Bishop Officially Joins NCIS Team: Yea or Nay?

NCIS Bishop Keep or CutThree months after NCIS newcomer Emily Wickersham was herself promoted to series regular, Ellie Bishop was officially invited to join Gibbs’ team. Did Boss make the right call?

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“Welcome aboard, probie,” Gibbs said at the close of this Tuesday’s episode — a significant gesture, seeing as he and the consulting NSA analyst had repeatedly butted heads as the NCIS team sought to put down terrorist Benham Parsa once and for all.

But have viewers embraced Bishop the same way that Gibbs & Co. have? Are her quirks (the sitting habits, the food obsession) endearing or irksome? Is her confidence affirming or irritable — and perhaps even disrespectful when she lacks the tact to deftly correct others?

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You’ve now had six episodes to get to know Ellie Bishop. Following her Nov. 19 debut, 70 percent of respondents in a TVLine “first impression” poll said they loved or liked the newbie. But what say you now? What has she done for you lately? Is Bishop a keeper, or should her days be numbered?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jenn says:

    The show just feels different now. It isn’t that I don’t like Wickersham, I just don’t like what the writers are doing with her character–like trying to force her to fit in– and this last episode where she gains Gibbs’ trust just isn’t believable.

    When Kate died and Ziva came on the set–Ziva was different, intriguing, and yes I thought somewhat annoying at first. But she grew on me within a few episodes and I loved watching because she made me laugh and she could kick some butt.

    Fast forward to Ziva leaving and Ellie entering. They wanted to make her different and intriguing, but the writers have fallen short. She’s flat–she doesn’t jive with the team. A quirky analyst isn’t interesting…there is nothing interesting about being an analyst. The show is off balance and is so hard to watch. I would rather they didn’t have the desk filled than have it with her character the way the writers are writing her. ,

    I don’t fault the actress– just Glasberg and his team. They need to pull it together–make it BELIEVABLE. But then there is this– chemistry is either there or it isn’t. It isn’t something you can write in– and in my book–Bishop has no chemistry with this team.

    • Libby says:

      I agree. I’d like to see the chemistry but haven’t so far. For me, I saw it immediately with Ziva, loved her first couple of episodes, particularly when Tony first meets her. And saw it with Gibbs and Kate, too. Bishops “quirks” are distracting, seemed contrived rather than real IMO

  2. Braddock says:

    To any NCIS viewers that watch the Los Angeles spin off keep in mind Nell Jones is an analyst and she took down a guy bigger than her in the last ep, not to mention she’s been stepping up the field work in Kensi’s absence.

    • John 1138 says:

      Also previous to Nell the team’s psychologist transitioned to full field agent. Just saw ep 1 from season 1 last night.

    • KubrickFan55 says:

      That LA spin-off is poop on paper and a disgrace to the ‘NCIS’ brand. Yeah so original NCIS is off its A-game this season but at least their crimes are still related to Navy and Marine corps. Saw one episode of LA they were dealing with a terrorists working with a drug cartel, how is that Navy related? And worst the LA brunette agent with the messed up eyes is just an American knock off of Ziva!

      • John 1138 says:

        No, the “Ziva” equivalent would be Hetty. She’s the killer of the group.

      • Carolyn says:

        I have to disagree with you. The first season was week but right now it is pretty good and beats the heck out of the new NCIS.

        • BJG says:

          I hardly watch NCIS LA anymore. I can’t handle Deeks with all his angst over Kensi. It makes him look like a love sick puppy. Bring back S1 LA. I liked it much better with Dom & Nate. I want to watch a crime drama, not a soap opera.

          • Dj says:

            I do agree that its annoying and I’m not a fan of it and its the same way they had Tony act about ZIva which is why I’m glad she is gone.

          • Caroline D. says:

            Yep. Made all the more nauseating when she so clearly didn’t reciprocate his feelings. He was just there for her amusement and abuse.

          • carolgrover says:

            Sometimes Deeks bugs me too. But I think he bugged me less when Kensi was around because Kensi used up some of his time and I like Kensi. I would not be sorry if he left but the other characters have remained pretty true to character and they slap him down regularly. Also Nell is a great and believable analyst and agent like Hetty trained to kill and work undercover. Hetty told us as much when she said she had 100% faith in her. Way different from Bishop. Also Nell was introduced slowly and the viewers were allowed to gain respect for her slowly over several episodes before her more deadly skills were demonstrated. By then we trusted her. No comparison between Bishop and Nell. What dothink?

        • KubrickFan55 says:

          Better? they never deal with Navy related crimes it was always terrorists and drug dealers. Plus they ripped off Ziva with their own female american carbon copy. They only thing Navy related to NCIS LA is that LL cool J constantly says that he was a SEAL.

    • carolgrover says:

      Nell was introduced very gradually and is a very cool character. She is an adult. There has never been a character in a police, detective, FBI or military drama who behaves like a child. It is possible to suspend belief but only so far. Bishop should be in a comedy like MASH except she does not seem to have a sense of humor either.

  3. Libby says:

    So far I don’t care for the Bishop character. I realize she is older than the Kate and Ziva actresses in reality but she comes across as much younger which kind of ages everyone else. She seems like the pip-squeak little sister,albeit an intelligent one. I hope there isn’t too much more emphasis on the snacks to think, sitting on anything besides a chair’ and other quirkiness, Abby and the rest give enough of that IMO, is awesome and we don’t need more of it.. Hope that NCIS gets back to case investigation instead of spending too much time on trying to build a background on Bishop to generate interest, sympathy whatever; give it small bits between a lot of what used to be the exciting part, the cases. I did like the Ziva Moussad storyline though, apparently a few here did not.

    • Bellz says:

      Those who are not happy, please give me a list of things they would like to see about Bishop. What would make her a winner for you and don’t say for her to leave.

      • libby says:

        Drop the feigned expressions of concentration, thinking and have her be real, not sure there is anything to do because it seems to be the acting, or maybe the directing. It just seems superficial. In addition, her voice has no strength, no earthy real quality to it, and she is just so small and fragile looking, the baseball hitting and gym training scenes didn’t really build up any physical strength perception. I guess she is here to stay so will have to be put up with if we want to watch the rest of the cast. When I see her on the screen I think afternoon day-time Disney family show, nothing against that but this is NCIS.

        • Bellz says:

          Her voice and her small & fragile stature is her natural self. Can’t change a persons natural attributes.

          • libby says:

            Yep,probably why she’ll never work, wasn’t an optimal choice. We are stuck with her physical attributes but maybe her lines, facial expressions could become more believable with some work. I think she is a bad fit but will watch for the other cast and story lines which I hope don’t focus on her too much.

      • Carolyn says:

        I am not sure that you can turn the Bishop character or the actress into a winner on this show with the baggage they have given her. But you can make her less irritating. First, reduce the amount of time she is on camera until someone decides who the character is and where her storyline fits in. You are stuck with her being married so that shuts out many possibilities for character development and for a private life. They will need a personal, ongoing story that is interesting to replace that. They want her to be naive and yet she has more than six years experience in the work force – naievete won’t play because it is not realistic. Stop all the stupid quirkiness – that is Abby’s schtick, Abby does it well and two of the same is too much.Also, Abby’s quirks are usually believable and the same thing does not go on and on and on, like the inability to sit at a desk like an adult. Also, someone needs to help Wickersham with her acting. Frowning does not signify thinking, it is just ugly when you do it all the time. The writers need to stop using other character’s things for Bishop – examples Tim’s love of nutter bars become Bishop’s love of all junk food or Ziva’s habit of accosting Tony in the bathroom becomes Bishop’s schtick. The fact is that this character was poorly and hurriedly developed and then not fan tested. It needs to find something that will make Bishop into a realistic person who would be a believable agent. Crumbs, having it pointed out to them that she was made a probie without training at Fletse they are solving it by having her train and work at the same time. It is all just so unrealistic.

