Scoop: Scott Bakula Joins NCIS: New Orleans

Scott Bakula NCIS Spin-OffCBS’ latest, New Orleans-based NCIS offshoot has filled its first role, and it goes to TV vet Scott Bakula.

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TVLine has learned that the alum of such series as Men of a Certain Age, Star Trek: Enterprise and Quantum Leap is boarding the planted pilot in the role of NCIS Special Agent Pride. (Meaning, TVLine reader Dan called it! 500 Power User Points for him.)

Described as “embodying New Orleans,” Pride is “driven by the need to do what’s right … with warmth, passion, strength and humor. He’s a unique federal agent working in one of this country’s most unique cities.”

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In the prospective series — which is being exec-produced by NCIS boss Gary Glabserg and star Mark Harmon, and will air its pilot as a springtime NCIS two-parter — the New Orleans NCIS office will handle cases from Pensacola through Mississippi and Louisiana to the Texas panhandle. Per the logline, “With its rich setting of music, fun and debauchery, New Orleans is a magnet for military personnel on-leave. And with fun comes trouble.”

Still to be cast for the pilot are the roles of Agent LaSalle (a “muscular,” “devilish” and “charming” 30something former Sheriff’s deputy, raised in Louisiana), Agent Brody (a 30something female wielding an Ivy League mind and “Grace Kelly-like class, pomp and circumstance”) and Dr. Wade (the “outspoken” and “eccentric” Ducky of the team). I previously offered my casting ideas here.

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Bakula’s other TV credits include (but are never limited to!) HBO’s Behind the Candelabra (for which he earned an Emmy nomination), Chuck, Desperate Housewives and appearances on Looking and Two and a Half Men.

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  1. mentdijinn says:

    Agent LaSalle in my opinion should be played by Christian Kane! he already has the amazing Southern accent! He sings too.. so if they need some good country songs to play in the movie he has those… He does his own stunts too.. he is multi-talented actor! there couldnt be a better choice!

  2. Susan says:

    I have to agree with the majority – all of a sudden, I am interested in this spinoff. Scott Bakula is a wonderful actor .Hopefully, the rest of the casting goes this well :)

  3. Jeff says:

    True mixed feelings – glad to see Scott on TV, disappointed it’s in an NCIS franchise…

  4. Tabitha Mullins says:

    It’s my opinion that you need to contact Christian Kane for this role. He’s a talented actor that can play the good guy or the bad with the strength and skill to do his own fighting in the scenes. He is a southern raised, humble man that will give 110% every day.

  5. nola says:

    Yes Tom Welling is perfect! but Tom will not be chosen because it has no power of friends, Tom is not a pimp!

    • tejasjulia says:

      He probably hasn’t been hired because it doesn’t seem he’d be a good fit with the existing cast. Hopefully they’ll announce casting for LaSalle today and put everyone our of their misery.

  6. Jacquie says:

    Diedrich Bader as Agent LaSalle!!! And Reese Witherspoon as Brody :c)

    And Mike Farrell from MASH as Dr Wade…..

  7. louise says:

    am for Tom Welling. because they always choose the actors who are in all networks? Fresh air please!

  8. nola says:

    tejasjulia:, Let’s stop being hypocrites we all know how actors are chosen! maybe Tom Welling not interested in the role? however TOM IS perfect!

    • tejasjulia says:

      Yes, “we” do know how actors are chosen. They audition. Some get called back, some don’t. Eventually, one is selected from the pack. And you’re quite right that Welling may not have wanted the role. No matter, though, the decision has most likely been made (given that they’ve already announced the others), so no campaigning will help. As to his “perfection” that’s a matter of opinion. I wish him well in his career.

