Bishop Officially Joins NCIS Team: Yea or Nay?

NCIS Bishop Keep or CutThree months after NCIS newcomer Emily Wickersham was herself promoted to series regular, Ellie Bishop was officially invited to join Gibbs’ team. Did Boss make the right call?

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“Welcome aboard, probie,” Gibbs said at the close of this Tuesday’s episode — a significant gesture, seeing as he and the consulting NSA analyst had repeatedly butted heads as the NCIS team sought to put down terrorist Benham Parsa once and for all.

But have viewers embraced Bishop the same way that Gibbs & Co. have? Are her quirks (the sitting habits, the food obsession) endearing or irksome? Is her confidence affirming or irritable — and perhaps even disrespectful when she lacks the tact to deftly correct others?

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You’ve now had six episodes to get to know Ellie Bishop. Following her Nov. 19 debut, 70 percent of respondents in a TVLine “first impression” poll said they loved or liked the newbie. But what say you now? What has she done for you lately? Is Bishop a keeper, or should her days be numbered?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kat says:

    After 9 seasons of loving this show, I stopped watching because of Bishop!! Does not fit in with the rest of the team, and I find her immature and boring!!!

  2. elsa says:

    I tried to like her. Not hate for the actress but her character is junk. The show is now The Ellie’s show and that is really disgusting for me. Yes I like Ziva and that’s why I love the show. I still watching until now because Tony still there. I really dislike last night episode a lot. First Gibbs was pretty upset because her was hiding information and at the end he decide to make her a probitionary agent. Where is the logic here??. Is sad to said it but the show I used to love is gone. And even I liked Kate, but Bishop is just annoying and her voice is like a disgusting ringing in my ear. When Tony talk to much Gibbs give to him a headslap, but Bishop talk the double of Tony and no one said nothing. Ugh I’m done with how are creating the storyline.

    • BJG says:

      Ziva fans like you just make me laugh. You don’t like Bishop because she hides things from Gibbs but Ziva lied to Gibbs for 4 years and he helps her fast-track her citizenship so she can become an agent. So hypocritical.

      • elsa says:

        and you make me laugh more because you try to find anything for said to us that we are stupids. That is really funny.Hypocritical yourself.

        • BJG says:

          If I understand you correctly you’re accusing me of calling you (& other Ziva fans) stupid? When was that? Hypocritical does not mean stupid.

          • elsa says:

            No, I’m talking about everytime some people over here said that is a Ziva fan you start saying things to annoy us. That is what I’m talking about. If you don’t like Ziva, then just leave us to express what we feel, and keep you away from hate. Diversity is the world.And as clarify. Yes I don’t like Bishop, but that doesn’t mean that you have to attack because I love Ziva.

          • BJG says:

            I don’t care whether you like Ziva or not. What bothers me is the reasons why you don’t like Bishop. You state you don’t like her because she hides things from Gibbs but Ziva did the same thing and you didn’t have a problem with her. That’s a bit hypocritical to me. I’d understand more if you just came out and said you didn’t like Bishop because she isn’t Ziva!

          • flootzavut says:

            Now that is a masterpiece of hypocrisy. You’re complaining about people reacting badly to petty and inconsistent reasons for “hating Bishop” that you posted on an article _about Bishop_. If it’s OK for Bishop haters to rant and rave on an article about the character, it’s certainly more than OK for others to point out that Bishop and Ziva have some shared characteristics, and certain factions of the fandom complain about Bishop doing things they are happy to overlook when it comes to Ziva.

  3. Erica says:

    I like her character. I hope they give us more information about her asap, but as she is now, I think she’s pretty damn good. She’s no Ziva, but who is? Let’s give her a chance. She hasn’t been around long enough to even become a person to us yet and like someone said earlier, there were a lot of Ziva-centric episodes when she started out, something they haven’t done for Bishop. Like I said, let’s give her a chance. (And for all the whiners about the show “coasting”………. I don’t agree with you and neither do the ratings.)

  4. Penn says:

    I began watching NCIS after being a JAG fan and I had always loved it until this year. First, I would like to say I don’t blame the actress, but I find the character of Ellie Bishop just awful and no longer watch the show. The cast is supposedly an ensemble, and worked seamlessly together for years. Bishop’s character is irritating and unbelievable. My father was a career officer for 32 years and I cannot conceive of any situation where her supposedly endearing idiosyncrasies would be tolerated. Her character is a stereotype that seems to be sprouting up on many, many series, but in the real world having a high IQ does not mean you are necessarily eccentric or cannot function like a normal human being!

  5. Mylène says:

    The writers just try too hard to fit her in. I looked forward to all the possible, exciting fresh storylines a new character could bring with her. Now I am a bit dissapointed. The old cast seems out of place, everything is solved with a lot of analatic thinkwork, and just a little input from the others. Gibbs seems te be most out of character. Leaving her alone with this Parsa guy? No way. But the worst to me is that she brings just the right cookies for Gibbs, she plays baseball, she does everything other then her job right. Way too sweet. NCIS is still very much in my heart, I will not let the writers mess with that, but please, bring back some kind of balance.

  6. Susan says:

    No one in our household is a fan of the Bishop character. The character comes across as arrogant and annoying~

    • Pete says:

      “The character comes across as arrogant and annoying~”
      And Ziva didn’t?

      • Libby says:

        Ziva? not to me. there was just something in her eyes, smile, body language that overcame any arrogance or annoyance that makes chemistry click. I don!t see it with Bishop so far. But then I liked Ziva’s personality. I respect that others don’t feel the same, though.

  7. SandraM says:

    I’m really not a fan of Bishop. She doesn’t BOTHER me, per se, but to me she does not fit on the team at all. They can’t work together. They all have to wait for her to get on the floor and magically solve things. The chemistry between her, Tony, and Tim is totally flat. What use to be sharp, fun conversation with Ziva on the team is now just dead boring. The whole cast is phoning it in while she is superwoman. I just hate what has happened to the team.

  8. Pat says:

    Matt, I have a question. It seems like most of the comments on this site do not match up with the poll results. What gives? Are people taking the poll over and over again? Waiting patiently to hear from you. Thank You.

  9. Lillian says:

    I’m sure by now the fans have tried to vote more than once and were not able to. It’s easy to test, if you have any brains, so no, this poll isn’t rigged, just more accurate. People can comment over and over and use different names. Comments are more suspect than the poll.

