The Walking Dead Recap: Growing Pains

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9Although the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead divides its time between Rick and Carl’s increasingly contentious relationship and Michonne’s crisis of faith, its conclusion leaves you with a sense that you could almost put “Happily Ever” in front of the episode’s title, “After.” Read on, and I’ll explain why.

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NOTHING BUT RUBBLE | The hour opens with Michonne watching walkers amble toward the smoking prison as if they own the place — an especially sad tableau, considering that, just before the Governor’s assault, she’d decided to stick around. Yet even that sight pales in comparison to what she sees next: After (literally) disarming two walkers for camouflage, she happens upon Hershel’s zombified head and has to put her katana sword through her friend’s skull. If that doesn’t bum you out, wait…

SHARPER THAN A SERPENT’S TOOTH | On the road, an injured Rick and Carl clash more or less non-stop as they seek out food and shelter. And, if it weren’t for the constant danger that they’re in, it would be easy to mistake their power struggle for typical father/adolescent bickering. (“Excuse me?” and “Are you kidding me?” are just a coupla the classics that they shoot at each other.) Even after the duo take refuge in an abandoned suburban home, Carl can’t resist baiting his pop by mentioning Shane.

MOST HAUNTED | Meanwhile, Michonne spots Rick and Carl’s tracks on a muddy path… but chooses instead to wander the woods among the living dead. In other words, she surrenders. Only after a nightmare flashes her back to her late lover and their baby — and his eventual hopelessness — does she have a (well-deserved) mini-meltdown, kill all of her undead traveling companions (including one who coulda won a Michonne look-alike contest) and try to catch up with her pals.

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THIS BOY’S LIFE | Back in the ’burbs, Rick is so achy and tired that it’s hard to tell whether he’s sleeping or in a coma. Either way, during his extensive nap, Carl has one near-miss after another while protecting the house and scavenging for supplies. And, with Rick in no position to respond, the teen really lets his old man have it, blaming him for the demises of everyone from Judith to Lori and insisting, “I’d be fine if you died.” (Ouch.) Mind you, his anger and bravado evaporate instantly when his dad’s raspy breathing makes it appear that Rick has turned.

TOGETHER AGAIN | Thankfully, Rick has not turned. He’s just so banged-up that he sounds like he feels — in other words, like s—. “I’m scared,” Carl finally admits over and over. The next morning, Rick tells it to his son like it is — things are never gonna be the way they were again. Not only that, but he apologizes for treating him like a kid. “You’re a man, Carl.” Then, as if to suggest that, while things may never be the same, they may still be okay, there’s a knock at the door. “It’s for you,” Rick says to Carl. And it’s hard to tell who looks more elated to have found each other again, Rick or Michonne.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? I was impressed that, even after all this time, the show can still make me jump (as it did when the walker hidden behind the door surprised Carl). Grade the ep below and then elaborate in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. JustJen says:

    Loved the ending! Excited to see where everyone else is in the next episode.

    • Mark says:

      The ending would have been better for Carl if it had been Beth just going on what Rick said all in all a great start…

      • Alan says:

        why beth? she has little or no connection to carl while michonne treats him like a surrogate son.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Absolutely, Michonne is more of a mother figure while Beth would be a young man’s wet dream, LOL.

          • JSM says:

            I was trying to do a replay of the scenes where they showed the front of the houses where Carl and Rick were staying and the one Michonne went into and they did not match at all. No short stairs and rocking chair on the former, but only a hanging swing chair.

    • Phillip Flaky Blakey says:

      I agree! I clapped at the end. So happy she found them! I hope they fix on the show, where they failed in the comics. I love comic Andrea, but I always thought Rick and Michonne would be perfect for each other and AL and DG have lots of chemistry.

    • Fido says:

      I thought they were going to have her turn up with his missing shoe :)

      • Linda says:

        Me too!! She seemed to be hitting every place they’d been…..I wouldn’t have been surprised to see her with his missing shoe!!

      • GeekWithFangirlSkills says:

        THIS!!! I wanted this sooo badly that as far as I’m concerned that’s why Rick said “it’s for you.” Machine is standing on the otherwise of that door with Carl’s shoe.

    • GIGI59 says:

      I am scared a walker is going to come out of nowhere and attack Michonne before she can react.