        • Bellz says:

          I am quite liking her character. It is television remember. Her quirkiness is different to Abbys. I think having her accept the nutty bars and her meeting up with Tony in the mensroom is a way of having her fit with how others are accepted. I don’t see her sitting on the floor or the desk to be a problem. I have visited a doctor who did that once to chat to my family. We never gave it a thought that he was -strange? at all. We liked his openess. It is meant to be a down-to-earth, security about her. Those who feel ‘awkward’ in the presence of new peope will sit in a chair and quiver. Frowning can be a natural way to express thinking to a lot of people. Gibbs pokes his tongue out on occassions when he is doing somethng which signifies he is concentrating and thinking. I don’t reall anyone complaining about that. Being married was so that fanatic fans didn’t go into the ‘soap opera’ mode of pairing them up because they didn’t like Ziva. It was also to stop the Ziva lovers from going to ‘cease and kill’ mode because they didn’t want her and Tony to get together. Training and working at the same time is ‘fair enough’ for a television show. They are allowed to bend some things to suit scenarios. As you said she was ‘hurriedly developed’ so hence the push to move things along a little quicker. I have known some people who are very experienced in their jobs but rather ‘dumb’ and even ignorant at ordinary things. No offense but i find a lot of the bashing of her character done by some fans is rather petty.

          • carolgrover says:

            Bellz – you just asked for specific things that those who did not like Bishop would like to see changed. You got them and then you proceeded to disagree with every thoughtful suggestion. Are you for real or are you here for CBS propaganda purposes.

          • Bellz says:

            I am real. I don’t live in the States. I gave my reply as I saw it required to be answered.

          • Carolyn says:

            Which seems to indicate that your request for information was pretty insincere in the first place. I generally ask for information when I think I might learn something from another’s point of view. You seem to ask for the purposes of contradicting/proving you are right/being able to spout your own biases/whatever. I certainly would not waste my time responding to your posts again when there are others like Caroline and BJG who one can actually have a conversation with despite the fact we are coming from opposite viewpoints initially. And the ” no offense but” that you end with is a phrase that is generally used by people who want to offend without being held responsible for their offensiveness — and that is petty.

          • Bellz says:

            I am not bias. Nor do I think I am right. I just say things as I see it. Black and white. If I ask an opinion I will respond with an answer that, to me, explains why I feel you are on the wrong track, or agree if the comment is like minded. Its called debate. I offer ‘no offense but’ because I know that people all think differently and it is not my intention to hurt anothers opinion. It is not being petty, it is being genuine. And you are obviously offended because I disagree with your ideas.

      • Kay Farlow says:

        I thought perhaps she is related to one of the stars or major names of Producers or Director. She is not a good fit. Maybe we’ve been spoiled. Also don’t really care for all her facial mugging to questions and statements. Sorry.

        • Jaycee says:

          Emily is not related to any of the staff or crew. A recent video interview with Mark, Michael and Pauley has said they are happy with the Bishop character and she is staying. They all look forward to her character growing and quite frankly, he said they aren’t concened that some fans are unhappy. They’ve moved on and they want fans to do the same. I

          So either you all stay and support the rest of the cast, whom I might add, make up that show too and before Cote came along, or enjoy your television viewing elsewhere.

  4. Lrbrocks says:

    I’m sorry, I find the Character boring and flat! I just want to HEAD SLAP her and send her packing!

  5. Joann says:

    I hope they have a memorial for Ralph Waite aka Jackson Gibbs. Anyone here anything?

    • JayBV says:

      No plans as yet. I imagine it will be a little while yet as they need to work out the best way to say good bye. They usually have the next 3 or 4 episodes written and in place to shoot. Likely have alrady shot a couple of them as well.

  6. John NYC says:

    Oh heck.

    Just noticed GIBBS’ eyebrows are darker than his hair! OMG, OMG, OMG! Now I can’t watch the show anymore. Or even NCIS: NOLA, knowing those eyebrows are behind the scenes……..

    • John NYC says:

      The photo with this article? Think it’s a coincidence he’s not facing the camera? No, it’s to hide the shame…..

      • JayBV says:

        Yes, itsn’t it a shame how some so called fans are so petty and judgemental about how some people look.

        • Carolyn says:

          I think people are complaining about the way she has made herself look with the dyed blonde hair. She would look much better with her natural colour.

    • Caroline says:

      I’ve been rewatching S3 of GOT in prep for next week’s S4 permiere and noticing their 2 very blonde haired/dark browed characters in Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister. And over the last few weeks I find I’m noticing more elsewhere. I never noticed before but this Bishop driven controversy makes all of them jump out at me now. 2 such examples would be the character of Elaine Richards on the new show Resurrection (look starker in some shots than others) and Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds with very blonde hair and dark brows – (I know some seasons she has red hair and her brows are hidden by bold glasses. Still the combo exists in some seasons.) So my question becomes: Are other fandoms in uproar over their characters with mismatching hair/brows or are these very visceral responses somehow unique to NCIS viewers?

      • NCIS for-ever says:

        What a welcome respone! All this childish, hate and spite over a new character is ridiculous. Unhappy, then those who are need cry no more and move on.

      • John NYC says:

        So far as I’ve seen that seems restricted to NCIS. As others have noted there appear to be certain themes that get repeated in the social media echo chamber. Her eyebrows being one of the more absurd echoes and so endlessly mockable.

        Oh, add the Olympic skater Gracie Gold to the list…..

  7. Blackcurry says:

    Fix her damned eyebrows. You could tell how bad a winter is going to be by the black wooly worms over her eyes. They are too black for her hair color and they are the only thing I see when they do closeups. I never cared for Kate, but even she was better than BlackBrow.

  8. Kar says:

    The problem isn’t the actress…or the other actors. The problem is the writing staff. Emile W. is doing a good job of playing an unrealistic character. Super agent…but spacy….not a good team player…and not a good team fit! The writing staff are so busy trying to develop the Bishop chracter, they are neglecting the other characters. Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Abby and Dr. Mallard aren’t being given the same role opportunities that initially made the show a hit. They are becoming support roles to showcase the new super agent.

    Why did the introduction of a new character change the way the other characters interact? That wouldn’t happen in real life. So why have the remaining characters been redefined?

    NCIS has lost a lot more than just the Ziva character. None of this season’s characters have as much depth, appeal and believability as they had in previous seasons. I’m still trying to watch, but I find myself losing interest and doing other things while the show is playing. It used to be a fantastic show! Unless the writing staff can get their act together, and start writing for a TEAM again, I doubt that it will last another season.

    • BJG says:

      You seem to have forgotten that the team changed when Ziva joined the team. Gibbs who valued loyalty & trust let Ziva get away with murder & lying to him for 4 years & tried to get her “partner & teammate” transferred to another team, again the whole time Gibbs had no problem with this. Tony, a street smart cop, the work smarter not harder SFA was reduced to letting Ziva protect him in the field and, of course, with the constant put-downs, snarky remarks. And them we have McGee who was stuck behind the computer more then the previous seasons. No, the damage was done WAY before Bishop joined the team.

      And according to the most recent interview, Gary Glasburg said that after the Bishop introduction, which this last arc was all about, we’ll be getting back to the “traditional” NCIS episodes.

  9. Donna Milton says:


  10. Crookshanks says:

    The team did NOT change when Ziva joined. Each member contributed in some way or another to investigations. The other characters only became pod people when the horrid Bishop character came on board. She does everything. The character is just not believable. No government agency in their right mind would hire this person. And it doesn’t help that the character is played by a mediocre actress at best. In short, Bishop sucks and she is taking down the entire show with her!

