Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, Grey's, Scandal, Blacklist, Arrow, Chicago PD, NCIS and More!

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Question: We haven’t laid eyes on Christine since Bones’ Honeymoon episode… any idea when she will be seen again? —Kelley H.
Ausiello: The disappearing daughter returns in this season’s 16th episode — slated to air in the spring — just in time to blow out her birthday candles. On the topic of Christine’s age, exec producer Stephen Nathan pleads, “Before viewers start to do the math to determine her exact age and yell at us, please remember the Bones world is not linear and does not proceed week to week as the show does. Trying to determine specific dates and times is a fool’s errand in a fictional world. That said, enjoy the party! Booth and Brennan do.”

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Question: Michael Weatherly has made a few statements recently which indicate that Cote de Pablo may return to NCIS full-time. What can you tell us about this? —Anne
Ausiello: Weatherly said on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards, “We miss her every day… and I really hope she comes back.” Period. Cue the “Telephone Game.”  That said, it seems that de Pablo wouldn’t be guaranteed the warmest of homecomings. David “Ducky” McCallum recently expressed to DigitalSpy his “frustration and anger that someone should just walk out on us,” adding: “I just don’t understand how a leading lady in a show that’s worldwide, who ostensibly wants to have a career as an actress, suddenly walks away from such a gem and just vanishes a couple of days before we start production.”

Question: Hi. I’m completely addicted to Reign. What can you share about the upcoming episodes? Thx. –Betty
Ausiello: How about this? Executive producer Laurie McCarthy tells TVLine that in Thursday’s outing, “you’ll find out that Catherine’s love life is perhaps richer than any of us would have guessed.”

Question: It’s a long, cold wait until The Mindy Project returns in April. Got any scoop to make the waiting easier? –Jennie
Ausiello: Well, for starters, I suggest five reps per day of the climactic airplane kiss (complete with ass-grab!) between Danny and Mindy from the show’s winter finale. [Yep, I’ll pause for a sec so you can catch your breath.] But wait…there’s more! In Episode 20, “An Officer and a Gynecologist,” Mindy gets herself an accidental roommate — Jenny, a 19-year-old patient whose overprotective police-officer dad does not take kindly to her filling a prescription for birth-control pills. Cue Jenny crashing at Mindy’s. Cue the teenager throwing “moderately wild parties” at said bachelorette pad. And cue our titular doctor putting in a call to the cops to set things straight. In the same installment, Danny will rescue an Orthodox rabbi’s hat from some teenage punks — and wind up getting invited over for a home-cooked meal with the family. The yet-to-be-cast Herbert Zuckerman, a happily married man in his 60s, will realize Danny isn’t the “nice Jewish doctor” he’d assumed — at least after Danny brings along Peter as his “half-Jewish consigliere.” Oy vey!

Question: There’s a rumor going around that Grey’s Anatomy is doing a flash-forward episode. They’re allegedly bringing in a 7-year-old actress to play Zola, so that’s how the chatter got started. —BP
Ausiello: Shonda Rhimes is definitely cooking up something unorthodox, but I’m told it’s not a flash-forward episode.

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CAMILLA LUDDINGTON, JUSTIN CHAMBERSQuestion: When is Jo going to utter the L-word to Alex on Grey’s Anatomy? He said it to her — and turnabout is fair play. —Jen
Ausiello: Indeed it is, Jen. Jo’s portrayer, Camilla Luddington, has a hunch the L-bomb has already been dropped — we just haven’t been privy to it. “I almost get the impression that she has said it to him, it just hasn’t been onscreen yet,” she muses. “Maybe there will be a moment where we see her really declare her love for him, because we haven’t seen it. But she’s crazy about him. I think that she absolutely does love him.”

