Castle Recap: Double Trouble -- Better Known as The Episode That Gave [Spoiler] the Hook

Castle Recap Beckett FameThis week on ABC’s Castle, there was something about a murder, sure, but the bigger headlines were these:

* Beckett went public with her and Rick’s heretofore private-ish engagement.

* Alexis is on her way to give Pi the heave-ho.

The sum total of which is nice, because the Case of the Week was kinda meh, despite its Miley Lohan-esque underpinnings. And I will take some of the blame for that, having passed along an episodic photo that showed who the killer was. I almost cut that one from the batch, but I had to think that ABC — which will, for example, release three total photos from a Scandal episode, but never any of the character with the big storyline — would have caught that one. Lesson learned.

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I also think Castle‘s version of Miley wasn’t nearly edgy or interesting enough, no fault of guest star Alexandra Chando. Maybe the embedded message was that these train wrecks really aren’t that compelling when the flash bulbs aren’t popping? I dunno.

But hey, Mandy’s greater purpose was as a sounding boarding for Alexis, who confided in her onetime idol that she has found herself sharing a leased apartment, and a life, with a guy she’s hoping will soon have cause to travel a lot. Lesson learned for her, too, in an unexpectedly Alexis-heavy hour. And yes, I’ll ask Andrew Marlowe (someday) if viewer “feedback” soured Pi’s fate. Maybe this means extra “Ski Cap” on Community?

Of course, the episode opened with the newspaper story that Rick had been spied out with ex-wife/publisher Gina — a salacious piece of gossip that Beckett was reminded of later by a paparazzo, and then by a teasing RySpo. But Kate had the last laugh when she surprised everyone by planting her and Rick’s previously under-wraps engagement news in the paper.

Explaining her (admittedly pat) reversal, she told Rick, “If they’re go to write about you, I want it to be the truth, I want it to be about us.” To which Rick smiled, “There’s no one I’d rather share a headline with it” — even if his bride-to-be is still grounding his dream of a space wedding.

What did you think of “Limelight”? Next up is the “fashionista” episode, which Frances Fisher told me will drop some fun knowledge about Beckett’s modelling days…..

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Al8 says:

    So, Nathan Fillion is less well paid than a lot of people on other network shows, and he’s no A lister. Yet he has the clout to derail a major show and NO ONE, from the execs to the showrunner can do a thing about it? If that were the case, wouldn’t he make sure he was better paid and only worked a couple of days a week? Also, he’s had the reputation for 20 years as being a total professional and a lovely guy, and yet he’s actually a jerk who doesn’t care about the show now? Sorry, I find that hard to credit.

    There is no way they would film the scenes and then use them unless that’s how they want them to be. If NF was not showing the kind of emotion they want, they’d use that magic word ‘cut’ and redo it. It’s not filmed in one take on one camera! No actor has the power to get away with under performing week after week. I think he is probably bored, as the writing is so clichèd, but, if they wanted more passion, affection, spark, from him, they’d get it. AM, for reasons I will never get, wants the relationship this way. Even if it was due to the actor, as showrunner, the buck stops with Marlowe. He needs to do whatever is necessary to stop the show turning into this pale, lifeless, travesty of its former stellar self.

    • ale says:

      Well in both cases, someone is doing a bad job this season, I don’t know if this is Nathan or Marlowe but there clearly is something wrong.

    • Kay says:

      Hey, Al8, just wanted to support you and let you know that you’re not alone in this vipers’ nest of haters, lol. Most of commenters here have always been only happy to blame Fillion in everything that goes wrong in this show (while Katic in their book obviously can do no wrong, duh), so of course if he underplays Castle’s romantic reactions this season, for whatever reason, it’s solely his creative decision and his fault, no doubt in that, and neither showrunner, nor directors have absolutely no say in that, that’s for sure. Sometimes I wonder why these people even watch the show, if they have so much hatred and contempt for its leading man. Go figure.

      • Jul says:

        Why do we watch the show? Well personally I watch because I really like Beckett’s character, I like Espo and Ryan bromance….and mind you I even sometimes like Castle but as a comic relief, not as a leading man and certainly no more as a credible romantic interest.

