Nashville Recap: Second Verse, Same as the First

Nashville Season 2 RecapBeing semi-famous is hard, y’all.

That’s the lesson this week’s Nashville wants us to take home, seeing as how it spends so much time showing us Scarlett once more buckling under the demands of a heavy tour-and-press schedule.

I suppose we’re supposed to feel sympathy for a fully grown adult capable of making her own decisions someone thrust into the spotlight and given plenty of opportunities to bail out, but the way she talks to Rayna later in the episode kills it for me. No one addresses Her Glorious Redheadedness that way, little girl.

On the upside, Rayna and Deacon get back in their groove during the hour, and it doesn’t end up with him in the bag or her in silent tears, which is promising. So let’s take a look at what happens in “Just For What I Am.”

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THE PRICE OF LAME, ER, FAME | As a favor to Rayna, The Zac Brown Band brings Scarlett out on stage to sing along on “Free.” The footage looks like it was actually shot at a Zac Brown concert; if so, pretty cool. (If you were at that show and have YouTube video, link it up in the comments!) Scarlett kills and is happy for .2 nanoseconds afterwards, until Bucky informs her about her packed schedule for the next few days, culminating in the party celebrating the success of Rayna and Luke’s Gunnar-penned “Ball and Chain” single. She tells him she absolutely, positively cannot attend.

And yet, after a few days of radio interviews and such, she shows up at the fete. She talks with Rayna and Deacon for a minute but skedaddles like the 5-year-old whose barrettes she stole the moment that Gunnar enters the room. When he eventually catches up to her, she mumbles out something about not being able to write for Kelly Clarkson because of the thing that happens when they sing together… and he’s totally clueless as to what she means. “All I felt was the music,” he says, which sends her sobbing into the ladies’ room. I’ll grant that he’s unwittingly harsh there – what lady out there escaped her teens and 20s without some stupid boy’s unwittingly cutting comment sending her into a public crying jag? – but it doesn’t forgive what happens next.

When Rayna happens upon her protégé bent over the sink, she innocently asks what’s wrong… and gets this scathing judgment in return: “You might have weird, codependent relationships with your ex-boyfriends, but I do not.” Whoa there, blondie – that’s your boss… who is far, far more forgiving that I would’ve been when they meet the next day. Rayna gives Scarlett yet another out, saying that she’d understand if the younger woman wanted to give up on the business. But Scarlett talks about the “magic” of being on stage and vows, “I do want it. I love it more than I hate” all the things she’s been complaining about nonstop since the beginning of the episode.

By the way, Scar? While you were moaning about sleep deprivation, Gunnar snapped up an opportunity to write with Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus, had a fight with Zoey, had his success toasted by some of the industry’s biggest names, made up with Zoey and found time to be a quarter-way decent boyfriend. And when I am praising that long, tall tube of hairgel over you, you know something’s off-key in Music City.

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“IT COULD ALL GO AWAY” | Meanwhile, Juliette’s current scandal (#godlessbitch lacks a bit of specificity, no?) is still causing her a lot of trouble, a point driven home when her next few tour dates are cancelled and Edgehill boss Jeff shows up at her house with a scowl. The company’s stock has taken a hit and radio programmers won’t play her music, situations that make him even more of a nasty jerk than normal. He calls her “trailer trash hiding under a pile of sequins” and “a lie,” then says she needs to beg for forgiveness. Ick. Can’t Ju’s muscley bodyguard just pop him one and be done with it?

After he leaves, Juliette takes off her pants and drinks a bottle of vodka, then quietly passes out in bed… where Avery and the bodyguard find her the next morning. Bonus points to Hayden Panettiere for doing the full-on, open-mouthed face-plant into the mattress. (Oh tricky ABC promo gods, you wanted us to think Juliette was pulling a Jolene there, didn’t you?)

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She pukes, she cleans up, she confesses to Avery that she’s worried that what Jeff prophesied will come true: She’ll lose everyone and everything she’s worked for throughout her career. So Avery brings an Orphan Black‘d version of Juliette (dark wig, glasses, hat) out onto the city streets to sing for the sheer joy of it. The crowd reacts well, and she is momentarily lifted out of her funk, but she still bids him goodbye at the end of the night.