Question: Do we need to brace ourselves for more Saturday Night Live departures this season (following Seth Meyers’ farewell)? I’m really liking the current cast. I’d hate to lose any more of them. —Joy
Ausiello: Nasim Pedrad’s Fox comedy Mulaney starts production soon, but I’m told she is not leaving SNL. (I imagine we will be seeing slightly less of her though.) I’m more worried about another relatively new Not Ready for Primetime Player, one who is currently circling a high-profile pilot that, if picked up to series, would likely be forced to leave SNL. And I really don’t want that to happen.

Question: I’m hankering for some scoop about Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity. Got any interesting news? —KE
Ausiello: Felicity will be forced to make a tough decision in this Wednesday’s episode — and it has the potential to damage her relationship with Ollie. Also, fans of Ms. Smoak take note: Something for which you’ve been clamoring is about to happen (hint: *a****o**.)

Question: Any scoop on Arrow? —Jen
Ausiello: Get ready for baddies galore. “[Episodes] 14 through 18 are villain, villain, villain. Great, big villains one after the other,” teases executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. “You’re going to see a couple of returning favorites and a couple of amazing new ones.”

Question: Today is my birthday and all I want is some scoop from you. I would like something on one of my three favorite couples: Casey and Dawson from Chicago Fire, Elijah and Hayley from The Originals, or Oliver and Felicity from Arrow. Pretty please! I will even send you a piece of birthday cake. —Noel
Ausiello: Keep the cake (I’m doing another juice cleanse) and enjoy an Originals-centric gift pertaining to this week’s episode: With the full moon out, Hayley invites her cursed werewolf family over for a party — and in the process, learns some information about the wolf who’s been protecting her. (Let’s just say Elijah is not going to like this news.)

Question: Please tell me that Joel won’t be around for the entire season of Hart of Dixie! Joel and Zoe are so boring together.  She belongs with Wade, or at least someone who isn’t a total snooze. —Jamie
Ausiello: He will not be around for the entire season. No promises about Zoe and Wade though (wink-wink, nudge-nudge.)

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Billy Wirth Chicago PDQuestion: Chicago PD is my new favorite show — and I so ship Jay and Erin! Can we expect anything to happen between Detective Lindsay and Halstead anytime soon? —Kylie
Ausiello: Lindsay (Sophia Bush) may not have time for romance, seeing as how her life is about to be turned upside down when a pivotal figure from her past (back when she was a troubled young girl) resurfaces and starts causing trouble. Billy Wirth (pictured, right) of The Lost Boys and Body Snatchers fame has landed the recurring role and will start airing in the spring.

Question: Maybe something on Revenge about Victoria’s love life? Or something scandalous about Scandal?  —Kokoniasta
Ausiello: Scandal it is! Know how we told you that First Kids Jerry (Jr? The III? IV?) and Karen are being cast? Well, the teens reading for those roles best be ready to Shut. It. Down. Jerry shows up with a chip on his shoulder that makes him less than receptive to talking the talk that’s being fed to him by a media consultant. Karen, meanwhile, initially comes off as very much her mother’s daughter  — she might even wonder aloud why Mellie puts up with that man — but said simpatico tune quickly changes when she finds out about [spoiler].

Question: Do you have any scoop on Nick Stokes on CSI? —Connie
Ausiello: Nah. Can I interest you in a scoop about a big episode airing in April that finds Ted Danson’s Russell being taken hostage by a crazed teenage gunman? [Crickets]

Question: Got anything on The Blacklist? —Bradley
Ausiello: Fans of Diego Klattenhoff, mark your calendars and tune in live for Episode 15. That installment will focus on Mako Tanida, a Japanese Yakuda crime boss put away for seven consecutive life sentences (!) thanks to the work of Agent Ressler’s Reddington task force. As scary TV villains sometimes do, though, Mako will escape from Abishiri prison, and his first order of business will be vengeance against those who dishonored him. In addition to Mako (who’s described as being in his mid-30s-50s), the show is also casting the role of Bobby Jonica, a Blacklist Season 1former partner of Ressler’s in his 30s or 40s. The agents reconnect at a wake, then team up to try to put Mako back in the clink. Along the way, though, Ressler will make a discovery about Jonica that will — dun dun dunnnn — change their relationship forever. (Alas, Bradley, it’s unlikely that Jonica is Keen’s father.)