      • May says:

        I’m sick of people blaming everything on Nathan while Saint Stana can do no wrong. The fact is she’s not a very good actress.. When the writing is good, she can hide behind it. When the writing is bad, such as last night, she can’t and it shows.

        • Gia says:

          The only one who proved being a bad actor has been Nathan not Stana..Back off Hater!

        • KBC69 says:

          I like both Nathan and Stana. There is nothing wrong with her acting abilities, however, there was something off with Nathan acting on last night episode. Don’t know if he was sick or what. When you are an actor you have to put all that aside and work through it.

          I am not going to blame him or Stana. In away I will blame all the people who can’t tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction, an that could be the reason for all the lifeless acting we have been seeing lately.

          Stanathan is cute an all when making conversation with other fans of the show. But tweeting them personally with this is very inconsiderate.

          I don’t think they hate each other going by the bloopers, they respect each other as co-workers and friends. Numerous times Stana has been reported saying that Nathan is like an older brother. So if people stop all the Stanathan crap maybe we will see the old Nathan.

          Seriously people should stop hating on Stana what have she ever done to people to make them dislike her so much.

  2. rgustav says:

    Bottom line, is the show more enjoyable now or seasons 1-4? Magic is GONE for whatever reason. I look forward to reruns on TNT, not season 6 and I’m sure I’m not alone.

  3. shirley says:

    I am sure that every episode is not going to be as strong as another.
    I’m sure the purpose of this was to get Alexis and Pi “undone”.

    I alos think a purpose was to get the announcement out of the intended wedding.

    As a Castle Fan ( and have been for the entire run, I am so happy to have the program on the air.We seem to have a bunch of new people envolved with the show this year and I am sure having different opinions of what direction they are taking.

    As a fan I just want to watch each week, see where they go, be happy we have it, keep any
    any complaints to a minimal and just wait for the best event of all-the wedding!!!

    Thanks for listening

  4. Emma says:

    People who say they see C&B chemistry in every episode need to tell me where they saw it last night..b/c all I saw was Beckett/Stana “trying to have chemistry” with a grumpy, unenthusiastic old man..Not one time did Castle/Nathan smile at her during their one on one scenes or initiate any sweetness…so I’m not seeing this chemistry at all..just a one sided effort by poor Beckett/Stana.

    • Fanny says:

      Same for me, and honestly, if there wasn’t Stana I think I would start to think to stop watching the show :(

    • Jenna says:

      I completely agree. I feel sorry for her, she’s trying but the other side is giving her nothing.

    • terri says:

      Emma, I agree, same here for me! I just don’t understand Castle (NF) lack of interest/romance/intimacy or interaction – if your GF is kissing you or nibbling your ears, don’t you re-act? A kiss on her cheek in return or a very nice smile from your partner will look so romantic. Chemistry is not there, it’s goneI But I still will watch the show as Like Stana and I like the character of Beckett! JMHO.

    • Kida says:

      It’s funny because the chemistry is so easy between them, and has always been. I don’t doubt how much Richard Castle loves Kate Beckett. He ADORES her. He shows it. It’s there in the writing. It’s just a weird disconnect because I’m not seeing it in Nathan’s performances. It’s almost like he’s rebelling against it instead of showcasing it. I don’t know, it just weird. I don’t keep up with BTS nonsense and I really could care less about anything other than what I see onscreen. The product is what matters. It’s there in the story, but I’m only seeing Stana dive fearlessly into it, and it’s a beautiful thing. I love Caskett so much and to know how lucky we are to have actually been given this couple rather than keeping them senselessly apart is a gift. When they shine together it’s the sweetest, most joyful thing. I just want Nathan to really hear what people are saying without bias and ego because it’s not coming from a mean place, it’s just a question of choices, and why they’re made.

      • Just one thing says:

        Very well said. Also, the quicker and firmer fans grasp reality and STOP sending inappropriate tweets to the leads, the better we will all be.

  5. Jenna says:

    When fandom keeps wondering if Stana and Nathan got different script and no one talks about actual episode then you clearly have a problem. The biggest talk this season is what is happening with Nathan (imo, he can’t wait for the end of show) even people who don’t watch Castle every week noticed how he’s basically going through motions.