    • BJG says:

      How can you say the team did not change when Ziva came onboard. Look at Gibbs, he didn’t speak to his father for YEARS because he brought a date to Shannon & Kelly’s funeral & his mother had been dead for years, he wouldn’t let McGee sit in a chair because he let Abby’s stalker get close to her BUT he allows Ziva to stay on his team after she lied to him for years, attacks her partner, asked that he be transferred to another team (and she wasn’t even an NCIS agent at the time so what right did she have to even request this), basically covered up the fact that a Mossad agent killed an American federal agent and after all this fast-tracks her to citizenship and an agent. Then we have Tony who was a street-smart cop, great undercover and when Ziva came onboard needed her to protect him in fights, became the class clown (Ziva’s words) and was on the receiving end of her snarky comments. And let’s face it, McGee was basically assigned to desk duty. Face the facts, the team did change when Ziva came onboard.

      • carolgrover says:

        Selective remembering. Tony killed a Kedon assassin. Tony investigated Ziva. Gibbs always treated female team members differently. Gibbs never spoke to his father until a case took him to his hometown. McGee always spent most of his time in front of a computer – it was that skill plus his initiative that got him hired. The characters did not change because of Ziva although they all grew and developed over time.

    • Dj says:

      The team did change. When Tony is cowering so they can show what a bad @$$ super ninja ZIva as she beats up three guys that’s changing the team.

      • carolgrover says:

        I never perceived him as cowering. But, as others have commented, we all perceive things differently. Our perceptions alone account for some liking a character and others detesting the same person. I appreciate those like you who express their opinions without name-calling or denigrating those who disagree.

    • libby says:

      I liked Kate a lot but I think when Ziva came on the team remained solid and the chemistry fit very well, not so with Bishop. We can only hope for the sake of the show, that Bishop will either improve drastically or be written out after this season.

      • Linda Minnier says:

        I was very inarticulate in my post. I was trying to get on the NCIS website to comment there so hopefully someone associated with the show would get our emails, see how we felt about the show and bishop but could not find any contact info. Does anyone know how to contact them? just complaining to each other has no bearing… if the shows producers, writers, cast doesn’t know how the audience feels, it doesn’t help….

        • Bellz says:

          They read blogs from different sources. There are threads on a non CBS site which I know they frequent where you can add your opinions but I can only suggest you keep it polite.

  11. Dj says:

    Really happy she is on the show. I was pretty bored with how other characters had to be saved to show how awesome of a fighter ZIva was.

    I like that Bishop isn’t a Mary Sue super ninja and that the show is showing that when it come to analyzing a problem she is great, but when it comes to the heat of the moment she has a long way to go. This makes her teachable. Plus watching Tony and Tim haze the probie is fun.

    • libby says:

      In the heat of the moment if she is in a teachable stage I would think she could be a dangerous liability. I don’t think McGee was at maximum bad ass agent level either when put in the field but his character was/is more likeable to me so I can accept it with him. Sorry it’s just her personality or maybe lack of, that is the problem. I think the “hazing” she is getting is flat, forced and not fun. Just an opposite opinion, that’s all.

  12. Carolyn says:

    I missed the last Parsa episode deliberately. I did check in this week and found some improvement – enough to check in again but not enough to become a weekly viewer. There is still no cohesion among team members. Each is playing their part but the interplay is missing. The writing and story line was vastly improved. Regarding Bishop, it was nice that the irritating and stupid sit on the floor/desk/filing cabinet, the food associations and the snacks have been abandoned. However they seem to have been replaced by equally irritating quirks like saying hmmm and hah five times in the first 15 minutes and even more after that. Also, screwing her mouth to the right and up I think in disapproval or puzzlement or something – it’s very ugly. I think the actress should try her facial expressions in front of a mirror (frowning, mouth expressions) and if she thinks it looks ugly then better not use it. Please writers and Ms Wickersham, stop trying to make this chsracter quirky. Most quirks are annoying and in real life we put up with them in people we love and they put up with us for the same reason. That does not mean we want them in our entertainment unless it is a show like A Beautiful Mind. Although I loved that movie I would not consider it for a weekly series of light entertainment.

    In conclusion, the show was better because of better writing and less Bishop. Delilah was a real treat. I notice that the episode drew 16,889,000 viewers – dropping like a stone.

  13. Crookshanks says:

    Finally, the ratings are reflecting REAL viewers. After CBS’s latest blunder in making a character most fans hate a team member, the ratings dropped significantly. The episode following Bishop becoming a probie dropped to 16.89, one of the lowest ratings (if not THE lowest) this season. Also shows how this poll is not an accurate picture of how fans feel, since it’s obvious from this large drop than fans do NOT like Bishop!

    • Bellz says:

      The ‘consolidted’ overnight ratings were 17.03 million and still came in 1st place. Season 10 had 1 ep. at 16 million+ and was still in first place. Season 10 also had 6 episodes that rated 1st place in the 17+ million. One of those being Berlin. Sochi has just finished, it could have something to do with that. Its hardly a problem.

    • Dean says:

      Hmmm. 16mil out of the usual 20mil? Seems the 4mil who allegedly jumped the NCIS ship were the ziva psychos yourself included are in the minority your blind devotion is messing with your logic.

      • carolgrover says:

        That would be a 20% drop Dean, if your numbers are correct. I would be really upset if I lost 20% of my fans.

        • BJG says:

          Dressed to Kill final results:

          3.6 18-49 Demo
          21,699,000 Viewers

          NCIS is up against The Voice, tough competition and a live show, looks like many are DVRing the episodes. Final # of 21.7 million and a 3.6 demo, not bad at all and I’m thinking CBS is thinking the same thing.

    • Dean says:

      So you and every other Ziva nut can go back to your chopping boards and gutt newborns in the belief that doing something like that would bring your goddess cote back.

    • BJG says:

      Final # was 17.03 million viewers and looking into Berlin, a very, very, very Tiva heavy advertised episode ended with 17.33 million. Not much of a difference IMO.

    • BJ says:

      I don’t know if you noticed, but most shows took a post Olympics hit. This was not strictly a NCIS drop.

  14. Jerry says:

    I think Tony has lost a lot of his personality that made him famous as a flirt, a team player almost equal with Gibbs. He took on the undercover assignment, and replaced Gibbs when he left the team. From the maturity of those seasons to now he is being held back by writers to let Bishop do too mouc that she cannot be ready to do

    • Dj says:

      Tony has been held back for years you can’t blame Bishop for that. They change Tony personality for Ziva really they made him so in love with ZIva that he couldn’t live without her.

    • Caroline D. says:

      Tony’s emasculation began with Ziva. Tiva lessened him even further by having him pine for someone who treated him so badly time and again. Bishop may still be the capable one, but I do see improvement in that Bishop at least looks to him for some mentorship, a role he should be filling as SFA. He was never afforded that opportunity with Ziva because he was too dumbed down in order to prop her up and Ziva knew more and was more capable and superior in her mind from day one. She was not about to take his advice or even credit him with having anything valuable to offer in the way of experience or advice. At least with Bishop I think she does show him more respect … evidenced by her lack of condescending snark he was used to and her willingness to be taught by him.

      The other change I see is between him and Gibbs. In the last multi years of the Ziva era, with a very few exceptions (during a themed ep when all of a sudden things were hunky dory for 42 mins), Gibbs has treated Tony as if he barely tolerated his presence and seemed more often than not annoyed with him. Their relationship seems to be carrying less tension these days. Granted, they’re nowhere near having the great symbiotic relationship they had in the earlier years that made me want to watch it in the first place, but I have to be pleased Gibbs doesn’t seem to hate him anymore. So while Tony is a far cry from the ‘best young agent’ Gibbs ever worked with, I’ll take the tiny bits of progress I see post-Ziva. I’m still hopeful one of the writers will be a Tony fan and make him into what he was in Truth or Consequences or Requiem or any of his undercover ops or the agent in Cloak not afraid to get in Gibbs’ face …. or any number of eps where he made connections no one else could … before they decided his role would be consist of comic relief only.