Question: Please tell me you’ve got some intel on the second season of Bates Motel? I might go crazier than Norman Bates if I don’t get something juicy. —Andrew
Ausiello: The shock and awe surrounding the murder of Miss Watson — a crime Norman may or may not have committed — drives much of the March 3 premiere. But by the end of the hour, a new homicide will take center stage (and this time the perp’s identity will be crystal clear). Elsewhere, business is booming for Norma, but an old threat rears its ugly head and could spell doom for her burgeoning hotel empire.

Question: Can you give us any new clues as to who bites the dust on Nashville? —Clarlee
Ausiello: The death hits Teddy the hardest. Bonus Scoop: As foreshadowed in last week’s episode, Scarlett will be taking a new lover in the very near future.

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  1. Heather says:

    Armchair casting hope Scandal’s Karen: Lexi Ainsworth (ex-Kristina, General Hospital) would be perfect for the role. She’s around the right age, can nail angst and scheming with subtlety and power, and can certainly hold her own in a room of powerhouse actors in the soap realm!

  2. Babybop says:

    What was that wink wink nudge nudge thing about? Perhaps does that mean we WILL get some Zade action? Can’t help but like them together… I go where the chemistry is!

  3. Megan says:

    Re: Hart of DixieI’m just not having any fun this season. Zade aside, I truly miss the fun zoe and wade together as friends. This season has lost the spark that made the previous seasons great. I hope Joel and Zoe break up and she has some time to pine for Wade while he spends some time with Vivian. I want them to be endgame, but don’t mind waitibg, as long as I am having fun with the wait.

    • ... says:

      God, really? You want her to moon over him again? Were you watching a different Hart of Dixie than I was this season? Because she’s basically done that all season. I love Hart of Dixie, but I cannot stand Hart of Dixie fans.

    • Marc says:

      Why should Zoe be mooning over Wade? I never want that for her. There is a very good reason why they’re not together anymore and it wasn’t because of Zoe, therefore I do not want her suffering anymore than she already has over Wade, as ripped and “adorable” as some may find him. Plus the fact that Wade choose to date her closest relative in Bluebell will not make things better in the long run.

  4. Kelly Deeny says:

    The response here about the NCIS scoop is quite “entertaining” to read. That is, if negativity, pessimism, and harsh words are your version of respectful discourse about a show you love. The shows I enjoy watching depend on the characters and how they interact. To discuss, passionately and respectfully, about said characters is not only a creative outlet but a compliment to the writers and actors. You absolutely have the right to speak your mind about a show, but please remember the way in which you communicate you opinion matters.

    • TullaT says:

      I have loved this show for ten years. It has been gutted. I still watch it in hopes that it will get better, but it only gets worse. I love the whole cast, and they have all been ruined for the sake of forcing Bishop to fit. So no, I will not shut up.

      • Kelly Deeny says:

        The dynamic has definitely changed, I agree with you. I think they’re struggling to find a fit that was as perfect as the one they just had. And, I’m sorry if you interpreted my comment as “shut up” for that was not my intention. You clearly love the show and care about what happens. My point was in HOW the opinions are expressed not in whether you speak up or not.

        • Fernanda says:

          Mark Harmon just said in an interview that NCIS is changing. To better? I do not know. I do not like. Said NCIS resists change. NCIS has not changed with the entry of Ziva and Vance. Vance and Ziva were no changes were continuations of the show. The shaft was there: sexual tension / dispute between a couple of coworkers; tension / distrust between the leader of the agency and team leader. The extra touch, the difference was given by the talent and charisma of the actors recruited: Rock Carroll and Cote de Pablo. Changes are happening now and drastic: NCIS is unrecognizable. But I sincerely wish that the show lastingly resist these changes.

