Exclusive: Barry Sloane Enters Pilot Season Derby as His Revenge Fate Hangs in the Balance

BARRY SLOANEBarry Sloane is a wanted man.

Word that the Revenge co-star is testing the pilot-season waters this year has catapulted the actor atop casting directors’ wish lists, while also raising questions about his future on the ABC soap.

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According to sources, Sloane got the OK from both ABC and his Revenge bosses to entertain offers this pilot season — but don’t go administering last rites to Aiden just yet. I’m told the UK native has an option to return in Season 4 (assuming there is a Season 4), and producers expect to exercise that option in some form (i.e. if not as a regular, possibly as a recurring guest star).

In the meantime, Sloane is expected to get offers in the coming days on a number of high-profile projects, including the Steven Spielberg-produced drama The Visitors (which, coincidentally, is set up at ABC).

Sloane joined Revenge as an ex-love of Emily VanCamp’s Emily early into Season 2 and was quickly promoted to a series regular. He survived a round of pre-Season 3 cast cuts, and remains a key figure in Em’s vengeance scheme (not to mention her love life).

Revenge returns from its winter break on Sunday, March 9.

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  1. Guy says:

    Ugh, thank god. Am I right?

  2. nateddog says:

    There BETTER be a season 4 with or without him

  3. catelyn says:

    please take him. Take him and every irrelevant character on that show.

  4. Cally says:

    I love him and Aiden. I’ll be sad if he won’t be on as a regular. But hope he snags a good one!

    • Liz says:

      Agree on all accounts

    • OnlyAiden says:

      Nooo nooo noooo nooo!!!Aiden doesnt have to go!!!!Hes the best character created on Revenge!!!I like Aiden, hes cool, tough and would do everything for Ems!!!If he is not be on season 4 if ever theres season 4 then i wouldnt have even a glance watching Revenge coz it turned out like a soap opera and Emily and Daniel are getting like Conrad and Victoria even worser!!!No please dont let him go!!!!

  5. woodyinho says:

    Nooooooooo!!! This might mean that Jack will end up with Emily.

    • Radha says:

      Which is a problem why?

      • Bee says:

        He’s boring as f*** and has grown into an annoying, sanctimonous prick? Not that Aiden is much better, mind you. I’d rather she didn’t end up with neither. Sadly, it’s all been set up for her to end up with Jack anyways, so bleh

        • Nick says:

          Aiden going doesn’t mean that Ems is doomed to stay with Jack’s bag.

        • stacie markham says:

          Well I kinda want to see what might happen with an emily/nolan pairing. If they want to kill someone off it should be Josh Bowman! That is a death that would be almost as good as GoT’s purple wedding! :)

    • GuyAwks says:

      “Might mean”? Have we been watching the same show? Jack has, and always will be, endgame. The writers couldn’t have made it any clearer.

    • hannah says:

      might? the plan was always for jack to end up with emily. if that’s not obvious, i don’t know what show you’re watching.

  6. Babygate says:

    This is fine by me. I liked him in S2 but this season he has become insufferable. Besides, regardless of the revenge agenda, any normal guy would be beyond angry that his love is with someone else. That storyline is not sustainable in the long run. Only down side is that this would potentially leave Jack free to pursue Emily which would be all kinds of wrong since he’s now has a girlfriend.

  7. FatherOctavian says:

    Best thing that could happen to the show is getting rid of Aiden. His out-of-the-blue introduction was one of the first big missteps of the second season.

  8. sara says:

    If he must leave revenge I sure hope he gets a new show, will miss having him on my tv!

  9. Red says:

    Good riddance. He should have never been brought back. They only did it to stretch storyline since it seems they are so desperate to keep this show going, even though it’s time to wrap it up. They are likely going to do Jack and Emily at some point so there’s definitely no room for him now. Never liked Aiden and never liked Barry’s acting.

  10. kacie says:

    I love Aiden! Love him and Emily together too, will be sad if he’s gone for good!

  11. Cee says:

    Yes! Back to the Nolan and Emily revenging duo. Glad the whiny obsessed freak will be leaving. He’s been nothing but a distraction.

  12. Amanda says:

    Love Barry Sloane! I am torn up between him and Jack. But def prefer Aiden over Daniel.

  13. Ella says:

    He was fantastic in season 2 but the character has now overstayed his welcome. He is great though and I’d love to see him in something else. Jack & Emily FTW!

  14. alistaircrane says:

    I can’t stand Aiden. He needs to go!

  15. Et al says:

    Why would any casting director want him? He has half the charisma of a dead fish.

  16. jenny says:

    I actually like Aiden but seems I’m in the minority. It will be interesting to see what they will do with that character if he goes to another show, especially if there is talk of a guest role later. I don’t know if I would like that — if Aiden goes, just have him gone.

  17. Bridgette says:

    I love Aiden. Definitely don’t want to see Barry Sloane leave the show.

  18. Jenny says:

    Love Aiden! Show is a hot mess though can’t blame him for looking elsewhere

  19. Diz says:

    Good, get rid of him!

  20. Maki says:

    Never liked him. The way he acts is just awful and his akcent is just pain for my ears.

  21. N says:

    Please someone take him off Revenge! More Nolan!

  22. William says:

    I’d rather Daniel go as opposed to Aiden. I still have hope for the latter to be endgame with Emily despite all the nonsense.

