NBC Halts Production on Sean Saves the World (Translation: It's Cancelled)

Sean Saves the World CancelledSean Saves the World appears to be beyond saving.

NBC abruptly halted production on the struggling rookie comedy late Tuesday, four episodes shy of its 18-episode order.

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Sean‘s two remaining unaired episodes will be burned off after the Olympics, per an NBC source.

NBC decision to move the show to 9:30/8:30c last Thursday didn’t stop the bleeding; Sean dropped to 2.6 million viewers and an 0.7 in the demo.

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  1. Kim R says:

    Rats. I liked it. I’m a fan of Sean Hayes anyway.

    • That sucks bring it back that is a funny show and it shouldn’t be cancel

      • Babar says:

        It’s ratings were abysmal, so it should be cancelled.

        • Tess says:

          Since when does NBC care about ratings on their shows? They have kept around shows like Community and Parks and Recreation even though they have small viewership and they killed Go On last year even though it was doing better in the ratings than their established shows. Perhaps if they had kept Go On and paired it with Sean Saves The World, they might’ve had better luck.

          The pilot for this show was lousy, but it has improved. It’s too bad they weren’t given the chance to get into a groove, but I’m not surprised given NBC’s track record. It’s just odd that this show got cut already while other similarly ratings bereft shows on the network are still around. Why not just stick with your season order? And no, the schedule switch with MJF show wasn’t to help Sean so much as it was to help MJF. That schedule switch was pretty much the signal they were going to do this to Sean. Shame though, it’s a better show than MJF’s.

          • catelyn says:

            Every network cares about ratings. If they didn’t, their business model won’t survive. NBC did not cancel community and Parks & Rec because not only were they doing better than their current comedies, they had critical acclaim, As for MJF, that show is probably getting canceled too. This one just happened to be announced first.

          • josh says:

            Community’s 3.0 and 1.8 in the demographic are better than SSTW 2.7-1.4

            not by much, but still better and keep in mind community is competing with The Big Bang Theory

          • Alex says:

            “Since when does NBC care about ratings on their shows?”

            You’re clueless. Plain and simple.

          • Jeanette says:

            Sean saves the world, was a good show also very funny,if NBC doesn’t want to keep the show running why don’t he go to another channel, I’d love to see the show back on the tube, I don’t understand why they take the good shows off, and keep the CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Rosa says:

          except that’s not true because they even cancel shows that do great ratings and are voted best comedies, etc. especially this year. i just don’t understand what these networks problems are because they’re not the ones watching. they’re stupid and don’t know what they’re doing or talking about more than half the time.

          • Babar says:

            i just don’t understand what these networks problems are because they’re not the ones watching. they’re stupid and don’t know what they’re doing or talking about more than half the time

            If a show has low ratings, then the network doesn’t make much money through advertisements.

          • Rosa says:

            oh boohoo like the network execs are gonna go broke anytime soon.

            one main and obvious problem that should be easily fixable is the fact that they put these shows on during other shows that have already been on for a while that everybody else already watches. like usually I have to watch SSTW and MJF online (as well as The Crazy Ones) because they’re on during Grey’s Anatomy, but since that hasn’t returned yet, I’ve been able to at least watch SSTW and MJF as they are broadcast on tv. and it doesn’t matter ratings for me because I don’t have cable on my tv. I never watch or listen to the ads, I always mute it during ads anyway. there are a LOT of shows I have to watch online later because they are on against stuff I prefer to watch or usually watch instead or just don’t want to watch later. if they figured out a way to make it so the schedule works better for the newer shows to get better ratings or more viewers when it’s not during the shows that have been on longer they might realize something. I mean hell can’t they wait until most of the shows that are ending this year go off and then replace them with the new ones? I mean it’s really not that hard to figure out here but these guys have always seemed a bit dense to me.

          • catelyn says:

            Yes, the networks know nothing but you a random viewer knows more than they do. And please what are the shows that do great in ratings that have gotten canceled? Also, there is no way to protect new shows from competing with older shows because the networks don’t have special powers that grant them access to what other network heads are planning to do with their own shows. Regardless of when SSTW or MJF goes on, there is always a high chance it will be in competition with an older show. Get a better argument.

          • Mary S says:

            “And please what are the shows that do great in ratings that have gotten canceled? ” – HARRY’S LAW had the highest ratings on the network, but in the wrong demographic: they only want the 18-49 year olds and Harry appealed to more people over 49 than under. So it was cancelled after Season Two and they won’t even offer the DVDs to those of us who would buy them.

          • Faster says:

            Is this thread seriously contemplating whether or not NBC cares about ratings? Obviously they don’t. Two words: JAY LENO.

