Psych Out: USA Network Staple to Conclude in March After 8 Seasons, With Answer-Filled Finale

PsychI know, you know that this day was inevitable: Psych is coming to an end.

USA Network confirmed that the long-running comedy’s current eighth season will be its last; the closure-filled series finale — which I’m told will answer all of fans’ burning questions — will air on Wednesday, March 26 at 9/8c. It will be followed immediately by Psych After Show, a one-hour live remembrance/retrospective featuring a Q&A with the entire cast (including, of course, stars James Roday and Dule Hill) as well as series creator, Steve Franks.

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Psych has made an indelible imprint on the television landscape, with a unique brand of comedy,” said Chris McCumber, President of USA Network, in a statement. “The final season celebrates the iconic characters that have made this show so beloved, and will be an exclamation point on the series’ incredible run. And while the series will wrap in March somehow I don’t believe we’ve heard the last of Shawn and Gus.”

Don’t believe we’ve heard the last of Shawn and Gus?! Are we talking a series of TV movies? A Broadway show? A cool farewell panel at Comic-Con? All of the above? As I investigate that little mystery, check out the parting gift James and Dule made this proud Psych-O below, then scroll down further to watch the pair’s farewell to fans, and then hit the comments with your Psych eulogies.

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  1. Joey says:

    Sad the show gonna end but glad the show will have a finale and after show with the cast. I’m gonna enjoy the last couple episodes that are left with show.

  2. David says:

    Monk was supposed to come back with a TV movie or two but never did because of money. I have only seen a few episodes of Psych (and really have been meaning to watch the series!) but it’s been on for a long time. Hopefully they will be able to make the occasional TV movie work. I kind of miss Monk though!

  3. Kari says:

    I love that we got a personalized Ausholes greeting.

  4. Susan says:

    This has been a funny and entertaining show from Day 1. The cast made this show , especially James Roday and Dule Hill – incredible chemistry between those two!

  5. Jennifer says:


  6. Erica says:


  7. Liz says:

    I’ll be hoping and praying that they make some TV movies for the show. It’s been a great 8 years, it will be sorely missed

  8. Babybop says:

    This, then the next week the HIMYM finale. I’m ready for a sobfest.

  9. Pat says:

    I knew that this day would be coming, but I am still not ready to say goodbye.This was one show that I could count on to make me laugh. James and Dule, you will be missed. I will continue to look for those Pineapples! Thank you to all of the cast for “PSYCHING ME OUT” !

  10. Not A Stripper says:

    My little pineapple is weeping in the corner of the kitchen. This has been one of my favorite shows on USA. I live for PSYCH and my DVR will be lonely, Cheers to the gang for keeping me bent over and laughing out loud for the past 8 Seasons. And those of you with negative comments can suck a fat pineapple.

  11. Jamey says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Just really, really sad!

  12. Lee Hartman says:

    First we lose The Glades and now we lose Psych. I have watched Psych since Part 1 and I will really miss all of them, especially Shawn and Gus and Shawn’s Dad and the first Little Shawn. Everything was so good. When the Chief was put on suspension, I was really afraid that the show was going under. I hope everyone gets their happy ending. Please please do not do to us what The Glades did. They left our hero shot and bleeding on the floor of their new home on his wedding day! We were heart sick. Please don’t do that to us on Psych. I don’t think I could stand it. We will look for these excellent actors wherever they go from here. Thanks for all the laughs and tears. Lee Hartman

  13. Kim says:

    Psych ending? You must be out of your damn mind. Dude, I can’t do this with you right now. I’m trying to decide what to have for dinner. Taco? Burrito?

    Will seriously miss this show. You know that’s right!

  14. About time. The show died 5 seasons ago.

  15. Brassherald says:

    I think it’s time, while the 8th season is enjoyable, when you do a remake episode which has the meta commentary on how bad remakes are, it shows you are running out of ideas. Every show has to end, rather see them go out in season 8 than keep going and just losing what you once had like the Simpsons. Also, let’s face it, Monk was finished after 8 seasons as well. The USA network ends even the most popular shows at a time before they completely fall off, and its all the better for them.

  16. tnhand1022 says:

    I fall asleep to Psych every night, so that I have a smile on my face & all good dreams. I’ve seen every episode tons of times, and it still makes me laugh. I’m very sad to see it go, but I’ll keep watching it every single night. And my fingers are crossed for TV movies every year!!

  17. David4 says:

    It’s canceled because they didn’t really give everyone a ton of notice, but the writers were smart enough to know.

    Still love the idea of a TV movie or 10 throughout the years ahead.

