AHS: Coven Recap: A Hard Axe to Follow

ahs-coven-325In this week’s American Horror Story: Coven, not one, not two but three more of our witches are forced to take the episode’s title literally and “Go to Hell.” (At this rate, there won’t be enough of them left at season’s end to play a decent game of light as a feather, stiff as a board. Paging Fairuza Balk… ) For whom does the hour “spell” disaster? Read on and find out!

ROUGH JUSTICE | After her search for Marie leads to Delphine’s old house — where the made-over murderess is rewriting history as a tour guide — Queenie offers her frenemy one last shot at redemption. When the unapologetic racist turns down the chance (and makes it clear that she’s still just as awful as she ever was!), the human voodoo doll stabs her… which actually kills her, thanks to a brilliant technicality: Since Delphine has chopped Marie into a million pieces, she no longer is able to fulfill her immortality contract with Papa Legba — in other words, she’s as good as dead to him. And, since Delphine couldn’t die so long as Marie lived, she now can — and does — croak, too. Mind you, that isn’t the end of the nemeses’ story: Transported to their own private hell  — Delphine’s attic — by Papa Legba, Marie is doomed to spend eternity torturing innocent Borquita while her mother is doomed to spend eternity watching!

EYE SPY | At first, it appears that in spite of her gruesome sacrifice, Cordelia hasn’t regained her gift of second sight. (When she touches Madison, for instance, she gets no sense of what the movie starlet did to Misty.) Later, however, when Fiona — again/still making a show of preparing to kick the bucket — presents her with her grandmother’s necklace, boom! She has a vision of the future in which the fading Supreme has had the Axeman slaughter everyone at Miss Robichaux’s — even her own daughter! Newly emboldened, the blind seer pays a visit to Mom’s boyfriend to let him know that, when she leaves New Orleans, she’ll be doing so without him. (Ruh-roh!) After that — hey, she’s on a roll — she locates Misty and, with Queenie’s help, frees her from her (well, somebody’s) tomb and resurrects her.

THEY’RE BAAACK | No sooner have runaways Zoe and FrankenKyle returned to Miss Robichaux’s — having resurrected a surly hobo, she’s now certain that she’s the next Supreme — than an epic (black) catfight breaks out between Misty and her attempted murderess, Madison. In other words, it’s pretty much business as usual at the girls’ school. That is, it is until the homicidal Axeman storms in looking like Sissy Spacek at the end of Carrie.

Turns out, after his conversation with Cordelia, he got Fiona to admit that she was ditching him. And she didn’t love him. And she never had. And she wasn’t even capable of love. And, just as she was launching into a monologue about a calico cat that seemed destined to be this year’s squirrel speech, he axed her, emphatically and repeatedly, then deposited her remains in the swamp. “That’s it, then,” quips Misty. “Even I can’t bring somebody back once they’re gator s—.” And, though Myrtle makes a case for letting the killer live — she’s sick of it being “bloody blood blood all day in this place!” — the wannabe Supremes dispatch him in the same stabby manner as their ancestors.

Okay, your turn. Were you shocked that we lost Fiona, Marie and Delphine all in the same episode? (Or do you suspect we haven’t seen the last of them?) Are you looking forward to the witches performing the Seven Wonders? Who do you think is the next Supreme? Cordelia’s been so ineffectual for most of the season that my money’s now on her as the “surprise” victor. Lotsa good quips, from Queenie (who figured Delphine would return to her old home just like “a dog returns to its vomit”), Fiona (who hoped, after Cordelia’s visit to the Axeman, that “she’s in the bathtub”) and, of course, my beloved Myrtle (who likened Zoe to “Halston when he sold his brand at J.C. Penney”). Hit the comments!

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  1. alistaircrane says:

    Oh damn! I love a good catfight, and AHS delivered!!!!

  2. JJM says:

    I’m still hella confused as to where this season is even going…

    • Fernando says:

      How are you confuse, the last episode is to find out who the next supreme is. All this season has been leading to this

      • Mel says:

        LOL so true, we’ve been waiting the whole season to find out who will succeed Fiona. Imagine if Nan comes back and it was her all along?

