Sleepy Hollow Exclusive: Tom Mison, EPs Break Down the Finale's Big Moment in the Church

“Our work is not done. You will come back for me.”

If you’re still reeling from the self-sacrifice that took place just after that bit of dialogue was spoken in Sleepy Hollow‘s season finale Monday, maybe getting star Tom Mison‘s insight on the scene will make you feel better.

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In this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, Mison and executive producers Mark Goffman and Ken Olin break down the climax of the church scene and talk about what makes the moment between the Witnesses so powerful.

Press PLAY on the video below to re-live Abbie’s tough choice.

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  1. alistaircrane says:

    I don’t want Ichabod and Abbie as a couple. He belongs with his wife Katrina. I enjoy the friendship chemistry between Ichadbod and Abbie, but I do not want it to go beyond that.

    • R.O.B. says:

      Agreed. They are more like brother and sister.

    • tvdiva says:

      This! There is nothing more romantic than a man in love and devoted to his wife. What Crane and Abbie have is a different and deeper bond based on fighting evil. I do not want Crane and Abbie together as anything but platonic friends/family.

  2. tp says:

    Their bond as friends is a great way to build on a romance. Doesn’t need to happen right now because hopefully this show goes on for a couple of years.

  3. Aleana says:

    I don’t want Ichabod and Abbie together I rather them be best friends who will always be there for each other why does every show got to put their leads together sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t I mean it works for Bones and Castle some shows I just like a female and male be best friends nothing more it can happen

    • Hannah Jane says:

      So you’re fine with white male and female best friends becoming more, but a biracial friendship becoming more is out of the question? Interesting.

      • Francine says:

        Wow, you sure speculated an awful lot from their post….

        • Hannah Jane says:

          Not a whole lot of speculation required. Their examples and aimlessly wandering comment speak volumes.

          • LEP says:

            Ichabod is MARRIED to the love of life. In my mind, that’s the overriding factor. In the other examples given (Bones/Castle) you had two single people who were friends that became more.

          • RJ says:

            Just because they want Ichabod with his wife doesn’t mean they are racist–from your logic people MUST want Ichabod and Abby as a couple OR they are automatically prejudice.

          • Francine says:

            Honestly I have no idea why you would assume their post had anything to do with race. Sorry, but you really are just speculating and guessing. They said nothing about it, only that they prefer some male and female leads to be friends. So do I. Plus, you know, Bones and Castle were/are completely different situations. No one was still married there. You’re just assuming things and that’s not fair.

          • uh huh says:

            Wow. Just wow. It’s people like you, who insert and assume racism where there is NO reason to, who do the world NO favors when there actually IS evidence of racism in a situation.

          • Teddy says:

            The one who wrote this “Ichabod is MARRIED to the love of life. In my mind, that’s the overriding factor. In the other examples given (Bones/Castle) you had two single people who were friends that became more” is absolutely right and I’m with you <3

          • Just sayin says:

            The phrase “out of left field” repeated in my head while reading both your posts.

          • canadian ninja says:

            Feeding the trolls only makes them stronger. This troll caught all you little fishies. Sadly their are folks on the internet who take pleasure in provoking negative (or in this case, befuddled) reactions. All they care about is that they get a response. When you ignore them, they may flail and try again but if you keep ignoring them they do learn, and go searching for easier fish to catch elsewhere. I suppose not everyone who posts something aggressively confrontational or totally out of left field is a troll – but what do you gain by engaging their nonsense either way?

      • Aeol says:

        You are disturbed.

  4. sladewilson says:

    They saved their best for last. The best scene Nicole and Tom have shared all season. Kudos.

  5. Tahonia says:

    I loved the hug between Ichabod and Abbie. Somehow Katrina is going to be revealed as a bad guy….. Which is fine by me. I can’t wait to see how the writers get everyone out of this mess they’ve left us with. Maybe Anna. torv Canberra cast as Jeremy’s nanny to calm him down…..

  6. Francine says:

    Obviously no to Ichabod and Abbie being anything more than friends- at least right now. He is married and still loves his wife. I would possibly be fine with it in the future, but a lot would have to happen first for me to get on board with the two of them.

