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Glee Rachel Santana SpoilersIs a Glee duo splitting up? What’s the 411 on an “intense” Once Upon a Time romance? Has a Revolution ‘ship sunk? Will Arrow‘s Canary save her sis? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

PHOTO | Glee‘s ‘Epic’ New Poster Touts New Night (and New York Focus?)

I need scoop on the Glee “Frenemies” episode (airing Tuesday, Feb. 25). Please tell me Rachel and Santana come out as better friends by the end of it. —Miwako
I would if I could… but I can’t. Not only does their little Funny Girl imbroglio turn violent, but it will significantly alter their current living situation

Rumor has it that this season of Glee will have only 19 episodes. Please give me a good week and tell me that this isn’t true. —Vinicius
Brace yourself, because you’re about to have the Best. Week. Ever: It isn’t true. Season 5 will have 22 eps.

I can’t believe Revolution‘s Charlie hooked up with Connor! There’s no way I imagined the chemistry between her and Monroe. Does this mean there’s no hope for Charloe now? –Rosie
“Never give up hope,” executive producer Rockne S. O’Bannon responds. “Sure, Charlie and Connor are a natural hook-up. But there’s no denying that Charlie and Monroe have history. And certainly that’s on Monroe’s mind. Stay tuned.”

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Not sure if I’m the only one, but I can’t stop thinking about when Once Upon a Time‘s Regina is going to meet her true love (aka, Robin Hood). I’d like some inside info. –Diana
Already, I scooped for you that the OTLs “soul mates” will finally come face to face in the second episode back, airing March 16. But here’s a little something new, from cocreator Eddy Kitsis: “They meet under interesting circumstances – heightened, intense circumstances — as one does on our show.”

Arrow is on fire! In TVLine’s January 9 interview, Stephen Amell teased an Oliver/Laurel encounter unlike one we’ve ever seen before on the show. Any idea which scene he was referring to, or if it has even aired yet? –Joanne
The aforementioned “encounter unlike one that we’ve ever seen” has not yet aired.

Do you have any scoop on Arrow? –Ashley
The “Birds of Prey” episode airing March 26 finds The Huntress “consumed by this vengeance that she has for her father,” says EP Andrew Kreisberg, and as such she is now all but rid of her Helena identity and looking “very haggard.” When she goes to dispatch with Daddy dearest once and for all, “Laurel gets caught in the crossfire,” prompting Canary to fly to the rescue. “It’s a fun episode in that you get a lot of Laurel with the Canary, not realizing that it’s Sara,” says Kreisberg. “It’s really an episode about Sara realizing where she’s at in her evolution as a hero.”

What is the name of the song played at the end of this week’s Arrow? –Mary Lou
That was “Silhouette” by Active Child (feat. Ellie Goulding).

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I really, really need some Pretty Little Liars scoop — possibly on the game changing season 4B finale.—Jon
The finale is titled “A is for Answers” and that’s precisely what fans will get. Some of the biggest questions y’all have been asking since Season 1 will be answered by none other than Alison D, in the flesh, as she finally (finally!) reveals intimate details of what happened the night she went missing.

Will we see Jane’s Airstream in any upcoming episodes of The Mentalist? –Laura
As a matter of fact, you will see a lot of the airstream in the first episode back (airing March 9). He even goes on a mini road trip related to that week’s case — with one of the law enforcement ladies in his life riding shotgun.

My favorite character from Graceland Season 1 was Abby, and it’s killing me that I don’t know if she’s going to be in Season 2 or not. I would really appreciated any news you have. –Sonja
While Mike Warren will have plenty to deal with on the romantic front in Season 2, a source says that at this point in time it’s only “possible” that Abby will resurface.

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How long will Scotty be sticking around on Suits? I think Harvey is better off without her (and with Donna!) –Kellie
She’d better be sticking around, seeing as the midseason premiere finds her grappling with a half-million dollar buy-in to join the firm.

While I appreciated getting two new episodes this week, I’m still itching for more Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Do you have anything for me? –Michelle
You know how we just saw Boyle hit it off with Vivian (guest star Marilu Henner) at Captain Holt’s birthday party? Well, next week Jake must intervene before his colleague goes “Full Boyle” on her – as in a full-court press of romance that has scared away many a potential love interest in the past. Needless to say, Jake has his work cut out for him.

Do you know how many episodes are ordered for New Girl this season? –Kassie
You shall get 23 total – meaning, eight left to go.

