Haven Renewed for Supersized Season 5

Haven Renewed Season 5Patience is a virtue, Haven fans.

Some six-and-a-half weeks after Season 4 concluded, Syfy confirms for TVLine that the Trouble’d series has been renewed for a double-sized Season 5.

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All told, viewers have 26 new episodes to look forward to — the first 13 of which will unspool in the fall.

Haven Season 4 had averaged 2.3 million total weekly viewers, up 3 and 11 percent in the 18-49 and 18-34 demos, respectively.

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Series star Emily Rose announced the unexpectedly very good news on Tuesday afternoon, on Twitter:

Is this a more Haven-ly outcome than you possibly could have anticipated?

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  1. Amy says:

    And 6 episodes for you Warehouse 13 :( not that I don’t really enjoy Haven just letdown from losing both WH13 and Alphas (yet still not over it)

    • suzyku says:

      completely agree with you! we started out really liking Haven however this last season it’s been really lacking and don’t like the story line at all! we may or may not watch it!

      • cmbackshane says:

        Disagree, I loved season four. Hope Jennifer returns, Audrey gets referenced and Nathan, Duke and Dwight continue bemoaning – and more Vince and Dave of course. I miss Jordan and the psychologist though.

      • angelicbrownies says:

        i dont believe that any sane or even mostly insane person could think that this season has been lacking at all. as a matter of fact i believe that it got way better because of the new story line.

      • angelicbrownies says:

        although i do agree with you about WH13 and Alphas. they were amazing shows

    • sandra arce says:

      I feel the same way :(:(:(

    • Bobbi says:

      Totally agree about missing Alphas. Wish the show was renewed.

    • ben says:

      Warehouse 13 had a good life, I can normally let go after 5 seasons when a show is given a chance to end on its own terms. But Alphas was definitely taken too soon.

    • Laura says:

      Happy about Haven renewal AND agree with your sentiment about Alphas. Not even over that cancellation yet. It will take me a long time more to get over it. Such a great show! What is wrong with SYFY!

    • laura says:

      its that all you care about when you hear good haven news, then maybe you should be sad on posts about Wh13 and Alphas. This is GREAT NEWS. GO HAVEN!

    • marcella says:

      when does season 5 start on haven?

      • Shelley says:

        I have been wanting to know that myself. I have been to six websites now to find that out. They all say the renewal with 26 new episodes (although this site is the first with all the whining about other shows being cancelled.) but none say when the new season starts.
        I (depending so long as it stays as strong a story line as it is now) hope it gets renewed for more seasons. I also could complain about a few great shows getting cancelled such as Eureka, Jericho.. just sayin.

      • Lucy says:

        On Syfy.com is shows Sept 11, the show returns.

  2. tp says:


  3. mary says:

    YES! even though I don’t like waiting so long for new episodes.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    Given that Eric Balfour has been tweeting fans “good news is coming, just wait” for a couple weeks now this is hardly a surprise. Kinda “spoiled” it. But good news, I hope. Not sure how much of the story there is left to tell but I’ll be watching.

  5. Kate says:

    I’m beyond thrilled about this! Haven has a lot more story to unravel. Now if they can just work on getting Emma Lahana back as Jennifer.

  6. Judy says:

    Fabulous news!

  7. Dukesmakesmeswoon says:

    This is good news! A rare win for SYFY!

  8. Sarah says:


  9. sampersan says:

    Doing my HAPPY DANCE!!!!! Finally, a show I love NOT being canceled! I’m thrilled.

  10. Reblogged this on A Room of One's Own and commented:
    This is the best news I’ve gotten in weeks, people. I will post more later about how much I love this show, but if you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to start. It’s amazing.

  11. lore says:

    Best news I’ve heard all week! *bounce*

  12. BrianR says:

    You do realize that its cancelled after the supersize season though.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      *snicker* seems obvious :-) We’ll see, a lot can change in that much time. But………..

