Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Nashville, Grey's, Scandal, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Once and More

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Question: Anything you have on Grey’s Anatomy to get me through this hiatus would be very much appreciated! —Mary Kate
Ausiello: Jo is having a baby! Wait, that’s not right. Jo is adopting a baby! Nope, that’s not right either. Jo discovers a baby in the trash and develops an attachment to it! BINGO! “Stephanie and Jo are out in the back of the hospital by the dumpsters, which is the new cool intern hangout, and Stephanie accidentally kicks a box, and there’s a baby in it,” explains Camilla Luddington of the plot, which will unfold in a spring episode. “And so we find this dumpster baby, which, of course, is very difficult for Jo because she has abandonment issues. And she is not on the case, and she really wants to be working on it.” I was kidding about the adoption thing, but would she ever consider it? “Do you think Jo and Alex are ready for kids?” the actress shoots back with a laugh. “They’re still trying to figure themselves out.” Fair enough.

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Question: I’ll take any Nashville scoop you’re willing to throw my way. —Michelle
Ausiello: Another major character — more major than Peggy, I would argue — is about to bite the dust.

Question: Really loved seeing some sparks flying between Rayna and Deacon again on Nashville. Any chance it could lead to something more, or is that just too much to ask? —Sheila
Ausiello: It’s pretty much now or never, says exec producer Dee Johnson. “It’s more possible now than it ever was over the course of the last 20 years,” she notes. “Deacon went through something and came out the other side of it; the [Maddie] secret is now all out in the open; Rayna is not married anymore; they’ve both evolved.” The one fairly substantial hiccup? Neither one of them is single. “As with life, you’re always dating someone when the person you really want is available,” Johnson adds. “It’s all about timing.” For her part, Connie Britton is ready for those two crazy kids to get their crap together. “I’m a big believer in Rayna and Deacon,” she tells me. “I always feel that people can work these things out, which is probably silly and idealistic of me. But I’m a silly and idealistic person.” (And don’t you dare change — not ever!)

Question: I’m officially ready for Angry Closeted Will to start transitioning into Confident Out-and-Proud Will on Nashville. Any idea when I can expect that shift to start? —Danny
Ausiello: I’d love to be able to tell you the metamorphosis begins this week, but that would be a lie. “The struggle will continue for him,” confirms Johnson. “He still has a certain thing in mind for himself in terms of country stardom, and he still doesn’t think it’s possible to embrace himself in that way. He’s going to try very hard to focus on [his career] solely and remove temptation from his life.” However, eventually, “his secret is going to come out,” the EP adds. “That’s not something that can stay underground forever, despite anybody’s best efforts. The question is, How will he handle it? And where will he be in his career path when it does come out?”

Question: I’ll take any additional info you have on Raj’s potential new squeeze on The Big Bang Theory. —Joy
Ausiello: Here’s the setup, as told to me by exec producer Steve Molaro: “Leonard and Penny are watching Raj’s dog Cinnamon, and they nearly poison her and kill her. So they all spend Valentine’s Day in the vet’s office trying to make sure Cinnamon is OK. And the vet might be a cute young lady [played by Lost‘s Tania Raymonde].”

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Question: I was so happy to see Victor Garber in the Sleepy Hollow finale. Please tell me he’ll be back next season. –Kristin
Ausiello: Garber’s role as Ichabod’s dad “is a crucial part to Crane himself,” says series co-creator/executive producer Len Wiseman. “We’ve talked about how his character works in the second [season].” My interpretation: It’s almost a sure thing the Alias alum will don a powdered wig again. Plus, don’t forget that we can also expect to see John Noble’s Henry (I’m not going to put his other name, out of courtesy for those who haven’t yet seen last night’s episode) when the Fox drama returns in the fall.

Question: Castle is my very favorite show and I would like any information you have for the 2014 season! –Donna
Ausiello: Previewing for Matt Mitovich her Jan. 27 turn on the ABC drama, Titanic mom Frances Fisher says that her “high-powered” Anna Wintour-like fashion magazine editrix is quite surprised to come face-to-face again with one Kate Beckett, whom she first met years ago as a model. And it’s not the warmest of reunions, either. Teasing how things left off for the two back then, Fisher says, “There was an ’employment issue,’ where I ended up not very happy about her decision [to quit modeling].”

Question: Any Hotch/Prentiss action that fangirls can get excited about in Criminal Minds Episode 200? –Colleen
Ausiello: It depends on how easily one is excited. At the close of the milestone episode, during which Paget Brewster’s Prentiss is fetched from London to pitch in on a crisis, “There’s a moment where Hotch asks her, ‘How much longer do we have you?'” showrunner Erica Messer shares. “And there’s this look he gives to her that makes you feel like if she was around any longer, maybe they would have grabbed a bite to eat, by themselves.” OK, I sense that at least 37 of you just got excited.