          • Rosa says:

            let’s not forget about Happy Endings and How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest Of Your Life which was voted best new comedy and then cancelled. and yes I know they weren’t on NBC but still…
            NBC the only things I watch are Community and I used to watch Parenthood but I got sick of it. MJF and SSTW were the only 2 other things I was watching. I sometimes will check out a random SNL ep if someone hosting that I like is on and I happen to be in the room already watching something on dvd but otherwise I’ll just watch it on hulu later if I feel like it.
            most of what I watch happens to be on ABC or ABC Family which I have to watch online anyway and then there’s any and all cable shows I have to watch online. Cougar Town I wish never got taken off ABC because I’d still be able to watch it live as it airs.

      • Tom Williams says:

        Sean Hays is getting funnier. I hope they reconsider cancellation.

    • Michelle Cass says:

      I loved it and am sad to see it go

      • Allyn Conroy says:

        My family and I just love SSTW. The cast is wonderful. I can’t understand why good shows get cancelled while shows like The Bachelor are still on? Maybe they should try a different day and time before giving up

    • I agree………I love anything Sean does as well!

    • E.F. Coleman says:

      What about the Michael J. Fox show is just as bad, why is it still there, emotional feelings certainly not a good storyline.

    • Ann Hutts says:

      Very disappointed Sean was cancelled. The one that should be axed is The Crazy Ones. Very dull; not funny, not interesting. Had more laughs by far with Sean and his team

  2. Mare says:

    Dang it. I really liked that show :-(

  3. Babybop says:

    Darn. I actually really enjoyed it. Are they still showing the remaining episodes?

    • Jared says:

      “Sean‘s two remaining unaired episodes will be burned off after the Olympics, per an NBC source.”

      • Babybop says:

        It didn’t say that when I first read this. Ha ha.

        • Bob says:

          So are you saying in the 3 or 4 minutes between Michael posting the article and you commenting, he went in and updated it? Sounds fishy to me.

      • Rosa says:

        yeah but what the hell does “burned off” mean? to me that sounds like they’re not going to show them…?? have never heard this term before.

        • Babar says:

          It means that it will not air in the regular schedule, maybe on Saturdays or in the summer.

        • Alex says:

          If you’ve never heard “burned off” before, you are clearly a newbie. It’s a long-established phrase in the TV-viewing world. The network will just air the episodes where and when it pleases if it pleases, most likely on Saturday and/or in the summer when the low ratings will do minimal damage.

  4. Mary Beth Moulding says:

    I am so bummed out. It was good to finally see a funny show!

  5. Amanda says:


  6. Alocasia says:

    That bites. I really enjoyed the show. :(

  7. Rod says:

    This show is one I always watch On Demand. It’s a good one and I really hate to see it cancelled. I LOVE Linda L. and Sean. pitiful…….

  8. Ed says:

    That stinks. Besides MOM. Sean was my 2nd favorite new comedy

  9. NIM says:


  10. mp says:

    i really liked it! now i’m sad =(

  11. Nicole says:

    Rats. Hopefully one of those eps filmed were the Megan Mullally and/or Portia DeRossi eps. Thought it was a cute show. Sad that we didn’t get the full season 1 order.

  12. Shoof says:

    Bummer, was really looking forward to Megan Mullally’s episode.

  13. Lori says:

    I really like that show

  14. opus says:

    Very sorry to see this show go. I enjoyed it and loved having Linda Lavin back on air. Sean’s show is much more fun than many of the comedies currently on.

  15. Carrie Underwood says:

    liked Sean, Linda (his Mom), his daughter, & his boss, but did not like the others especially the blond — she is an awful actress!

    • Janie says:

      Look who is talking about acting!!! Sound of Music for example. You could not act your way out of a paper sack! You were too stiff and could not make the role yours. Please go back and try it again! Everyone in the show was hilarious. Maybe you should take lessons from the people who could not act. At least that’s what you are saying. But that is your opinion.

  16. Laurie says:

    Damn! I loved this show!

  17. GuessWhat says:

    Never watched it. RIP.

  18. Cheryl says:

    Why do they keep some of the crap on and take good shows like this off????

  19. Jake says:

    This was one of the funniest comedies and it’s unfortunate it never got a lead in that could have helped it find a mass audience. It’s sad that nbc that continues to renew community and parks which have similar ratings and didn’t have faith in this show.

    • Babar says:

      Community and Parks both have better ratings than this.

      • Hannah says:

        and they are veteran shows, so a gradual slip in ratings is expected. On the other hand a new show must have decent ratings to secure a renewal, and this wasn’t the case (just like Go on last season). I support this decision by the network completely, not because I want to spite anyone who likes it, but because keeping it would only damage other shows that haven’t started yet. FOX should have done the same with Dads, but it didn’t and now Enlisted will pay because of it.