The next day (I think?), we see her praying in church, then she arrives at Avery’s declaring, “I made my decision. I need you to write a song with me.”

JUST LIKE OLD TIMES | Speaking of attractive people making music together, Rayna and Deacon eat pizza on his floor and co-write a kickass single for her new record and OH MY GOODNESS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE GET BACK TOGETHER AGAIN YOU TWO. He also signs a small record deal and she and Luke agree to go public with their relationship, but really, can anyone focus on anything other than Rayna and Deke’s arm-clasp at the end of the party?

MURDER WAS THE CASE THAT THEY GAVE ME | Deacon’s girlfriend, Megan, is representing the family of the man who murdered Peggy. (Side note: Of course.) Teddy is unhappy about that fact, but when he hears where the man worked – an off-the-books subsidiary of Teddy’s former father-in-law’s company – he visits Megan and states he knows who put the hit on him: “It was Lamar Wyatt.”

Now it’s your turn. Did the Rayna-Deacon scenes make you yearn for the good ol’ days? Is anyone ‘shipping Rayna-Luke? Where were Will and Layla and Brent? And in the previews for next week, did we get a glimpse of Avery and Juliette kissing? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Tag says:

    Wherever Will, Layla, and Brent are… They should stay there!

  2. Tran says:

    I mean… Rayna & Deacon. That is all. Thank you.

    • Shira says:

      My body physically hurt from this episode. The love, the unbelievable chemistry, the pain…. Could also just just smack Megan for interuppting YET AGAIN the Rayna and Deacon heaven!

    • Amy says:

      Amen. That IS all. :)

      and really…I just mean…Deacon. Deacon. and more Deacon. Love him. Coolest guy on the show. Period. End of subject.

      (different Amy than the one below…will designate by signing “AmyB”…in case we ever contradict each other…that happened on another thread!)

  3. Mick says:

    As much as I do not like Scarlett right now, I don’t think that Gunnar is being completely honest when he says he feels nothing other than the music when singing with her. Though I think Gunnar has resolved to move on and has moved in large part from Scarlett. Also I love Juliette and Avery. They are great for each other.

    • Shira says:

      Completely agree about Gunner. It was unfair and must say the Scarlett maybe whining a lot but let’s face it, she’s having quite a hard time at the moment and feels personally betrayed from almost all ends..

      • uh huh says:

        But here’s the problem with this so-called “betrayal”: It’s COMPLETELY unjustified! They’d broken up! Quite a while earlier at that! She was already back together with Avery! So her exes and best friends are just supposed to sit around pining for her, or being at her beck and call? Any rational woman would be taken aback by the news for a MOMENT, and then realize that it has NOTHING TO DO WITH HER, and wish them well.

        • sherab says:

          uh… first, scarlet declined gunnar’s proposal and with good reason : boyfriend was kind of messed up and needed a little time get it together. then zoe arrives. scarlet is having career boost. gunnar’s nose is out of joint. scarlet and avery have one sweet afternoon together ~ as exes sometimes do ~ which did NOT mean they were “back together again”. scarlet confesses to her BEST friend, wondering out loud about it … as best friends often do. gunnar turns right around with the best friend and… well! what was that time frame, about 2-3 weeks? geez. sorry. i’m with scarlet on this one for now.

          sadly, the writers and not doing right by the scarlet character, or any of the women characters, really ~ not even rayna. i’d like some backstory about some of these people and less jumping around in each episode.

          not sure where i stand on avery and juliette. she’s awesome but i don’t like her much, and he’s a bit of a sneak, too.

  4. JJ says:

    I almost reached through the television and slapped Scarlett when she made that co-dependent comment. That girl needs to grow up, though it looked like from the previews that she’s going to take the Deacon route and become addicted to pills instead. And no show, just because you make up a shipping name for your current horrible couple and tweet about it with hashtags doesn’t mean that anyone will be shipping Luke and Rayna. I’ve decided that I hate them much more than Deacon and Megan and that’s saying something. So much good Deacon/Rayna time in this episode reminded me why I started watching the show in the first place. The more I see of them together in future episodes, the more I’m willing to stick around for a third season if it happens, though that ending “we need to stay apart” did not seem promising.

