Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on Caroline's Surprise, Katherine's Plan and Bonnie's Future

Vampire Diaries Season 5 SpoilersThe following contains spoilers for Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes. Everyone else, read on…

The Vampire Diaries‘ 100th episode on Thursday night pulled the ultimate switcheroo when a dying Katherine took possession of Elena’s body.

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Meanwhile, in a shocking romantic development, Caroline put away her disdain for Klaus and gave in to her attraction as she and the Original got it on in the woods! But even though the hybrid promised to leave afterward, there was still plenty of awkwardness in store: Rebekah left behind Care’s ex Tyler, who really, really hates Klaus, as a parting gift for Matt.

Below, executive producer Julie Plec previews the schemes Katherine will cook up as Elena and how they’ll shake up the Elena-Stefan-Damon love triangle. She also hints at Bonnie’s crucial role moving forward and whether we can expect more Vampire Diaries/Originals crossovers.

TVLINE | You have to assume that Katherine’s going to have all sorts of crazy, wacky hijinks.
It is such a quintessential, bitchass Katherine Pierce move that she has to live up to it with her behavior. [Laughs] Because you can’t go that hard without delivering — and she does deliver. As we know, Katherine’s got her eye on Stefan. So just as Damon and Elena have admitted to themselves that they’re ready to fight for their relationship, all of a sudden, Elena is no longer in possession of her own body. Katherine’s first order of business will be to try to figure out ways to get Damon out of her life for good. And then the domino effect of all of her moves is just horrible and tragic and mysterious in that wicked way. She really starts screwing up people’s lives, left and right.

TVLINE | Who is the most suspicious about what’s going on with Elena?
Everybody’s going to have a moment of suspicion along the way. The question, as we move forward, is going to be how long is it going to take before somebody figures it out? And when they do, how much damage will have been caused?

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Vampire Diaries Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | And Damon, as the guy who was Elena’s boyfriend just a short while ago, how does he react?
He’s all ready to go ahead and do what he can to get Elena back and can’t understand, in the beginning, why she’s not returning his phone calls. [Laughs] So [the next] episode spirals from there. But Damon’s working really hard to reclaim his undying and eternal love for Elena just as Elena, aka Katherine, is trying to extricate herself from Damon’s life.

TVLINE | Caroline and Klaus finally acted on their feelings – but it came with the caveat that he would never come back. Are things really over between them? Can Caroline really put this behind her?
I think they can both put it behind them because they both, admittedly, have other lives and other obligations they need to deal with. The thing with Caroline and Klaus is, she’s always been drawn to him and has this deep-rooted attraction to him that scared her… And yet, she wanted this. She was acting on her most base impulses and trying to get something out of her system. For Klaus, of course, it’s something we know that he’s always wanted. But he’s got obligations. He’s got a life that he’s got to get back to in New Orleans, baby on the way and all that stuff.

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TVLINE | And Tyler’s back. Does that send Caroline into a tailspin?
What should be a joyful occurrence for everybody, which is Tyler returning safe and sound, has the world’s most awkward timing for Caroline. She’s going to have to deal with the fallout of the decision she made to give in to her feelings for Klaus.

TVLINE | There were a couple Originals in the episode. Are we going to see more crossovers between the shows this season?
We don’t set out to plan them on a schedule. If something comes up when we’re breaking story and feels organic and like it would be enjoyable for the characters and not stick out like a sore thumb, we’re open to it. But this was the big one for the time being.

TVLINE | And what’s coming up for Bonnie?
She’s going to start intersecting with the Traveler agenda. We’re also going to meet some new witches that are going to take a particular interest in her despite the fact that she can no longer practice magic. As we get closer to the end of the season, she becomes quite integral not just to the plan to save herself and her friends from danger, but also to – in an exaggerated and yet, appropriate, phrase – save the world and everyone.

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  1. 10 says:

    Sorry for grammar mistakes, English is not my native language…
    And, I forgot: really did expect Elijah to come and say goodbye to Katherine. Out of character that he didn’t. Furthermore, it would have been more believeable that Klaus would have come to fetch Bonnie to help him with bringing back the NOLA witches sacraficed girls instead of coming to gloat… Makes no sense as to why he would come, and without Elijah…

  2. BonnieFan1986 says:

    I am so glad that I didn’t see this episode. From what I read, it was boring and predictable. Really Klaroline?? ACK!!! That “relationship”, that was pulled out of thin air, is and will always be the worst decision ever made to me. The definition of fan service! Lack of Bonnie, as always. No Bamon scenes, as always. Used to love Alaric, but if I never see Matt Davis again, it’ll be too soon. Still pissed about his racist tweets about Bonnie fans (don’t worry, I saved them). Too much triangle…still!! The continuity STILL is atrocious! JP needs to get it together. Her show is falling apart and the fans are starting to rebel.

  3. Amy says:

    Omg, they killed Klaroline for me. My screen in those scenes were colder than the snow outside, seriously where was the chemistry we’ve seen before? The moment for this devlopment was just all wrong. First of all it came totally out of nowhere, no foundation was set for it. The conversation that went on before it felt totally out of place withboth Klaus his storyline and Caroline’s. And I would’ve liked it better if it wasn’t all ripping clothes off immediatly, sort of a slow intens kissing scene would’ve been better for me.
    I think they should pay better attention to connecting the shows when they cross over. Last time with Tyler being in The Originals the storyline was set for him in the Vampire Diaries and developed on in The Originals. This crossover came out of nowhere and seeing how much Klaus, Rebeca and the rest had to deal with in the last episode of The Originals made this crossover feel completely out of line.
    But aside from my problems with the crossover I did like how they brought all of them, including some importtant old characters, together. This episode was bearable so I hope they continu it before I’m really going to give up on this show. Since season 4 the only reason I kept watching was for Klaroline and with that out of the picture for a while and The Originals being awesome so I’ll hopefully catch it when something will start hapening woth Klaroline again, they’d better come up with a good storyline for the VD if they want me to keep watching.

