Vampire Diaries Recap: The Darkness Returns

Vampire Diaries Season 5 RecapDamon’s fangs were out with a vengeance on Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries.

Meanwhile, Katherine was back to her manipulative schemes — mainly, wooing Stefan — as the gang attended a dance for the brokenhearted.

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Let’s review the biggest twists from “Total Eclipse of the Heart”:

END OF THE LINE | Stefan’s not happy about his brother’s return to his dark ways, and even tries to get Enzo to leave town. It works about as well as you’d expect. “You’re better than this,” he tells Damon, who replies, “I’m better like this.” He and Enzo are determined to track down Wes and finish off Augustine for good. To accomplish that, they take Jeremy hostage — good thing he and Damon aren’t roomies by episode’s end because that would be awkward — and force Bonnie to find a witch to perform a locater spell. The nice newbie witch from Sociology class is totally out of her element, but Bonnie guides her and promises to help her get control of her magic.

Jeremy’s life is spared, but not before he’s tortured. And Katherine, reluctantly pretending to want to save her brother, gets stabbed in the back by Enzo. “Don’t bother coming back,” Stefan warns his bro. “I wasn’t planning on it,” replies Damon. Perhaps they shouldn’t have been so eager to find Wes, because once they do, the doc sticks Damon with a needle that makes him feed on another vampire.

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OBJECT OF HER AFFECTION | Katherine is really loving her new life as Elena. She’s beautiful, beloved and, best of all, a vampire. She’s so into Elena’s life she may even attend class more often than the real Elena did. But her utopian existence is missing one thing: Stefan. So she invites him to the Bitter Ball for lonely hearts with the hope of rekindling things. “Do you like who I am? Or do you miss who I was?” she asks him as they dance. The two later share an intimate moment in her dorm room as he helps her remove a splinter from her back. (There’s a joke in there somewhere.)

Stefan tells her that ever since she and Damon got together, he’s been waiting for his brother to screw up. At a certain point, he explains, he stopped waiting for him to fail because he liked the person Damon had become and he doesn’t want to lose that person. Katherine agrees to help him save Damon from himself, but only for Stefan (and for her own secret, selfish desires).

MIND GAMES | Unfortunately, Katherine still needs Matt’s help to keep up, especially when it comes to figuring out if there’s something going on between Caroline and Stefan. (Hmm, the show sure has been dropping a lot of hints on that front lately…) Nadia is holed up at Mystic Grill to question and compel Matt as needed when Tyler joins them and starts buying shots for Nadia. Bad idea, Tyler. Huge mistake. They start playing a game of “Whose Mother Is Worse?” Matt notes that his mom slept with Tyler, who says he forgot about that. (So did I!) Then the hybrid uses his easedropping powers for good this time and overhears Nadia compelling Matt. They devise a plan to find out what she’s up to, but she gets the upperhand, knocking out Tyler and capturing Matt, who figures out Kat has taken residence in Elena’s body. Too bad he’s incapable of telling anyone the truth because his life is in jeopardy, yet again.

What did you think of the episode? Did Damon cross a line he can’t come back from? Do you like the idea of Bonnie the Witch Mentor? And how disturbed were you that Caroline shredded Klaus’ drawing? That’s art!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Justin says:

    I’m done with this show. Yes, Damon has crossed a line that he can’t come back from. He was my favorite character. Now I loathe him.

    • Robert says:

      I was thinking the same thing about Damon, how many times can he be forgiven? I would not blame Jeremy in the least if he decides it’s time for Damon to die. The show also needs to just return Bonnie to her Witch heritage because this anchor thing is not working at all.

      • Ian says:

        Completely agree. I always grow tired of these misunderstood bad boy characters. Either redeem him and change him for good, or get rid. You can’t keep excusing them of horrible things forever.

