Supernatural Spin-Off Exclusive: Meet the Werewolves, Shifters and Hunters of Tribes

Supernatural Spin-Off CastThe Windy City is on the brink of all-out war.

New intel has surfaced about The CW’s Chicago-based planted Supernatural spin-off, Supernatural: Tribes, and it points to an epic battle involving five rival monster families and a vengeance-seeking hunter.

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Read on for exclusive details on the key players populating the offshoot (all of whom will be introduced in this season’s 20th episode of Supernatural).

ENNIS ROTH | The de-facto star of the potential series, Ennis is “likeable, strong-willed, resolute, with a strong sense of justice.” He’s the son of a cop who grew up in poverty. He’s en route to the police academy himself when someone he is close to is murdered — presumably by some kind of monster. He meets up with Sam and Dean and “learns the staggering truth” that Chicago is run by five families of monsters (including, but perhaps not limited to, werewolves and shape shifters). And with that, a new monster-hunter is born. Fun fact: Producers are looking to fill this role with an African-American actor in his early 20s.

DAVID HAYDEN | A shape-shifter from one of Chicago’s ruling monster families. He’s been living as a human for some time, but a tragedy propels him back into the life. David is in his early 20s.

MARGO HAYDEN | David’s “professional, strong-willed, determined, ambitious” shape-shifter sister. She’s an “ex-punk rocker gone corporate” who sets out to be the new head of the family in the wake of a tragedy. Margo is in her early 20s.

VIOLET DURANT | A werewolf and part of the wealthy, powerful Durant family. In a twist right out of West Side Story, the early-twentysomething is hot for family rival David (see above), but their love is forbidden.

JULIAN DURANT | Violet’s “savagely handsome, strong, arrogant” twentysomething brother and Ennis’ arch nemesis.

FREDDIE COSTA | A world-weary copy in his 30s, Freddie has a soft spot in his heart for Ennis (he knew his dad back in the day). Fun fact: Freddie’s got a secret.

Thoughts? Theories? Casting suggestions? Hit the comments!

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  1. LSJ says:

    Meh… I love Supernatural, but I somehow I don’t think this will do well. Only time will tell though, hope I’m wrong.

  2. Tom Mc says:

    Is Freddie’s secret the fact that he’s a copy?

  3. kim says:

    A) so the lead is essentially a young Hendrickson? Amaze, because he was a wased (incredible) character
    B) petition to give the lead to the very underrated Sinqua Walls

  4. Drew says:

    I want to add that it might be cool to bring back that detective guy from last season, with the cat/familiar partner lady. Sounds like he would fit in here. Maybe add a slightly niorish vibe.

    • Percysowner says:

      As much as I approve of having POCs in the cast, an African-American woman who wears a dog collar and calls her significant other “Master” is just NO. Especially when she turns into a dog and then later (in human form) has sex with the “Master”. Now another witch with a familiar, would be great. Portia and James if she dumps the collar and calling him Master, I could live with.

      If they bring any one shot in, I would love Aaron and his Golem.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Um, you actually had a problem with that? There was no racist intent in that episode—you just read into it and saw what you wanted to see.

  5. rehabber says:

    What is this 90210 with monsters? I love SPN, but this has its work cut out to hook me. They are going to need David Nutter to direct this, but he is real picky on his shows. lol

    • Lambsilencer says:

      David Nutter is already directing the pilot for “The Flash”. So I highly doubt he would direct this one, too. Especially if it’s a backdoor pilot. Rather Robert Singer will direct, probably.

      • rehabber says:

        Which is why I said he was picky, don’t think he would touch this one. Flash I will bet on being very good, I like the lead in it and looked great on Arrow. Nutter also did the first 2 eps of SPN.

  6. Alaina M says:

    Mischa is 39 Jensen is 35 Jared is 31 so CW wants younger than them I don’t think age should matter much.
    So many comments and hardly any CAST IDEAS! I think TRISTAN WILDS could play an awesome Ennis Roth he’s 24

  7. Can’t wait….would kill to be on the writing team for the show. Love the SPN world so much.

  8. Susie says:

    I would have zero interest in this as a spin off. How is this even a “spin off”? There has never been any mention on the show of this kind of dynamic in the Supernatural universe – given the number of truly beloved characters on the show who could legitimately have a spin off just makes this even more ridiculous. I have no interest in watching 90210 or One Tree Hill with monsters. I never miss Supernatural, but I’m not planning on watching this. Thanks but no thanks.

    • alistaircrane says:

      We won’t miss you.

      • Oh, don’t be too sure. This backdoor pilot hasn’t even aired yet, let alone been picked up. It’s still got a looonnnng road ahead of it to making it to series. And then it’s got to survive its first two seasons to have any hopes of syndication.

        So, yeah, you may well miss those who don’t like the premise and go watch something else.