      • Carolyn says:

        Kate put down Tony more than Ziva did and in front of the others as well. However, Tony’s frat boy, lecherous, leering persona was intentional as was having strong women put him down for such characteristics. The character has been allowed to grow and develop and his kinder, gentler side has been brought out partly by Ziva. If you perceive this as emasculation then I would not like to ponder your male relationships.

        I am not surprised by the many men who criticize the thoroughly competent, strong, self-assured Ziva. They tend to like the cute, blonde chick who needs to be guided by a man as she behaves like a child – smart but not threatening. I am always amazed by a woman who views things this way.

        • Caroline says:

          Guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree which is ok because everyone sees through their own lenses. My lens saw Kate throwing lots of jabs but they were pretty much like what siblings do. All she ever did was poke with words, as did Tony. I saw Ziva’s words and actions to often have more nastiness behind them.

          But Kate never had a team party while intentionally inviting everyone but Tony, and Kate never asked for his removal from the team (ok technically she asked for one of them to be transferred but she was counting on the daughter card and the Ari card to make Gibbs pick her. Her face told that story when he didn’t), and Kate never pointed her gun at him in full blown hate that he didn’t deserve after knocking him to the ground, or left him without backup, referred to him as dead weight, etc… Kate never dragged the team into messes that put their lives in danger or lied to their faces about important things that mattered, or played the daddy card in order to manipulate that I can recall. I don’t recall Kate ever proving herself to be untrustworthy … certainly not time and again like Ziva. Unless you remember something I don’t. Anybody can have an out of character blip but with Ziva it was a pattern.

          And if he came all the way to Somalia and rescued you from a terrorist … your belittlement and criticism of him should end. Period.

          I’m all for strong women. I just think they ought to be good people too. Ziva may have had an abundance of strength but she lacked a great deal in character. I’m not entirely sure that’s an admirable trade-off.

          • carolgrover says:

            Good points all. I, too, thought the party was particularly cruel. But I did not like the Tony character in those early days. He was such a sexist creep he gave me the willies so I guess I understod even though it was something that bothered me. You are right everyone sees things through their own lenses.

            I am not sure why I even discuss past characters. I am not someone dying for Ziva to return. I don’t really care if she does or does not and I don’t see how she can with Gibbs’ rules about team members in relationships. But I find Bishop totally unreal and no-one seems real trying to interact with the unreal character. Delilah is real. The coast guard character is real. Neither would be appropriate because of their present circumstances (girlfriend/team leader) but either character is acceptable because the cast interact well with both of them. That is mostly my beef and it saddens me.

            But hey, have you watched Scandal? It is now my favorite show. I like Person of Interest too. Now there is a show with unreal being believable! :-)

          • Carolina D says:

            Agreed about Tony’s early persona.  Good Wives Club made me want to Gibbs slap him myself. In those early days they were still finding the character.  He didn’t even start out a film buff.  Excellent example in Minimum Security when he didn’t even know The Maltese Falcon and thought Elijah Wood was in it. And can you see the Senior we now have as ever having been a civil war reenactor as Tony claimed in Silver War?   What I did appreciate about his earlier character was how much more competent he was in the first half of the 11 seasons vs. the last half-ish .  I’ve been more irritated with the writers over his dumbing down during the course of the series than anything else.  I don’t know why the writers felt his being competent would be a threat to Ziva’s character.  Why couldn’t they all be believably competent?  Anyway, much like Tony was in the early days, I’m trying to remember Bishop too will be a work in progress for some time to come. We’ve seen early canon on a character tossed out the window before.  Still, never has there been a character on any show I have flip-flopped on so much. I have espoused big support one week and big frustration the next only to switch again the next week.  You’re right, the writers did a great job with Delilah and many others like Paula or Dornegut   Regardless, she’s not a deal breaker for me either way.  I tune in for the sum of the whole, not any one singular part. I fully expect to be a viewer of NCIS for the full run regardless of who may come and go. That’s what I like about an ensemble.  For me it doesn’t live or die on one character.   I’ve only seen one ep of Scandal but have friends pushing me to Netflix a marathon.  I might.  Mostly I’m waiting for Game of Thrones.

          • carolgrover says:

            I watched the last episode – mar 18. Trying to see if I can enjoy the other characters. I did find Gibbs to be the old Gibbs for the first time since EB. He was intolerant of people, EB included, not focussing on the case, he took the lead and taught the probie instead of begging for her help. I think this is because MH has the ability to respond to criticism and is a very good actor. Tony still seemed a bit off. Jimmy was wonderful. Abby can’t seem to decide if she is strong smart Abby from Season 1 or baby Abby. She is a bit old for pigtails with huge bows. I prefer the strong smart Abby. The episode itself was boring but then there have been boring episodes every season.

            All in all it does seem as though maybe CBS is listening. Probie is now a probie. She is off the floor. They gave her a realistic skill for an analyst – the suggestion she gave Abby for computer tracking. Analysts generally are good at developing queries and writing code (my job but not with NSA). She seems to be best in the sequence with Tim – not sure why. The frowning was minimal and the raised eyebrows and wrinkled forehead that seem to have replaced it are much more attractive as she does not look bad-tempered. And she was not going hmm or hah or huh every few minutes. Also, she was not the main character. But SHE WAS OFF THE FLOOR for a whole show and it is so much more believable. If they put her back on the floor, it will be like giving the finger to those of us desperately trying to find a reason to keep watching. And I doubt that keeping her off the floor will lose them 1 of her fans.

            BTW Caroline, I noticed that somehow a few of my postings got posted as Carolyn but I am one and the same. Nice chatting with you.

  15. cathy lonsbee says:

    Don’t like that Bishop woman. The one with blonde hair and black eyebrows, what’s up with that. Looks bad. She can’t act and when she does looks like a dumb blonde with black eyebrows.

  16. Judith Abbondandolo says:

    Her character needs work. she can’t just sit around and think, after Ziva we need an active independent person.. She needs to act like an agent maybe they should get her some training in firearms and weapons and some self defense.

  17. NCIS is just not the same. The writing is so different and not what I have come to expect. BIshop’s character just doesn’t fit. The other characters don’t get much air time at all. It seems to be all about Bishop.

  18. Blue Gnome says:

    Ellie Bishop – This is what I like to see of her character, she shows she can and will defend herself and she can defend the men who she works with…I love she can draw and paint…shows us her skills…Shows us her husband…let be the opposite of her…formal.

  19. Blue Gnome says:

    Ellie Bishop does come across as rabbit or a little girl who is twelve…I liked to see come out of this be the agent she needs to be and she can to be artist who needs to sit on the floor….I like for her show why she is hired…she can be brain dealing with insane people…who think they know everything…psychologist type…is what I can see in Ellie Bishop…I like for art work to be gallery….her husband formal, dressed up wear suits..her cut to trim max…knows the wines and steaks etc.

  20. sandy says:

    I loved ncis it was my favorite show, but with the new girl iam through with the show. her part in the show is not like ziva had this girl is a computer geek and acts like a nut. the show seems to be centered around her not the whole team.she stands up to gibbs unlike the rest of the team. I love the other characters in the show they are great but cant stand bishop. get rid of her are iam gone.

  21. Greetasola says:

    This is how a good show dies. I have watched NCIS since the beginning for the compelling stories and complex characters. That has been deteriorating — Gibbs and Abby are shadows of their former selves and Bishop is just poorly fit to the situation. Nothing can fix this outside of killing her off and getting better writers. As to when things started heading downhill (NCIS-LA or no) I couldn’t say — I have never liked that show even though I have it a shot. I cannot even imagine what NCIS spin off I would watch at this point. The original actors cannot possibly be happy with this current season and the way their characters are being handled?? I am beginning to wonder, along with some other viewers, why Bishop/Wickersham has been given such preferential treatment in this series? It makes absolutely no sense.

    • Dean says:

      What doesn’t make sense is why pissy fans like you seem to bash a tv show you claim to no longer like and yet seem to now enough about recent episodes to still make criticism.