    • Adam says:

      I’ve been confused all season long. At least this episode had things actually happen and start moving towards a story – who the new Supreme is. Unfortunately, I really don’t care at this point since it’s a title that doesn’t appear to mean anything. The other witches have seemed to be just as powerful as Fiona, seemingly just untrained, and as far as a leadership role it doesn’t seem to matter since nobody really followed Fiona that much anyways. This episode was actually cohesive (a change for the show!) and it finally feels like there’s a story. Too bad it’s just starting to feel that way in the penultimate episode.

      • MYke Lopez says:

        Adam, I must agree with you. This was the most cohesive and tidy of the episodes yet. It’s a shame that there won’t be a Coven II as American Horror Story only does a capsular end story within a season.

        Completely agree with your other statements! NO one followed Fiona, unless she was taking them on a field trip.

        Since now we’ve learned that everyone has their own private Hell, I wonder what PApa boo-boo
        Has in store for poor little Nan??

        Maybe gets to watch her hot little stud be mercilessly sexually ravaged by Papa John over and over andoverandover again!! Sounds hot!! I love his deep voice!!

        • MYke Lopez says:

          Marie Le Veau, NEVER should have ended up in. Hell, as that was the whole reason for killing Nan, remember, writers?!?!?!? MAJOR inconsistency here. Papa Boo-Boo at first balked at accepting Nan but they eventually convinced him to do so thereby satisfying Marie’s annual debt!

          So like it or not, the Voodoo Queen is in the black (no pun intended) and Papa Boo-boo “has some s’plainin to do, Lucy!!”

          • aar says:

            killing man was in place of the baby Marie stole. marie owed papa legba an innocent soul. marie and Fiona convinced him to accept nan as an innocent.

          • aar says:


            that innocent was just for that request. he continually made the requests over the years to maintain her immortality. it was a reminder that she sold her soul, but since she got immortality for her soul, she had to give other souls. now that she could no longer fulfill her duties in pieces, as discussed with Queenie, he took her soul.

          • Ric Fule says:

            It’s not the fact that he didn’t accept Nan. It’s the fact that she can’t do one for the NEXT year. So, he just took her early.

        • Mel says:

          Myke, lol. Nan was used as a sacrifice and Legba told her that she would be receiving a different afterlife because she was a sweet girl. I think Legba isn’t necessarily evil, he’s just Chaos and Death embodied.

          • CountryQueen says:

            Yes, Legba isn’t the evil one. He dishes out the punishments to the evil ones. Someone’s got to do it. I found this whole thing the most disturbing aspect of the show. This version of hell is very creepy and scary!

      • Michelle says:

        The other witches are as powerful as Fiona because her powers are waning. We never saw all-powerful Fiona.

      • CountryQueen says:

        The witches are just starting to come into their power as Fiona’s fades, which is why they are now starting to seem as powerful. As Cordelia said, “you can have many powers and still not be the Supreme.” Of course they are untrained, that is why they are at the school, to be trained. And as far as leadership, again, Cordelia stated last night that Fiona was not a good supreme. Fiona didn’t care about the coven, just herself. I don’t know why it’s so confusing.

        • Adam says:

          It was confusing because none of this was stated until last night. Before last night, it was never mentioned that the other witches get stronger in times of crisis and can have many powers without being the Supreme – it was never explained why all the witches suddenly started popping up with new powers all of the sudden when the first episodes were establishing that each witch had a unique ability except for Fiona. To not get that kind of basic explanation until the second to last episode is problematic, to me. It still hasn’t really been explained WHAT the Supreme is or does – or is supposed to do – it’s never been demonstrated by Fiona or anyone else.

          • Ric Fule says:

            That’s not quite true. I can’t remember in which episode, but one of the earlier ones DOES mention that witches can gain more than one power. No mention of crisis strength until now, however.

