The Following Recap: My Other Brother Darryl

The Following Season 2 RecapJoe Carroll is alive, well and living in flannel.

Who would’ve guessed that The Following‘s murder guru would choose to lay low in Armpit, Ark., all gussied up for some Duck Dynasty cosplay and posed as surrogate daddy to a hooker’s impressionable teen daughter?

This week, Joe’s true nature peeks out from behind his Dale Earnhardt Jr. shades and takes its first victim since the boathouse explosion – or, at least, we think it’s his first kill since the events of last season. The murder itself is fairly standard Carroll fare, but the show’s choice of witness to the crime adds an intriguing twist to how life may unfold for Joe in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Ryan meets the twins, Emma has a rude awakening and Mike is thisclose to cueing up some Alanis and throwing all of Hardy’s stuff in a box while belting out “And I’m HERE to REMIND YOU of the MESS YOU LEFT when you WENT AWAY.”

Let’s review what went down (and who got stabbed) in “For Joe.”

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#GOTBEARD? | We pick up in Boone County, Ark., in the trailer-y community where we saw Joe at the end of the season premiere. The very pretty young girl who called him “Darryl” is named Mandy; her mother, Judy, is the redheaded prostitute also introduced last episode.

Judy was one of Joe’s groupies – not a killer herself, as far as I can tell, but an admirer who sent him letters in prison and bragged to her daughter that she could “fix” the psychopath. Lovely. So when he needed to disappear for a while, Joe grew out his beard, went on a little Bass Pro Shops shopping spree and wound up as “Uncle” Darryl, whom everyone except for Mandy thinks is Judy’s just-back-from-Afghanistan brother. (I assume those people have not seen the pair making out in front of the kitchen window, then?)

“Y’ain’t getting’ itchy, are ya, baby?” she asks him, snuggling him close. Joe swears he’s not going anywhere — “I own you everything,” he states – but the look on his face as they embrace is not the stuff of which Hallmark movies are made.

BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN | Joe’s affection for Mandy, at least, feels genuine; he’s been helping her with her homework, and she’s been helping keep him abreast of what the cult is up to in his absence. One night when they’re alone, Mandy works off his instructions to bring up a phone number from a Baltimore newspaper’s classified listings.

As they nosh pretzel sticks and watch a TV special about his year-old killing spree, Mandy (sprawled out innocently with Joe on the couch) asks, “Did you play too many video games growing up?” (heh). The cozy moment is interrupted, though, by a local reverend who likes to make frequent pastoral visits to Judy’s bedroom. When he hears the lady of the house isn’t around, he says he’ll wait… and when he sees Joe’s mugshot on the special, his recognition is instantaneous.

The sleazy reverend makes a beeline for his car, so Joe picks up a garden gnome (awesome) and bashes in the window. But the man of the cloth socks Carroll right in the face, temporarily blinding him. Good (?) thing Mandy’s there to brain him with a shovel!

WAS IT GOOD FOR YOU? When he comes to, the pastor is tied to a chair in the house, and Joe is delivering a tearful ramble about how he’s clinically depressed and “rather off my game.” (James Purefoy excels at these moments when the worn patches of Joe’s psyche peek through, no?) Thinking he has a chance at survival, the reverend tries to appeal to Joe’s better – and when that doesn’t work, smarter – nature. But Prof. Insaneo’s lecture is over. “I am inevitable!” he shouts, ramming a kitchen knife into the minister’s midsection multiple times and finishing with an orgasmic “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as the man dies.

From the couch, Mandy cries as she watches in horror. When he recovers himself, Joe comes to her and envelops her in a hug, cooing that it’s going to be OK. “Mama’s gonna be home soon,” she says, staring ahead. “She’s gonna be mad.”

Will Mandy narc on the “uncle” for whom she clearly cares? Or have we witnessed the birth of a new little criminal? And if the pair keep the death a secret between them, how likely is it that mama is long for this world? You got me, Following; I wanna see how this plays out.

DOUBLE DOWN | Twin followers Mark and Luke break into a brownstone, murder the parents of a young boy and then lock him in his bedroom closet while they cook dinner and stage a family meal. I giggle more often than I should while the young men insert themselves into a disturbing tableau that involves telling “Mom” and “Dad” about the dancer they snuffed out in the previous episode. It’s just so bizarre!

For dessert, the boys lure Ryan (with Max’s help) to their location, where he finds the son unharmed upstairs. The FBI eventually shows up too, and there’s the usual grumble-grumble-not-your-case-anymore-grumble… and Mike’s even more ticked off at Hardy’s rogue policework.

But not even his former partner’s disapproval can stop Ryan from taking the twins’ bait and showing up at a benefit where Lily is speaking. He barely stops her from getting poked to death with an icepick; her driver or whoever that other guy is isn’t quite so lucky, though he survives.

At the end of the night, Luke and Mark get away (though Ryan shoots Luke in the arm), but Ryan now knows they are a pair of psychos instead of a lone killer, and Lily grabs his hand as she tells him she’s grateful he was there to save her life. Mike, however, is hella unimpressed. When Ryan makes an attempt to apologize/explain himself, Weston ain’t having it. “Tell it to Mendez. I’m done with you,” he snarls, then walks away. Break-ups are so hard, aren’t they?

CALL AND RESPONSE | Emma, too, finds the phone number in the Baltimore paper… and when it rings, the other end is the cell phone in follower Gisele’s hotel room marked “Joe.” Carlos, aka “I am far too goofy and too big of a screw up to ever be taken seriously as a Joe Carroll acolyte,” picks up and asks if Joe is with Emma.  Emma nearly chokes on her lip rings as she realizes that her mentor may not be as ’86ed as first thought. (Side note: Who else wants to see an Emma-Gisele cage match? Worth the price of admission, methinks.)

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. George says:

    Anyone else scream ‘It’s Payne’ when James McCaffrey got stabbed? Just me, oh okay then.

  2. JJM says:

    I still have a really big inkling that the blonde (Lily) is in on the entire thing. If not, Ryan will be all happy with her and then BAM! Clare will show up outta witness protection.

  3. Hege says:

    I also think Lily is in on it. I also have a feeling that Clare isn’t dead. Season 2 is shaping up to be good. Carrie Preston is always fun to watch so I hope we see more of her. The killing of the revered was so creepy. No one does that better than James Purefoy. Looking forward to see how this story evolves. I do hope Hardy will work with the FBI soon. It is already getting old this showing up alone and the feds coming just too late. The twins are creepy too.

    • brycealexander says:

      I’ve been thinking that about Claire too. For all we know, it could’ve been some sort of stunt to get her into witness security.

    • Weezy says:

      Yeah didn’t she say something about living in France while the events were playing out last year? And don’t the twins and the other girl in the hotel room speak French? Seems like they might all be together to me…of course I think it’s just as likely they are trying to make it seem this way to try to surprise the audience later.

  4. Mark says:

    I’m sorry second episode in and it’s nothing like the first season its slow and feels like the whole story has been neutered to accommodate a pg rating. Plus the whole lone ranger act is now becoming tiresome… And boring…..

    • Stylish says:

      I agree! People everywhere are saying it’s better than season 1. I really don’t think so. So far, season 2 is definitely moving at a slower pace which is bad move. It doesn’t seem nearly as suspenseful and violent, which in my opinion, is also a bad move. It seems like they’ve “dumbed down” on the show and turned at least half of it into kind of a family drama. I really don’t care about Ryan’s family and friends. Just focus on the mayhem and murder and pick up the pace.

      • chistosa says:

        Family drama? Not as violent? The episode opened with 6 people being brutally stabbed on a subway car, continued to stabbing a husband and wife and ended with a man of the cloth being stabbed resulting in what seems to be orgasm. This is what you are calling family drama. What would satisfy you?

        • Stylish says:

          OK, forget family drama. I didn’t even need to include that to make my point. The show is notcieably slower. James Purefoy even did an interview in which he stated that season 2 would be a “slow burn.” Who asked for that? Especially when the show had already been doing so well with the ratings in season 1. I also concur with this “Lone Ranger” aspect. Boring!

          • Bob says:

            Put the smartphone/tablet/XBox controller down for a while, Stylish. You’re fast-paced lifestyle is demanding that everyone else be as fast-paced. Sometimes life moves slowly, very slowly. Now take your ADHD meds and chill.

          • chistosa says:

            I guess I don’t interpret “slow burn” as slow action. And I certainly did not feel that the action did not move last night. In the course of the program there were 3 distinct murder scenes, prostititution and a sociopathic killer cuddling with a minor. In addition, it set up the conflict between Ryan and Mike. Speaking for myself, I don’t see that as slow.

  5. David Mills says:

    Were we really supposed to think the twins offed the little boy?
    The next time a kid is killed in scripted network tv will be the first time!
    It would be nice to watch a show where the writers show some b•••s for once!

    • Curly Girly says:

      So you WANT to see a little, innocent kid murdered in cold blood?? Nice.

      • David Mills says:

        It’s not about “wanting” the kid to be killed. It seemed well within the character of the twins to do such a deed and would have definitely shocked some viewers.
        Instead the writers went with the “deranged/serial killer with a soft spot for the children” that we always see on network tv.

    • number42is1 says:

      “The next time a kid is killed in scripted network tv will be the first time!”

      Well…except for last week on “The Blacklist”…otherwise you would be entirely correct

    • I think not killing the kid is just another way to guilt Ryan. One more boy (just like Claire’s) left without a mother because of him.

