Castle Recap: Double Trouble -- Better Known as The Episode That Gave [Spoiler] the Hook

Castle Recap Beckett FameThis week on ABC’s Castle, there was something about a murder, sure, but the bigger headlines were these:

* Beckett went public with her and Rick’s heretofore private-ish engagement.

* Alexis is on her way to give Pi the heave-ho.

The sum total of which is nice, because the Case of the Week was kinda meh, despite its Miley Lohan-esque underpinnings. And I will take some of the blame for that, having passed along an episodic photo that showed who the killer was. I almost cut that one from the batch, but I had to think that ABC — which will, for example, release three total photos from a Scandal episode, but never any of the character with the big storyline — would have caught that one. Lesson learned.

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I also think Castle‘s version of Miley wasn’t nearly edgy or interesting enough, no fault of guest star Alexandra Chando. Maybe the embedded message was that these train wrecks really aren’t that compelling when the flash bulbs aren’t popping? I dunno.

But hey, Mandy’s greater purpose was as a sounding boarding for Alexis, who confided in her onetime idol that she has found herself sharing a leased apartment, and a life, with a guy she’s hoping will soon have cause to travel a lot. Lesson learned for her, too, in an unexpectedly Alexis-heavy hour. And yes, I’ll ask Andrew Marlowe (someday) if viewer “feedback” soured Pi’s fate. Maybe this means extra “Ski Cap” on Community?

Of course, the episode opened with the newspaper story that Rick had been spied out with ex-wife/publisher Gina — a salacious piece of gossip that Beckett was reminded of later by a paparazzo, and then by a teasing RySpo. But Kate had the last laugh when she surprised everyone by planting her and Rick’s previously under-wraps engagement news in the paper.

Explaining her (admittedly pat) reversal, she told Rick, “If they’re go to write about you, I want it to be the truth, I want it to be about us.” To which Rick smiled, “There’s no one I’d rather share a headline with it” — even if his bride-to-be is still grounding his dream of a space wedding.

What did you think of “Limelight”? Next up is the “fashionista” episode, which Frances Fisher told me will drop some fun knowledge about Beckett’s modelling days…..

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  1. c-mo says:

    Yay,Pi’s going away!!!!!

    • taran63 says:

      Ironically, this episode was the least annoying that I’ve ever found Pi.

      • shirley says:

        I have never found an episode annoying or boring.
        Each one is a lesson learned for Pi and Alexis in their own right.
        Never had an epissode that I didn’t like.



    • TV Gord says:

      I have a hunch that Pi will be murdered in an upcoming mystery, if for no other reason that they’ll get to use the irresistible Death of Pi as an episode title. It will give Molly Quinn an opportunity to do some good acting, but she won’t mourn him for too long, since she was thinking of ending their relationship, anyway.

      • Patrick says:

        Alexis will probably be a suspect.

      • asdf says:

        It could be a case of Girlfriend in a Coma syndrome. A dead pi right after she dumps him? Imagine the guilt. Or just look at how Martha felt when Chad died right before she was going to cut him off. I doubt if they’d kill him, that would be pretty dark for Castle. The title WOULD be irresistible.

        Pi was played by a great actor, but wasn’t very well written. And I think what made people so mad wasn’t who Pi was, but who Alexis was turning into, that she’d fall for someone like that. If he’d been some kind of random character, he’d have been a hoot.

        The murder of the week wasn’t very interesting– I guessed it immediately, not having seen the spoiler. The whole “here’s her manager… I mean mother” and Mandy’s reaction to Alexis/Castle sweetness tipped it off. This episode was a clear mashup of Famous Last Words, A Rose for Everafter, and A Dance With Death. As in those, the theme was trust and family and the price of fame, and the killer was a close loved one putting their personal financial gain over their relationship.

  2. Really says:

    is it me or was this the worst episode of the season?

