar to the Quarterback when she tried to say something nice about Finn but couldn’t get it out. Extending that expression would be a good storyline for both Santana and Rachel.

  4. LilAngel says:

    Santana playing Fanny, even as an understudy, makes no sense at all. But I love the pics

    • PY says:

      It is glee they don’t care that it doesn’t make sense. They just want drama and I guess to have someone else connected to Funny Girl. I would have liked Kurt to get a part instead and have Santana find something else in the arts.

      • Guy says:

        Glee doesn’t think gay men can find roles on Broadway. Because they’ve never actually seen a Broadway show.

        • ick says:

          Please Blaine will he will proalby get role offered to him after he wins the super duper Winter Showcase.

          • Trouty Mouth says:

            They’ll probably invite him before he even gets in and he’ll win and they’ll all be like oMG BLAINE IS THE FIRST NON-NYADA STUDENT TO WIN!!! PRAISE JESUS!!!

        • dude says:

          You can say a lot of things about Glee but they’ve always been most sensitive to gay issues. Kurt doesn’t become a superstar on Broadway and suddenly Glee is saying all gay people can’t act? Get over yourself. Besides, Chris Colfer is a marginally talented actor and singer at best.

          • CC says:

            And yet still the best male actor on the show.

          • Gale says:

            There have been multiple plots on Glee about how Kurt is too gay, gay, gay to fit in and that roles will be limited for him. Hello, I am Unicorn? Maybe you’ve seen it? No? It’s a Glee episode, one of many that deal with that plot.

          • Trouty Mouth says:

            Singer, yes. Actor, no.

          • stop it says:

            @Trouty Mouth ha he is a better actor than singer. And with a name like toruty mouth I hope you don;t think Chord is a better actor or singer than Chris.

  5. Juned says:

    In what world would Santana land a role as an understudy for the lead in Funny Girl? Just stop, Glee.

  6. tkc says:

    Oh, Look Rachel has a story on Glee. Go figure.

    • Dan says:

      Really it is about time it gets back to her . Glad to see Santana has a story too.

      • give more to the real NY 3. says:

        I know Rachel has been sidelined almost but not as badly as Kurt and Santana. She got some but nothing much to be happy excited about.

        • karen says:

          Disagree, NY has been almost all Kurt so far. They don’t know what to do with Rachel yet, half her story has had to be changed. But agree that Santana has been fairly nonexistent.

          • Laura says:

            Huh? Kurt hasn’t had much in NY. Rachel has had the most but it was weak. Kurt has had bits and pieces but nothing major and and Santana has mostly been bits and pieces. It was hard to give anyone in NY much with so little time. Now they will have time but once again will probably focus on the wrong people not Rachel, Kurt or Santana.

          • Gunny says:

            I just thought maybe Lea wasn’t quite ready for a full schedule yet. What frustrated me was having Adam Lambert and Demi on the show and they still focused on Ohio. Kurt, Rachel, Dani, Santana and Elliot singing for about 40 seconds then they cut to Ohio.

          • thr says:

            @Gunny – That makes no sense Lea is the one who wanted to go back to work. And that doesn’t explain all of season 4 when she was sidelined.

    • Smith says:

      Yeah a Rachel and Santana story.

    • true says:

      The more Rachel the better.

    • Rachel says:

      Don’t get too excited, i’ve heard the Funny Girl storyline gets fast forwarded pretty quickly well actually its one of the casualties of the fast forward.

      • give more to the real NY 3. says:

        Doesn’t surprise me. We have to make time for Blam. ick

        • SKE says:

          If they do shorten Rachel’s, Santana’s, or Kurt’s stories for Blam, then that is the time foe Fastforward.

          • Danni O says:

            I am tried of having got fast forward. Blam got 20-30 minutes an episode while in Lima it is time for the real NY3 to get 30 minutes or more and let Blam have 7 or less minutes.

    • wtf says:

      Go figure they screwed up the past seaosn and half sidelining her about time they start to fix it.