    Of course you can say that it’s directors job to make a scene look good and they only do what is told but they also work long hours and I seriously doubt they would make them repeat a scene just because he looks bored. It’s actors job do add little things to their performance, some of the best scenes had Stana’s ad-libs so it’s possible to make it look better, only problem is Nathan could care less about relationship even though it’s their bread and butter.

    • bebel says:

      Lol our posts start almost identically only with different conclusions. You see, I’ve been on sets of several TV shows and I’ve seen how they film. What you say about long hours is true, but a lot of that time they do just this – repeat takes when something is off. And everything is directed or discussed between actors and director, sometimes even writer and producer. That’s what I have seen. So I don’t understand how it can be one actor’s decision, it just doesn’t happen like that. They would redo the scene until the director feels that it’s right.

      • Alex says:

        I don’t think it’s Nathan’s “decision”, I don’t even think that he’s doing this on purpose but he’s just not invested anymore (in my opinion). And when it’s one of the lead of the cast, especially when he’s supposed to be in love with the other, it’s a major problem… If this was Seamus for example who was “off” we may even not notice but let’s face it, the focus is on Castle and Beckett so if one of the actor don’t play really good it’s difficult to enjoy the show as mush as it was.

  6. bebel says:

    Caskett feels really strange right now. It looks like Beckett and Castle are given different scripts to act or different directions IDK. That said I don’t see how it can be the actor. Filming is a long and tedious process where pretty much everything is scripted and directed to the minute detail. Castle’s behavior looks very deliberate, no way it could be consistently botched by the actor. One scene OK, but not EVERY Caskett scene all of a sudden. Besides in other type of scenes, like in previous episode with his parents, he’s very good. So it’s not like he suddenly lost his talent. I’m left to think it’s how they want it to be then. May be some big revelation about his doubts or fear of commitment IDK. I only don’t understand why Beckett isn’t reacting to his behavior. Because it’s not only in direction/acting, it’s in the writing too. Even in the script Beckett is the one who is eager, initiates all romantic stuff and goes for everything first (like wedding announcement etc). So taking all this into account it feels even more deliberate. But I don’t understand what is their point in this case. I’m lost.

    • Jenna says:

      I honestly think it’s Nathan, he’s bored, never been into their relationship, enjoyed the chase and that whole foreplay between them and now it’s like he’s on autopilot every week. It all started last season and people were trying to justify Castle’s passiveness but we all know nothing in the script said “Castle looks depressed and ready to be anywhere else then with Beckett”.

      • Robert says:

        This Castle has been with the Caskett relationship since last season, and honestly I think Stana will get tired of this OOC script the writers are making for Castle.
        sooner than later..!

      • bebel says:

        Well, then Castle is filmed differently from other shows. I can’t make sense of your theory with everything I know about the filming process. Why would writers write him as the passive one and directors not have a word to say about him playing scenes like that, if they don’t want it to look like that? I don’t say you’re wrong, I only say what I know and have seen of how shows are filmed. I don’t pretend that I have a plausible explanation.

  7. annie says:

    I didn’t see any promo pics for this episode and yet I still guessed who the killer was in the first minutes she was introduced. the killer has been obvious for the last past episodes and it’s a shame. I loved the unusual castlesque murders like getting stuffed into a save or motherf— snakes snuggling diamonds. it’s disappointing now.

  8. June says:

    They really need to get a handle on whatever the issue is between Fillion and Katic because it’s been bleeding over onto the screen for a few years now. Completely ruins the illusion that this is supposed to be a madly in love couple who are engaged to be married. If they can’t deal with it and be professional, then the show just needs to end.

    • Axel says:

      But why Stana keeps playing the way she did and Nathan don’t ? I don’t really care if they hate each other as long as it doesn’t have consequences. And in this season, it does.

  9. Jul says:

    Question to Matt : given the amount of posts we find here about the “Fillion issue”, is that a topic you would address in an interview with the showrunner if given the chance or do you feel that would be out of line?
    I know you might not think the same as some of us but since it’s a recurring topic with your readers I was wondering if you sometimes voice your readers feedback during interviews?

