Castle Recap: Save the (New?) Date

Castle Wedding DressThis week on ABC’s Castle, Beckett’s unanticipated “reentry” into the world of modeling landed her in a bridal gown, contemplating…. Meanwhile, Rick’s pursuit of the ideal wedding venue threatened to get the whole thing called off.

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THE CASE | While a vast improvement over the previous episode’s riff on Miley Cyrus, sometimes I will ask myself: Matt, would this motive be enough reason for you to take a life? The victim here, Ella, was the assistant to Matilda King aka Frances Fisher’s Anna Wintour/Miranda Priestley-like magazine editor, and it is discovered that the young lass’ apartment had been bugged — by Modern Fashion magazine. It’s also gleaned that Ella, freshly fired by Matilda, was on the verge of sharing with a rival mag something that could ruin her ex-employer.

Did Ella’s damning intel have to do with some new “digital” direction Modern Fashion was taking itself in? No, it turns out that Ella was a wannabe designer, and some of her work had been stolen by a designer (Entourage‘s Rex Lee) who went on to earn a coveted “Fab Five” ranking by Modern Fashion. If it were to come out that the mag had touted stolen work, that ostensibly would be the end of all things — and thus was motive for Rob Estes’ ambitious creative director to strangle Ella to death.

But really, more so than any recent Case of the Week, the purpose of this one more pointedly served the personal through line for Rick and Kate — and to a greater degree than anyone would have predicted.

THE CASKETT | At one point, Matilda beseeches her onetime prized mannequin to don a couture wedding dress, as a make-good for bailing on a primo mag spread all those years ago. And when Kate does, her reaction to what she sees (NO DRESS JOKES, PEOPLE) evolves from the unfettered joy of a bride-to-be (loved her silent “Wow…”) to something deeper, as the reality of her coming marriage seems to set in. But what exactly is going through Kate’s head?

Not helping matters, this is precisely when Rick calls to say that they can get the venue of their dreams… if they move up the date from September to spring (May sweeps? Season finale?). The question, coupled with an already emotional moment, leaves Beckett speechless (though I’d like to think she said something before ending the call; the abrupt edit instead begged us — or at least me — to audibly utter at the TV, “Oh, no“).

But… all is well in Caskettland. Ultimately continuing their convo in person back at the loft — and after she has been gifted with the gown she tried on — Kate discloses how, perhaps sparked by Matilda’s comment about not having a daughter, “I started to think about my mom” and how much she would have relished the wedding prep. Standing before the mirror, in the gown, “I halfway expected to see her behind me,” Kate shares, “and she wasn’t there.” And that’s why she, for no real reason, shrugged off the early date. Kate then lands a lump in our collective throat by remarking on how Mom would have loved Rick.

Rick offers Kate more time, if she so desires, but she makes clear she is more ready than ever to be his bride. “I don’t even want us to wait until the fall.” She wants spring. (May sweeps? Season finale?) Besides, she already has the dress. (BE NICE, PEOPLE.)

What did you think of “Dressed to Kill,” provided you haven’t already discussed it ad nauseum with European fans who got it early? And we’re all going to ignore the interrogation room moment where Kate and Javy whispered a little too intimately, a little too whispery, for a little too long, yes?

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  1. Martina says:

    I’m saying HELL NO to the dress because is extremely hideous.

    • sofia says:

      YES!!! Am I being too drastic if I wish for something bad to happen to Beckett’s new apartment (like a big flood, or a fire, or another explosion) just so that she doesn’t have wear that horrendous dress to her wedding?

      • Christina says:

        Not gonna lie, that’s exactly what I was talking to my friend about last night. I want the new apartment to go up in flames and take that dress with it!

    • Just one thing says:

      I don’t think they’d reveal the real dress before The Big Day. That’s one flashy, fancy red herring. LOL

      • Nurk says:

        You fill us with hope, Jot.

      • grey says:

        From your lips to God’s ears. *PLEASE!* From your lips to God’s ears.

        • lauri5567 says:

          Honestly, I’m really hoping for a wedding. City Hall has been mentioned a couple times, and Marlow mentioned how expensive somethings are to film. Someone said they imagine at the end of a murder, Caskett is standing amid rubble. I’m seeing that and then they decide to just go to City Hall to get it done & Rick’s buddy the mayor marries them in front of the core characters.

          • Just one thing says:

            I’d be down for that. They can all still look gorgeous, but yeah… if things go south, there are ways to make a City Hall wedding romantic and memorable. I don’t always believe or say this, but I think this is one of those instances where we should trust the people behind the show. :-)



    • RBA says:

      I don’t know what is going on with the Castle team this season, but they seriously have been misfiring. Whoever told Luke that dress looked wonderful must have had no fashion sense.

      The dress like a lot of things this season that should have been reasons for fans to celebrate the show is turning into another PR nightmare..

    • Kim R says:

      Haha! I didn’t like the dress either. I think it was the skirt that threw me off. It didn’t look like it belonged to the rest of the dress. Surely they wouldn’t let us see the real dress yet. Right??? :D

    • Diana S says:

      At first I thought the dress was a joke but incredibly enough, they seem to be serious about it. The wardrobe people normally dress Kate so nicely ( I’d love to know where to get that beige coat from last night) but the wedding dress hideousness is a definite misfire. I can’t believe Kate went into such raptures over it. Now that’s acting!