It is time on NCIS for Rule 38: NCIS Ratings Drop Without Ziva“Your case, your lead.” Will we see Tony DiNozzo in the lead again? –Ann
Cross your fingers, because you just might get something resembling a Tony-centric Season 11 finale. As show boss Gary Glasberg told me at TCA, “I’d really like to focus on and come up with something for the season finale that has a strong Tony element to it – in fact, we’re about to sit down and talk about that.”

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Can you give us anything at all on Syfy’s Helix? –Tanya
When Voyager alum Jeri Ryan debuts on Feb. 14 as one of Hatake’s corporate benefactors, a much darker secret about Arctic Biosystems and the true purpose of the virus will come to light. Also: Balleseros is headed for a surprising arc that will lead him to make unlikely alliances… outside of the base.

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  1. Darlene says:

    So happy to see that we might get a Tony-centric season finale for NCIS. It’s about time! Make it happen, Gary. Make it happen.

  2. A says:

    WHAT!!!! REVOLUTION NEWS JUST BLEW MY MIND!!!!! I cant wait till it comes back. This season rocks

  3. Sandy Prater says:

    Big Charloe fan here, but I do think that ship has sunk. O’Bannon’s vague comments aside, the show has strived to emphasize the idea that Monroe sees Charlie in an almost paternal light and she sees him as a necessary instrument in their fight against the Patriots, which is a complete departure from what I was picking up on in episodes 1-9. I don’t know why they decided to go this route, but I don’t see them shifting gears again. I think they keep dangling that little Charloe carrot out there so that people won’t abandon the show (even a handful of viewers…especially Nielsen households…could put a kibosh with its weak ratings), but the actor commentaries and recent eps all point to Monroe/Duncan and Charlie/Connor pairings. Especially Vairo’s comments. Guy seems nice, but he can’t keep a poker face when he talks about future storylines.

    Still, here’s to hoping that I’m wrong.

    • RL says:

      I agreed with most of this until “but I don’t see them shifting gears again”, because if there’s one thing we’ve been able to count on it’s that Revolution will be an entirely different show after every break, and previous storylines will be ignored whenever it’s convenient. That said, I don’t think the writers are bold enough to go for Charloe, and as a Charloe shipper, I’m worried they would totally screw it up if they tried. I’ll keep watching forever, though, because David Lyons.

      • Vicki says:

        Charloe fan here as well. I so hope they are just not throwing us a bone. David Lyons did also mention the Duncan character would developed down the road. So I am not sure if I do believe the comment from O’Bannon. Charloe is a bold move for sure and if done right can prove to be beneficial to the ratings in the show. Loved the start to season 2 and I do think they need to tone down the constant capture and rescue. It calls for it with some of the storyline for obvious reasons but there is so much more plot they can pursue. Huge fan of David Lyons and Billy Burke and the rest of the cast for that matter so I definitely will watch. Hope the writers can get it together so we can pull off a season 3. Would hate to watch this go away.

    • Lyla says:

      HUGE FAN of Charloe! I completely agree with you. I don’t think they’ll ever go for Monroe-Charlie, I’m not sure I WANT to see that now after Charlie-Connor anyway. What a waste of chemistry (between Lyons and Spiridakos I mean, they’re electric together!). I don’t think I’ll even watch season 3 if there is one. Just cancel it and give a 22 episodes to Hannibal, NBC!

    • FL says:

      I am a fan as well of Charlie and Monroe getting together. Great chemistry between these two. I can get past the Connor hookup…there was absolutely no spark between those characters. If the writers are willing to take a chance, I am sure it will be worth it. They started the season in what felt like it was leading up to that pairing. Let them get back on track…it can be done.

    • I think they never intended Charlie/Bass as a pairing And were taken by surprise by the actors chemistry and the fans response to it. Possibly the writers realize the Connor/Charlie hookup was a mistake, but I don’t see them backing off of it. We’ll get a Connor/Charlie/Jason triangle and a Bass/Duncan relationship. It’s too bad. Good writers would have paid better attention and left thise pairings ambiguous so that all the fans would be happy and make better use of the natural chemistry the actors give them. As it is they have written themselves into a corner. I would be truly surprised if OBanans statement is anything more than pandering to an audience that is already tired of the poor writing. I don’t see this show getting another season anyway. The production costs have got to be astronomical and few people are still watching for the same reasons they watched the first season. Squandered opportunity all around.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Good writers would have left the pairings ambiguous so all the fans would be happy? What show has ever done this? Why is that good writing? To me, good writing is actually developing your characters and having them act in accordance with the way you’ve developed them. In that case, I don’t see how Charlie could ever be with Monroe – he’s ultimately responsible for the death of her father, the abduction and subsequent death of her brother, and holding her mother hostage. He also hasn’t shown any real remorse about any of this or the other stuff he’s done. At least we’ve seen Miles show some regret for his role in Monroe’s army, and he left to stop doing it. All the characters are shades of grey, but some (Monroe) darker than others. And chemistry or not, Monroe is old enough to be her father.