  23. Kerry says:

    I like the actor, but the show hasn’t used him particularly well. I’m glad he has the opportunity to move onto bigger and better things. I do hope, if he ends up leaving, that they give him a good send-off…I still have a soft spot for Aiden, even if I’ve given up on the show.

  24. Mimmi says:

    You can’t blame Barry, it’s not like the show use him well. We see loads of new characters for the back 9 lined up, I assume Barry will have time to audition
    No doubt the “well Jack was always endgame ” brigade will be happy – but I liked Aiden, especially in S2 they just messed with him in S3 but he’s still the most realistic endgame for Em .

    • Elouise says:

      The writing was always on the wall: so many new characters to fit in, and Aiden with no reason to stay in the Hamptons but Emily. Christmas has come early for Jack and Emily fans, that’s for sure.

    • Mike says:

      I will laugh my socks off if they spend season four doing Jack and Emily, and Aiden swoops in at the end like George Clooney in ER.

    • Sarah says:

      I disagree, Aiden got way too much screentime. Just accept that the producers would never have greenlit him seeking other roles if he was crucial to Revenge and Emily. The show was at it’s best for an entire season without him..

      • Mike says:

        The glory days of season one are long gone, and they ain’t never coming back, no matter what happens to Aiden. The producers never bothered to develop him beyond Adjunct of Emily Number Three. No wonder the actor wants out.

  25. Rosa says:

    I figured once Niko puts together the pieces and knows Aiden is the one that killed her father that he’ll be a goner anyway.
    you know who they should take off and should have already a while ago anyway is Charlotte. she has no real plot points or purpose as a full time character on that show at all.

    • Elouise says:

      I don’t disagree, but Charlotte is both a Grayson and Emily’s sister: she’ll be clinging on till the bitter end.

  26. Amy says:

    LOVED Aiden !! What a sham. Show didn’t use him well

  27. Elouise says:

    I’ve loved Aiden from the start, but Barry Sloane deserves better than what they’ve been serving him this season. It’s no surprise at all that he’s taking his talents elsewhere.

  28. Poppy says:

    I like Barry Sloane and his character on Revenge a lot but I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a bigger part elsewhere.

  29. Mike says:

    That season four option sounds like a smokescreen. My bet is they’re killing him off, which is why they reshot the proposal and stuck that foreshadowing in it. It’s a win for the actor, but it sure sucks for Aiden fans. That nauseating Jack and Emily ‘fairytale’ ending is now nailed on.

  30. Lyn says:

    I love Barry Sloane! I do hope he gets a bigger role in another show. But also hope he continues as Aiden in Revenge too

  31. Andrew Hass says:

    I think it’s nice that ABC and the show is letting Barry Sloane test the waters.Also even if he gets a pilot it doesn’t mean that show will be picked up.Plus if he lands a pilot that’s on ABC depending on schedules he could do that show and Revenge.However in the season finale they might leave Aiden’s fate up in the air and that way if the actor leaves then the show could reveal the character died when next season opens or Aiden could just show up in the season premiere and then leaves.

  32. queerbec says:

    There is no chemistry between his character and Emily. I can’t believe that we are to believe that they are somehow soul mates. They just don’t work together no matter how much TPTB force them down our throats. That said, I like Barry Sloan as an actor and hope to see him in roles that fit his personality better (ie. cold action hero). I wish Daniel would get killed off (Josh wants to go anyway), because you can detect the chemisrtry between the actors no matter how much Ms. van Camp and M. Bowman try to hide it. A murder mystery involving disgusting Daniel’s death and Emily somehow in charge of Grayson Global would be ironic, unusual and perhaps put some new life into the show.

  33. Mikael says:

    He is so gorgeous.

  34. Marc says:

    What? No more Mr. Mumbles? Awww shucks…

  35. Dennis Jenkins says:

    He should be the next James Bond.

  36. Kristina says:

    I’m happy to see the actor attracting lots of interest from other shows, and I’d be even happier to see Aiden gone.

  37. The Real Amanda Clarke says:

    Good, I’ve never been a fan of Aiden, he’s more cartoon than actual fully fleshed, rounded character. I just hope this doesn’t mean the snoozefest that is the Jack and Emily saga has to kick off full throttle again, I’m just starting to enjoy a less morose, more loved up Jack with Margaux. I’d love it if, after all the endless, mind numbing fighting between the different shipper camps, Emily didn’t actually end up with any of them. That would be too funny. Honestly, at the end of the series she should just take off with Nolan and they should start their own ‘Revenge School’ somewhere in Takeda’s memory. Aiden should die, Daniel should die and Jack should have his happy little bilingual family with Margaux and Carl.

  38. i’m not fussed either way but over here in the uk many of our soap stars leave for the US to find work and not many find success but well done to sloane, i’m optimistic he’ll be back onscreen soon after he departs revenge.

  39. GuyAwks says:

    Hope the writers kill him off and his appearances in Season 4 are pre-death flashbacks. There is really no reason for Aiden to still be on the show. Now I’m just counting down the days until Jemily happens.

  40. Noe says:

    if there is no aiden, there is better no season four.

  41. Tam says:

    Love Love Love Aiden!!
    I want him to stay! He and Em are awesome together :)

  42. Deb says:

    If Aiden & Em’s don’t end up together we will quit watching!!!! And we are 2 die-hard viewers!