Post Mortem: Arrow Bosses on Sara's Surprise [Spoiler], Felicity's Backstory and Team Conflicts

Heir to the DemonThe following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of Arrow. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes. Everyone else, read on…

Arrow brought to life an iconic comic-book character on Wednesday night as Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Nyssa came to Starling City in search of Sara — and planted a kiss on her!

Below, executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim reveal the story behind the surprise twist and what Sara being home means for her romantic future.

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The EPs also preview Team Arrow’s changing dynamics, Oliver and Moira’s cold war and Felicity’s “massive” backstory payoff.

LOCKING LIPS | The decision to have a romantic relationship between Nyssa and the younger Ms. Lance “was really more about Sara than anything else,” explains Kreisberg. “We thought about this at the beginning of the season. If you watch [Episode] 205, there’s a reference to ‘the beloved’ and ‘you think that’s going to keep you safe.’ We talked about, ‘Does Ra’s al Ghul have a son?’ Then we were like, ‘Could it be Talia?’ We felt like Talia had just been done in the movies.” Ultimately, one of the writers suggested Nyssa, which “felt like something new and different.”

Kreisberg maintains that the pairing isn’t meant to be “salacious.” Rather, “It’s a pretty chaste relationship from what you see on screen,” he continues. “For us, it just touched on a couple of interesting things like the idea that Sara found herself in this terrible world and found this one person who treated her with love and kindness.” And although Sara ends the episode reuniting with Oliver, “We actually specifically avoid using the term ‘bisexual,'” points out Guggenheim. “We didn’t want to label her at all.”

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But her past will come back to haunt her: Katrina Law will reprise her role as Nyssa later this season. As for whether Sara and Oliver are a couple now, “That’s actually part of the journey of these next five episodes,” reveals Kreisberg. “Oliver has not had many successful relationships, and part of him and Sara moving forward is [the question of], ‘Is this something that can work given both of our [pasts]?'”

NOT-SO-WELCOME HOME | Sara’s readjustment to life in Starling City won’t be entirely smooth, as evidenced by Laurel’s violent reaction to her sis’ return. “Part of the reason we did this episode was to free Sara, at least for the time being, from the threat of the League of Assassins, to allow her to fully be the Black Canary and come home and all the delicious implications that that brought,” says Kreisberg. “You’re really going to see how Sara’s return affects everybody.”

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Arrow Season 2 SpoilersSMOAK SECRETS | Felicity fans finally got some much-wanted backstory about the IT gal this week – and there’s more to come! Make sure to remember the tidbits Ms. Smoak dropped about her parents, because “There are two massive things that are going to happen towards the end of the season that you heard in that speech that will payoff,” teases Kreisberg.

‘OLICITY’ BONDED | It seems Mama Queen’s threats were empty: Felicity and Oliver’s relationship is “actually going to be strengthened” following her decision to spill Moira’s secret, assures Kreisberg. Adds Guggenheim: “I don’t even think Moira necessarily believed what she was saying to Felicity. Moira was trying to manipulate Felicity into staying silent. It would never even occur to Oliver to be angry at Felicity.”

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A FAMILY DIVIDED | “The cold war between Oliver and Moira is not going to go unnoticed by anyone,” previews Kreisberg. Meanwhile, despite her stint in prison and the collapse of her relationship with her son, Moira “still really hasn’t had her come-to-Jesus moment… and that’s coming,” teases the EP. Her lie “is going to have far-reaching implications for the characters.” Guggenheim adds that there’s even more deception to come. “There’s just lies all over the place in this whole family… Can you have a family, even, based on lies?” And Oliver, often a liar himself, is going to realize “that as much as he despises his mother, he’s actually a lot more like her than he wants to admit,” says Kreisberg.

TEAM ARROW EXPANDED | With Roy and Sara’s additions to the group, “The cave’s getting full,” says Kreisberg with a laugh. “It used to be a place where Oliver said, ‘Everybody jump,’ and everybody else said, ‘How high?’ What you’re going to start to see is that other people have differing opinions.” Guggenheim says the next episode also will explore “Felicity’s reaction to Sara, the new member of Team Arrow,” as well as what her addition means for the team, Felicity — and Oliver and Felicity.

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  1. kara says:

    Wished their was more Laurel info.

    • Patrick says:

      Such as, when is her last episode.

      Cause the EP called Sara “Black Canary.” Laurel is Gonzo.

      • mainecane says:

        they have stated in the past that laurel is on a journey to who she is gonna be. I expect later in the season that sara will get killed off and laurel will take up the mantle of black canary.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          I agree except that still brings up the big issue which is…how in the world does she get trained? And by who? Because it took years on the island for G-Arrow to become a master fighter/archer. Same for Black Canary and Batman from Ras and the League. So Laurel with her YMCA self defense class moves cant exactly just take over where her dead sister left off. But who trains her? Oliver? I wouldnt like that because then its the love interest hero training the girl, and its not believable she’d within a year or two become a better fighter than him, which in the comics the Black Canary is the best female fighter and even better than the Green Arrow. So overall im curious how they will go about it.

          • Jason says:

            Why do you have to be hasty? Just give the show some time. This is just the middle of season 2.

          • websnap says:

            “how in the world does she get trained?”

            Probably like Roy. You may be overthinking a superhero story… besides, she has shown some self defence chops so far this series. I don’t think it would be like starting from zero… She’s not Felicity.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Im not being hasty, its the shows creator/showrunner/writers that have said they are burning through story which they had originally planned to last them 5 seasons. Aka they had season 1-5 planned in terms of big stories/events/plots…so if thats true then before season 5 ends you would assume Laurel becomes Black Canary.

            Your looking at it from the perspective of someone who hasnt ever read the comics. In the world of the Green Arrow, and in reality…it takes YEARS to be trained to be highly proficient at a martial art. Getting trained like Roy is exactly what shouldnt happen….it makes BC feel and seem like a side kick of the Green Arrow being taught by him. She is a master (better fighter than him) on her own, like Sara who was trained by masters of the fighting style, and is a strong independent woman. A equal to the Arrow. Not like Roy who is a sidekick.

        • Aryn says:

          Laurel, and her character’s portrayer, will not make a good “Black Canary”…no offense to Ms. Cassidy acting abilities, but she just doesn’t give that vibe of a superhero type person. I don’t think it makes sense, I’m having a hard time even liking her at all this season – would rather have Sara be the one and only “Black Canary” :)

      • kara says:

        Sara is called the black canary cause she is..FOR NOW! The fact she doesn’t have the canary cry speaks volumes. Laurel is the true black canary and this is all her journey to become it.