      • Linda Minnier says:

        I cant speak for anyone but myself.. (don’t see the need to be nasty, ie:”pissy”) but as a longtime fan, I keep watching , hoping the show will return to its original greatness, that gibbs will take back charge as he is the boss…That the other great characters will come forth as they used to be instead of everyone taking a back seat to this new young girl..She may be a good fit in time but its much too soon for her to take such a prominent place.. I miss Abby, Dinozo, Mcgee, ducky,etc… They have all faded into the background, even gibbs to allow this new person to take center stage.. That is not how life/jobs./etc are in reality… When I watch a movie or tv show, it has to be believable… I feel like I am being duped… Are the people making these shows so far out of reality? where are the advisors? that I am certain this show has ..(former navy , NCIS )…As a few others have stated, why is gibbs turning to her for all his answers? That is opposite of how it used to be, what made the show great, and as I said, reality….

        • Dj says:

          Have you watched the last two episodes or are you just going by the Parsa arc. I can’t see how anyone who watched the last two episode can say that. The last two episodes were centered around McGee/Delilah and then Tony/his father with Bishop just being a background player.

          • carolgrover says:

            For me, bishop was so irritating during the Parsa arc that I never watched the last episode. I did watch the next two episodes on my PVR and was still so turned off by the EB character that I fast forwarded through the scenes she was in. Delilah was wonderful. I could have accepted her as a replacement for Ziva. The scenes with her and Tony and her and McGee were well acted by all. Same with the scenes with Tony and his father. But whenever they start interacting with the Bishop character they become wooden. I believe it is because the chsracter itself is so insanely unrealistic that they cannot interact with it. Perhaps it is the actress that none of them, even Delilah seem to have any chemistry with. Whichever, she has to go. Fast forwarding is no way to watch a program. I think Iam weaning myself off my favorite program.

          • BJG says:

            Fast-forwarding… Now you know how the fans that didn’t like Ziva feel and we’ve had to do it for 8 years.

            The difference in the chemistry is that it’s not forced (as was many Tiva moments) or snarky. Each member of the team respects each other and understands their place on the team. I love having a probie on the team again and having that probie understand her place on the team.

          • carolgrover says:

            BJG that is interesting. I am not sure I could have watched for 8 years if I hadn’t liked Ziva. What kept you going? Maybe I can make use of theway you objected to a character thar you really detested.

          • BJG says:

            I actually liked Ziva when she first came onboard it was toward the middle/end of S4 that the character started to get on my nerve and the forced Tiva moments. I kept watching because I LOVE the show and the rest of the cast. AND because SB & GG kept promising each season that the show was going back to the basics and every year I was disappointed. I feel that this season the show has reverted back to the S1-S3 dynamics. The team working as a team, no forced ships, a true probie that understands that she is a probie. Unlike others I think the characters are finally back “in character” as in the earlier seasons… We have Gibbs who is the team leader, not the daddy, we have the “work smarter, not harder Tony who is getting the respect of his teammates; the snarkiness is gone, McGee is not chained to his desk because Tiva had to be showcased; gone is baby Abby. I feel that my patience has finally paid off :)

          • Caroline says:

            For me that’s easy. Simple math. Ziva was but one character in a larger ensemble. I very much like the other 7.

          • carolgrover says:

            Thanks BJG. I am trying to watch and enjoy. Not there yet but am slightly more hopeful from the latest episode. I posted in detail a bit further down.

      • carolgrover says:

        You are such a rude angry person.

  22. greetasola says:

    Sorry, I wish I could help remake Bishop so audiences would love her, but there is nothing you can possibly do to redeem Bishop’s character at this late hour, and it is far too late. She grates on my nerves from the moment she is shown onscreen as fake, one-dimensional and unintelligent for someone who is supposed to be so smart. She has made so many horrible mistakes, is unbelievable in every way and just doesn’t fit any idea of NCIS that makes sense. Since the rest of the characters we like have also started going downhill since she entered, I would only be satisfied at this point if they killed her off or perhaps disappeared her to Nebraska.

    No DJ, I can’t say I have been able to get to the substance of any of the last 2 episodes. The minute Bishop enters, or Gibbs is portrayed as a shadow of his former self I turn the episode off.

    Dean: As to why some of us continue to comment on the show: we are the most loyal NCIS fans the show has and we have been hoping for the show to turn around — we may try to watch the beginning of an episode before switching the channel until we realize it is the same low-level poor quality writing. We comment because we actually believed that producers might listen and save a show we care about.

    Why would you possibly be antagonistic to such a purpose? We are actually answering the questions posed by other viewers in the article and comments. Comments such as yours above, however, are not only unkind and out of place but are completely useless, answering absolutely no question posed on this forum. Have you any real purpose here at all, or are you, like Bishop, completely out of place and universally disliked?

    • Kubrickfan55 says:

      We get it you and a few miss Ziva.

    • Dean says:

      ‘We the most loyal NCIS fans the show has’ don’t spread your bigotry to the rest of the fandom, real fans would stick through for better or worse. NCIS is still the high rated show its always been. And the ones ‘out of place’ are the people such as you that whine about it and still watch despite your unhappiness.

      • Dj says:

        I will agree that true fans of the show shouldn’t turn their back on it because they can’t get over one actress who didn’t want to be there leaving. But these aren’t Ncis fans they are Tiva/ZIva fans. I know you loved her but SHE didn’t want to be there it’s time to move on.

        • carolgrover says:

          Loyalty – as in being a true NCIS fan – has nothing to do with why I watch a show. All that matters is if I enjoy it, if I enjoy the characters, if the acting is good and the writing is good. I have enjoyed it for ten years. I enjoyed season 11 up to and including the first episode with Ellie Bishop. Since the second episode with EB my enjoyment spiralled downward very quickly and I found myself bored, irritated by this unreal brat who sat on the floor and who could do everything the rest of the team could only better. Both the writing and the acting were bad and there ws no spirit amongst team members. TIVA – I had never heard the word and did not wish Tony and Ziva to get together as a couple. I never wrote a complaint about Ziva leaving. I never wrote a complaint about Kate or Jenny leaving. They both were replaced with interesting characters played by fine actors.

          So, how be those of you who still love the show write in and say so. Those of us who don’t like the show will write in and attempt to get Bishop replacd with another character or no character as all so that we can start liking the show again. And noone will make derogatory remarks or make digs just because we may disagree.

          By the way, Sasha Alexander is starring in Rizzoli and Ayles. She’s even better than she was as Kate with more opportunity to display her great range of acting skills.


        • carolgrover says:

          DJ – I know you like to believe that but it just ain’t so. You cannot generalize about people and expect to have your opinion respected. I had never even heard of Tiva until after Bishop came on the show. I always liked the Ziva character but I also liked Kate and Jenny and I was quite content with their replacements. I thought the flirting between Tony and Ziva was just that and was rather shocked at the final episode because in their private lives they had nothing in common. Some of us just do not like the Bishop character and/or the actress who portrays her. It is hard to tell whether EW can act when the character is so cartoonish. The character is the product of the creators and the writers. Many episodes with this character have been downright boring. You obviously don’t share my opinion but don’t attribute thoughts to me or anyone else – just say what you think.

          • Dj says:

            Carolgrover No where in my post did I say EVERYONE who disliked Bishop are Tiva fans. But there are Tiva shippers who posted here who stop watching or dislike Bishop because Cote left the show. Some of the same people are talking about how they should give Tiva their own show.

          • carolgrover says:

            You are correct. My bad. I read too quickly.

  23. cherry says:

    Since bishop has joined the team, i am getting to like her more & more. The other characters are not being put into the background. Jimmy was missing for some reason. I just don’t know what people are watching. Whether or not Ziva shows up on the season final, remains to be seen. It is time to let her go. No matter what, i will keep on watching.