  5. Juliette and Avery are the only reason I am still watching this show. I hope Scarlett falls off a tour bus. I honestly just want to watch an hour of Juliette and Avery, they can sing some songs and do what they do, but they right now are the highlight of the show.

    • harmony says:

      I agree so hard. I would watch an hour of Juliette and Avery, and an hour of Rayna and Decon for that matter, with Will thrown into the mix somehow.

      • Shira says:

        So don’t agree. Couldn’t even notice what they were talking about with Rayna and Deacon the Scarlett problems and hell, even Teddy. So tired of her bitchy yet vulnerable attitude.

    • Rain388 says:

      An hour of Juliette and Avery every week singing and just talking would be perfection for me! I’d also like a little Will thrown in every now and again. Those 3 are my reason for watching!

    • Amy says:

      Yes please. Loving the Avery-Juliette connection. I’m laughing my ass off for Scarlet. Now they’re making Scarlett a druggie. Sooo funny. Let her be so high that she indeed falls of the tourbus, that would be hilarious.

    • Anna says:

      I love all of Nashville but have to say the highlight of the show for me is Juliette and Avery. Or anything that’s happening with Juliette.

      Next week I hope she takes her power back, which I think she will if the promo is anything to go by. and something horrible happens to Jeff.

  6. Cassandra says:

    Hopefully that little heart to heart between Rayna and Scarlett will end her incessant whining. I was so pissed when she snapped at Rayna, and that was before I remembered she owes her burgeoning career to that woman.

    • Amy says:

      She had no right talking to Rayna like that, although Rayna did need to hear that. I thought it was funny when she said ‘When you say jump, he’ll always ask how high’. So true. She needs to either be with him or not, but not use him whenever she feels like it. Just hurry up and be with him please, that would be preferable.

      • Rie says:

        I think a main point people are forgetting is that Scarlett is Deacon’s niece. She’s watched that man destroy his life time and time again for his love of Rayna. She had every right as his niece to say that. As her first artist she could have stated it in a much more diplomatic way.

        Scarlett’s whining about being on tour though is driving me nuts and she is being way to desperate about Gunnar.

  7. Mika02 says:

    Scarlett is just so unprofessional & childish. I called it last when I said she is acting this way because she’s jealous and still wants Gunnar. I think she thought hey he won’t find anyone better then me and he turned to her best friend who she knows is not a bad person. I have no sympathy for her and taking pills is so cliche and just the easy way of dealing with crap of your own making. Gunnar I think still loves Scarlett but feels the ship has sailed. I don’t actually disagree with what he said to Zoey only because she said it to him on him big night before the party and bailed that said I’m glad he fixed it with her I think she will help him become a better boyfriend one he and Scarlett do get back together.

    I love Juilette and Avery. I love Deacon and Rayna. Hate Ruke. Hate Meacon. Please end these soon. Where’s Tandy we haven’t seen her since the season started? I hope they find out Jeff is the one that hired Peggy’s Murderer so he can go away.

    • mondaymorning3 says:

      I was wondering about Tandy, too. Where are she and Lamar? Haven’t seen either of them for a while. I totally miss that family dynamic of Rayna’s.

  8. GeoDiva says:

    Liam and his scarf are back next week!

    • Shira says:

      Hallelujah!!!! And he’s working with Scarlett in the studio. That’s gonna be fun (at least for me. Not sure about her at this point)

  9. Dorothy says:

    I loved Deacon and Rayna working together ,hate her with Luke I really think he is not good for her even though he claims he cares for her he has something up his seleve. Don’t like him!!! Scarlett needs to clean her act up real quick and so does Gunner they do belong together it is her fault that they are not.I don’t like Megan and Deacon together even though he is happy with her!!!

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      Totally agree about Luke having something up his sleeve. He’s too tight with Jeff for this romance to be genuine on his part. At the festival he was like “see ya around, maybe” and now he wants to go public….couldn’t be related to the labels troubles….
      I was so annoyed at the end with the we need to stay away from each other business between Rayna and Deke. One step up and two steps back as always!