      • Gunny says:

        Rachel has not had a solo since Quarterback so she’s only had two solos all of Season 5. She sells more downloads than any other cast member and that includes Blaine, and the only new kid to get a notable sales was Jake. Give us Rachel back.

  7. Kelly P says:

    So the Funny Girl set is historically appropriate but the gowns and Rachel outfit are not. Why are all those women aorund Rachel dress like they are going to this years Oscars while Rachel is dressed for 1969’s Oscars?

  8. Jess says:

    THey really don’t know what to do with Santana. Not only does she audition with Don’t Rain On My Parade..but she becomes the understudy. I know Glee stopped caring a long time ago ..but that is ridiculous. Rachel is the one who cares about Broadway.

    • Kit says:

      Santana may just be feeling things out but I wish they would give her a different path.

    • SKE says:

      They have to keep them as close in scenes as possible. Not separate their stories too much. That’s why I liked the diner.

    • Lydia says:

      Personally, I thought the band idea made way more sense for Santana than this Broadway thing, but I guess they needed someone familiar for Rachel to interact with in those scenes so this is what we end up with. I just really wanted Glee to have like a battle of the bands or something..

    • abz says:

      I agree, it’s a little weird that Santana is considering Broadway, but I’m not gonna judge it before I see it.

      • Sean C. says:

        Well, if she wants to be an actress, Broadway is the main game in town for her (which is another reason why it would really make more sense for the character to be in Los Angeles, but “Glee” isn’t set in Los Angeles, so there you go).

        • abz says:

          Yes, I know that. I just thought it was weird because Santana never seemed the Broadway type. Anyway, I’m keeping an open mind.

          • S. says:

            I feel like Santana would get into off-Broadway stuff that was more edgy, not expecting it to be a big deal but wanting experience. Maybe Rachel’s Funny Girl ends up struggling but whatever thing Santana had gotten a role in transfers to Broadway because it’s a surprise hit. Rachel would try to be supportive but end up kind of jealous and frustrated. She was supposed to be the star and instead her friend’s career takes off.

    • Gunny says:

      What frustrated me most, is that Sectionals was one of my favorite episodes. It’s really when they started to shine and the scenes of Rachel pushing aside the curtains and starts singing that song and then when she sang “march my band out” are epic. I love those scenes and now I have this other scene of Santana making fun of it and Rachel. Why? Ryan Why that song?

  9. Janeth says:

    Lea looks great!
    Santana auditioning for a Broadway role it’s like a really bad BAD joke.

    • its just a plot point says:

      urgh it is a plot point to get them on the outs for future stories. It is no more ridiculously than 90% of what glee does.

      There are Bway roles Santana would be great for actually like Anita in West Side Story. Personally I don’t think Funny Girl is a good fit, but again nothing to complain about it is just the understudy anyway.

  10. DC says:

    Naya looks amazing! She’s so fit!

  11. Dale says:

    Lea looks terrific. I love that photo. The one of Naya – not so much. I really could care less about Santana’s story at this point. Hopefully she will ride off into the sunset with Britt to MIT. I’m looking forward to the NY stories the remainder of this season – more Blaine & Kurt!!!

    • karen says:

      Blaine should not be the focus of NY. Darren will now be sharing a location with some of the better young actors on the show. He can’t compete. Ryan said Rachel is the lead of this show and hopefully , he will stick to his word.

    • what says:

      I rather have 1000 Santana over Blaine, Klaine and Blam. Naya can at least act and sing. Her character is interesting and not whiny little boys who have the maturity of a gnat.

      • Linda says:

        I much rather see anyone but Santana but then we all like different things and it’s not possible to please everyone.

      • SKE says:

        What, I agree with you. I had my fill of Blaine, Blam, Sam, Blee, Klaine.