        And I’m sure Bonnie will come into her powers again just in time to sacrifice herself for all of her friends AGAIN…

        • janet says:

          I’d rather have Damon as the bad boy than the boy toy he has been. My favorite dynamic of this show is from s1 & s2 when it was stefan-elena-damon taking on the forces of evil together. With damon as the bad guy with the ability to surprise you with moments of kindness and stefan the good guy who could equally surprise you with episodes of brutality. I feel like that’s when this show was at it’s best.
          I didn’t realize how much I missed Stefan & Elena until the scenes with “Kathelena” and Stefan this episode. I’m bummed that it’s all fake. As soon as Elena gets restored she’ll probably go back to Damon. Is it generally agreed that Damon and Elena are endgame? Have the writers said?
          “Who thinks up this stuff?”
          “Sad lonely single people” Were the writers painting their self portrait there? :)

          • ACR says:

            Actually, most of the time they were never taking on the forces of evil, they were taking on forces that were evil. Those 3 just happened to be somewhat evil themselves (Damon a lot, Elena less so). Elena started off not evil and slowly became evil.

            She was complicit in the murder and abuse of more than enough innocent people. The show just played the protagonist-centered morality card a lot.

          • I totally agree I love bad boy damon not Elena boy toy.

      • Sydney says:

        I don’t understand If Elena’s dead then how come she hast came through Bonnie yet that doesn’t make any senesce this show isn’t getting good at all Elena’ needs to come back it’s not a good show with out her …

        • Erica Alduey says:

          She’s not dead. Katherine is taking residence in her body but her soul is still there. That’s why she never came through Bonnie. …. Now, what doesnt make sense is, Why Bonnie doesn’t suspect that Katherine is still alive since she never came through her?. Bonnie is so dumb sometimes.

          • StephanieS. says:

            I suspect Bonnie thinks that since Katherine was human when she died that Katherine wouldnt go through Bonnie since the Other Side is only for supernatural beings. Just a guess though, since she did see Katherine when she briefly died.

          • sls says:

            I think that because Bonnie did see Katherine for a brief moment when Katherine almost died, or blinked in and out of death, maybe Bonnie thinks that was Katherine crossing over.

            It’s not the greatest plot point but that’s probably how it’s going to be explained. Bonnie did see her and said Katherine’s name out loud so I guess it’s possible that Bonnie was under the impression that was it for Katherine.

        • I agree Sydney an was saying the same thing neither katerine nor Elena has past tru bonnie. how com she hasn’t realize it yet?

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Crazy, evil Damon is so much more fun than love sick puppy Damon.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I’m over Damon, he’s such a child!! I tried of his whiny justification for his depicable behavior!! I mean really! Five seasons=Zero growth!! The writers need some new material, there is no need for Damon to be in the same place he was in when he first appeared!! If there is a Delena after today, I’ll be totally done with this show. How many times do a guy has to kill your brother befor there is a point of no return!!!

    • Jamal Davis says:

      That is true Damon cant come over his self he cant grow up Also Im wondering if Elena can get back to the episodes it making me worried that she might not come back to Vampire Diaries if that selfish brat Katherine would have not did the travelers spell but she had achieved her dream to become back a vampire that i hated!!!!!

  4. alistaircrane says:

    I am LOVING Katherine as Elena! There is nothing I enjoy more than a good “evil twin impersonates the good twin” story. Nina is doing a remarkable job as Katherine-playing-Elena. As for Damon, I hate him for killing Aaron! I am a Delena shipper, but I think he has finally crossed the line. I don’t particularly want Elena with Stefan, though.

  5. Lena says:

    For some reason fans, especially Stefan/Stelena fans, feel this show should be about vampires being good. If I wanted to watch good vampires for a whole hour, smelling flowers and skipping through the fields, I would watch that Twilight crap.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Hahahaha YES!!!!

    • Francine says:

      Hmmm, not sure that’s a fair assessment/comparison. I like watching shows about vampires. I know I’m watching a show about vampires and I enjoy seeing those parts of it. But I like seeing some emotion as well. It doesn’t mean I want to watch goody-two shoe vampires, but I don’t want to watch straight-up homicidal killer vampires either. Isn’t that the whole point of this show? The battle to control that killer instinct? I don’t know, that’s just my take on it. Funnily enough, I was just on another site and the vast majority of people upset with this episode were hardcore Damon fans. So who knows.