  2. Ashley says:

    This was the perfect combination of character and story development, zombies, action, and emotion. All the emotions of this episodes…o, man. Beautifully done. If Chandler Riggs or Danai don’t get Performer of the Week, I might riot.

    • Phil Holmes says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more!! This show does an amazing job investing you emotionally in these great characters, and to me nothing so far has displayed that connection better than the moment Michonne looked through that window to see her friends. Absolutely beautiful, and an incredible job by the writers!!

      • Luvmygreys says:

        Loved this episode great character development and finally backstory on Michonne. I like the show best when it focuses on the survivors and then throw in the zombies as a reminder of how dangerous it is.

  3. Alanimation says:

    Carl would have gotten along famously with Barry and Levon if they were around during the zombie apocalypse.

  4. Tony says:

    The Michonne stuff was brilliant and sad. As well as the Rick/Carl stuff. I know some of my friends who watch the show sees Carl as a brat. I think today we saw the boy who has unfortunately lost his childhood and is crying out for help

  5. spartan says:

    More adolescent snarl than I wanted, but I liked the Michonne arc and the touches of humor at the end. And next week: Daryl!

  6. Beth says:

    Favorite scene was Michonne finding Carl. I only say Carl because she looked so happy to see him, and after finding out she had a son her connection to him makes sense. I know in true WD fashion we aren’t going to find out about Judith for awhile and that is my only gripe (but I get it).

    • JSM says:

      How come the front of the house where they were staying and the one Michonne climbed into dont seem to be the same? the former didn’t even had steps to begin with.

  7. Jillian says:

    Crazy Carl at it again. Him and King Joffrey should have a play date some time.

    • Mike R. says:

      Really Carl is a bit angsty, but he is not exactly torturing teenage girls, or chopping peoples heads off. Hate carl, but he is not anything like Joffrey, for one Joffrey is a much more entertaining character, love him or hate he is fun to watch, Carl is just annoying and angsty, but he has his moments.

  8. Derek Johnson says:

    Horrid episode, worse than the farm episodes everyone hated. First, why did they randomly scatter post-prison? After getting separated when they ran off the farm, why wouldn’t they come up with an emergency plan if they had to flee the prison? And I’m sorry if I didn’t want to listen to an hour of Carl whining like a brat, then coming back and after it didn’t go well for him. An episode focusing on 3 or fewer characters is fine in the middle of an 8 episode batch but not for the first episode back after such a huge cliffhanger. Next week’s episode looks eminently more interesting, which begs the question why wasn’t it aired before tonight’s episode since both episodes pick up at the same place.

    • TV Gord says:

      I loved the farm episodes. You shouldn’t try to speak for everyone. Loved tonight’s episode, too.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Season 2 was excellent, I actually liked it better than the Woodbury crap. I figured they were going to split up these next few eps to showcase the different groups but they will all come together eventually. This ep was perfect for Rick, Carl and Michonne.

        • tripoli says:

          Agreed. I’m not a fan of Carl for the most part but tonight’s episode was great. Also really enjoyed season 2, with the majority of it being on the farm. A lot happened that season so I’m always a little surprised by how unloved it is. Looking forward to getting a glimpse of the different groups in the weeks to come.

        • Phillip Flaky Blakey says:

          When I was watching the seasons the first time around, I thought season 2 was a bit slow, but after rewatching the first three seasons, I think season 2 was my favorite, and season 3 was my least favorite. So I totally agree with you.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Season three is my least favorite too. I liked all of the prison and original gang stuff but I hated Andrea and the Woodbury stuff. I’ve rewatched s1-2 multiple times but when I rewatch s3 I FF thru everything Andrea.

    • Eric says:

      What I’m noticing is the people who make comments like you are making are the ones who want non-stop action and nothing else. What we saw tonight was a mix of action and actual character development. I can’t stand Carl and he is my least favorite part of the show. However, I recognize what they are doing with him and I respect that. All of these “boring” episodes are the ones that focus on developing the characters, which is needed. So no, it wasn’t a “horrid episode.” It was actually very nicely done. Also, I didn’t hate the farm episodes. So don’t speak for everyone.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I get what your saying. I wasnt a really big fan of tonights episode but at the same time i dont think i was in the correct mindset for it either. To me you have to be careful calling a episode crap for being subtle. But theres a difference between slow and subtle. A lot of the farm stuff felt slow…you could FEEL the lack of $ to move onto a new location…but this episode was subtle.