    • sherab says:

      its gunnar’s fault they are not together. would you get engaged to a guy who was pulling that sh*t-? ew… and as i keep saying : its the writers who are messing around with the scarlet character… we’re talkin’ about the same woman who had the sense to try to straighten gunnar out and told deacon to man up. scarlet’s “behavior” this season is rather out of character IMO. i think the show is trying to appeal to the younger viewers (juliette-avery) by making the show too soapy and in the process is making a hash out of scarlet… i feel sorry for clare bowen. i think the show has been popular with older viewers but will likely lose those folks now…

  10. Carla Krae says:

    Don’t have a problem with Luke. It’s nice to see Rayna happy with no drama attached to it. As for Scarlett, I get that her natural shyness makes the public stuff uncomfortable and overwhelming. The bad part is that every time she feels crappy, she lashes out at other people with a lot of venom. This season, she’s always spoiling for a fight and it’s getting really annoying. I guess they want to turn her into what Juliette was last season?

    I’m glad Gunnar apologized to Zoey, though I wish he didn’t needed to be prompted to do it by Jay. But I bet he hasn’t had a lot of relationships (just a feeling) so he’s going to have to learn how to be a boyfriend.

    Meanwhile, OMG is Jeff mean! That was vile. I didn’t know Oliver Hudson could go there. Kudos for making me hate him, lol.

    • Tom Hooper. says:

      i LIKE Smash alumnus Will Chase as Reyna’s love interest. We have to have the unrequited love interest of Deacon and Rayna to keep the series going though. There is no drama if everyone gets together and lives happily ever after. And great plus Oliver Hudson is great in his role. He is much better at anger than Eric Close. We have lots of drama to choose from.

      • Shira says:

        Disagree. Rayna and Deacon are not your average Will they/won’t they couple. Even if they do get together it will never be easy or simple. Meaning it will always be interesting! Actually it might even be MORE interesting. Can you imagine the two of them going on tour as a couple? or disagreeing over Maddie or trying to figure out how to be themselves in the relationship and not fall in to bad old habits…it’s the stuff that good drama is made of.

        • MA says:

          Agreed. That would be a great show. Sexual tension is easy to write; that’s why stories rely on it so heavily, not because couples are inherently boring. Rayna and Deacon making a conscious, no secrets, no booze decision to be together and everything that they’d have to adjust to and learn in order to be successful at it would be a lot of fun to watch. The big problem for me with manufactured sexual tension is that no one behaves like that in real life. Rayna and Deacon would sort this out because the mental health if real people just can’t take all this sorrow and longing. They’re too close and too good of friends not to. This episode was better than others because they seemed at least to be trying to sort it out. By dang. They really just need to make out already.

          • Shira says:

            I would really want to watch a real loving relationship on TV that are not perfect but real and raw. Usually they’re either perfect/plastic/depressing/twisted. You hardly see real dynamic.

            Agree with you about last night. It was two people reaching a real crossroad in their relationship. They need to either commit to this relationship or give up altogether. Their choice was “the smart one” but also the tragic one that demonstrates (with the song) just how deep the wound goes. Hope that what we’ll see is that unlike last time where they basically surrendered to the passion and love but didn’t really commit (because Rayna lied and Deacon used Rayna as his substitute for alcohol), this time their current relationship and the changes they made in their lives will give them enough strength to see things in a different light and allow them to open their heart and dive in.

            It can be more than good drama. It can be poetic!

      • RichieS says:

        Yeah, does Will Chase put it in his contract that his love interests have to be redheads?