          • Lori Fugate says:

            However, there was a few years between when Cote’s Ziva arrived (2005) and Rocky’s Vance arrived (2008). Ziva was ushered in with a fleshed out storyline. Where as Bishop has not been. Emily’s character, Bishop (what the heck is the first name?) was a hastily thrown together character and hastily added to the storyline…not smooth at all.

          • John NYC says:

            Not “smooth”?

            Given a week’s notice to write for her ragged edges are sort of to be expected IMHO. The entire first half reflects that to one degree or another: a central character just up and vanished from the scripts… lots of re-writing.

          • cubickt says:

            Some changes are wonderful. Adding Ziva and Vance were wonderful. Some changes are bad. Adding Bishop is bad. all of the boys are not themselves, they are zombies. Bishop does not fit. she ruins the team.

        • TullaT says:

          Thanks! appreciate your response. I try to be respectful. I love the WHOLE cast. the characters have all been destroyed, to force Bishop to fit in. She fundamentally does not fit in. She works alone, they work as a team, they cannot work together.

      • Ohgrowup says:

        Wow, there’s a shocker………

      • Pete says:

        For years there have been fans that love the show, but found that Ziva was spoiling their enjoyment of it, and for years you have been labelling them as ‘haters’ and telling them to deal with it. Now you are in that position with Bishop, so you deal with it.
        The show has not been gutted, the men have not been neutered – that is just your impression of the show because Ziva is no longer there for you to concentrate on.
        I kept watching because, although the character of Ziva gradually to spoiled the show more and more for me, she didn’t ruin it and there were tantalising glimpses of the show I originally loved. This season there has been a return to much of what I loved about the show, with just the odd moment I don’t appreciate.
        So, as you have been telling others for years – if it bothers you that much, then switch off.

        • Lori Fugate says:

          Yes it has. The guys, Tony, Gibbs and Tim are not keeping to character. The show is not on track. And Bishop is being forced into the mix. I agree there was too much Ziva the last few seasons…but it was getting on track with a maturity of the characters…then it was ripped away.

          • tejasjulia says:

            Actually, Gibbs, Tony and McGee are more in character now than they have been in several years. It’s very refreshing to see them being themselves instead of the pod!people they’d become. While Bishop’s introduction could have been handled better, I think they did a terrific job given the raw deal CDP handed them. Had she behaved professionally and not screwed over production, I imagine Bishop would have been better integrated from the start. Even so, she’s still a much better character than the one she replaced. TV has VERY tight production schedules. Mess with them and you get rocky results, despite herculean efforts.

          • cubickt says:

            Completely agreed. NONE of them are in character. these are NOT the characters I fell in love with, They are all zombies. It’s not even about Bishop. I can’t stand how my beloved characters have been destroyed and replaced by wax figures.

  5. B says:

    The Bishop character is absolutely awful. The show would be better without here no matter is Ziva comes back or not. Ugh.

    • TullaT says:

      but TOny loves bath salts now!

      • Debbie says:

        As is his right! Why can’t he love bath salts? Because the younger (and by all accounts the more immature) Tony laughed at someone else about it? Tony is maturing, growing up (weren’t people saying that’s what he needed to do?). You would seem to advocate keeping people and their habits and opinions the same through time. Very Peter Panish of you. I hope you don’t run into any former hippies who are now arch-conservatives. Shame on them!

        • Rob says:

          Perish the thought! While I may look conservative with a cap c, I’m as liberal as I was as a kid. You don’t always answer the siren call of the GOP the day you turn 35 ;-)

        • cubickt says:

          just speaking for myself, I like the Tony who is smart, competent, a top notch investigator. This Tony puts me to sleep. Literally. This is not growing, this is turning overnight into a pussy. I want the real Tony back. The one I fell in love with 11 years ago. This is not him.

          • Rob says:

            What do you identify that isn’t competent Tony? They had him for so long being mature and then immature with a schitzoid back-and-forth that seems to be a part of the past in the last season, or two.

  6. Heather says:

    Felicity doesn’t know Ollie. There is a big difference between Ollie and Oliver.