    • Kris says:

      I think that’s a bit out of the line…but maybe Matt can ask Marlowe why Castle acts sad/depressed while Beckett is super happy. Maybe they can change that with a bit of directing.

      • Just one thing says:

        It’s out of line, yeah. And if for some bizarre reason it was even answered, the response would likely NOT be published.
        This should not shock anybody.

  10. Nicky says:

    Hmm. I feel the complete opposite from most people here. I actually enjoyed this episode. And aside from the first 2-3 episodes, I’m enjoying season 6. Maybe it’s because I’m not looking to analyze all the NF/SK interaction in depth *thinking* I know something behind the scenes about the actors and their feelings towards each other and/or their work. But I see nothing wrong or cold with the Caskett we’ve been getting this season. I love all the “moments” we get to see in the middle of them trying to solve murders. Because that’s what the show is about. Caskett is just bonus. I guess I just feel sorry for all of you who have to come on and complain about every aspect of the show week after week. Why not just sit back and enjoy it? It’s still a great and entertaining show.

    • mary says:

      No one here is analyzing their relationship outside of the show, we are talking about Castle and Beckett relationship and how much Fillion’s lackluster performance is ruining our favorite couple. I don’t think there’s problem between leads because people would complain about Stana too.

    • TheCastleFandomSucks says:

      I agree, Nicky! Some of these so-called fans are ridiculous. LOL!

  11. Dj says:

    I blame the writers. The reason why the show was better in 1-3 is because it was evenly divide between Castle’s 2 worlds. Now because of Casket there isn’t 2 worlds it’s always them.

    Removing that part of the show where Castle goes home and interacts with his mom and daughter which was A: the most touching part of the show and B: resulted in him figuring out a key part of their case was a bad idea.

    • Axel says:

      So what they were supposed to flirt for 10 years without anything happening between them ? They had to be a couple, and the fact that they are a couple isn’t the problem, it worked for the major part of season 5.

      • Dj says:

        Even then them as a couple wasn’t the 100% focus of the show when they weren’t working. I know shippers love that part of the show. But it didn’t have to replace what was a huge part of Castle world. There has to be some even ground.

  12. Gus says:

    It seems pretty obvious that there is a problem between them in real life. What other explanation could there be for NF having never mentioned voting for SK in the PCA or even having the simple courtesy to congratulation her on her win?

    • Emma says:

      Honestly, I don’t care if they don’t get along well, I just wish it doesn’t impact the show; And if SK can stay professional, I’m sure NF could too.

  13. Leigh says:

    You know, I find it ironic that everyone is complaining about Alexis and Pi getting screen time when many people called for their break up. And if AM just started the episode one day and Alexis said, “Yeah, Pi and I broke up” people would be calling it crappy storytelling/writing. Priorities People! Make up your mind on what you want. Alexis had to LEARN because she didn’t listen to her father. And it wasn’t going to be a one day they are together/one day they are apart thing. It has taken a realistic course and the story has played out. not everything can be filled into an hour of television. Things will play off screen. There are only 45 minutes of a show – we can’t see everything.
    And as for Castle and Beckett’s “lack” of passion, I just don’t see it. And remember what Meredith said in that one episode last season about Castle changing with marriage – if I remember it (their marriage) lost some of it’s luster. NF may have had passionate love scenes in the past, but it was in the beginning of the series. We never saw this type of passionate make out stuff with Gina in Season Three. He was passionate i the beginning of their relationship in season 5 so maybe there is more to the story here and if we give it time (like we always have to do) then it will play out. They aren’t supposed to express their relationship at work so why have them do that? They have been together for over a year now. This isn’t the newlywed stages of their relationship yet. Give it time to develop, AM has not (to this point) given us any reason to doubt his season story arcs will play out so please let them.

  14. arial2 says:

    “Space wedding” or not, could this open the door for Sir Richard Branson to guest star with a personal invitation (much like the card game real-life authors)? He’d be loads of fun!

  15. Ree says:

    I used to love this show and couldn’t wait for Monday nights and a new episode. Last night I fell asleep 10 minutes into the episode. Something is missing this season, but I don’t know what it is. I don’t like the Pi character and am glad he is being written out. I want to see more passion between Castle and Beckett and maybe a few of those looks that he gave her in the first few seasons. Maybe they have become bored with the show and each other. Whatever the reason, I will try to watch the episode tonight without falling asleep again.