  10. Ash Ketcham says:

    Watched(saw) the first 2 episodes, got bored of the “bishop” show, switched stations. Haven’t seen the rest of the season.

    • BJG says:

      Then why are you even bothering posting on an NCIS article??

      • agentscully514 says:

        I have loved this show for years. I still watch, because I love the WHOLE cast. Just as you watched the show for 8 years even though you hate Ziva.

    • John 1138 says:

      Thanks for the update. ?

      Most of the shows on television i don’t watch either. Sort of how it works.

      • Bellz says:

        Bishop wasn’t in the first two episodes so how anyone would anyone know how the show has evolved? Listening to others without checking for yourself is being judgmental.

        • agentscully514 says:

          I have watched every episode, and it has gone down the toilet.

          • Bellz says:

            Stop watching it then and change the dam channel if you are so unhappy.

          • BJG says:

            Is that fact, if so what is your proof or is that your opinion?

          • flootzavut says:

            It says something very weird about you that you’ll watch every episode of a show you believe has “gone down the toilet” – have you mislaid your remote control? Do you need help finding the off switch on your television? For someone who claims to work in intelligence, you are not showing much intelligence.

          • Greg says:

            I hear “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” needs some followers. Seems even Stan the man Lee and the Sif character from the Thor movies are being used to drag people to the show. Perhaps those of you who believe NCIS has gone south might join them?

  11. Jase says:

    Wasn’t Ellie Bishop the same name as Kristen Bell’s character on Heroes?

  12. berthe says:

    Salut a tous, je suis fan québecoise. Au début j’ai trouvé Bishop adorable, mais après plusieurs épisodes, je la trouve franchement insupportable. tannante en ostifie.

  13. KS Stiles says:

    I liked her, and I understand the need to cement her character upon introduction, especially given the abrupt departure of the actress playing Ziva and the “need” to fill the third desk (although, I didn’t really see a need there to begin with, I felt they could have done just fine with a three-man team, but, hey….) BUT, Bishop is starting to come across as a Mary Sue.

    She started as an analyst, and suddenly she’s the perfect field agent and is solving every case? Gibbs has become even more monosyllabic in the last few episodes, and Tim and Tony have both been relegated to sidekick status, all serving as nothing more than a backdrop for Super Special Agent Bishop.

    Like I said, I was ready to give her the benefit of the doubt, but the departure of Ziva didn’t restore the balance of the other characters so much as keep them shoved aside to make room for Bishop.

    We ARE going to get back to this being a TEAM show, right? Or is it going to go from The Ziva Show to The Bishop Show? If I’m just trading one Super Speshul Agent Barbie for another, what’s the point?

    • agentscully514 says:

      I was PERFECTLY happy to see the guys work together. I loved it! wish they would have left that desk empty! loved the FEW agents (what was it, two?) they put at the desk. that was seriously entertaining.
      the second BISHOP showed up, the core team went to heck. now even the McNozzo is fake. I loved it so much more when they were ACTUALLY working on ACTUAL cases for three episodes. that was REAL character development. LOVE the guys togeher.
      once BISHOP showed up the two guys turned into pussified cardboard cutouts.Bishop does it ALL, they are just holding the clicker. I don’t know who these guys are any more. YEARS ago I fell in love with Tony and Tim. This is not Tony and Tim. I don’t know who they are but they are seriously creeping me out. I want Tony and Tim back.

      • Caroline D. says:

        Completely agree about leaving that desk empty. The eps between when the Ziva show ended and the Bishop show began were ones I enjoyed more than most over the last several years. There was so much team dynamic and positive camaraderie. Everyone worked well together and no one was belittling or outshining. Just like in T or C during the flashback scenes when the boys (with Abby’s help) worked so well together and got be portrayed as competent. I liked the revolving door of guests. The ‘outsider’ seemed to make our guys seem more cohesive and the constant guest of the week kept it mixed up enough not to be predictable. Seems to me, whenever they’ve had a 3rd in that desk, (and I’m including Kate even though I really really liked her), it has created a division. And the division is a constantly shifting alliance that fosters 2 teaming up against 1. The dynamic is better without a permanent 4th.

    • Greg says:

      Do any of you posters understand the term “arc” when discussing a television series? Just wondering.

  14. BJ says:

    I don’t mind Bishop at all. I don’t love her, yet, but I like what she brings to the team.

  15. It'sBeenAWhileNCIS says:

    Did not vote…..Stopped watching the show when Cote De Pablo left so good luck to her.

    • Bellz says:

      So you felt that the rest of the cast did nothing to make NCIS what it is? You did a Cote and turned your back on them?

      • GabF says:

        Cote had a right not to renew her contract. She did not turn her back on anyone because she was not even employed by NCIS at that point. What if she wanted a lighter schedule and signing on for two years would have made her miserable? This is just one possibility. Clearly whatever they were offering her was not what she really wanted to stay on a worldwide hit. Should she just have stayed on because Mr. McCallum believes that you cannot walk away from a show?

        • Pete says:

          It’s not about de Pablo ‘leaving’, that is a choice any actor is free to make from any show (despite what the fans think). It is about the timing and the fact that she left without giving any real indication of her reasons – leaving conspiracy theories to fill the vacuum – especially as it appeared that she had been planning on returning.
          Fans are entitled to feel that they don’t like what the show has become without her and to vote with their feet, just as many did when Alexander left and de Pablo took over – or gradually later as they felt it was becoming the Ziva show with a supporting cast.
          What fans are not entitled to do is dictate to a show the direction it should go in, especially when they are only a tiny minority among many happy viewers, regardless of how loudly they shout and wave to get attention.

          • GabF says:

            The timing was set by previous deadlines agreed by both the networks and the actors. Cote does not unilaterally decide which day the deadline falls on. CBS is the one responsible for making sure that the deadline is set at a reasonable time prior to production. If they did not think about that it is CBS fault because ultimately they are the corporation which has to make sure NCIS runs smoothly. All legal contracts have hard deadlines and clearly both CBS and Cote were fine with the deadline. If CBS later regretted the deadline after the fact then that is their fault and not very business savvy but it is not the actor’s fault in that case.
            Also no one pays their attorneys expensive fees for months if they do not plan to negotiate. We can dispute what she deserves but it definitely a fact that her first choice was always to return which was why she negotiated in the first place.

