Nashville Recap: You Go, Girl

Nashville Season 2 RecapUNDER EMBARGO UNTIL, Y’KNOW, SOMETIME IN THE NEAR FUTURE: Bestselling recording artist Rayna Jaymes is proud to announce that her former labelmate Juliette Barnes has joined Highway 65 Records, following the latter’s ballsy – if inopportune – truth-telling at the Grand Ole Opry. “Better the devil you do, you know what I mean? I am pleased to once more be making music with my friend and touring partner Juliette,” Ms. Barnes said. Ms. Barnes will —

Oh hi! After this week’s Nashville, I figured I’d go ahead and get a jump on drafting a press release for Highway 65’s inevitable acquisition of the now-label-less Juliette. There’s no way that move’s not going to happen, right?

Elsewhere in Music City, Scarlett manages to find yet another problem-in-the-making (thanks, Scarf Boy), Will’s still pretending, Rayna gets spread over the hood of a car, Lamar’s about to find out that free is the new black and Juliette puts herself – and some pink macaroni – on the table for Avery. Read on for the highlights of “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right.”

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AND NOW IT’S TIME FOR A BREAKDOWN | Rayna brings Liam in to work with Scarlett, and he’s quite unimpressed with the image she’s putting forth in her newest boppy song. “I highly doubt you’re the whiskey-slammin’, dirty dancin’ kind of girl,” the producer tells her, quoting the lyrics and winning a smidge of my respect for the side-eye he gives her I-work-at-the-yarn-store-on-weekends outfit. When he can’t get her to tell him what she’s really thinking and feeling, he steals her journal and locks her in the recording booth while he reads it. And she flips out. Calm down there, SheDaisy! Also, you know things are going south when there is not one braid visible in Ms. O’Connor’s epic mane.

When Liam’s able to pull some backstory out of her, we learn that Scarlett’s mom has been unstable for a long time and has logged stints at the “horse farm” – a euphemism for the psych ward. After an all-nighter, they record a song about her mom, though Scar is so tired that she happily takes one of the stimulant pills Liam hands her. An overworked blonde popping uppers like Tic Tacs? We’re careening toward a Jessie Spano situation here, kids, and I’m so excited! I’m so excited! (You know the rest.)

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DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO | Deacon’s new label wants him to ask his famous friends to record an album of duets with him. Deke doesn’t love the idea, but he gives it a shot backstage at the Ryman just before Juliette’s induction into the Grande Ole Opry. Ms. Barnes is honored, but declines nonetheless. “Folks tend to burn the things that I sing on, so I’m going to do you a favor and say no,” she says a little sadly.

Plus, Deacon probably wouldn’t benefit from the sentiment Ju engenders when, moments after Brad Paisley publicly welcomes her into the Opry family, she ditches the canned apology Jeff wants her to deliver and instead strikes out on her own. “What is she doing?” Jeff says, fuming. “Whatever she wants,” Glenn says, grinning big and making me love him even more. (Side note: Seriously, it’s so cute how proud he is of Juliette for speaking her mind.)

Juliette then kicks tush with a rocking number that ends with “Don’t put dirt on my grave just yet” – though the wary audience merely gives her polite applause. Rayna, the first person at Juliette’s dressing room door afterwards, offers this: “Well, that wasn’t very smart, but it sure was brave. Good for you.” Aww, Rayna!

Jeff is… less supportive. He drops her from Edgehill, effective immediately, and calls her “just plain stupid.” But a very self-assured Ju informs him that the term could also apply to a label head who loses his two biggest artists in his first six months on the job. OWNED, Jeff, you mean little smirky turtle (™ Matt Webb Mitovich). Juliette, I’m so proud of you that we’re not even going to discuss your questionable onstage wardrobe choices.

Free at last – and with her career seemingly crumbling around her pretty ears – Juliette gives Glenn a vacation and then whips up some pink macaroni and brings it to Avery’s. After all, he’s the best/only thing she has left, a point she makes before they kiss and he sweeps her up and heads to the bedroom.