    • Jakr says:

      Yeah it was but it was coming off of one of its best episodes last week, actually for the past few weeks

      • grey says:

        I’ve seen some reports that this episode was actually supposed to air before “Under Fire.” Maybe TPTB realized it wasn’t the best and pushed it back. They didn’t want it as the first thing out the gate coming out of the winter break.

        • asdf says:

          If you treat Alexis as the A-plot and the murder as the B-plot, it’s a great episode. That’s what I did going in, and I thought it was a good episode. They got the relationships right: the Ryan and Espo, Caskett, Castle/Alexis. You could visibly see Alexis returning to her normal self.

          For an episode like that, you don’t want the A-plot to be too complicated.

    • Luli says:

      What ??? I actually loved it! Alexis was great in it, and Mandy should totally come back as her friend/sounding board, and so glad she realized that she is not happy with Pi!

      • Annie says:

        I agree; I liked the episode! and I think that Mandy should stay in touch with Alexis since she brought back her boyfriend and explained Mandy didn’t cheat. Alexis could be Mandy’s one true friend who will be honest with her and Mandy could be Alexis one friend her own age. I also thought Molly Quinn did a great job. Happy Pi will soon be gone!

    • martina says:

      It‘s a serious contender, yes. I wholeheartedly agree with Matt on the fact that the Mandy character wasn‘t interesting enough for it to be Miley Cyrus-y. She drinks alcohol? She takes drugs? Whoa, so does the rest of Hollywood! I found her very boring, and the actress didn‘t help at all. And if this whole episode was just a way out of Pi and Alexis‘ storyline… Well, the fandom knew all along that it wouldn‘t work.
      The fashionista episode doesn‘t look interesting to me either. I find the show extremely dull when they force us this pop culture-inspired storylines. Castle finds its light when they get creative with their cases and do something completely unexpected.
      Keep Myko Olivier out of Castle, out of Community, out of my TV altogether!

      • asdf says:

        Myko Olivier was great. His character wasn’t well written, but that’s not his fault. I mainly hated Pi for what it said about Alexis that she was sleeping with him.

        I’m surprised that people aren’t commenting more on the changes in Beckett. Now that she and Castle are getting married, she’s changed a LOT. (And I don’t mean the plastic surgery). She’s still Beckett, but I’m seeing much more of Stana Katic in her now. Castle has always been Nathan Fillion at heart, but the contrast between Stana and her character had always been very sharp.

        No, the fashionista episode doesn’t bode well. Lately, Castle has had a bad habit of recycling its own storylines. The golden age for cases was season two and three. Though this season has overall been very good. The time travel episode has to be my favorite.

    • Just one thing says:

      It was a weak case with some interesting moments that were few and far between. The ensemble is always 100%, particularly with the moments between C/B/E/R.
      Alexis’ insertion into the episode felt forced, even though she’s the right age. We hadn’t seen her since the Thanksgiving episode, and we hadn’t actually seen Pi since well before that. It just felt strange. I never hated Pi as much as others did, though. I’m almost sorry to see the little weirdo go.
      Castle’s inability to crack a solid smile when within close proximity to Beckett (among other things) is… just par for the course now. Their relationship is still sweet. The show is still entertaining. Go team.

      • 1406adm says:

        NF has never been better than limited as an actor, but in season 6 he’s dropped below even his mediocre standards, hardly even bothering to go through the motions – he seems totally disinterested and very unprofessional.

        • frankie says:

          Amen, Amen, Amen. Poor Stana, her shoulders must be very sore. She, with help from Expo and Ryan, has been carrying this show since season 2.

        • asdf says:

          WHAT?!? NF is an excellent actor. The character he plays is close to his own personality, but his acting is still excellent. Castle is more guarded now, partly because of the tragedy he’s gone through, and partly because The Chase is over and he’s now with Beckett. He’s had two marriages fall apart on him, and two women he’s deeply loved disappear unexpectedly and permanently. What I see when I look at Castle is the quiet, unstated worry that Beckett’s going to vanish on him, too, like Kyra Blaine and Sophia Turner did. That’s character development, especially GOOD acting, not bad.