        • Scott says:

          Sara does have the canary cry. But for now its an electronic device. She used it on the van when she and Ollie were chasing it on the motorcycle.

        • Kay says:

          There is NO TRUE BC..SARA IS THE BC and if by chance, they do something as stupid as to KILL off SARA for someone like laurel then, laruel would be the 2nd or 3rd BC, not true BC, since SARA IS BC!!

          • Drew says:

            Well, if we’re going with the TRUE Black Canary, then I think we should consider Dinah too. (I’m stirring the pot)

        • Kelly says:

          it’s funny cause they had the Black Canary on Smallville but on that her name was Dinah Lance not Sara or Laurel, lol So when watching Green Arrow I found out Laurel’s mom’s name was Dinah I was kinda like “huh??”

        • arrowsuperfan123456 says:

          Actually Sara uses a device for the canary scream because it makes it seem more realistic

      • Kay says:

        AHAHAHAHA!! Oh, that is a good one but no, ‘SHE’ leading female, so her arrogant, bitchy, manipulative, self-righteous, COLD, FREAKY face, self is going to STAY FOREVER..I hate it but I’m realistic enough to admit it…THEY will kill off Sara for “HER”..URGH/PUKE!

        • Vincent Ventrevski says:

          If they’ve any sense, they’ll kill off Laurel and keep Sara.

          • JC says:

            I agree.

          • Boston2AZ says:

            Why would you say that? Just because the show grinds to a halt every time Laurel is on screen? Or because she is by far the least interesting of all of the major characters? Or because there is no chemistry between her and ANY other character? Or is it because you just can’t accept the fact that it is ALL about Laurel and what that miserable sister of her did – disappearing in a boating accident, having to do unimaginable things to survive, and forcing Laurel to bear the burden of going to law school and becoming a successful lawyer. What do you have against that poor girl?

          • BabyFirefly says:

            @ Boston2AZ, – lol for real, that made me spit up my coffee. Thanks for the morning cheer to distract from work and snow!

          • Patrick says:

            There are persistent rumors that the cast and crew hate Katie Cassidy (she’s unpleasant on set), and that this past summer the writers got together to rework the plot to get rid of her. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have brought the sister back. And recast the sister to find an athlete necessary to play the role.

            If this had been the plan from Day 1, this Sara would have been in the pilot. The recast means they have dramatically changed the overall theme of the film. Plus, if you haunt the casts/crew social media accounts, they all pop up in each others feeds ALL THE TIME. Except Katie Cassidy. She isn’t in theirs, and they aren’t in hers, with only a very few exceptions. She’s gone.

            If they are going to have Sara train a new “Black Canary” it will be Felicity, which is the only way for Olicity to happen will “fulfilling” canon.

          • didi says:

            I agree! Sarah has more chemistry with Oliver/GArrow

          • psac says:

            Killing off Laurel would be a great way to make some of the “danger” real (you know in any fight scene that Oliver/Arrow isn’t going to get killed, although it is good that he gets his clock cleaned on occasion.) Sara has an infinite times better chemistry with everyone than Laurel, since Laurel has exactly zero. She (Katie Cassidy) also got REALLY weird looking with her weight loss. It’s terrible.

    • Sunny says:

      I don’t!!!!!

    • Aryn says:

      I wish they’d stop telling every other person in town who Oliver Queen really is…ugh, the mystery is part of the character – stop making this more of a “team” thing please!!!

      • JC says:

        I like the team aspect. Not all that interested in mysterious lone wolf heroes.

      • abz says:

        I disagree. Sometimes one of the most annoying aspects of shows is when a character’s identity is hidden and is dragged out for so long before people find out. A perfect example of this is a show like Dexter where it took 6 season before Deb found out anything. And Revenge, who knows how long Emily’s secret is going to be dragged out. Keeping secret identities on shows is fun and interesting up to a certain point and then it just gets boring and tedious. I’m glad Arrow is building the team and letting more people into Oliver’s inner circle. It’s really fun to see the characters interact and not having every other episodes be about maintaining Oliver’s identity.

  2. Riana says:

    You know I really want to see some interaction between Thea and Sara. I mean she could probably give Sara a job

  3. Finch says:

    LOVED Nyssa! She’s like Xena! When she comes back, can she stick around?!?

  4. kat says:

    “We actually specifically avoid using the term ‘bisexual,’” points out Guggenheim. “We didn’t want to label her at all.”
    Pardon me, this bisexual woman might have more to comment on once my eyes are finished rolling so far back in my head I can’t see my screen.

    • Josh says:

      I don’t get why people are afraid of the word bisexual…

      • Kay says:

        Same reason why it’s OK to have two girls kissing*which just grossed me out* and not OK to have TWO GUYS kissing, which I would find HOT!

    • 80s says:

      Sara could identify as ‘pansexual’ for all you know.

      • 80s says:

        My point is, (even though Sara is a fictional character), you can’t force a sexual identity upon someone who does not want to be labeled.

      • kat says:

        “Sara” is not a person, she is a character. Everything about her is a decision made by writers, writers who have just publicly refused to label her sexuality. Putting her in relationships that point to bisexuality and then refusing to call it such might not be such a big deal if bisexuality wasn’t such a big problem in western media, but it is and that makes how they’re talking about it problematic to me. To be clear, my problem isn’t what happened on the show, it’s how the writers are talking about it now, not just in this interview but several others that have been posted elsewhere since the ep ended. It’s incredibly off putting to me for them to repeatedly talk about how they didn’t want it to be salacious and in the next breath specify they avoided the term bisexual. The implication being bisexuality is salacious. At best it indicates they think that labels are bad, which is insulting to anyone on the LGBTQA+ spectrum who have to fight every day to have their chosen labels be respected by society at large.

        • kat says:

          *if bisexual erasure* weren’t such a problem in western media

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Personally how i took it was she under went a LOT of trauma, and had some Stockholm syndrome with Doctor Ivo, and then went to a League Of Assassins and like Nikita was brain washed and killing people…so she found love in who she could have it with, apparently a female. So i didnt take it as she found in herself a bisexuality…its more like she had a LOT of extreme life and death, hostage, assassin cult stuff going on and she blurred her lines and fell in love (if you want to call it that) with the Ras daughter.