        To secure MJF NBC promised a 22 episode by contract, and tha’s the reason his show hasn’t share the same destiniy of SSTW so far, but eventually it will.

  20. Josh says:

    Only one episode is left to air though not two since 13 of them have aired.

    • Alex says:

      I believe the pilot is not being counted as part of the 13, at least I’m hoping… Even if they don’t air two more on TV, they should at least make them available on the NBC site. Crossing my fingers.

  21. Jill says:

    Too bad, prefer this tho the Michael J Fox show

  22. StephyJ says:

    Bummer. I was just barely introduced to it (I had never heard of it before), and I thought it was funny. I was going to start watching it.

  23. Flo says:

    Too bad, good show. A lot Better than the MJF show NBC seems willing to work with.

    • Cassandra says:

      NBC is pretty much back into a corner witth MJF. From my understanding, the only way he would agree to make the show was that they ordered a full season before the first one ever aired. If that’s true, it’s in NBC’s best interest to promote it since they would be stuck producing 22 episodes no matter what. That being sad, I cannot stand the MJF show and will miss SStW. His mom cracks me up.

      • Cassandra says:

        *backed not back

      • David4 says:

        MJF had nothing to do with the episode order. NBC was willing to give the show 22 episodes, no pilot, no nothing and won the bidding war with Fox, which was only willing to do the normal 13 episode pick up.

        • Cassandra says:

          I wasn’t trying to imply that the actor was at fault, just that they are stuck with the show win or lose. Part of reason they won the bidding war was that they were willing to greenlight an entire season sight unseen as well as film it in NY.

  24. AGB says:

    Come on people, stop pretending this was a good show. Parks and Community which are miles better have a better shot now.

  25. Chris says:

    they can keep a raciest like phil on the air, but something that makes you laugh has to be canceled? maybe it’s time to stop watching NBC if they’ll cancel shows this fast!!

  26. sharpei4 says:

    Boo!! It was getting really funny.

  27. Karen says:

    One of the best new show’s ive seen. I don’t think it was marketed well because once you watch it you are hooked ! Very very dissapointed to hear this news !

  28. Metoo says:

    Boo, hiss…

  29. Valerie Tower says:

    :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

  30. Tugba says:

    Haha. More of a laugh that the show has ever been.

  31. John says:

    Loved this show. It started off a bit rough, but was finally finding it’s own. One of the few shows that made me laugh. NBC once again disappoints.

  32. greysfan says:

    Dang it. One of the few good comedies this year but as usual the good ones get canned while the crappy ones somehow seem to come back year after year. Its really hit its stride the past few episodes but ratings are ratings and at the end of the day its all any network cares about for its advertisers.

  33. ChicagoDan says:

    KARMA: This fall Sean Hayes blamed NBC for his show’s poor ratings: “How do you get viewers to NBC?’ NBC programs great shows, it just doesn’t have the eyeballs CBS does.” Weird because NBC is #1 in 18-49 this season. It would be higher if not for poor excuse of a show SSTW.

    • Alex says:

      Nice try, NBC is nowhere close to being #1 with comedies. CBS, ABC and FOX without question beat out NBC there.

      • Mary S says:

        If NBC is top with the 18-49 demo, it’s because that’s who they aim for and want nobody else.
        They cancel shows whose viewers are NOT in that group…which makes the rest of the thinking world not go there at all.
        There are only 3 shows on NBC that I watch, which is really amazing, since my DVR is set to record about 35 shows a week, “any day, any time” – 10 of them are on one night, 8 on another, the rest are scattered through the rest of the week, on a wide variety of channels…but only 3 from NBC.
        That’s ok, they don’t want me, anyway. I’m too old for them!

  34. N tTVfiddler says:

    Michael and TVLine team – any early word from NBC as to what they are going to do on Thursdays at 9pm-10pm from March to May??

    Do they run MJF at 9pm, and then slot in ‘Undateable’ at 9:30pm? Or do they take a chance and either move Blacklist over to Thursday nights, or perhaps slot in a new drama like ‘Night Shift’ (is that still alive on the shelf?), and burn-off the remaining MJF episodes at 8/8:30pm Thursdays now and then when P&R/Community are in re-run mode?

    NBC needs to do something ‘bold’ here pretty soon. Blacklist is going to be moved anyway at the May Upfronts for Fall’14 – why not make that move a bit sooner and build their Thursday night lineup around Blacklist asap post Olympics – and use the Olympics to promote the move?

  35. M says:

    Sorry to hear the news. I really liked the show and every character.

  36. TV Gord says:

    If only the show had been as funny as Sean’s tweet.

