Glee Exclusive: 'Epic' Midseason Poster Touts 'New' Night (and New York Focus?)

Fox is putting two of Glee‘s best faces forward as it gets the word out about the show’s move back to Tuesdays at 8/7c (beginning Feb. 25).

The new midseason poster — exclusively previewed below — emphasizes Lea Michele’s Rachel and Chris Colfer’s Kurt, both of whom are expected to get more screen time as Glee prepares to shift exclusively to the New York (at least through the end of the season).

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In the Feb. 25 spring premiere, titles “Frenemies,” Rachel will find herself at odds with Santana when the latter becomes the former’s understudy in Funny Girl. Meanwhile, back in Lima, Tina and Artie compete against each other to be the class valedictorian.

Check out the artwork below (click on image to enlarge), then hit the comments with your hopes and dreams for Season 5b.

Glee Season 5 First Look

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  1. Suzi says:

    Hmmmm, Santana as Rachel’s understudy?
    To me that seems a little far fetched! She didn’t audition for the roll, so I wonder how that happens?!
    Would love to see some samchel happen!
    I hope we so some puck too, who always seems to be the voice of reason!
    As for klaine, it’s been focused on so much because other than will/Emma it’s the only relationship to last! (Sort of!)
    Although some Kurt/star child scenes would be a good mix!!!
    Over all without finn, the show has had a sad downturn and it needs to be picked up. I think the NYC scenes will do this!!

    • BJ says:

      It’s way too soon for Rachel to be with Sam or anyone, it cheapens everything Finchel was about. Rachel doesn’t need to be dragged down by Sam when she is only 18 years old. Not to mention Sam would always be the guy she settled for and a very poor second choice at that. When they do have her move on I really hope they cast a new leading man that is as good an actor and performer as Lea is.

    • sylvie says:

      Please don’t make a Sam-Rachel couple. They’re not compatible intellectually.
      And Please don’t make Blaine-Sam another dynamic duo thing or whatever, they’re so bland together. They can only do shirtless scenes, dumb & dumber face impressions, whiny childlike attitude – and some performances. We need good high quality acting that’s why we watch a TV series show, not performance all the time. We’d be going to concerts if all we want to do is watch performances.
      Performances gone in some seconds, while acting result stays forever in our minds.
      Please keep the spotlight to Kurt and Rachel aka Chris and Lea, they’re the best! And please let Kurt sing some solo. He has not gotten any solo in season 5, blaine robbed them all !
      What’s the point of being an “NYADA” student and Broadway-star wannabe, if he can’t sing one single solo??
      Please, not everything and every song/performance have to include Blaine and Sam in it. Too boring. Enough said.

  2. ripcorym says:

    Looking forward to the NYC focus. Lima is defunct without Finn as the whole point of bringing the newbies in was for Finn’s storyline and the writers clearly have no idea what to do with them. All they are doing is pointlessly taking up time that could be used to further the story elsewhere.

    All the heavyweight talent is on the NYC side with Lea, Naya & Chris, and also Heather, Kevin & Amber if the rumors about all 3 heading there are true. I can take or leave Darren & Chord, I don’t hate Blaine & Sam like some do though the S5 Blam stuff as been beyond tedious and they have proved over the last year that they don’t have the ability to carry the show. Blaine & Sam are good second-tier characters for comic relief but the show needs Rachel, Kurt & Santana at the forefront again to get back to something like it once was. They’re the three most popular characters. Rachel & Kurt have always been part of the big 3 with Finn and I think the show made a big mistake sidelining them as much as they did. I can take or leave the relationships tbh.

    And I have to laugh at all the very defensive Blaine/Darren stans in these comments While I think people do exaggerate somewhat about Blaine’s unpopularity, he is not the glue that holds this show together, far from it, and I could very much argue that over focus on him has made people sick of the sight of his face. Everyone can like who they like but you have accept that a lot of people might not enjoy something as much as you do. Dissing those popular characters or even worse, trying to call Lea an attention whore (newsflash – Lea is not Rachel Berry) or Naya a sl*t (don’t even get me started on the disgusting misogyny there) or Chris a bad actor (lol at this, srsly, he is the last person on glee you should be leveling that accusation at especially given who you stan) as I have seen Blaine stans do right across the internet, will not make other people like Blaine more. Darren seems like a nice guy but if people don’t like the character that he plays then they are fully entitled to feel that way.

    • hamish says:

      Chris stans call chris a bad actor. technically. We’re just pointing out the double standard.