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Question: Please tell me that Claire isn’t really dead on The Following! —Sara
Ausiello: I would. If I could. But I can’t. (She be dead.)

Question: Once Upon a Time‘s Josh Dallas recently tweeted a picture of “Jason our boom operator” still in Neverland. Does this mean we could be getting flashbacks of Tink, Hook or Neal in relation to Neverland? –Amy
Ausiello: Sorry, but series cocreator Eddy Kitsis says there are no plans to revisit Neverland, in any timeline, during the back half of Season 3. Should we send out a search party for Jason? (In other Once news… somebody’s about to die!!!)

Question: Any scoop on what’s next for Tony on NCIS? –Laura
Ausiello: If you’re among those concerned that DiNozzo will rush into a grand new romance, with Bishop’s pop culture-savvy NSA pal Sofia Martinez, you needn’t be. “I don’t think his next relationship is going to happen anytime soon,” show boss Gary Glasberg tells us. “Part of letting Tony be Tony and letting him be flirtatious and talk to women is that these women don’t really matter. They’re quick encounters that he’s having; it’s not Ziva. They’re not ones that count. Eventually, will there be another [great love]? Maybe.”

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Question: I am loving Anna and Duke on General Hospital! Any info on where they are heading storyline-wise? Will they redo their vows? –Me
Ausiello: “Oh, I don’t think so. Not yet,” Finola Hughes responds. Rather, Anna and Duke “are about to be at odds, because he’s gone and taken up with Sonny — and I think Anna will find out pretty soon.” Elsewhere on the daytime sudser, Hughes shares, “A new person is taking over the hospital and it’s really going to shock the town — and I don’t think Anna will happy with it at all.” Meanwhile, Kimberly McCullough’s latest stint as Robin looks like it will only last “maybe a few more weeks,” her TV mom laments.

Question: Haven’t seen any AA scoop for Hawaii Five-0 in a while, and would love to get some! –Clarlee
Ausiello: Though Grace Park’s Kono is back in Hawaii (or Vancouver-as-Hawaii) and set to rejoin the team, Ian Anthony Dale’s days as Adam are likely numbered. “I love Adam and I love the actor, but he has a show [TNT’s upcoming Murder in the First],” exec producer Peter M. Lenkov explains. “We’re trying to make arrangements for him to come back. We’re trying to get him back for an episode.”

Question: Got anything on The Mindy Project? —Jen
Ausiello: The show is casting the guest-star role of Brooke, a flirty medical equipment sales rep who has a history of falling into bed with Danny whenever she pops into town. She assumes history will repeat itself, but I have a hunch she’s in for a rude awakening.

Question: Addicted to you site! Any scoop on Scandal to help us make it through the next month? –David
Ausiello: Asked to preview The Closer alum Jon Tenney’s upcoming Season 3B run, Bellamy Young reports with a big (albeit cryptic) smile, “We are having fun with Mr. Tenney — a great, great deal of fun.” Pressed to elaborate, she adds: “His character, Andrew, is someone that we have… uh… I don’t know what I’m allowed to say!” Well, since Andrew is reportedly a romantic interest for the long forsaken First Lady, does he arrive in her life at a good time? Young laughs — a lot –before responding, “Is there ever a good time in Mellie’s life?!”

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Question: As much as I’m loving Sherlock‘s third season so far, I’m bummed about the lack of Irene Adler. Any chance she’ll resurface in Season 4? —Brandon
Ausiello: “It’s not impossible, because she’s still alive and out there,” responds exec producer Steven Moffat. “But I was really, really pleased with [Season 2’s Irene-centric] ‘A Scandal in Belgravia,’ and that sense of longing between those two characters. The question is, can you do it again  without making it less good? Are sequels ever as good? Do you really make more money or do you debase the coinage? If we had as good a story as ‘Scandal’ and somewhere else to take them, we’d do it again. But, in the meantime, we’re thrilled with that episode and wary of touching it again. There are many other stories tell.” Gotta admire his quality control.

Question: Is there any chance Julia and Joel’s marriage can be saved on Parenthood? This story is breaking my heart like a shattered Snapple bottle! —Adina
Ausiello: It’s Parenthood — of course there’s a chance! Personally, as much as I’d like to see the show tackle divorce, it would be silly to see their marriage end over that one tiny indiscretion. Part of me thinks Julia should dump Joel based on his overreaction to this whole thing. It was one damn kiss — and she barely reciprocated. And she told him about it (albeit way after the fact). Speaking of Parenthood couples in dire straights, Crosby and Jasmine’s Adventures in Domesticity continues this Thursday when the “guy who took E.T. away” delivers some bad news to them on their doorstep. Exclusive sneak peek below!