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SHE’S A FAST ONE | Luke shows the world how much he adores Rayna by plastering her face on the hood of the #53 NASCAR car he co-owns. She is touched for all of two seconds, then she realizes that the owner of a Wal-Mart-esque chain is nearby and makes it her mission to get Highway 65 on his shelves. It’s not looking good – these things are decided a year in advance, he kindly informs her – but then he decides that he’ll bump Juliette’s CDs and stock Rayna’s artists’ discs in their place. Ray eventually says no thanks, telling Luke that she wants her label to be a “refuge” where artists can be true to themselves. (Deacon? Juliette? You hear that?)

WHO ARE YOU? (WHO WHO WHO WHO?) | Two artists who certainly are not being true to themselves at the moment: Will and Layla. Early one morning, as Gunnar eats cereal in black boxer briefs, Layla shows up at the boys’ place and asks Gunny to write with her. (Side note: It would be really OK if Gunnar and Will were in their skivvies every time a scene takes place at their apartment. It would lend an air of realism to the show. Lena Dunham says!)

When Gunnar and Layla meet, she’s got nothing: no ideas, no tunes, no clue of how to actually go about songwriting. She storms out but later apologizes; in between, we get a monologue about how she’s always done what people expect of her. Nashville, PLEASE don’t make me like Layla. It hasn’t happened yet, but you got me to let my guard down around Avery, and I wound up squeeing along with everyone else tonight when Ju hopped right into his little arms.

HE’S FREE | Rayna and the girls think Tandy is at a spa in Napa, but she is actually at a motel in Biloxi, hiding out from the U.S. Attorney’s office. When the Feds can’t get her to answer their texts (side note: the hell?), they bust in and arrest her for violating her plea deal. But she won’t testify against her father – she doesn’t want to be the target of his next hit – so she and her lawyer find some loophole that makes her evidence inadmissible/her un-indictable and she walks. Meanwhile, Teddy’s got Megan thinking maybe he’s onto something with this Lamar-shot-my-wife theory.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Riana says:

    We also finally found out where Scarlett is from. I still don’t think that’s a Mississippi accent though.

  2. Eileenwestsixteen says:

    Two thumbs way up. It wasn’t the best episode but it set up some drama for the remainder of the season. It needed some momentum and I can’t wait for the confrontation between Rayna and Lamar.

  3. Bogdan says:

    Best show, i like it.

  4. Trenton says:

    Teddy is totally gonna steal Deacon’s new girl in a lovely role reversal… Layla is gonna fall for Gunner b/c apparently everybody does and that is gonna make it weird for soooo many people for many reasons. Scar O’ … I guess this was an obvious place to go with her family history of substance stuff (Also look out cute little Rayna/Deacon child…this is in your future as well if the show lasts), but it would be nice if they can avoid Deacon level self destruction with her. Can scarfman do his producing without copious amounts of alcohol and or pharmaceuticals.

    Also I wish julliete had a nascar visage as well and they could have traded paint…just seems like it would happen naturally.

  5. Jake says:

    Everytime Scarlett comes on screen, my eyes roll into the back of my head. She is so sickening to watch anymore. Her schtick has gotten old.

    • Elyse says:

      so true. the old Scarlett wouldn’t get all crazy over a couple of guys.

      • Shira says:

        The old Scarlett didn’t have to. They got all crazy for themselves. One burning his masters and the other going through grief. She had not time to freak out when all she did was damage control.

  6. Lisa says:

    It was a bit awkward to see Brad Paisley guest star when they just killed off his RL wife.

  7. Margie says:

    Really love this show. But I do have to agree about Juliette’s wardrobe onstage, was cheering your speech and song but cringing at her clothes. Still can’t stand Layla and they can’t change that, I don’t think.
    Hope you are right and think you are about them signing with Hwy 65, can’t wait till Reyna takes Juliette, Deacon, and possibly others to her label.