  16. John A. Harnes says:

    Thankfully Pi will soon be gone. The character was a mistake! Perhaps before the end of the season Castle will find a case involving who killed Pi?

  17. Mary says:

    I don´t think it was a bad episode! Not a great one, sure, but far from being a bad one (at least for me)! My favourite scenes were the opening and ending ones, the moments Ryan/Espo were messing with Beckett, Beckett´s phone call with her dad and LOVED when she called Castle “babe” once again!
    Alexis is just realising the mistakes she made and is trying to learn from them, not blaming anyone but herself, wich is a good thing!
    And, Matt, about the photo that revealed the killer – I, for one, wasn´t expecting the killer to be the mom, precisely due to the photo, as I never tought it would be shown like that – so maybe showing the photo was exactly for taking the viewers eye from her? I believe it could be seen as double meaning…

  18. Dory says:

    Please indulge me in a little whine. I didn’t like it at all. I am a diehard fan but for the 1st time I can see something is very wrong. What does Nathan want that he isn’t getting? If Nathan leaves that will be the show. I like them both so much.

    • Nelmar says:

      Hi Dory, I did not have time to read all the postings this week, will see if I can do it over the weekend, let’s see…. Well, it seems that Alexis character is being reintroduced, but, to me, now it feels somehow odd, but it is just me. I hope that little by little it gets better. Regarding the other characters, it seems that the actors are feeling tired of their characters, don’t know how to convey what I feel, however I am sticking to the series. It has been my favorite series ever, so one day good, one day bad, I don’t care, but I wish it could have the same charisma as it had during the first seasons. My opinion only, hope people don’t get upset, I do love all the actors, very excellent performers. Great weekend everyone. Looking fwd to Monday’s eps.

      • Dory says:

        So good to hear from you. I also will stick with it. We can only watch and see. I also do not have time to read all the postings. They are so lengthy and knowledgable. Weather here bad but not as bad as predicted. Catch you later friend

  19. T says:

    As a fan of the show I am increasingly disappointed with the Caskett relationship and Castle in particular. But I feel sorry for Nathan Fillion because I have no doubt that the bored looking Castle is what he has been told to be. Season 5 was my least favorite season because of the up and down quality of the shows and the increasingly difficult to understand Caskett relationship. I felt like Mr Marlowe’s interest in subtext and vague storytelling got in the way of the story they were trying to tell. I did not like the story presented in the Squab through Watershed arc and I thought they did a big disservice to the character of Kate Beckett. Castle was not perfect either but Kate seemed lost. Then the deleted scenes were released. The deleted scene from Hunt with Kate and Rick on the phone gave a very clear perspective of Kate. Sitting in an almost empty, dark office, by herself; her voice cracked with the anguish of wanting to help Castle but not being able to do anything. Then she said “I lo…” until Castle cut her off. But it was clear what she said because Castle’s response was clear. This scene clearly explained Kate’s investment in their relationship and went a long way toward explaining her meltdown in Squab (still did not like the episode but with this deleted scene, and Still, I could better understand her emotions). Mr Marlowe wrote Hunt. Then the deleted scene from Watershed with Kate sitting up late at night by herself and then asking Castle if they were dating. Again, clearly showing her emotional turmoil because she did not know how invested Castle was with her. Episode again written by Mr Marlowe. Two scenes that would have made season 5 much more clear and enjoyable for me were filmed and then intentionally deleted in favor of maintaining a vague and subtext driven story. One more clear sign of intention from season 6; Kate has worn her engagement ring in only one episode (Number One Fan – best episode of the season) and even then very discretely. In one scene she puts her left hand on a paper on the murder board. The scene crops her ring finger just over the top of the ring so it cannot be seen. That was an obvious and very intentional tease directed at fans who wanted to see her wearing it. No accident. I have no doubt that we are seeing exactly what Mr Marlowe wants us to see. I think the boring Castle is going to lead to some kind of Castle reveal or Caskett blow up. I don’t know if I will like that or not either but if this boring Castle phase continues much longer I won’t be around to find out.