          • Greg says:

            As if the writers could not make up a story line that sent Ziva elsewhere? Get real here folks!

          • John 1138 says:

            They did. They sent her into “finding herself while learning to macrame land” for a long restful snooze off camera.

          • Dj says:

            Timing is everything. The timing of when she told them she wasn’t coming back forced them to change a lot of things. It takes time and money to come up with these story arcs and having to rewrite the first 5 episodes had to be costly. By the respone of David it wasnt something they were happy about.

          • carolgrover says:

            Cannot agree with you. Fans determine whether a show stays or goes. This poll and ratings indicate fans are speaking on this forum and with their remote controls. The ratings tell you what is happening. This forum tells you why it is happening. It is not really dictating but that is your word, not mine. Additionally, I think that it was very wise of de Pablo not to publicize why she left when CBS obviously wants to keep it under wraps. She has done everything by the book in a world where networks have all the power.

          • BJ says:

            Wasn’t the live +7 rating posted on TV by the numbers yesterday just shy of 22 million? Yep, just checked. Sounds like the ratings seem to indicate the biggest part of the audience is neutral.

          • BJG says:

            But CdP didn’t do everything “by the book”. How many actors have left a series on such short notice? Probably not many because Hollywood is a small town and if she does it once why would another studio think she wouldn’t do it to them? Of course the studio has the power, it’s THEIR show, the actors work for them.

        • marie says:

          If I am reading correctly between the lines, things are not good over at NCIS and Mr. McCallum is speaking out of frustration.

          • tejasjulia says:

            What it sounds like is that things *were* bad, but are good now. :-)

          • Bellz says:

            I think it was just a rude shock to them all at first. David got a bit frustrated (as he said) which threw them all off a bit, but mostly going from past postings by all of them, they are likely all over it as they are friends, and I am sure if Cote returns next season or the one after there won’t be any animosity between them.

          • Dj says:

            But his frustration seems to be with how Cote left. His words tell you there is more to it. For what ever reason the writers and the cast both were under the impression she was coming back. Him calling her out the way he did shows in his mind that he puts the blame on Cote for what ever went down.

          • Bellz says:

            At the end of the day it doesn’t matter, its her decision for what ever reason and if its meant to be she will return at some stage. If not then they will just keep moving forward as they are doing. If you are a true fan you will support the rest of the cast and just see what pans out over this season.

          • carolgrover says:

            Tejasjulia – people generally complain when things are not going well. Do you think McCallum would hve breathed a word of complaint if the Bishop character had been a roaring success?

          • Bellz says:

            David McCallum said NOTHING about the Bishop character or Emily Wickersham. His comments were aimed at the last minute departure of Cote.
            If you are so upset about the new way NCIS is heading then watch something else. Their ratings are still doing fine.

          • BJ says:

            To counter that (and I don’t share your opinion, BTW–can’t speak for tejas though) do you think David would have been so frustrated and upset if Cote’s choice hadn’t been a last minute decision that impacted many behind and in front of the camera? I don’t think it has anything to do with Bishop and everything to do with the craziness and chaos that followed the 11th hour Cote departure announcement.

          • carolgrover says:

            Bellz – I have no idea why you are shouting about DMcC saying NOTHING about EB or EW. Noone said he did. I said, if things were working out well for the show with the new recruit he probably would have said nothing bad about anyone. Happy people don’t complain. Next time, before you shout make sure you know how to read.

            And now I have broken my vow not to bother responding to your insane comments because you are always right, always need the last word and are not worth wasting time on. Go play with Dean.

          • Bellz says:

            You are really arrogant aren’t you. The say the truth always hurts.

    • flootzavut says:

      So why are you posting about the poll? It’s about a character you haven’t seen on a show you no longer watch.

      You have way too much time on your hands, there.

  16. Dj says:

    I vote yay. She fits in nicely. But some fans will hate her because they can’t get past ZIva leaving when Cote didn’t want to be on the show anymore.

  17. berthe says:

    moi j’adore Mark depuis les annéss 80. je croyais qu’il aimait Coté comme sa propre fille. je suis franchement décue qu’il ne l’a pas défendue. Apparaiment son amour était conditionnel. Il préfère l’argent.

    • flootzavut says:

      The more likely explanation is that HE DIDN’T DEFEND HER BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T NEED DEFENDING. It’s actually pretty offensive that you choose to interpret in a way that makes Mark Harmon a bad guy when there’s no evidence of that purely in order to assume that Cote didn’t make a decision of her own. I think if I were either of them, I would be offended by your implication.

      Peut être son amour a plus de information de les préférences et choix de Cote. Elle est un femme qui peut se défendre. Elle n’est pas un petite fille.

  18. Lisa says:

    Ok, so BIshop is not badass like Ziva. Perhaps that will be good for the team. She seems to be a “think outside the box” type of person, which could bode well. I agree they have focused a bit much on her since her entrance, however, it showed us more about her. We learn that she tends to be obsessive. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    I figure that they centered on her more at first, for getting her feet wet. I’m sure we will see it blend better in the future. At least, I hope it does. Additionally, I remember when there was a lot of hating on Ziva. Everytime there’s a new character replacing one that everyone loves, people want to hate them, because they are loyal to the previous character. Unfortunately, Cote De Pablo chose to leave. Change is never easy. Hating on her just because basically she’s not Ziva, she doesn’t play her character like Ziva is really ridiculous.

    New people come and go in many aspects of our lives. This show hasn’t stayed at number 1 by accident. My suggestion is give them a chance to prove they still know how to produce a great show, and judge Bishop on her own merits. I wasn’t really fond of her in the beginning. I like having a badass female on there. But, then again, we may see the badass side of her. She kinda reminds me of JJ on Criminal minds. Anyway, I expect the Bishop hate to continue, mainly because she’s not Ziva.

    The introduction of the character kinda required it to revolve around her some. Her particular set of skills were what was needed to resolve the issues with Parsa. We also learned that there’s a reason why her skills were so tuned for him. She is the expert on Parsa. Revolving around her was kinda necessary for that resolution. However, it shouldn’t continue to be. I don’t think she’s the expert on everyone they encounter. It provided some backstory, and I believe it was just a temporary thing.