  11. I have so many thoughts on this episode… not all of them good.
    Scarlett… I’m really done with her at this point. Her temper tantrums are taking up airtime which could be used for other stories. All of this because SHE BROKE UP with Gunnar last May, he moved on and she apparently can’t. Whatever. Done with her.
    Juliette and Avery. I’m really enjoying the scenes between these two. Neither of them are angels, and although I really believe their hearts are mostly good, they have tendencies to make poor decisions. But together, they’re good for each other. I’m enjoying the dynamic between then and hope they give them a chance.
    Zoey I don’t know why, but Zoey hasn’t grown on me at all. She feels like a character that is just THERE. I don’t have any feelings for her one way or another, and on a show like this, I guess that would make her a superfluous character? She’s just “Meh”.
    And that brings me to Deacon and Rayna. Oh my oh my oh my….. Megan is a total snooze fest. Hopefully Lamar puts a hit on her soon. She needs to go far far away. BORING. And absolutely ZERO chemistry with Charles Esten. How is that even possible? As for Luke, the show is trying TOO HARD to get us to like him. So something big is going to happen there, and it’ll come back to but Rayna in the behind.
    Now Rayna… oh my girl. I adore Connie Britton. From Spin City to Friday Night Lights to Nashville and all stops in between. I truly believe she could act in any role. However, Ms. Rayna James is due a reality check in the hardest way.
    To start with…. her memory may be a little fuzzy, so let’s refresh. The accident was partially HER FAULT. While Deacon was a drunken idiot in the passenger seat, she was behind the wheel, leaning across the front seat trying to wrestle a bottle from his hands when SHE ran a stop sign and caused the accident. So there’s that. Stop batting your extended eyelashes and playing the poor me card. It was Rayna who basically tossed Deacon from her life with the exception of his interaction with Maddie. SHE did that. Not Deacon. Now suddenly, her record is in jeopardy of flopping so she crawls to Deacon to help her write a song. He gladly helps her out. And then BOOM, she makes a big show of tossing him out on his Levi’s again because they can’t seem to control their hormones when they’re around each other. So, it’s okay to use Deacon when YOU need him, but other than that he’s in the “stay away” zone? No. Unacceptable. This just sits wrong to me. I see a lot of fans turning on Rayna and calling her a user. I’m starting to see that and I don’t want to. Rayna and Deacon together in scenes melt my TV screen. That’s what I want to see. I don’t want to feel anger towards her. But alas, it’s there now.
    All in all this episode left me feeling conflicting. I have a feeling this was a transition ep to start moving the show towards the end of the season. I’m crossing my fingers for Season 3!

    • Amy says:

      This exactly. So you had to buy a lot of new tv’s huh? LOL.
      The show is REALLY trying to sell Luke to much on us. He’s really doing nothing for me, he’s like Zoe. Sometimes he’s on my screen, and sometimes he’s not. I don’t even notice. Actually I do, he (and she) annoy me when they’re on my screen cause they’re taking away precious airing time that could’ve been spend on characters we actually care about. Oh and get Teddy a good storyline or kill him off too. Sick of him too.

    • Sutton says:

      Your amazing analysis(recap) on Deacon/Rayna was right on. We never get to see/hear what if any conclusions the problems they get themselves into are ever solved. Rayna never says I’m Sorry for all the things that have happened and Deacon never calls her out on them. Give us some closure on some of these. I’m also crossing my fingers on a Season 3.

  12. This was just painful and exhausting to watch. I missed half of that because I was so disappointed by a whole lot of nothing happening with Rayna and Deacon.
    I appreciated Scarlett because you know, I felt the same way. Exactly the same way! I was excited for Zac Brown Band and things soon went downhill. I’m glad Scarxyelled at Rayna. Someone needs to . She’s a bitch and she’s happy to use Deacon when she needs him. And what IS that with Luke? Just, no.
    The Megan Teddy twist at the end was interesting but I’m so pissed about Rayna being such an asshat I may never watch again.

  13. Whatevah says:

    You know what I miss? Juliette and Rayna scenes.

    • cordelia says:

      Amen to that. And Juliette-Deacon friendship scenes

    • Amy says:

      Indeed! At the beginning that was all what the show was about. The rivalry between an accomplished country star and an up and coming country star. And then the next seasen it has completely vanished. They haven’t shared much more than a few lines with each other. Not even much screentime together, being in the same room. I mean, I like how the storylines are evolving (most of them) but the Juliette – Rayna thing really needs to come back. After all, it was the core of the show once..

  14. steven says:

    You know if Juliette kept performing in the black wig, she could become another Hannah Montana.