      This episode made me hate Carl again, and want to strangle him to death, him come back as a zombie, then strangle him more. BUT…i feel like his actions/opinions were valid both as a teen, and his legitimate issues with his father regarding his mom/sister/friends etc.

      I have come to reserve all Common Sense and logic while watching TWD. They do almost EVERYTHING wrong in terms of surviving. As someone who loves survival/camping/outdoors/bushwacking/shooting guns/military stuff…i can tell you if they did things right this show would be so boring no one would watch.

      For Example: Never fear walkers again. What? How? Easy. Construct a outfit using jean/leather/fencing that you wear that is 100% bite proof over your entire body. Then find a motorcycle helmet and attach it to the neck part of the outfit. There…you cant be bitten or torn apart of ANYTHING. You can literally walk into a horde of 1000+ walkers and slowly (expending very little energy) use a Bowie knife and stab them in the head until you get out. And right there the concept of a zombie Apocalypse is ruined.

      (Let alone like many parodies bring up…the Zombies are so slow, the show REALLY plays up how dangerous they are. Every character just happens to trip at the worst time…if you find a CamelBak with water and keep to a light jog, your fine.)

      • Terminus says:

        Your walker-proof garb seems like a good idea for the most part, but it would hard to assemble, hard to travel/move/fight in, and more challenging than you might think to acquire the raw materials. In case you haven’t noticed, getting appropriate supplies in the Zombie Apocalypse is not an easy task. Tell you what, I’d be looking for a Costco. Those things are well-fortified, and stocked with food and other useful supplies.

        However, did they learn nothing from the Farm Incident? No contingency plan of “if the prison ever gets overrun, let’s all meet here”? That’s what I was expecting from this episode; it’s the only thing that would really make sense. That they are all floundering separately is certainly more dramatic, but it rather demonstrates their lack of forsight. Kinda stupid, really.

        That said, I still enjoyed it.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Not really that hard. First off they had MONTHS in the Prison to do stuff. But also you dont need anything besides finding jean pants (every abandoned house has at least two pair) and leather…so leather couches. Cut the leather off them. Fencing is everywhere, including the back of the prison where its useless so you can get some there. Get some thick tree branches, shape them the size of your limbs with a small axe/knife, hold the fencing in the fire to heat it up, then bend it so it spirals over the tree branch, making sure to give some space at your joint areas so you can still move your elbow/wrist. Once done, sew (finding a house in Georgia with a needle and thread would be easy) the jean/leather onto your normal clothing, slide the fencing over it, attach that to its other pieces so it all stays on..and Bam, bobs your uncle, you can walk into a heard of Zombies and not get hurt. Zombie Apocalypse? More like Zombie Inconvenience.

        • Sophia B. says:

          I have to agree with you. The only plan I saw was everyone get to the bus and leave. There was no meeting place agreed upon just in case someone could not make it to the bus, there was just nothing. And they learned nothing from the Gov attack also. I just wonder if they think there are no other bad people out there that would want what they have. I love love love this show, but what the heck! As for this episode, well it was about my two least fav charters so it was okay. Pudding is awesome and when Rick said “It’s for you.” was the best part. But Rick should have know better he should of talked right way, because if everything had gone well for Carl he may have killed Rick. I thought the whole Michonne dream was to weird. I prefer the good old flashback I think it is a better way to see what happened. And it really didn’t show why Michonne said in an earlier episode that they got what they deserved and they were bad men. The reasons may be something to come later in the show. Looking forward to next weeks episode and the return of Carol and appearance of Sargent Abraham, I just hope they are together. I think I might just have to give up the Daryl/Carol romance…..even though it will go kicking and screaming.

      • Alan says:

        do you know what wearing that walker proof stuff would be like in the atlanta weather? rather than being eaten you would be boiled to death.
        as for the zombies being slow point, zombies have to be slow, thats just how zombies have to be portrayed in media because fast zombies are boring. on a more practical reason zombies are slow because they are decomposing bodies, they probably couldnt move any faster if they wear aware of the situation and realised how much of an advantage that would be to them. also the slowly creeping threat is just far scarier to watch.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          You cant argue scientific logic with zombies….with no blood pumping, like a engine with no oil pressure, the human body doesnt work. So the whole “Well if zombies are cold….” or “zombies could only run if….” stuff.