  9. nola says:

    The world of entertainment is a world corrupted and false “not everything that shines is gold” However, if there will be Tom Welling I will devote to reading a good book. On TV There’s always the usual stuff nothing original! Best wishes to Tom? returned to the sender! False …..tejasjulia

  10. nola says:

    Hollywood the city where they give you fifty thousand U.S. dollars for your kiss and fifty cents for your soul. “Marlyn Monroe…

  11. cecilia says:

    I am rooting for Tom Welling. We live in a democratic and free country so do not criticize the choice of the fans!

  12. Ree says:

    Scott Bakula could read the phone book and I’d be happy. Great choice! Agree with other posters about trying to use authentic accents. A lot of New Orleans natives sound like they are from Brooklyn. The southern drawl thing is way overdone and badly most of the time.

  13. Kathie Menker says:

    Can’t find the post here that I got a reply notice for, but the Red team was incorporated into an NCIS episode last season as a pilot of sorts, but evidently wasn’t well received. I liked it. Nice to see John Corbet again. He does Applebee commercials, but I haven’t seen him much since Northern Exposure went off years ago. Kim Raver has been a character in Revolution. I knew I had seen her recently in something.
    To the above poster who hates NCIS shows–Can’t imagine that! Great plots, characters, humor and adventure, personal threads running through each episode–AND Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Chris O’Donnell. What’s not to like?

  14. kelly says:


  15. Ruby2sday says:

    Absolutely am going to love NCIS New Orleans, especially Pride & LaSalle!!! Have watched NCIS & NCIS LA since day one and wish I didn’t have to wait til fall for NCIS NO…awesome shows.

  16. Brad Applegate says:

    cannot wait. I absolutely love this whole show. Excellent cast and writing and cast.. Coates is awesome. She never looked better. Loved her on JAG. She will do great on this new show. When does it premier?

    Brad Applegate-Sergeant-United States Marine Corps-1978-1982.

  17. J.Bennett says:

    On the one hand it,s great New Orleans is getting a ncis series,on the other hand if hollywood continue their long tradition of giving a poor portrayal of a New Orleans accent,I and many other native New Orleanians i have talked to will not continue to watch it.this has been going on far too long.a classic example of this was the 1986 movie,the Big Easy,”what a phony accent disaster version of a New Orleans dialect that was.”the main thing that hollywood for whatever reasons seems to simply do not get is that in spite of the fact New Orleans is a southern city,the southern accent is not ”DOMINANT” down there.that ”gone with the wind scarlett o hara southern drawl type of thing” don,t fly down there among the natives.what makes New Orleans unique is it,s rich history of different ethnicities who have all played a huge role in making the culture and the dialects of the city what they are today.quiet as it,s kept ”hollywood” many white New Orleanians(especially in the suburban areas of chalmette and slidell)speak with a ”yat dialect”which sounds like a slower version of a brooklyn accent.many black New Orleanians have a somewhat caribbean flavor to their dialect…..hence the nickname ”the northernmost caribbean city” and of course there are shades of those dialects including the southern accent minus the drawl among the various ethnic groups down there.also New Orleans is not cajunland.the city is creole in culture,cajun has it,s roots in the rural areas.the term ”nawlins” is also rural in origin,most natives pronounce New Orleans ”NewOrlenzs.in conclusion i would like to say the overwhelmining majority of native New Orleanians at home and abroad would greatly appreciate if hollywood would clean up there act,end this tradition of false New Orleans accents and for once make ”AUTHENTICITY OF OUR ACCENTS A PRIORITY”.don,t just assume anymore,do a better job of researching the culture and the dialects of the cities you seek to portray.please send this message straight to the hollywood types,CBS,the cast of NCIS NewOrleans including Scott Blakula as well.if you guys will actively take our concerns for GENUINENESS in our dialects seriously I see no visible reason why NCIS New Orleans will not be a successful series.

  18. Angela says:

    I’m watching NCIS New Orleans for the second time and there’s one extremely painful thing …..watching and lostening to the accent of agent LaSalle. It just seems too rehearsed, unnatural. Anyone else notice that?