          Obviously the writers could say “no, technically shes a full blown real bisexual and she would date a woman again”..and id be wrong. Im just saying how i interpreted it. I guess it all depends on if she was just confused and traumatized and going through a lot and had a relationship with a woman, or if she was and still is sexually attracted to women and can act on it, making her bisexual.

        • Finch says:

          You’re over-thinking this based on your personal identity. Not everyone sees the world through the same prism as you do. I’m gay and I know people who flip the heck OUT if you call them bisexual, this despite the fact they’ve been in long-term relationships with men and women. The Kinsey scale, she is a slidin’.

          • kat says:

            You’re right, I’m sorry, I’m over thinking things because I see the world through my experience as a bisexual woman who constantly has to put up with bisexual erasure everywhere and being told by straight people that I’m not really straight and being told by gay people that I’m not gay enough to identify as LGBTQ and in general being told my sexuality doesn’t count for crap and it’s just a phase and I have to choose. I should just shut up about it and not complain when writers create a queer character and refuse to call her what she is.

        • Be careful about generalizing about the LGBTQA+ spectrum. Isn’t the point of queer theory that labels are constructed by the dominant culture and can never capture a person in their totality? Younger folk in particular are more comfortable with claiming a “fluid” sexual orientation and may not want the bi label.

          • kat says:

            Labels are extremely important to a lot of people. Yes, figuring out what those labels should be can take time and people can go through several labels before they find the one that works, and there are a lot of labels out there that people are discovering to explain to themselves and others who they are. The point, again, is that Sara is not a person. She is a character, written by straight white men who have most likely had the luxury of never having to fight to have their preferred label recognized or respected. Had they not brought up labels at all and had instead focused on talking about the emotions specific to these relationships or whatever, I probably wouldn’t even have raised an eyebrow. But going out of their way to single out bisexuality as a thing they avoided is incredibly problematic in a world where bisexuality is not respected, where it’s still considered by many to be just a phase, where plenty of bisexual people including myself have been told by both straight people and gay people that we have to pick one or the other. This young person is rather sick of the bisexual erasure in our society, has met faaaaaar more old people than young people who are afraid of the term bisexual because they think it means oversexualized deviant (because that’s the only type of bisexuality they’ve been exposed to thanks to media), and would like straight showrunners to not write a queer female and then go out of their way to refuse to talk about her as a queer character.

    • Vincent Ventrevski says:

      Because bisexual is a label that says a person is attracted to both male and female in general. It’s perfectly possible that Sara fell for one specific woman and doesn’t find any other females sexually attractive. That’s why it’s worth avoiding the label.

  5. J says:

    I know a lot of people don’t like her, but Laurel is personally my favorite. Im really wondering how she’s gonna become Black Canary.. especially now that I almost can’t see anyone but Sara beiing Canary.

  6. Lysh says:

    “elder Ms Lance”? Isn’t Sara the younger one?
    I loved Nyssa. I hope there’s more Nyssa in the future. She’s totally BA.
    I wonder if Felicity’s dad ends up being some super baddie toward the end of the season. It was nice to finally hear a little something about her!

  7. Sparky says:

    Of all the CW shows this is the one I never miss. I know they have a lot of great characters to work with but also the writing and acting is top notch. Really great work!!!!

  8. JTP says:

    “It’s a pretty chaste relationship [because we don’t want to hurt the viewer’s delicate sensibilities]” seems to be what the EP was trying to say. Awesome.

    Also “we specifically avoid using the term ‘bisexual'” wow HOW PROGRESSIVE. I don’t even watch the show but this seems problematic as hell. Sigh.

  9. Julie says:

    You didn’t want to label her as a bisexual? Such BS. Ten bucks says that when Nyssa returns, this show won’t touch upon their relationship again. This was just a plot point of the week. How sad.

    • Finch says:

      Because there are people in life who don’t choose to use the label “bi-sexual” despite being sexually attracted to men and women. Sometimes equally. I don’t personally identify that way but I have friends (and one ex) who do/does.

  10. Jillian says:

    I wonder how Felicity’s story is going to tie back in towards the end of the season. My guess is her dad is Slade. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to pull this twist.

  11. poindexter says:

    sara and felicity better be friends instead of the dumb love triangle crap going around

    • rxs44 says:

      I totally agree, I see Sara and Felicity becoming great friends. I just hope the writers don’t ruin a blossoming friendship between the girls based on jealously. Remember the Tommy/Laurel/Oliver mess.

      • Smity says:

        I would love to see Sara train Felicity during downtime and later becoming the “New” Black Canary if they kill off Sara. Let them become great friends and see where that takes the new style the writers are going with. They’ve already changed up the Characters a bit—Laurel (aka Dinah in the comics is their mother on the show) and so on. I think it would be awesome if the two who care about Ollie without an underlining motive (Laurel only wants Ollie so Sara doesn’t have him–that’s my thoughts on that whole thing). I think Laurel is pissed Sara is alive because she’s not the center of attention. I honestly see Laurel more of a Villian type and turning on people now that she’s not the token surviving daughter.

        I think Ivo being Felicity’s dad would be an awesome storyline twist and would be something to consider. Maybe even inject Felicity with the serum and bring back flash to help before their spin off. Just some late night thoughts on it..

        • Kay says:

          WOW.. I’ve always thought that the ONLY way for “laurel” to be BC is by somehow being powered up by the serum of somekind, since there’s NO LOGICAL way for her to be BC..Not like SARA and Oliver..

          I also agree with what you SAID about ‘larel’ wanting Sara to STAY DIED and her reasons

      • janet says:

        agree! no cat fights either!

    • Tess says:

      That’s why I wasn’t pleased with them putting Oliver and Sara together at the end of the episode – I think it would be a much better thing to have Sara and Felicity as friends and let’s face it, the day Felicity finds out about Oliver and Sara (whether it’s a one time thing or a relationship) it will dim the chances that the girls become friends or will kill any friendship they have, because what girl wants to be friends with the girl who’s involved with the guy they are obviously crushing on?! They would’ve been better off keeping what Sara and Oliver had in the past than to have them get together at the end of this episode, I think.

      • Vincent Ventrevski says:

        Thing is that Ollie and Felicity are not interested in a relationship. He’s told her so, and she actively pursued Barry as a romantic interest (pre-coma). Plus I think Felicity is growing increasingly annoyed with the amount of women that Ollie is going through. So I can’t see anything more than some light pettiness coming between Sara and Felicity.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I agree, Dont get me wrong i like Oliver with both of them (separately) but at the same time, id LOVE it if the show writers had Felicity put w/e jealously she has behind her and became really close friends with Sara.