          Stana’s acting hasn’t gotten worse either. Beckett is more like the actress than in any previous season. And you see less subtle eye and facial work from her. OTOH, that’s how her character has developed– she’s more open and happy now that she’s with Castle and has finally let down her guard. You still get some nice interplay between Beckett and Espo– hints that they’re good friends who might once have been an item (something the actors wanted but that Marlowe vetoed). So I’d say that her character has developed but her acting is still great.

      • Rita says:

        I agree that this was a weak episode. I think that the writers have done sexual tension between Beckett and Castle so long and so well, that they don’t really know how to do Beckett and Castle together too well. The chemistry is gone. That’s too bad because I can think of a lot of ways to make it more interesting, they get paid to do that so what’s the problem?!

    • Nah there were worse ones earlier. Weaker, sure, but not worst.

    • Mike says:

      This was a very good Castle Episode!
      1. Alexis was herself again and grew up
      2. It was not predictable as some are as far as the killer.
      3. Becket has come full circle in being the one to reveal the engagement
      4. Pi will be served for the last time.
      All of these things are very good!!!

      Now the best part: Castle is not always dark, it not always twisted, sometimes it is a more care free detective show, that is what makes it work! It is not always about serial killers, mutli-layered plot lines that take web searches to figure out, if it was it would be like every other detective show.

      It needs episodes like this, for the others to work. Also, the supporting characters need stories. I bet half the people hating this episode would prefer a still shot of Castle in Beckett in bed KISSING for the first half, and another still shot of 3XK pointing a gun to their heads for the next half.

      • janet says:

        It is my favorite TV show. I watch all the reruns . This is my first year seeing the show.

      • Jessica says:

        With regards to number 2, if you took a look at the promo pictures for this episode, you saw the killer being put into cuffs. And then in a sneak peek, that same woman (the killer) is identifying the victim as someone who isn’t her daughter, Mandy. So, I disagree. The killer kind of was predictable. I did enjoy the episode, though.

    • ChuckMeForever says:

      Yes it was horrible….I tuned in for Castle and Kate not an Alexis and her realization she’s an idiot episode… Man I hate these feature the secondary character episodes…They are secondary for a reason. They are not interesting enough to carry an episode. Keep them all in the background where they belong and give us more of Castle and Kate…..

    • Phoebe says:

      Yea it sucked.

    • barbara says:

      i agree not a great episode. who cares about pi i don’t and hope alexis doesn’t go back to whining. nope this episode did nothing for me. agree with you 100% post by Really!!!!!!!

    • luzmelain says:

      Oh, by far not the worst (I reserve that for Alexis insufferably telling her dad he’s not forgiven but ordering him to do a favour in the next breath,, while Castle doormats himself and we’re supposed to think that’s parental love.) But by far not the best either. I think honestly the whole turning Alexis into a spoiled brat over a brainless idiot of a boy thing earlier in the season has kind of killed the character for me completely. Shame, because I used to really love her relationship with Castle. And if you’re done with Alexis, there was way too much of her in this ep, however watchable Alexandra Chando was.

    • grey says:

      No, it wasn’t just you. :D
      I sort of keep my own mental list of best to worst, seasom by season, and I’m thinking by May this one will still be way down on the list.

    • May says:

      Yeah it was the worst episode. Lousy writing and directing, too much Alexis, not enough Nathan.

    • Mark says:

      It was terrible.

    • 1406adm says:

      Hell, no. The worst episode of the season, and indeed the whole series, by a huge margin was 6×05, the idiotic one about time-travel where nothing made sense and Castle himself was at his most annoying …. utter garbage. Episodes like that have no place on the show.

    • 1406adm says:

      Hell no! The worst episode of the season, and indeed entire series, by a huge margin was 6×05 – the idiotic one about time travel. Nothing made sense and Castle himself was more annoying than usual. Episodes like that have no place on the show.