    • Bellz says:

      Very well said. I look forward to watching her character become more intertwined with the team. They will all find a niche between themselves as time goes on. Bishop has said some great lines all ready. In Double Back when Bishop asked Dr. Cranston about the previous owners of the desk she was at, and was told about them, she realized she had ‘unfillable’ shoes to fill.

    • carolgrover says:

      Lisa – I would have been so much happier if she had been more like JJ. Thoughtful, well organized, articulate, grown up, good with people, a team coordinator but not the leader. Bring her in slowly and demonstrate that she has skills that complement the .others and make the team work better. Send away the quirky back-talking child who sits on floors with picture books and dvines answers. At the least give her a dowser.

    • carolgrover says:

      Parsa was the most unrealistic arc ever. He is a terrorist obsessed with Parsa. Gfor t h e first part of the show she does not aadmit to knowing. Hfor the rest of the show she gets other agents, marines and
      Parsa killed and kjmost herself too. And all because Gibbsalways leavescunarmed

  19. Megan says:

    Today my 11 year old son brought home math homework, and one of the questions was “what is the last number before infinity?”
    my first thought was, “the lack of flips I give about Bishop.”
    I do not care a flip about her, her history, her husband, or her family. I am a busy woman, I have a husband and kids and a job. I watch NCIS for fun. LOVE Gibbs and Tony, especially love Tony and Ziva.
    so Bishop. she looks like a nice girl and I do’nt want to be mean. But honestly I don’t give a care if a terrorist shoots her. Me and my hubby were yelling at Parsar to do it. we can’t stand her. she is SO ANNOYING. we probablby won’t watch any more, too bad, my WHOLE family, husband and kids, loved watching this show together. the WHOLE FAMILY hates bishop. we won’t watch any more. I don’t know what we can watch together any more.

    • Bellz says:

      Did the kids get to choose for themselves if they did or did’nt like her or was it the open opinion of the adults that they just followed suit in thoughts?
      If you liked the rest of the team then why do a ‘de pablo’ and turn your back on them.

      • John 1138 says:

        NOT doing a “Depablo”.

        “Turning Cote”

        It’s going to be a thing any day now. Really. :)

        • tejasjulia says:

          “Doing a Depablo” – When you screw over everyone who depends on you and shaft not only your former employer but also the future of your career.

          • GabF says:

            She already has a movie with Antonio Banderas and Juliette Binoche and is rubbng elbows with the President of Chile. I think she is fine.
            Mandy Patinkin and Katherine Heigl have walked out in the middle of their shows and have been given a ton of opportunities. Since Cote has not ever broken a contract she should fine.

          • tejasjulia says:

            She’s in a movie with some has-beens who haven’t done anything of note in years. She’ll likely be one of the many “wives”. Has anyone heard anything about distribution for this? Somehow doubt it’ll be in theaters here.

          • BJG says:

            Totally agree with Mandy Patinkin as he’s a terrific actor. He’s been around awhile and is an established actor with many roles under his belt. Katherine Heigl, what has she done lately & how good did her movies do?

          • Rob says:

            Heigl seems to have been closed down pretty firmly, after her diva antics.

          • Luca says:

            Haha OMG this is ridiculous! You have a serious problem, you know right?

          • Caroline D. says:

            Shafting not just her former employer and your career … but also your fellow actors and your fans. The way she went about it showed a lack of class, respect and gratitude for the show and fans who made her.

  20. Bellz says:

    How fickle and narrow minded many of you are. One minute this show is the end and be all of all television, but the minute one character leaves and another who is totally different comes in the show is all of a sudden the worse thing to ever air. Its not written how you like. Its got a character that’s not your favourite. She isn’t your ideal character because she sits on the desk and the floor. Not true fans.

    • flootzavut says:

      Joe s’adoucit troue, Bellz.

      Haha I accidentally left the keyboard on French lmao. What I meant to say was, how sadly true, Bellz.

    • Greg says:

      I think Cote probably fits in really well with Patinkin. He’s walked off of “Chicago Hope” and “Criminal Minds.” But, he did so right in the middle of the season. As for Heigl, can you say Diva!

      • Caroline D. says:

        Heigl’s been reduced to Vick’s ZzzQuil commercials. I can’t play a game online without having to wait through it. They get to thinking they’re more important than they really are.

  21. Luca says:

    I honestly did not think i would miss Ziva so much, but … without her is no longer the same and i do not like how they forgot her soon, she was family!!! Is understandable that a young actress wants to change after 8 years, but they could continue to talk to her: phone, email … you know! And sorry but I do not like Bishop, she is so boring! There is no longer the same atmosphere! For now i continue to watch but i’m no more a huge fan!

  22. Christine says:

    Is this poll for real? I don’t like Bishop, I prefer Ziva, but if someone needs to be cut it is definitely not Emily Wickersham but the great genius who screwed up creating this character and ruining it and the rest of the show along with it!
    Some fans want Ziva, others want Bishop, how about CBS gets Cote de Pablo back at least as a guest and keep Emily Wickersham!
    And please get back to the great story lines viewers are used to and no more of these cheap terrorist stories! All about that Parsa story was more than far-fetched!

    • Rob says:

      Cote quit. There is no reason that the show or network need her back.

    • BJG says:

      And you don’t think the Mossad storylines were getting old? Or the forced Tiva moments? Bishop is a breathe of fresh air. I’m glad she’s married so there’s no forced ships.

  23. Elisabetta says:

    I haven’t problem with the actress Emily and her character Bishop, but I think at this point in the series the authors are mistaken in several places and the excuse “we didn’t have much time” haven’t much effect…My disappointment lies in the fact that the first episode of this season they shows the resentment they have towards Cote and report all through resentments and managed to erase 8 years and a character as if she (Ziva character) never existed…
    the side of the crime in the show is always very good, but that would seem to without Ellie the team are no longer able to resolve a case.Gibbs doesn’t think more when there Ellie, he doesn’t do anything if don’t listen to Ellie after.
    I understand that everything is done to complement the character and have she appreciated by the public, but I can’t find a right move…

    • GabF says:

      People should not be using the “we didn’t have much time” excuse in the first place because they should have had a contingency plan because that is what successful showrunners do. There is always a possibility that she would not come back and the writers should have discussed it amongst themselves. She did not walk away in the middle of her contract like others have done. Even in those cases I have never heard that excuse being valid.