        • Ric Fule says:

          My question is, “Can you perform all Seven Wonders and NOT be the Supreme?” Say for instance, Madison performs all seven, and so she thinks she’s the Supreme. But then, Queenie does all 7 as well. Which would be the Supreme in that case? Would it be the one who completes the tasks first? Last? Some other tie-breaking way to make the decision? I would guess that there can’t be TWO “Supremes,” or more, because that would sort of cancel out the “Supreme.”

  3. That was the best line of the night…Halston ha!

    • MYke Lopez says:

      Myrtle is just absolutely, GOD!!!! LOVE her!!! And to think she started out as the long suffering mother on 6 Feet Under, that her ungrateful children were always mean to.

      This actress is over the moon playing Myrtle!!! Myrtle is like Endora to the 10th power!! She has the best lines, and most brilliant wit!!! If she was younger, SHE should be the next Supreme!!

      But I bet 10 to 1 if the writers have any sense of irony, or sense of theater of the absurd, we’ll end up with no Supreme, and everyone else ends up dead!!

      I must say this has NOT been that exciting of a series, I expected waaayyyyy more magic and far less melodrama!

      It really doesn’t smack of a. Horror series as much as a seriously twisted, macabre version of Designing Women: a crazy cast of Southern Belles who have love/hate relationships with each other, and some stark raving Yankees thrown in for good measure! Every character is lovable in their own mentally mangled way. It should have been titled: AHS: Reintegration, trying to get charismatic Schizophrenics to reach themselves!

      Each character has glimmers of becoming a decent human being but then they inevitably return to their wicked ways.

      Who but Fiona could drown poor little Nan, and then ask Stevie Nicks to play for her, her favorite pity party song while she cries her eyes out languidly on the sofa, feeling misunderstood, and desperately in need of a drink!?!?!?

    • Absurdist says:

      She forgot about Liz Claiborne selling herself to JCPenney as well…

  4. alistaircrane says:

    It’s clear that Marie’s fertility spells worked and Cordelia is pregnant with the new Supreme.

    • Ray says:

      Only Marie never performed that spell. That whole voodoo scene with Cordelia’s husband’s bubbling sperm in a jar was hypothetical.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Either way, I think Cordy is mystically pregnant with the Supreme. Otherwise I don’t think they would have spent so much time building up that element of her character.

  5. Simon says:

    You walked into the wrong house – I loved that scene

  6. Kre says:

    I think Cordelia’s vision will come true, and Fiona will some how reappear and either kill everybody or the other witches will end up killing each other.

  7. Cindy says:

    Has anyone noticed that we have yet to see that stick thing that appears in the opening credits, in the actual show?

  8. Ian says:

    The only thing I’ve noticed which might be relevant to who the next Supreme is is that Zoe is now the only one to have never died and been brought back. And the preview for the last episode looks to focus heavily on Zoe and Madison.

    But that’s all I got.

  9. Jason says:

    My reaction after watching this episodes was “What the bloody hell I have just watched?”. I’m sorry but this is the worst season ever.

    • CJ says:

      Last night’s episode was horribly disjointed. I’ve stuck with this season, but barely. The acting is always great but the writing has left a lot to be desired. Hoping next season will be better – and actually scary, not just gross.

  10. AnnieM says:

    I hope that next season they return to being scary – Coven just *wasn’t*, at all, IMHO.

  11. Moo says:

    I hope Fiona isn’t really dead, comes back and dispatches all the wannabe supremes. That ending would be baller as hell.

    • Mel says:

      Moo why the hell would that ending be amazing? What would be amazing would be Stevie Nicks appearing and revealing who the next Supreme is. I would like to think the writers are a bit more creative than the stupidity of Fiona being brought back, especially as she was already a weak old b!tch already. Might be her spirit haunts the Academy now.

  12. Janet says:

    I started out disliking Asylum, it had some awful plot holes, but the end episodes were moving and tied it all together. I started out LIKING Coven, but I am very disappointed now. I expected more from this season. We might see Fiona next week but the Marie/Delphine story line was finished last night I think. I’m not really sure how I feel about it either. I guess it makes sense but I also expected…more. Next week will just focus on the new supreme, which is disappointing at this point. Coven had some good points but overall…meh.