      • shirley says:

        Everyone is intitled to thir opinion. If people are that bored then step awya from the show.
        If one can’t stand a silly or lighthearted episode, just stop watching.
        Then of course their won’t be antthing to complain about and what will one do then?


  3. RBA says:

    Second Worst episode of the worst season…. Boring… Even the crew couldn’t say nice things about it… Isn’t amazing that the official ABC twitter was making fun of Alexis, and it retweeted a tweet from a crew saying something to the effect “at least the sets were nice”

    • skrable2 says:

      What this series has done to the once-enjoyable character of Alexis is criminal

      • Just one thing says:

        What did they do to her in this episode? She was written as rather likable and helpful. Personally, I felt like she was shoe-horned into the episode so they could (finally?) write off Pi, but other than that, she didn’t do anything inherently wrong.

      • RBA says:

        The Alexis of the first four seasons would not have dated Pi or acted the way she did during the horrible 3 episode arc that sought to place a division between Castle and Alexis. That arc was a mistake as was Alexis dating Pi….

        Heck they could have sold that arc if they had actually followed through and made her acting out as her suffering from PTSD due to the kidnapping…. They should have had that as the reason of why Alexis was trying to be independent and trying to move on her own instead of Jar Jar being the reason.

        • Francine says:

          So Alexis isn’t allowed to go through a rough patch? She’s a young woman in college. Realistically, she’s going to make some not-so-smart decisions. I wish the show would have had a little more of a buildup to Alexis’ acting out, but its not an unheard of thing. I just don’t think the execution was done very good.

      • Dj says:

        I agree One of the best things about Castle has always been the shows ability to tie in the case of the week to Castle home life. That always leads to great moments between Castle and Alexis. I as a viewer have missed that part of the show.

      • TheCastleFandomSucks says:

        Are you EVER satisfied? All I see you and RBA do is whine and complain. Here’s a clue for you guys. Turn the damn channel. The ratings stay consistent and keep improving year after year, so the show and the actors and the crew are doing something right. You speak as if your opinion is what the majority think, when it’s really 20 vocal online fans bitching everywhere and ruining discussion of the show. You don’t have to like everything with the show. But hey. At least try to like something, otherwise you guys come out looking like idiots for watching a show that you obviously dislike and are want to get canceled to prove your opinion is gospel. your negativity isn’t helpful to the show, but just causes discord on the message boards where people want to discuss the show and talk about not just negative crap. Move on to another show already if Castle is so bad. Geez!

  4. skrable2 says:

    Worst episode of a disappointing season. “unexpectedly heavy Alexis hour” was a kind way of saying it.

    This season is turning out to be worse than the final season of “Mad About You”

  5. Teri says:

    I will be anxious to hear what AM says about the seeming dismissal of PI. I personally did not mind him, but whoa, nobody liked him. Also ask him for the hundredth time why Castle is acting like an aloof, detached fiancé to Beckett. Where is his passion?

    • skrable2 says:

      And these are the takes they deem to be worth being in the final version of the episode. Sometimes it looks as though no one wants to be doing the series any more

    • Reedy says:

      No joy, no passion, no “Castle.”

    • Kida says:

      He does! Although I don’t think Castle is written that way – I think it’s the choice of portrayal from the performer. I see Beckett completely in love and cute as a smitten kitten, and Castle looking like he’s stifling yawns. It’s infuriating and frankly, a huge bummer. But I don’t think it’s in the writing, and for that alone I love Caskett.

      • Just one thing says:

        Yeah, it surprises me when people blame that stuff on the writers. You can’t/shouldn’t/don’t/won’t write things that way for a couple you’re trying to sell.