  37. The mistake on Sean Saves The World is that hateable moron of a boss. I have to wonder who came up with this character? He was the worse thing about the show. NO ONE! NO ONE acts the way he acted. Pure stupidity!!!! I watch the show it was funny except the the forementioned moron.

    • TV Gord says:

      True, and Tom Lennon, who played the boss, is very funny guy! The idiot who out him in that thankless role should re-think working in comedy.

  38. David4 says:

    Sean Hayes was great, the family and friends were great.

    Problem was the show wasn’t great. The boss was horrible, and his whole job was a mess.

    But some tweaking could have helped the show.

    But no matter….

    #Six seasons and a movie!!!

  39. Mary S says:

    Hey, don’t worry about it. They cancelled “Harry’s Law” when it was the top-ranked show on the entire network and had won several awards. You know why they cancelled it? The demographics were wrong! Its highest viewing audience was in the over-46 crowd, not the coveted 18-46. Like they think youngsters have more money to spend on advertisers’ goods!
    Oh, well. They also cancelled Warehouse 13 on their Syfy channel, too.
    Nobody ever said that the NBC execs are a brain trust; they just happen to have the power to determine what they will air. And, in the meantime, lose more viewers than they gain.

    • David4 says:

      Harry’s Law season 2 was a mess, and it won like one award. I agree it shouldn’t have been canceled, just shoved on Fridays, but nothing will beat NBC canceling Law and Order after 20 years without warning when the ratings were still really good, even the demo wasn’t too horrible.

      • Mary S says:

        I agree about Law and Order! They didn’t even give us warnings! Just, one night, almost every cop who had ever been on the show was there to congratulate each other, celebrate an engagement and be told that she was free of cancer… It was a really thrown-together gathering and certainly not worthy of an “appointment” show! (I had an appointment with the tv for every episode…I still watch the reruns at every opportunity but really wish there were some new ones!
        As for Harry’s Law, it’s hard to beat Kathy Bates…and you’re right, it did become muddled when they switched the premise and added all those new characters for no apparent reason. But season one was a charmer and could always get at least a chuckle, giggle or grin out of me-and I loved her courtroom speeches! It annoys the dickens out of me that they never released it on DVD. I did see it offered, one time, but didn’t have the money at the moment…when I went back to buy it, it was GONE, never to be offered again. IF I AM WRONG and you know where I can get at least season one, please let me know!

      • Hannah says:

        one more season and they would have beaten Gunsmoke’s record.

    • Bob says:

      That would be “the coveted 18-49”, not 46. You can’t blame them for Warehouse 13. Most SyFy shows never make it past a fifth season. Why do you think the just-announced season 5 of Haven is going to be 26 episodes, half this year and half next year? Because they don’t want to call the back 13 “Season 6”.

      • Mary S says:

        You’re right, it is 49. I somehow put the 46-49 years olds in limbo, didn’t I? No insult intended; I did get it right elsewhere, though, for whatever it’s worth…
        And the fact remains, anybody over 49 might as well not exist, even though we are the ones with the money and the time to watch tv and go shopping! Makes no sense to me to ignore the largest generational group in the country…but, if the powers that be were born after about 1966, they are our children’s ages and see us all as their parents whom they do not respect. So, why entertain us?
        I do believe they are shooting themselves and their networks in the foot, but that is their privilege, isn’t it? We will ALWAYS find something to watch, even if it’s a DVD.

  40. Damian says:

    While I tried and couldn’t get into the show I’m disappointed because I feel like this genre can still work. Lately a lot of the multi cam sitcoms feel like I’m watching an episode of “room and bored”. But when you look back at older ones they still work even in reruns. I do notice a lot of the people trying to helm these projects are the same people who made those old shows. Maybe a fresh perspective and some new creative blood In the genre would work.

  41. Teag says:

    TVLine, this is off-topic, but what’s going on with Siberia?

  42. Caroline says:

    Hated this show! Don’t like Hayes and SMASH was better when it was more about Karen as the star rather than Ivy so Hilty didn’t help!

  43. Caroline says:

    Why comment on Obama when you should be focusing on thanking the cast and crew? Hayes is rude and ungrateful!

  44. Tim says:

    TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand! TVLand!

  45. woodyinho says:

    Sucks to be Megan Hilty.

  46. MK204 says:

    No great loss.

  47. josh says:

    For me, any new NBC show that I’m not already aligned to, I won’t watch. They just have proven over and over again with good shows how terrible they are at treating them.

    If a show reaches a certain level of success, i might pick it up, but i know they will just run it into the griund eventually like they did with the office.

  48. Apples says:

    Awful, unfunny show. Deserved it.

  49. SallyAnn says:

    I’m really disappointed to hear this! We love this show and Sean Hayes is just a great comedic actor. Really sad to lose this one, NBC…