      • Kitty Fan! says:

        Amen. Klaine and Blam just ruin the show for me. Their personalities are just too different. In Season 2, Blaine was a very mature goal-oriented smart guy. Come Season 4 he’s a lovesick whining child complaining about everything. In Season 3, Sam was a very family-oriented guy, very hard-working, always looking out for others. Come Season 4, his maturity is gone, his brains are gone, he became even dumber than Brittany when he used to be such a smart person. If that Sam and that Blaine can come back, maybe Glee would be less painful to watch. For the past year and a half, it’s the newbies and Tina who made the show bearable for me, still capturing the Glee that I fell in love with. Now they’re all getting kicked off the cast after graduation and Blam/Klaine will get even more screen time. Ugh. T_T

      • Harr says:

        I would much rather have Rachel and Klaine then Santana. I’m really sick of her snarky attitude. She is no way should be on a Broadway stage. They are really hurting her character. Can she just go live with Britt in Boston already. Ugh.

        • de says:

          I’d rather no one but Rachel be on bway. The others I want success but in different arts. It lessen Rachel storyline that was set up in the pilot.

          • Gunny says:

            In addition to the other “themes” in the show, I always enjoyed seeing the difference between Rachel and the others. She was so focused and worked so hard at every aspect of being a Bway star – that is an important message to young people. But, to imply that someone can basically come to the stage and make it big is like winning the lottery. Working hard to achieve your dreams is a great message and storyline and that was Rachel’s and to a lesser degree Kurt’s.

  12. Mary says:

    It’s so obvious that Glee is only doing that so Santana will have to move out so Blaine and Sam can move in. They’re gonna destroy the only good thing left on this show, which is Rachel, Kurt and Santana’s dynamic, only so Blam can move in to Rachel and Kurt’s apartment. I mean seriously, the idea of making Glee only about NYC is great, but bringing Sam and Blaine there will not change anything and the show will continue being boring as hell, because the only thing Ryan Murphy cares about right now is showing this super untalented due (Blaine and Sam, but Blaine especially), Ryan is somehow obsessed with Darren Criss and his non existent butt. Plus Klaine is an awful couple that only exists because of the small but highly loud (I mean, they’re made of noisy little girls mostly) Darren Criss’ fanbase.

    • Linda says:

      I’m really looking forward to Blaine and Sam in NYC. There are a lot of older people who love Kurt & Blaine together and even Blaine and Sam. But your opinion about why Klaine exists is amusing.

      • tim says:

        Klaine exists because it is Ryans PSA about gay couples, He has purposely made them so vanilla to make people who have never been exposed to a gay couple, think hey they are okay. Unfortunately, vanilla means boring. They don’t do any background PDA, they did nothing to work on their relationship last year.

      • Mary says:

        I said mostly.

      • Frankie says:

        and there are whole lot who are tired or Klaine and Blam and their fan base makes it even worse. It is bad when you consider most people liked Klaine at first and liked Sam and now people are ready to poke their eyes out when they come on screen.

        • Nancy says:

          The loud minority of people who are tired of Blam are just that LOUD! They post all over the place even where it doesn’t apply to the subject like NOW! No where in this article is Blaine or Sam mentioned yet- there you go… Little OT don’t you think? They are discussing Rachel and Santana. I suppose if this article was about Blaine you would ask Where’s Quinn? This never ending cycle of complaints is getting BORING!

          • Jen says:

            People who are tired of Blam are the majority, dear, you can see by how much the ratings are dropping and how many people hated season 4 and are hating season 5. And this article is totally related to Blam, since the writers are only making Santana do all this so she will move out and Blam will move in.

          • Lisa says:

            I totally agree @Nancy – this is getting beyond old. But lucky for us Ryan Murphy loves Blam and Darren and Chord. So keep on complaining, guys, you’re going one heck of a job! And FYI, just because you see other like-minded people complaining in posts about something doesn’t make it the “majority” @Jen, not even close. TVLine is not a cross-section of Glee’s average viewer. The people who read these articles generally have extreme views both positive and negative. I would hazard to guess that most of the GA either likes or is indifferent to Blam; but to place the decline solely on their shoulders when SO MUCH of the show has changed is ridiculous, and just plain dumb.

