24: Live Another Day: Watch the First Promo!

Fox officially restarted the 24 promotional clock Sunday during Super Bowl XLVIII, unveiling the first teaser for Jack Bauer’s 12-episode revival, 24: Live Another Day (premiering May 5).

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Production on the “limited event series” got underway last week in London, so the clip doesn’t contain any actual footage (I’m told the Jack/Chloe sequence was shot specifically for this promo). But the message is nonetheless clear: all hell is breaking lose across the pond.

Press PLAY below, then spend a few seconds in the comments sharing your snappy judgements.


Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nkg says:

    Wow!!!! So excited

  2. Ashley says:

    Chloe looks great. So excited for this.

  3. Christian says:

    It wasn’t much, but I’m super excited to see it! Jack is BACK!

  4. jenn says:

    I dobt care how much they showed it was awesome!!!!

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    I heard the clock ticking in between commercials earlier and I got goosebumps!! Very excited for 24 to come back :-)

  6. Jackie Weaver says:

    Goth Chloe!

  7. Tran 2.0 says:

    JACK IS BACK!! 5-5-14. As a huge 24 fan, the beeping always give me the chills.

  8. steve says:

    Is it just me that isnt excitied?? Dont get me wrong and all i LOVE 24!! But i just think bringing it back is a massive mistake it had a great ending & that is going to be undone & the whole point of 24 is 1 episode = 1 hour of a full day 12 episodes again is just going to ruin it

    • Chris Traeger says:

      It is literally just you that isn’t excited.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Agreed. Not sure how anyone could think the series got a good ending. Everything was left open-ended for the movie that never happened.

        • steve says:

          i dont no how anyone could think 12 episodes for a show called 24 where the concept is each episode is an hour in a day is a good idea. If must bring it back atleast give us the full 24 episodes

          • Giles says:

            But how many of those 24 episodes were filler? In the first season, those filler episodes were great – full of emotion and character development. In the later seasons it just meant B stories coming to the forefront and taking AWAY from the emotion. I think 12 episodes will make the story more compact, exciting, and open up new possibilities.

        • steve says:

          Also on the ending the scene with chole to end it atleast IMO was perfect They are the show & the only 2 really needed to know where were

      • Kayla says:

        My thoughts exactly.

    • Don J says:

      Going back to your original post, I firmly disagree with you that the show ended perfectly. Because it didn’t. The Jack Bauer story never got closure. They ended it the way they did hoping it would launch a feature film series, which never materialized.

    • jack bauer says:

      shut th fk up!! an enjoy it muppit!!

    • KJL says:

      If you are a true 24 fan, you would be as stoked as the rest of us. The ending just left us wanting more. Can’t wait!!

    • boyce william says:

      just so great to have Jack Bauer back on the screen..IT COULd’T b any better.thanks 4 dat.

  9. Babygate says:

    Goosebumps! Straight up! Love, LOVE Jack Bauer. Cannot wait!

  10. Kris says:

    BEST PART OF THE SUPER BOWL, hands down! Jack is back!!!!!!!!!

  11. 'A' is Alive says:

    So well planned by FOX. 5-5-14? That all equals 24. Pretty slick hahahaha… CAN’T WAIT!

  12. tv2day says:

    The show that changed TV.

  13. Andre says:

    Chloe looks very hot no more strip club 24 is baaaaaaccck

  14. ChuckMeForever says:

    Honestly If it were not for Yvonne Strahovski being in the show I would not even give it a second of my time…

  15. kate says:

    SO EXCITED. nobody watches 24 because it’s excellent television. everyone watches it because Jack Bauer is so much fun to watch.

  16. James D says:

    Jack is back mofos and he’s coming to get ya. please be May I want to watch it now.

  17. The downfall of 24 in the past was that they often had to come up with a lot of filler to get 24 episodes out of a season. Cutting down to 12 episodes, with some skipped hours due to traffic or whatever means no need for silliness like Kimberly getting her foot caught in a trap and being menaced by a big cat. So I can’t wait to see what happens in this season.

  18. Leah says:

    Just seeing Jack Bauer and Chloe again was great, but man this promo was clunky. My first thought was, “Well, that was awkward.”

  19. Merissa W. says:

    So excited…all the little teases they gave throughout the first half and then this, me and my friends screamed for joy! LOL

  20. J.B. says:

    I have never seen one episode of 24 but that was one amazing commercial. The cinematography alone was epic.

  21. majamabe says:

    Whoa evil eye Chloe and bad-a.. Jack – what an unbeatable duo! Jack is back!

  22. Tomasawakadoodledo says:


  23. Mikael says:

    It’s awesome to hear that clock beeping again. I’m so ready for this!

  24. cjeffery7 says:

    i just about lost my sh** when i saw the promo. i think i scared my friends…

  25. Nicole says:

    So excited that Team O’Bauer is back in action. May 5th can’t get here soon enough. Love that Jack is helping his Chloe with one arm and kicking butt with the other.

  26. RichRichards says:

    First time poster. That’s how excited I am.

  27. Arnold Ziffle says:

    Chloe’s eyes are epic.

  28. Mike Refai says:

    peep peep peep peep– yaaa

  29. jeffrey gamble says:

    Glad to have been a part of one of the best shows to hit TV. Jack Bauer is still the man to get the job done at any cost. A true Patriot looking forward to the up coming shows.