      • Kim R says:

        Remember the red dress Rick had bought her when they were going undercover at some swanky benefit gala in the first season (I think). It was so gorgeous on her. Surely this is not the actual wedding dress! :O

      • Kida says:

        Exactly! “Kate loves it, so I love it”. LOL, cracks me up because obviously she’s supposed to love it, regardless. Stana can sell anything, apparently even hideous dresses.

      • Leah says:

        me too! great coat! I liked the matching gloves too

    • Mike says:

      Get over the DRESS!! Who are these people that go crazy over the dress? Do they watch the Big Bang Theory for Kaley Couco’s Cheesecake Factory outfits? Watch NCIS to see what skull sweater Abby will wear, tune into Bones to see if Angela’s wardrobe is up to date? Or maybe the reason Duck Dynasty gets ratings is because Camo is so “hot right now”, while flashing back to Derek Zoolander’s greatness.
      The point of the episode is that Kate and Castle actually had a grown up conversation, and that as a team they grow stronger, and solve cases and move forward, with some humor and emotion involved. If you want to judge dresses maybe Tim Gunn has a show you can prefer, it is not about the superficial and focusing on that is shallow. Just my opinion at least.

      • Could do better says:

        I’d never guess you’re a guy!

      • anonymous says:

        I’m one of those who went crazy about the dress, how could I not? It’s Kate’s WEDDING DRESS and it was hideous. That’s not the same as Penny’s everyday work outfit on The Big Bang Theory or any other regular clothes on any other show. On any other episode, I normally wouldn’t pay much attention to the fashion because you’re right, Castle isn’t a superficial show that focuses solely on clothing. It about a partnership; the relationship between Castle and Beckett. Their growing relationship has always been the driving force of the show. Shipping Caskett is what kept me so invested from episode 1. The wedding is the culmination of their relationship and is kind of a reward for those of us who have shipped Caskett all these years. So of course, I can’t help but be disappointed when Kate’s dress was revealed to be so hideous.

      • John NYC says:

        Well the dress or no I’d have never have guessed that with a potential (Ok Matt? lol) moving up of the date to THIS season that it would be such a side issue rather than the wedding date shift that would get the biggest reaction.

        I’d have totally thought the shippers would have been plotting left right and center.

      • Eurydice says:

        Well, the show made a big deal about the DRESS. Kate made a big deal about DRESS, whats-her-name had tears in her eyes over the DRESS, the cameras and the lights and the music and the editing went on and on about the DRESS. The costume people who designed it were gushing about the DRESS. Not to mention that a big part of any wedding, real or fictional, is about the DRESS. It’s a bit much to tell the audience not to respond to that.

      • Phyllis Nethken says:

        I agree wholeheartedly. It is the show not the dress that is great and Stana looks terrific in any thing.

    • angel says:

      Here’s what I hope happens to the hideous monstrosity: Perhaps she’ll be trying on the dress at a later time, maybe for a fitting, when suddenly, through the window, she sees a suspect she’s been looking for from a current case. As she chases him down through the streets of New York and eventually tackles him, the dress will be destroyed. Either that or she finds out her father kept her mother’s wedding dress and she decides to wear that instead.

    • Julie says:

      The crystal part of the dress is nice but the fluff around it makes the other look hideous!! Trying to be nice but really???? The crystal part may work for a party dress to go to a blast from the past cocktail party or for Martha’s future wedding but certainly not for Beckett’s wedding dress!! The dress is just not her.

      • grey says:

        And it made her hips look huge and chest completely flat!!! What bride in her right mind wants that?!!! Stana/Kate is stunning on her own. She actually needs something simpler – not plain – simpler that’s structured well and flatters her frame. All that embelishment was gilding the lily. It’s too much. I’m hoping this dress is an April’s Fool joke from the cast and crew to the audience (please God, let that dress be a joke). April 1st is Castle’s birthday after all.

    • Susan says:

      What about the SCAR? This dress was just not created with the show’s character in mind.

  2. KatieJ says:

    As if dressing Fillion in ill fitting black jeans and horrid button downs every single week isn’t bad enough now the costume designer has to go screwing with Beckett too? He should be fired immediately for that hideous disaster.

  3. skrable2 says:

    Matt, the dress is a huge part of the episode. We have to comment upon it.

    I will say that I am … disappointed … by it.

  4. Lillian says:

    Please let something happen to the dress before the wedding. That is the ugliest dress and it makes Kate look horrible!

  5. leigh says:

    The dress looked better on tv than in pictures. I don’t know why. And yay to moving up the wedding to spring! Now we just have to wait and see who or what tries to throw the wrench at it. And there were three kisses in this episode people who count. Please keep those comments to a minimum. Lets focus on the wedding!

    • Eurydice says:

      You must have a hugher quality TV than I do. On my screen it looked a darkish blue-gray, with the skirt a contrasting light gray, and the sleeves looked like an intricate tattoo. And the bodice looked like it didn’t fit right. It looks much better in the picture, but “better” might be relative. :-)

  6. Kate says:

    I really LOVED the episode!!! It was the perfect combination of everything that makes Castle great. I really WISH I could love the dress. It’s just so not what I picture Beckett wearing. I hope she somehow ends up wearing her mom’s dress, which of course would be simple, classy and elegant…

  7. Avi says:

    Look – I LOVE Luke, but that dress, dude… come on, it needs help.

