Beauty and the Beast Sneak Peek: Will Cat's New Valentine's Day Plans Include Vincent?

This Monday on Beauty and the Beast (The CW, 9/8c), Catherine’s determination to hunt down big bad Barnes threatens to affect her and Gabe’s Valentine’s Day plans. Is three still a crowd…?

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As seen in this sneak peek from the episode “Till Death,” intrepid archaeologist Sam (guest star Tom Everett Scott) may now be free from captivity, but he doesn’t appear to be out of harm’s way just yet. As such, he suggests that Cat, Tess and Vincent provide “security” for his and FBI Agent Landon’s vow renewal ceremony. In picturesque upstate New York. On Valentine’s Day.

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Press play to witness both Cat and Vincent’s reactions to the idea of possibly sharing the most romantic holiday together… with Gabe.

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  1. Samson says:

    ” sharing the most romantic holiday together… with Gabe.” LOL! that’s funny. OMG! Thanks Matt & TVLine for the sneak peek! I’m incredibly excited for Monday’s Valentine’s Day epsiode. You can feel VinCat are getting closer. KK & Jay’s have such passionate chemistry. Can’t wait for Vincent to fight for Cat finally.

  2. Carmen says:

    Catherine and Vincent faces. Priceless

  3. Hmm says:

    Vincent looks less than thrilled to watch Catherine and Gabe on Valentine’s Day. I want to reach out and shake him and yell “FIGHT FOR HER YA CRAZY BEAST!”

  4. sin bella says:

    Thank you TVLine for the sneak peek.
    Looks like another amazing episode. Vincent’s facial expression is priceless. You can see the sizzling chemistry between VinCat. No one can compare to that. Can’t wait for Monday:)

  5. #Beasties will be SQUEALING in EVERY LANGUAGE when Vincent shows his JEALOUS side!! #BATB @cwbatb @CBSTVStudios @CW_Network #WeWantBATBS3

  6. Chrissa says:

    One of the best episode, specially to see Vincent reaction to the Valentine thing.

  7. Adele says:

    Going to be another very exciting and interesting episode of my favorite show BATB!!! VinCat is on their way back to us, “YEAH BABY!!!” Mondays don’t come fast enough, need everyday to be BATB day!!!

  8. please! #BATB #WeWantBATBS3 important we do it once again to get the season 3

  9. Gilda Beck says:

    Nós buscamos as imagens domingo lá do Canada, Então ” Domingo seu lindo,chega logo”

  10. Glaucia M says:

    Thanks for the good news. After I to see this Sneak Peek, can’t wait to see the episode. I hope see Cat regain her true sense and stay away from Gabe, except for work. The VinCat’s love need come back to the joy to the Beasties Fans (include me).

  11. Alichat says:

    Anyone else get the impression that Sam = Barnes? Why hold an archeologist captive to have him work on a serum to make beasts? Would an archeologist know alot about biochemistry?

    • Meredith says:

      Yes, I totally agree about Barnes/Sam! They’re all getting played by Sam and probably the FBI agent too.

      • charlotte says:

        That was totally my take on this too!!! Even before we found out he was agent Landon’s husband, I thought beware the guy in the cage! I mean, he was constantly trying to push JT to do stuff… Weird

  12. Jay says:

    Now that Tori dead,Vincent decided he want Cat back after sleeping with Tori? Epic Love!

    • He broke it off with Tori BEFORE she died. That was only a beast on beast attraction for him with Tori anyway. Not serious. He said it himself in the episode that she confused him and didn’t enable him to think clearly when he was around her. It took a lot of strength and the old Vincent coming back to break away from her pull so he has evolved a lot. It has always been Catherine for him.

      • sin bella says:

        Totally. What Vincent/Tori had was only beast connection. Vincent never stopped loving Cat, he was just hurt and angry cos of what happened and rightly so. Wish people would give Vincent a break and judge all characters fairly.

      • clearhaven says:

        Thank you for clearing that up.
        However I wish they didn’t kill Tori in that same episode when he broke up with her. It just seemed a little too convenient. Now they want to take away Gabe too. They shouldn’t make things too easy for Vincent to find a means to get back to Cat. He needs to work- HARD.

  13. Sue says:

    thank you. u always give the best sneak peek around :)

  14. Mick says:

    I really like Gabe and Cat together, but I must be in the minority.

  15. Mandy says:

    The expression on Vincent’s face *howlswithlaughter* – priceless! Looking forward to this episode. Roll on Monday!

  16. mel jervoso says:

    I cant imagine..& I dont want too to see Cat&Gabe together on Valentines’day! OMGosh!!! Of all the day>>V day shld be for Vincent&Catherine..They belong together..this two be it tv or for real has tremendous chemistry ever! Lucky for them! &lucky us beasties!!!

  17. I hope that Valentine’s Day is pro VinCat. understand that after months .. Just wait! they are intended must stand together #BATB

  18. I hope that Valentine’s Day is pro VinCat. understand that after months .. Just wait! they are intended must stand together # BATB

  19. I hope that Valentine’s Day is pro VinCat. understand that after months .. Just wait! they are intended must stand together #BATB and now I want season 3

  20. Carol says:

    You know, I just took BatB off my DVR series recording a few days ago, because I was done (done I say!!). Now with this development, I set the darn thing back up. I guess I’m not ready to totally let go.

  21. Yes, thank you TVLive and Matt, that was the best preview yet and I agree the faces on VinCat are a GEM! Gabe swallowed it and Vincent is using the Heimlich maneuver on his neck, LOL!