  20. sandra says:

    i love castle and will continue to watch the show,however, it does look like nathan fillion is bored. he looked like he is sleepwalking now! very sad!

  21. unknown says:

    Castle is a very boring show. I’m so amazed how stupid the cops are that a writer has more sense then they do. The acting is terrible, the chick that plays Castles daughter is so bad, Lindsey Lohan could do better. There is no chemistry between Castle & the cop chick. The only reason I watch is because my wife kinda likes the show, I mostly read.

  22. Rich Abey says:

    – Looks like Pi is finally going away? Yaay. Though he did seem a bit more mature this episode. Still a big sigh of relief!
    – Caskett engagement finally made public. And by Kate herself! **Pinching myself**…Kate & Rick are getting married!
    – That final scene was great, especially when Ryan & Espo came in between Mom and Dad’s moment and were shooed away. Hilarious!

  23. lame says:

    This is something someone else mentioned, but it hit the nail on the head. Remember when Caskett used to build theory together and end up face to face with that intense sexual tension. It’s something we haven’t see lately. Would be great especially with their engagement, if we could actually see that release, that sudden burst and have them realize where they’re at before being embarrassed. It would eliminate the bitching that appears on this column and be great fun to watch.

  24. TC says:

    I have to say that it was my least favorite episode of the season 6. I am not a big fan of Alexis and her self righteousness that comes across when she has a major part. Also the plotline wasn’t that much for me to get into. Pi I could take either way, hes cute but sadly his part was meant to be annoying. Shame him and Alexis couldn’t disappear in the jungle together. But at least PI will get a better see ya later than detective Sully.

    My favorite part of the 2014 part of the season is the one liners between Beckett, Ryan and Espo. They are funny and show how the team is still a working group and the show needs to get back to the cases that made the show.

  25. Dip says:

    I can think of two perspectives as why Richard Castle looks so bored. One of them may be acceptable to you and the other one may not. And for god’s sake please keep Mr. Nathan Fillion out of this. As an actor he has nothing to do with any of them. It’s a director’s game after all.

    Perspective One (The more acceptable one)

    We all know how his previous two marriages ended. Which may have prompted him to think have I made the right decision? What if I screw up again? What if I make this extraordinary lady go away without whom my life is an empty vessel heading nowhere? Perplexed, some men starts trying too hard and some just start building castle around themselves.

    Perspective Two (The not so acceptable but more logical one)

    Do you think as a self proclaiming bad boy Richard Castle was ever into this for relationship and marriage? Do we recall the conversation between Rick and Kate (Kate: Well, guess this is it. Rick: Oh, it doesn’t have to be. We could go to dinner, debrief each other. Kate: Why, Castle? So I can be another one of your conquests? Rick: Or I could be one of yours.). Trust me for a man who was never been rejected of his advances; she instantly became one of his quests he feared he was never going to win. He started running rough around her desperately trying to impress her. His genius level of IQ (even Scott Dunn was a fan) helped him greatly along the way. But even he couldn’t figure it out when his quest turned into a serious obsession almost like his two darker mirror images Scott Dunn & Jerry Tyson and start doing things a petty civilian person would never do like running into the line of fire to save her life in numerous occasions.

    Then suddenly they get into the relationship and his quest was over. He won. He started parting away and we started feeling bored about how an actor portraying the character.

    Just my point of view. Take it or leave it. I couldn’t care less. But certainly these two perspectives present some unique opportunities to jump start the show afresh. Just break them up and make him realize again what he is missing. In that way the magic that we are so much complaining about will return and we will be able to enjoy the amazing journey again without any biases.

