Carrie Diaries Finale Recap: California Dreamin'?

The Carrie Diaries finale recapShe may have thick blond hair and a closet full of half-shirts and flared skirts, but Carrie Bradshaw is no Malibu Barbie. (Just suggesting as much feels like blasphemy!)

Of course, it’s an 18-year-old’s prerogative to not have herself or her destiny entirely sorted out, which is why we’ll forgive our titular heroine for choosing a West Coast future after watching her life implode in the Season 2 (and quite possibly series) finale of The Carrie Diaries.

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But hey, just because you make it all the way to the fabulous TWA Terminal — to attend a wedding, of all things! — doesn’t mean you have to get on a plane. So let’s pithily recap the action from the final hour of utterly charming, pre-Sex and the City adventures.

Our core Castlebury, Conn. players — Mouse, Maggie and Walt (along with Mr. Bradshaw and Dorrit) — all scored happy endings, to one degree or another. Mouse, having been named co-valedictorian with ex-boyfriend West, engaged in a battle over their shared prize (a single encyclopedia sex set) that predictably wound up with a final sexual tryst, a sweet breakfast at the diner and a cordial farewell. Maggie, after finding a red herring phone number in Pete’s pocket, got a marriage proposal. And Walt (I’ll miss you most of all!) got accepted to Pratt, meaning continued future connections to Carrie and boyfriend Bennett. Back on the home front, Dorrit decided to be nice to her dad, even if it made both of ’em a little uncomfortable.

This left most of the hour to focus on Carrie, Sebastian and the NYC players. And under the heading of “father knows best,” Mr. Bradshaw’s worst fear came true on Carrie’s first day on the job at Interview. She got canned — or rather, swept into the can along with Larissa when the flighty editrix forgot to mention La Warhol in a New York Times piece — and paid the price. Not that Larissa minded, mind you: It just meant she had more time to focus on her impending nuptials with Harlan (which went down at the architecturally stunning TWA terminal at JFK). Oh Lord, those vows about Harlan introducing Larissa to the Mile High Club, and Larissa fondly recalling the couple’s christening of the first-class lounge, couldn’t have happened in a church, that’s for sure.

Samantha, meanwhile, kept finding Elliott (the married paramour she’d dumped when she’d discovered complications in his open marriage) outside the horse-race betting parlor she frequented as her “safe space.” (Side note: The unexpected convergence of one of my fave TV characters with my favorite sport makes me unspeakably giddy.) Chemistry drew them together for one more romp, but it also caused the professor to leave his wife — and propose a deeper relationship with our commitment-phobic sex kitten. We left them as they entered an OTB (not a euphemism) arm-in-arm. But trust me, based on my knowledge of what those places looked and smelled like before they shut down a few years back, let’s hope no, um, “christening” occurred.

And finally, we come to Carrie. With her job gone kablooey and the NYU admissions office telling her she’d missed her shot ’til the spring semester (at best), she agreed to head to Cali with Sebastian, a decision that turned her relationship with her dad from chilly to Polar Vortex-ian. But after heart-to-hearts with nomadic Samantha and dreamy ex Weaver (le sigh), we could see her doubts begin to percolate. When Sebastian approached her at the wedding and asked, “You’re not comin’, are you?” it was clear the end was near — for the star-crossed couple, anyhow. “Even though there’s nothing for me here — no job, no college — I have to stay here and fight for my life,” Carrie explained. Sebastian, heartbreakingly, told her he’d look for her byline in the future, and “know I was lucky enough to love that girl.” (No, I never really bought the epic-ness of Bradshaw-Kydd — of course, I didn’t want Carrie to end up with Big, either — but it sure was a moving finish.)

Run to YouAnd thus, it was Carrie who wound up subletting Larissa’s massive apartment (for a mere $550 a month — ahhh, the ’80s!). But in the episode’s best twist, our protagonist ended the episode with a phone call to an unseen individual, who quickly arrived at the apartment door. Who else could it be but Samantha Jones? And what else could happen but Carrie asking her to move in — as long as she promised not to borrow her underwear anymore. “I stopped wearing underwear,” Samantha shot back, “so it shouldn’t be a problem.” Cue the whole Castlebury and NYC gang at a quaint West Village eatery — being waited on by Carrie herself.