      • Greg says:

        Again. The writers had a specific arc they had planned for the first part of this season. Ziva was a primary character in that arc. When she decided to leave, that left them with the responsibility of re-plotting the entirety of those shows. A contingency plan usually covers one or two episodes. The entire first half of a season? As for hatred of the character, they actually did an excellent job of cleaning up the mess she left without totally eradicating or degrading the character they spent years developing.

  24. Jerome C says:

    No longer the same show that I looked forward to every Tuesday night. It may be that the show has just run its long and successful course. This character is out of place as a “regular” and the other regulars seem to have been made irrelevant . This character is not a “plus” but a distraction.

  25. grace says:

    Not a fan of the new woman being added to the team. Also think we’ve been getting way to much of Tony. Would like more focus on the cases and greater balance between the team members.

    • Wanda says:

      I love Tony he brings humor to the show. I love that!!!!!

      • Greg says:

        First, it’s too much of Bishop, then it’s too much of Tony. Didn’t McGhee and his girlfriend have some involvement in the first few “Bishop centered” episodes? Getting back to Tony, I’m guessing these posters were against Tony and Ziva being romantically involved? Or, as Ziva might have put it “Aromatically involved.” Not that their relationship had anything at all with the show.

  26. Doris Gross says:

    If the writers are listening, perhaps Tony and Ziva can have their own series. If any of you out there remember Hart to Hart back in the ’80s this could be the answer to a writer’s block. This show was quite popular with a wide age group of watchers. It was clean, no cursing. It was interesting, with an array of crimes to solve, mostly murders, true. But it was good, wholesome, intriguing and interesting to watch. Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers were a great team and couple. Tony and Ziva could definitely fill a needed void for entertaining and wholesome crime solving with their diverse backgrounds and training. The season finale for NCIS could be the wedding of Tony and Ziva. Of course, the new show would fill guest spots with the former NCIS team. Its a WIN/WIN situation. Those who are Tony and Ziva fans will get their fix – FINALLY! And the new “bimbo” girl on NCIS can keep her spot, and Tony and Ziva will be able to solve a wide array of crimes. Anyone out there think this has a shot?

    • BJ says:

      Not at all. Tony and Ziva are nothing like Jonathan and Jennifer Hart. They don’t have the like/like and lack of snark that was the hallmark of H2H.

      • carolgrover says:

        No. They have no more chance of a successful relationship lasting than a female dog has testicles. They are too different. Ziva is gone. De Pablo is developing a new career. Let Bishop go and Emily W has a chance of landing a role with a well-created characted even if it is not a lead. That would do more for her career than staying where she is, develop a proper character over the summer, select an excellentc actress and pilot the newbie. No quirks to cover lack of substance – instead re substance.

    • Ted S. says:

      Actually, I kinda like this idea. Makes more sense than NCIS:NO…….

    • GabF says:

      Yes. They would really be excellent in any show in which they are together. NCIS: NOLA is going to suck anyway. There is nothing that Glasberg touches that does not go down in flames. However this has real potential if they get another showrunner.

    • FreeTony says:

      What about those of us who love the Tony character, love NCIS, love Tony on NCIS, but didn’t like ziva or the tiva? What’s in it for us? What do we win?
      I vote no. Not just no ~ NO!!!

      • Rob says:

        Tony fans don’t count! Didn’t you receive the memo? He only exists in a pairing.

      • Caroline D. says:

        I am one such person. I love the tiva-less Tony. Tiva made Tony smaller, less than. because he was expected to pine for a woman who treated him dismissively and badly. Though I liked Kate very much, I was prepared to accept Ziva. Then came Boxed-In which was the first of an extremely long list of crap Ziva served up to Tony and he was expected to just take it … all the way to the end. She rejected him in every way possible, even asked for him to be thrown off the team, the family, but he’s supposed to hurt over her. Can’t wrap my head around it. Who continues to pursue people who treat them that way? People with no self-respect, that’s who. Tony started the series as a competent agent but once the writers started up tiva, they began dumbing him down in order to elevate Ziva and turned him into a less competent clown. Tony’s also never drawn the team into a mess. Gibbs and Ziva do it often. Tony’s teasing was never mean spirited the way Ziva’s air of superiority and smugness turned her outright mean snark. Ugh. With the Tiva albatross gone, Tony has a chance at shining again.

    • Greg says:

      It might rank right up there with “Joannie Loves Chachi.”

    • libby says:

      No, don’t want Tony’s character gone from Ncis.

  27. John NYC says:

    It came to me as I was driving home:

    She’s the team’s Spock! (Obviously Zachary Quinto’s Spock v. 2.0 given she’s married and all). They’re going back to their roots, what with Gibbs being all Captain Kirk with his hot redheads with their hotter cars and dumping Borin’s friend (because “what’s the fun in “perfect”” delivered with a laugh), Ducky/Abby as Bones and McGee as Uhura (he talks to computers which is sort of a linguistic skill…), with Ziva as a redshirt security troop (and we all know how that’s supposed to end… and, sadly, did with Kate).

    A bit stumped by Tony…. work in progress.

    • Your team is missing a fighter. Every great team needs a fighter. That’s what Kate and Ziva were.

      • BJG says:

        I never thought of Kate as a fighter and I can’t remember one episode where she did fight unless you count the wrestling match with McGee. Kate was tough but not a fighter.

        • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

          She was a Secret Service agent, a bodyguard to the President. They get extensive training in fighting, firearms. They are trained to use their body as a “meat shield”, which is what Kate did for Gibbs right before she herself was killed.

          • BJG says:

            I’m sure Secret Service agents are trained to fight but more importantly their job is to protect the President which I would think it would be, as you stated, use your body as a shield or shoot to kill. I would think they would use these skills prior to fighting someone trying to hurt the President. And my point was when did we ever see Kate actually fight? As for Bishop I’m going to assume she’s had some training both in self-defense and firearms in order to even apply for a job at NCIS. After all they are an armed-Federal agency.

          • John 1138 says:

            In the recent episode her deployed field intelligence analyst work, when she first came across Parsa, was mentioned. It’s plausible when deployed out into the field to actively evaluate potential future terrorists that a level of firearms proficiency is thought beneficial.