  4. Mikael says:

    Saw the switch coming a mile away, but I’m just glad Katherine isn’t dead. She’s far better than Elena. I have to say, The Originals is a much better show even in its first season. I don’t like that they’re making Cami the new Caroline though, as Klaus seems to have feelings for her, but overall I’m loving the show more than TVD and its endless love triangles.

  5. Dennis says:

    Never thought of it like Bufffy but it is true.
    The original Buffy movie came out in 1992 roughly the same time the TVD books were released but I don’t think Joss Whedon was following the books, however the plot points are similar and the CW(WB) share many of the same writers, directors, producers etc.
    They also do play tributes to other similar shows and they don’t hide that fact. Also other shows do the same. Just my 2¢…

  6. jade says:

    I have loved tvd since it first came out but I’m totally over it. Elena stefan damon sh*t. So old the only thing that had me watching was for klaus and caroline. It happen too quick. All this build up of their characters And for it to be over like that. I’m so dissapointed. I feel like I dont want to keep watching either of the shows. :( does anyone feel the same.?

    • Vicky says:

      I totally agree thats eactly how I feel. Why did the writers have to take away something that kept me watching? And now like you I don’t want to watch either. The creaters of TVD and TO are going to lose a lot of audience memebers if they don’t do something about it. I don’t about anyone else but i feel like i’m stuck in the middle of a divorce and I don’t know whos side to be on (aka which show to watch) which is why i’ve chosen neither.

  7. Chantall says:

    Well thinking about mmmm remember buffy and angel well its been renewed tvd and the originals come on guys do something far fetched i mean you bring people back from the dead so why cant someone like bonnie fall pregnant instead of killing her off..delena should just end up together stefan should go away and find a girl that hasnt slept with damon jeremy and bonnie should leav mystic falls and start a life without all this crap because they deserve some peace. caroline should go to originals katherine dies and let the show come to an end like that and just call it quits..if we wanna see quality and good acting we can watch the first few seasons

  8. Rae says:

    I could care less about these supposed predictable twists they have. I am particularly disgusted with the Kat is Elena possession. The show is becoming overwhelmingly uninteresting. The same thing happens season after season. A surprise visitor comes to Mystic Falls, Elena or one of Elena’s friends ends up in danger, a dance takes place (oh and at every TVD dance tragedy strike) , and then the days is saved… Yippee. When shows become predictable viewers stop watching. The Originals is way better. Breath of fresh air actually with all the diabolic dynamic characters.

  9. GoodWitchPA says:

    Can you please just kill off Catherine? Been there. Done that. Again and again and again. If they can’t come up with fresh material then it’stime to move on. Let a show with original thoughts have the time slot.

  10. Destiny94 says:

    It looks that Julie is destroying this show just because she wants the fans of TVD to watch TO. Not cool, Julie!! I am sick of seeing how Elena is unbalanced person, seriously for five season?? Don’t you have enough others characters more interesting?? For example Caroline?? No, we have see over and over how Elena doesn’t know what to do, sometimes she appears to me that she is the most stupid person on tv.

  11. beth says:

    Love vpd the Katharine Stephan triangle is boring…love that Klaus was back and him and Caroline hit it of best part Elena constant drama is Boring she is human vampire goodie to shoe bad its all elena elena snore fest was glad Rebecca and matt hit it of matt Rebecca Klaus caroline Damien are my fav .

  12. Give Us Klaroline says:

    How is Klaus RANDOMLY showing up in 1 episode, RANDOMLY happens to be in the woods with Caroline, and RANDOMLY having an out of nowhere hookup NOT sticking it out like a sore thumb? How is it NOT? Honestly, I am watching this stuff for Klaus and Caroline, and you mean to tell me that this is NEVER going to happen? Why am I even watching?

  13. Ian says:

    Are u SERIOUS GOSH I’m not trying to hate but gosh.first of all I love bonnie but, where all all her so called powerful relatives all they want to do is kick her to.the curb.
    Then comes the whole STELENA DELENa crap she goes with stefan breaks up woth him goes to damon… Really are they writers actually writing or just making it up as they go. No character development.
    Then comes the whole KlAroline scene one “romantic” goodbue scene in less than four min. Also when will bonnie have a new love interest on the show because in my opinion she was the only good actress now even she is getting boring. Alaric dying worse mistake. Katherine/ elena thing don’t even get me started seems like stefan is going to be all alone again. Point is used to LOVE the show but now almost done with it just scraps of high hopes keeping me going. Look at all the comments 94% people had something bad to say and its even shows this on the ratings. Pleasw get some new writers or better.still kevin. Lovingg the orifinals now.

  14. 1234as4321 says:

    a caroline ficor com o klaus porque n tem que dar satisfasao pra niquem ela ja e adulta ela e o klaus sao perfeito amo os dois ainda tenho esperança

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  16. Rhina achungo says:

    Woooow katerina’s a bitchass….i love that about her

  17. Chantall says:

    Lol! Mia i really dont know whats happening to tvd the show has gone down the drain all the doppelganagers really made me loose intrest in the show i mean 3elenas? O.m.g and now this crap body switching