  12. Robert says:

    I totally agree with everyone who touched on the writers and producers comments regarding Sarah’s sexuality! If we follow their no” labels”of sexual identity, then every character from Felicity to Oliver should have no labels and are just as capable of same gender loving. Oliver and Roy can find themselves having feeling of attraction for each other and Felicity could reliaze she wants to know Sarah in a truly intimate way.

  13. Stiletto Royalty says:

    You know, this episode was so ridiculous. Nyssa ROCKED!!!! I refuse to hate Moira Queen, so there. It didn’t work. I refuse to hate Sara because she’s just as screwed up in the head as Oliver Queen. I don’t even have the energy to try and get Laurel. But the one person that made me proud this episode was Felicity Smoak. This chick rocks, and Emily Bett kills it with each episode she’s in. Tonight, she soared! And I was so happy to see the show make an effort at continuity that it has been sorely lacking in the past few episode’s with present day Slade. I love this man. But I have to say that I have a sick feeling that Arrow has become treacherous enough to make my two favorite characters father and daughter. I’m not happy at all about that possibility.

  14. Alichat says:

    Ok….not that I am a fan of Laurel…frankly I find her scenes terribly boring….but I couldn’t pay any attention to her scenes because Katie Cassidy looks so gaunt. Am I the only one who has noticed this? The camera adds 10 pounds, and all I could think is “if she looks this thin on camera…..” It’s a bit worrisome.

    On another note, I wonder what story they will give to Momma Lance to explain where Sara has been? I mean, will they go with the truth since she saw Nyssa, or will they tone it down a bit? And I just loved the scene between Oliver and Felicity. I think she could have picked a better time to tell him what she discovered, but she’s never been the best at holding things in.

    • didi says:

      Nope you are not the only one! Every time she is on screen I just want to pause and hand her a sandwich!!!!!!

    • Sunny says:

      I was thinking the same about Katie Cassidy, she looks like a skeleton. Somebody needs to eat a burger. Could you see her trying to do the bar exercise that Arrow & Black Canary do? Ain’t gonna happen.

      • Alichat says:

        Thank you! I was wondering the same thing tonight. If the plan is for her to be the Black Canary eventually, they are going to need to bulk her up or get a good stunt double. I’m afraid she’d snap a bone if she took a swing at someone.

    • oragne says:

      I’m like positive Katie Cassidy got some work done or something between seasons 1 and 2. I remember watching season 1 and thinking how healthy and pretty she looked, and then season 2 rolled around and she looks super thin and just… different! like her face shape is different! weird.

      • ChrisGa says:

        Yeah, I’m moved to utter distraction every time she’s onscreen. Not sure if she had a lift or a nose job, but her facial structure just looks very odd now. Sad, because the woman was absolutely gorgeous the way she was.

      • Kay says:

        It’s her chin!! Her overall FACE is TOO SHARP/POINTY..

        It’s so obvious..Just compare pic of past to present and you’ll or ANYONE with EYES can see the difference..WE as ppl might AGE and have WRINKLES etc but out BONE STRUCTURE doesn’t change unless WORK is done for whatever reason..I don’t get why she would do something like this…I mean, she was pretty enough back then and now, she just looks freaky..Not to be mean or anything but it’s just FACTS, STARTING HER IN THE FACE!!!

        Also, in regards to her weight..Seriously, I KNOW THIN has always been the THING and ALWAYS WILL be, but there is being TOO THIN That you look like you’re ‘ONE step in the grave’..

        I bet CW/ARROW is going to have “URGHlasure” become BC by supernatural powers since this series has ROY being serum up, there’s NOTHING in the rule books now that says, that can’t happen to laruel, so that IS HOW she’ll END up BEING BC; when Oliver and SARA worked their ass and LIFE off but SHE gets the easy way out..THERE’S JUST no OTHER WAY to make her BC without training etc and I WILL NOT believe the BS of training for ONE YR will get her to any level that is Sara or Oliver..She’ll be a cop-out BASICALLY! URGH! I will HATE it when CW kills off story for someone as useless and unnecessary as Laruely!

    • Kath says:

      I don’t think Felicity meant to tell Oliver at the rally but he could see that she was upset and pushed it out of her.

    • Mary Ann says:

      It’s dfficult not to notice the big change in Katie Cassidy’s face. It used to be be a little fuller and her chin didn’t look out of proportion to the rest of her face. She doesn’t have cheeks anymore either. She is much too thin and looks like she has had plastic surgery. I wonder if the reason she looks so gaunt and thin is because of troubles in her personal life. If can’t be easy dealing with an alcoholic father who has been arrested for DUI’s a couple of times recently.

  15. enri says:

    This show keeps getting better. I was surprised when Moira threatened Felicity. Felicity and Oliver’s scenes together are just electric. I’m interested to see where Sara’s story goes. I don’t see her and Oliver’s relationship be smooth sailing.

  16. david says:

    I see im not the first or only one but who wants to bet that Felicity is slade’s daughter

  17. Whimsical says:

    “Talia had been done in the movies”. Really? She appears as the daughter of Ra’s ah Gul for less than one minute on screen before she dies, and IIRC never uses the name Talia.

    There was no good reason to create a new character- you should have just called her Talia and been done with it.

    That said, I acknowledge that that is a minor nitpick in an otherwise flawless episode. Arrow keeps going from strength to strength, largely because it embraces its comic roots, while other shows seem embarrassed by them (yes, S.H.I.E.L.D., I’ m looking at you.)

    • Nellie C. says:

      They didn’t create a new character. Nyssa is Ra’s al’Ghul’s daughter, and Talia’s half-sister. She first appeared in ‘Tec more than 10 years ago.

      Talia is so closely tied to the Bat mythos, I can see why they wouldn’t want to use her. Although, I suppose you could argue that the Black Canary character has her own ties to Ra’s al’Ghul (pre-New 52, that is).

  18. TVPeong says:

    Why get Alex Kingston and then not use her to her full capacity. I was hoping to get some River Song action.