Yep, she’s gonna make it after all…

What did you think of the Carrie Diaries finale? If it’s a series finale, do you feel like your favorite characters got an appropriate sendoff? Grade the episode below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Riana says:

    Might as well go down swinging

  2. Jared says:

    The CW should revamp The Carrie Diaries and introduce the rest of the SATC girls.

  3. Ric says:

    Hoping for season 3. Or a complete series dvd.

  4. 80s says:

    I adored this show. I will miss it!

  5. Beth says:

    Would have been better if Carrie would have moved into THE apartment, but hey that’s just what I wanted :). It was also nice that Sebastian will make it with his business venture, that’s the problem with a prequel though, the viewer knew these two weren’t end game.

    • Jonny says:

      Yeah, being the type of prequel that it is, it was kinda doomed from the start and hard to get attached to. I guess they could’ve gone an alternate route and give TCD its own ending without connections to the former series (other than her meeting Samantha, etc), but that wouldn’t make much sense or please fans of SATC.

      I know that TCD is based on a book and I’m not sure of the timeline for everything (as far as the characters meeting / showing up and such), but maybe it would’ve been better if they made a prequel that took place shortly before SATC (when they’re all in their 20’s) rather than when Carrie was a teenager. They could’ve then hired younger actresses for flashbacks to whenever the characters meet/met.

      • James says:

        Technically, TCD is following the continuity stated in the prequel books while the TV version of SATC made significant departures from the books.

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      I was hoping foe THE apartment, too! When they showed shots of her moving back in I was trying to visualize that apartment/the closet and how it would work in that space. Please, season 3, please!!!

  6. William says:

    I’m going to be crushed if The CW cancels TCD. Each episode’s charming and heartwarming at the same time. There’s so much they can do when it comes to potential storylines, I would honestly hate to see it go. It’s like the final two episodes of S2 setup the foundation for Carrie’s story on SATC. *sigh*

  7. Andrew Hass says:

    I liked it.If it was the Series Finale then it’s good that there’s no loose ends.Now if there is a third season the show can do a time jump of sorts and we could see Carrie in college with some of the old characters still around but new ones too.

  8. S says:

    Does anyone know what the 80’s song was at the end of this episode?

  9. S says:

    Does anyone know what that 80’s song that was playing at the end of this last episode?

  10. Bradster says:

    I think there’s a strong chance for a third season ….

    • dude says:

      Then you’re just willingly ignoring the fact that it’s the only show on The CW’s line-up that didn’t get additional episodes ordered. It’s also one of the lowest rated.

      • James says:

        Because they also have new shows that will be joining the line-up in midseason. Mark Pedowitz never stated when they renewed TCD for Season 2 that the show has an option for a back-order. It will be one and done to give some breathing room in the schedule.

      • Brandy says:

        It is/was a limited series,intended to only have 13 episodes a season.When it & Cult were picked upCW said they wanted to try cable length seasons.When talking about season two he said”we may or MayNoT go more than 13 this season.We looked at it as a limited series last season too”.Plus in May,deadline had a article with the headlineCW Eyes Carrie Diaries,The 100 for limited Runs.In May another deadline article reporting CD,Nikita renewals,it said “Carrie Diaries episodes order is automatically a 13 episodes since it was a Midseason show last season”.

      • xsarahlrx says:

        It’s only gotten lower LIVE ratings, the show is like the second most streamed on CW’s website which goes to show how popular it actually is, that will play a factor in the decision to give a 3rd season or not. Don’t write it off before it’s even had a chance to start.

        • Brandy says:

          It’s actually third most streamed now according to what CW said a few months ago about VD,TO being top two most streame and CD & Reign doing very well online

  11. @PortmanReview says:

    There HAS to be a season 3. I hope the CW does what it did with Nikita or Gossip Girl and gives it a shortened final season instead of no season at all. I love Walt and Carrie and I hate to think that was the last I’ll see of them. Please CW, just 6 more episodes, at least!!!