  7. Babybop says:

    Yeah, I’m with you Tahonia. I think that Katrina is going to have some secret past we didn’t know about…
    I’m all for Abbie and Icahbod getting together – just not right now. Let’s wait until he’s not married anymore.

  8. Alichat says:

    I loved that scene in the church, and I loved that they added that moment of recognition by Katrina. The platonic, yet intense, bond between Ichabod and Abbie makes complete sense after everything they have been through. Time traveling, purgatory visiting, horsemen fighting, demon vanquishing. Those are some insane experiences. And Abbie being the first and, for a time, only person who believed anything Ichabod was saying, has become Ichabod’s anchor to sanity. They are two people who were alone, with a crazy past and a strong moral code, who have become family. And I love that dynamic. Not every pair of leads should be put together in a romantic relationship. If the plan, however, is to have Ichabod and Abbie together, and I would be fine with them not having that plan, it has to be something that happens much further down the road. To stay true to both of these characters, it can’t happen anytime soon. As long as Katrina is alive, Ichabod would never betray her. That would go against his moral code.

    • LEP says:

      Exactly. He has 18th century values. I can’t believe he would ever even think of betraying his vows. And I think Abbie respects and admires that about him. As you state, they both have a strong moral code and have bonded partly because of it. To betray that would also betray the spirit of the show.

    • Angela says:

      Excellent post. Sums up my feelings pretty nicely.
      I got emotional during that scene in the church. It was so sweet and touching.

  9. KD says:

    Right now I really like them as friends, but if their relationship changes to something more I’m fine with it as long it makes sense for the story. I dislike when characters get together just to get together.

  10. M. says:

    Hannah Jane – no squeamishness about a biracial pairing, but Crane is too principled, and way too in love with Katrina, to easily pair up with Abbie. Their bond is through their common ground as Witnesses and warriors in the fight, not through romantic love.

  11. Dan says:

    The best part of that scene was the WTF face Katrina made toward the end as the two were hugging it out. That’s going to come back and bite them on the ass one day big time…

  12. I hope the show doesn’t make Abbie and Crane a couple. I remember when Peter and Olivia became a couple on “Fringe.” That never worked for me. Loved the individual characters but the pairing always made me roll my eyes.

  13. angel says:

    Anyone else notice the look on Katrina’s face when she first got out of purgatory? Add that to the look she gave Ichabod and Abbie while they were hugging and it’s a safe bet she is not going to go back willingly to allow Abbie to return. I think if they’re ever going to cause strife between Ichabod and Katrina, this may be the starting point.

  14. MagicThings says:

    I doubt they’ll make Katrina evil as well. The Cranes already have one bad apple to deal with and having Katrina go all “Wicked Witch” on them would just be over-kill. I’m with the majority here in not wanting romantic relationship between Ichabod and Abbie. I’ve always viewed their relationship as purely platonic friendship, even a mutual mentorship so throwing in romantic feelings would go against both their characters. Ichabod loves his wife; he’s utterly devoted to her.

  15. Laura says:

    I really don’t want to see Ichabod and Abbie hooked up either. I loved the way he showed his devotion to Katrina in finale trying to get her out of purgatory. I hope the writers will never go down that route and give into those on going shippers. This shipping has been very irritating. Keep Ichabod and Abbie as close friends and partners. Give us more Ichabod and Katrina action in the next season with lots of developement from their marriage.

  16. Victoria says:

    I agree that Ichabod and Abbie are just friends for now.. but just let people ship what they want, alright? People should be able to ship Ichabod/Abbie and Ichabod/Katrina without getting hate from the other shipping fandom. Shipping is supposed to be fun, so let’s just chill about it and enjoy the show that is Sleepy Hollow, instead of fighting over what you’re allowed to ship, because people interpret chemistry in their own way; they interpret storylines and scenes in different ways as well. Personally, I ship Ichabod/Abbie, but I don’t hate Katrina or Ichabod/Katrina; so let’s just let everyone have peace now. We can all patiently wait for season 2 together!

