Sleepy Hollow Recap: Hello Mother, Hello Father

sleepy-hollow-s1-finale-dwIs it comforting or traumatizing to know that, even if you’ve been underground for 250 years, your family can always, always get the better of you?

Ponder that while we review the Sleepy Hollow season finale, an immensely satisfying couplet that finishes off the series’ freshman run. Questions are answered! Formal voicemails are recorded! Fists are bumped! Clothes are bought!

The whole spectacle is glorious madness, ending on a cliffhanger that makes us wish we could cast a spell to make the fall season arrive tomorrow. Barring that, we’ll just have to content ourselves with going over the major points of “The Indispensable Man/Bad Blood.”

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MILLS MANOR | The episodes open with Abbie coming home to her place, which I don’t think we’ve seen before in the series. She leaves a voicemail for Ichabod, signing off, “I am, respectfully, Leftenant Mills,” and smiles a little as she hangs up. It’s adorable, as is her giggle when autocorrect mangles her partner’s text response: “POOR. TELEPHONE. RECEPTION.”

Her meal prep is interrupted when Andy appears in the house. “We need to talk about boundaries,” she coolly informs him, brandishing a kitchen knife and handcuffing him in place. But all he wants to do is warn her: George Washington’s Bible has instructions on how to find a map Moloch wants. He also mentions the prophecy about Ichabod delivering her soul to Purgatory like Amazon Prime the week before Christmas: It’s definitely gonna get there.

“He will desert you, just like your parents, just like everyone you have ever loved,” Andy says sadly. “Except me. No one loves you like I do.” It’s so pathetic that all Abbie can do is use her soft voice on her former colleague, but apparently his pride is not as rotten as the rest of him, and he shuts her sympathies down. When she turns her back to call Irving, Andy breaks his own thumb (hardly the grossest thing we’ve seen him do, but still, eew), slips out of the ‘cuffs and escapes.

GET UP, GEORGE | Ichabod has a flash of memory about George Washington, and I’m going to shorthand it all, because we’ve got a lot of unconsecrated ground to cover before we sleep: The first president died and was resurrected by a group that included Rev. Knapp (who the Horseman killed in the pilot), then GW used his knowledge of the spirit world and Earth to draw a map from one to the other.

“Zombie George Washington. That takes the cake,” Abbie comments. But Ichabod suddenly has Katrina-crazy eyes: If he can find the map, “I can free my wife from Purgatory.” A wary Abbie makes him agree not to let his love for his absent wife cloud his judgment (good luck with that!), then they call in Henry Parrish to meet them at Knapp’s burial site for a little light graverobbing.

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‘YOLANDA WAS A BETTER LISTENER’ | Crane sadly learns the limitations of Abbie’s phone’s Siri-like feature, which is no NorthStar operator when it comes to commiserating about his love life. But there’s no time, Crane! Henry is here, and he’s on board with trying to read the sin-filled prayer beads Knapp brought to his grave. (Side note: Ichabod dated Betsy Ross?) But after the hexed jewelry nearly burns through Henry’s palm, Abbie suggests that maybe there’s a good reason to keep the map hidden. The Witnesses argue a bit but are interrupted by Moloch’s minions, whose appearance seals Ichabod’s resolve about the map: “We must find it, or this war will be lost.”

While all of this is going on, Moloch sends zillions of flying insects into the tunnels to wrap Andy in a cocoon. When he emerges, he’s a black-eyed, hairless, glistening, pointy-headed larvae of evil.

sleepy-hollow-s1-finale-abbieFIELD TRIP! | Thanks to pieces of visions he got from the beads, Henry is able to help the Witnesses find their way to Washington’s actual burial site, an elaborate underground tomb near Sleepy Hollow. It’s full of Mason symbology and statues that suddenly begin to flame – and it only gets weirder when Andy creeps in. He seems to have found Brad Pitt’s skull cap and Neo’s trenchcoat, and he really wants the map Ichabod has just dislodged from Washington’s cold, dead hand. One touch from Henry weakens him to the point that human Andy can emerge long enough to warn Abbie to destroy the map and also release him from his hell. She puts something pointy through his skull, but that doesn’t do the trick. As Team WTF escapes out the back door, Abbie triggers the tomb’s booby traps, which seem to take Andy out – for now.