  7. Mark says:

    If anything there is a lesson from another CBS show to be learnt here, with regards to Cote de Pablo. In Criminal Minds all the fans went mad because the shows got rid of there favorite stars and when they came back within a year Paget Brewster had left and now A.J. Cook’s not doing so well if you go by the forums and message boards with a large number of fans calling for her to go. So what David McCallum may have said or has said makes total sense as a cast member it was unprofessional and I think she has burnt her bridges on the show, so instead of moaning about the character. Or if they will be or not be returning how about supporting a character that’s trying to fill her shoes and give her a fair crack. Unlike the young actress was given on Criminal Minds. Like Rachel Nichols on Criminal Minds, Emily Wickersham was hired to do a job it wasn’t her fault Cote left she was just the actress hired to replace her.

    I wonder if in the Felicity story we will get an introduction at some point to Ed Raymond, if they follow the comics then the future husband of Felicity….. Just a hope as this will bring Firestorm into the mix…..

    • Alyssa says:

      I loved rachel nichols character on criminal minds I was kinda hoping they would bring her back after prentiss left :(

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i liked her alright on CM…..but, i really like her MORE on CSI:VEGAS…..she seems to click alittle better there, then on CM…..jmo. of course.

      • Angela says:

        I actually liked her on “Criminal Minds”, too. I like/liked everyone that’s been part of the cast on that show.

    • Lori Fugate says:

      I am all for supporting the actor filling the shoes but seriously the character is not written well because of the last minute decision of the predecessor to leave abruptly. Granted the actor didn’t die..but scripts were written, story-lines for the part of the season were thrown off. Because of a selfish, unprofessional decision by an another actor. Not Emily Wickersham’s fault but the character Bishop is poorly being introduced and written.

      • GabF says:

        Last I checked Cote did not write the character. So you should blame the showrunners and writers if you do not like a character. The showrunners needed to have an alternate plan if she decided not to reup. If they did not then they were being irresponsible.
        Cote did not leave abruptly in the middle of her contract. She was not under a contract and she chose not to accept the contract. Whatever her reasons she did not leave in the middle of a contract and was gracious enough to come back to close out her storyline which she was not required to do because they are not under contract (Example: Christopher Meloni).

    • cubickt says:

      I don’t fault Emily Wickersham at all, she landed the sweetest gig possible. the character as written is a freaking train wreck. The second she walked in the team died. All teams need a fighter. This team no longer has a fighter. It’s dead. THere is nothing they can do to fix the character. A team with no fighter is a dead team.

  8. Garnet74 says:

    Be still my heart Arrow’s Felicity Smoak is getting a backstory?! Yes! Finally. About time! Can you tell I’m a bit excited? LOL. Also looking forward to this “tough decision” and how it impacts her relationship and Oliver. They’re terrific together and the more relationship building stuff they get the better, imo.

  9. Alisa Neely says:


  10. cjeffery7 says:

    as if we see Nazim ALL THE TIME? much less in a position other than the straight man…

  11. Angela says:

    Very interesting news about “Bates Motel”. I’m definitely curious to find out whodunit with last season’s cliffhanger. I’ve been seeing the commercial on TV with Norman singing “Mr. Sandman” and it’s making me that much more intrigued about the new season! Sounds like things will get even creepier.

  12. Sorry rather have Felicity friends with Laurel

  13. Mary Ann says:

    What is up with Katy Cassidy on Arrow? If she gets any thinner we will be able to see through her. Eat a sandwich, woman!

    • Radha says:

      I agree. Last season she had a healthy figure, healthy hair etc. Now, this season she looks like a bobblehead–stick body hiding behind huge long coats and her hair is crunchy looking and terrible. I’m not a fan of her character, but I am worried about Katie Cassidy. Does anyone know what has happened to her b/c it’s either she’s been really sick or she’s got an eating disorder.

      • sarah says:

        She is in intense training for her to take over as the Black Canary. Yes I think she is way to thin but she is losing tons of weight due to the training.