  8. tiffanie says:

    I thought it was one of the top 3 episodes of the season and by far the best music. Finally Avery and Juliet get together the only couple that has chemistry. Ive also been sick of all the emotional Scarlett crape but finally I see a story coming about. This season is a lot better by far I hope it gets at least another but its poor ratings always they should have put it on netflix that’s how people get into series now without having to worry about getting invested for nothing but cancellation

  9. Shira says:

    That’s what I’m talking about Nashville. Women power, strive for power and independence (and how the two are related), friendship, loyalty, heart, soul, killer song, Teddy storyline that doesn’t pit me to sleep and one Liam to save us all! Drop Luke/Rayna romance and I’ll be the happiest Nashville fan in the world!

  10. Saabgirlatx says:

    Well my theory about Luke being in Jeff’s pocket re: Rayna was blown out if the water this week, although it was waaay awkward to see her canoodling with Luke in front of sexy Liam (needs a bit if a trim tho), I liked how he was trying to pull Scar out of her shell but stealing her diary was a bit juvenile. Don’t get me started on the pills, that was just dumb.
    I couldn’t get past the “text” about turning herself in. Bad choice there by the show runners but Tandys story is pretty secondary. I suppose Peggy’s death spooked Tandy so she had to retreat on her testimony, even though wasn’t she the one who turned over the evidence in the first place???
    What was Will thinking trying to pass Layla off as his GF to Gunnar, who knew about his meltdown? Hello!
    Not enough Deacon this week, although I was happy to see the Maddie/Juliette bond still in tact.
    Love love loved Glenn tonight! Glad Juliette has someone in her corner. I knew once I saw the speech on the TelePrompTer she’d never give it ( and I think it was bad camera angles, not the outfit choice plus isn’t it required to have some tassels at the opry?). Rayna’s comment was pure Rayna.

  11. andrea says:

    Luke and Rayna’s just have zero chemistry. It becomes ‘all the more obvious, because Ray and Duke steam up the room, with just a glance!

  12. GeoDiva says:

    Can’t wait till Jeff gets screwed over by Rayna and Juliette.

  13. There is certainly a lot to find out about this subject.

    I like all the points you have made.

  14. I enjoyed this ep quite a bit. I love that the writer was able to tap into some of the “friendships” that I’ve always liked: Deacon/Juliette, Maddie/Juliette Rayna/Juliette Although, it left me wondering, where was Deacon and Rayna’s support for Juliette back when this trouble first starting brewing?
    -This was two weeks in a row that we got to see Rayna sing. Hallelujah! I love to see Connie Britton on the mic. There’s been too much time spent with the “younger” generation this season. It’s fine to mix the performances, but for those of us in the 35+ crowd, it’s nice to see Rayna strutting her stuff every now and then.
    -So Liam, this genius producer… seems to only be able to get these incredible songs if he’s plying the performer with booze or pills? With Rayna it was booze, now he just offers Scarlett a prescription pill. Ummmmm….. they’re prescription for a reason dude.
    -I know a lot of law enforcement agencies are cutting back but text messaging? Really? “We know you murdered 15 people and put their remains in your freezer. Surrender now.” Ohhhh…. nothing like a text message to scare you straight. LOL
    -Teddy is really working the murder case. Shouldn’t the police supposed to be doing that? And I’ll be honest…. I could care less that Peggy Pork Blood died. She was wasting screen time. (Hear that Teddy? Wasting screen time!) Oh, and him and Megan in scenes together? Yaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnn Someone explain to me why we should care about either of these characters.
    -STOP SHOVING LUKE DOWN MY THROAT! Luke + Rayna=000000000000000 chemstry, especially not when you pepper in scenes between Rayna/Deacon where the chemistry sizzles. I mean, Luke is an alright character, he just doesn’t shine with Rayna. I can’t help but feel like he’s TOO perfect, and that something is going to happen and it’s going to blow up in Rayna’s face. Who will she turn to then? Deacon? Sorry, but he’s got his own borning lawyer to contend with. Plus, I feel like she lost that privilege after she used him last week to write her song before kicking him to the curb again. I don’t like seeing Deacon used as Rayna’s lapdog. So, although I love Rayna otherwise, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing her fall on her behind on this one. Plus I feel like whatever it is with Luke that’s bound to happen….. it’s going to be huge. Someone suggested to me that it might involve Rayna’s daughters. Oh my….. now that they have taken their relationship public, something is around the corner. Guaranteed.