Outside, Abbie makes Crane see that the map will only bring bad things, and so he solemly lights it on fire. “If using this map meant betraying your trust, that’s something I could not do. For the world, for our friendship. You and I will choose our own destiny. We have free will,” he says, and I die as he turns to look at Abbie. “I choose to forge my fate with you.”

But later, alone in his cabin, Sadchabod holds Katrina’s emerald necklace and seems to come to a decision. He sits at the table, tears rolling down his cheeks, and uses his eidetic memory to recreate the map. Say it ain’t so, Ichabod!

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OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN | While all of this is going on, Irving’s superiors are questioning his family about the deaths of Officer Jones and the priest. To save Macey, Capt. Irving confesses to the crimes and is sent away, but not before he leaves an important datebook for Abbie. (Side note: I guess that means Luke’s alive?)

sleepy-hollow-s1-finale-jennyTHIS MEANS WAR | Jenny and Ichabod discuss his recent clothing purchase at a conveniently located Revolutionary War re-enactment (Crane’s outrage at the idea of a hipster “purveyor of artisanal marmalade” is quite funny) when Abbie arrives at the cabin with news of Irving’s confession. Soon after, Henry shows up with the news that he’s had a dream that the second Horseman of the Apocalypse, War, is going to show up by nightfall. It makes sense: Not only is an eclipse planned for later on, but it’s 13 years to the day that the Mills sisters had their supernatural freak-out among the trees.

The gang deduces that they need a witch to put a binding spell on the ground from which the second horseman will rise. And because apparently all of the Willows, Taras, Sabrinas, Pipers, Phoebes and Paiges in the surrounding area are unavailable – are there really no witches in Westchester County? – they need Katrina’s help. But she’s in Purgatory, and that map was destroyed, Abbie notes. “Wait for it,” Jenny deadpans from the peanut gallery. (Ha!) Ichabod is forced to confess that he’s recreated the map, and I’m surprised Abbie – who’s already suspicious that he’s going to sell her out – isn’t more peeved. “Admit it, you appreciate me a little,” he teases her, which eeks the tiniest of side smiles out of his stern partner as she replies, “Microscopically.” (Perfection, Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie.)

After tasking Jenny with finding out why Sheriff Corbin and Rev. Knapp were meeting so often (as outlined in the datebook), Jenny begs Abbie “Come back to me” as the sisters hug. Good God, we’re nowhere near the emotional climax of this episode, and I am already a mess.

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PURG IS THE WORD | And then there’s nothing left for Abbie and Ichabod to do but clasp hands, recite an incantation and step through a portal – oh wait! Here’s Henry with some last-minute instructions: “Hold onto each other in your hearts” and don’t allow any food or drink to tempt you, or you’ll be tethered to Purgatory forever. OH MY GOD, GUYS, PURGATORY IS TOTALLY THE DUNKIN’ DONUTS NEAR MY APARTMENT.

As soon as they enter the netherworld, Abbie and Ichabod are separated. She wakes up in Corbin’s sunlit cabin, where her mentor tells her the bandage on her head is from a concussion she got during FBI training. Andy’s there, too, and everyone’s so proud of her and cheery, can you blame her for wanting to believe it’s real? (Side note: Abbie’s happiness during this scene, the way she lets down her defenses, is nearly as painful to watch as what happens later.)

Corbin serves up some apple pie a la mode, and Abbie’s just about to take a big bite when she remembers Crane and their mission. Suddenly, the pie starts bleeding, and she makes for the door as a headless Corbin and a busted-neck Andy beg her to help them.