  8. JC says:

    Oh dear. That dress. I was really hoping that wouldn’t be THE dress. I think the top is beautiful, but from the waist down, just…no.

  9. Eryn says:

    Would it be too cliche to blow up Beckett’s apartment again just to destroy that dress?? I mean, I really hope that was just some sick joke.

  10. Emily says:

    I thought the dress was going to be a joke…but it wasn’t.

  11. knd says:

    Ummm how did the ugly dress get into her apartment? As a detective Kate seemed completely unconcerned about that.

  12. Just one thing says:

    It was a solid episode. Definitely a complete 180 from last week in the relationship department, and not because of the abundance of (scripted) kisses, either. It just felt like a completely different vibe, more organic and natural between the two of them.
    I wasn’t crazy about the premise when it was first released, and I still think it’s a bit of a stretch that Matilda would remember Kate after 15 YEARS, cheekbones or not. But the two had such great chemistry, I’ll ignore it.
    The episode felt strangely Castle-lite. It wasn’t bad, but I did find it a bit jarring. I think Beckett was in every scene except two or three. As a Beckett fan, I could wank that as a good thing, but if that continues during the season, I guess we can expect to see all of the same “This is the Beckett Show now” and “Marlowe hates Castle” comments from last year. #Yay
    And yeah, I just don’t think Kate’s going to wear that dress in the end. I feel SOOOO bad for Luke Reichle, because I’m guessing they thought they were introducing this great, fairytale dress that the audience would love, so that when it eventually goes missing/gets destroyed, the audience would be as devastated as Kate. Instead… There will likely be cheers. :-P With all of the details seemingly falling into place, it’ll be interesting to see how the wedding is finally executed. I’m really surprised they’re even shooting for spring, considering all of the inevitable Bones comparisons. #DoubleYay

    • Kim says:

      JOT – I thought it was more relaxed and organic, as well. The kisses were definitely a nice bonus. :)


      Perhaps it was a stretch for Miranda to remember Kate all these years later. And to be honest, though Stana Katic does have great cheekbones, I’m sure that I would’ve remembered her hair more than her cheekbones (yes, I know it’s beyond highly unlikely that she would have this hairstyle 15 years ago, but I’m sure it was equally magnificent even then). And her legs. I would commit a heinous crime for either hair like hers or legs like hers. I don’t even care what that says about me. And yes, loved the chemistry between Miranda and Kate.


      Your third paragraph is fantastic. And true. I noticed the lack of Castle, too. It was a nice showcase for Kate. I don’t know if I would love it for the rest of the season, but in emotionally revealing episodes, I’m totally game. But I solemnly swear to not start calling it “The Beckett Show” and wonder why Marlowe hates Castle. ;)


      That dress was…yeah. It was bad. It does absolutely nothing for Stana’s gorgeous figure. The tulle at the waist makes her hips look three inches wider. I’m sure Luke is getting bombarded with hate-filled tweets regarding the dress. The dress just doesn’t seem like something Kate would pick. I would be more than ok with the show not using that dress for the wedding. I don’t care if it catches fire, gets stolen, aliens abduct it, whatever. I’m holding out hope that this isn’t THE dress. I’m also curious to see how and when the wedding will happen. I think the fans would pick up torches and pitch forks and head to the studio if Marlowe doesn’t deliver this Spring or early Fall. Even if there’s some explanation about why it won’t happen this Spring (no venue, etc.). I don’t think most of the fans want to sit through the wedding being rescheduled again and again. I’m not loving the idea. But we’ll see what happens, I guess. I stopped watching Bones so the comparisons are completely lost on me. :)

      • Just one thing says:

        LOL to most of your post, but mostly re: aliens abducting the dress. People really are desperate, aren’t they? Ha, again… Poor guy has my utmost sympathies. :-( Fans don’t seem to think before they post, but I guess that’s the fashion industry for ya.
        I haven’t seen a ton of Bones/Castle comparisons this season, and I think the Castle folks have decided to take the show on their own trajectory and journey, regardless of whether people think they’re copying. That said, Bones has “seniority,” so I do wonder if people would be under the misguided impression that Castle is trying to steal their thunder by having their leads get married in the same season.
        It’s why I think Rick/Kate are going settle on something solid for the finale, and things are going to blow up. May be wishful thinking though, since I’m all for that kind of drama — the kind where Castle/Beckett are a united front against a common conflict. No pitchforks for me if that happens! I’ll even break out the shields to protect ’em. :P

        • Kim says:

          First, let me apologize for calling Matilda, Miranda. My bad. I have no idea what I was thinking. Although, clearly, I was thinking she looked like a Miranda. D’oh! :)


          Yeah, sometimes the fans can go a little overboard. As wonderful as social media is, it can also be a curse to people in this business. It gives the fans so much access to the actors/writers/directors/other people behind the scenes. Luke is usually so great at dressing Kate. Unfortunately, he picked the worst possible moment to have a styling hiccup. I feel for him. Hope the fans aren’t too harsh on him. And yes, I’m all for aliens abducting the dress. Or a fairy godmother appearing out of nowhere with her mousey minions and working some wedding dress magic. That can happen, right?


          That’s right! Booth and Bones did get married this season. I remember seeing promos for that episode. I never really understood the comparisons. All shows on TV have some similarities, that’s to be expected. It happens. But these shows are still very different. At least to me they are.