    • GS says:

      I’m over 40 and much prefer Juliette to Rayna. Connie is no where near the singer Hayden is and her holier than thou attitude makes me want to smack her. Love that they FINALLY put Avery and Juliette together! They need to drown Luke is the closest body of water. He’s just awful!

      • Shira says:

        I’m totally Team Rayna. It’s not that I don’t love Juliette but to me she is not as interesting as Rayna from many aspects. I also think that both of them are at their best when they’re together. If we put all the men aside, the real “couple” of the show is Rayna and Juliette. They are opposites in many ways but they’re also the same in others. Look like the show is building up toward some kind of alliance between those two and I couldn’t be happier.

    • Sue says:

      I had a creepy feeling that Luke could end up doing something to Rayna’s youngest daughter. Maybe that’s just a twisted way of thinking…but they kept focusing on her and Luke together.
      Maybe I watch the news too much…but my first thought was, ruuttt-rooo.. ick!

      • Judy Osman says:

        i had the same feeling…or that she’d see him with someone else…or he’d lose her or something was going to happen…maybe its a foreshadowing of something to come?

  15. Luli101 says:

    I really like the little bit of Scarlett’s song that we got to hear. I feel a little bit of hope for her, yet. I liked her character last year, but this year—anoooooyyyying!

  16. Cheryl says:

    In future episodes:

    – Rayna will sign Julitte to Highway 65.
    -Decon will all be on Highway 65
    – Juliette will end up with a drug problem to which rehab will be invovled
    – Juliette and Liam will hook up
    -The true nature of Luke Wheeler will come out, for some reason I think that he will end up abusing Rayna because he is trying to win over her kids something fierce and it is working for one not for Maddie. Plus, he has never mentioned his kids but once, something fishy is going on there.
    – Teddy will end up in a romantic relationship with Decon’s girl.
    – Layla will try to hook up with Gunner, with no luck but will get caught in a compromising position.
    -Layla will release to the public that Will is gay.
    – Jeff will attempt to sabotage Rayna but it will back fire.

    So far Nashville has been good.

  17. Cara says:

    Love love love that Juliette and Avery are together! But what is with the preview for next season? Why does Avery look so annoyed with her already? I really hope the writers don’t kill their relationship before it even starts.

    • Cara says:

      *for next episode

    • wrstlgirl says:

      This show enjoys bed hopping more than it does actually putting couples together for anything other than a romp or two.

    • Amy says:

      I noticed that too. She’s probably just getting too needy too soon, with nothing else going on for her now. But if he doesn’t turn into a jerk again, he may still push more growth out of J. with that too…he seems to see more value in Juliette as a person than she, and others, give her credit for, and so far has been encouraging her to be authentic and a better version of herself…maybe it will continue, or maybe he’ll have to walk away a bit. At any rate, Jonathan Jackson is way too good an actor to send him back to “one-note-bad-Averyville”, so I hope they don’t.

  18. Tahonia says:

    Cheryl, I agree with your post that Layla will out Will. That will be her sad story she wants to tell for her songwriting, and Gunnar won’t be able to stop her. I know Luke is going to betray everyone at some point. Even though he seems like this rock protecting Rayna from Jeff. I think he’ll eventually use Highway 65 threat to work some big deal out of Jeff that screws Rayna and her label over. I just hope Avery continues to be as good a guy as he seems to be this season. I like liking him this year.