  19. MagicThings says:

    This was a good episode. I enjoyed it. I wasn’t surprised about the Nyssa/Sara thing. I figured it had to be something personal if Ra’s al Ghul’s own daughter was jumping into the fray. I like them as a couple, which ultimately made me sigh when Sara and Oliver decided to jump into bed together at the end of it. The one thing that disappointed me this episode was Felicity. Her practically barging into Queen Manor to confront Moira with her digital shield of righteousness and justice just seemed wrong somehow to me; it wasn’t Felicity’s place to go and do that. I would’ve understood if they showed a scene of her wondering over whether to share this damning news with Oliver or with his mother but no, one minute she’s telling Walter and the next she’s pretty much roasting Moira–who admittedly, as it coming. I wish I could explain it better but Felicity’s behavior in this episode was, to me, in poor taste.

  20. Sunshine says:

    Loved the episode until the end. Not a fan of
    Sara would’ve preferred the snake venom taken her out. The flashbacks just reinforces what a brat she is. Only time I liked her at all was with Nyssa.
    Love Alex Kingston but all I can think when I see her is “spoilers” a River Song catchphrase.
    Felicity is ok but annoys me & is kind of a busy body.
    When Ollie was calling his mom a liar I just wanted to tell him…. Hello, pot, kettle?!?’ Look in the mirror hypocrite.
    Since I don’t like Sara I’m so team Laurel & LOVED when laurel went off on her. The brat deserves it.
    Oddly Ollie would call Thea out expecting everyone to just forgive and forget but Sara he panders to. PATHETIC.
    If this continues down this wimpy path I’ll say buh-bye to Arrow.

    • Kay says:

      Urgh really?? Calling Sara a brat when it was ‘laruel’ who back-stabbed Sara to GET HER CHANCE with OLIVER!! Did you happen to FORGET THAT LITTLE TID-BIT of info?

  21. Eliza says:

    I don’t mind at all if they keep casting awesome Spartacus alums! There’s a bunch more to pick from :)

  22. ba dum dun! says:

    How anyone could prefer Laurel as Black Canary to Sara is beyond me, especially after tonight’s episode. Caity Lotz is pretty much perfect for that role. It would be a massive mistake to shoehorn the Laurel character into becoming Black Canary when what they’ve got going now with Sara is working so well, and when it would be a really cheesy stretch to convince the viewer that Laurel’s entire character could change so drastically so quickly . . .

    I had to laugh, though, when the writers had Laurel immediately be nasty to Sara right after finding out she was alive, and while reaching for a bottle of wine, too. It’s really like they want the viewers to hate Laurel even more than so many of them already do, because they just keep making her do such unlikeable things.

    (And for the record, I don’t hate Laurel, but I really, really don’t want to see her become the Black Canary for no plausible reason other than “that’s the way it’s supposed to happen because of the comics.” Anyway, Black Canary in the comics is DINAH Lance, right? So Dinah, Laurel, Sara . . . what’s the difference there? It’s just a first name . . . )

    • JC says:

      Laurel’s first name is Dinah – we found that out in season one. But I agree. I don’t want her as Black Canary, and if the writers want the viewers to hate Laurel, well they succeeded in that with this viewer.

      • Jon says:

        There are two different Dinah’s/Black Canaries in the comic (pre New 52). The first one Dinah Drake-Lance is the character represented by Alex Kingston on the show. She was the Silver Age Black Canary and was just a well trained fighter without any powers. After the timeline/reality changing events known as Crisis of Infinite Earths the character of Black Canary changed into her daughter Dinah Laurel Lance, represented by Katie Cassidy on the show (While she goes by Laurel, Tommy used her full name in the pilot episode). Dinah in the comic had the metagene that gave her the Canary Cry power. In the current so called New 52 continuity/timeline the Black Canary role has melded the two into Dinah Drake again, but now she too has the Canary Cry power.

  23. M3rc Nate says:

    Loving this show. As for the twists, i like the daughter of Ra’s. I had to look her up to make sure she was real, i had never heard of her. But im happy they used a character from the comics.

    My only issues are…yes…the cave is crowded…lol seems like 2/3’s of the cast if not more know Olivers secret and are in the cave.

    Personally i love the idea of Thea somehow ending up the bad guy. Things happen, events, finding out about her father, and more and eventually she ends up turning essentially to the dark side like a Jedi would…her POV and opinions becoming dark and full of feelings of betrayal. Im speaking like 2-3 seasons from now btw. When the actress playing Thea doesnt look like a 15 year old girl. lol

    • david says:

      thea in the comics ends up becoming speedy (arrow sidkick/teen titans) although she isnt oliver’s sister in the comics and if im not mistaken she is one of the only comic characters with HIV

      • Jon says:

        Thea does not exist in the comics, You’re thinking of Mia Dearden, the second Speedy. Thea’s middle name is Dearden though, so with the nickname Speedy it’s clear she’s there to represent Mia. And yes, Mia was HIV possitive. I just hope Thea doesn’t follow that route.

      • Kay says:

        Oliver doesn’t even HAVE A SISTER in the comics, “thea” is lucky to even EXIST in this show, the selfish brat!

    • Vincent Ventrevski says:

      So like Loki in Thor?

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Ya i guess but not that…playful. More like Tommy…or Lex Luthor…or Darth Vader (prequels) …she finds out the truth and some stuff happens that pushes her in the direction and alienates her from her brother and she just keeps on getting darker until eventually shes the baddie. Honestly i just want SOMETHING for her considering all she is now is Roys girlfriend, and all she was before was Olivers sister.

  24. Csbd says:

    I really like the character of Sara, but I have hated the rewriting of history her introduction has created.

    The guilt that plagued Oliver for years over his betrayal of Laurel that was so prominent in season one is suddenly just gone, and he doesn’t think twice about sleeping with Sara again.

    I know there is island backstory we still don’t have, but I sometimes feel like the writers ignore early premises of the show in order to make the “new” backstory work.

    None if this is shipper related, as I like Sara, and am to a point where I can’t stand Laurel, but I just want consistent writing. Oliver’s actions at the end of the episode seemed out of character to me.

    • John 1138 says:

      They might have been dealing there at the end in parallels? Nyssa had saved Sara and, on the island that we’ve yet to see, Sara saved Oliver…

      In the recent Oliver island scenes he’s still just so young compared to when he left the island. Perhaps, the forging?, that’s Sara’s doing and they’re repeating a pattern?

      But yes, I didn’t welcome that ending either though Sara, in scenes she shared tonight with Laurel, just puts Laurel, shockingly, into the shadows.