    • Thea says:

      Really hoping the Scarlett popping pills thing is meant to mislead us just as the passed out Juliette promo did last week. I understand the ABC PTB are desperate to make this soap as sudsy as possible, but I’d rather they not go there. Hope Scarlett is done whining, hope Juliette joins Rayna’s label and hope the fall out from this Luke thing doesn’t hurt our reigning Queen of country too bad (c’mon, you know he’s up to no good).

  15. Jay Boucher says:

    what was the song juliette and avery sang on the street? at last, they had a good song on a show about music!

  16. Allison says:

    I miss the charm and sass of the first season. Presently, the show gives me this feeling of indigestion. I really don’t know how else to explain it. There is this pain in my stomach along with heartburn. But oh well… I still enjoy the show but not as much. :(

    I loved Rayna and Deacon initially and rooted for them but so much drama has unfolded and then Liam showed up and I really, really like him. Every time he is in an episode he sizzles onscreen. So my loyalties were tested and while I am still for Rayna and Deacon getting back together, I just feel like that ship has sailed so I got invested in the other characters in the show.

    Juliette and Avery. Avery has been to Juliette what she has not really allowed anyone else to be and that is a true friend and a real love, but they are good where they are for now. No need to rush it.

    Scarlett, oh mercy me. I just can’t anymore. I adored her until these past few episodes and now I just don’t recognize her. She is so beautiful and talented and had this innocence about her that I just found so endearing. Then Zoey happened. Then Zoey and Gunnar happened (Why? Nobody knows) Then began the deterioration of a once adorable character. I saw Scarlett popping pills in next weeks promo and could not refrain the eye roll and sigh that followed. But to every thing there is a season so, I will have to see where this goes.

    Speaking of going, Teddy, would you please?

    Will there ever be a return of Lamar? Powers Boothe has such a powerful voice. It is both sexy and unnerving at the same time…Miss you Lamar, hope to see you soon!

    Glad to have a break from Will’s wrangle with his sexuality which meant no Layla! Yippie! Said break also meant no Brent! Yippie-yi-yo-ki-yay!

    Thanks for the recap Kim! You know I often enjoy your recaps more than I enjoy the show! :)

  17. wrstlgirl says:

    I found this to be a very predictable episode. More of Scarlett whining, the dance between Rayna and Deacon is getting tiresome, etc. Avery actually makes Juliette tolerable for me. Gunnar will never be happy with Zoey, really missed seeing Will. And last but not least, Layla who??

  18. tahonia2 says:

    Scarlett desperately needs to be in a relationship. She’s too fragile to go at this business alone. Problem is, once you get past her gorgeous exterior, she has no character. Poet? Mother hen? Neither has the drive to make it in the celebrity biz alone. She’s been written to be a back-up.

  19. Love me some Deacon! says:

    Teddy’s brains are finally being put to use in tracing the shooter back to Lamar, after some help from Lurch. You just know that Megan’s involvement in this case is going to trigger something in Deacon because it’s Rayna’s Dad. Will it be what drives him and Megan apart, or will it drive him to protect Rayna again, even though they agreed to take a step back? They totally have chemistry and play so well off of each other. Watching them writing and singing together was just kind of joyous – and same with Avery and Juliette. The two couples (even though Av/Jul aren’t official yet, we know they’re building up to it) show faith, hope, and appreciation in each other – very fun to watch! Not fun to watch = Luke Puke. He is so condescending and it just makes me cringe to watch him try to control Rayna and their so called relationship – and also how he always runs to Deacon and puts him down. In this case, I’m glad that Deacon is choosing to go alone (only because it’s good for his confidence and helping him keep sober) but I’d rather see him and Rayna write again. Luke insulted him by saying how he was (Rayna’s) support system for most of his career. Luke and Rayna are boring together and I hate to see Rayna get in this relationship just for something to do.

  20. Penny. Thank you for the scoop on Beauty and the Beast. So looking forward to new season. says:

    Rayna and Deacon together — is the reason I watch this show

  21. Amy H says:

    Neither Luke and Rayna or Deacon and Megan have any chemistry together. I don’t even get why Rayna is supposed to be so attracted to Luke or Deacon to Megan. It’s agonizing to watch both couples.
    Scarlett is annoying. I’m actually liking Avery this year — a complete transformation from last year. I like the idea of Avery and Juliette. Let’s have one couple stay together for more than a few episodes. It’s too much of a relationship merry-go-round.