        • RBA says:

          I’m sorry this is all in the writing… If you don’t believe it, compare this episode to Number One Fan. The writing in that episode allowed the guest star to shine, and it gave Nathan the opportunity to be someone other than the butt of the joke. This time the writing was so lame that it failed to make the plight of the Miley like character interesting nor did it allow for us to care for the victim. In fact the COTW was non existent. The episode was all over the place, and when there is a lack of focus (in the writing) the actors and the production are all over the place.

          • Just one thing says:

            I’m talking about the writing re: Castle/Beckett romantic physicality. I feel like you’re comparing apples and oranges. Yes, the differences between episodes can be attributed to the individual writers. But that’s not really what people are complaining about when they have issues with Castle/Beckett as a couple.

    • Just one thing says:

      I’m with you, Teri. I didn’t mind him that much. He was just a doofus whose airtime was probably a whopping 15 minutes over the course of 15 episodes. I think guest stars from COTWs have had more collective air time in one episode than he ever had.
      Again, I don’t think anyone should expect a direct answer to the question of Castle’s aloofness. It’d be nice of the question prompted a shift, but I sincerely hope no one’s holding their breath for that.

    • frustrated says:

      EXACTLY!!!! Castle shows no affection, not even an ounce of warmth or a smile towards Beckett. You have to ask yourself why would someone like Kate want to be with a guy like him? Were is the ‘romantic, exciting guy’ that Meredith was married to? I don’t want to see kisses and physical contact but for goodness’ sake, show us he is still somewhat attracted and in love with Kate.

    • luzmelain says:

      The loss of passion is very weird, agreed. I don’t understand why they’re being written *less* sparkly and bantery now they’re together — it’s as if Marlowe is deliberately courting the Moonlighting curse. A couple with that kind of chemistry doesn’t lose it just because the show decides to RST the UST, it’s the writing that’s killed it through dull dialogue, and the direction that kills it through constantly doing either the missed-kiss rubbish or having Castle react as if he’s utterly bored with this woman crawling all over him. And the fact that it’s production-induced just becomes really obvious when they get a good script and proper direction and it all suddenly springs back to life, as it did in Deep Cover. Or the baby ep, which I had not expected to like at all, and is actually one of more charming eps of a largely charmless season.

  6. D. says:

    I hope that this show has already been renewed because if it hasn’t it isn’t going to be if it keeps putting out basement refuse like this. Marlowe promised a romantic season and in 10 episodes we have not had a single kiss between the two supposedly madly in love leads. Majority of the time you can’t even tell they are more than friends with benefits unless they are making some mention of engagement or marriage. It is clear that Marlowe no longer has a clue at to what is going on with his own show and should step aside and let someone with fresh ideas and a new perspective on things come in and hopefully reinvigorate the show before it is too late. The romance and spice and chemistry is gone, the banter is barely there anymore, they sync between the characters is lacking now and the cases are getting weaker and weaker. Change needs to be made

    • Just one thing says:

      I know I sound like a broken record, but I don’t see why people keep blaming “the show” and Marlowe and “the writers.”
      I only saw the last scene between C/B once, but one thing stuck out: If “Beckett” (right) hadn’t grabbed “Castle’s” (uh-huh) hands and placed them on her waist, that contact likely wouldn’t have happened on its own. And when Kate was all over Rick in their first scene together, what should Hanning have written? “Castle reciprocates Kate’s embrace, makes eye contact, or deigns to crack a smile. Anything will do.”? LOL
      Sorry, but some things shouldn’t have to be written. When actors are in the moment, and when they’re comfortable, touches and movements and eye contact just happen. Sometimes it’s natural, spontaneous, and sometimes it’s worked out or blocked. But I’d wager that most of the “intimate” things that people see in other shows – that’s not sex – is rarely explicitly, specifically, painstakingly written in the script.
      I think the people behind the show are doing the best they can with what they’ve got. That it’s NOT enough by some people’s standards (a) isn’t worth harassing them every week and (b) shouldn’t take away from the hard work everyone on the show puts into being entertaining — even when they sometimes miss the mark.