          Yes it would be hot, but hot is better than dead, ripped apart by a zombies mouth, or bitten and die and turn into a zombie and murder (unknowingly) your friends/family. Also it doesnt HAVE to be a full suit. Just do your forearms (to use as shields from bites, like World War Z Pitt did with magazines and duct-tape) and your ankles. If the guy end of last season who walked into the store (with Helo coming through the roof) had just duct-taped layers of jean/magazine/leather to his ankles (one of the top spots to get bitten) he would have survived. That’s my point. There are a TON of little and big things you can do simply that take a few days, that will save your life in TWD. I mean for god sake they are running around in tank tops and shorts. Jean is basically human-bite-strength-proof. I’ll take wearing jean pants tucked into my shoes and a jean coat over death.

    • Kate says:

      I loved the episode! In fact, there has never been an episode I found uninteresting, including the farm. So speak for yourself, Derek!

    • Walkers R Us says:

      I think they do/did have an emergency plan based on some comments in episode 8… Can’t remember who said what but there was a comment about “they all know their roles for this” and ‘they know where to go’…

    • Charlid says:

      That was Carl’s point. Rick was not protecting the group. He was the leader but there was no plan. That’s why Carl was angry with Rick.

  9. Dominique says:

    wonderful, stellar first episode back. I know the fandom likes to hate on carl, but personally, he’s one of my faves. it was so sad to watch him, sorta, be a kid for one more day, only to realize he would never get that again. I think it’s easy for people to forget or overlook that carl is really still just a boy, and he was only 10/11 when all of this started. he’s allowed to be childish sometimes cause he IS a child. And I loved how, in the end, he admitted to being scared and didn’t want his dad to die. Chandler deserves an award for this episode.
    The Michonne stuff was heartbreaking. To see what she was like, and who she is now, without her loved ones..
    I can’t wait for the next episode!

    • Luke T. says:

      Are you kidding? That comment must be a joke. Chandler was horrible and not believable at all. If you mean he deserves an award for bad acting, then I agree. The actress that plays Michonne was the best thing about the episode.

      • Dominique says:

        a person who doesn’t share your opinion, so i obviously MUST be joking. no, I wasn’t. Chandler was amazing is this. You don’t agree? Fine. Still not joking.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Chandler Riggs was awesome in this episode. He really showed us some of his acting chops. The kid is really growing into a fine little actor.

      • Tom Mc says:

        The kid was utterly believable. How do I know? I believed him.

      • O-Town says:

        Seeing as how no one can justifiably know what it would be like being a teenager during a zombie apocalypse, I highly doubt you or anyone can determine what is believable and what is not believable. Chandler Riggs, I believe, is doing a good job balancing what the show perceives would be a teenager having to grow up a lot quicker than one would, if there wasn’t a zombie apocalypse. Sadly, he doesn’t get to rebel against his parents to let them extend his curfew. He doesn’t get to rebel against them for not letting him borrow the car or get his drivers’ permit. He has to rebel against his dad for not believing he could hold his own with zombie proofing their temporary living quarters after having done so perhaps for the better part of 2 years.

        If you want just not stop zombie killing with minimal characterization, play the video game.

    • Alan says:

      chandler has really grown into a great actor over the past couple of years, that was a fantastic performance from him. we got to see how carl wants to be treated as just another member of the group, he doesnt want to be considered as someone who needs protecting, but at the same time he is still a kid who just wants love and attention from his father, what a fantastic performance.

  10. Omar says:

    Amazing episode. Next week Daryl and Beth. My faves!

  11. James D says:

    Ok episode. not the best in my estimation although towards the end there was some good acting by Chandler Riggs. I’m sort of tired of them getting separated and then finding each other again it’s been done so I hope this doesn’t last too long. Next week looks to be like a heart stopper. I would love for them to stop killing off main characters, although i understand why they do.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      The problem is….people get bored with everything. They are together for a long time? Bored/Upset. Get separated? Bored/Upset. Finding each other? Bored/Upset. Fact is in this TWD work (comics/tv show)…its all that can happen. They make a camp (sometimes small, sometimes huge like the prison) but eventually something happens, they gotta bail. Sometimes as a group, sometimes things go bad and they get separated. I get what your saying…but there just isnt anything else in this world/scenario that can happen.