      • ripcorym says:

        Yeah I think you live in alternate universe. Seriously.

      • sylvie says:

        I don’t think a bad actor would ever be nominated let alone won some prestigious awards in the USA. Chris has won Golden Globe and nominated several times for GG, Emmy, Screen Guild. He even just won People’s Choice. Your statement does not only insult Chris but also the judges of those awards show and the people who voted him.

      • sylvie says:

        Addition, if anyone ever thinks that Chris (who won Golden Globe, PCA, nominated for many more awards, produced his own movie etc) is a bad actor, then all the other actors in glee and everywhere would be the worst actors in the history.

    • sylvie says:

      I totally agree with you!!
      It’s like, blaine & sam are tomate sauce and chilli, that may make the steak more tasty. But the main essence is the steak itself, and it does not necessarily need tomato sauce & chilli.
      And I totally agree with you that blaine/darren stan are very rude, having encountered arguments with them myself, for which they responded rudely by calling me offensive names, after I say he’s pretty boring if they keep on making him sing more than 2 songs in one episode. Don’t get me wrong coz I also like blaine and sam.
      (Though I like Kurt wayyyyy more than them, LOL)

      Which is very true I think-about making an episode borin. Please Glee, don’t make one single character sing more than 1 solos in one episode. Or maybe 2 duets, or 3 group ensembles. That’s too much. Particularly with the fact that many times, songs he sings have pretty much the same range or the same genre, which makes it even more boring and less exciting.
      I don’t know what make them do that. Did they put together all songs in an episode without coordinating them, or what, making one person sing 2-3 songs in a row, solo, duet, ensemble in group song. I hope it will never happen again in Glee.

      • Mena says:

        Thank you Sylvia. My thoughts Exactly. Kurt/ Chris has a wide range in his singing and acting. I adore Kurt and Chris. I am not a fan of Blaine since since season 3. I am not a Klaine fan. I would rather Blaine go to another school in NY and be an occasional guest on Glee. I would hope that Glee trim Glee’s cast down to minimal with occasional guests. I feel that there would be better story development and follow through, drama and comedy dispersement with Lea, Chris and Naya’s talents at the helm to make Glee great again. Singing too.

  3. Carmen says:

    What I don’t understand why Rachel and Kurt were the secondary narrative for 1 1/2 years on Glee despite their popularity.

    • Andy says:

      Once they graduated, it was like they were reluctant to go full fledged NY. so you end up with mini nyada/ny arcs. while the writers write more lima and usher in a new class to take over (ie. 2.0’s) because cheerleaders and theme of the week is like their comfort zone.
      I doubt they even gave it a second thought. since AHS still needed attention too.

    • ripcorym says:

      I think it happened in part because Fox wanted NYC and Ryan wanted to keep Lima and honestly I think Ryan was trying to prove a point (not the first time he’s done this with his shows and screwed them over as a result He’s a very petty man).
      Also Finn was supposed to take over the Glee club, that much is very clear, so they were trying to establish his storyline with new characters which meant more focus on them. I think they figured people already new and loved Rachel, Kurt and Santana and that they needed to put focus on the 5 newbies more to get people attached to them. The problem was people didn’t take to them and craved the old characters – having the grads pop in now and then only made things worse as people then compared the newbies unfavorably. And they missed Kurt & Rachel (and I’d argue the Rachel/Finn/Kurt dynamic which was always great) and especially once Santana got to NY and Cory’s problems meant Finn disappeared, it became painfully obvious that that side of the show had not only the best characters but also the best acting talent. They were obviously expecting Cory back and things might have improved but then the worst happened and they were suddenly stuck with a load of characters they didn’t know what to do with and a major endgame plot that was no longer possible. S5 has so far been one huge mess of filler while they’ve tried to sort things out.
      Hopefully things will improve once the focus is on NY. I think with so many originals there it at least stands a chance of being good, if the writers get their heads out of their butts and make it work.

  4. Molly says:

    People who act like the show will be amazing again in NYC are deluded…Glee is not actually a good show at all. I watch it and like it, but I acknowledge that it sucks. Guilty pleasure TV.

    • josie says:

      I think most people are hoping it’ll just be an improvement rather than back to the quality of season 1! But yes I agree, it’s definite guilty pleasure tv now. Has been or a few years.

    • fr says:

      NY had potenial but they squander it and now it will focus on some of the wrong people.