  25. abz says:

    Great episode. I agree with others in hoping that they don’t create some love triangle between. There’s no need for that. Also, still not a fan of Blood and can’t wait till Oliver and Sara find out Slade is still alive.
    And I may be one of the few that still likes Laurel, but my God has she been looking really sickly this season. It’s quite disturbing. I hope Katie Cassidy gets some sort help. She looked so beautiful, vibrant and healthy last season and now it’s just scary.

  26. xx says:

    Liked the Nyssa twist- not remotely surprised, as one of the first things present-day Sara does is call Felicity “cute.” Hope they don’t use it as a one-time plot and throw it away, though.
    Liked that the ending was just Oliver/Sara. Was very afraid it would be a Very CW Ending with Felicity walking in on them and making a surprised face and dropping something and Oliver/Sara making surprised faces. Glad they resisted the temptation.
    Can’t wait for more Felicity backstory.

  27. kingnicer54 says:

    Anybody know the song that played at the end I really enjoyed it

  28. James D says:

    great episode as always. I’m glad with the direction they took with Sara, but I agree we don’t need another love triangle. I might be in the minority but i’ve loved Katie’s work this season her character has gained so much more depth seeing her hit rock bottom will be all the more satisfying when she finally becomes BC (Sorry folks but it’s inevitably going to happen). @abz i totally agree i’ve been sreaming for weeks at my TV for Katie to eat a cheesecake, she looks terribly unhealthy it is scary and worrisome she’s a beautiful girl I hope others around her can help her to see that so she can get healthy. Manu Bennett is so freaking awesome as Slade i say it every week, but it’s true.

  29. Claire says:

    What an absolutely fantastic episode. Nyssa was AMAZING and I can’t wait to see her again. I am definitely watching it again. Loved all of it.

    As for Felicity and Sara, I immediately liked what few scenes they have had since Sara first appeared — I think they can be really good friends and will be good for each other (please don’t disappoint me and go down a whole mother road Eps). I’m using the EPs words when I say that Felicity finds Oliver unattainable, and she likes Sara. She was probably expecting them to hook up the first time Sara was in town. She’s no dummy, she knows their history and what they’ve endured (for the most part). I think (hope) she will be fine.

    Now that being said, did I like the end scene? No. I get it, I predicted it (I had already typed up my angry tweets so all I had to do was copy, paste and send) but it did show me that while Oliver has matured, he is still a bit selfish — more concerned with his pain and need for comfort than say that of a good friend who last we saw was looking very upset and alone at the convention center. Thanks for that Arrow as we go into a two week hiatus. Is Oliver ping pong going to be an Olympic sport for the Lance sisters? I certainly hope this puts the nail in one of those coffins and eventually both. Hello world, meet the CW.

    One thing though, after watching this episode that centered on the Lance family, the only visual I am left with is Felicity, alone. Call me crazy, and I may be reading too much into Felicity for some reason tonight, but is this HER CRUCIBLE? The EPs have talked about Laurel (traveling to the dark side for permanent residence?), Sara and Roy enduring their crucibles this season, and that’s where we’ve focused, but after tonights episode I get the impression it is also Felicity’s. What I see after 13 episodes is that she is alone and in the crosshairs — Isabel, Moira, Laurel, Office rumors, and even Oliver (jumping down her throat after visiting sick friend and then this evening, abandoning her while he goes to lick his wounds and never mind). Soooo, I definitely need to re watch.

  30. GildedRose says:

    This was an outstanding episode of Arrow. Loved it from start to finish. I was shocked when Felicity stepped up and told Walter what she’d found, then turned around and went straight to Moira with it. Girl’s got a spine of iron and nerves to match. I loved that and I”m so, so glad that the show finally is revealing some of Felicity’s backstory. I was thrilled that she was honest with Oliver and they were really good together in those scenes. I can’t wait to see the League of Assassins come back and for the Thea secret to leak out. Lots going on. This is going to be a terrific 2nd half of the season.

  31. A says:

    Great episode! I didn’t like Arrow when it first started but the additions of Felicity and Sara have made it my favorite current TV show.

  32. bella says:

    al I wan 2 say is wen wil oliver n felicity hook up!! clearly there is something betn them but wen will d directors go der.

  33. Dan says:

    I love love love Sara but she’s so doomed.

  34. Spurious Claims. says:

    I’ve got to say, they are setting up some great threads for the remainder of the season. I’m really looking forward to what goes on. Many different threads that have the potential to all collide in a messy, brilliant season finale.

    My only gripe is the whole ending issue. Oliver told Felicity he can’t be with someone he could really care about but then ends up with Sara? Either he lied to Felicity (bad, given she’s one of the few positives of his life) or he doesn’t really care about Sara (also bad and unlikely).

    One random thought entered my head about Sara being a LoA plant to take down Oliver. Unlikely I know but a potential segue for Laurel to become BC and redeem the name. One thing I’ve taken away from the situation is that the Laurel/Oliver relationship surely can’t comeback from him sleeping with her sister. Again.

    Which may bode well for fans of Oliver/Felicity.

    Who knows though. Either way, I struggle to see Sara surviving the end of the season. Its going to be great finding out though.

    • Patrick says:

      I took that to mean that Olly can’t be with someone who doesn’t understand the deal. He has a dangerous life and that means he has to cut down on emotional entanglements. Given what little we know about felicity, she is obviously looking for a family. She wants a “normal” relationship with Olly, which he can’t do right now. I think he will get there.

  35. Pat says:

    The ending had me yelling, YIKES! Oliver and Sara kissing, I was so afraid that Felicity would walk in and see them. Who knows, maybe next week it might show her doing just that.

  36. Kay says:

    I honestly don’t see why everyone is so hard up on this Sara/Oliver sex scene..The two won’t last so, let them have their TIME together..If this was the bitch ‘laruel’ then I’d be with most of you, going WTF is wrong with Oliver etc etc etc; but since it’s Sara, we or I know better that it’s just comfort and that’s it..

    • janet says:

      I agree. Sarah and Oliver have serious unfinished business. I’m an Olicity fan and I’m not bothered by Sarah/Oliver because it needs to be sorted out all the while Felicity and Oliver can continue building their trust etc like they did in this episode. If they rush Olicity they will ruin Olicity.