  18. Lily says:

    Psyche has been a great show but this last season has left me a little disappointed. I don’t know what the burning questions are or could be so maybe I’m not a psyche o. I was more saddened by the news when Monk and The Closer had their last season and I was more upset when TNT cancelled King and Maxwell after one season. James and Dule were a good pair. It’s hard to find the right chemistry with two stars but they made it work. I will miss this show, even though I liked it alot but didn’t love it.

  19. Sl says:

    Sad to see it go. I liked the show and look forward to some answers and hopefully some post psych goodness. Shawn and Jules forever.

  20. Dj says:

    A psych movie.

  21. CK says:

    Even though this current season seems like it’s weakest, the cancellation is a bit rough. I wish it would have received a 9th so it could tailor the final season are being the “final” season. Just think of all the Psych related fanservice that could have been written.

  22. Claud Eustace Teal says:

    Didn’t they auction off a bunch of their costumes and sets back in August, after finishing the current season? How could anyone have expected this NOT to be their last season?

  23. Mischell says:

    Wow, I’m sad that it’s ending, but I will say that it was great rushing to the tv every week looking forward to wholesome, funny tv viewing. I wish them all the best of luck and maybe because of all the disappointed fans the producers will change their minds and let us continue to enjoy “Psych”.

  24. Big D says:

    Really bummed that #Psych is being canceled. I plan on savoring the last 5 episodes. I will definitely miss hanging out with Shawn and Gus. One of the funnest shows on TV ever. I will definitely be indulging in syndicated re-airings and streaming. And reading the tie-in novels.

  25. Catherine says:

    What is life anymore? Can’t believe it’s all come to an end.
    But seriously, USA? Not even a farewell season?

  26. Ram510 says:

    I just don’t understand what USA will do now. Covert Affairs, White Collar, Royal Pains are losing a lot of steam (especially Covert which I think will be canceled when it’s next batch of episodes are done). They won’t have many veterans to count on to anchor their line ups. They must have a lot of faith in their new dramas and comedies

    • Stormy says:

      I gave up on Covert when Sendhil left. I’m bored with WC and have already given up on Suits. USA is becoming tepid. JMO

      • Chris says:

        USA used to be our most-watched channel. Then Monk ended. Burn Notice went out in too much of a bloodbath for us. White Collar looks like it’s winding down, but we haven’t watched all the episodes we’ve recorded yet. Liked Fairly Legal, but it died young. Don’t like Royal Pains—-who cares about the health problems of the rich? Suits—nope. My husband and I detest “reality” shows, so, if that’s where USA is heading, we won’t be going with. Luckily I’ve found Bones and Castle and love Perception. Bye-bye USA. I still miss Monk and am sad to see Psych end, but I’ve got my DVDs. Some TV movies would be great, but it never happened for Monk, so….. Aloha to one of the best ensembles on TV (along with Monk’s and Burn Notice’s casts). A hui hou, I hope.

  27. Susan Martin says:

    This was a show that we waited each week for (and sometimes forever like when they stayed on hiatus forever). I dislike the direction I see going at USA Network too. Who cares about closet gay reality show? Ugh.

  28. anne says:


  29. Bonnie Maynes says:

    I’m very sad to see the show go. It is the funniest show on TV. I love all the characters, especially Shawn and Gus. I think they had many more stories to tell.

  30. betty says:

    watched many reruns with my grandboys they actually ask to watch the show ! sorry to see it cancelled

  31. Ashlee F. says:

    This new season has been pretty lacking I think…some problems within the cast or crew? Why such a short seas

  32. Steven A says:

    I stumbled onto Psych about a year ago and thanks to Netflix I was able to watch the Seasons 1 through 6. What an amazingly funny show. I am saddened it will end, but it’s my hope we’ll be hearing more from Shawn and Gus.

    Best wishes to the entire crew at Psych. Thanks for the laughs!!!

  33. Rachel says:

    Heartbroken into a million pieces. I know shows come to an end, this just feels too soon.

  34. PJB says:

    My grandson and I have watched the show since the beginning and have had a lot of laughs over the years :) We will miss it :( Thanks for all the laughs you have brought into my living room every week :) We will surely miss Shawn & Gus :(

  35. Matt Sutton says:

    I dont get it, every season has had 16 episodes. If there was no indication of cancellation at first does that mean there are unaired episodes? And I dont get it because they still have the fan chosen episoe to air and the number of episodes with Mia Sorvino leading up to it, am I supposed to believe they crammed all those into 5 episodes? I really hope the president of USA has plan for a spin off because this just does not make any sense. I get that USA is going different directions but all of these half hour comedies they are launching on their netowrk would literally not have ground to be on without this show. Its also one of cables longest running dramedies and is constantly beating other slots in its time. I am really holding out for “somehow I don’t believe we’ve heard the last of Shawn and Gus” otherwise I have lost all faith in TV.