    • sylvie says:

      You’re statement is not entirely correct. Glee is a good show or at least was a good show, it had won / been nominated to prestigious awards such as Emmy, Golden Globe, Screen Guild, People’s Choice, etc. The actors i.e Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch even won several times until now. That show only needs some boost and concentration from the producers, to get its perks back. I also don’t think you should call people as deluded. There are people who have positive hopes and thoughts, in this world.

  5. Carrie says:

    Acting: Chris has a Golden Globe and 2 emmy noms. (Darren? Nope)

    PCA: Chris won 2 years running. (Darren? Klaine? Blam? Certainly not his year!!)

    So I guess we know who the people chose!

    • sylvie says:

      Definitely 100% AGREE with you!

    • sylvie says:

      I can’t help but adding the facts that for PCA 2014; Chris did not campaign for his nomination at all. Why, because he won in 2013 and felt bad for campaigning again.
      Darren on the other hands campaign all over twitter, newsletters and everything, but none of his nominated categories won anything.
      The truth is out there.

  6. furyianfyre says:

    With the New York focus…please, PLEASE, let’s see the end of “Klaine”. The ridiculous blending of their names aside, this whole pairing was a terrible idea and very much one-sided. Let Kurt expand his romantic life, let him date, have fun! It’s New YORK – not a monastery!

    • Letty says:

      Can we also see the end of Sam the Shirtless and Brainless Wonder?

      • sylvie says:

        Yes please, Glee should end the age of shirtless performers, silly face impressions, and whiny, self-centered adult-faced kids. Glee season 1 showed none of that and it was a huge success with KURT’s single ladies dance and storyline, and love triangle of FinChelQuinn.
        That iwas high quality tv.

      • furyianfyre says:

        I’d rather see Sam shirtless than Kurt and Cheater together.

  7. GottaloveJaneLynch says:

    As long as Sue is on, I will continue to watch the show. If she leaves, adios. Lol

  8. Racheal says:

    Where is Blaine? I need him!

  9. Becky says:

    See I wish they would cut new York out and just focus on the high school. Its called Glee. every 4 years add new talent to the show. My thought though.

    • tkc says:

      They essentially tried that last year and no one took to the new cast. That is why they are going to go all NY for awhile. You know what Ryan said, if Lea had decided to not come back he would have cancelled the show.

    • wrong says:

      Did you miss season 4? They didn’t find new talent. They found a some duds.

  10. Allyson says:

    Finally Glee is focusing on the best of the show, the original members in NYC. This gives the show much needed energy. I am looking forward to the return of Glee. Less emphasis on the newbies!

  11. sylvie says:

    I’m so excited for this development, seeing my 2 favorite Glee stars becoming the main focus (again) like they deserve.
    I hope the reality later on will be consistent to this announcement, since lately, the focus seems to shift to other McKinley-based characters, which are not too exciting.
    Really looking forward to listening to more songs/singles by Chris Colfer’s Kurt and Lea Michele’s Rachel. Especially Kurt, since he hasn’t sung any solo in season 5 – this season…! :((

  12. Veronika says:

    I am excited about the focus being in NY!!! Finally… And I LOVE DEMI LOVATO in Glee… I hope for more scenes with her.

  13. Q says:

    Kurt’s the worst. Actually it was Finn until you know… (I’m talking about the characters here, not the actors)

  14. Kristina says:

    Hoping the shift to NY is permanent. I’d tune back in.

  15. Marco says:

    I just love that the video under the ‘This is gonna be epic!’ banner (um, Glee, you missed the FAIL) there is a video with the freeze frame saying ‘REALITY CHECK’.

    Also, you can’t get anything even remotely decent from Glee nowadays. RM has even managed to f up American Horror Story with the terrible and sexist to both genders ‘Coven’ crapola, so how can one even think about the good Glee coming back?

    Getting rid of Blaine the jukebox socio and Sam the dumb ass (yes, because he’s both) would be a step in the right direction, though…

    • Mena says:

      I second that. Ryan Murphy has a gift of creating wonderful shows but gets bored and goes to other projects. Letting shows o down hill. Glee is one of them.

  16. Bobbie says:

    So is it just me or are most of these comments just “MY opinion is right!” followed by someone else saying “No, MY opinion is correct” with a bunch of childish name calling thrown in? Maybe if the feel of the show matures a little in NY the fanbase will too.