      • AnnB says:

        I totally agree with you. I think both Sara and Oliver had to try their relationship again. But, I don’t think it will last as their experiences have changed them so much and their needs are different now. Oliver and Felicity have a healthy relationship based in the present and not the past. I am loving this slow progression of their relationship because they will be epic together :)

  37. JC says:

    I thought it was a great episode – best one so far since the midseason break. Loved Nyssa, loved Sara, loved Felicity, loved Oliver. I wish there had been more of Diggle and Thea, and apparently there was a fight scene with Roy that got cut for time – too bad. But this episode was so jam-packed I’m not surprised some things had to go. And since apparently a lot of people are upset about Sara and Oliver getting together at the end, let me just say that I have no problem with it. They both need someone right now – why not each other? And I think they’ve got far better chemistry than Oliver ever had with Laurel.
    As far as the bad, while I thought the scene between Oliver and his mom was very emotional and well acted, it also struck me as being way out of proportion to the crime. I’m assuming this is supposed to be a clue to the audience that Moira is EVIL now, but The problem is that I watched that scene going wow, overreact much? And also, hypocritical much Oliver? He obviously agrees that Thea cannot know, so why is he so upset that Moira has kept it secret? Logic fail writers. If you wanted to create a break between Oliver and Moira, you really needed to come up with something worse than this, especially since he already knew about the affair anyway.
    And then there’s Laurel. Oh Laurel. If this arc of hers was supposed to make me like her, well, not so much. If it was supposed to make me want her off the show as fast as possible, mission accomplished. I have now moved from mild dislike to flat out loathing. And as much as I’m loving this show right now, the point where they kill off Sara to make her the Black Canary will be the point where I am done. I will not watch a Laurel Lance Black Canary. I cannot stand her anymore, and the thought of amazing awesome Sara dying just so Laurel can take her place….nope. Not going to watch that. I’m still hoping that Sara lives, but if she dies, I’m out of here. :( Please don’t do it writers.

  38. janet says:

    Wow this episode was really great. Great fight scenes, they used some of the under used charaters i.e. Moirah, Det. Lance, Sarah, they even found time for a little Olicity. they totally got me with the twist- didn’t see that coming, or the end for that matter. Flashbacks were good too.
    So glad Sarah is alive and well. I hope she is the forever BC.
    The only thing that was missing was Diggle.
    Great episode

  39. K. says:

    Loved all of this show up until the very end! Why did they have to go there again with Sara and Oliver…..Also have a bad feeling that Slade might end up killing Sara by the end of the season!!

    • John NYC says:

      It had some underlying logic to me: she just totally lost Nyssa and he’s been in self-isolation with his not being willing to risk people he cared for all this time. Well she’s more than his equal in self-defense so he’s cleared of that concern and they’re both very lonely people with a huge history which we’ve not even seen yet going forward on that island: his most recent scenes there with her he’s VERY unfinished compared to when he returns, and I bet a lot of that involved her.

      So two equals sharing a moment sheltered from all the chaos…

  40. sarah says:

    Not a fan of Sara and I would have been fine if she dies or went back with Nyssa.
    I do not want Sara to be with Oliver, she sure went from kissing Nyssa to kissing Oliver in not time.

  41. patrick says:

    I fully suspect Sara and Nyssa will both die this season, but if they decided to keep her…. and kill laurel. I could see them doing dual flashbacks where it would show oliver on the island with slade in his third year on the island, and Sara with Nyssa flashback with her days in the league. that would keep katrina law on the show for a while and provide much more interesting stories than anything laurel could provide.

  42. Hmm says:

    I legitimately have no desire to watch Oliver and Sara. I suppose I’m missing the reason why everyone hates Laurel so much. She was the one wronged here. Her sister stole her boyfriend, her boyfriend cheated on her then presumably got her sister killed, ending in her parents divorce. Then, she found happiness with Tommy and he died. Finally, she finds out her sister has been alive all along and didn’t even let her know. I don’t think people appreciate everything Laurel has gone through. The destruction of her character to favor Sara is not something I’m fond of (ie. that scene on the island where Sara threw Laurel under the bus). Whatever though. I’m in the minority and I accept that. Meanwhile, how pumped am I about the mini Spartacus reunion going on on Arrow?! Manu Bennett, Cynthia Addai-Robison, now Katrina Law?! PLEASE let’s find some room for Liam, Dan, Ellen, Peter, Dustin and Craig!!! Oh, and regarding Katie Cassidy’s frail figure, I was wondering if it was done intentionally for the show, since she’s struggling with addiction and that can affect weight? I hope she’s all right. Regardless of your feelings for her character, if Katie is suffering, she deserves prayers, not criticism.

    • MagicThings says:

      If I could find you I would hug you for this post. Instead I offer my thanks. THANK YOU. This post is so spot on. Everything that’s been diddling about in my brain you put into coherent English.
      “I don’t think people appreciate everything Laurel has gone through.” So much truth here. Admittedly I wasn’t a huge fan of Laurel in the earlier S1 episodes but she’s gradually grown on me. Laurel gets a lot of BS thrown at her and she’s coping as best she can. While I’m disappointed at how the writers seem hellbent on destroying Laurel’s character, I have hopes that they’ll redeem her and soon. What Sara did and is still doing is a testament to how truly childish and selfish she is. I, like you, have been iffy on Sara’s character since that island scene and her lax attitude regarding how badly she hurt Laurel (her comment about 6 years being “enough” time for forgiveness irked me something fierce) only makes me dislike her more.

      • Kay says:

        REALLY, so every WRONG is Sara’s but apparently, the “GODESS” that is laruel has DONE NO WRONG whatsoever? Is that what you TWO are saying..So, to betray her SISTER FIRST is nothing then! YEAH, I can see why “laruel” has so many FANS!

  43. Allius says:

    Laurel is going to join the League of assassins and she is going to be trained by Nyssa

    • Kay says:

      URGH!! ARE you serious?! If so, WHAT IS THE POINT of the character “luarel” then since she’s just repeating Sara’s life as BC?? That’s stupid writing if the writers go that route..In the end, SARA IS BC and has the LIFE and BACK-STORY to BACK it UP, and Luarles has NOTHING reason why you came up with the whole being “TRAINED” AGAIN by LOA..That’s redundant and just lame!

      Overall, it would be POINTLESS!! You larule fans are grasping at straws HERE!