          • Mary says:

            Blaine has had the biggest amount of screen time and songs since season 4 and since then Glee quality and ratings went downhill, but Blaine stans will never admit that, although they know it’s true.

    • Lydia says:

      So this started off kind of on topic to the article but then turned into a rambling rant against not only characters but also the actors? Blaine is far from being my favorite character, but some of you people really need to let this go. Or at least only bring it up under articles where it is actually relevant.

      • S says:

        Every single article that is about Glee turns into a Blaine/Darren hate-fest, whether he’s mentioned in the article or not. I don’t understand how people are *still* going on about this. There is one season left, and Ryan is going to do what he wants. Definitely time for people to get over it.

        • ty says:

          People are still going on about cause they are still focused on Blaine and Blam. People didn’t like the Lima side which was 80% Blaine and/or Blam and now they giving NY time but it will still have too mcuh Blaine and Blam. People wanted more NY cause of who was in NY not casue it was the setting of NY.

          • Lisa says:

            Yeah, because Season 4 wasn’t about Marley and Jake and the newbies at all, nope. I mean, it’s not as though Marley had the second most songs of everyone, nope. Let’s blame it on Blaine, one of the most popular characters on the show. The reason he and Blam got more focus was because Lima had more focus. There were two people in NY for a very long time – how would it have made sense to focus on them in equal amounts as the side that had 15+ characters? I mean, I agree, they should have made the transition to NY a long time ago, and dropped Lima at the start of Season 4, but the writers were stuck on Lima. But I hate to break it to you, people are not only watching this show for Kurt, Rachel, and Santana. Get over yourselves. You’re getting most of what you want – a show focused in NY, no more Lima, and you still complain. This season has been very well spread out between Lima and NY, but you guys won’t be happy until there’s zero Blaine and Blam. Well, sorry folks, that ain’t never going to happen.

          • No more Blam says:

            Yes it did have the newbies but Blam was still the focus. It got ridiculous at the end of the season.

    • SKE says:

      Mary, I am with you here. Season 4 and so far s5, what I’ve seen, has not impressed me. I stopped watching after episode The Quarterback. I tried when Adam Lambert was on but, when 70percent of an episode is Lima, I’ll miss it. I’m going to try again with the all NY, but, if Blaine and Sam are big features in an episode, I’ll miss it. Glee is not the have to watch show that it once was. It just isn’t that good. I hope it gets better.

    • Jude says:

      Are you kidding me?! Klaine is the ONE reason I continue to watch Glee. I adore them individually and as a couple. Mess with Klaine and I am out of here!

  13. gleeker292 says:

    Please just sot with the santana hate. take it from someone who knows and studied music, rachel has a amazing and powerfull voice perfect for fanny, but i would chose santana over her always, her voice gives life to music, there’s not one single song that santana sang that i didn’t put on my Phone, and i don’t even fancy Naya character that much, but her voice is remarkably alive and amazing, so yeah, it would be different and interesting to see her do Fanny, things doesn’t always need to be copied from the past acts..

    • Gale says:

      I don’t hate Santana and Naya. I just think it’s ludicrous that she would be cast in a this show.

    • Gunny says:

      I have also studied music and understand that people have preferences, but Rachel and Santana are barely in the same league. Santana has a limited range and struggles a lot with breath control. But, it’s a good voice for pop music. I think Santana only had a couple songs that really sold well on ITunes as a single. Her duets with Mercedes did well but that is because Mercedes can handle the hard notes. Amber has the second best voice on the show. She has a great range but has trouble controlling and sustaining the big notes. I liked Blaine in moderation, but he started to be the whole show.

      • Maureen says:

        So true, Gunny! The idea that Naya can sing Barbra’s numbers is just ludicrous!

      • mmmmmmmmmmmm says:

        The fact that you said that Amber’s voice is second to Lea’s completely discredits you.