        • John NYC says:

          I’d read that as well: remarks on lots and lots of high intensity physical training. And that changes people just about every time.

      • tp says:

        There;s something weird gong on with her chin too. Idk if it’s because she lost so much weight and it’s making her chin more pronounced or what. That along with the 5,000 lbs of mascara she always has on is very distracting.

  14. Bernadine says:

    anyone have any idea on who the spoiler is in the Scandal scoop? its probably Liv, but does anyone have any theories or anything ?

  15. liz says:

    The Blacklist; they need to tell us if Red is Liz’s father or not. I know he said no on the phone….but there was that huge long pause. They just need to definitely and unequivocally come out and tell us.

    • snappy says:

      I love the Blacklist, Spader, and the writing. The actor that plays Megan is fantastic. One of the smartest shows of the year — love it!

      • Aprilcot says:

        I love the show too, but I think the actress who plays Keen is a weak link. Maybe it’s the wig…I have a very difficult time looking past it.

      • Ali says:

        I’m glad we’re going to learn more about Agent Ressler in episode 15. I like his character and the actor who portrays him and really want to see what his deal is all about and his background.

    • Lori Fugate says:

      Could it be that Red is an uncle? Or knows her father?

  16. John 1138 says:

    David “Ducky” McCallum



  17. Cynthia says:

    I watch all epsiode’s of NCIS new and reruns. But come on Bishop, she does not fit in with NCIS at all. I love Ziva’s character and want her to come back to the show. She belongs there I will still watch NCIS but its not the same anymore. I was so excited every week to watch because of Ziva and everyone else. But know that bishop is on there no way. To boring she is plain and I don’t want to know her back story either. So please contract no contract personal reason or not. Ziva is great and always will be so come on and bring her back.

    • Rob says:

      Cote chose to leave. She quit and declined the contract offered her. Why is that so hard to understand?

    • cubickt says:

      Bishop is a clunker. sorry. I fast forward thru all her stupid scenes. Last night I yelled at the tv “shoot her!”. Too bad, he didn’t. then she got candy from creepy uncle Tony.

  18. Grace says:

    I immediately thought of Henry Winkler as Herbert Zuckerman in The Mindy Project.

  19. Pat says:

    How old will Cristine be when she finally surfaces on BONES, again? According to ex producer Stephen Nathan it sounds like the child who was born in 2012, will possibly be in school????? If that is the case, I guess Booth’s son is now a full fledged teenager possibly driving? Also, I do not think Cote DePablo will be back. I wish she never left but I have accepted this. The Bishop character, I have tried but I do not like how this character has been ushered in with everyone else seeming to really be taking a back seat on the storylines.

  20. Claire says:

    Wow, leave it to Cote de Pablo to generate a million comments! I’ve always loved her and I have also noticed that whenever she was mentioned in an article, the comments would flow — both good and bad.

    I know nothing about her contract or WHAT happened, but I do know based on past interviews, that WHENEVER her contract was up for renewal, I always just kind of held my breath thinking this would be the year. The reason being is simply this. Her background is theater, and she seems at heart a true artist. More of a free sprit if you will. I never got the impression she was grounded in LA, so when word would come that she had signed I’ld breathe a sigh of relief :D I really liked what she brought to NCIS. That being said, I think that if she truly DID NOT want to return, she would not purposefully drag out the negations. From what I have read she has always been the utmost professional.

    I DO think the talks broke down — that she set some standards and if they weren’t met then it wasn’t meant to be. It’s her contract, she has that right. It also could have been some life changing event that occurred. No one knows but those involved (FULL STOP)

    If the opportunity presents itself, I hope she is able to return at some point — my thoughts, my hopes.

    I read that she is doing a movie in Chile about the miners that were trapped. It may not be blockbuster as I’ve seen some stated, but I think it’s that art and subject that matters to her not whether or not it is a blockbuster. She loves her country and this movie tells a story about it.