  17. clearhaven says:

    It would be hypocritical though, if the same people here claiming they don’t want Ichabod with Abbie because he’s married are the same fans that support Fitz and Olivia’s Rship on Scandal. #jussayin’!

    Team DontCareShip

    P.S: Please don’t reply with the ‘Mellie is not the love of FItz’s life’ bants *yawn*

    • yay says:

      You are so right about Olivia and Fitz! For some reason we really love that. I ship Ichabbie wholeheartedly. I just don’t want them together right now. Maybe down the line in year 5. They need to keep teasing us with it first. Like all those HUGE hugs and stuff. “remember our bond”

  18. Mikael says:

    I love the friendship bond between Ichabod & Abbie. They work so well together and they have a great back-and-forth. If it turned out to be a Mulder & Scully kind of thing where they get together YEARS down the line, I’d be ok with that. But for now, I absolutely love their friendship.

  19. Tammy says:

    I love ichabod and Abbie and please Please writers put them together romantically! I also think there’s more depth to Katrina’s character and she may have a evil side to her that will give ichabod the clear conscience to pursue Abbie! I can’t wait! Cool show! For all the losers not wanting them 2gether bc Abbie’s black, it’s 2014! These must be old women making those crazy comments. Go back to the 1950s or whatever

  20. Gloria says:

    This show is about Good vs Evil. Sometimes evil will blur the lines of right and wrong. Sleepy Hollow does a good job at creating the blurred lines, but I believe in the end they are drawing the audience for seeing the true Good. I am amazed at the lustful fantasy notion driven by this TV audience for bringing two characters together (Icabod/Abbie). Marriage is honorable in the sight of God. He loves his wife and marriage is a good thing.
    (This is not because of race, I think the good is that a white man and African-american woman can have a great friendship)

    Today in our society we believe that just because a man and woman are devoted friends that a relationship must follow. This is not true, whoever the witnesses are they are called to a higher purpose, their individual needs are not important. Love is more that just a physical relationship, Love is patient, it is kind, it is not puffed up…..

    I don’t think that Katrina will be evil, they did that with Jeremy that would be redundant. She will not be pushed to doing evil because of Icabod/Abbie. But she may make pour decisions because of what she believes is there…and that is when evil gets us.

    I do take issue with how witches are somehow good or evil. Witches have always been evil. How we keep making them good is beyond me. Keep in mind that the two witnesses are not witches, but Icabod and Abbie were tricked by a Warlock to believe that Katrina’s power was the only one to stop the horsemen. Remember what Abbie quoted, ” I will give two witnesses my power….and they shall prophesize. ” Why do we assume that this power is supernatural in origin.

    Personal thoughts: Abbie will become a horsemen the crows were protecting her before Icabod found her, just like they were trying to get to Jeremy when he was a baby. The horsemen have been chosen. Abbie will be the horsemen of death. The horsemen of conquest is the one who carries a bow. So the horsemen of death who rides a pale horse is yet to be revealed. Why is she the horsemen of death, she has been the only one to talk or see dead people…Sheriff Corbin and her Ancestor Grace.

    One of the things that does not make sense is why the headless horsemen had the second seal. Moloch promised him Katrina if he would become a horseman, not because he had the seal. Or did Washington give the Seal to Abraham because he trusted him at one point and that’s why Moloch went after him….?

    Finally, if the four who speak as one knew how to banish people or retrieve them from purgatory, why would Washington need to die and bring back a map?

    • sandra says:

      Bravo, great observation about Annie. I never thought about it that way. Love this show.

    • Keia says:

      Um… WOW!

      So Abbie will become the “Horseman of Death” huh? … Really?! -_-

      You may want to … I don’t know… Go back and watch the FIRST episode! Because in it you will learn what everyone else already knows…

      The HEADLESS Horseman IS already the Horseman of DEATH!

      Anyone that has seen the show already knows this! SMH

  21. Acajou says:

    I would have loved a relationship between Abbie and Ichabod. However, after watching the finale, I feel he is too untrustworthy. He will always put Katrina above their common goal…above her as well. That’s fine. He’s married. I say give Abbie a love interest all her own. Possibly with a powerful warlock who can do what Katrina seems so unable to.