          I’m ok with a life or death situation that messes things up regarding the wedding. I just don’t think Marlowe can keep changing it up on the fans. Castle suggests September for the wedding (fans: “woohoo!”), then they decide to try for Spring instead (fans: “WOOHOO!”), then something bad possibly happens to bump the wedding from Spring to who-knows-when (fans: “GASP! NO!”), then what? November sweeps? February sweeps? Season seven finale? I’m ok with something bad happening once. But I think if Marlowe keeps putting out hints or ideas about when the wedding could happen, only to change them over and over again, some fans are going to be unhappy. I’m ok with drama. I just think it can only happen once before fans revolt. And don’t worry, I won’t chase you with a pitchfork. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know I won’t. :)

          • Just one thing says:

            “Castle suggests September for the wedding (fans: “woohoo!”), then they decide to try for Spring instead (fans: “WOOHOO!”), then something bad possibly happens to bump the wedding from Spring to who-knows-when (fans: “GASP! NO!”), then what?”
            Good point! Yeah, I agree. They can’t keep pushing it back, though I think that if things do go sideways during a finale wedding, it would be resolved in September after their usual “TO BE CONTINUED” summer torture. They’re really damn good at that!
            And yes, Bones and Castle have some basic similarities, but they’re very, very different. I think it’s easy to lazily compare them, because they’re procedurals with a heavy relationship bent unlike most cop shows. But that’s where the connections end I think.

    • Nurk says:

      Fillion seemed slightly more engaged too; not quite as disinterested as he has appeared in recent weeks. Good God, what next: a veritable blast of wit and repartee? Excited theory-building? A positive tweet?

      • bibs says:

        what’s a positive tweet? I follow both NF and Richard Castle on Twitter, and they rarely tweet about something negative. Happens but not that often.

      • gg says:

        Guess it’s sarcasm, but pretty sure you’re addressing it in the wrong direction. Witty repartee and excited theory-building has to be written first, and contrary to the popular opinion Nathan Fillion doesn’t just go on set and says whatever he feels like atm. May be you have other grudges, but things you chose to voice have nothing to do with Fillion.

    • Emma says:

      Perhaps the fact that Kate Beckety is the ONLY person to ever turn down Matilda King for a magazine cover is part of the reason why she remembers her after 15 yrs. (along with those gorgeous cheekbones)

      • Just one thing says:

        I guess that makes sense! Frances Fisher did a great job in the role. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Matilda reprise one day, even though I know they don’t really do that sort of thing on Castle.

      • Ron says:

        The point is being missed WHY Beckett turned down the opportunity to do the magazine job in Jan. 1999. If I’m not mistaken her mother’s grave stone shows the reason.

        • Just one thing says:

          Yes, I think that was meant to be implied. I could nitpick that (like noting that magazines plan their issues a couple months before they’re actually published, which would put Beckett across the country at school), but it’s not really a bit deal. I think she also implied that the modeling industry just wasn’t for her, which I’d totally buy regardless of the January 99 reference.

    • Really says:

      Given the fact we have have had quite a few Beckett lite episodes this season I’m not going to complain if we start seeing more of her.

      I think this wedding dress is a red herring.

  13. Stormy says:

    I can’t believe they [lazily] blended The Devil Wears Prada with Gilmore Girls! Miranda Priestly [and FF is no Meryl Streep] and Lorelai Gilmore [got the dress, got the venue, got the date, but no]. Good grief! Find some originality. And the dress is hideous, but to be fair Stana is so gorgeous it wouldn’t matter what she was wearing.

  14. GPS says:

    Agreed. And the sad part…just got done watching “The Limey” repeat on TNT earlier in the evening. You all know…the one where Kate wore a stunning black, strapless gown to the British Consulate….and caused Espo and Ryan to audible gasp…it was so stunning. How could Luke Riechle get the wedding dress soooooo verrrry wroooong !

    Rest of the episode…boring case….great stuff about Kate’s mom. Anyone else catch that Kate turned down the modeling job in January 1999…the same month/year her Mom was murdered?

    • DarkDefender says:

      I’m pretty sure magazines have their issues ready for print months before publishing… So Beckett would have turned it down before her mom died.. But I am guessing that was lost on the writers and the Jan 99′ date was exactly as you say.

      Good catch!

    • RBA says:

      First of I want to say that I liked the episode, but I say that as someone who has been starved for so long that any food looks good.
      The Case was not anything to get excited about. It was just another in a string of forgettable cases that has been the norm for the show this season. Also there was a whole stretch in the middle of the episode where there was only Stana interacting with the guest stars. I say it seemed to me that it was more than a good ten minute stretch, and it was the most boring part of the episode. Those scenes just highlight the weakness of the show when neither Nathan or Stana are together — BTW I would be saying the same if we had a similar stretch with Nathan.

      I also did not like that Marlowe once again went to his tried and through formula of Kate (for a bit of time) keeping something from Castle. I think it has been overplayed, and a part of me feels that we will be seeing it again before the finale.

      The good parts… The first 6 minutes were terrific. As someone who has been an advocate of seeing Kate interact a little more with the Castle family, it was nice to see her with Castle and Martha at home discussing the wedding. There was something in that moment that if Marlowe were to use it more frequently could be the highlight of any future episode.

      There were more Caskett kisses in this episode than there have been in the previous 13 episodes. Heck they were even lit properly. It is as if someone told Marlowe “Dude… Just give the fans what they been asking” and he seems, for now, to have complied.

