The Vampire Diaries Recap: The Body Swap

Vampire Diaries Season 5 RecapOn Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries, Katherine takes a crash course in Elena 101, Tyler learns that eavesdropping is bad and a brokenhearted Damon makes a bold move.

Let’s review the biggest surprises from “The Devil Inside”:

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BODY CONTROL | Katherine compels Matt so she can get all the deets on Elena and continue to impersonate her. At the top of her list of all things Elena: fashion and hair. Her leather dress is definitely not Gilbert-approved, according to Matt. The pink streak in her locks is from when she turned off her humanity, and now that she has it back, Katherine does us all a favor and gets rid of it. Next question: “How exactly did Elena Gilbert break up with you? Because I’m going to need it later.”

But first, Mia the Traveler has to perform a spell that will let Katherine permanently take possession. In order to do that, they need Katherine’s body, which Damon buried somewhere he thinks she should have always been. After squeezing that info out of Stefan while pretending to be Elena – and being offended that he’s not more distraught over Katherine’s death – she knows just the place where to find her remains: the tomb she was never in.

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Unfortunately, Elena comes to during the spell, knocks out Mia and Nadia and then runs off into the woods. She tries to call for help, but Katherine put a pin on her phone (genius!). Back at the tomb, Mia wakes up and continues the spell as Katherine’s greatest hits play through Elena’s mind. She runs into Damon just as the magical mojo is completed, giving Katherine the perfect opportunity to put the final exclamation mark on that romance and get what she really wants (Stefan).

SPLITSVILLE | “You’re good, and I need a little good in my life,” Damon says. “’Cause without it, there’s an awful lot of darkness.” Katherine responds with a very Elena-esque spiel about not wanting to be the only thing he lives for and fearing what he’ll do if they break up again. He was right to let her go, she tells him. As if it wasn’t already clear to Damon’s sad face, she declares that they’re over.

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BACK TO BAD | Now that Elena’s given up on him, Damon’s back to his old ways. He and Enzo corner Aaron in the middle of the street. He used to feel conflicted in these moments and tried to be better for Elena, but now, he sees she was right and feeds on Aaron.

THE SEX TRUTH | Tyler overhears Caroline and Elena (actually a devious Katherine, totally aware Tyler can hear them) talking about her romp in the woods with Klaus. (A note to Tyler: When you declared that there would be “no more drama” after your failed revenge scheme, you were asking for trouble.) The look he gives Caroline as he walks away is devastating. So is the moment when he reminds her of all the people close to him that Klaus killed and then orders her to leave. Stefan breaks up the confrontation. When Tyler informs him what went down between Caroline and Klaus, he still punches an inebriated Tyler. “Drunk or not, she doesn’t deserve that,” Stefan responds.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad to see Bad Damon back? Were you crushed with Tyler or siding with Caroline? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Dianna says:

    Ok first Caroline and stephan should totally hook up. Every good relationship is based on friendship first. Second if Tyler wanted an opinion he shouldn’t have walked out once….no twice oh right three times…and if we’re pointing fingers at Klaus and his adorable self let’s not forget Damon and Caroline where he fed off of her and compelled her to forget….There vampires there all bad and if your looking for something you can relate to watch reality TV. …..for those of us who read the books and love the while fantasy bring on the drama. …but seriously pick a character elaina carherine I don’t care either way this story line is old move on

  2. Life disco says:

    Already killed the show when Elena fell for Damon. He’s only acting the good guy model because of elena. He actually does’nt care about who dies or who lives. And now thate elena, i mean her body does’nt wanna be wit him, he’s…… Screw you Damon (tongue out):p

  3. Amanda says:

    Am I the only one that hates Katherine and is tired of the doppleganger theme? LET KATHERINE GO. PLEASE GOD. Just be done with that character. I’m so tired of her almost dying then going away then reappearing…the b**ch is like herpes…everytime I think we got rid of her she pops right back up…so sick of that character.

    • Faith L. says:

      I am over the doppleganger thing too. I was hoping it was all over when Katherine turned human, that she would just fade away.

    • Chantall says:

      I totally agree amanda the katherine character is over used completely not to mention the whole doppelganger storyline is getting tooo old now

  4. Life disco says:

    Lol AMANDA. Dont u know that Katherine is a main star on the show? I mean she’s the main reason of EVERYTHING that is being happening to EVERYONE. She really do love stefan. But the question is “Will Stefan Forgive her, If He Finds Out What She Did To Elena”?