  17. Teri says:

    I absolutely cannot wait for all the focus to be on NY. I am especially looking forward to more Chris Colfer (and Klaine). I am always very amused that Glee stories on this site are the most active. LOL

  18. Maria says:

    Would love if the focus was finally on Kurt and Rachel, the only worthwhile remaining characters. Sadly, it will be mostly about cheat-but-its-all-your-fault Blanderson and his true love Sam.

  19. Lisa says:

    Santana is totally wrong for Funny Girl! Casting her as understudy makes no sense! Horrible!

  20. audio says:

    Finchel was what made glee. now that’s he’s gone. well you can’t go back to a lose like that. sorry.

    • sylvie says:

      Your comment is no way near the truth. “Finchel” is not what made Glee and never was.

      I am not a klainer nor kurt nor blaine stan, but facts over the years of Glee existence said that he groundbreaking relationship that took over US and the world is “Kurt and Blaine” aka Klaine, not any other couple fromt the show.
      They’re the ones who got featured in the media and front covers of prestigious magazines all over the world.
      Apart from their being Kurt&Blaine, my favorite character has always been Kurt Hummel. I only laugh because of him, ever since season 1 when I was not even a Glee fan and only watch Glee episode every now and then. Kurt character never failed to make me laugh out loud with his single ladies dance and snarky comments + face expressions during season 1, and going on until now.
      Kurt also made Glee because that kind of character never existed before Glee – and this fact is based on thousands of comments all over the media for years.
      So I am sorry to say; your comment is very invalid.

      • tkc says:

        Glee, from the pilot was centered on the Finn and Rachel relationship, that is fact. Glee lost its way in s4, when it stopped focusing on it core characters, which were Finn,Rachel and Kurt. The Klaine relationship is Ryan Murphy’s PSA of showing that gay characters are not any different than anybody else. But in doing so he has made the relationship, itself, very boring. He has given them very few struggles, what is their storyline, what makes their relationship special. With Finn and Rachel, most could answer that question with several answers. With Klaine the only answer would be , they are gay, that is why they are special. So, yes they are groundbreaking, but if you look at reviews, the Finn and Rachel story and chemistry are talked about also. Reviewers talk about the acting abilities of Cory, Lea and Chris. Very few professional reviewers,if any, would put Darren in that category. Cory, by many , was considered the heart of Glee, now there is no heart, and you can feel it. Why do you think Glee has to make such a drastic move,of all NY? Panic, they aren’t even averaging 4 million viewers an episode.

        • SKE says:

          Amen. Totally agree. Finn/Cory was that the heart of Glee. Rachel/Lea was the face and the mouthpiece of Glee. Lea, Cory and Chris were always the ones who represented Glee and their characters had the main story lines since the beginning. Rachel and Finn represent the metaphors of Glee. The firsts of the Glee Club to seek and find their ways to an end of their insecurities. Those who doubt themselves, try to find a place where they fit in, a talent to succeed at, to believe in. Rachel was so socially awkward. Kurt was to finally accept his place as gay openly and happily. Santana as a closeted lesbian. Finn was to be the last to find his way out of his lack of confidence. Sadly we will never see this come to light.

  21. Lila says:

    I’m happy Glee is moving to NYC. I love the dynamic Rachel, Kurt and Santana have. For the past few seasons they’ve been this shows only saving grace. For that same reason I hate that Blaine, Sam are going to NYC. I wanted to see more NYC but not if it meant Santana, Kurt and Rachel having to be props for Blam.

    • Lila says:

      What I mean is I hope the relegate Blaine and Sam to secondary characters once they reach NYC. If they can’t be cut altogether the next best thing would be giving them less focus.Less is better in their case.

      • sylvie says:

        Yes I totally agree with you.
        Kurt and Rachel are the most unique and worth-to-be-role-model kind of characters, with their wit and talents. We want KURT and RACHEL! yeah!

        Blaine and Sam were at their best at supporting roles the way they did in season 2 and Sam in season 1. Season 3 is the last one where they performed very well. Season 4+5 prove that Blaine and Sam DO NOT deserve to be in the spotlight.
        Their acting is so mediocre and making audience sick with too much performance and screen time. All they’re good at is showing shirtless bodies and making silly face impressions, which I think showing that teenagers can be dumb but still very likeable and popular.
        None of Blaine’s storyline in season 4 shows any of his being smart and clever, like he did in season 2. While Sam is very much the same, showing the typical dumb blonde persona.
        I don’t think US teens need more of that. I repeat, Kurt and Rachel are the most unique and worth-to-be-role-model kind of characters, with their wit and talents.
        We want KURT and RACHEL! yeah!