    I say kudos to her. I will miss her, but maybe we’ll get lucky one day. :)

  21. sarah says:

    Nashville: I wonder who would die that would hit Teddy the hardest.
    Scarlett hooks up with Liam and that is a disaster waiting to happen, considering he will get her hooked on caffeine pills.
    Chicago PD: I too like Jay and Erin, but I heard they want to have her and Severide be an item.
    I am interested in knowing what Shonda has planned for Grey’s.
    Thanks for the Arrow scoop!

  22. sarah says:

    Also I am interested in finding out more about Ressler on the Blacklist.

    • Ali says:

      Me too! He’s mysterious and tough but lovable as well. I enjoy seeing him interact with Lizzie and with Red but also would like to see him work more with Agent Malik as well. When he was shot in the leg I cried but then I kind of LOL as well because he recovered so quickly considering his leg was blown apart by a shotgun.

  23. Ana Rubio says:

    I miss ZIva, I would like to have her back, but I don’t know how much truth there is in these rumors, so not having my hopes up

  24. brenna says:

    Anything on Felicity is a win for me! I just hope her tough decision doesn’t damage her relationship with Oliver too much. They are so much fun to watch.

  25. Em says:

    The more Felicity on Arrow, the better! I really wanna know her background. As for Nashville, I’m assuming it’s Liam Scarlet will be hooking up with, I can definitely get behind that. In one episode he managed to make her more interesting than she has been for the past season and a half.

  26. Ali says:

    Yay, we finally get to see more of Diego Klattenhoff on The Blacklist! I want to know everything about Agent Ressler and I want to know it now!!. I enjoy Diego as much as Spader on the show. They definitely need to do more with him and I’d like to see more of Ressler and Keen as well as Ressler and Parminder Nagra working together.

  27. Terrie says:

    I want to add….we are 35 years old and very much “old-time southern” and we have very few options left for television shows that we can actually sit through….Two and a Half men RUINED BY the loss of Charlie Sheen, left us with only Big Bang Theory and NCIS, NCIS is now only “tolerable” without Ziva, and becoming less tolerable with every episode. I don’t watch this show for David “Ducky”, he should be grateful to ZIVA if she comes back because SHE is the reason people still want to watch this show. “Bishop” is AWFUL, and I NEVER thought I would not want to watch my favorite show, but without ZIVA, it’s just not worth watching. I have been a loyal fan since it’s beginning, but even Kate was “NO ZIVA”, ZIVA made this show elevate from GOOD… TO UNSTOPPABLE!! If Ziva wasn’t coming back I would stop watching now. DUCKY should be thanking Cote De Pablo for coming back so he could keep his “take him or leave him character” on NCIS, without ZIVA the show has nowhere to go but down. There are enough of us “old folks” to make or break the show…we want ZIVA…NOT Bishop!!

    • Rob says:

      Who is this we? I’m older than you, and I think David McCallum has paid his dues with a lifetime as an actor. NCIS won’t be his legacy, but just a part of it. What has Cote done in her professional resume that David should be so thankful her presence made his career? His show? He and Harmon were the reasons the show took off. They were the name actors. If you did not intend it to be laughable, this is the best unintended joke I’ve heard all day.

      • GabF says:

        The show was not a juggernaut when Ziva was not there so their names were not enough. Without Ziva the show would have never been able to reach Season 11. I only became a fan in 2010 when I caught a rerun on USA and fell in love with Ziva’s character. Since then I have bought all the seasons and I can tell you that I would have never watched the show with Kate. She is a good character but not at all memorable. Kate was in two whole seasons and all I know about her is that she was Secret Service, was a prude, and was killed by Ari. However, after eight seasons I still want to find out more about Ziva.
        Also it is pretty easy to survive the first two seasons because the scripts were good Bellisario products. However the sign that Cote was a great actress is shown by the fact that even though the scripts were low quality these last three seasons she was able to still make the show great. The only difference between Season 10 and Season 11 is that Ziva is in one and not in the other because the writers are mostly the same yet they are like black and white in terms of quality with one being great and the other being the greatest dud ever.
        David McCallum should step up and take the challenge of elevating the show to its former level. Otherwise it is just unprofessional to criticize a former coworker publicly specially since she has never once criticized CBS or anyone from the show. As a viewer that is younger than Terrie my opinion of both Harmon and McCallum will probably be tainted by the fact that they let NCIS become so bad.