      • Lena says:

        Some Damon fans are upset and tons of fans are also Stefan fans. It is interesting that on YouTube a lot of fans slamming Damon have a pic of Stefan in their profile. Damon’s transition can’t really be compared to Season 1. This bothers some fans because they want that Damon back and this is not happening. He is darker and colder. They are unable to relate to the fun-loving, yet psychotic side of Damon they witnessed in Season 1. Also, some Damon fans are delena fans and they feel this is ruining the chances for reconciliation of that couple. Several fans felt like Plec was attempting to drag Damon through this plot to once again make Stefan seem like the better brother. Instead of resisting the temptation to make this show’s theme about “goodness”, they emerge the TVD world into it, robbing the characterization of Damon in Season 1 through that process.

        • Anna says:

          Do you think it’s fair to the character to be presented to the audience as a one-dimensional one when every character on this show has had moments when they did the “right thing” by themselves and not because they were trying to impress some girl (even Katherine did the right thing by saving Damon’s life at the end of S2 or 3 when Tyler accidentally bit him). Why is Damon the only impotent vampire character written in black or white? Everything must be extreme with him while his brother is introduced as a nuanced character. It’s annoying, he isn’t a likable villain. Sure, he has the best one-liners of the show and Ian does a wonderful job of delivering them on point. If a character is gonna be bad, I’d rather have him as a multidimensional one than a diva who gets off on killing Jeremy or Matt because he’s bored.

          • Lena says:

            To be honest, the writing sucks. I like Damon as the bad guy, BUT the writers of this show are clueless on character development. I have seen fantastic writing on other shows where villains are written so well, it is a struggle for the viewers not to root for them every step of the way or to feel a little sympathy. This happens when the writers have the ability to keep the character true to his/her motivations, desires, and goals. They also know how to push characters to their limits without it becoming OOC; the characters remain in context. I couldn’t stand a love sick Damon; I prefer him darker. But I also have low expectations for this show. It’s entertainment. It will never be good writing at the level of a show like “Breaking Bad”.

    • 80s says:

      Oddest justification for Damon’s behavior I’ve seen yet.

      Nobody is saying that Damon is ruining the show. They’re saying that Damon has crossed the line.

      • Lena says:

        And did I state that fans were saying Damon is ruining the show? No, I didn’t. Since there is obviously a break in reading comprehension for you, this is the only response you will receive from me. Dismissed and forgotten.

        • 80s says:

          “For some reason fans, especially Stefan/Stelena fans, feel this show should be about vampires being good. If I wanted to watch good vampires for a whole hour, smelling flowers and skipping through the fields, I would watch that Twilight crap.”

          You are not very bright. Why are you getting so defensive? Though you fail in reading comprehension, I hope you can become a positive contributor to society in other ways. I’ll break this down like a third grade reading assignment. You said that Stefan fans believe that TVD should be about Vampires being good (and you disagree; you think this makes a bad show, thus “Twilight crap”). Considering the current status quo of the show, you imply that Stefan fans believe that Damon is the reason as to why the show is not the way it should be (THUS, Damon is preventing the show from being what it should be, THUS, ruining the show).

    • Hodan says:

      Exactly. I don’t want to watch Vampires behaving good. I want to watch them behaving as badly as Denzo was behaving. Those two were the best part of the show for me.

    • ACR says:

      If they are gong to have Damon be a bad boy, then make him actually bad. Make him snap Elena’s neck when they argue. Have him feed off and kill some children.

      What they do now is make him cartoony bad mostly because his actions have no real quality in the narrative. He does horrible things but know one really cares as it is mostly permanently bad things to people they are not friends with.

      He is a 1-dimensional character that is uninteresting. That basically make it so Elena can tune out when he does stuff. But make it impact her, directly because obviously killing her family members doesn’t really make her care for more than an episode.

      If instead of vampire powers, Damon’s power was just being a rich frat boy (eg, he doesn’t compel, he just buys off people; he doesn’t have super strength he is just a bully and can beat up girls) and still acted the same, I wonder what peoples perceptions of his actions would be.

    • Xaira says:

      So true lol it’s good to have bad instead of good once in a while and twilight sucks!!!