            The training center she has mentioned attending says on its webpage that it offer a variety of federal agencies that service.

          • Rob says:

            The Secret Service isn’t just presidential security. They investigate counterfeit and currency issues, too.

      • John 1138 says:


        Tony’s contribution/function is found!

        As a cop he covers fighter along with the “Investigative ” part of the show’s title. And not being a simple redshirt he gets to survive the landings. Which, since I like Michaeld work, is a good thing. IMHO.

      • Dj says:

        Kate wasn’t a fighter she was the teams profiler. After her death Ducky took a forensic psychology course so he could profile.

        • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

          I think you all need to look up what Secret Service agents who are part of the President’s protection detail really do. :) They are not profilers. They are bodyguards.

          • Dj says:

            You’re trying to use real world logic in a TV show that throws real world logic out. On the show Kate was the team profiler. Time after time Gibbs would come to Kate and ask her to profile suspects. That is what she brought to the team.

          • John NYC says:

            Some of them are: that detail is responsible for the full spectrum of the president’s security and that includes future threat identification. There are site preparation teams that visit every location on future visit’s itineraries just to check for local threats. They are also the agency that investigates the origins and level of threat of all hate mail sent to the president.

            Plus by scanning the crowds and “profiling” threats get dealt with before there’s any bullets to “catch”, a far better outcome. That’s why the detail is NEVER seen looking at the protectee: they’re scanning the crowd for behavioral cues.

            Since it’s probable detail personnel rotate duties Kate may have plausibly been through a profile duty period at some point, sorting through the mail looking for future threats, and people that other Secret Service agents needed to pay a visit…

      • pat says:

        Tony used to be a fighter until Shane Brennan and Gary Glasburg decided that it was way sexier to have Ziva be the only one with those skills, while Tony stood uselessly by marveling at her skills. Yuck!

        • Dj says:

          This is so true. Really the show once had Tony laying on top of a pool table with his hands over his head as he cowered there until ZIva finish beating up 3 guys.

        • Caroline D. says:

          OMG you are sooo right! Tony and McGee got dumbed down in order to elevate Ziva to super woman status. That’s why I think it’s Glasberg that needs to go, not necessarily Bishop. Bishop is fixable. They can still stop trying to turn her into super woman but not if Glasberg is still at the helm. She’s got some good qualities in that she’s eager to be taught. They can salvage her but only if they dump Glasberg.

  28. Ree says:

    I liked Kate, I loved Ziva, I do not like Bishop. I agree with the previous posters who have commented that Tony & McGee’s characters seem to have been reduced in stature. Last night’s show was ridiculous, and Bishop would have never been left alone with a prisoner like that. When he did feign a collapse, she should have never rushed to his aid. I don’t know what military protocal is in a case like that, but I highly doubt that would happen. All of a sudden Bishop is the person who can solve anything. I was very disappointed when Gibbs welcomed her to the team. Guess the people who run the show thought they needed a young woman to keep the interest of a younger demographic. I don’t think the younger demographic watches this show and the main fans areloyal “old” people like me. I would have rather seen Diana Neal added to the cast, but I guess a 20-something, blonde, computer whiz kid with bad manners is what was deemed appropriate. This used to be a show I didn’t miss live, but now I DVR it and sometimes it takes me several days before I watch. Last comment, and this is petty, but I am totally distracted by Emily Wickersham’s blonde hair and very dark eyebrows. All I can see are those two dark eyebrows when I look at her. Either darken the hair or lighten the brows a tad.

    • John NYC says:

      She was hardly alone: there were TWO Marine brig guards there, one in the room and one just outside the barred door…

    • Rob says:

      Of course young people watch the show. Why else were Tony and Ziva thrust in our directions as a romantic pairing? And yes, you’re right, your last comment was very petty. Would you insist a coworker, or a client, or a customer, change their hair color to please you? I wouldn’t dream of it.

      • Caroline D. says:

        That’s what I figured too. Tiva exists because of 14 year olds. Grown ups know to have more self-respect than to pursue a woman who’s mission in life seems to be belittling and hurting you.

        • Rob says:

          I may be a little old school, but that kind of romance isn’t romance to me. Its War of the Roses, and that one ended with everyone dead.

    • flootzavut says:

      Yes, you are petty. At least you recognise it – realising you need help is the first step to healing.

      FYI, it’s your petty attitude that needs fixing, not Emily Wickersham’s eyebrows.

  29. jj says:

    HATE HATE HATE her. She needs to go ASAP.

  30. Erica says:

    I don’t hate and I don’t love Bishop. I don’t feel she’s a good fit, she doesn’t it make it more fun or interesting.

  31. Ashley says:

    Maybe someone said this already but I haven’t seen it…. I cannot see anything but her eyebrows when I look at her!!! I’m not really a fan of her but I’ll keep watching and see what happens. I

  32. jww501217 says:

    l miss Ziva. I hope they can persuade her to come back in the near future. The new girl does not impress me, either her role in the show or her acting.

  33. billy ray says:

    I wish NCIS and its fans all the best but I can no longer watch the Super Agent “Mary Sue” Bishop and the cardboard cut outs show

    • Dj says:

      On ZIva first episode she proved she was better then Tony. Her second episode she saved Gibbs life and killed her brother. Her 3rd episode she saved Ducky’s life and defeated the bad guys with nothing but a knife. Nothing Bishop has done can touch how Mary Sue super ninja ZIva was shown to be when she first showed up. ZIva more then anyone else is shown beating up 2-3 people by by herself.

      • billy ray says:

        And all those skills fit perfectly with her training as a Mossad assassin. She didn’t then out tech Abby, out computer McGee. memorize the autopsy manual. out draw Kate, go all lone wolf while the others just stood around waiting for her to provide all the answers after doing some mind meld schtick.

        And according to you, Ziva did ten things and is a Mary Sue, OK, then if Bishop does 20 or 30 then that automatically makes her SUPER Mary Sue. How do you not see that? Come on, she even went into the men’s room like Ziva.Gibbs found her at the batting cages, the same cages Gibbs took Hollis Mann to a few seasons ago. Want me to keep going? cause I can.

        • Dj says:

          Wow I never knew a woman going into a men’s rest room or the batting cages means she is a Mary Sue. They said she could draw but not as good as Kate. When Vance out computers McGee does that make him a Marty Stu.