  12. DavidSask says:

    ABC Family, Netflix, or Amazon need to take over the show!

  13. Samantha says:

    Please let there be a season 3 I feel like there could be Soooo much more of this story!!! Bring it back CW!!! It was a Good Show!!!

  14. Kim says:

    Haven’t watched the finale yet but I really hope there’s a third season! I’m afraid I was one of the skeptics at the beginning – thinking the idea of a prequal for SATC odd but thanks to Netflix, I have been completely won over! So sad that the ratings are so low since it’s really a fun show.

  15. Kelly says:

    I adore this show! Please let them re new it for a third season. The finale was wonderful!

  16. Prue says:

    I agree! There needs to be a Season 3. I’m also interested in Walt’s story, not just Carrie’s.

  17. Kaylin says:

    here’s an idea… Take Sebastian , follow him to Cali and spin off!! He’s adorable, who doesn’t like the skateboarding theme? we all know how that works out in the end!! (great!) and we can meet some cali ladies to sweep him off his feet!?! That would make for a great spin off .. no?!!

  18. Here’s an idea? Sell the series to ABC family…bet it would do better there.

  19. Drienne says:

    One of the first shows I’ll really be sad to see go. They’ve done such a good job, and I love the 80’s vibe. Don’t cancel a show that makes me laugh out loud, and brings tears to my eyes!

  20. Sarah says:

    This is the only show I watch on the CW. Of course, I’m way older than the target demo, but I watch it with my teen daughter, who loves it. I love it because it really seems like a perfect prequel to SATC, and the whole ’80s style/culture done so well.

    • Toby says:

      The show obviously got cancelled if that was supposed to be the series finale. So as far as the last episode being a good series finale NO, season finale, yes. Lets hope for a 3rd season. TV just isn’t the same shows that get dropped one year become cult classics the next (freaks n geeks) especially with hulu n netflix around look at what netflix did for breaking bad as far as popularity. Carrie Diaries is/was fantastic.?

  21. Samantha says:

    Um I really really really think that Sebastian and Carrie should have stayed together…I mean I LOVED their couple! I really thought they were meant to be…I hope it isn’t goodbye anyways…maybe they could reunite it season 3☺️ Oooooo I will be soooo upset if they cancel this show! I adored it😭

  22. Barbara says:

    I love.. Sex in the city and Carrie diaries too …i like this so much pleas 3 series .. I love so much this serial is best in this world !!! pleas,please,pleas,pleas,pleas…<33

  23. Ali says:

    My friends and my love this so much !! i have a 50-100 friends ! yeah and we want 3,4,5… serie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SO MUCH !!

  24. Arii says:

    come on …ples you all know that is a best show !!! FOREVER!! PLEaS I WANT THIS FOR MY LIFI !! this is my life in my 18 y o best in manhatten …..pleas it is my dream this live!! pleas

  25. Misty Lake says:

    I really hope The Carrie Diaries gets renewed. There is never anything good on tv besides Pretty Little Liars and The Carrie Diaries. This was different than the other shows than the other shows on The CW (since Gossip Girl and 90210 got cancelled). TV would be absolutely boring if they canceled TCD and I think it deserves a chance. I’m so sick of all these vampire/werewolf shows, don’t get me wrong I am into that stuff but it’s over done and they can never come up with a storyline that keeps my interest.

  26. Tiffany says:

    Sebation and carrie all the way! That’s why it’s sad that we no sex in the city carrie and big so u know for a fact carrie and sebation were over from the start but still they should get back together if the show is renewed which I hope it is also I didn’t understand why she couldn’t go to California for 3 months with sebation that would have been a lot of fun.. They are ment to be screw the prequels in this case

  27. Crystal G says:

    Really bummed about the Carrie Diaries! :(

  28. jayjay214 says:

    carrie & sebastian shouldve stayed together, it wouldve been a more exciting show if she moved with him to cali and start a new adventure and make new friends as well as run into old ones. im a sucker for a romantic ending!