  6. Anne says:

    Very disturbed, that was down right cruel to do to the fans… But you know what, Klaus also burned his drawings of her in season 3 “trying to burn his feelings” like Joseph Morgan said himself back in the day. So, it applies to Caroline as well. She’s also trying to get rid of her feelings for him but nop, she won’t be able to! We refuse to let that happen, Klaroline is here to stay and so is the fandom! There’s always a positive side to turn to and we sure as hell aren’t going down :)

    • ruby says:

      Deal with it! Klaroline is over!

      • Anne says:

        You wish ;)

        • ruby says:

          Julie said it! hello she is the writer not you :P

          • Anne says:

            I know exactly what Julie said, I know this was her attempt at ruining them and that the next episodes of The Vampire Diaries will reflect just that, but in truth, what she said at the interviews was that this was a conclusion for them “for now” and a way to get them “to a new place with each other” so, if the ratings start reflecting her bad decisions, you can bet she’ll pick it up right away. In time, you’ll see. Plus, there are a tone of unresolved subjects that need to be adressed like, I don’t know… Tyler knowing of Klaus’ baby and Caroline not, yet? What about when she finds out, won’t she do anything? Or better yet, will she never find out? Where’s the logic in that? Nevertheless, even if they don’t follow logic, which we can’t really count on tbh, what matters to these people, or if not to them, then to the network, is the money, the ratings, and when they run out of storylines to crush everybody’s hearts with and people start actually giving up on the show for good, you’ll see what happens ;)

        • ruby says:

          sorry but Klaus and Caroline never had a relationship! it was just sex because of attraction! not love so do you think Caroline cares about the baby? Julie said “for now” because she does not want to make you guys angry! Klaroline was just fan service like Candice basically admitted in a recent interview! Klaroline have no logic not the things you said! it´s because of the fandom, mostly Klaroline and Delena that the show is bad!

          • Anne says:

            Look, Caroline doesn’t love Klaus, I know that, no one’s saying otherwise. But she does care for him in a way that isn’t simply physical and you can’t deny that either. That’s been developped over the last 2 seasons and was the whole point of the scene in the forest, Caroline admitting she has always had feelings for Klaus that she’s been ashamed of and never wanted to admit, (not even to herself) and which she’s trying to let go of after she gave into them in 5×11, just like she is with her feelings for Tyler (which are a lot deeper, I know). But Klaus does love Caroline, the writers said it themselves, Caroline knows it (4×13), he “intends to be her last”… and that can’t be changed no matter how much they try to put the fire out in other fronts because they are in different shows. So, do you think Caroline wouldn’t care if she knew of a bomb like this (the baby)? First, I think anyone, even Damon, Elena, etc. would have a reaction to it. Let alone Caroline. She may not admit her feelings regarding him to anybody, she never has but to Klaus himself, but she would care when faced with such a scandalous situation like this one. I don’t think she would if that one night stand with Hayley had no repercussions, but the fact that he’s having a baby with the woman who lead to Tyler’s mom’s death and that that was all while Klaus claimed to love her? Obviously, she doesn’t have the right to expect anything from him, just like Tyler doesn’t from Caroline after having broken up with her, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel hurt anyways, because it’s personal, and in situations like this you can’t help it. It would be out of character for Caroline not to have a reaction to it, since she’s so outspoken about her opinions (ex: the Delena relationship). So yes, this situation being adressed, just like Klaroline itself, does have logic, because it has a whole 2 seasons + 1/2 of development behind it. Forwood made sense as well, but they’re relationship has run its course. What doesn’t make sense is this being ignored so that they can pursue other non-logical ships like Klamille or Caroline+any guy that appears in the show. If you don’t like Klaus with Caroline, fine! Nobody is asking you to, but they do have logic and you can’t expect 80% of the fandom to give up on their favorite couple ‘just cause’. Hope you keep being happy by putting others down, only know this, you won’t be able to ;) Bye now!

  7. DAR says:

    I think the writers have assasinated their best character with this “Damon serial killer” storyline. It will be interesting to see them walk this back, if they try at all.

  8. ruby says:

    I actually liked the episode! did not happened in a while! Damon cant be forgiven! i hope when Elena gets back she does not forgive him! He crossed the line!

  9. sara says:

    If Damon is gonna be bad he needs to take his own advice and be bad with a purpose, what he’s doing now is just pathetic, it’s him acting out b/c “elena” rejected him and we’ve all seen where that takes him before would be nice to give him a reason to be bad that does not revolve around Elena.

  10. Anna says:

    Wow, talk about an almost worthless character!!! Honestly, they should pair Damon with Katherine because they’re the same. All the characters on this show, even Klaus, have shown some growth but Katherine and Damon, just remain the same people: rotten at the core. What are their excuses?
    – Katherine can’t talk about having her daughter ripped from her arms at birth, her daughter have been looking for her for 500 years and have found her.
    – Damon can’t blame Stefan anymore for turning him into a vampire: he didn’t want to take the cure last season to save his own life because he revels in being a vampire. This whole “If it weren’t for Elena, I’d still be a serial killer” is a worn-out argument. If Klaus can sometimes do the right thing because opinionated women like Caroline (or Cami) somewhat convinced him to stop using excuses, I really don’t get why Damon’s still written as a prick.

    5 seasons and he hasn’t changed a bit! Who would like to date an eternal kid with non-ending temper tantrums? The writers must be on cannibal vampire venom too.

  11. 80s says:

    What was up with all the Caroline/Stefan ship teases? They can’t possibly go there, right?

    • Rook says:

      I kinda want them too. I feel like they make a good match.

      • 80s says:

        I’ve never thought about it. I really like their friendship though. I guess it could be a good pairing!

      • Meredith says:

        I kinda do too! Their scenes the other week when discussing the Klaus situation were so cute. Part of me wants them together bc I can’t stand their other options. Stefan w/ Elena is so boring it’s like watching paint dry. And fingers-crossed Caroline and Tyler are done for good. I thought maybe Caroline & Enzo would get together when he was still in his Damon hatred mode, but now that’s out of the question. Who knows, maybe Katherine as Elena would make a Stelena coupling more entertaining.

  12. sls says:

    personal growth…nope…
    original storyline…nope…
    just wash…rinse…repeat…

    Leave Damon evil for the rest of this series…there aren’t enough seasons left in the series to really give him room for redemption and for it not to feel forced because according to this episode he hasn’t grown at all.

    What a waste!

    I didn’t ever want him to be him good like Stefan, but we find out he has been killing people all along, behind Elena’s back all summer…and now he’s some pathetic, childish version of Season 1 Damon? WTF has happened this season?

    Most weeks I just pass over all the griping people writing about about how this series is getting to be unbearable but this week I’m joining in. I really enjoyed Damon’s character and Delena, but I just don’t see how the writers are doing any of the characters any favors by beating the death out of the same story lines and keeping characters from personal growth. I’m committed to seeing this series out (because it can’t possibly have many seasons left in it) but, sadly, it may be a painful journey.

    • Justin says:

      I’m hoping next season is the last. It’s too bad this season isn’t the end.

      • sls says:

        If this is what we are going to be subjected to then, yes, just put everyone out of their misery and wrap this junk up already. Hate to say it. This was one of my fav shows.

  13. spignejr says:

    I don’t think the writers really knew what to do with these kids once The Originals got their own show. They’re just repeating the same things over again. “The Originals” is a much better show because there is all this fighting between werewolves, vampires, and witches. Why is it the writers can’t come up with a new dynamic? Because they’ve written themselves in a corner. They killed the First Immortal. Where exactly do you go from that? Back to the beginning. And the damned love triangle. That should have ended with Elena’s choice. Worst part of this show at this point.

  14. 80s says:

    I like the resolve of Karloline shippers, but I think it’s time we accept that Klaroline, in terms of the show, is over. Caroline is moving on. I don’t understand why everyone is so worked up about her shredding his weird sketch. Klaus has found a new love: New Orleans (or Cami, I forgot)

  15. S says:

    I love both sides of Damon but even I don’t understand why they’re doing this to the character? So everyone can hate him again and love Stefan? Predictable. I had hope that Damon and Jeremy would get close and not just because of Elena either. It shows Caroline like she’s right and Elena shouldn’t be with him too. He’s a monster and the wrong choice. We got that a long time ago but now they’re doing all this to make things worse.

    • Lena says:

      Caroline was right, Elena shouldn’t be in a relationship with Damon. Maybe for Caroline having sex with a monster is good enough. She would know..

  16. Tyler and Matt’s mom didn’t have sex, they just made out.

  17. smiles10 says:

    I’m really over the whole Katherine story line…let her die off already! I’m getting so tired of this show, it seems like a repeat of the same story line week after week after week. When it looked like she was finally going to be a dead character I was ecstatic cuz I was thinking maybe I will be able to see this show to the series finale, but now…I just don’t know how much more of this I can take. I figure I’d like to see how it ends, but I will probably be jumping ship if this doesn’t end soon.

  18. Irene says:

    that show is crap everything is so predictable, it remainds me of Groundhog Day movie where everything repeats again and again: Katherina screwing everyone and Demon being bad and good and again bad….really not watching it just reading recaps thinking maybe something interesting happend and then nooo nothing same old crap.

  19. theones3 says:

    that show is crap everything is so predictable, it remainds me of Groundhog Day movie where everything repeats again and again: Katherina screwing everyone and Demon being bad and good and again bad….really not watching it just reading recaps thinking maybe something interesting happend and then nooo nothing same old crap.

  20. steferine says:

    I used to be a Stelena fan but now I´m soo shipping Steferine. Katherine is so perfect for Stefan.

  21. Life disco says:

    Holy crap…damon will be struggling not to rip out his brother’s artery, or maybe he’ll just give up and start ripping out their heads. I know enzo’s death is already sighned in damon’s hand. Even if bonnie is a witch, she wont help damon coz of what he did. My question is, Will damon turn back to be a normal vampire? Oh o…what if caroline really have a hidden feeling for stefan?

  22. Evan says:

    You people on here talking like Damon is some regular person who is doing these things, but he’s damn near a 200 year old vampire!!!! Everyone one on this show has killed people, Caroline killed 12 witches last season but so many people here seem to only be paying attention when its Damon doing the horrible things!!

  23. Life disco says:

    Evan…caroline killed the witches to protect a friend. Besides she didnt even inted to kill all the witches, her intention was to stop that witch from killing bonnie. Ripper damon on board *shock* enzo’s death warrant is already sighned in damon’s hand…Caroline has a secret feeling for stefan…Up you go SteRoline

  24. Maryann says:

    The only thing that could possibly set Damon on the path to redemption would be for him to decide to become a better person for reasons of his own redemption, and NOT for the love of any woman. If he was just trying to be a better person for Elena, then it was totally shallow in the first place. At this point, the only thing that would make me believe that Damon really was on the road to redemption (instead of the fake road he has been on the last four years) would be DECADES of improved behavior, and we simply don’t have time for that without a time jump. At this point, I can’t see myself ever caring about Damon again unless they do a major time jump.

    Damon killed Aaron?!! And kidnapped Elena’s brother, and threatened (very sincerely) to kill him?!! He has not just gone over the line, he has fallen off a cliff. Aaron even cut off all the funding for the vampire experiments, and that doesn’t get him off the hook with Damon?

    Caroline is so misguided in her infatuation with Klaus, that she simply comes off as an abused woman with an attachment to her abuser. I have lost all respect for her — and for the writers for portraying her hookup with Klaus as a positive thing.

    Katherine? Don’t get me started on Katherine. She confirmed that she is totally unredeemable when she pretended to beg Elena’s forgiveness, then stole her body. I just hope she is gone, killed off forever and sent to the other side sooner rather than later. Every episode in which we have to watch her put one over on all of Elena ‘s friends is excruciating. She should have stayed dead and not ruined that wonderful death/redemption scene.

    The actress who plays Katherine’s daughter leaves me totally cold with her flat, forgettable performance. The character, the story line of being Katherine’s daughter, and the whole Travelers thing would be better off gone from the show. Easy. When Katherine is banished/killed, write out these story lines as well.

    Am really looking forward to getting the real Elena back. My heart was in my throat when she ALMOST managed to get to safety in Damon’s arms. It is just tiring and frustrating to watch Katherine get the upper hand every time. Even Matt was foiled. So when is someone going to be able to TELL someone about what is going on and not be foiled?