  34. Bernice Grace says:

    While I like Bishop there is no enter play between the other member of the cast, Also what is this about Bishop having a husband in Oklahoma, What,s with this guy why isn’t he with her? Is he disabled ,on life support, What gives.

  35. Cathy F says:

    I don’t like it that 1) Bishop seems to be spoiled and used to getting her way which leads to 2) she is always pushing Gibbs into letting her run the investigation! First, she should never be allowed to talk to him that way and, second, the other highly skilled and way more experienced people on the team should be leading, helping train the newbie! I don’t care what great other agency she supposedly came from……..this is Gibbs’ team and he should be the boss, not her! It lacks any kind of believability for those of us that have watched NCIS religiously for so many seasons! How can Gibbs just roll over and play dead while some young, upstart who thinks she knows it all about everything take over??? I’m not going to tolerate it much longer…..I can do just fine with the reruns, thank you very much! If she stays, I go.

    • Wanda says:

      I total agree with you she needs to go!!!

    • Wanda says:

      I total agree with you she needs to go!!! the writers missed it with Bishop she just doesn’t have it. She is boring. I was hopping she was killed off last Tuesday night it was a perfect time!

    • John 1138 says:

      Until this week Bishop wasn’t a “newbie” she was another agency’s asset loaned to NCIS for them to use to their benefit.

      Which they did.

  36. billy ray says:

    Bishop caused the Marines to get shot

    You bring a gun into your house, your kid finds it, he accidentally shoots himself. If you hadn’t brought the gun into the house (Bishop being stupid lone wolf idiot Bishop) the kid would not have been in a position to shoot himself ( the marines would not have been in the position to be shot)

    It cause and effect. Bishop’s idiocy changed the dynamics in the room, giving the bad guy the upper hand.

    She should have been fired, not promoted.

    • BJG says:

      No, the Marines caused the Marines to get shot. It was THEIR JOB to guard the prisoner, even Gibbs gave them an order to shoot him if he even sneezed. Bishop was there to interrogate. Just because she was there doesn’t make it her fault.

      Since Ziva insisted on continuing her mission to Somalia, then with your scenario it was her fault that she got captured.

      And I guess you believe if a woman wears provocative clothes she’s asking to be raped??

      • billy ray says:

        It absolutely is her fault. She fell for his fake schtick, that changed the dynamics in the room. How do you Bishop lovers NEVER see ANY of her screw ups? Why do you always give her a pass?

        parsa pulled the fake act to maneuver himself into a superior position and Bishop’s screw up enabled him to succeed. If she hadn’t gone all stupid, his ploy would not have worked. Again, how do you not see that?

        I am serious when I ask this question, Do you Bishop lover actually WATCH the show or do you just look at the moving pictures?

        • BJG says:

          Bishop has made mistakes. But the Marines getting killed was not her fault. She received permission from her superior, Gibbs, to continue the investigation. Gibbs told the Marines, who were assigned to guard the prisoner, to keep an eye one Parsa. Bishops job was to INTERROGATE the prisoner NOT guard him. She didn’t have a weapon.

          I’m assuming you’re a Ziva fan. Can you admit when she makes a mistake?? You didn’t respond to my scenario… Are you going to agree that it was Ziva’s fault when she was captured in Somalia?? Who’s fault was it that she lied to Gibbs for YEARS to remain on his team?

          • billy ray says:

            I am not a ZIva fan, she was just a character on the show, but you are obviously a Bishop Devotee and can see no wrong in the character no matter how many flaws and facts I point out, so we will just end this conversation.

  37. leia says:

    How devastating it is when you can only vote once. Yeah for once a fair election. Strikes me that Ellie isn’t so loathed after all despite protestations to the contrary. Now she really is under Gibbs’ thumb, let’s see what happens.

  38. puravidacr10 says:

    She hasn’t demonstrated the ability to keep Tony in his place and I don’t mean romantically. She should be stronger and help him grow out of his childishness and his “Me Tarzan. You Jane: attitude toward women.

    • tejasjulia says:

      Bishop is Tony’s coworker, not his mother, not his wife, not his sister. She has no more business “putting Tony in his place” than Ziva did.

    • John 1138 says:

      Before she was an official member of the team that would have crossed a line. And for a visitor sort of presumptuous in any case. She was there as an asset not a human resources councilor.

    • Rob says:

      Why does anyone need to keep Tony in place. He’s done fine as Gibbs’ second without any other character humiliating him, or putting him in his pace, or anything that doesn’t belong in the work place.

    • Caroline D. says:

      Keep Tony in his place?? Go back and watch all the Bishop eps again because clearly you haven’t seen them. What motivation would she have to treat him like crap when he’s done absolutely NOTHING to deserve it from her!!!! Tony’s been nothing but supportive and mentoring of her. To what her to be mean and superior and smug and snarky to him with the relationship they’ve had is just mean spirited. He’s given her no cause to be. And let’s not forget he is the Senior Field Agent and therefore outranks her. It would be a very inappropriate way to handle one’s superior.

  39. J.R. Buckeye says:

    Perhaps it will be reduced in the future but currently all closes of the weekly plot seem to be funneled through her role. We also found out that she is keeping a ton of secrets from the team, including reporting back to NSA handlers. The plots have seemed very thin since Ziva’s character left. I would like to see a stronger McGee/Jimmy/Abby role involving actual forensic and computer strengths. The trained hunches that pepper the Bishop character are wearing thin. I’d like to see a return to the Coast Guard redhead Agent Borlin and the Pentagon’s Jamie Lee Curtis together! Imagine the sparks they could ignite! Way to soft…find myself gravitating to Castle, Big Bang Theory and Elementary as my priority watching.

    • John NYC says:

      Up until this week the “people” back at NSA were her bosses. She was merely a loaner, not a member of NCIS at all.

  40. John NYC says:

    Speaking of eyebrows?

    Anyone ever seen Game of Thrones?

    • tejasjulia says:

      OMG! Her eyebrows are darker than her hair!!! STONE HER!!! STONE HER!!!!

      *rolls eyes*

      • Mylène says:

        When love is thin, those things show up. Let her blend in with the team now, take up a lesser part, and the eyebrows won’t be a problem anymore. Let’s just get on with it. Too bad there is another gap in broadcasting the next episode, so we get to wonder and worry for another week.