        • Rob says:

          Do you think the success of the shoe relies upon the casting of an unknown actress, when everyone, with the exception of Dietzen, had a larger resume?

          • tejasjulia says:

            The show took off during S5, I believe it was, when USA started running their marathons. It brought a LOT of viewers in. They started just showing S1 and S2 and *that’s* what sold the show. But even before that, there was a steady rise in viewers, with a slight dip in S4, I believe it was.

          • GabF says:

            Usually big names attract viewers in their first season so you can attribute some of the season 1 numbers to Harmon and McCallum. However resumes are not everything. There are dozens of actresses in Hollywood with fives times more acting credits than Cote but they have never achieved her level of success.
            In regards to syndication I am a fan of Ziva who started watching because of USA. However a show only really receives a bump if they have something new to offer and as I said I would not have had an interest in the show without Ziva. All shows want to get to syndication but that does not necessarily translate into better ratings. Just this year The Good Wife, Hawaii 5-0, and Modern Family went in the syndication and have not benefitted at all. In the case of the first two they flopped in syndication. Therefore syndication is not neccesarily an explanation for this type of success.

  28. sara says:

    When the announcement hit that de Pablo wouldn’t be returning to NCIS and, I think it was Glasberg said that they had to rework the scripts of the first episodes of the new season, I wondered about her timing. To hold off on making her decision until the last minute and leave the show and studio scrambling to change storylines and add new characters did seem kind of abrupt on her part. Her decision to leave seemed to take the show-runners by surprise, so she apparently didn’t even let them know that she was considering it.

  29. C says:

    Re: Blacklist…isn’t it a Yakuza crime boss (not Yakuda?) or did TB just enter into TGW’s fictional world of Facebranch.

  30. Jean says:

    I do not know why David McCallum said what he did but my guess is that they are now starting to ask Cote de Pablo about it in Chile and she is hurt. As someone who works for the largest employer of woman in the UK who used to do the job they do and supports them now. When I started this job I tried to tell them never to make a major when your upset. After two years I gave up because they always do David. The reason is usually an emotonal upset outside of work which possibly only one actor knew about. That tends to apply presure on someone at a time when they least need it. We know that a month before this happened Cote de Pablo seemed to be looking forward to returning to NCIS.When the actress asked CBS for a one year contract she knew in her heart of hearts that they were going to say NO. If it whatever it was had happened at the begining of series ten I guess we not be talking about this but some oof us are!

    • pat says:

      If CdP returned to NCIS I simply would not watch. Ziva focus always sucked the life out of Tony and he is my favorite. If Ziva comes back Tony will once again Ziva’s good looking purse. I am all for Tony’s character moving on and evolving and as long as the writers continue to tie him, even to an absent Ziva, he devolves instead. CdP made the decision to leave and it seems some fans and even the show’s runners can’t let it go.

  31. Jean says:

    If David McCallum is such a gentleman then why did he use the word antithesis. There is nothing gentlemanly about that word concerning an actress you have worked with for eight years. No doubt Mis de Pablo will be asked about this and she will reply “No comment.”
    Does anyone consider that she might have had a relative or friend sick or an emotional situation out side of work that became unbearable. I wonder what anyone would do in a situation like that. Look at the comments it has generated concerning NCIS. Maybe there was reason he did after all!

    • tejasjulia says:

      There is no reason at all for walking out as she did. Family illness is a good reason to miss work, but not to walk out – as for intolerable work situations, suffice to say I doubt she was the one who had one.

  32. show needs Ziva and it is not the same without her

  33. Barbara Werner says:

    I really think Bishops character on NCIS is awful she is not a Telly good actress to play that part