Similarly, Crane’s set-up finds him in a happy place: England in a revisionist reality where his father (hi, Victor Garber!) hasn’t disowned him and the British won the Revolutionary War. He’s just about to join the jovial toast when he remembers Abbie, and that doesn’t sit well with Big Daddy Crane. Ich’s pop turns into a bloody-mouth, black-eyed beast.

sleepy-hollow-s1-finale-katrinaTWO TICKETS TO PARADISE | Both Witnesses are spit out into a woodsy area full of displaced souls. With the tuneless music, amputees, disturbing visuals and random nudity, I half expect Sister Jude to walk through, swinging her rosary beads. When Ichabod finds Abbie, a fist bump (!) establishes that they’re both the real deal, then they find a gorgeous Katrina lighting candles at the church where we saw her last. (Purgatory: Terrible for your soul, great for your hair?)

The redhead warns that their plan won’t work: Even if they can get her out, Purgatory’s soul-for-a-soul plan means that one of them will have to stay behind. Crane and Mills argue about who’ll stick around. I really like that she calls him out on his earlier decision to kill himself (in “Sin Eater”) without asking for her permission, and that he in turn reminds her that she told him there is always another way. “This is the only way!” she cries, and that seems to seal it.

Katrina’s all, “Here’s an amulet that will protect you from Moloch, ‘kaythanksbye!” but Ichabod vows that he’ll be back to free her from the limbo dimension. “Remember our bond. I’ll come back for you,” he says softly, cradling Abbie to him as she tries not to cry. (Anyone else notice Mrs. Crane watching the exchange with a great deal of interest?) Then Moloch is outside, and the Cranes are gone, and Abbie uses her amulet to burn the beast before running away from him. (Side note: Baller!)

THE SAINT’S NAME | Jenny finds a lead in Corbin’s tapes, and it sends her to an abandoned church outside of town. Once there, she has a revelation and calls her sister on the drive back: When Moloch mentioned “the saint’s name,” “He meant it literally!” she cries into Abbie’s voicemail. “Whatever you do, you can’t trust—” but then the Horseman appears and shoots her off the road. Please don’t die, Jenny!

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FAMILY REUNION | But who can’t we trust? To quote Jenny from earlier in the episode, wait for it. Katrina and Ichabod land back in the real world, where Henry is waiting for them. She uses her powers to lead them to the four white trees we’ve seen throughout the season, but she has trouble trying to bind the ground.

At the same time in Purgatory, Abbie finds younger versions of her and Jenny hanging out in a cartoonish dollhouse. They tell her they’re parts of her memory that Moloch hid away, because they saw something in the woods 13 years ago that they shouldn’t have. And when they finally show Abbie, she’s horrified to learn what the Cranes are about to find out…

… when Henry uses his powers to throw them up against two of the trees and hold them there with vines. Ichabod is angry and confused, but Henry transforms before our eyes into a smug, hateful man. “I gave you the answer, so many times,” he says, gloating, before explaining that the Horseman of War was unearthed 13 years ago – and that’s what the Mills sisters witnessed.

It gets worse: Henry is that horseman, and he is also Jeremy Crane, whom Moloch raised after centuries in the ground. He took his name from the first place he encountered after his resurrection: St. Henry’s parish, which is what Jenny figured out just before Headless went road-ragey on her. (That’s some pretty impressive Keyser Soze-ing for someone who wasn’t even around for The Usual Suspects. Also, how did Jeremy age so much when he was essentially dead?)

Before Ichabod can process any of this, Henremy calls to Headless, who shows up and rides off with Katrina flung across his saddle. Then, the pissed-off teen/angry old man throws his father into the box where he was held for years, binds him with roots, and covers the grave as Ichabod screams for help. With the second seal broken, Moloch’s war has begun. To quote the Stones, whose “Sympathy for the Devil” plays us off, woo-hoo!

And that, Sleepy heads, is how you hang fans off a cliff without leaving them feeling cheated. But now it’s your turn: What did you think of the finale? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Babybop says:

    I screamed “WHAT?!” at my TV for the last 5 minutes of that. SO CRAZY.