      I thought the scene with Castle and Martha at the wedding venue also highlights one of the things I been missing this season, and that is the great relationship between Mother and Son. Susan was her wonderful self, and I sure hope that they would utilized her more with Nathan and Stana. The scene answers some of the criticism of Castle not being thrilled about the engagement lately because he showed once again that he is fully committed to the relationship.

      The ending scene with Kate and Rick is also something I been wanting to see from them in a while. The kisses were great and all, but what made the scene special for me is that for once they actually did talk about what was going through their minds. They were honest and understanding. I wish we had a scene like that in Valkyrie immediately following the proposal where they discuss the job and their future, and a similar scene should have happened in “Need to Know” where they could have been honest with each other about how the job was affecting their relationship. Alas we didn’t get them then, but we got one now. I hope we start seeing more of this from the two because otherwise the relationship will always be based on misunderstandings and hiding the truth from the other.

      For all the Casketty goodness in the episode this episode ranks number 4 in my list as the best of the season. Number One Fan is still tops and is followed by Disciple and Under Cover.

  15. K says:

    The opening scene was pure perfection. Kate being giddy about looking at wedding magazines was something that I really loved. She was overwhelmed too because she never dreamed about getting married especially after her mom was murdered. castle and Beckett agreed to a wedding venue so quickly. It’s rare for those two to agree especially when it comes to a wedding venue. The joy in both their eyes was so evident. They couldn’t be more happy to be spending the rest of their lives together. Building a life together, having a family and eventually growing old together. Castle has been married twice so I expected him to be more hesitant to marry Kate, but no ounce of doubt was in his eyes in the episode.
    Beckett and her mom. Where to begin. As a little girl I’m sure Kate always imagined that her mom would be apart of her special day. After all getting married is such a monumental event in a girls life. With tears in her eyes Johanna would tell Kate that she looks so beautiful in a wedding dress. Her mom would help her zip up the dress. Johanna would share her daughters joy. Kate lost her mom yes that pain will never go away, buy she has also gained the man of her dreams. She can hope for the future. When Kate tried on the dress at first she was so happy with butterflies in her stomach. It became really real that she is getting married. She also took a moment to brush her fingers over her scar. Her scar was a reminder of day she almost died and also the day castle confessed his love to her. Stana’s acting range in that scene was just incredible. She blows my mind.
    The end scene: Kate being honest and open with castle is something I’m still not used to. Kate used to avoid her feelings. She kept her feelings close to the vest. That said I like how Kate told castle the real reason she said no to the wedding venue. She couldn’t bare going through with the wedding without her mom by her side.
    Overall fantastic episode. Best episode so far of 2014.

  16. Jen says:

    Cmon Beckett could wear a garbage bag and look good

  17. Ronnie says:

    Too bad thousands who DVR’d the episode missed it. The abrupt canceling of last weeks episode led many DVR’s to believe tonights was a repeat and not record it.

    I was disappointed last week at the last minute change and even more frustrated now.

    • Aeol says:

      You should consider setting a season pass/record series option rather than recording shows week by week. I have my dvr set to record all new episodes, which is exactly what it did for me. Sorry you missed it.

    • Diana S says:

      My DVR didn’t record but the complete episode was viewable on my ipad app this morning.

  18. John DeMayo says:

    Very disappointing episode, considering how much it was hyped up on this website and elsewhere. It was pretty much a standard-fare episode with a snoozer of a case and just a brief few moments of forced “Caskett” drama. Beckett’s so-called “cold-feet” emotions were a cheap ploy, and added absolutely nothing to the overall story. They just didn’t have to stretch the wedding date/venue storyline into an entire episode.

    • S. says:

      You obviously weren’t paying attention. Beckett at no time had cold feet about marrying Castle.

      • John DeMayo says:

        No, I know. It was a cheap ploy to screw with us. It was forced, and completely unnecessary. Not to mention the case and the search for a wedding venue B-story were both incredibly boring. It just wasn’t one of their best efforts. Especially disappointing considering all the hype the episode had been getting.

  19. Diane says:

    Wedding in Spring yes, that dress no.

  20. Markie says:

    The dress was just not very “Beckett” to me. Not going to diss the design because I’m not qualified to do so. (I personally thought it needed a cool belt or sash or something)

    I imagined Beckett in something more earthy.

  21. Emma says:

    Matt, I completely thought the same thing about Espo leaning in a “little too long” and “a little too close” for my liking..good to know I wasn’t the only one to notice! Although, Beckett looked extremely beautiful, more so if that’s possible, in this ep. So who could blame him? :)

    • S. says:

      I didn’t notice Espo doing anything. Weird.

    • Rick says:

      I know I wouldn’t be too happy if that was my wife and some one was leaning that close. It just seemed jarring in the context of Caskett and marriage. I still think that the female plastic surgery Doctor will show up looking like Beckett’s evil twin causing problems before the wedding and making us wait until September.

  22. N says:

    Beckett looked great!

  23. Mika02 says:

    I loved the dress maybe not the skirt part. To you Matt I say watch the news and you will see that people have killed for less.

    I knew exactly what Kate was thinking when she was at the mirror and hesitated about the venue because it would be what I would think if I didn’t have my mom and was getting married the first time.

  24. Phoebe says:

    The episode was ok. It was better than the last one for sure. I think the that wedding dress is out of character for Beckett. It just doesn’t suit her personality, at least not in my eyes. I’m disappointed and I hope she ends up wearing something different. Millions of fans have been dreaming of seeing Beckett in her wedding dress, and they had to go and screw it up by doing some eccentric “high fashion” dress. Come on.