        • resentful says:

          See Lea fans will acknowledge Amber has a great voice but many Amber fans are so resentful that hardly do. Why don’t her fan get that Rachel get more cause Rachel is the lead character. Mercedes while on the show always got songs. If anyone impeded on Mercedes it was Santana who leap frogged her in songs once they started giving her more.

          Keep on insulting Lea if it make you feel better, but that doesn’t discredit anyone for preferring Lea’s vocie and skill.

    • Maureen says:

      Naya doesn’t have the vocal ability to sing Barbra’s songs – do you have any idea how hard they are to sing and sing well?

    • LLM says:

      But she is still wrong form Fanny. Fany was a real person who was Jewish and had a pronounce noise and song are made for big belted. What you are saying is a preference not a fact based on music knowledge. . There isn’t a song of Lea I don’t have on my ipod cause she has so much emotion in all her songs ( but that is my preference not fact). I like Naya and her voice on some things it is great but she also has a wobble to her voice that sometimes just ruins a song for me. .

  14. i just need Britt to be in NYC with Santana that is all…

  15. Bobbie says:

    Should I even bother wondering why Rachel is dressed as Barbara instead of Fanny for a “Funny Girl Photo Shoot” or will I just end up with a Glee-related headache?

  16. Heathers says:

    Whoever that she/he/It is in the cover photo, it sure looks like a Trannie.

  17. Fernanda says:

    GLEE NY is coming.. the last days in Ohio begins on Feb 25

    Y ahora en español, estoy ansiosa del regreso de Glee y a mi si me dolera despedirme de Ohio porque significa decirle adios a Will. Espero que culmine la historia de Marley y se quede con Ryder, lo siento Jake, you are a cheater.

  18. jessica says:

    The main thing is lea is getting a storyline but what ur all forgetting is that ryan had to change most of the show afer cory died he says he always knew how glee would end he showed that through rachel on the quarterback that she had it all planned out and now its changed so if ya dont like the way glee is anymore then i suggest ya just stop watching coz u cant be true fans if all ya doing is complaining about things

    • tim says:

      Can’t blame Cory’s death on season 4, that is why most people are complaining. Last year the focus was on secondary characters while they sidelined their better actors. Well, the secondary actors could not keep people interested in season 5, when they saw things really did not change. Now,it seems to be too late, the changes should have happened after season3.

      • Guest says:

        The newbies aren’t secondary characters, they were core characters. ‘Secondary characters’ are people like Joe Hart, Sugar Motta, Dottie Kazatori, Brody Weston, Adam Crawford, Cassandra July, Isabelle Wright, Roz Washington, etc. I feel like people wouldn’t have been so hateful of Lima if only they took the signs early enough. Glee said right from the Pilot that Rachel and most of the cast were sophomores. Did everyone honestly believe that everyone was going to be on the show forever? Because I personally thought that once a character graduates, they’re out. That was my assumption after watching the very first episode. Glee started phasing in new characters in Season 2, so I assumed that they were going ahead with that plan: graduate characters, and replace them with new ones. I feel like we should be grateful that half the grads even get to stay, because the true essence of Glee, in my opinion, was the choir room and how it transforms these hopeless losers into successful kids chasing their dreams. Once NYC becomes about underdogs again, then maybe I’ll like it. Because right now, they’re all unrelatable top dogs. College, work, and adulthood are too easy for them, so I’d rather watch underdogs in high school.

        • tim says:

          If all the graduates from S3 left the show, Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Santana and the ones they made juniors to keep them around, no one would have watched past the first couple of episodes of s4. The show, from the pilot on, was always focused on the story of Finn and Rachel, and then they added other stories to compliment theirs. One of the reasons the show worked, was the original cast and the different talents they brought to the table. Ryan said if Lea chose not to come back they would not do the show, period. Very few, based on ratings, caught on to the newbies,they were not the best actors, and throw Darren and Chord into that group. Darren is a performer, not an actor, as were most of the newbies. There were other problems,too, the songs no longer furthered the stories, therefore no emotional connection. The switch to NY, is desperation, IMO, to try to keep the ratings from declining even further. Are they even averaging 4 mil. viewers?