    Great acting by all. Especially the little sob that Nicole Beharie let out when she was hugging him goodbye.

    P.S. Your recap was the highlight of my day! Loved the purgatory line.

  2. AW says:

    I’ve had enough of Katrina and Henry/Jeremy. They’re so much trouble! I hope the EPs would get rid of them in Season 2 and bring Icabbie together!

    • Angie says:

      Keep dreamin’….it’s not gonna happen. Katrina is a main character and Ichabod’s wife. She’s not going anywhere.

  3. Linda says:

    I so wish that Ichabod and Katrina could have spent a little time together before the end!

    And his son/Henry was so cold-hearted as to not even care that his father’s heart was still beating when he was buried. How is he going to survive on roots & vines and no air until next season?

    • Tammy says:

      Something tells me that Jeremy/Henry is gonna keep his father alive. Did you here that last remark he made after burying Ichabod. “Now you’ll know what it’s like to lose faith.” I was like “Whoa!” If I wanted someone to lose faith, I would make them suffer, I wouldn’t let them die. Wouldn’t you?

  4. scampi says:

    Wasn’t feeling finale at first, but enjoyed several moments as went on:
    1. Insert of yearbook makes me feel writers justifying Andy’s devotion as long term.
    2. Think it’s first time heard Abbie call him Ichabod.
    3. Enjoyed seeing Garber. Hoping for more next season
    4. Not surprised Jeremy mentioned, but SHOCKED it was Henry.
    5. LOVED Abbie saying how much she’d missed Corbin.
    Looking fwd next fall. Still wondering why Witnesses separated by centuries. And where are the others in the army of Good?

    • uh huh says:

      It was the first time she called him Ichabod. Just like the FIRST time we heard that same conversation, Abbie said was the first time he called her Abbie (even though it wasn’t. . . . ).

  5. Pat says:

    I have to admit, that I was on this site very early this morning, to read Kimberly’s review. Mind you I had not seen the finale yet, it was still sitting on the DVR. I am one of those people who turns to the last page in a good book so I am not surprised by something crazy. So with that, watching the finale even though I knew the outcome, was absolutely phenomenal. Sadden, by the fact that we have to wait until Fall to continue this saga of now one of my very favorite shows. I hope, Spring and Summer fly by quickly.

  6. tp says:

    I was amused at how Ichabod beat around the bush about wanting a new phone. This was a great episode. It’s gonna be a long wait ’til Fall.

  7. Izzie Duquette says:

    GREAT season finale. One thing I am worried about when season 2 starts: less screen time for Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison together. I absolutely love their scenes together (as a friendship, I do not ship them romantically), and the way this season ended doesn’t make it look like Abbie and Ichabod will be reunited right off the bat. I hope it’s not a whole season of Ichabod trying to get Abbie back out from Purgatory…

  8. Tammy says:

    They still have not adressed two things that have been driving me crazy:
    1. Katrina’s True Coven
    In the second episode when Serilda was after Crane and Abbie, the show explained
    that Serilda’s coven leader used white magic to take away Serilda’s power. They
    showed Katrina as the coven leader. So what’s the deal? Is she evil? Was she some
    type of spy? I don’t know?
    2. Luke’s Call to Oxford
    In episode 5 (John Doe), Luke got a call from someone (I don’t even think Luke knows
    who he was speaking to), saying that Crane was indeed off to be a consultant for
    Sleepy Hollow precinct, but that’s not true whatsoever. We know that. So who was that
    on the phone?
    Crane just woke up from a 250 year slumber. During that time, when has he ever been
    to Oxford?

  9. Tammy says:

    I loved the season finale. I took it all in but it didn’t really hit me how big everything that went down was until the screen went black and the words ‘Sleepy Hollow’ was on it and that song, “Please allow me to introduce myself…” came on. It was like, “Wow!”

    • Tammy says:

      That’s when I really began to kinda freak out.