    • carolgrover says:

      Jimmy was missing for some reason according to you. Vance is still missing. If that is not putting regulars into the background I don’t know what is.

      • Bellz says:

        Its got nothing to do with it. Brian Dietzen has been doing another movie called Karaoke Man which is now completed. He also did an episode of Perception.
        Rocky Carroll was doing a voice role for Justice league: War which is a video.
        The actors have clauses in their contract which allows them a certain time away to do other things.

  24. Greetasola says:

    Happy day! My vote is really in and has been counted. We are an official Nielsen household and neither of our TV sets were tuned to NCIS, when last time we were polled both were watching the show. For the record: I don’t care about Ziva leaving, though the manner of her leaving and the episode itself was poorly done and the story was not handled well.
    This has been without question the worst season of NCIS so far. In the episodes I was able to finish watching I found the plots lacking, the characters shallow and inconsistent compared to their portrayals in previous seasons, and the quality of writing substantially deteriorated. I seriously dislike the Bishop character and nothing will change that. I do not want Ziva back but a unique strong female character written with depth and respect would be acceptable. Novel idea: shadow a real marine. She would be smart, with a great sense of humor and the exact opposite of the forced charicature of intelligence Bishop represents. She would contribute real ideas not magical thinking to the team.
    Certainly we are only one household of millions but I would only return if I somehow understood there to be major changes in the writing and direction of this show. In that scenario, Gibbs returns to sanity by firing the dead weight that is the Bishop character. I would watch that episode without question.
    Too bad they don’t actually ask for these things in the television diaries.

    • Bellz says:

      I wish I had your blackbox recorder. NCIS would get our vote ever week. Bishop is raw and needs time to grow as did the McGee character. I see nothing wrong with the episodes, they have been fine in my opinion. Bishops respects the team…and Tony is the one who is and has always been ,the one who is disrespectful in things he says. Bishops is quirky and i don’t feel she is forcing intelligence. There are people out there like her you know. The show isn’t made up of just Bishop, the other actors have given ‘their all’ for 11 years and that alone deserves recognition.

      • carolgrover says:

        No, Bellz, no-one gets to rest on their laurels. You get credit for the good work you did, you get other jobs because you were good but if you can no longer produce because the producers have made you interact with a silly character, then you should complain justifiably just as they did when they got Bellasario dumped ( for other reasons of course).

        And IMO, I doubt very much that people like Bishop get hired by the military, the FBI or police forces who operate in highly structured top-down environments. She might be acceptable in a Silicon Valley environment but that is not NCIS where her and other people’s lives depend on training (which she does not have) and discipline. She is completely undisciplined to the point she is unable to think unless she is sitting on the floor surrounded by paper. That is the character Glasberg has chosen to give us and it sucks.

        • Linda Minnier says:

          I am behind the times, I did not know they “dumped” Bellasario… Why? it was eluded to in previous post but I have no idea. I thought he was the creator and person behind the entire NCIS franchise, how could they dump him? Now all these changes are making sense. He lost control and someone ill qualified brought in Bishop… the silly young girl who is permitted to take over even though she behaves like a child and has no experience, yet is thrust into the leading agent… I cannot believe Gibbs/Mark Harmon agrees with this, its totally against everything that made the show successful.. a shame.. I cant watch as they put her front and center as the main agent when she just arrived and hasn’t earned her place..

          • BJ says:

            Bellisario leaving is *very* old news and has only a moderate impact on current-day NCIS.

            He and the network parted ways in Season 4. The reported reasons were that he was micromanaging the set so much that there was chaos, including scripts being delivered as scenes were being filmed. Mark was in an interview (maybe Leno?) where he explained that they worked such long hours that he worked, came home, made breakfast for his sons, took them to school, and went back to work for another 18-20 hour shift. This chaos and late script delivery has been cited as a possible reason for Sasha Alexander’s departure. Reportedly, Mark was the one who took a stand on behalf of all the actors on the show, protesting the long hours and disorganization.

            After Bellisario’s departure, Shane Brennan show ran for several seasons, before turning his attention to NCIS LA. Bellisario sued CBS about rights for NCISLA, and ownership of the characters, within the last couple of years.

            Mark is an exec producer who seems very positive about both Emily and Bishop. I don’t think there is any doubt that he “agrees with this”.

          • Bellz says:

            Bellasario left at end of season 4. It was his own fault because the episode scripts were never on time, often being written the day of filming. The cast worked 18 hours a day because of it. Sasha Alexander left not only because she wanted to start a family but because the hours and being pregnant were too harsh. I don’t see Bishop always being front and centre. Gibbs is teaching her the ropes and she does show initiative even if it is at times wayward. Gibbs saw that and thats why he gave her the job. “Ziva” tended to take over the episodes so i see no different in Bishop being out there at times. No one ‘in charge’ there is ‘ill qualified.’ The episodes are lighter, but still are good stories, because they no longer have the heavy Mossad theme to them, which many fans were sick to death of. Just because Ziva isn’t there kicking someone’s ass doesn’t mean the episodes are no longer good. NCIS is made up of ALL the characters, not just one actor.

          • carolgrover says:

            Linda – Bellasario did leave long ago but this is the first time that a character he did not create has been on Gibbs team or in autopsy. Shane Brennan was responsible for Vance who has turned out to be a very interesting character. I am not sure who created the previous SecNav who was kind of unpleasant but believable as an instrument of the defense industry. Glasberg created both Bishop and the new SecNav and in my opinion neither is a winner. Fortunately, we have not had to put up with the new SecNav much. Hope this helps.

          • Linda Minnier says:

            Thanks for the info.. I Have never commented on a tv show before but am finding so many on this site that it amazes me.. (I have a lot of opinions of other shows..ha)..I just saw Bellasario?name on credits last night…as producer and creator.. so I was surprised that he was no longer involved… I wonder if the writers have changed also? I am also surprised how passionate some people are. Belz is very opinionated and can be rude? and is on the site quite a bit… I don’t see the point to being nasty or argue or put other people down.. its a tv show… seems he wants to argue…has nothing to do with NCIS? just a thought…I don’t engage with him…

          • carolgrover says:

            Linda- you’re welcome. I, too, had never commented on a show. As for Bellz, I agree and I never respond to his posts anymore. It’s not worth my time and I abhor rudeness. TV is supposed to be fun.

    • Caroline D. says:

      I’m assuming the last one you missed is Dressed to Kill. One thing I will say about it is I thought it showed welcome signs of improvement on the Bishop front. (Yes, Wagner’s caricature was present but it seems they’re trying to grow him a bit too.) Still, you might want to check it out.

      Now, having said that I don’t hold out much hope for the next one, but not because of Bishop. It looks to be a silly spoof (aging rock star of the farcical variety). I’m groaning already with the ridiculousness historical evidence hints they’ll write for Tony. Hoping to be proven wrong. Then the 2 after that are Nola. The early pics coming out of Nola look really good as far as the new cast goes and I’m excited about it and def planning on watching. But my irritation as it relates to the topic at hand is that Gibbs takes Bishop to Nola. So again the newbie is the go-to and the veterans still second string. No improvement there. I do find value in Bishop that she does respect the other team members and she’s not divisive or instigating with them and she’s willing to learn and accepts her probie status and mild hazing in good humor so she’s better than her predecessor in my eyes. So I don’t mind Bishop being there but I just want her not to outshine the other members. Ziva did enough of that to last a lifetime. I can accept Bishop if the writers would just respect the hierarchy and acknowledge the veterans more than the newbie.

      Best news of all is today’s official renewal. As long as there’s always a next year, then there’s always hope Glasberg will buy a clue and a better crop of writers.