  29. gabby says:

    i really wish there could be a season 3 i mean this show really changed my life in weird/spectacular way.. Sebastian and carries love was epic and so disappointing that they had to end it, i only pray that there will be more to come and hopefully one day i could love someone as much as Carrie Bradshaw loved Sebastian Kydd.

  30. Rose says:

    I just can’t believe it’s finished like that! Only two seasons? Seriously? And Sebastian and Carrie? It just can’t finish like that, it really can’t! C’mon it’s a tv show, we all know that in real life many things can go wrong, but that’s way we have tv shows! The end of the second season has been a big disappointment, I need this show back right now!!!

  31. Rebecca says:

    I really wish they would continue to season 3 because of Carrie and Sebastian kyd i do not under stand if they broke up or not or if they are gonna continue there long distance relashtionship I’m very upset about all of the things and I wanna know how things go for carrie and aswell I want to know how things work out with Maggie’s marriage and my favorite character Sebastian kyd so please please please please please please please please please please please please find a way for there to be a season 3 because there are a lot of big questions left for the Carrie diaries

  32. Lupe Lerma says:

    I loved The Carrie Diaries! (: I just hoped they would have done more of it.

  33. Amara Zogas says:

    the ending was dumb

  34. Bailey Papp says:

    The finale was pretty good, other than the fact that I have no idea what happens after! All I know now, is that Sebastian left and Carrie is living with Samantha. I wish I could’ve known what happens for good between Sebastian and Carrie.

  35. Chantal says:

    I really want to know, what happens with her and Kydd in the future! Also where her dad and sister are in future life. Also if she keeps in contact with Maggie, Mouse, Donna, Walt and Bennett. There’s so much more to this story, it would mean a lot to the women of the world if you finish this story out. I really think she should have went to Cali, being gone and seeing an other side of the world would be good for her writing. Besides she can’t go to college till falls semester, and she lost her job. There’s a lot of things that I think would have made the story better. Like seeing why Dooret broke up with her first boy friend he was so sweet and cute! Why Mouse and West broke up, if they cared so much why didn’t they fight for each other? Do they ever talk again? Maggie and Donna not hooking up with Kydd would have been better to, that’s pretty messed up and pathetic for Carrie forgiving her. How Dooret does without her sister living there. Did her dad really cut her off, is that why she don’t talk to him in sex in the city. There much I think you guys can expand on. Please bring the show back! BOTH OF THEM!

  36. A says:

    It was a great episode just like all the others and a great ending a part from Sebastian leaving and them both saying “Goodbye” and Carrie explaining how that probably meant the end and that they will most likely never see each other again
    That was devastating and you can’t just end a series like that it’s so unfair. at least they should have made one more episode just to tie things together and have a proper ending

  37. autie says:

    I didn’t really like how it ended. I expected that Sebastian would come back to carrie after the summer in California and him and carrie would be with eachother . I wanted that to be the last episode. it would of been the tv show of a lifetime if that’s how it would’ve ended , but instead it just made me upset because of the way it did. they are just so perfect together , THEY ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER , FOREVERRRR !

  38. Samantha Keener says:

    I haven’t finished season two yet, did Sebastian and Carrie break up?????

  39. jolie says:

    I feel like the episode should have ended by Sebastian coming back to Manhattan or Carry visting Sebastian.

  40. the series was better if they made a season when carries met miranda and charlotte.that is a good season with the all cast of the sex and the city!!

  41. i like this season!but i think thah the series was better if they made a season when carries met miranda and charlotte.that is a good season with the all cast of the sex and the city!!

  42. kailey says:

    i think sebastian and carrie r the most romantic couple and carrie shoul have gone to cali w/sebastian b/c in sex and the city we could of seen carrie and sebastian together in california and live happily ever after

  43. Madison says:

    I really wish Sebastian and carries relationship wasn’t so complicated. I really loved them together. #kyddshaw forever♡ .

  44. Alexis Owens says: