Dracula's Finale: Satisfying or a Suck Fest?

Dracula Season 1 FinaleNow that Dracula has ripped his last victim to sinewy threads — for now, if not forever — we want to know whether or not you had a bloody good time watching the season finale.

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A brief recap, to get your juices flowing:

• Lady Jayne brings in a seer to direct her band of hunstmen to all the vampire nests in the city. They quickly get to work, always keeping Dracula as their ultimate goal.

• Van Helsing, having completely split with Grayson, torches all of his work, stabs Renfield in the gut, kidnaps Browning and then leaves him to be eaten by his own children, whom Van Helsing has seen fit to turn into vampires.

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• Grayson gives another public demonstration of his energy resonator, and Mina smiles at him from the crowd as it’s fired up. But Harker finds her and pulls her away, warning her that the device is set to blow shortly after it starts. Mina alerts Grayson, who angrily orders Harker to get her to safety. While the pair run away, Grayson tries to reverse the damage but can’t stop the plant from going up in a giant conflagration.

• Having been directed there by her seer, Lady Jayne arrives at the explosion site, looking for Grayson. She finds him. “I know who you are,” she whispers. “You’ve always known. Admit it,” he replies. They trade blows, and she stabs him in the leg, but it’s not enough: He tosses her in the air and impales her on some wreckage. “Don’t turn me,” she commands with her last breaths. “You owe me that.” He complies, sucking her dry instead.

• Thanks to Grayson’s attack in the previous episode, Lucy is now a full-fledged vampire whose first meal is her mother.

• Mina finds her way back to Alexander and they embrace. “I was so afraid I’d lost you,” she cries. They wind up in bed.

• Van Helsing summons Harker to his lab, promising to tell him everything he needs to destroy Grayson, including “His name is Dracula.”

What did you think of Dracula‘s season finale? Vote in the poll below, then elaborate in the comments!

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  1. Sherry says:

    Looking forward to Season 2….PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  2. Tara Lowes says:

    I Love Johnathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula He is AWESOME and HOT Im glad the huntsman Lady Jayne and Browning got what they deserved now Harker and Van Helsing is next on the list to get what they deserve hopefully next season they will

  3. Raquelita says:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! I look forward to it every week, and I am so sad the season is over. I have not been able to get that sex scene with Grayson and Mina out of my head since it aired!!! :)

  4. Dino says:

    I love this. It’s Dracula…what cannot love. This is put together as well as The Walking Dead & Resolution. Personally I think NBC tries to rid us of programs that they think is unsuitable for us instead of what we as a society enjoy. Let’s FIRE NBC!

  5. Raquel gonzalez says:

    I love this sow! Please keep it on the air.

  6. splender7@aol.com says:

    I absolutely loved it! I hope it continues next season!!!!! The finale was a cliff hanger!

  7. Dee says:

    Loved the show please keep it

  8. Tania Griffiths says:

    love , love it ,its time for an old school type dracula, not just teenage romance ,and jonathan rhys meyers what a great actor , why would you even consider cancelling it , bring it back for a 2nd and a 3rd season. i hope our comments truely help to bring it back.

  9. Jess 2014 says:

    love the show!! I REALLY REALLY want second season! just finished the first season!! thought it was great!

  10. Cassandra says:

    Absolutely a must watch!!! Addicted to Dracula!!! If NBC cancels this show I will be very disappointed and no longer watch anything on the NBC network!!!! If the people at NBC know what they’re doing and want ratings they will know the smart thing is to bring Dracula back for season 2!!!! My favorite show thus far! I love Grimm too but Dracula takes the cake!

  11. misswa says:

    Love this show. It brought me back to NBC. The cast, writing, scenes, everything is perfect for me. I hope NBC will bring it back and bring the wonderful characters back that were not killed off. Especially loved Jonathan Rhys Meyers performance and the new take on an old story.

  12. Emina Anime says:


  13. karen says:

    Great show. Hope they network is smart enough to renew.

  14. Sally Fowler says:

    I loved this show from the very first episode. I’ll be so disappointed if NBC doesn’t give it a second season. The finale was excellent. The closing scene a definite winner. The perfect lead-in to season 2. PLEASE RENEW DRACULA, NBC. It’s really the only show on TV that I positively MUST see every week.

  15. April says:

    Can’t wait for next season. Love this show.

  16. Bella says:

    I apsolutley love this series please do another series JohnathanRhys Meyers is amazing as is his side kick please bring him back its the best series I’ve watched on sky…xx.

  17. susan says:

    I LOVED the show! The fact that Jonathan’s character is so different from the original dracula stereotype is what intrigued me the most. Not to mention how awesome he is to look at.

    I will be very disappointed if the series goes off the air. I really enjoy watching and it seems I’m not the only one.

  18. felicia says:

    I,absolutely, love Dracula! They picked the right guy for the lead! Sexy, scary, and authoritative! He commands the room, and brings soo much character to his role! Pls don’t stop airing! It my favorite show and I just don’t know if I could bare it not knowing what will happen next!

    • Angela says:

      Felicia I totally agree with every word you said. I could not bear it! if this show was taken off the air. I cannot wait for the new shows to air. I am a Bloodsucker for JRM, he is so hot!

  19. Stephanie says:

    I absolutely love this show. Jonathan rheys Meyers is such a fantastic actor and not bad to look at for an hour! He makes me wish I was Mina Murray!!

  20. Mauritzk says:

    I LOVE this show and was hooked fromt he first episode. Please give it a chance to develop. The show has excellent acting and room to grow all characters. It’s filmed beautifully too, every week I felt like I was watching a movie. Please DO NOT CANCEL This show, give it a chance to grow. If your demographic reach is 18-45 year olds then don’t put it on Friday nights when that age group is out, make sure to put it on a Monday, Tuesday or Wed night when nothing else is on. Also PROMOTE IT ahead of time!! Get the word out. This show will be a hit, but you need ot support it properly. Thank you.

    • Angela says:

      I totally agree with your assessment of our favorite show Dracula. I concur that they should give this show a chance. I also agree with the promotion idea. This show is shot on location in Hungary, an excellent place for the setting of the show. The set decor and costumes are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen for a tv show. NBC KEEP THIS SHOW ON !!!!

  21. AG says:

    I agree the show is great and would like to see it for a second season. I too think NBC has selected the wrong time/day and proof of that is the significant rise in viwership numbers on-demand for this show. I think NBC needs to give it another chance and really think about their demographic and the time they broadcast this show.

  22. Tanika says:

    I loved the show completely. hope it has another season. Dracula is awesome and sexy. love to hear him talk. I thought mina was nice pick for the show.

  23. Bonnie bartlett says:

    I enjoyed the show, made sure I watched it every Friday. And I found Johnathan Rhys Meyers mesmorizing to watch, a great actor and great vampire. Hope this show returns!

  24. kay says:

    Loved the show Dracula and thought Meyers playing the character was hot , made me want to have him bite my neck! I kept wanting to know what was next in the eposes to come. So please keep it on the air and keep me wanting more!

  25. Barbara from M entone Ca. says:

    please leave Dracula on.there is’t that much to watch on tv jonathan rhys meryers is fantastic

  26. Karey-anne says:

    Gorgeous show. I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula aka Alexander Grayson. I watched a show every Friday and I will watch Dracula when they renew it for a second season. lets remain positive Dracula fans.

  27. chiara2 says:

    I love this show … I will be extremely upset if they don’t keep going. Even if I wasn’t home early enough on Fri nights, you’d better believe I was parked in front of the TV on Saturday, watching the Comcast repeats. In addition to JRM, it had some nice writing: “You make me want more than I could possibly have; you make me want to walk in the sun. I belong to you and you belong to me.” Loved it!

  28. Lynn Jones says:

    Please bring Dracula back. I looked forward to this tv show on Friday nights after Grimm. Jonathan Reys was brilliant and so was the whole cast. Nbc….Thumbs up for this show.

  29. debbie says:

    Really hope this show continues. Love the vampire diaries but I like that this show is for a more mature audience. I hate it when good vampire shows are cancelled too soon. Please let this show continue

  30. Pamela says:

    I am a Fan looked forward to the show. Naturally, enjoy the Star he is awesome. I am a Fan.We need the TV shows we like to come back, not we like a show we don’t get it back.
    That’s crazy! I have limited shows I watch, I just happen to like Dracula I also am a Fan of
    The Blacklist, hey and third watched Sleepy Hollow. There You have it I’m pickey. There are some shows in My opinion that aren’t the slightest bit interesting or the ones that to Me aren’t funny, that are suppose to be?!
    I actually am a Fan of Big Bang Theory.
    But, please bring back shows we enjoy and watch! By the way JRM OMG!
    Just show us You care what we like and bring back our Favorites!
    I personally think sometimes, most times better to not fix what isn’t broken.
    I am a Fan of Dracula, a Fan of Meyers!
    If it’s because of anything personal with the Star, he will work through it, doesn’t seem to have caused any problems with his acting ability! I think not!
    Remain a Fan!

  31. unknown says:

    Love it, I wonder why is it that, in your poll you don’t have I love it or like it so much, it only gives negative options.

  32. Kim says:

    I absolutely love this show! I understand that Jonathan has substance abuse issues but I am absolutely infatuated with him as Dracula! It’s hot! It’s sexy! It’s intriguing! It keeps me guessing and I love how it ties Dracula and Van Helsing! Please make this happen! What a great love affair, better than Romeo and Juliet..unable to be together but destined to be! Sexy!

  33. Shelly says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVED the first season perfect combo of horror & romance & amazing plot! I am deff looking forward to the second season this is the only show I watch on NBC & would be very disappointed if it was cancelled! Jonathan is the perfect dracula & so sexy! I want more more of him after after episode!

  34. Christine says:

    I LOVE Dracula based movies/shows. This show is very tastefully done. It’s classy; I love the Victorian set. I look forward to every episode. My mom and I watch it together and absolutely cannot wait to watch what happens next. Please don’t take away a great story. I am a dedicated fan of this show and I will continue to watch every episode each season.

  35. Lena says:

    Love,Love,Love Jonathan Rhys Meyers !! He is one of the most gifted and charismatic actors out ther today. Yes he has his demons. But he’s just memorizing to watch . This is a man that can do anything. He’s played an androgynous bi sexual singer in Velvet Goldmine and stole the whole movie. Then he pays Elvis with a spot on southern accent. Then it’s the ruthless and powerful King Henry the VIII in the Tudors. He makes everything seem so effortless . NBC has struck gold in even getting him onto there network. They would be crazy to let this talent go by cancelling Dracula.

  36. Rowina says:

    They have to bring it back!!! It is fantastic! I absolutely loved it!!! THEYHAVE TO BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!

  37. Wow! says:

    JRM is sizzling hot as a vampire,I screamed in front of my husband,when I saw the episode where JRM is getting a injection in a loin cloth,good god.:-P He’s sexy!!!I watched him on the Tudors,I hope there’s a season 2!!!

  38. Jennifer Riley says:

    Awesome movie. I love the chemistry. Each week I can hardly wait to see what happens next. Please renew this movie. It was just getting soooooo good. Jonathan is so sexy.I’m so sad it’s off. Please bring Dracula back.

  39. Tonya says:

    Is Dracula coming back on? I love this show it is so so so good. Every Friday I look foward 2 seeing it. It is the Bombdiggatee!!! I don’t hv a social life right now so it entertains me. Please bring Dracular back I miss it. It is one of the best shows on TV.

  40. jon macvean says:

    i hope dracula hasw a season two i really liked it ithink alot of other people liked it also jon macvean

  41. Kimberly says:

    Dracula was awesome ..couldn’t wait for its return, sad to hear it might not return. If anyone wants this show to return they should voice their opinion.

    • Beckie says:

      I’m going to agree like all the rest. It is so sad that everything has to be about ratings. Come on people. Some of the crap that is on TV now like all those stupid reality shows that mean nothing stay on and give people a sense of stupidity. How about something that is interesting, spooky, mind thinking and has a great cast. OH i know…it’s not a reality show….how silly of me. It’s amazing to me that you pay a small fortune for tv and yet you get crap. Really Mind bogling.

      • Mathew Torres says:

        I agree. I watch about 23 different shows including the Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Grimm, The Blacklist, Once Upon A Time, and so on. Dracula immediatley became my favorite among them all! It had so much potential and I was crushed to here that they pulled the plug on it. What the hell were they thinking!


        • I agree with you Mathew. Dracula was awsome !!! NBC sucks so bad…They get rid of their best in exchange for super crappy comodies,Super sucky late night host sence they screwed Conan, They keep lame programs to suck in the youth and try to be hip for god knows what crappy reason, I hardly ever watch NBC any more. The only time I watch them now is for: Americas got talent,Last Comic standing,Hannibal,. Revolution was OK and they yanked that along with Dracula. Grim is cool too !!! I shouldn’t have mentioned those shows….They’ll cancel them too…

  42. Robert says:

    Loved The Show It Was great Sure Hope To See A Season 2. Its Better than A Lot Of Shows With Higher Ratings.

  43. Leah Brooker says:

    I think it is a great show. The costumes, the cast, everything. I hope that Jonathan Rhys Meyers gets to come back for many more seasons.

  44. joshua says:

    Dracula and Vikings blow away the competition. Dracula season 2 please.

  45. Rachel says:

    I only watched this show over the last few days and just as things seem to be getting really good I go on and find out it
    HAS BEEN CANCELLED oh my god why do you always do that put a good show on then kill it.
    Think it would be in your interest to bring it back revitalised for 2017 wwwhhhooo