    • scifi451 says:

      That is likely true, but this way getting 13 more episodes than I expected from it.

    • Josh says:

      Probably but it has 26 episodes to wrap up a storyline and basically a tiny show like Haven getting six seasons and it’s own finish is a success in my book. So even if the final 13 is the last 13, I’ll still be happy.

    • ejdax37 says:

      I do hope they tell the writers if they are going to cancel it after the 26 or not it would be great if they had a chance to write a true ending with out having to worry about leaving anything open in case they get more. I am thrilled about this news! I mean that takes us to 6 seasons and even though they are short cable seasons that is still a good run for any show.

    • Cookie says:

      First of all, yes Ofcourse we realize that it will be cancelled but we know the series won’t have ended on a cliffhanger, but you never know the viewership might be up and they may continue, you just never know, so STFU YOU DOUCHE! KTHNX

  13. Luanne says:

    I love all these characters! So pleased.

  14. Beverly says:

    Can hardly wait…I really enjoy this show!

  15. Amy says:

    Great news! I love Haven!

      • Shan says:

        I just found the series on Netflix and love it and doing a marathon run of it to catch up. I had a question and wondering if there is like a fansite or forum for the show to write questions, theories, thoughts etc..? I found I have many thoughts, questions theories and would love to hear others’ thoughts.

        • Esther says:

          So True. I found them on Netflix also. And finished up on holu with season 4. There are lots of things I found thay left open and would love to know what they are going to do with them. like the ring Vince gives Audrey…They never say what that means! Did Audrey As Sarah Merry Vince? Exc…

  16. Elyse says:

    AHHHHH! yay for Haven!! I watched Haven on Netflix right before season 4 started. i’m so happy about the super sized season 5!!! :D :D

  17. Tone LG says:

    So a double season split in 2… in other words, 2 seasons. Let’s call it what it is.

    • dude says:

      EW is suggesting it’s a technical thing. Studios usually have to pay more when contracts expire and seasons are renewed so they’re ordering seasons 5/6 as one season to keep costs down. IE. They’re cheap.

  18. Ryan says:

    It’s great that they didn’t order a 20 episode season, like they did with WH13 and Eureka.

  19. Don J says:

    Most likely this is the final season. I think SyFy is using the same loophole that Lifetime used for Army Wives a few years ago. They are essentially ordering seasons 5 and 6, but calling it season 5 because the cast is still under contract.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


    • Olivia says:

      Well it seems obvious that it will be the swan song, but I’m still happy to know that this show will get a proper ending and they now have the time to write a well thought out final story. A 13 ep season would already have made me happy, but 26 eps is really an awesome surprise for me :)

      • txp says:

        26 eps is fantastic! I love Haven and it just keeps getting better! It makes sense that Syfy are calling it season 5 so as to keep the cast under contract, but to me that speaks to this NOT being the final episodes – sounds like SYFY want to keep their options open in case they do renew again, in my understanding most cast members are contracted for the first six seasons.

  20. JoshHale says:

    So they are going to broadcast 13 episodes this fall and the other 13 next year. I guess this way is cheaper for them, but for us, viewers, it’ll make no difference, we’ll have 13 episodes per year, as always. It’s like they’d have renewed it for two more seasons.

    I hope this is the last season, the show is getting out of ideas.

  21. Olivia says:

    Yay !! *happy dance*

  22. Gail says:

    Didn’t they do this with eureka only to change their minds and do a final 6 episodes?

  23. lqza says:

    I am so pleased, just got into it! I find Eric Balfour so hot!

  24. Jared says:

    Happy for the Haven fans!

  25. Bella says:

    I’m just glad they’re giving them what we basically know is an end-date. That gives them time to wrap the series up, rather than the hurry job that Eureka had to do. I still miss that show.

  26. Rob says:

    I wouldn’t trust Syfy to deliver on this super-sized season. There are numerous cases in the past–probably most prominently, Eureka and Farscape, when they renewed a show for a certain number of episodes, and then either cut back on the order or un-renewed it. I don’t trust them until the episodes actually air.