  44. Gerri says:

    I actually think Oliver hooking up with Sara again made zero sense. It made two very powerful and respected characters seem weak and unsympathetic. I am a major anti Laurel person so it wasn’t out of any concern for her that I state this. It just made Oliver appear insincere and untrustworthy, and Sara non caring and thoughtless, These two couldn’t have picked a better way to hurt Laurel if they tried. As far as Felicity she does deserve better. I think it is time for her to get an actual boyfriend, not Barry. I am afraid the Flash came off too young and immature for her. No I want some real competition maybe even another super hero with more mileage. I guess the Cape Crusader is a no go. But he would be oh so perfect another gorgeous, hot, fit billionaire to notice Oliver’s beautiful brilliant IT/PA Also I wouldn’t mind her hooking up with someone like Laurel’s old boss. The DA’s not too hard on the eyes too, or bring in another eligible gent for our favorite Arrow team member. After Oliver and Sara made that disastrous mistake to have sex Felicity needs to back away and not give Oliver any more personal support. Forget friendship time for now and make it nothing but business. I like the way she treated him after Isabel. She needs to tell him Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn and move on. He is not worth it and I hate to see her pine away for him anymore. I am a super addicted Olicity shipper but right now I want my Felicity to say hell no and take a break from her crush. I think Dig would totally agree with me on this one. Even though I know Oliver and Sara sex was mostly blow off steam glad to be alive and lonely I need it desperately now. It still seemed terribly wrong to me and I wish the writers hadn’t gone that route. To me it just cheapened our heroes, both BC & Arrow. Also if the writers decide to kill off Sara so Laurel can become the Black Canary this is one viewer who may have to give up her Arrow obsession. I would still watch it for the Olicity & the team Arrow moments. But the last thing I want is more screen time with Laurel. She is the least interesting and most boring and totally unlikable character on the show. She almost makes Moira seem like a good guy. Her self pity is so pathetic that I just want to have somebody kill her off already. If CW could find another outlet for Katie I think they would be making a smart decision. Laurel is not now or ever going to be enjoyable to watch and I for one am tried of suffering through her scenes. They are lifeless, uninspiring, dull and down right horribly presented.

    • Allison says:

      There are wonderful YouTube channels which give you all the Oliver/Felicity moments without the BS. There are also channels which give you the action sequences. You can watch the only parts of this show with watching in less than ten minutes on YouTube.

      I liked Sara on her first go around. I liked how she and Oliver seemed to have mutually and silently agreed to just be friends. Apparently they are still the selfish assholes who boarded the Gambit. Completely killed any love I had for the two of them. They made a mistake the first time they both paid for. Now because Laurel wasn’t all happy tears they have sex six years later. Crap writing.

    • Kay says:

      OK..TOTALLY agree with you on everyone in regards to “laure” but why wold one OF THOSE Ex-Prod say that WE, as a audience CAN’T WAIT to see HER don the tights/fishnets, WHATEVER..When I saw that LINE/PHRASE, I was like, “are you serious, blind/deaf” etc.

      Also, whom was the ONE Ex-Prod that said, Luarel and Oliver were ENDGAME!?

      I came to the ARROW late.

    • Mars says:

      I agree with u in regards to Felicity. She needs to date someone and give up the Oliver crush cause she is far too good for him. That DA is a brilliant suggestion! Hes mature and not a young Barry. Would be good for her to find out about oliver and sara so that she can move on… the DA. Love it!!!!

  45. Mikaylah says:

    I really wish they would stop referring to Sara and Nyssa’s relationship as a twist. It wasn’t. It was just another facet of Sara that we discovered. Her sexual preference, outside of how Nyssa impacted the plot, isn’t relevant to the show en masse. That being said, I am so happy that the show revealed that Sara and Nyssa had a romantic relationship. It’s (sadly) a big step for the CW, especially on this kind of show. Kudos to the Arrow team. I thought they went about it in a very respectful manner. Now, to the story! Nyssa is an incredible character and I’m so glad we’ll get to see her again. Felicity confronting Moira was intense. I’m in awe of the courage it took to do that. Oliver’s speech scene after she told him was also nerve wrecking. I’m eager to see how long it takes for Thea to find out and her reaction. I’m assuming Malcolm will be returning at some point, and it will come out when he does. I agree with the article about the lair getting crowded. They were a well oiled machine, and throwing in two new people is bound to cause some friction. I hope the show doesn’t reduce Sara and Felicity to boy drama though, as much as I’m not a fan of Oliver and Sara being together. I’d love to see Sara focus on rebuilding her relationship with her sister, and I don’t see that happening if she’s sleeping with the man who (essentially) caused it in the first place.

  46. Luis says:

    Can I just say how much I LOVE all the posts on this article? Arrow is clearly a HOT show based on the number and intensity of these posts. This season has been AWESOME and I am so looking forward to the home stretch and the ultimate reveal of Slade still being alive – the Terminator was my favorite villain of the 80’s. Also wondering who the next hero to appear in SC will be – putting a vote in for my personal fave, The Question – I so love the no face mask.

  47. RobMF says:

    Can we keep Sara and kill off Laurel please? I love Katie Cassidy but her character on this show is hate-able.

  48. Azerty says:

    I am so torn by this show…I don’t know if I want the writers to listen to us and keep awesome Sarah alive or if I want them to do what they want to do with their story. I mean, you know a show turned wrong when the writers don’t dare to kill a character because it would upset the fans (*cough* Lana *cough*) and they did killed Tommy who was a fan’s favorite last year. But seriously Sarah is great, the show is great, the cliffhanger with Slade is great, gosh I hate to say this but the story this year is way better than Smallville which is my favorite superhero serie ever.

  49. janet says:

    Slade makes Oliver redo the shado v. sara crucible with sara v. laurel by the end of the season or i know nothing about television.

  50. Drew says:

    I think that people are investing way too much into the Sara/Nyssa relationship. Even if Sara did really love her you can’t exactly call that a baseline relationship, from which to judge the character’s entire personality. The level of trauma, stress and mental manipulation that Sara had been through over the six years since leaving home is pretty darn high. So whether or not she loved Nyssa doesn’t come close to revealing how Sara feels or behaves under normal circumstances.

    As for who is the proper Black Canary, I think it’s hard to say. Laurel and Dinah both had their BC history. Sara is new, so she is a wildcard. For all we know, Detective Lance is Felicity’s deadbeat father and she will actually end up being Black Canary. But whatever they do, I hope it’s right for the story and not the result of vocal fans complaining about Laurel. Hindsight taught us that Jo Harvelle was a friggin awesome character on Supernatural, but in season 2, the fans were so relentless against her that the writers booted her from the show. The fans were wrong and the writers should have played out their story until the fans realized it. Laurel can’t just be swept under the carpet, no matter what happens. I hope they develop her into a strong character rather than try to erase her.