Haven Renewed for Supersized Season 5

Haven Renewed Season 5Patience is a virtue, Haven fans.

Some six-and-a-half weeks after Season 4 concluded, Syfy confirms for TVLine that the Trouble’d series has been renewed for a double-sized Season 5.

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All told, viewers have 26 new episodes to look forward to — the first 13 of which will unspool in the fall.

Haven Season 4 had averaged 2.3 million total weekly viewers, up 3 and 11 percent in the 18-49 and 18-34 demos, respectively.

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Series star Emily Rose announced the unexpectedly very good news on Tuesday afternoon, on Twitter:

Is this a more Haven-ly outcome than you possibly could have anticipated?

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  1. Pat says:

    This makes me so happy to hear this good news. Like so many other shows that SYFY has dropped, I was afraid we would not see a season 5 with HAVEN. I will be very cautious in hoping that this will not be their final season but with SYFY they probably will pull the plug on this one, too!

  2. tvdiva says:

    So glad to hear about the pickup and more episodes. But I worry, since they did the same thing to Warehouse 13 and to Eureka and they were both cancelled shortly thereafter. Let’s hope it does not happen to Haven. FYI – I loved the twist and am looking forward to evil Audrey next season.

  3. Eve says:


  4. tripoli says:

    Very good new. Love Haven and can’t wait to see what’s next.

  5. Bella says:

    I can’t wait :)

  6. MB says:

    Am I the only one thinking that Syfy doubled down this time so they won’t have to renew it when contract renewals come up for S6?

    • Kate says:

      No, you aren’t; in fact I think a lot of people are assuming just that. However this is preferable to an abrupt cancellation leaving the season 4 cliff-hanger as the series finale, which was my fear. And if the show-runners and writers know in advance that there’s an end-point, they can plan for a satisfying ending when 5.5 is through.

  7. Huskygrl says:

    Overjoyed about the renewal, like everyone else I desperately hope SyFy doesn’t go back on their word and cancel or reduce its season. I adore the show and could see it going on for several seasons. I also hope they bring Jennifer back, I love her with Duke almost as much as I like Nathan and Audrey. I can’t wait until Haven returns!

  8. Julie says:

    YAY!! I’m thrilled – I love this show. :-)

  9. Ron Gold says:

    I’ve read that Crossing Lines has been renewed off season two in Europe and was wondering if it was coming back to US TV?

  10. omnikey1 says:

    They only reason i watch Haven is because of Lucas Bryant , Nathan ,and Naudrey. I hope season 5 will have a lot of Nathan and his backstory that needs to be told .

  11. Tina Beals says:

    Why do they have to end it at all? I mean really look at General Hospital and All My Children and One Life to Live, they have been on every day for at least 40 years. They were on when I was a kid cause my mom watched them.

  12. Judy says:

    Happy about Haven, but VERY UNHAPPY about not renewing WAREHOUSE 13,,, such an innovative and creative production!!!!!!

  13. Sweet pie says:

    Im really happy wth the renewal. Im bisy wth season 4 now n i cant wait to watch season 5….
    Love Audrey n Nathan as a coupla and Duke is amazing and very handsome..

  14. Alex says:

    Best show ever!!! Every episode leaves us hanging and the story line keeps getting deeper and deeper. Hope this show never ends. If you haven’ t seen this show yet, start from the beginning and buckle up( it picks up in season 2 ).

  15. Shannon says:

    I just found this show on Netflix and love it. I am now trying to catch up but I did find an error or an exception to Audrey being immune to all afflictions. That is if she is immunized to all than the chamaelon couldn’t have copied her and take her form because he shouldn’t have been able to jump Audrey since she is immunized. I love Nathan and I live the chemistry he has with Audrey and hopefully they get together in the present. I think I figured out things like something has a 27 cycle by calculating the incident in 1983 and when the premiered and the photo of Lucy character and the Colorado kid case are all linked somehow and to the troubles reappearance and disappearance. Interesting ideas for different troubles..
    I love that Nathan can feel Audrey touch.

  16. Shannon says:

    There is a loop somewhere within the story and town. Certain events had and have to take place for other things to happen and make certain happen like Nathan’s birth.