  13. SLT says:

    I’m really amazed at how many people hate this season. I thought last years Asylum sucked so bad aliens that had no real purpose, Jessica Lange as a crazy drunk nun talk about plot holes for a season and a season that didn’t make sense. I guess I just don’t understand how anyone is confused by any of this season, it’s pretty cut and dry. No it may not be scary but I don’t find any of the seasons that scary. Yet the series premise isn’t exactly supposed to scare the hell out if you each season has been sexually charged and disturbing and this season was no different. I’m one who has absolutely loved this season because Lange, Bates, Bassett, and Conroy have given me life and slayed every episode they have been in this season. So quit with all the bitching and cynicism and enjoy the ride it’s tv people, not a Shakespeare masterpiece

    • Joey says:

      So people aren’t allowed to critique the show because you like it? Now, I’m with you in that I like this season (although I’ve liked every season), but to say that someone can’t critique or complain about something either because you like it or because “it’s just TV” is laughable at best.

  14. Mellie says:

    Been betting on Cordelia being the Supreme all season… And with this episode as build-up, it’s looking even more likely. If it’s not her, my hope is for Queenie or Misty. I’m so sick of Taissa Farmiga (she’s been so ineffectual this season) and we all know Madison would just be another Fiona.

  15. shanty215 says:

    Only part that left me puzzled is…HOW DID THEY”KILL” THE AXE MAN? ISNT HE A GHOST/ALREADY DEAD?

    • CountryQueen says:

      He was on “the mortal coil” now. The girls brought him to “the mortal coil” from ghost world in the first epi where he showed up. That’s why he was able to sleep with Fiona and kill all those men – who saw him. He hasn’t been a real ghost for most of the season.

  16. LacyMB says:

    Add me to the folks that believe Fiona isn’t really dead.

    That was some kind of long con or glamour, I bet – after all, we didn’t see a body or a “Hell” vision for her. Maybe it had to do with that necklace she gave Cordelia? I still wouldn’t be surprised if that vision turned out to be true and she just wastes all of them.

    • Cj says:

      Don’t forget we didn’t actually see her death just the axe man telling us the story of how she died. Even though it was a real let down I hope she stays dead unless they do something really awesome with her which I don’t expect. She should get a cool fate like stuck haunting the house or something ironic.

    • .... says:

      Yes and Papa Legba called off her deal saying she had no soul to sell. Maybe that was foreshadowing something.

  17. Tony says:

    This season was pretty much crap. The storylines didn’t make sense and were boring. Asylum was so good that I was pretty excited, and this started fine but somewhere around the 5th episode it became a mess.

  18. CountryQueen says:

    Sure seems like Queenie is the next Supreme. She was performing The 7 Wonders all over the place last night. I’m sure that’s just a red herring though. I’ll be a bit miffed if Zoe is the Supreme, she is too much of a wet blanket. LOVED the catfight between Madison and Misty last night (and that Cordelia just let it happen). I was shouting with Queenie, “This is AWESOME!” Loved when Madison was scrambling away from Misty and she just kicked her down. Little girl got taken down a notch.

    Cordelia’s eyes were really freaking me out at the beginning, but by the end of the episode she was reminding me of an ancient witch/goddess. Wouldn’t surprise me if she is the Supreme. I would like it to be her, Misty or Queenie. The rest, not so much.

  19. Fiona could have easily put those false memories into the Axe Man’s head knowing that Cordelia would read them, let her guard down and be ripe for the picking.

  20. alistaircrane says:

    I really enjoyed the scene between Fiona and the Axeman. It was done in one uninterrupted shot. Brilliant direction and acting!