  19. dq18 says:

    My mom is crazy and my uncle is an alcoholic, but I’ll just take whatever is in this prescription bottle because Dr. Liam said it was okay? Season 1 Scarlett where are you?! Were you hiding in the back of the SUV Rayna rolled? Did you get brain damage they forgot to tell us about? Because this would not happen this way! I’m not saying she wouldn’t struggle with some form of addiction, that would be completely natural…but she wouldn’t be so STUPID as to think that a prescription bottle contained “caffeine and stuff.”

  20. Love me some Deacon! says:

    I was so happy when Juliette called Jeff on being the one who made the mistake – losing his two biggest moneymakers in less than six months on the job. That was great! I also noticed that Luke kind of put that in Jeff’s face also – and made it clear that he expected it to stop. I think Luke is definitely behind Edgehill, but wonder why he scouted out Rayna and what his plan is there. Like all of the other posters have said here – there’s something strange working in the background with him.

    Liked something from Scarlett finally – even looking like heck she still looked better than she normally does with her rag bag clothing, and she sang a song that she was in touch with – that was nice!

    Avery and Juliette – that’s a good relationship, but I agree that in the teaser for next week they made Avery look like he was annoyed and trying to get away from that wild child.

    I could have sworn I saw a spoiler that said someone else was going to bite the dust in this episode, so spent a good part of the episode trying to brace myself for that.

    • dq18 says:

      Someone else is supposed to bite it before the end of the season. According to spoilers, somebody more important that Peggy (like THAT would take much!) With Lamar out of the pokey, it could be anyone’s game now.

      Showing my age, entirely, Jeff reminds me of the Rob Lowe character in Wayne’s World. The sleazy executive trying to steal everyone’s soul. I love watching them go rogue and fight back. JuJu didn’t just not follow the teleprompter to make waves. She INTENDED to get fired. She wanted out and it cost her a lot less than it cost Rayna…

  21. Amy says:

    Great episode. Almost loved it all. Just didn’t like the pill poppin’and Teddy, but the rest was great again. I even liked Scarlett this episode, that’s a shocker. I loved the song she did, Clare Bowen is awesome. Liam kicked her in the butt, stopped some of Scarlett’s stupidness, but the pills: blegh.
    Most amazing in this episode of course Juliette and Avery hooking up :D Yaj! And the speech she gave was awesome, I like how they’re staying true to her character. Jeff’s face was super fun to watch at that moment ghehe.
    Still hoping they get rid of Teddy though. Or get him a proper storyline, that would be fine too.

  22. DT says:

    Looks like Juliette is getting a little clingy next episode. *Sigh* just when they finally get her and Avery together, they better not be splitting them up ALREADY! I like Teddy stealing Deacon’s annoying lawyer lady, it’s time to start leading him in Rayna’s direction again! I actually liked the scenes with Scartlett and the Scarf this week, saw some chemistry there. Lets call them Scarflett LOL

  23. Do you think maybe Jeff will get fired, and Luke will become the new head of Edgehill?? That may be a stretch seeing that he gave her a whole lecture about how being in charge is no fun ‘let the label take care of everything for you’, or something like that.

    Also – there was footage of the show filming in a small town last week. They showed Deacon, and a woman who I thought was Scarlett (from behind) – she turned around & it was NOT Scarlett. It was Charlotte Ross, and I’m guessing she’s coming on to play Scarlett’s mom/Deacon’s sister. The locals who witnessed the filming thought it was for Episode 16 (last night was 13).

    I do SO keep my fingers crossed for a 3rd Season. I Tweeted (and I NEVER tweet) ABC to ask ‘who do we need to write to?’ and Callie Khouri answered me (whoo hoo)! She said to go to and let them know your feelings.

  24. Love me some Deacon! says:

    I love reading this blog each week and also all of the comments from fans – it really helps me with my Thursday Nashville Withdrawal Syndrome.