  17. Shannon says:

    Quick thought… the affliction people get is part due to who they are and personality as well as familial stuff. I am curious if that can be said with the identity that Audrey picks up too that they all have to have certain qualities and traits and what not that she takes in regards to the next identity and I am wondering if these identities have other stuff in common and also some link to who or what Audrey really is and her core personality…
    Just some thoughts I have.

  18. Shannon says:

    I am assuming that agent Reynolds was contacted by the chief of police in Haven when the troubles started again. I am assuming the agent is like a guardian of sorts and makes sure to know where Audrey is and what identity she has when the troubles begin and disappear and in between and make sure she can be called upon when needed…? Can’t wait for more…

  19. Shannon says:

    I am assuming people either know they’re are two of someone when Audrey takes a new identity hence keeping them away and those who know the real one and then another helping Audrey? So many questions and thoughts…

  20. Shannon says:

    I am assuming that the chief of police is holding together everything and everyone and thing together and he is struggling from what I can see in season one since there was the crack on the knot that duke’s boat and other places…
    Man that must be hard and stressful…

  21. Shan says:

    I think Emily’s rose’s current hair color for her character is the best one so far. Her and Nathan Rock!!!!

  22. Jim P says:

    Delighted that Haven will be back. Arc is what captivates me, and season 4 delivered big time. Let’s have more Mara, and less Audrey for a while. The trouble-of-the week format for most shows is repetitive and boring. Now it’s finally starting to get interesting. We’ve been intentionally misled, I believe, along with Audrey, about her having to kill the one she loves to end the troubles forever. That never made any sense – not for Sarah, Lucy, or Audrey. It has to be Mara and she has to kill William. Because they started the troubles together, and they are tightly connected, that’s the only way it makes sense.

  23. Dennis says:

    Haven is a great show. Seems like SyFi is moving away from good series show and moving towards dumb show like Face Off. And what’s with wrestling? Although it is fiction but why on SyFi. I miss Eureka and will miss Warehouse 13. I still think they should have an all Star Trek night. Start with the original, then Next Generation, next Deep Space Nine, and end with Voyager. They can even start with the animated series at 7:00 for kids.

    • LFNanny says:

      I am so with you on this post…I miss Eureka soooooooo much! I’ve even ordered all the seasons on DVD. I also love Warehouse 13 and Haven and can do without Face Off and the other silly reality-like shows. I hope SyFy wakes up and gives us back the kinds of shows we love.

  24. Shan says:

    nagging question…
    something that hasn’t been answered and i want them to address it. Vince states that the Barn is summoned every 27 years and Agent Howard brings it forth. So how and what purpose was the barn summoned early and the real audrey stepped inside and had memories erased. Why didn’t the gang try to solve that mystery or learn about it? Any notion of delving into Agent Howard’s real identity and who he is besides a warden of sorts for Audrey and her prison?

  25. petro says:

    Hi just want to know when the new season of haven is coming to south africa I am a big fanthanks

  26. CAB says:

    love that Haven hs another season, even if it is the last, still not happy about Eureka or that Warehouse 13 is done after this season.

  27. Deb says:

    I can’t wait for Haven to come back on. I love it!!!!. I have always been a stephen king fan and i simply love the show.

  28. Mike Pytlik says:

    For anyone thinking Audrey is gone and replaced with Mara, think again. She CHOSE to be Audrey when she left the barn, not Mara, not Lexi, not anyone other than Audrey. At the finale, she said Duke is as good as dead, who is gonna help me get William back…Ya, because only Billy can save Duke! She is Audrey and will always be Audrey. Show a little faith!

  29. Deb Jones says:

    Ican’t wait until haven comes back on. Ilove the show.

  30. Denise Sims says:

    I’m thrilled to learn that Haven is returning. I wish it were this summer! I like the story lines. I think the acting is brilliant. Love the location of the show
    I hope it is successful for many more seasons.