    • JJ says:

      I totally agree, it makes absolutely no sense that Rayna would throw away a relationship with the love of her life who would do anything for her just because she dropped major news on him and temporarily slipped up, yet she’s hanging on to Luke who seems to be a total ass who doesn’t support her and seems like a real loser. The writers have given us absolutely no idea why she’s staying with him other than as a way to keep her from being with Deacon.

      • MA says:

        I think that Rayna and Deacon really want uncomplicated, stable relationships, and they’re both afraid they can’t be that for each other. So they’ve chosen that, even if it’s boring because they’ve done passionate and that ended up in a drunken fight/car wreck. It looks to me like the show is doing a slow build to bring them back to each other. It means we have to suffer through Luke and Megan, but will probably have a big payoff at the end.

        • JJ says:

          That would be nice, because the will they/won’t they dance only can last so long without it getting boring. Especially in a show that’s not a procedural. Will they/won’t they worked well on shows like Castle and Bones for multiple seasons because there’s a weekly case to distract the audience and the “couple” is always together if not romantically together. This show doesn’t have anything else to sustain our interest.

  22. Curly says:

    What I enjoyed most about this episode was that it didn’t seem as choppy as other episodes. Sometimes it feels like we are missing part of a scene& then the scene gets cut too quick to jump to another scene. Last night I felt the show slowed down the pace, left a few characters off screen and finally allowed the characters a complete scene,, not a chopped up one. I hope they keep this practice up. Even on daytime soap they don’t use all the characters on every episode, which allows the audience to get more invested in characters.

    • JJ says:

      Totally agree, but this works on daytime soaps because they’re on every day so you can get all the characters in during the course of the week. With a weekly show you just need far fewer characters. This show would be so much better if it were just about Rayna and Juliette and one of the two of them was always on screen and everyone else just orbited them. If you need a guy throw Gunnar in there too, but a weekly show should never have more than three central storylines. This show also needs much stronger writers, but that’s a problem for another day.

  23. mondaymorning3 says:

    So sick of Gunner/Scarlett/Zoey, especially Scarlett’s poor little singer act. Jeez! She is really not that good of a singer that we can believe that she’d get all these chances. Gunner and Zoey is not interesting. Give us more Avery and Juliet, please!

  24. Becky Ponton says:

    Nashville has too many characters to fit into every episode. I think they tried to include too much last week and it failed IMO. THIS episode should have led off the Winter season. It was everything #Deyna we have been waiting for. THAT SONG!, Deacon saying “Feels like yesterday”!, their eyes saying way different things from their lips, need I go on? I know you ship it Kim and so do a majority of the fans. Can we come up with “code names” for MxxxN and Lxxe so we don’t have to utter the names? Nashville even trying to promote the “lets come up with a smush name for LxxE and Rayna is insulting to me. The fact that MxxxN and Deacon don’t have a smush name because nothing sounds right is evidence they don’t belong together. This episode brought me back to why I love Nashville…Deyna and the good music sung by my favorite characters.
    Avery played by JJ is awesome and the non-GH watchers are finally getting it. Us GH watchers knew his talent already.
    Yep I am pretty sure Avery and Juliette are kissing in the promo for epi 13. Why do those promos have to flash so quickly? I mean what is that about?? Thank goodness for slow motion youtube posters.

  25. MATA says:

    After my break up, I sat in my bed all day, every day. I cried constantly I actually started to Google ways to get over a broken heart, and that’s when I found your email I just wanted to thank you so much for your help. It has gotten me through a lot, and I appreciate it immensely thank you for bringing my husband back to me and our kids thank you drlawrencespelltemple@hotmail. com you are truly a blessing.

  26. Claire says:

    What movie was Juliette watching that had the backward bending fingers in Too Far Gone?

  27. Bonnie du Plessis says:

    If Deacon and Rayna do not end up together again, I am going to start drinking as much as Deacon did when he found out he was Maddie’s father. They are the spice/chemistry of this show – these script writers better make it work. Maybe they can have a secret affair – just something dammit.