        • The shows with loyal fan followings like The Mentalist and Sleepy Hollow have writers that work WITH the actors chemistry. The writers of Revolution wasted an opportunity. And seriously? Poor writing? Are we talking about the same show? It’s inconsistent and over the top. The writing has been bad from the start, this is just the latest example. And people need to stop with the age difference. It doesn’t matter. And as far as the deaths of her brother and father go, she no longer blames him. If she did she wouldn’t have confronted her mom about how he saved her life. And let’s not forget he did it again and again.

        • Angela says:

          And chemistry or not, Monroe is old enough to be her father.
          That hasn’t stopped a hell of a lot of people, on TV or in real life, from dating. And as long as both people involved are of legal age and consenting, I don’t really see the problem.

      • Demi says:

        Charlie and Bass would make a great story. I do agree that the writers had no clue this would happen when they paired them together in the beginning of the season. I can see how some fans thought they were heading in that direction however the Connor and Charlie debacle proved otherwise.

        We have only had a glimpse of Monroe’s back story. David played the role perfectly. You can hate him and feel compassion for him at the same time. The heavy loss of family, friendship/brotherhood with Miles and surviving the blackout had shaped him to become this ruthless character. Let’s not forget Miles was a huge part of that and the Monroe Republic. Monroe never ordered them to kill Danny or Ben. Was he going to use them to get what he wanted yes…but so did Miles. They both held Rachel hostage through the years.

        Bottom line so much more to explore with Monroe – I love the idea of him and Charlie and all the struggles that will come up from that pairing and the fighting to regain some order/humanity after the blackout. Complex characters and if the writers dare to be so brave – please make sure the execution is done well. It would be great television. I do hope they explore this.

  4. Mia says:

    .Thanks for the scoop on ‘The Mentalist,’ Matt. I hope it’s Lisbon there with him. Thinking it’s probably not though. :/
    .Really getting into ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ lately. Like all of the characters. Boyle is one of my favorites. So looking forward to his episode.
    .’New Girl’ has really gotten its groove back the past five episodes. I kinda like that Schmidt and CeCe reconciled a bit too in the Prince episode.

  5. A Tony centric season finale would be great! And if it involves no or only very little Bishop involvement I’ll look forward to it!
    Time for the return of competent Tony not talking about casseroles, baths or a ridiculous men’s support group! Yes, I want the REAL Tony back!

  6. daphne says:

    i have not yet seen zaras replacement but if all the negative reports are anything to go by she must be awful. I miss body of proof on alibi why axe it i wonder. i assume she plays dr iles in rizzoli and isles.

    • pat says:

      I don’t think the character Ellie Bishop is awful. She’s certainly not worse than the walking cliché that Ziva was. To me the problem with the character is that the writers have tried too hard to make us see how awesome she is and to make us like her. She’s been front and center and has already become Gibbs go to agent for solving every perplexing question. I care so much more about the characters who are already there and they, and especially Ton.y have been sacrificed and turned into mere after thoughts. It’s been a case of Ellie wonderfulness overdose. I really hope that the writers back down and stop giving us the weekly scene with Gibbs deferring to Ellie’s brilliant plan with her plopped down in the middle of her papers as she receives the answer through seemingly divine intervention. I want a realistic character. Not another super Barbie.

  7. M says:

    Balleseros isn’t dead? Yay!

    I’ve grown attached to our nefarious engineer in fatigues.

  8. DM says:

    I think if the writers can do it carefully, Charlie/Monroe relationship would be fantastic. I agree that the writers likely already had the Charlie/Connor and Monroe/Duncan relationships lined up already before realizing the insane chemistry and fan base that would happen when Charlie and Monroe are on screen together. Most people should be able to get past the age difference or else they should stop paying attention to half of the real life couples in Hollywood who have huge age differences as well as some of the couples on TV like Rumple and Belle(20 yr age diff). They will just have to tread carefully because of the mistake of Charlie/Connor, but good writers can figure it out. Really hoping for a 3rd season so they have time to make it happen.