      • Kar says:

        Good insight. I don’t have a problem with Ziva leaving, and I think it is possible that the Bishop character can mature. But I’m amazed the writing staff has made Gibbs immediately depend so much on Bishop and has been minimizing the roles of other characters. I can’t say this for sure, but I think Bishop has been doing interrogations in every episode…how long did it take for Gibbs to let the others do interrogations? And not only is she a participant in the interrogation, but sometimes she sets the strategy and takes the lead! I seem to recall Gibbs almost always coaching or giving instructions to the others when they went into the interrogation room. Now he frequently seems hesitant. A big difference from the way he went after Ari. And I understand (storywise) part of why they brought in Bishop was because of her areas of expertise. That’s fine. But in my area of work, bringing in an expert doesn’t diminish the contributions of the rest of the team; it enhances th team and gives everyone an opportunity to benefit from having access to that expert information. That’s what Gibbs did with Kate when he used her for profiling, or Ziva with getting information about terrorists, or Tim with hacking into government databases. Now Tim and Tony often seem to be waiting for instrutions on what to do next. They are both respected senior agents!

        Last night I watched a rerun NCIS – “Kill Screen”. It was great to hear Tony’s bantering and watch Tim stepping up when he realized the reality was a video game…his expertise! Gibbs relied on him…but still acted like Gibbs when he said “I hate computers” and shot the computer to shut it down. Every character contributed meaningfully to the story and they functioned as a team while still allowing one member of the team to be an “expert”.

        Team Gibbs is supposed to function as a team.

        • carolgrover says:

          Tonight I watched the episode “Baltimore” from May 3, 1911. I am not imagining how much the show has changed. Baltimore was 2 good plots, one present tied to one from Tony’s past. Everyone played a part, everyone interacted naturally, characters displayed affection for each other, there was a fair degree of humour and even Gibbbs makes a movie reference. They were a Team. I intend to watch a lot of reruns now. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

          Has anyone told the new writers about the movie references???? They are few and far between. So is the humour nowadays. You are all kidding yourselves if you think this is the same quality show that took you to over 21 million viewers quite often. It just isn’t and if you start making comparisons to reruns you will see it for yourselves.

          I am looking forward to NOLA but was so depressed Bishop was going to LO to be front and centre while Tony and McGee are left behind. Wow some producers just cannot admit when they are wrong.

          • Linda Minnier says:

            So NCIS got new producers? I agree that the older episodes, years are better.. I am wondering how to relay to the powers that be, our disappointment and wanting change..? I doubt they read the blogs… (I loved and miss franks; they always kill of my favs).. Now not only is bishop taking over the original NCIS, shoving even gibbs into the background like her underlings, but she is going to New Orleans>? that honor should be given to one or more of the mature agents.. they earned it.. Since no one cares what we think, all we can do is stop watching. I TiVo it so I can fast forward through , that’s my solution…We will never know why this young girl has been given so much power… all I know is , its not reality or right..

          • BJG says:

            I guess many of you haven’t watch the last two episodes because Bishop was NOT front & center but put in her place as a probie. Both Tony & Tim (just like Tony & Kate) are taking advantage of that. As for the NOLA episodes, as in the Legend episodes (NCIS LA) Gibbs didn’t take Tony because there was an investigation going on in both LA & DC, each location should have a senior agent in charge. Let’s see if the same applies for NOLA.

          • carolgrover says:

            So, BJG, why not take Tim like he did last time?

          • Dj says:

            One of the things Gibbs does best is help guide and teach his team how to be better agents. Taking Bishop could easily be him doing that.

          • BJG says:

            I don’t know. Maybe Tony needed him more in DC for his computer skills. Remember Ellie was an analyst, not a computer geek. And with Gibbs working with a complete NCIS in NOLA he felt it was a better training scenario for Bishop. We’ll have to see why tonight.

        • carolgrover says:

          How many interrogations has he let Tim do in 8 years?

      • carolgrover says:

        Well Caroline, you were right about the aging rock star being a lemon but at least Gibbs was the old Gibbs and probie did not sit on the floor once. Hallelujah! The episode was boring and I still found Tony to be a bit off but it was still the closest in feeling like NCIS since pre-Bishop for me.

        They gave Bishop one skill that an analyst would have when she suggested to Abby a set of parameters for computer queries for tracking. They had Gibbs stare her down for musing about food the same way he stares down Tony for musing about movies or Ducky for musing about anything. They had Gibbs teaching the probie the way he taught all the others. Jimmy was back and big time which was very nice. Tony was making movie references which is part of his very being. Bishop was not portrayed as an all-knowing diviner.

        Maybe there is hope!

        • Dj says:

          I have a question. Didn’t Tony make movie references in the two episodes before this one. First with the woman from the NSA and then with Delilah.

          • John NYC says:

            Yes. Bishop even called him on his “Oklahoma” one.

          • carolgrover says:

            I will concede that. Butt one per episode and never in front of team members when that is what he uses as a trigger to solve crimes?

  25. Mary J says:

    Bishop adds nothing to the show. The other cast members work together well and make for a great show.

  26. cherry says:

    I agree, bishop should not be going to new Orleans. It should be Tim or Tony, you only need one of them in DC. I like bishop, but she does get on my nerves after awhile. Maybe what she needs is the old Gibbs head slap, he hasn’t done that in awhile. You don’t mind her being smart, but not when she makes a seasoned agent look bad, especially Gibbs. No one else would get away with it, after all she still a probie.

    • Bellz says:

      I feel a headslap would be inappropriate as Bishop is married.

    • John NYC says:

      With Bishop off being trained by Gibbs all the D. C. scenes, of which there are reportedly many as a lot of the action is there in the first episode , will have Tony and Tim right up front.

      If they were down in New Orleans whoever was back in D. C. would get that emphasis.

  27. shauna says:

    I agree that she adds nothing to the show, she is lifeless, and as others have said the show has been quite lifeless as well, I am still watching and hoping that the mistake will be repaired.
    perhaps they can leave her in new orleans, and leave room for some regrowth of the characters’ vim and vigor without her.

    • carolgrover says:

      Shaúna – moving her would just jeopardize the success of the new show. The actress just cannot make a convincing NCIS agent. The new one in Crescent City was great. I was also wishing she could switch until I realized that NOLA does have potential but I would not give it a chance with Bishop.

  28. Mountain Jack says:

    Gotta face the facts …. Mark Harmon has reverted back to 1987 when he played weak-willed high-school gym teacher ” Freddy Shoop ” …. After this NCIS season, he will NEVER, EVER be Gibbs again …. The show writers have allowed the Wickersham/Bishop character to thoroughly emasculate not only all the male characters on the show, but has specifically done the best job on the Gibbs character ….. turning the once fierce Gibbs into a weak, feminine-acting Sister Cupcake .

    • Caroline says:

      I do agree that Gibbs has lost a bit of bite. He does seem to have mellowed. But “feminine-acting Sister Cupcake”? … that’s a gross exaggeration.

      Yes, he did defer to her in the first eps and arc of her introduction that was ridiculously out of character. No way to deny that. They made horrible decisions and did a horrible job introducing her character. I blame Glasberg. But I think in the last 2 new eps, it’s changing a little bit. Instead of deferring, he’s shifted into more of a teaching mode. Not yet his old self, but better. I’m thinking this is their step one toward fixing the issues this ill thought out character with an ill thought out introduction caused.

  29. Shirley says:

    One thing from this long time fan of NCIS…get rid of Bishop. She’s way to pushy and the powers that be are giving her too much importance ahead of Tim and Tony. I liked Zeva because she came into the show with a low profile. Gave you time to adjust to her. This Bishop is way to brassy and offensively bold. Another thing…I wish the people who make this show…would listen to it when it airs. They would find that the background noise overpowers the actors voices. It never used to be this way!!