  9. Ennis Roth: Derek Luke
    David Hayden: Chris Hemsworth
    Margo Hayden : Deborah Ann Woll
    Violet Durant

    • Violet Durant: Yaya Decosta
      Julian Durant: Matt Lauria
      and yes I know they’re of different ethnic backgrounds but it could be a twist
      family isn’t always blood
      Freddie Costa: Javier Bardem , Chris Pine, or Tom Welling
      I think the spin off could be great as long as they have strong actors and actresses giving the story line beyond 100% I would love to see the Supernatural franchise grow and reach a new fan base

  10. Lucky says:

    Could be interesting. I’m definitely going to give the show a chance. Until I’ve seen it sitting in judgement of it is pretty pointless. It will all depend on the execution. I hope it is great though.

  11. lovingdragons says:

    ENNIS ROTH – How about Aldis Hodge he’s young enough.

    FREDDIE COSTA – Christian Kane he and Aldis always had good chemistry on Leverage.

  12. screwUforbiddenlove says:

    Why does it sound like a spin off of TVD or Twilight to me? I am still considering whether I would watch this but if I do I will definitely ignore the so-called ”forbidden love” stuff.
    Come on writers! Supernatural doesn’t even have a major female role who is not A CAR! I love the show for it is all about two brothers and their love. It is one of the things makes Supernatural unique.
    I thk there are many other fans (who still insists on watching) are not interested in this storyline just like me. It is not like you can’t have love story but I am afraid TOO MUCH focus on romance will totally ruined everything we have now (which is quite frequently seen before) and make everything so not Supernatural. And why do you have to make everything so typically CWish?

    • alistaircrane says:

      The romance is just one element of the show, not the whole element. Makes sense to me that in a show about warring tribes, two members of opposing tribes would fall in love. It creates conflict, drama and emotion. You guys need to stop hating and embrace love and romance. It’s not going to hurt you. To quote Sheryl Crow, love is a good thing.

      • ACR says:

        On the CW, love is usually pretty poorly done. Sociopath obsession yes, romance, no. Frankly, in general whenever they do “love” relationships they are almost always written terribly.

  13. gh says:

    hopefully theres an LGBT representation…

  14. Robin says:

    Who was that actor who played ‘Jesse’ on TVD for a few episdoes?

  15. Maryann says:

    This setup reminds me of The Kindred, a show on a number of years ago with a number of different vampire tribes, all with different characteristics. What it doesn’t sound like is Supernatural. I will definitely be checking this one out, particularly if there are few if any angels and demons. They should just call it Tribes so that it will bring in an audience that will like it, rather than just having the Supernatural audience try and reject it.

  16. Jill says:

    This looks OK…certainly not bad but probably not something I’d follow, they better not cancel Supernatural to lead into this series! I want my season 10!!!! After I suppose it would be a good idea but can’t they just let the Supernatural show die gracefully at its finale?

  17. Grave says:

    I LOVED Jo and Meg. I have watched every supernatural episode and have been there from day one of the show. I love the boys and hated when the show killed off them and Bobby. I would love to see more female characters in the show. I personally like the sexual tension when it Dean and a hottie. I mean come on when this show first started out Dean was the bad boy that would pick up a waitress and now….I hardly ever see him hookup with anyone. Last one was that chick that did porn and became born again and that story was whack. I will prob give the spin off a chance but that doesn’t mean I will like it but who knows it might surprise me. I personally think the CW has already proven that they can make a spin off successful with the originals. I have grown to enjoy the Originals over the vampire diaries. Actually, TVD is getting played, old, and I am tired of the same things over and over again. Elena loves Stephan Elena loves Damon blah blah blah blah. Now if they killed Elena off and let Catherine stay in her body…..now that might just spice things up a bit.

  18. Lily says:

    Hey, Carver. Why not make a proper SPN spin-off centered on a character we’ve already met and is very much stuck in this whole angels vs demons scenario? Oh, you forgot about Jesse Turner – the antichrist from season 5, the most powerful being the Winchesters have ever run into? Huh. Guess I’ll have to wait for Revolution to get finished off and for Kripke to need a new job, and maybe then we’ll have a proper SPN spin-off.

  19. Amaranth says:

    I think there are better spin off storylines then this.
    It better have some seriously good writing and they best find excellent actors or this will fail quickly.

  20. cat777 says:

    Holy crap, after reading these comments I’m wondering how I’ve continued watching and enjoying(most of the time) the same shows as a lot of you people watch. Just reading these comments makes me feel tired and some brain cells are screaming in pain, dying slow painful deaths. You know once they die they don’t come back so for the benefit of my mental well-being I must run, quickly and with purpose away from this post. Godspeed to me.

  21. Minnie says:

    Not even going to give this the time of day.
    No chance for a female lead?
    ‘Forbidden love’ sub plot?
    Really SPN? I know the majority of the show’s fans are female, but we don’t want this to turn into Wangsty, vomit-inducing, cheese-fest YA novel. :P

  22. brn says:

    …. Without Sam and Dean? That’s not Supernatural…. at all…..

  23. Emmirel says:

    How about a spinoff about the Knights of Hell?

  24. Leah Walker says:

    the names aren’t Hayden and Durant anymore, it’s Lassiter and Duval. I’d be happy for a spinoff!!