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  1. Sammi says:

    Criminal Minds has at least one more season locked (hopefully it will go on for many more), but the 200th episode it a great opportunity to make a dramatic statement. Erica Messer has teased Hotch/Prentiss for awhile. It’s time now to make it happen. Silly Beth has been a real drag on Hotch. A hook up with Prentiss will breath new life into the character, add dimension to the storytelling and maybe add extended life to the series. After 9 seasons it would be ridiculous for Erica to continue to tease & disappoint shippers. It’s now time to “fish or cut bait!”

    • Angela says:

      I’d say prepare to be disappointed, then. I can’t imagine anything of that sort will happen in that episode-if she hasn’t done anything with that pairing for the past 8 seasons, why would she start now? Especially since Hotch doesn’t seem the type to do “hookups”.
      Ship away if you want, Hotch/Prentiss fans, but let’s try and remain realistic here, too.

    • Julie says:

      I don’t understand where people get that Erica Messer has teases H/P for a while. I’ve seen her dance around the issue and come as close to saying “it’s never gonna happen” without actually saying “it’s never gonna happen.” But the actors themselves have both stated in interviews before that they don’t ever want to see a relationship between the two. In fact Paget stated after the season 7 finale that when she was asked who pm she should end up dancing with, she said Morgan. When MGG was asked about Morgans reaction to finding out about Emily and Doyle, he acted like a “jealous boyfriend.” These indicate to me at least that if Emily MIGHT ever end up with any other character on the show, it wouldn’t be Hotch.

      • DawnJ says:

        The following are comments made about Hotch/Prentiss by Paget and Erica.

        From Paget Brewster’s Jan. 2012 interview before leaving CM:

        “pagetgirl101: What are you hoping to see in Emily’s future? (PS…You’re awesome!)

        PB: Hmmmm. I think it would be cool if we could get someone to play my Dad. We met my mom and Gubler and I both want to get John Waters or David Lynch to play my dad. That could be fun. Or, you know…. make out with Hotch… ”

        From Erica Messer’s Jan 24, 2012 Q&A with Matt for TVLine, EM said about H/P:

        “We didn’t go the Prentiss route right now because she’s not ready; she has a lot of healing to do. I know a lot of people out there want those two together, and it’s not to say it will never happen, because in many ways trusting one another and being there for each other in the field when it counts speaks volumes about relationships. But for right now, they’re not ready for each other.”

        This was one of several comments Messer made about H/P. I think now they should be ready for each other. I know many fans are ready for some Hotch/Prentiss togetherness! You need only to Google EM to find others.

  2. Ashley says:

    No thanks to more Irene Adler. Lara did a great job, but her story has been told and, IMHO, the character kind of went beyond the point of no return when she basically helped out terrorists (but that just be my canon-bias talking – the Granada version was the only one on screen that measures up to the one in the stories).

  3. Pete says:

    Yawn, I thought Ziva had left NCIS.

    Being tied to something that doesn’t have a future (ie Ziva/Tiva) is debilitating.

  4. KathyNYC2 says:

    What do you mean Joel is unreasonably upset over one little kiss on Parenthood? Julia has been having an emotional affair with Ed for months, running to him with all her problems. She made decisions about Victor without Joel’s input ..talking with Ed instead…and she has barely been supportive of Joel and his job. Who barges into someone else’s work meeting and demands to talk to a spouse? Joel has a right to be upset. I believe and hope they will work it out…but I don’t believe that Joel is supposed to just shape up cause Julia is finally ready. (Oh and I love Parenthood – best show on TV).

  5. catbean says:

    Good riddance to Neverland on OUAT! I hated that whole storyline so much.

  6. You people siding with Juila on Parenthood are complete morons. Julia had an emotional affair for months, nagged Joel for working, threw a fit at his place of work (directed at his boss no less), is unrelentingly pushy regarding Victor, and can’t manage to take care of the kids (something he has been doing for YEARS without ever complaining).

    Joel was kissed by a woman he had no feelings for and told his wife what happened when asked about it. Julia reciprocated Ed’s kiss (after having an emotional affair involving emails and texting for MONTHS, eating meals at his house, and going over to his house AFTER he admitted feeling things for her), neglected to tell Joel, then outright LIED about it when he directly asked her.

    Julia has created all of her own problems. Joel has been more than patient regarding Julia’s nonsense. I can understand him no longer having feelings for her. She creates drama (look at how involved she got in the life of the woman they were going to adopt from) and then expects Joel to just follow her lead.

    She’s a total control-freak and Joel is right to dump her.

  7. >> Would be nice if we could actually see Diana again you know? Glee was on a hiatus…. Jane could have filmed one scene at least. Between Glee and her Hollywood Game Night stint. Darn Messer… or as me and my CM loving fans call her, Messmaker.

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  9. tsevca says:

    I miss Irene as well, but I like that approach, that they´ll do it, when the story will be good.