      • Tammy says:

        If anything, that part felt like it was kinda belittling what just happened beforehand. Like nothing really happened. I honestly hope when Season 2 comes around the timing goes along with real-world time so everyone’s been stuck for several months (in purgatory/coffin/jail/headless horseman’s clutches/hopefully hospital and not morgue), like we all will be.

  10. Sheldon W. says:

    The crazier this show gets, the more I like it!

  11. Jen says:

    The season finale of Sleepy Hollow was beyond beyond! It was awesome & frustrating at the same time! The most frustrating, of course, is that our next helping of donut holes doesn’t arrive for eight months!!! Eight, people, eight!!! That being said I LOVED the moments between Ichabod and Abbie. They were fun and intense and beautiful, everything we can hope for between our two beloved Witnesses. The best part was their hug, which was very sweet, and showed how much they respect and cherish each other. By contrast Ichabod and Katrina’s hug was more ‘good to see you old chum.’ And thus starts my Katrina rant. Firstly, I DO want to like her, my life would be much simpler if I did. Every week I wait for her scenes and give her a chance to knock it out of the part, but she barely whiffs. (For those of you who have said she barely gets anything to do, think on this: Judi Dench was in a movie for less than five minutes and received an Oscar nomination. A good actor can do a lot with a little). This week, especially in her scenes with Tom Mison and John Noble, she looked intimidated and way out of her league. Tom and John were amazing and brilliant in their back and forth, but she barely registers an ‘eh’ from me. Notice how the camera rarely cut to her & I’m pretty sure they used the same shot each time they did. Way. Out. Of. Her. League. After the episode I also realized that everything awful that has happened is her fault. Every bad thing points back to every crappy or selfish decision she made. The Headless Horseman is the man she jilted. The second horseman is the son she abandoned. And saving her split up the only two people who can save the world! Why am I supposed to like her again??? Why am I supposed to root for her and Ichabod????
    Now, how are they going to get out this? Personally I think that Abbie will encounter her mom, or her dad (please be played by Blair Underwood!) or Grace Dixon who will show her a way out. The she’ll have a vision showing her where Ichabod is & head off to dig him up. From there they can help Irving and Jenny. As for Katrina, she can stay with Headless for all I care. Still hoping part of this was a red herring and she really is evil. Either that or she sacrifices herself. Can’t wait until next season, should be very interesting!!

  12. Eve says:

    Best season finale I’ve ever seen and I’m a total TV whore so there you go.

  13. scampi says:

    I’m thinking Abbie and Jenny have gifts/powers they haven’t realized because no one to help develop. Descendants of a witch. Also Jeremy/Henry saying the Witness wasn’t strong enough 13yrs ago. Going to be a long wait til next season.

  14. Rich Abey says:

    The finale was totally awesome! Twist after evil twist, and then bam out comes evil Henry! A reason why Sleepy Hollow has been one of the best new tv shows of 2013. Season 2 couldn’t come any sooner!

  15. Donna says:

    love sleepy hollow! I did have a few nightmares about the devil 2 horn creature(ugh)coming in my window

  16. Michael says:

    This series has gotten better and better with time. I’m really glad that something with good writing, interesting characters, and excellent production is getting a chance to shine. You just don’t see that too often anymore in scripted tv shows. Here’s hoping next season is even better!

  17. TrickyGreyArea says:

    I am all for a slow burn, but the end of Part I (“I choose to forge my fate with you”) had me screaming “MAKE OUT ALREADY!!!” As much as I love the leads, for me Lyndie Greenwood has been the revelation of the season as Jenny. She was just radiant at the start of Part II last night, and I think she is equally good at the spunky/badass moments and the emotional ones. I loved the sisters’ goodbye, and their hug after the exorcism in last week’s episode reminded me of Washington Irving’s observation on tears (“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not a mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition and of unspeakable love.”) Victor Garber chewing glass is something I can’t un-see. That was one of several times throughout the night where I had to (lovingly) shake my head at how BSC this show can be. Since the first two Horsemen that we know have ties to Ichabod, I wonder if the other two will have ties to Abbie (two for each Witness). Maybe Andy?