  5. Noel says:

    I just have one question: why the frak did Elena not kill the woman performing the ritual straight away? She can see what she’s doing, she actually manages to push her to the ground…and then she lets her live and just runs away? Come on.

  6. Life disco says:

    Noel, dont u get it? She was totally afraid and scared, she doesnt know what to do. I mean come on, you are in the midst of your enemies and u got a chance to escape, are u gonna stay and kill them first? Or are u gonna get the hell out of there? Besides she was in a scary mode

    • Jessica says:

      Elena, might have been scared but the first reaction should have been to kill the witch because that would have bought more time. I’m not likeing this.

  7. Reanna says:

    I think Bonnie should somehow see Elena and before she touches Bonnie, she should tell her what happened then Bonnie can bring back Elena. ELENA WAS BETTER!!

  8. Life disco says:

    Yea, i agree with you JESSICA, but remember the fact that Nadia is presently, right in front of her. And she is a way hell 400 years older than her, Elena does’nt stand a chance. Her only way is to run. Though she did’nt escape

  9. Anna says:

    Am i the only one her hates Katherine? She’s so desperate and needy it’s pathetic. I don’t like Elena that much either but I love Damon and it’s so cute how he loves Elena. I just want Delena back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Faith L. says:

    I am so over this Elena and Katherine thing. I was really hoping that Katherine was finally gone. Ok, fine, you want to keep Katherine, put her in another body, not Elenas. I am tired of seeing the same characters faces over and over playing different people.

  11. kathrine says:

    I’m ready for Katherine to either be dead for real or be in someone else’s body.. i mean shes lived for 500 years Elenas only lived for like 19 let her live alittle and Katherine was the one who wanted to be human anyway yes Elena gave it to her forcefully but she did want it and she got What she wanted as usual then she didn’t want it so much and has to steal Elena body but I can’t believe no one has noticed anything off about Elena..I do like Damon being a bad boy though and I like enzos character too. who cares Caroline slept with Klaus everyone has a guilty pleasure! But umm Bonnie should definitely know Katherine’s not dead she’s the anchor! Any who I hope Elena comes back soon and a new increasing story line. But I am little sad Aaron’s dead I kinda liked him he was sweet, and even cut the funding to Augustine for elena, poor guy he did t deserve to get his throat ripped out. And in is Nadia a vampire now?! She looked like it in the news episode? Someone tell me if ya know!!

    • Chantall says:

      I agree bonni should have noticed that katherine didnt pass through her i mean geeeez why is she there if she cant be usefull

  12. Summer says:

    I just want Alaric, good Damon, non complaining Elena, non d*** Tyler, safe Matt, dead Katherine, and non indecisive Caroline!!!

  13. Paige2013 says:

    i really like this show i mean im way pissed that eleana isnt there anymore but like everybody says she will come back hopfully and i really hope that stefen and eleana get back together they did make a goood couple so dose she and damon to so idk about that part but i really love this show and i hope they keep going with it:]

  14. kansis jeffrey says:

    if damon is back as bad he is i like it beacuse to lose what you want is not easy.stefan and elena wil be back together.

    • Chantall says:

      Stefan and elena will never end up together…remember he is spending time with katherine! Not elena..stefan deservs someone who hasnt betrayed or used him a girl who hasnt slept with damon..katherine was just selfish by trying to keep the brothers under her control and then thers elena who slept with damon that hurt him..and ohyes caroline also slept with damon so thats a big nooo! He has to get a girl that has no past with damon a girl that will only have eyes for him

  15. Life disco says:

    Oh crap…….stefan is better of with CAROLINE, gosh i hOpe they would be paired together. Do you guys know that katherine/elena finally kissed stefan on a road trip…….STEROLINE by the way

    • Chantall says:

      Ok disco steroline arrrre nooot good together serously that would ruin everything..not every guy and girl needs to hook up on this show…caroline is stefans new lexi..i mean really now caroline is just Damons sloppy seconds..and she had tyler…and klaus it would make her look like a slutbag if she had to DO stefan too

  16. BritOne says:

    i got a question…

    Elena is now dead and the traveler dead why dossent the ankor the best friend of Elena know about there deaths after all they would have to pass over though her and feals the pain of both there deaths

    my question is why hassent she sead nothing yet?

    • Chantall says:

      I totally agree why is she on the show if she is not usefull…but i dont think elena is dead i think she might still be trapped in her own body she is just being blocked by katherine