  12. anniem says:

    I’m guessing someone may die next week, as Hardwick announced “a special surprise guest” on next week’s Talking Dead. Aren’t those nearly always someone who dies in that night’s episode? :-D

  13. Too many frakkin commercials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Luke T. says:

    I thought this episode was really well done. My hate for Carl has returned in full force, but my love for Michonne has grown tremendously. The flashback was trippy and well done. Her story was the most interesting thing in the episode. I’m sorry but Carl just sucks. I hope there are more characters in next week’s episode and it’s not just Daryl and Beth. I also hope that the groups reunite sooner rather than later. I give this episode a 9/10 and that’s mainly for Michonne character development.

  15. ivy says:

    it was a mediocre episode but well acted,
    but i am getting bored with the walking dead’s increasing decision to do single episodes with only a few characters in that episode.
    it is at it’s best with all of them involved in the episode, even if not all together.
    this has happened a lot so far and i hope it ends soon. i got very bored with the two weeks of just old one eye no matter how got an actor David is, i was bored with just him.
    have everybody included it’s far more interesting,

  16. Dtaylor says:

    They gathered quite a few supplies easily and within walking distance of the prison. Wouldn’t this have been cleared out from all the supply runs and all the time spent at the prison?

  17. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought it was a great episode.We got into what Carl was feeling after everything that has happened and we got some Michonne backstory.As for Judith i think she’s still alive and on the bus or maybe Carol showed up somehow and took her.

  18. Alan says:

    carl has become the best character on the show in my opinion, to everyone who hates him you may as well stop watching the show because he is only going to get more important from here on in.
    the michonne stuff was great too, nice backstory for her and that breakdown was really well acted.

  19. Caiti says:

    Ok, I have a question. I have a quasi-theory… In other words, I have the dots, but I need someone to help me connect them. I’ll post this on EW too, I’m hoping someone has some thoughts.

    There is SOMETHING going on with the animals. Help me figure out what.

    1- The animal (she said Boar, I thought it was a deer) that Clara was going to take back to her husband- I think we were supposed to think it was taken down by Rick’s trap or a walker, but was it?

    2- The sick pig

    3- The rats at the wall- Coinidence that the walkers were sick the next morning?

    4- On one of the supply runs, we see dogs eating a dead walker

    5- The vivisected animal- what if this was science, not torture?

    6- Michonne’s dead horse- again, logically, it was probably shot or taken down by walkers, but not necessarily

    7- In last nights episode, Carl notices a dead bird.

    Originally I thought that maybe The animals were spreading the flu virus- but who knows. My husband pointed out that since the animals don’t turn, maybe they’re responding to it in a different way.

    Regardless, something is going on with the animals, they keep pointing them out. Thoughts???!

    • Caiti says:

      Ah, I forgot a big one-
      all the walkers at the vet hospital have the flu illness.

    • Sue says:

      Also season one, episode one, when Shane and Rick are driving out to put down the speed trap, there’s a crow eating a dead animal, I always thought maybe the animals are the carriers of the disease and that’s how it started

  20. Liza says:

    I was disappointed that it only focused on three characters. I am dying to know what happened to everyone else.

  21. Jenny says:

    Would like to see Rick back “himself” and figuring out how to meet back up with the ohters.The Carl thing is over now we all know he blames Rick for everything.. Now drop it and address why there is no power and what the world has become and what they can do to cope without “becoming a farmer”!

    • Alan says:

      rick was seriously injured by his fight with the governor, did you expect him to be fully healed in the 20 minutes since the fight happened?
      there is no power because nobody is generating power anymore, that one is pretty obvious.
      some complaints are just so unreasonable that i cant understand why people who complain like that even bother watching the show.

  22. Maureen says:

    I noticed something in last night’s episode that seems to be a discrepancy – Michonne routinely “kills” walkers with one stroke of her kitano sword – cleanly lopping off their heads. We saw that in spades last night, but it has been the case from the beginning. Why then, are her walkers seemingly completely dispatched when other heads, such as the ones the Governor had in the fish tanks, and even Herschel’s head last night, still moving? What’s the difference? Herschel was beheaded, his head turns and needs to be dispatched. Michonne’s herd of walkers were beheaded and no moving parts remain?

    • RUCookie says:

      She dosnt behead them at the neck, she beheads them at the jaw line… so she is cutting the brain stem. Look closely, she cuts high and up!