    • shauna says:

      I agree, and I have noticed a disturbing tendency to have a lot of dark sets, sometimes it is difficult to tell who you are looking at.
      and first ep of spin off tells me they need to pay more attention to the writing of the original, very boring

    • carolgrover says:

      Please stop with the comparisons to Ziva. She has been gone for 6 months. Many of us agree that the Bishop character sucks. But that is nothing to do with Ziva. Criticize Bishop on the merits. After watching her on her own in New Orleans without Tony or McGee I realized that the lady just can’t act, at least not the part of an agent. The female agent Brody is getting rave reviews from Bishop fans and detractors alike. That tells me everything I need to know about Bishop. The comparisons to Ziva are becoming mind-numbing from both lovers and haters.

    • Sheila says:

      I feel that she has brought the other characters, even Gibbs, down to a very low level. The show has gotten to be more like a bunch of kindergarten cops since Bishop has come. Get rid of Bishop and bring the show’s level back up to its high standards. I’d rather watch Survivor than NCIS now and I totally hate Survivor!!!

  30. Gina says:

    I still watch NCIS but I do not like the Bishop character. She has no chemistry and her character is just lame. The show seems to have dummied down since she joined. I did noticed they now have her sitting at a desk instead of on the floor, but it still doesn’t work for me. Now the Brody character in the New Orleans epidosdes would be a better fit. Mark Harmon missed the boat with Bishop, she doesn’t fit as one of his agents, totatlly different character and would have been a better fit in the Autopsy room with Duckie.

    • Carolyn says:

      Almost everyone likes the Brody character. I suspect if Brody rather than Bishop had been created for NCIS there would have been very few complaints and ratings would be higher. Unfortunately, the powers that be are unlikely to try a new character on NCIS. That would be admitting to a mistake, maybe two.

  31. Carolyn says:

    i’d like to thank BJG and Caroline in helping me to stick with the show despite Bishop. Finally, Page not Found was really similar to a pre-Bishop show. Writers were really good, the back and forth good natured ribbing was funny or charming. I knew the characters and they were true to themselves. Bishop was still boring and unnecessary but she was kept out of the way. Poot Gibbs was a little stilted with her but was back to his old self with the others. Keep up the good work. Keep Bishop to a minimum and ratings may continue to rise again.

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  33. Lucky to beat Nebraska! Harmon should have given All the actors a lot of money. Ziva first scene w/Tony could see and feel the Sparks – from all of cast members. Get rid of Blondie, who is suppose be a love interest? There goes the High Ratings. Watched the shows by the time they were over. Couldn’t believe SUCK!

  34. DJS says:

    I know this sounds weird, but I can’t stand wickersham’s eyebrows! she has light skin and blonde hair and then these extremely dark, bushy, too long freaking eyebrows. They are distracting.
    Also, Kate and Ziva’s characters were solid, Bishop…..well, I just don’t like her. It’s the first thing about NCIS I have ever, ever not liked
    Hope they get rid of her….soon!I
    I hope the network hears these comments.

    • Rob says:

      Strange and shallow, yes. Sorry, the network is showing no signs of getting rid of her. She’s been invited to the prestigious Monte Carlo Tv festival this week, as a matter of fact.

    • David Hartzheim says:

      I’ll second that on the eyebrows.

  35. Gosia says:

    I use to love the show. I can’t stand Bishop. The story lines are written for her and she is the weakest character ever. They try to make her SUPER cute, SUPER smart, SUPER intelligent and driven. I am sorry. It is overdone! I fast forward to see if they got rid of her. If not, I delete the episode.

  36. Steph says:

    I have tried – really tried – to get on board with Ellie Bishop’s character. Nothing personal to EW, but it just doesn’t work. It changes the dynamics in a way that dilutes the “team” and pollutes the show. As an avid viewer since inception, I watch less and less of my “favorite” show since Agent Bishop took stage.

    CBS: it is not too late to change the arc, bring back Ziva and give her a solid, mature script, without doing away with the enigmatic comic moments and an inevitale resolution to the tension between MW’s character and CdP’s character.

  37. MaryBeth says:

    Bishop’s character, as written for and played by EW, is an obtuse distraction and carcinogenic irritation. It detracts from the maturity of the team, its characters and energy.

    Not changing the scripting for the character of Ziva, and not working with Cote de Pablo, was a production error that should be corrected post haste. It has been long enough that Bishop’s character has been given a chance, and soon enough that the show can be saved from a negative ratings spiral. After all, it is a classic success … why try to fix what was not broken?

  38. Momma says:

    Count me in amongst the millions of viewers who miss what Ziva’s character added to NCIS and wish that the producers would work WITH actress de Pablo to make the character what is could be. Keep NCIS in the TV Hall of Fame as a successful franchise that did not succumb to corporate errors.

  39. Jim says:

    Bishop sucks the life out of the place. She is not a functional member of the TEAM. Her artificial idiosyncrasies are a distraction which add nothing to the story. Her “skill set” overlaps with every other character, reducing their value without adding to ANYTHING. She turns the show black, gray, and joyless. She lessens my interest in the show. You don’t have to get Ziva back. There are plenty of possibilities, even Gibbs’s agent ex-wife, who would be better, but Bishop isn’t one of them. Get her out before she kills the show.

  40. AL HABORAK says:

    she should be out selling girl scout cookies . she is not an agent and never will be one.she’s like a stupid highschool kid sitting on a desk doing her homework. get rid of her she sucks.

  41. Abel Garcia says:

    I wish Kensie of NCISLA would have been transferred to NCIS as she would be a much better fit all around and cast chemistry

    • Judy says:

      I like her with Deets, they are great together, besides they are family in real life. She is married to his brother….

  42. I like Bishop on the show but the show seems to be lacking something now. Still a great show though.

  43. Dee says:

    OMG I can’t believe that they would even consider keeping her. She has really brought this shoe DOWN. I have completely quit watching and I really miss it.

  44. Billie says:

    Bring Ziva Back.

  45. jen says:

    Watched two episodes with Bishop and have stopped watching the show completely.

  46. Bob says:

    Granted I didn’t watch NCIS from the beginning but have caught up with it based on reruns. I loved the show when there was Jennie, Kate, and then Ziva took over. Since the demise of these characters I still watch the show and like the characters but the role Eli just doesn’t sync as a team member. I like her but the role she plays just does not fit. It would have been better if they could have expanded the roles of some of the other women such as Abbie Boren or Col Mann. These two seem to fit the team player role better than that of Eli Bishop.

  47. drew says:

    I don’t not like her…but her character is disjointed and all over the place. I think she actually detracts from the show. While I watched the show faithfully the past 8 years, I believe next season will be more of a “if I come across NCIS while flipping channels” I may watch it. I do miss Ziva, but I get she wanted to move on. GOD….I would have LOVED it if they brought Padgett Brewster (from Criminal Minds) in as a replacement.

    • Sheila says:

      Padgett Brewster would have been good as a replacement. Never thought about her. Bishop has to go and someone said a “kid sister” vibe…they are supposed to be federal agents not kindergarten cops.

  48. deux says:

    Never liked her never will. I like many others have stopped watching, I tune in and the minute she appears, I’m out. I don’t even need them to bring Ziva back, just remove Bishop. She perhaps could go on to NCIS: Timbucktu. From all the comments I’ve read online I don’t see where she has a favorable rating on this poll (?)

    • Jerri says:

      What was your sample size of comments? You and a couple of your friends? Your Twitter/Facebook friends and a few forums that the Ziva-lovers tend to frequent? Oh yes, that’s a very fair sample.

  49. Sandi says:

    It is hard to replace some one like Zeva, especially after the length of time she was on the show. We have to give Bishop time. Let’s give her some parts like they gave Zeva an see were she goes with them. Not the same things but with the same excitement. Give the girl a chance, we all did with Zeva. Yes I would love to see Zeva back myself, but I think her part was getting to the point it had not place to go when she and Tony were fall in love and could not get married. Let’s just all wait and see what happens.

  50. I am not overly fond of her but she is way different than Ziva and replacing Ziva with another like her would be entirely wrong. Let Bishop develop, but she will never be a Kate or Ziva–or even Abbie