          • RFT says:

            The switch to NY is too little too ate for ratings no matter who is in NY. I can’t believe some people still don’t get that this show has lead characters and a lot of supporting character. Even the new kids needed up more supporting characters to Blaine who shouldn’t be a lead and Finn when he was there.

    • true says:

      I don’t believe Ryan when he says Rachel was going back to Lima. Cory was set to be in NY for the spin off. When that was scrap cause Fox got scared the show vouldn’t work w./o Rachel and Kurt they changed things up. Finn got stuck in Lima cause the newbies needed a anchor from the old cast. Ryan made that up so Finchel fans would be happy. He didn’t care how bad it was for Finn never to get out of Lima or for Rachel to have to give up part of her dream

  19. Youn says:

    Initially I was excited about the funny girl storyline, but after reading about this spoiler I just don’t wanna watch it anymore(even though eventually I will watch it just because this is one of the last episode of NYC story lines before blam contagiously ruin NYC).

    Also, please no blam in NYC. Finally watch season 5 premiere because it’s on the tv and chord’s and Darren’s acting we’re so stiff they made the bad storylines looked even worse on camera

  20. abz says:

    I really wanna hear Rachel sing “Funny Girl” and “I’m The Greatest Star”. I know they’ve already been done on the show, but I’d still love to hear her sing them.

  21. Heathers says:

    lol, blame my darn autocorrect! Trannie Trannie Trannie!

  22. Maureen says:

    Santana would NEVER be cast as Fanny – she doesn’t have the voice for it! Hate Santana for trying to steal Rachel’s dream role!

  23. Trouty Mouth says:

    1. Glee fans are kinda racist.
    2. Rachel needs to be put in her place.
    3. In the real world, Rachel would have no career as she would already have a black mark against her for basically harassing everyone every time she tries to get something she wants.
    4. Naya is awesome. That’s all.

    • origo says:

      kinda agree with number 1
      but number2-4 makes this comment irrelevant.

      • Trouty Mouth says:

        So the fact that I’ve been a fan of Naya’s for four years makes my comment irrelevant. I go to a performing arts college in Australia and we have quite a few people like Rachel who walk around like they own the place and even if they’re talented, no one wants to work with them because of their sheer arrogance. I’m just saying it how it is, and if Glee presented the entertainment industry correctly, there would be very few people who would want to work with Rachel.

        • facts says:

          Yeah cause Santana’s bitching and Tarrance is loved by others. Rachel isn’t even that bad.

        • Gunny says:

          Maybe in school this happens, but entertainment is an industry and that is about making money. There is a lot a studio is willing to put up with if the person makes them a lot of money. Rachel is intense, but she’s not mean.

    • RFT says:

      Yeah and Santana isn’t harassing ever. We get it a Naya stan. Bashing others doesn’t help pump up Naya.

      • Trouty Mouth says:

        Never said anything negative about Lea. Funny how bashing Naya and her talent is fair game, but the minute anything says anything remotely critical about Rachel Berry, a fictional character who has nothing to do with Lea Michele (the actress who plays her), it’s “bashing”.

        • RFT says:

          And I didn’t say you said anything bad aobut Lea. But you bashed others like the fans saying they are racist. I never mentioned Lea or Rachel. I was saying Santana si harassing too and not many people would love working with someone so bitchy either. You are projecting things that were never said.

  24. Et says:

    God, listen to yourselves! Stop complaining about everything, sit back and enjoy the show.

  25. Gunny says:

    I think the people, including me, who are making suggestions truly want the show to succeed. This is a show i loved and would never miss, then it turned into something else and the rating dropped significantly, downloads were way off, as well as all the nominations for awards. There is a problem. So, I think the “love it or leave it’ is unfair.