    • JC says:

      And that is true too. :( Hate Syfy.

    • Alichat says:

      I was genuinely surprised by this news……until reading your comment. And you’re right…..they did that to Eureka. So I am now cautiously optimistic.

    • Ryan says:

      What did they do to Eureka? I thought they ordered a 13 episode 5th season and then added one after cancellation was announced.

      • Rob says:

        No, what happened was that they ordered a 13-ep 5th season and then ordered 6 episodes for a sixth, final season, which they hinted might have been expanded into a longer, final season. And then, after the fifth season was fully written and almost completely done filming, they canceled plans for the sixth season all together. The show would’ve just ended there without a final episode, but after fan backlash and negotiations with the show’s producers, Syfy gave in and allowed them to pen and shoot one final episode, all of which had to be done on the fly. Which is at least better than they treated Farscape, which was assured it had a fifth and final season and so its writers arced it thusly, and they then canceled and gave no hope of continuation, until the producers were finally able to raise the capital to shoot a closing miniseries, years later.

      • Barry R. Tugendhaft says:

        I work in L.A. in the movie industry. I spoke with one of the principle actors in Eureka(not to be named here) & was told that Comcast bought SYFY channel & cancelled Eureka to make room for more reality shows. These shows cost much less to make & are more p-r-o-f-i-t-a-b-l-e. It’s always all about the money, not about great shows for us viewers. Shows like Eureka, Stargate SG-1, Haven, Torchwood & the newer Dr. Who series’, etc. are so entertaining that they could be watched forever. If you want to make a show last you need to advertise it better so more people find out about them at their inception, not AFTER they get cancelled.

    • dragons3 says:

      I agree. I hope it’s true and that SyFy doesn’t back out, but I won’t hold my breath. The fact that the numbers went up in the desirable demographics is encouraging, though.

    • Millie says:

      Filming is well under way here in Chester, happy days seeing them all out and about in the village ;-)

  27. JC says:

    Wow. Wasn’t expecting that, but that is good news. Like Amy, however, I can’t help but wish Warehouse 13 had gotten the same deal. :( I wonder if this has anything to do with the less than stellar ratings for Helix and Bitten. Were they waiting to see how those shows did before making a final call on Haven?

  28. Barb says:

    I’m super happy about this! I love Haven and Nathan and Audrey are one of my favorite tv couples ever! Bring on seasons 5 and 6! For once Syfy made the right call, was almost afraid they were going to give up on Haven to bring us more awful reality shows.

  29. omnikey1 says:

    YAY ! So happy .This means more Nathan and Audrey . I hope . :)

  30. Robert says:

    Yes!!!!! I hope we will get answers to Audrey’s original personality and where she and William come from. I love the cast and their interactions with the fans on twitter.

  31. JeffDJ says:

    Great news! It’s a shame SyFy couldn’t have been at least half as generous for “Warehouse 13″‘s final season.

  32. MM9 says:

    You don’t know how happy you’ve made me Matt. Seriously, this show and all its lead actors are just amazing.

  33. Jared says:

    I had no idea this has been on for so long

  34. Claudia says:

    I haven’t liked the story line this last season so it’s been difficult to watch. I hope it gets back to everything that made it good before so I can anticipate each new episode as I did from the very beginning. Congratulations on the renewal, though.

    • Chris says:

      what do you mean? what don’t you like about it? it has cleared a lot of unanswered questions in the show. Like why is Audrey so important? What does she do in the barn when she goes in..and why does she have to be gone for 50 years or whatever? Why is she being punished, and where did this punishment come from? Why does she come back with a new personality everytime? And Who is she really?? They answered all of that, beautifully I might add. I love that she was originally a little bad ass. The direction they can go with this now….endless storyline. Why would you want things to stay the same? I don’t get it…that’s how shows get cancelled…by not changing and evolving. Warehouse 13 got cancelled…because it was the same thing..over..and over..and over. It’s lucky it got as far as it did. Great show in it’s own right though. You are more then welcome to have your own opinion, I’m just wondering what you are basing this opinion off of?