    • Just one thing says:

      Those are two great story-related theories. And they’ve been suggested since last year, when the complaining began. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence to support that that’s the direction the show is going.
      For theory one, it would be interesting for him to have some self-doubt with Wife #3. They have never explained why his relationships eroded or why he was a longtime bachelor. It’s been alluded to, but never outright discussed — especially not between Castle and Beckett. Up until last week, it did look like Castle was dragging his feet. But the writers settled on Castle’s familial epiphany and he pretty much disregarded his book tour in favor of marrying. So the first theory is no longer supported, because — on paper, in the script — Castle appears all in.
      They already toyed with theory two back with the video game lameness that sent Beckett on the half-cocked, lame-ass Vaughan BS where she almost cheated. Lame. That, and the episodes that followed, were SUPPOSED to set up Beckett’s doubt about their “dance.” When Castle proposed and she accepted, I think that was supposed to put her doubts to rest. And if you look at how Beckett has acted this season, it looks like she has no doubts. Home girl doesn’t see what so many viewers see. Which is probably for the best.
      It wouldn’t be the first time that they’ve set up a storyline with many pieces in place only to let it drop (or resolve it through “subtext”). But I honestly don’t think that on paper, in the script Castle is meant to be distant or awkward. Would he have settled on September and would he have wanted to officially announce their engagement if he was having second thoughts? Probably not.
      I don’t think they’d ever risk breaking them up either, mainly because the outcry would be… painful, to say the least. For everyone. I’m talking riots in the streets, Tumblr-launched bounties on their head, Internet bullying, etc. Plus, it just doesn’t seem to be their style to screw with the audience like that. And there’d be no way to guarantee that things would return to status quo if they did go that route. The “magic” that so many seek could still return. There are probably 8 episodes left, or so. There’s still a chance.

      • Dip says:

        Amen to that. But I want to say something regarding the theories.

        I never doubted about the commitment level of Beckett. She has gone through so much pain to come to the point where she can’t see her very existence without Castle. But about Castle, he almost had to be kicked by Martha to go and propose her. So the element of self doubt may be still there. You know the classic commitment phobia thing we male all have at some point of time. And in his case may be it has elevated because of his past experiences.

        Now some technical issues. If the script is not lacking then there must be some problems with the director or executive producers who are constantly failing to deliver to best of their potentials during the season 6. And trust me on this as a person who is involved with this industry over 15 years, it is the director’s job to watchfully control every minor details of the show. And when he fails to deliver, the last line of defense are the executive producers. It is their job to remind him what is best for the show. And if any actor or actress is lacking (and that is a big ‘IF’) they must sit with him or her to resolve the issues because booting somebody out is not an option. Honestly can we imagine the show without Castle or Beckett or even the persons playing the characters?

        • frankie says:

          Yes. There are no promises in life.The show bosses are probably capable enough to successfully take the show in a different direction.This show started with having two stars. I really believe there is more to the situation than they do not like each other. if it truly based on dislike and they cannot work pass the situation, then there obviously exists a lack of maturity and/or a lack of professionalism on somebody part. Again, I do not think the public knows the details of the situation. Remember, we do not know these people.

          • Just one thing says:

            The situation definitely doesn’t seem to be black-and-white, and no matter how many different ways we try to put a stamp or label on the situation, we will NEVER know the whole story.
            I do disagree with one thing, Frankie: The show started with one star, the actor portraying the title character. Even when taking into account Beckett’s growing prominence each season as a central character, the actors are not treated equally when it comes to marketing the series. It’s still “Nathan Fillion IS Castle.” And that’s fine. It is the show’s title after all.
            So I literally balk and scoff when people suggest the show will EVER stray from the direction it has been billed, or claim the series can/should/will go on without Fillion. It doesn’t matter how jazzed Katic is to play Beckett, and it doesn’t matter how well she gets along with the executive producers. At the end of the day, the show is called Castle and when Fillion is gone, that’s it. They won’t kill Rick off or blow Caskett up. The couple will ride into the sunset and that’ll be that.

  26. John says:

    Maybe just maybe castle want to feel loved without scratching and clawing?, I mean, I think this guy has been put into second place in nearly every relationship, her mother sent him to a boarding school after she got her break in her career, kyra left to london, meredith cheated and left for her career, gina apparently was more his boss than his wife, Kate has put him second 2 times, because of her mother case and for a job, maybe he already settle to be second in her life too, so he want to feel loved before something new, challenging and interesting come to her life and he will be relegated again. Remember, this is female centered show, she will be the one with the interesting things coming and going, or at least, much more than him.

  27. Dip says:

    Justifying my previous post regarding bad direction in season 6 I want to point out two occasions involving Detective Beckett (Stana Katic) in two different seasons. One was a specimen of great direction and other one was noticeably bad. For obvious reasons I have not taken any examples from Nathan Fillion’s Acting because everyone here is trying to prove him to be an actor who has lost his skills anyway.