    Right now the only really balanced characters seem to be Stefan, Matt, Jeremy, Bonnie and Tyler. These are the characters I am caring about right now (and of course the real Elena). For the first time I am really liking Bonnie, and rooting for her and Jeremy’s happiness. But I would not call myself a shipper for anyone. I am looking for balanced storytelling and psychologically realistic stories.

    So what would I like to see in upcoming story lines to break put of the rut the show is in?
    -It will be be very interesting to see how Elena reacts when she finally comes back and discovers what Damon has done. If she forgives him, the show will have totally jumped the shark.
    -So Damon has finally gotten himself captured again by the mad scientist, and now he feeds on other vampires. Oh boy. Dark and darker. Do vampires come back from being drained in this mythology or are they actually dead?
    -it would be nice to have Alaric and Aunt Jenna come back for full story lines. The Originals
    has several thirtysomething characters and that is working just fine. It would give things a whole new direction to spin in. Along with the introduction of a powerful coven of Originals-style witches, and Bonnie having a new protege, there is something here to work with.
    -As so many others have said, could we please spin away from the constant hookups/romantic triangles and go for broader story lines? I never thought I would say it, but The Originals has become far more exciting and compelling. TVD needs to direct its story lines more in that sort of vein.

    • Katherina never gets the upper hand every time, this is likely the first time she won a fight with elena. Even in the fight last season, elena a newbie vampire won the fight with kath, so please dont complain

      This whole second part of the season is lame, though.

  25. Amru says:

    I watch this show only to see Damon, he’s super cute!!! Don’t like the evil Damon, or mushy Damon. Bad Damon with elements of good is the best. Give Damon a new love please! Nadia? now that would stir things up.

  26. Life disco says:

    Lol, Nadia is already in love with matt, guys elena is the only one who fits in damon (Note: im not a delena fan though) but stefan is right, elena is better off with damon.
    Damon is a ripper *shock*, a ripper who feeds on vampire. Sorry Enzo, but i think you are already dead, damon is gonna kill you.
    Caroline has a hidden feeling for stefan *not surprise* sorry katherine, i bet u dont stan a chance.
    I’v been doing som soul research, Damon should’nt have killed Dr whitmore back in the 1950’s. That was’nt revenge. If i was damon, and i got out of that cage, you know what i would have done? I would have………… What do u think, guys?

  27. Candis says:

    Mannnnnn I think Damon having crossed the line I think he’s just turn about the break up in what’s keeping his mind off of it all is his old self in I really think if they find out kat is in Elena body it would bring Damon back from his old self cuse now he know the break up was just fake all along it was kat in they really should go in head in let Damon them no that’s not Elena it’s kat cuse I believe if it stays like it is no a lot of people gonna stop watching it cuse I don’t even wanna watch it no more cuse everything is wrong lol

  28. gio88 says:

    please , give bonnie her powers back , is so sad to watch her being a mentor…

  29. Babybop says:

    Step out of the bitter barn, everyone! I’m loving this whole no Elena thing. Plus, I like evil Damon a million times better than whipped Damon.

  30. Life disco says:

    Guys, the bad ass damon is not all bad. Think about it. For a vampire to be a complete bad ass they just turn off their emotion switch. Damon have his own humanity in check…..he’s just acting crazy just becoz he wanna be a dick. Though i dont like either good damon, bad damon or whatever damon. In general, i kinda dont like him. Stefan and caroline, hook up please

    • Chantall says:

      Honestly bonni is becoming the most boring character on the show please do something usefull with her like give her a pregnancy storyline or something..if caroline and stefan hook up i will just die they are good friends please do not mess that up.

  31. Mikael says:

    How many times has Jeremy died over the course of the show? He dies like twice per season and comes close to death every other episode! It’s really amusing to me. I absolutely get a kick out of Katherine pretending to care and then rolling her eyes when she turns around. Nina does such a great job. It’s not her fault that Elena is horrible. I hope Katherine sticks around.

  32. Life disco says:

    Im gonna go ahead and say “karma”. “karma” is happening…….quoting Damon…

  33. Xaira says:

    I agree that Selena should stay, but I can’t get the feeling that stelena should be out of my stomach. I get that Katherine wants to be happy but she is a bitch and needs to back fully off