      • Mike Pytlik says:

        I agree with you 100%! And, the last season proved, even though it seems to have gone unnoticed for the most part, that she is destined to be Audrey Parker. I think Nathan is going to prove to be her true love or something at the end.

  35. Tasha says:

    I just got hooked on Haven on Netflix and the bought season 4 this is great news!

  36. So good news, bad news. We get a season with double the number of episodes, but that can mean that this is the last season. Hopefully the ratings will be good enough to justify a sixth season.

    I’m hopeful that the season will reveal more about “Audrey”. I for one think she might be the girl we see in the old picture shown in the opening credits, and that everything in them hints to the truth of who she is and where she comes from (I haven’t seen the last three episodes of the previous season yet, so this may have already been debunked or verified).

  37. cmbackshane says:

    GOBBLED up four seasons in less than a month. I’m so happy there’s more. Love it.

  38. Ruth says:

    I am thrilled!! One of my favorite shows. I disagree with some of the comments that this show has ran out of story lines. I could easily see it going into six or seven seasons. I DO agree with the idea that you can’t trust SYFY. Alpha’s, Eureka, and now Warehouse 13. I hate to get attached to their shows because the network jerks them off too soon.

  39. Brooke says:

    HOORAY!!! While it’s likely true (given how SyFy seems to prefer having 5 seasons for its shows) that it’s the final season, I’m so thrilled that it’s technically enough for a 5th and 6th season and they’ll have plenty of room to work toward an ending with all the questions answered.

  40. Margaret says:

    So very happy – I was waiting on this. I love the chemistry on the show.

  41. Momo says:

    Excited! But I agree with all the people who think this should be the last season. Give it a decent ending and let it go out with style instead of some rushed half assed job that results in a horrible ending. I love this show and I will be extremely disappointed if they can’t give it a stellar ending. Here’s to #HavenSeason5

  42. Joey says:

    So happy the show got renewed for season 5 for a lot of episodes! Can’t wait to see next season in the fall.

  43. Cassandra says:

    Such great news. I was really worried they were going to cancel it unceremoniously after that cliffhanger and leave us fans in the lurch with a presumably evil Audrey, therefore cementing my disdain for Syfy. With 26 episodes of life, even if it is the final season, they have ample space to give the fans a satisfying conclusion to the story. Now I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that they don’t pull a Eureka and instead cut the order and cancel it within days of this announcement.

  44. Thilia says:

    Are they going to do a traditional Fall/Spring set with this or are we going to do an AMC season where we get 13 Fall 2014 and 13 Fall 2015?

    • Chris Leonardi says:

      That’s how Syfy does it. Anytime they do these super size “seasons” half of the episodes air one year, and then the rest almost a full year later. They did it with Eureka, they did it with Warehouse 13, and I’d bet a generous amount of money that’s what they’re going to do here.

  45. Gina says:

    This is GREAT news! So glad to hear it. Love Haven!

  46. Tricia says:


  47. dvikib says:

    Renewal for Haven is the best news I’ve had all week.
    I can even tolerate the miserably cold weather now.
    Congrats to Haven! Love the show!

  48. Sheldon W. says:

    The press listed a whole bunch of executive producers – that didn’t include Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn, who were listed as “The series was developed by Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn.” That gave me some cause for worry…

  49. rebecca says:

    woo hoo!!!!!! excellent was thinking haven was done looking forward to season 5!!!

    • Vanessa says:

      My favourite tv show of all times, we haven’t missed an episode since it started (had to pvr when on holiday!). So happy it’s returning.

  50. Richey says:

    WOW, I`m Happy for us Havenites and The actors!!!!! Good job, We all pulled together.