    • PK says:

      Agreed! Charlie/Monroe relationship would be fantastic! Age difference is not a factor me. The storyline development will be crazy but so great to watch. PLEASE NO LOVE TRIANGLE!! There is so much more to these characters than a sappy triangle. Do there story some justice.

  9. Maxy says:

    Totally agree ….another good example are Rumple and Belle (Once Upon a Time) and there no one has ever complained about the age difference.

  10. Luis says:

    Do we know who is going to be playing the Huntress when the character returns to Arrow, since Jessica de Gouw is now doing Dracula?

  11. Rose says:

    The writers gave the middle finger to the shippers when they decided to put Charlie and Connor together. The hook up between Charlie and Monroe’s son was basically to tell everyone that Charlie and Monroe is impossible now. Charlie won’t get sexually or romantically involved with both son and father. Have you ever heard of mass manipulation? That’s exactly what’s happening here. Rockne S. O’Bannon, the same person who described the Charlie and Monroe pairing as “creepy”. Now he says “never give up hope”? Only blind shippers to believe it. This show can have 10 seasons and the Charlie and Monroe pairing will never happen. That’s not what the writers want. They never wanted it. The same way they never wanted Rachel and Monroe, which is a pairing with much more chemistry and a much more interesting dynamic than Rachel and Miles. A pairing that also has some supporters and shippers and the writers know it too. They don’t care anyway because what they want is the forced Rachel and Miles pairing. Simple as that.

    • Flo says:

      What? ahaha when Bass was attracted to Rachel?? What TV show you’ve seen? And second thing, Bass has now stopped seeing Charlie as a little girl…it’s always been hypnotized by her and her ways of doing things (see the 1×10) and certainly does not see it more like a little girl after 2×13.

      • Rose says:

        Well, you should re-watch all the Rachel and Monroe scenes from the first 9 episodes of season 1, especially their conversation in front of the window, in which Rachel gets so close to Monroe that she almost kisses him and you can see Monroe being completely into her. Until she calls him a “son of a bitch”, of course. Monroe often spent a relevant amount of time looking at Rachel and getting way too close to her during season 1. He keeps finding a way to stare at her until now. You have to be blind to not see the attraction. When they were fighting inside the bunker, Monroe ends up literally on top of Rachel. This is something that won’t happen between Monroe and Charlie because he sees her as a child. Sure he was very impressed with Charlie and her audacity when he met her for the first time. Sure he trusts and respects Charlie at some level nowadays. However, Monroe sees her as a kid. Rachel’s kid. Miles’ niece. The way I see it, Monroe takes care of Charlie the same way Miles takes care of Charlie. Monroe feels responsible for her when Charlie is with him because of Miles and Rachel. Let’s not forget he promised Rachel he would never let another one of her kids get hurt because of Monroe himself again.

  12. Rose says:

    One more thing. The problem is not the age difference. The problem between Charlie and Monroe and what makes them impossible is that Monroe always treats her like a kid. He calls her “kid”. Monroe sees her as Miles’ niece and Rachel’s daughter. Monroe has enough respect for Miles and Rachel to never touch Charlie. He sees her almost like a daughter. We can’t forget Rachel too. Monroe was clearly attracted to Rachel when she was his prisoner and I don’t think the attraction ever went away. It’s not surprising that Monroe is often thinking about Rachel (and Miles too) when he’s with Charlie. First thing he did was to compare Charlie to her mother Rachel.

    • a fan says:

      You make good points in your first comment that I can’t disagree with. And because of those things as well as the poor writing this show will end up on the chopping block. But I completely disagree with your second comment. Monroe is a psychopath. Nothing has ever stopped him from going after something he wants. Not respect, not morality, nothing. If he wants Charlie he would make it happen and damn the consequences. This would have made some wonderful storytelling. Unfortunately the writers wasted it and went with safe,boring pairings that add nothing to the story. Not surprising when you look at the series as a whole. I can only hope these actors land themselves better roles on other shows with writers that will build stories around their characters.

    • Me says:

      I do agree that O’Bannon has no intention of pairing Monroe and Charlie. It is a shame as I think the pairing would have made an interesting story. O’Bannon and his team are certainly not bold enough to make that move. His comment was only to lead the fans to believe it was a possibility. As for Monroe, he may have looked at her as a kid but she is not a child anymore and I believe he sees that change. First episodes in season 2 showed this. I could care less about the age difference. These two would have been fun and exciting to watch on the show.