  26. Gunther says:

    Thank god the show is putting more focus on Rachel (who’s the actual lead on the show, gasp! you wouldn’t have known that if you only watched season 4/5) and Santana. All the focus on McKinley, Blaine, and vanilla boy Sam was ruining the show.

  27. Toria says:

    Why exactly are Glee fans racist? Because its a little strange for a Latina to play a Jew? Well you wouldn’t let a white girl play Celie from The Color Purple. Sometimes it does depend on your race what kind of part you get. Fanny Brice was from Jewish decent it only makes sense to have someone similar to play her.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      No one seemed to have an issue with Rachel playing Maria, who was meant to be Hispanic.

      • FF says:

        Well Fanny Brice was a real person and her Jewishness was a part of her schtick. No one care about Santana race and playing Fanny it is about making unnecessary drama and Rachel always having to have someone come in and try to knock her down a peg or two. The story is tired and been down too many times on glee already. Since you bring up West Side Story I would have been against Rachel playing Anita over Santana cause she fits the part better. I think Rachel fits the part of a awkward Jewish girl with a nose and a big belting voice better.

      • Gunny says:

        Most of the music written for classic musicals was soprano for the female lead. Lea is a natural soprano, Naya is not. Heritage can be done in make-up, but rewriting all the music to fit an actress is much more difficult and changes the tone of the show.

  28. Gee says:

    I can’t wait for Feb 25 for Glee to come back. The remainder of Season 5 in NY is all I have ever wanted. More focus on Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Sam & Artie. I can do without Santana and Mercedes….. There is a lot of excitement for the show now, so here’s hoping NY is all of Season 6 as well!

  29. Kerry Randall says:

    I love Santana and they could have done something better cos i like hers and Rachels friendship that was great Santana is what us Brits call a tart with a heart. Hope they don’t fall out for too long. Hope the klaine wedding will be great too

  30. verysiriusly says:

    I watch this show for every character except Rachel. I can’t stand her.

    She’s a whiny selfish, entitled spoiled brat who bitches about everything even when she gets her way.

    I love this show, but if they only focus on her this season I don’t know if I can watch the rest of it.

    I want a least a little more screen time for Klaine, seeing as they just got engaged and all.

    • Gunny says:

      If you are expecting a Klaine wedding, I think you will be disappointed. I think their storyline will be about discovering they really aren’t suited for each other. My guess is that Blaine will start flirting with Elliot/Adam Lambert.

      • verysiriusly says:

        I can guarantee that Elliot will not cause Klaine any problems.

        Also the Klaine haters need to knock it off. It serves no purpose to live in denial and delusion.

        • Gunny says:

          and this from the person who just posted a tirade about Rachel. Double standard.

        • Gunny says:

          You don’t know any more than the rest of us so you too are in denial and delusion. People are just stating what they wish would happen and why. You have that same right without the snide comments about posters. I do know one thing for sure and that is Rachel is the star and she will be the star to the end of this and next season unless she chooses to leave and I don’t think that will happen.

          • siriusly says:

            I don’t know anything? How am I in “denial and delusion”? I have the right to express my opinion, just as you do. I don’t like Rachel because she is a bully and bitchy, but gets away with it because the writers constantly put her on a pedestal, like she’s a goddamn princess. I’ve learned that it isn’t Rachel they are putting on the pedestal, it’s Lea. The writers have slowly turned Rachel into a mini Lea. I also do not like Lea because I think she has a bad attitude and gets too much handed to her by Ryan because for some very strange reason.

            BTW: Most of the people still watching Glee are watching for Kurt/Blaine/Klaine/Santana/Brittana, not for Rachel and her whiny bitch scenes. If the writers would allow it, Rachel could be written off the show and it would probably increase the ratings.

    • FF says:

      You made mistake you just described Blaine….whiny selfish, entitled spoiled brat who bitches about everything even when he gets her way.

  31. Sal says:

    Yay!! I can’t wait. This going to be VERY good!!!!!!