  36. Denise Meyer says:

    I cried! I will miss this show that made me lol every episode. Long live Psych in syndication. And this show did not “Get goofy” like someone wrote – it was always goofy – and that’s what made it great.

  37. ViviN says:

    I was heartbroken when USA ended Monk, devastated that Burn Notice ended and now I am so sad to hear that Psych is coming to its conclusion. I have really enjoyed the show even though in the beginning I thought it would never last. If Royal Pains goes, there will be no other reason for me to watch USA.

  38. Amanda says:

    This show has always put me in the greatest of moods. It’s the kind of funny you can watch twice on top of another bc there are probably a few jokes you missed! Big Bang Theory and it’s lame laugh track are predictable. Psych has been overlooked for years. I’m so devastated it will no longer be my weekly pick me up.

  39. Brody says:

    “Can’t believe they’re canceling it. Well, as Shawn and Gus would say… SUCK IT USA.

  40. barbara says:

    usa is becoming a crappy network taking off all these good shows and probly more to come. the new shows they’ve been advertizing look like crap.

  41. Not that Psych falls in this category, but it’s the TV Networks inability to at least wrap a show up before cancelling it and taking it off the air, leaving cliffhangers, or other unresolved story lines, that I now only download the “illegal” versions of shows off the internet AFTER they’ve wrapped up correctly. Why would I waste a minute getting invested in a story that may or may not end up being a complete waste of my time, let alone the frustration involved. And no, I’m not going to go out and pay for the DVD’s of a series I’ve confirmed ran it’s course and ended correctly, because if I had any faith in the networks not to waste my time, I’d have watched it for free anyway. So, while I don’t “steal” movies or games online, I have absolutely ZERO qualms about downloading all 8 seasons of whatever show I’ve been interested in after it’s finished……And the networks wonder why ratings are dropping? Re-read above if you want part of the answer.

  42. nick.v says:

    So sad. It truly is the final end of an era. Over a decade ago USA channel began to reinvent its self from T&A all day into a channel people wanted to watch. It began with monk. Then it began airing it’s syndicated shows. Then psych popped up and then burn notice. All are gone now and with it perhaps the original spark. They had year’s of acclaimed success on USA network. Let’s hope it wasn’t all for nothing. USA network is still my number one channel because they appear to be incapable of making bad tv. Although I gave up on royal pains and even though they hit the mark on necessary roughness and fairly legal…. I still see lasting potential. Graceland and covert affairs are great shows as is white collar.

  43. Morisot says:

    So sad. We love the cast and the show!

    (I hope it ends with a big picnic. All the show’s families are there having a great time. Camera zeros in on two little boys who put their heads together and whisper a plan for mischief. Shawn and Gus are watching them. Juliet comes over and puts a hand on Shawn’s arm and says “What are those two up to?!” And Shawn and Gus give each other a fist bump.)

  44. R Santero says:

    I have been a fan of the show since the beginning but it’s time to go! These guys are getting way too old to act this silly!

  45. mfl says:

    I started watching Psych on episode one, purely because Shawn was riding an old Norton Commando. Sadly, the Norton didn’t become a regular, but I was hooked & have watched faithfully. Like Monk, Psych was a throw back show, to the days when families could watch a good action/comedy together. As such, it will be missed.

  46. Always leave them wanting more… Perfect timing as always… will I miss this series.. absofreakenlutly, but here is hoping for the occasional web episode or even, might I dare to hope, TV movie special…
    Great job on this series everyone… enjoyable to the max

  47. Dashuri says:

    I was sad seeing Burn Notice leave. Now Psych. And instead we now have Modern Family which I love Ed O’Neill but that show just sucks! I wish they’d reconsider taking Psych off the air. I really love this show.

  48. Rick Ramsey says:

    I guess the President will blame this on President Bush too. Thanks to all of you for 8 greeeaaattttt years!!!!!!!!!!! Take Care & God Bless….. Psych we will miss you all.

  49. Jessica Jimenez says:

    I honestly watch the show for the theme song…….can I get an Amen. Best theme song ever. I am just devastated.. :(

  50. Safe says:

    Please let USA be trolling us and when this season ends they surprise the fans with a new season. I don’t want this show to end