  21. sarah says:

    i hope it’s Misty i love her one of the only good characters this season
    can Madison just die, i’m so bored of everything to do with her oh and take Zoe too she is so dull

  22. Cj says:

    For me the show hasn’t been as good since it came back from the winter break but last night was better. I agree about Madison she hasn’t been the same since they brought her back from death. They should never have killed her off they lost the groove with her and now it’s likes she’s over the top bitchy and it’s not as fun. Zoe is my favorite I suppose now that nan is gone. I wish they had done more with frankenboyfriend but I guess the chose to pump up Jessica Lange more which was another mistake although she is awesome they clearly drifted way too far from the thee characters especially the young witches . Hopefully Fiona stays dead though I think it made her look stupid for getting stabbed by the axe man like it was almost too easy.

    • mike turner says:

      remember folks, Fiona is the mistress of deception……although weakened, she is still the SUPREME!….did you get the fact that foxxy poweres came back AFTER her mom gave her that necklace????? and other fiona has the power to transfer herself in others bodies???? as well as projecting her thoughts and desires…….are you getting it now????…….no me bucko’s the new supreme is……Fiona… the vision foxxy had was shot from the side……….

  23. Fernanda says:

    Best episode EVER!!!!

  24. Lisa says:

    I think Cordelia is pregnant and the second sight is coming from her daughter’s powers. Her child could be the next Supreme. Since they need a new Supreme now my vote is Zoe. Possible Fiona is not dead.

  25. The Seaward says:

    Man, what did poor Borquita ever do to piss off Papa Legba?

  26. Susan says:

    I hate this season – nothing but a gore fest

  27. Megan says:

    This show is so bad at pacing and creating a story arc. That’s been my biggest issue, especially with this season. Plot points are introduced and abandoned, proper build-ups are non-existent. Various character arcs and actions make no sense from episode to episode.

    I’m mostly enjoying the ride because I love the acting and production values, but it’s unfortunate that such a promising premise (amazing actresses dueling it out as witches) was completely destroyed by atrocious, poorly planned writing.

    Can this show please find good writers next season? These actors deserve better.

    • MyKe Lopez says:

      I’m quite certain they have a new premise for next year! But this witch concept is so good and compelling that I really wish they would do a coven 2!!!

      I would LOVE to see these women go another round! Lange, Bates, Bassett, are just flawless, and then to be fortunate enough to have such supporting actresses as Gabourey Sidibe!!! This is beyond Dream Team!!!

      These women’s talents are absolutely going to waste under this writing!! NO it’s not Shakespeare but these actresses deserve nothing less!! So it should be treated as Shakespeare!! And consequently SHOULD BE WELL written!! FrankenBoy needs to be permanently gotten rid of!!

      He does nothing to advance the cause!! Misty said it best, “we don’t need a man around here to protect us”. Men is the story Are utterly superfluous!! The only male characters necessary are the most peripheral of characters, such as Papa Boo-Boo. But that story line of FrankenBoy’s mother sexually assaulting him was completely unnecessary!! It did nothing for the story!!

  28. abz says:

    I think that catfight between Misty and Madison was the most awesome scene I’ve seen in the entire AHS series. I loved every second of it.

  29. TD says:

    Who says there *has* to be a new supreme? Maybe no one will be. Maybe the end of the story is that the coven will disintegrate. It’s been on it’s last legs for some time.

  30. Jojo says:

    Zoe, Madison, or Misty being The Supreme would be too expected. I believe that Nan will come back, since one of the 7 wonders is being able to travel between dimensions (or whatever). Everyone has always underestimated Nan being that she has downs, but the show doesn’t seem to focus on that, also, everyone has had some type of back story about how they arrived at the academy except Nan. Or maybe the aliens will send Pepper and she’ll be supreme.

  31. Harmony says:

    What if during Descensum, Madison runs into Fiona in her personal hell, then Fiona finds some way to imprison Madison forever and come back in Madison’s body instead?

  32. Angie_Overrated says:

    Worst season ever. I’ve turned from a die-hard fan into a hater. I don’t think I’ve ever turned on a show as quickly as I did this one. This was even quicker than my cold shoulder to Modern Family. I think 4th graders could have written a more coherent plot with better developed characters.