    • victoria says:

      well my husbands comments when the evil twins were cooking and setting the table was “I sure hope they didnt kill the little boy and cook him” I almost puked – that would have been the last time watched that show

  6. Rusty says:

    I was hoping that this second season would be better, alas it was worse. This lone ranger bit isn’t working. Who else is thinking that the blond is a member of the cult? As usual, law enforcement is shown to be slow and bumbling. The twins and the french girl making the black guy stand in the corner??? A time out for a killer??? Please cancel it now and put it out of our misery

    • Weezy says:

      I see alot of comments like this about law enforcement, but as someone who has family/friends in it, The Following is much closer to reality than all the stupid cop shows where they are all super agent heroes. The truth is that the majority of a police force is out revenue generating all day, sitting on their ass doing nothing. The average 9/11 response time nationwide now is nearly 20 minutes. My point is that there are VERY few cops in any city capable of extraordinary things. Do you forget they had to go door to door and shut down an entire city with thousands of officers and millions of dollars in resources to catch one guy in Boston (that coincidentally was caught by a random guy, not the police). While I’ll concur The Following does make them look incompetent in high intensity situations, the truth is that cops are humans like the rest of us and make mistakes. They also aren’t in very many high pressure situations, so it’s not like they can react perfectly every time. If anything the way TV portrays the police is downright laughable on most shows. Hell there isn’t even a position in the real world called an FBI profiler and look how many shows they have made about that alone.

      • MC says:

        Great post. Many of the complaints about The Following are based on fantasies of perfection. These fantasies are fueled by other shows where people in law enforcement routinely accomplish superhuman things.

  7. JD says:

    People are hoping a kid gets killed? Reality check, people!

  8. GS says:

    I swear some people just complain to complain. I am loving it so far! James Purfoy is purely awesome as Joe even with the beard. That guy playing Mark and Luke is creepy with a capital C. I like that Ryan is keeping up with it but not wanting to work with the FBI…totally in character for him. My husband thinks Lily is in on it but I’m not sure yet. I like that it’s not as bloody and violent. I’m sure it’ll get there but it makes sense that everything has to build to a point where they are all brought back together and then they all go crazy like they did last season. I can’t wait to see where it goes and think it’s just as good as last season if not better.

    • Stylish says:

      Mark and Luke are coming across as caricatures so far. They could be better, but they seem grossly silly at the moment

    • Alpha says:

      Me too! I loved it and was on facebook page posting the whole two hours! Awesome stuff with the twins. I am glad someone else liked it too!

  9. Matt Webb Mitovich says:

    I stand by the theory I shared yesterday in the office, Kim — Lily is totally a plant.

    • number42is1 says:

      well… on the one hand yes… they are making it out that way and that would make sense. BUT they did that SO MANY times last season that it seems to obvious for her to be in on it… it’s got that Scream feel to it. I guess what i am trying to say is that it would be a BIGGER deal if she WASN’T in on it and ended up the victim instead.

    • Morgan says:

      I think she’s a plant also. However, I hope that Ryan is playing her to make her believe he’s out to protect her. I hope he’s thinking she can lead him to Joe.

      • number42is1 says:

        and THAT ^^^^ would be a nice twist. but I do not think that is the case. And I’m sure it will be said at some time or another but i also do not think think that his niece is a follower. nor will she end up dead.

    • Amy says:

      What if Lily is the twins mother?

  10. RichieS says:

    I have to wonder how Joe will merge the old guard Emma faction of his cult with the new Luke-Mark-Gisele faction. Seems likely there may be cult-on- cult crime upcoming which may be a refreshing plot device as the baddies eliminate each other jostling for Joe’s favor and as a byproduct save the feds some work (but not criticism).

  11. James Butler says:

    Ryan Hardy ;belong with the Marvel Comic Superheroes. He is no longer with the FBI and yet he invades the crime scene, gets hit by a car, pour peroxide on the wound, have a fight and win, shoots someone and get the girl. He didn’t know her until the subway murders that she escaped but, with all her education and travel, believe he save her. Does she know if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t be in danger>

  12. Alpha says:

    I loved it!! I was so excited! Hey, a girl needs what she needs. I have been counting the days till this and it was worth the wait!!! Great creepy twist! Hot-sexy twins for us ladies to drool over and of course my baby Kevin Bacon is number one! Joe is ruthless as ever! I like it all! I watch scary movies since I was a kid, not much amuses me anymore. But “The Following” amuses me. Believe me, I am not easy to scare. Get bored with the same old crap! Wow me baby! Make momma feel it!!!!

  13. I’m so crazy about the show. I know alot of people became aware of the show because it was added to Netflix. Not me. I was front and center from day on. I love how outside of the box it is.To think of one man touch, who knows how, many people and getting them to do most of his dirty work blows my mind. You learn in history about this kinds of things, but i am not old enough to leave it. I’ve said to much and haven’t even started on the 1st, 2 episode. any who, about your recap you had everything. but remember how Luke( i think) is laughing and turns the music up after being popped. I can’t stop busting a gut over these 2. they sit down to have dinner with their newly died parents. Newly died and newly parents. lock their. lmfao i just got your recap title. I can’t write anything else. hit me on facebook

  14. Mikael says:

    I pretty much suspect everyone except Hardy to be a Follower. I’m loving the rival cult thing. I hope it stays and that they don’t merge together. The guy who plays the twins is so good at being a crazy serial killer. He played one on Dexter and he was really creepy on Homeland too.

  15. FLD says:

    Has anyone else noticed the major resemblance between the new agent and Parker? I had to do a double take when I saw her. I thought that was such an odd casting choice.

  16. Jim Snape says:

    How is the guy in priest garb a “reverend”? No one in the catholic church calls them “reverend”, and reverends don’t dress like priests.