    • Barry R. Tugendhaft says:

      I like Haven as much as anyone else does but this super-sized season coming up will probably be it for Haven. I work in the movie industry & I’ve seen this before. It costs much less to shoot seasons back-to-back than to take time off between them. For example, Back to the Future 2 & 3 were shot back-to-back since they knew they only wanted to make 2 more movies after the 1st one. I currently work part time on Teen Wolf. Their current season Is only going to be 12 episodes but they are coming back later this year for 20+ episodes. Remember, it’s always all about the money. That’s why reality shows keep popping up. They cost MUCH less to produce & the producers make more profit. They don’t care what we as viewer like. They risk millions so they want to make millions. It’s that simple. Of course, they can charge more for commercials on the more popular shows but it always comes down to money & profits. I wish Stargate SG-1, Eureka & Warehouse 13 were still on as I could watch them forever. Even Primeval was great but when it takes you 3 weeks to shoot an episode plus the CGI costs it ended the show. Most TV shows take only 6 to 8 days to shoot a 42 minute episode. Hopefully, they will keep coming up with great shows that I can watch since none of them can last forever.

  31. joanne t says:

    Just finished watching season 4, can’t wait to see 5 and 6, Lucas is so HOT, hope we get
    to see more of him naked, if not I be happy with shirtless scenes.

  32. Shannon Long says:

    This makes my day. This is my favorite show. Glad its back

  33. karrie zielescg says:

    when is the show comeing back on

  34. nancy says:

    I am so excited to watch the new season of haven.I have a question for you. Do you know what month season 5 will be on netflix? I beendsearching all over the enternet and some websites give me different dates. I hope you reply back. Huge fan of you Audrey parker, nathan and duke.

    • Barry R. Tugendhaft says:

      As far as Season 4 of Haven being available on Netflix, & my not having Netflix, I don’t think any program will be available on Netflix until at least after it is released for sale on DVD or Blu-ray. Season 4 will be available for sale on August 26th so it will probably be on Netflix within a year after this date. This is around the same time that Season 5 of Haven will start airing on SYFY channel, some time around August. I’m not sure of the exact date of the season premiere. Keep checking SYFY for that date.

  35. Sarah says:

    I agree with the comment regarding what is with Syfy I’m still trying to get over the cancellation of Merlin. you do not seem to recognize a great show when you see one!!

  36. Gerry Haines says:

    Love Haven, disappointed with last season, too much of Bill, enjoy the show where they have to solved the troubles without him,. also want Jennifer back for Duke. Enjoyed that relationship, but the best is Nathan and Audrey.

  37. Bruce says:

    Agree with Amy enjoy Haven but prefer that WH13 & Alphas were still on

  38. Alice Munyori says:

    Like is an understatement of you movie I love t it is not predictable . It makes one to realise what love is all about and obstacles and also gives you a clear perspective of friendship and relationship and unity .I love your creativity Emily Rose your work is fantastic

  39. Sharon says:

    We love this series in the UK and I know that other European countries adore it as well… keep Haven alive!

  40. patriotwoman says:

    Thankyou so much ScyFy we love this series and are thrilled it is coming back. Please tell us that the same people who play each character is also going to return?
    Cannot wait!

  41. s does any body know when the 5th season starts please

  42. deborah says:

    Glad to hear about new series.as far as I concerned it’s the BEST series on TV. Really looking forward to it.

  43. verna says:

    I’m so very “hooked” on Haven. Can’t wait until Season 5. Congratulations to all of the cast members. Job well done♡

  44. T. Rochelle says:


  45. christie says:

    Love Haven. Looking forward to thr next season. Come on 5th season

  46. ginny780 says:

    Than you SyFy for not canceling ” Haven”!
    You seem to be canceling all the good shows lately like “eureka” and “warehouse 13”.
    Keep this series on for many seasons more.

  47. Rachel tyler says:

    I love this show! !! I’m so happy to hear of more because it is amazing! !!! I love Duke!!!

  48. I watch Haven, on SyFy. Very upset about Lost Girl. Can’t understand why Canada gets to see the final season and SyFy doesn’t show it. Never miss a Bones episode, Elementary, Originals, oh gosh there are so many I’ll spend all my time just typing them in. I set my DVR to record them all. It works alright except for the prime station. Their shows do not come on again after 11:00pm. I am going to have to get the new DVR that records up 5 while you watch one. LOL. HAVE A GREAT DAY******

  49. I forgot to tell you guys how much I like Haven and that I am watching it right now. I had it recorded and just now getting around to watching it. I also love Face Off. Hey how come Skin Wars didn’t get put on SyFy?****