  25. Ginger Snap says:

    I used to like this show but it has become tedious.

  26. BJ says:

    Juliette was awesome in this episode. Her speech at the Grand Ole Opry, that awesome song about not putting dirt on her grave yet, then telling Jeff to shove it where the sun don’t shine, and being kind to Glenn offering him a vacation at her expense all made me adore her even more :)
    Rayna showing her support to Juliette after that speech made me heart her again. I wasn’t feeling her after the way she used Deacon and then tossed him aside like a dirty smelly sock, but showing love to my girl there just made me change my mind. I have a love-hate relationship with Rayna. It is complicated. :S
    However, regarding Layla, I shall never alter my opinion. I. Don’t. Like. Her. I don’t trust her. I feel like she is going to out Will and I feel so protective over him and I hope he can come out on his own terms in his own way if he chooses to do so and not have his sexuality broadcast worldwide by some vengeful vicious viper a.k.a Layla.
    Speaking of vipers, I don’t trust Luke. That snake is up to something and it is no good. The one thing that reptile has done is make me want to see where he slithers to next and what venom will spew from his mouth next (i.e. snarky remarks to Deacon). So I will be staying tuned all while watching Luke with a side eye. ;)
    But the king snake, Lamar, is back next week and boy oh boy I cannot wait!! I love that man. He is just so delightfully wicked and evil and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. I have missed him so much!! Will definitely be watching next week!! *Happy sigh*
    Thanks for the great recap Kim! You never fail to make me smile :)

  27. Carrie says:

    I disagree with the anti-Luke sentiment. I think he is exactly what Rayna needed after ending her marriage and the drama with Deacon falling off the wagon, finding out about the kid etc. He seems like he is a safe choice for her right now but not her Mr. Right, who we all know is Deacon, who she probably will end up with eventually – perhaps the anti-Lukers still resent him for what he did to Julia on Smash. Love Ju-Ju and Avery together and I am guessing that her clinginess next week will be short lived as she will be on the Highway with Ray. You could see the pill popping coming last week when Scarlett was whining about being tired…and I hope Deacon pummels Liam to a pulp for getting her hooked.

    Best moment of the episode was Juju shredding Jeff. Delicious.

    • dq18 says:

      I am not a Rayna/Deacon advocate. I just don’t like them. Everyone else can hate me, but I don’t. Having said that, either there is something wrong with Luke or production is trying to hard. No matter which it is, he comes off very “it puts the lotion on its skin” and I don’t like it.

      • Willowan says:

        I do love Rayna/Deacon. The characters have such a rich/fascinating history, and the actors have incredible chemistry.

        My dislike of Luke, is mainly that I find the character so arrogant and self engrossed, even when he is, supposedly being generous to Rayna.

        And I find their lack of chemistry makes them as boring as Rayna and Teddy were, but, without the history and kid connection.

        I never watched Smash, so my impression has nothing to do with t hat show.

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      I actually liked his character in Smash-I felt he and Julia were a better match than her husband. I liked his look in Smash better, too. ;)

  28. TeeJ says:

    While Juliette was being hammered by all of her bad press, Rayna was dealing with buying herself out of edgehill and away from Jeff, dealing with Lamar’s arrest and Trial, Trandy’s family betrayal, finding funding for Highway 65, and a new relationship with Luke. So, she couldn’t much be there for Juliette. Deacon was dealing with recovery from injuries leaving him unable to play guitar. (I’ve had this happen when I ruptured a tenden in my middle finger, left playing hand). Finding his new way back to a solo career, arguing with Teddy and his role in Maddie’s life, a new relationship, and supporting Scarlett left him little time to support Juliette in her struggle!

  29. Erin says:

    Everyone else seems to have summed up all the points to make, but I just wanted to add my voice in that I LOVED this episode and Juliette’s scenes. They have truly grown her character and I love where it’s going.

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  31. lali says:

    I can’t believe Scarlett is gonna get hooked on Vatsnik.

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