  25. lauri5567 says:

    I could very much fit the people from the Devil Wears Prada into this case so that was entertaining to me.
    It took me several tries to figure out where I’d seen the other assistant before (General Hospital Ellie since it wasn’t in IMDB)
    The dress. Um, it might have been better without the wings on the side, and gray seemed an odd choice of colors for a wedding dress.
    I’m still waiting for a plot to touch on the similarities between Martha and Meredith. Kate has mother issues. Rick had no father, and a mother who left him home to go clubbing….

  26. Paulie says:

    What a fugly fugly dress. C’mon… that dress needs to be burned it’s so horrid. Although the case was super boring, this episode was much better than the last one. Too bad the show continues to be a bore when it comes to the Caskett front… I’m tired of these generic scenes at the end of them sitting and giving each other lame pecks. zzzzzz. Where’s the passion? Anyways, I’m just watching for Stana and her pretty face these days, I’ve given up hoping for anything worthy when it comes to Caskett scenes.

  27. JB says:

    Seriously, I don’t get the hate on the dress. I didn’t think it was awful, I thought it looked very good on Beckett. Maybe not an ideal wedding dress, but this is Rick Castle & Kate Beckett, not Prince William & Kate Middleton. It shouldn’t be ridiculously extravagant.

    • Jules says:

      No said it has to be extravagant or it has to be Prince William/Kate– Beckett’s dress is nasty looking, heck even Kate Middleston’s dress was much simpler from the front than whatever the heck Beckett was wearing. It looks like Beckett is going to her highschool prom or something.

    • Phoebe says:

      Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was LESS extravagant than Beckett’s dress, and yet it was more beautiful. Beckett’s dress is extravagant in all the wrong ways.

    • james says:

      That is an extravagant dress… stuff in fashion shows are almost by the very definition extravagant. Top half of the dress wasn’t bad, but the white fluffy part made it quite ugly. Honestly I don’t care about the dress. It really has no important part in the show, so I’ll look past it. I really hope they get married this season. For them to have some sort of dramatic season finale or to have something “blow up” on the wedding front seems too cliche and boring nowadays. More than that though, I want to get back to the part of the show where the cases are the most important part. I would like to see them get back to Beckett’s mom’s case. Maybe Castle can find a way to bring down the senator(I think that’s what he was) as a wedding gift. Either way I’m ready for the show to move on.

  28. DarkDefender says:

    A lot of people (natch) complaining about the dress (it’s hideous).. But it is couture.
    I can see the girly, purple is my favorite color, jealous that your new boyfriend accepted a date with an entertainment reporter, not sure “where are we going..” Side of Kate was actually pleased with the fairytale quality of the dress. I don’t see it out of character at all.
    At the end, Stana had me in tears about Beckett’s mom, Kate generally opening up and revealing that to Castle and saying that her mom would have loved him.
    Just in case TVLine starts a poll (seriously, get this done!) I am casting my vote for an alien abduction (of that dress) and her ending up in something more elegant and simple (like that black dress in the 100th – wow!) or her mom’s dress.

    • Stormy says:

      My problem with the dress was that it looked more Museum Gala than wedding. It’s over the top and those tulle side panels need to go, but without them it would highlight Stana’s statuesque beauty. Someone up thread called it grey. To me it was more silver, very sophisticated and festive, but not at all right for a bridal costume.

      • lauri5567 says:

        That was me who commented on it being gray. It could be silver. I think I know part of the problem in thinking some more about it. It reminds me of my Homecoming dress senior year. It was hi/low, satin, chiffon, lace, ribbon, sequins, and rhinestones! I thought it was fabulous – it had everything! Now I look at it as everything bad about 1994 fashion. I think everyone on the show saw everything the dress had – but didn’t step back to look at how it all went together.

        • Stormy says:

          I agree with you. Those side panels looked like dishtowels hanging out of her pockets. What were they thinking? Your description of your Homecoming dress made me smile. It reminded me of those Prego commercials: “I wonder what other questionable choices I’ve made”. Thanks for the laugh.

        • It is silver — real silver. That is what bullion lace is, lace woven with very thin wire made of precious metals.
          It is obscenely expensive.

  29. Kida says:

    Why do we have to be nice about the dress? Because it would cost too much to replace so now we’re stuck with it? Because Luke handmade it? I work hard and sometimes it’s appreciated, sometimes it’s not well received. When an overwhelming number of people give a bad critique, you have to think that you deserve it. I really don’t know how he thought that dress would be loved by Castle fans who have been eagerly waiting for this. I mean, honestly what the hell? My fingers are crossed that maybe with the feedback we’ll get a “story dictated” reason (another bomb in Beckett’s apartment? A robbery since her apartment seems easy access?) for her to have to find a new wedding dress.

    The episode, however, was AMAZING! Stana did such a wonderful job showing us the heart of Beckett that I just want to hug her and give her all the awards. Truly a lovely thing to see. I also saw more of Castle’s love for Kate in Nathan’s performance and I was surprised and very happy about that.

  30. T says:

    Mid grade episode for me. Caskett was nice; although even that is getting old because of the generally lackluster portrayal for most of this season. The dress is ugly to me and it does not fit my expectation for something Kate would like. Where is Kate’s engagement ring and necklace? The case of the week was rather dull. The separation of Kate and Castle had an odd feel at times. I have felt for quite awhile that the overall emphasis of the show shifted from Castle to Beckett. Generally I do not like this shift because Castle seems relegated to a supporting character – with benefits. However, I must admit that Stana Katic can really bring the emotion to a scene. The scene at the mirror when the little girl joy turned into heartfelt sorrow. The scene at the end when heartfelt sorrow turned into big girl joy. She can really deliver the emotion through her face, eyes and voice. That was the best part of this episode.

  31. Gena says:

    Eh, forced ep… I feel like caskett would have discussed Kate’s mom long ago about her not being around for the wedding… They have been engaged for months now.

    The dress is ungodly, they do so well on the daily kate outfits I nearly choked upon sight.

    They’ve also dealt with models and high fashion crimes before, what’s with the surprise in the whole “deadly world” thing?

    And WHY haven’t we seen Kate wear her ring ever? BOLO or APB it, bc it’s a prop that is missing and important to the story line.

    Stana knocked it out of the park tho. Her reaction was priceless upon donning the dress.

  32. James D says:

    great episode. a few things though, Rick my man what is with you and foreheads it’s sort of creepy dude, you kiss your mother on the forehead, your daughter, and your fiance, what’s that about? :) I’m notoriously fashion senseless i mean like serious color blindness but even i face-palmed when she came out in the dress. I’m being nice Matt, but seriously for the love of all that is holly please don’t wear that dress, Versace will rise from the grave and we’ll have the walking dead meets Zoolander (no one wants that). with that said great stuff from Stana tonight, it’s a good sign that she came clean at the end but my guess is these feelings are only going to get worse as the date draws closer, so fingers crossed. I’m very uneasy about that fact we haven’t seen or heard from Bracken for a long time, and we all know how Marlowe likes his cliffhangers. I’m just saying.

    • James D says:

      I immediately remembered how Versace died after posting this comment which was very tragic and my sincere apologies the joke was in poor taste and completely uncouth. again I’m very sorry.

  33. John says:

    “Besides, she already has the dress. (BE NICE, PEOPLE.)”

    Not this “fandom”, for whatever odd reason.

    Sad thing is, I’d guess Stana likes the dress….. and there people go ….

    • Lisa says:

      So, what if she likes the dress? It’s not like she has any say on whether Beckett will wear it or not.

    • Kris says:

      I don’t think Stana likes the dress either…judging from her comment in an interview about seeing herself in the wedding dress and saying that she’s just playing a character.

      Also, she favorited a tweet saying the dress looks hideous.

      • Kida says:

        This is how rumors start. The tweet she favorited was by an executive producer of Castle. Favoriting a tweet does not automatically mean agreement. I favorite things all the time that I just want to keep track of. I really hate that others can see what you favorite on Twitter…

  34. kay says:

    oh god that wedding dress is disgusting. also, why be nice about a fictional character’s wedding dress? she’s not real! we can be mean about a fake person’s fake wedding

  35. skrable2 says:

    Ridiculously extravagant??? It’s coture from supposedly a high-end fashion house.

    On top of that, the Castle team went out of its way to say that it would cost more than $30,000 if it were made available.

    This is KATE BECKETT … who rejected being a model to become a cop. Wo lives in a barely furnished apartment. Who, when we first meet her, was advised to wear lipstick by Lanie.

    This is not a dress her character’s history tells us she shouldn’t be interested in. Heck they started the episode looking at wedding magazines, with Beckett rolling her eyes at the dresses.

    They can’t even get continuity right through the episode.

  36. Aeol says:

    Matt, you’re underestimating the power of the mother-daughter relationship. My immediate thought when Kate hesitated over the spring date was, “oh no, she misses her mom and it’s really just hit her that she’ll be going through this without her.” I never worried the wedding would be called off, just that Kate would have to come to terms with doing it without mom. I did have a good laugh imagining all the ‘shippers tearing their hair out, though.

    And we may not be allowed to comment on the dress, but how can we NOT?! Even my husband, who only watches the show with half an eyeball and doesn’t care a toot about fashion, let out a puking sound when she came out in that dress!!

  37. John 1138 says:

    So, to summarize: we learn the wedding is THIS Season and “the fandom” would rather bitch and moan over a dress.

    You just gotta love the interwebs.

  38. Lisa says:

    This is not a criticism I just think it is crazy how I watch an episode, enjoy It thoroughly, and then come to a website and realize so many people hated it.

    I never noticed Espo whispering or forehead kisses or buttons on Castle’s clothes. I think the actors do a great job and I have really enjoyed this season and how they are navigating this engagement.

    One more season of Castle should be just about right. We will have seen the love story I always thought Castle (the show) was come full circle.

  39. frankie says:

    Beckett, New York and Time Square called, they want the New Year’s Eve ball back. You remember, the thing that you tried on in lieu of a wedding dress.

  40. Apples says:

    I didn’t care either way on the dress- as long as Beckett is happy, I’m happy. I thought there was too much cutesy Caskett this ep, and the procedural aspect suffered for it. Beckett breaking off in the middle of the investigation to do some modelling? Didn’t buy it. All the kisses and shippy moments should make the insane parts of the fandom happy, at least temporarily.

    • KC says:

      The modeling bothered me too. She doesn’t have time to check out a venue for her wedding but has time to model a dress for someone she suspected of murder?

  41. 4theloveoffilm says:

    Personally, the only part of the dress I don’t like is the skirt, and that because it doesn’t wrap around completely. The gap is what makes the dress unappealing. But the rest of it was beautiful.

    I have never doubted Castle’s commitment or excitement regarding Kate and the wedding. I think they have just changed each other over the years. Kate is softer, quicker to smile, and more open. Castle is more mature, serious about relationships, and grounded. He has gone through a lot in the past several years.

  42. Luccy says:

    First I have to say Luke has been doing an amazing job at dressing Beckett (especially those coats!!!), but THAT dress? No one (yes, I’m looking at you, executive produces) had the nerves to tell Luke NO??? I’d say someone should make a poll and if there is 90% dislikes, they should somehow write it into the show that the dress got burnt into flames.

    The case was weak, but all the interactions between Castle and Beckett made up for it. Why? Because they are actually communicating! This is what they’ve shown more of. And the kisses weren’t so bad either. ;) And I LOVE that they included Martha into the wedding planning stuff. More Martha PLEASE.

    Kudos to Stana for the heart she pours into the scenes. And Frances Fisher was a great guest star!

    • Stormy says:

      How about the dress gets stolen by a female impersonator from Atlantic City and gets destroyed in the apprehension of the thief?

  43. Viv says:

    Totally thought too that Kate and Espo were leaning in too close in the interrogation room.

    Also agree with someone further up : I don’t care for their small pecks. It would have felt the same for me if there had been none.
    I want to see passion between them! It doesn’t have to be graphic. We could see theory build up, then see C push B in a closet. C & B come out of the closet straightening their clothes…

    • DarkDefender says:

      This isn’t Grey’s Anatomy (on-call room/storage room sex). Caskett are more professional than that. Castle works hard to not initiate the workplace affection. He’s even cautious when Beckett initiates it there.
      More behind the scene implied passion works, though. I’ve always said a quick scene of half dressed Kate in the wee hours in the kitchen with handcuffs on or as Martha walks out the door and closes it, we pan to the bedroom door and hear Castle say “Apples!”…
      Those would be fun to see

      • Kida says:

        You really don’t think Kate would make him choose a new safeword? You think she’d be okay with using the same one he’s used with countless others? Really?

        • DarkDefender says:

          Um, it’s a sex safe word. Not a computer password. They are adults and have had many sex partners. The safe word is just that.. For safety. It’s not a pet name or in any way specific to a person.

  44. lame says:

    Kate was always billed as a sophisticated upper middle class Manhattan girl. And to prove that point she has about forty leather coats and jackets, twenty overcoats, thirty assorted coats and a limitless supply of stilletos. How can someone that style conscious settle for a dress from Disney’s “little princess” collection????
    The episode itself was pretty good, especially the evolution of growth of Caskett. Always good to see them converse sans subtext.

    • lame says:

      It would be nice to see Caskett generate a little heat; it’s something that has been missing from this season. Unlike others, I’m not asking for anything graphic, heat can be generated with the spoken word, and even that has been missing.

  45. GeoDiva says:

    This show, like many others is suffering from guest actor-itis. You can tell who the killer is by who is guest-staring. Also, that dress was horrendous! Now that there is going to be a Spring wedding, Kate does not need a dress that belongs in the broadway verison of Frozen.

  46. Astrid says:

    I loved the episode, especially the last scene.

  47. mary says:

    The dress is hideous and we can all blame Luke for this disaster but what about people who are in charge? It’s like there’s no collaboration anymore, how can anyone approve this dress is mind boggling.

    Also, how is it possible that Fillion can go on vacation in New Zealand while rest of them are working every day? While Castle go on his book tour too so they can give him more days off?

  48. terri says:

    “And we’re all going to ignore the interrogation room moment where Kate and Javy whispered a little too intimately, a little too whispery, for a little too long, yes?

    Matt, Yeah, HMMM, how can we ignore that scene? too intimately, too close & too long? is there something going on? As I recall, when NF mentioned something about JH, during the Paley event, that JH/Espo “not on the script” he said the following words to her SK/Kate “as you wish” – & NF mentioned, jokingly, isn’t it love?

    Well, we can’t blame him (JH/Espo) – she is so pretty!

    Stana is great! The mirror scene incredible! PRICELESS!

    Great episode, LOVE IT!!!

  49. You know what, this episode didn’t bug me as much as I thought it would. Let me clarify: I hate fashion episodes. I know almost dick about fashion but whenever I see fashion industry portrayals they usually ring false to me. I’m sure there were some things people will raise (obviously the dress, which did feel like something a designer would make but a wedding dress, really?) but honestly tying it into that bit from Beckett’s past we knew about seasons ago was pretty good, and the casting seemed about right. With enough recognizable actors they did an okay job keeping us guessing. I actually thought Rex Lee was going to be the killer most of the episode until he got focused on.

    Kudos for not having Castle book the venue anyhow despite Kate’s freeze. Nice to see that not everything ended up falling into place.

  50. i don’t care about the dress, the things kate says to castle in the last minutes made me cry and the whole episode was fun(the new assistant’s gasps everytime beckett entering the office was hilarious!)
    also why people try to compare bones with castle ;;; i am realy happy that both the shows have passed the ”cursed” thing (cancelld by the kiss) and we have a very good,fun, and sometimes awesome episodes from both series… relax guys and gals