  41. greetasola says:

    The last episode when Bishop completely screwed up with the terrorist interview, getting random people killed and yet somehow earning respect from a really bad guy with a candy bar — how ridiculous. It was the perfect opportunity to kill her off, which would have actually been more realistic and then Gibbs could delve into some serious guilt and retribution. But if she had to survive (BOO), any decent boss would have fired her for her horrible job performance, not ask her to be a part of the team. The former character of Gibbs would have immediately sent her packing and he is the guy we actually used to like better than this waffle-headed character the writers have replaced him with. What an absolutely ridiculous storyline and inconsistent characters.
    Good grief, where have the good writers gone? I watched (delayed now) with my fingers crossed that the producers would actually listen to the public. Apparently not.

  42. billy ray says:

    The viewers who do not like Bishop, the poor writing and the horrible story lines have to STOP Watching. As long as NCIS has a high 2,low 3 demo and more 18 million viewers, CBS won’t change anything. If the 30 percent of the audience who fit the above group, NCIS ratings and demo will drop like a rock and CBS will do something, until then,forget it.

    Stop complaining about the show after watching it. STOP WATCHING altogether. I have.

    • BJG says:

      You do realize that the ratings are based on the Nielson households. To me many who do not like Bishop are international viewers so they don’t count in the ratings.

    • John 1138 says:

      Oh I expect the Ziva army has stopped watching.

      And those great numbers are the result.

      • tejasjulia says:

        Some folks have started watching again now that the problem is gone. S11 is the best season in a long time.

        • Dj says:

          I’ve enjoyed this season a lot more then past seasons. There is no Tiva and it feels like they are letting Tony grow with him in a men’s group where he is trying to change. Plus they have shown just how close Tony and Tim are this season. Their friendship has really stood out.

          • billy ray says:

            Koombyah my love koombyah, we don’t solve crimes any more, we’re to busy getting in touch with our inner woman, metrosexual, or what have you.

            I tuned in to watch a police drama, not some Oprah support group.

          • Dj says:

            Tiva was a soap romance the show has less of that feel to it now that Ziva is gone. EVERY police procedural is going to be about the characters and their interactions those interactions define who the characters are.

  43. DCC says:

    If they are going to continue on as they have so far this season, they should just rename the show “The Princess Ellie Show and Her Faithful Minions”. This show doesn’t even come close to resembling the show everyone has enjoyed the last 10 years. There is no spark, no intensity. They always made a point that they were different than other crime dramas in that they were more of a character driven show rather than plot driven. Well, they don’t have either going for them this year. I was a Ziva and Tiva fan, but even if you didn’t like the Tiva angle, at least Ziva was a character that had some depth and layers to her and was interesting most of the time. She certainly interacted with the others better than Bishop. This girl is a big nothing that they have all accepted as their voice of authority. She tells them all what to do and they just fall in and do it. BORING!! I want that spark back and it’s never going to be there with this character there. She needs to go before the show does.

    • billy ray says:

      look at the pots just above. The people are talking about how they love all the touchy feely story lines as Gibbs mellows, Tim is growing up and Tony finds his inner self. Not about the action surrounding how they solved a crime. No action just day time soap opera drama type stuff.

  44. Fyds Palicte says:

    I like Ziva David for NCIS team. She’s not irritating. Bishop is.I was disappointed that for me, the goodbye episode was “unclear.” I was hoping to catch one that could say Ziva is coming back. Is she dead? IS SHE STILL ALIVE? Will she be coming back?

  45. Irishelf says:

    It’s obvious this poll is fixed, because it has the exact opposite result of every other Bishop related poll NOT on this site. The results of this poll are as believable as the character of Bishop!

    • John 1138 says:

      Or, unlike this poll, they allow multiple votes without limit. ?

    • Dean says:

      Do you also believe that 9-11 was an inside job or that the illuminati was responsible for John Kennedy’s assassination. Or is your blind devotion to the Ziva character screwing with your logic?

  46. John 1138 says:

    Whatever site bias the poll only allows one vote per member. On subsequent tries you get a message saying they’ve already received your vote.

  47. Bellz says:

    Your reply is absolutely disgraceful and should b deleted.

  48. Rob says:

    Can you provide anything but wild accusations to prove this point? I have a lot of tech savvy and don’t see a way to break the poll. What do you know that we don’t?

  49. Amy D. says:

    My vote stands and I just reiterate (by commenting) that I like Bishop! She is smart, blonde ;), and she tries really hard. I think she has integrated nicely into the team, which is aging, but aging well in my opinion. I LOVE this team, and believe this show can go on without Ziva (though I loved her and the plot lines that were possible because of her background and ninja-ness). It seems the writers are trying to build a base of understanding this character, featuring Bishop’s talents in a few episodes. There are story arcs for each of the characters that show up from time to time and it’s a great w. This is her time…for us to get to know and appreciate her and her skills. Go Ellie!! :)

  50. S. Arnold says:

    I agree with Pat D. The writing is not as smart. The stories are predictable. NCIS LA is better. I think the writers of NCIS are out of ideas. Time for new writers? This is from someone who has watch NCIS on CBS, USA AND CLOO for several years.

    • Caroline D. says:

      I agree the writers are not what they once were. I can’t speak to NCIS:LA because I don’t watch it. While I very much like Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J, I couldn’t get into it. But the writers on NCIS, (original recipe), don’t really seem to know very much about its origins. I don’t feel they’re real fans who started from Ice Queen or Meltdown or Yankee White and journeyed with these characters or the story and the ups and downs. I can pretty much quote nearly every line in every ep thanks to the USA marathons and owning all the seasons on DVD. It makes me crazy that I know more about these characters and this show than the writers who are paid to know about it do The inconsistencies make it obvious they don’t. If they don’t grasp the overall arc of the show from day one till now, they can’t write well for now and going forward.

      In a lot of ways I feel they tried to start writing for fans, or more accurately, certain factions of fans, and it threw off the balance they had achieved so beautifully in the early years that made it so great. I watch because I’ve always watched and am invested in these characters. I envision a time I wouldn’t watch despite what the writers do, but it is not what it once was.

      • Carolina D says:

        I meant “I CAN’T envision a time I wouldn’t watch despite what the writers do.”  I may not be pleased with what’s going on these days but I’m no fair weather fan.