    • Alan says:

      michonne cuts through the head, destroying the brain, while other beheadings weve seen have been cut off at the neck so the brain is still intact and therefore the thing is still alive (does that apply to zombies? maybe undead is right in this situation? im not sure).

    • Walkers R Us says:

      It was explained in an early episode – she only cuts the jaw so they cannot bite her, just as she cuts the arms so they cannot grab at her

  23. Mikael says:

    I had just started to like Carl again, and then for the most part, this episode made me hate him again. But in the end, he became likeable again. I thought it was great character progression for him. To blame Rick for everything, think that he can do everything on his own, realize that he can’t and that he does need his father, was a good story. And any other show would have dragged the Rick/Carl fighting for half a season or more, but I like that they did it perfectly in one episode. I liked Michonne’s backstory, but her dream confused me. I wasn’t sure what exactly went down.

  24. Dean says:

    U know what would have been shocking at the end Lori knocking on the door (dead or alive).

  25. Hayden says:

    Michonne was everything during this episode. They need to give us more of her!

  26. Steve F. says:

    Great episode! Anybody catch the callback to the first season with the overhead shot of the tank?

  27. Matt says:

    I can’t stand the character of Carl. Based on a lot of what I read in online comments, I’m certainly not alone. The older he gets, the more annoy he gets. The last thing I needed after a long hiatus was a Carl centric episode. So disappointed in it. Wish the character would go away.

    • Alan says:

      maybe you should stop watching the show because from here on in he is only going to get more important if the comics are anything to go by.

      • Sophia B. says:

        Why is it the first thing people say is to stop watching the show every time some one post that they don’t like someone or something that happened on the show? It must me nice to like everyone and everything that happens on the show.

        • Alan says:

          im just saying that if this person hates carl so much that they will be very disappointed going forward so they may as well just save themselves the hastle.

  28. bobbie says:

    When Carl said that everyone was gone, I was about to abandon this show. And I really did hope that he would pull the trigger on Rick. But, the preview for next week shows the characters are still alive, so I will watch at least another week. Last season I almost abandoned it with the episodes about the Governor – I just ended up fast-forwarding thru those episodes.

  29. iApollo says:

    Listen, I’m a Walking Dead fan but for some reason I just loathed this episode. I was reading the comments and feel a little isolated here besides the people calling the episode horrid. And it has nothing to do with that there wasn’t enough action in it or that it was too slow. There was a good point made that there is a difference between slow and subtle. While I agree with that I do not agree that this episode was subtle. The thing it was for me is that I felt there was just some really lazy writing here. For the argument that this was about character development, I’ve seen better character development done in 15 minutes than what happened in this entire episode. I feel like the writers are making Carl dumber than he should be by this point. I get that he’s like a teenager and he’s supposed to be all angsty but that doesn’t make him automatically a stumbling idiot. What I would’ve much rather seen is Carl realize he doesn’t need his father, go out there, be a badass, and than regret leaving his father and realize that they need each other. That would’ve been way more developing for me rather than just realizing that he’d rather let his Dad eat him as a walker than kill him. I liked the parts about Michonne, almost as if another person wrote it, she actually had some real development, instead of surviving on her own again like she did all those years she finally decided that she would need companionship and a sense of belonging to keep hold of her sanity. I don’t know, I could totally be off key, someone please let me know what I’m not seeing

    • Hayden says:

      I agree with your post. I pretty much only enjoyed the Michonne parts. It was the only story line I felt I got anything out of. The rest was boring for me.

  30. mrstill says:

    Annoying Hershell is STILL showing up. The characters are STILL moaning about how hard it is to survive (something anyone would have gotten over in season 1). Actors STILL over-acting for that Oscar. STILL set in the same type of country/scenary. I’m STILL watching it, hoping….wishing….for some variation (the last two episodes of 2013 were great imho)

  31. JSM says:

    Anyone noticed that the front of the house the guys were staying in did not match the one Michonne climbed into? The former did not even have steps to begin with.

    • Sophia B. says:

      Did she clime into the house? I thought she walked up the stairs and after seeing who was inside knocked on the door. I guess I need to watch the ending again. Or maybe she went in the house that Carl lost his shoe in and PUDDING IS AWESOME, then found Rick and Carl in another house.

  32. connor says:

    best season yet love it ……………………………….