      Your view and Rachel and Monroe – I will be honest as I thought they may go that route in the beginning. Clearly not where there heading now. I can’t say if I would have liked or disliked it. I guess it would have been how the writers presented it. I do like Rachel with Miles though.

  13. I really hate the romantic interests that Jeff Eastin has going for Mike Warren in Graceland. I love Mike and Charlie together, so if that doesn’t happen, imma be pissed off.

  14. Janice W says:

    What is the matter with the writers for NCIS? The bathroom scene where Bishop met Tony in the men’s room was already played once by Ziva. Do they always find it easier to copy from the other episodes? They need to read the scripts from the past episodes so they can come up with something new. It is getting a little stale for my taste. Don’t let the writers ruin a good show! I am not satisfied with the writing for Bishop either. She comes off as a show-off and a little boring. Is it true that Cote may return to the show? I would love to see her come back.

  15. Fran says:

    OMG! How many problems that come out of Charlie and Bass …. I do not understand all these controversies whenever we talk about the two of them ….. for writers should definitely point to two of them. Why have the incredible potential together. They are the best couple (not yet even a couple) that there might be on the show.

  16. Lea says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes to Charloe!!! Charlie and Monroe have such an amazing chemistry!!! They have so much potential!! I really hope the writers take advantage of this amazing relationship and explore it romantically!

  17. Amanda says:

    The upcoming episodes of pretty little liars and Once Upon A Time Both sound GREAT! I can’t wait!

  18. AmbleAlong says:

    On Revolution, I really only like Rachel and Miles anyway. Could care less about Charlie, Monroe, and whomever else they put together! I even liked the big computer geek guy Aaron until they killed him and resurrected him then finally killed off his girlfriend. I wish I had a DVR to fast forward through a lot of this show…

  19. Leyla says:

    “Sure, Charlie and Connor are a natural hook-up” – what O’Bannon forgot to mention was also the most boring, predictable hook-up! No chemistry whatsoever. I cringed at the failed attempt. Now we are going to have to sit through the Jason/Charlie/Connor triangle. You know it’s coming…wait for it. Fell asleep almost thinking about it. Or they will attempt to prove some fans wrong and continue the awful writing of trying to push the chemistry between Connor and Charlie. Lovely. Two amazing characters Monroe and Charlie and you won’t even take a chance. Sad but true. They already have the chemistry so half the work is already done. Add some great writing and you are good to go. If not, do us all a favor and leave the Connor and Jason love stories behind. I rather see more action trying to take out the patriots than this. Jason you have a good start. Now do the same for Connor.

    • THANK U!!! please please please remove the DUMB charlie-jason plot. Ugh. NO CHEM. and yea, the bass-charlie chem is effortlessness. Built-in, and Revolution team is lucky to have it, they just need to use it more. Happy Endings was well done. U always see it with the,

  20. Nancy says:

    I really enjoy REVOLUTION and I really hope it is NOT cancelled. There’s still a lot of story to tell. Save Charlie and Monroe for next season. I would also like to see more of Miles and Monroe on screen. They are my favorites. Thanks!

  21. Nancy says:

    What’s the chances of REVOLUTION being cancelled???

  22. this Rockne S. O’Bannon, quote MADE MY WEEk!!!! Awesome. THe writers do have eyes :) Those two on screen together just makes it come more alive. THey should always be paired up. Happy Endings was so good!

  23. Reyna says:

    I really wish O’Bannon would not deceive his audience. Interviews in Austin today from multiple cast members confirmed no Charlie and Bass relationship in the future. Tell us the truth that you have no intention of pursuing this storyline. The cast was honest and I can accept that. You are on the chopping block with the show and instead of listening to your fans you lead us on. The fans didn’t imagine the chemistry or the direction of the scenes. If you saw the reaction of the fans and it was clearly not the direction you wanted to go in you needed to execute the scenes differently. Writers don’t make any more mistakes by boring us with love triangles which I read is part of the direction you are heading in. WHY??? Keep away – Triangles no never! Bass and Charlie lost opportunity and I can’t believe you let that slip away. Aaron, Neville, Miles, Monroe – get it together writers! So much to story to tell. Love the show and cast but don’t lead the fans on. Turns you off and when there are so many new shows waiting in the wing in February. That is the last think you want to do is let down your fans.