    The first occasion: Castle Season 4 episode 07. The episode involved a Bank Robbery where Castle got trapped into a hostage situation. The fear, anxiety about the situation was so much evident in Beckett’s face throughout the period of hostage situation and the facial expression after finding Castle safe inside the vault was heart melting.

    The second occasion (The bad one): Castle Season 6 episode 04. The episode involving a lady, wrongly suspected as murderer, took some hostages inside a dental clinic and Castle was asked to negotiate the situation. While the sergeant debriefing the situation to Castle I find the anxiety about her fiancé entering into a grave situation with no previous experience of Hostage negotiation, from where he may not even come out alive, was missing. And when Captain Gates agrees to her proposal to join the case, she cat walked away with a subtle smile in her face.

    My point is how come an actress how has portrayed the previous situation so passionately become so indifferent in managing an almost similar situation. Has she lost her touch too?

    I beg to differ. There is nothing wrong with her skills. It is the director who lost the opportunity to extract a great act from her in this situation.

    Healthy and unbiased opinions are very welcome.

    • Just one thing says:

      Hey, Dip. Count me in as someone who didn’t like the proud catwalk cutaway in “Number One Fan” – from a story perspective. Stana’s great, but that was a strange, distracting choice and I didn’t care for it.

      • Kida says:

        I liked it. It made sense to me. Kate is a badass female – if she’s not participating, or actually, out there leading the charge, there’s a loss of control. She has stated before that even though she worries about Castle she knows how smart and resourceful he is. On top of that, seeing him able to contribute while she was being shut out had to feel like another blow. And at this point in the scene, she had absolutely no control or participation in what was going on – she was on the outside. That little cat-like grin was Kate Beckett getting her mojo back after being knocked down by her FBI firing. It was SEEING her literally slide right back into her element and ready to kick major butt. She’s back in the place she belongs, and that was our visual. I appreciated and loved the hell out of that smirk.

  28. T says:

    I am firmly of the opinion that what we see is exactly what the show’s producers want us to see. I suspect that Castle’s past relationship failures will come up in some way that will cause difficulties between him and Kate. I also think that he has some legitimate questions that he should ask Kate in regard to her pre-engagement conduct. I cannot connect the dots between his seemingly tepid behavior now and recognition of his contribution to his past relationship failures but I suppose I could make it up just like the writers will. My biggest problem with this time in the Castle universe is that I feel like Castle’s past should have been vetted long ago; much like Kate’s journey into the light in season 4. That would have made their relationship together and eventual engagement much more plausible and left the opportunity to flesh out the other characters and the family and wedding details now. As it is I still feel like the engagement was kind of like the best alternative of the bad choices available. Now that they are together I want them to stay together but I can’t help but feel that the chemical fire that Castle and Beckett used to share has been reduced to a candle. I don’t understand why the show’s producers would want that. Maybe it is just me.

    • Dip says:

      I heard somewhere that Mr. AM & Co. is coming up with some bigger projects with ABC. May be this is there way to cancel out this one, the show we hold so dearly in our heart. After all at the end of the day its all about money.

      • Just one thing says:

        I think showrunners have considerably more leverage when they have more than one show on a network. (For ABC, see: Shonda Rhimes.) But there’s been no official word on that new series Marlowe and Miller were developing yet. ABC has been jonesing for a procedural or two, and it would be helpful to have one in place before Castle ends.
        But I don’t think either Marlowe or the network is looking to sabotage Castle. Castle is meant to be a continuous money-maker for all parties after it ends its run on ABC.

  29. Jeramie says:

    Now that it’s public knowledge you just know 3XK is going to try an disrupt the wedding, which I think would make a good season ender or 2 part cliffhanger. He kidnaps Kate before the wedding sending Castle on the offensive.. The episode will have everyone in it more than likely.. Friends & family, lots of cops, people from her time at HOMELAND or whichever agency she worked with, an Castle’s dad even makes another guest appearance.

  30. Nanaboonana1 says:

    Trying to find out what happened to PI and Alexis.