  22. clearhaven says:

    To be honest, I don’t want Cat to fall easily into Vin’s arms. I’ll be soo mad. Let him grovel. Let him hurt. Let him know what it feels like to lose something that is important to him. And just when it seems he’s lost her forever, they can make her come back to him. Let Gabe be Cat for a while even if it’s a short period.

    Silly boy, Vin. He needs to learn his lesson PROPERLY.

    • Sl says:

      Couldn’t agree more…
      Like people say don’t make the road so easy for Vincent… don’t just kill tori and then be all for cat again. Don’t send gabe away so no more competition…
      Vincent needs to work hard and do a lot to not only gain back cat’s trust but her love to and he needs to do it properly and learn his lesson that he can’t just expect for her to wait for him.
      He needs to fight and be willing to fight and go all out for Catherine. Don’t make it easy by getting rid of all obstacles by killing or sending away people.

  23. maureen says:

    I think having a Valenitne’s Day episode that even starts with Cat/Gabe is just so wrong on so many levels. Even with the smoking hot chemistry that we will see, I have to say I am totally surprised (but maybe not after this year) that, G/C together on this day would even be a consideration. I know it will be a means to an end but we have such little time left before the hiatus and then another 3 month wait for the last 6, I just want this dance to stop and just get it going-we have waited all these months and it is pretty evident that as the ratings have started to go up that all any fan has ever wanted with this show is for Vincent and Cat to be together. I really hope that the Gabe/Cat thing is over by the end of 213-that would be a nice Valentine card for a Beastie fan to get! One that says to Gabe sorry my heart belongs to someone else!

  24. rene says:

    I love beauty and the beast series its my favorite I’m a huge S.A fan and love the cast and amazing story line #BATB :)

  25. @pepsi where are the 2 awards of PCA? why not give the right to #BATB honor? he third season is their right!! 2

  26. Sl says:

    Have to rewatch and then give my opinion but it seems good…
    So what now gabe is underground and dating cat and Vincent is just hanging around? I thought Vincent was supposed to be working on regaining cat trust and love? The second half of season is shaping nicely..

  27. Sl says:

    Funny how Vincent mourns tori whom he knew for less than six months more than he ever mourned or showed any feelings of.loss or regret towards Cat. Vincent is only thinking of Cat not on his own but because of tori and her last words. Again Vincent not doing it on his own and voluntarily. At least he realizes the misery he has caused. J.T. is right about the epitome character having some of the best songs in Les Miserable.. I love that musical.
    Nice episode overall…

  28. Sl says:

    Does Vincent have all his memories back? Did he remember what he did last year for Cat?

  29. Sl says:

    Anybody else thinking Gabe is another Chinese box and may still be a bad dude still ?
    More on this analysis later and Barnes because a few things don’t add up especially when they had J.T. make or attempt to make a new beast serum. Yes never trusted Sam because he was a little too involved and knew too much for a prisoner especially about what J.T. was doing.

  30. Shannon says:

    Funny how J.T. is in the same position wooing a girl for v day and giving Vincent the same advice as last season about wooing Cat and it is Vincent’s chance like he didn’t make any mistakes. J.T. flip flops so much from last week pushing towards Tori and all that jazz and forgetting about Cat to all of a sudden pushing him towards Cat like it would be the easiest thing to do to hop from one train to another. Very frustrated with him and Vincent and the whole episode…

  31. Shannon says:

    Vincent has to realize he can’t just waltz back in to cat’s life. He can’t just make one grand gesture and expect all to be forgiven and go back to the way things were. He first needs to want to choose his beast side and fight for it and want and love to be with Cat and fight for it too. He also has to know he can’t just go explore things and expect Catherine to just wait around. He has to be willing to and actually work towards gaining Catherine s love and trust back and not take her for granted again and put things first. In a way I think gabe and cat for a little while is a good thing but don’t want it to be permanent. This way it gives Vincent a chance to figure out what he wants and make the right path. It also gives him a chance to see what he lost and misses. He can feel and see what it is like for Catherine to be unavailable like Cat had to do with Alex and Tori and still Catherine protected him. I feel Cat with Gabe is a good dose of his own medicine and when he is secure in what he wants he will fight for it and not be easily swayed in the future.

  32. Shannon says:

    I think Vincent just being friends with Cat and knowing she is unavailable is a good thing for him because he gets to feel what Cat felt while he was exploring things. Hopefully this will lead him to the slow path back to himself and reuniting with Cat and earning things back. I don’t want things rushed as that is unbelievable like tori and her dying and then declaration that was choppy and I want a nice slow smooth path that feels right and more natural. I can wait just no more tori esque or alex esque love interest to make a wedge between Cat and Vincent and Vincent easily falls for them.

  33. Shannon says:

    I am glad Gabe is looked as Vincent’s rival as I think that is good. It was a good episode and made some nice steps…
    Again slow and steady feels right and natural that wins the race. Please don’t rush things just of one thing or another and leave things for when we get our third season.

  34. Shannon says:

    J.t. I don’t get and he is pushing Vincent towards tori one minute and forgetting about Cat and then tori dies and he us all on board with Cat again and pushing him towards her. He makes no sense in that regard and so in my opinion Tess is the better more balanced and logical friend to Vincent and Cat.

  35. Roxanne says:

    Catherine character is so pathetic , illogical and annoying that I feel sorry for KK . What a waste of talent. Cringeworthy . A season 3 with Brad Kern as show-runner ? NO THANK YOU . The mess he has done with Batb and ALL characters is unbelievable.

  36. chanel says:

    I’m from London we r on season 1 right now I love it. Can’t get enough