      • Eridapo says:

        Liisa Caputo is that you?????

      • D. says:

        You really have no clue!! Everything and that is everything that is done on a show in regards to action and dialogue is written. The writers put it down on paper what is to happen and the directors give the direction on how it is to happen. If there is any ad lib done it is only allowed if both the writer of the episode , the director and the head of the show, Marlowe decide that it is good for the story and keep it in. But everything is written for this show as to what goes on and it is all controlled by the head producer of the show which is Marlowe. The actors don’t just decide on their own what they will and won’t do especially the intimate scenes.

      • Kida says:

        In complete agreement with what j.o.t. is saying. Nailed it.

      • Disappointed says:

        You seem to have a very odd view of the role of the writers and the director, didn’t Nathan say recently “I say what I’m told, I stand where I’m told and I do what I’m told”

        • Just one thing says:

          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
          Even the nicest, most genuine and sincere lead actors are given preferential treatment within reason. Why? Because it behooves a showrunner to keep his/her lead actors happy. Of course, most leads worth their salary will say what/stand where/do what they’re told. But the process is so much more than that.
          Without knowing the context of Fillion’s comment, I can only say that it doesn’t do the collaborative nature of television justice. There’s certainly more to the showrunner/director/actor relationship than “doing what I’m told.” And it doesn’t take a diva of an actor or actress to make one’s preference known about certain things. At the end of the day, everyone has to compromise, and often the showrunner will win out. But there’s give and take on their end, too.
          And, again as I’ve said before, this clearly isn’t a show comprised of a-holes. On the contrary, they seem to be a rather cohesive group of friendly creatives. But they’re also human. They’re not perfect. They have weaknesses.
          It does NOT behoove a showrunner to essentially force a lead actor – or any actor, for that matter – to do something they’re not comfortable doing or are incapable of selling. If something doesn’t read well onscreen or cannot be masked, it’s better to avoid it altogether, right? Or at least to attempt a decent workaround?
          If people think those behind Castle have NOT gotten the message that there’s discontent with how the romance has been handled, I think you’re grossly underestimating their vision and/or reading comprehension. I think it’s safe to say they’ve read the complaints, esp. since they began back in the Fall of 2012.
          But if they haven’t made major changes to the way Castle and Beckett behave romantically now, 20+ episodes later, what makes anyone think that constant harassment here and on Twitter is going to change that?

          • Just one thing says:

            One example of this is the birth of the Ryans’ baby. At some point the actress who plays Jenny told fans or some reporter that she had asked Marlowe NOT to have Jenny give birth onscreen. I can’t remember the whole context of it, but basically it seemed like she wasn’t comfortable. So, months and months later, what does Jenny do? She gives birth to the baby offscreen.
            Coincidence? Nah, I don’t think so.

          • Disappointed says:

            Well Stana hasn’t had any problems getting passionate in other roles she has played and Nathan has had more activity on Castle with the other women characters, Deep Fried Twinkie, Ellie Munro, etc so are you really adding fuel to the rumours about them not getting along? I would think that Nathan and Stana are too professional to allow anything like that, even if there was a semblance of truth in it, to interfere with their performance. Wouldn’t they be jeopardising their livelihood if they got a reputation for that?

          • Just one thing says:

            I just think the situation is complex, and has been for quite some time. I have no doubt their livelihoods as actors will be fine after Castle ends. Their reputations seem far too good to suggest otherwise.

          • Nurk says:

            Well said again, J.O.T. As usual.

          • ke says:

            “It does NOT behoove a showrunner to essentially force a lead actor – or any actor, for that matter – to do something they’re not comfortable doing or are incapable of selling. If something doesn’t read well onscreen or cannot be masked, it’s better to avoid it altogether, right? Or at least to attempt a decent workaround?”

            Actors are paid to act and are paid a lot. I am not sure what the issue is between the two (Stana and Nathan) but they need to figure it out. If they can’t – Marlow should end the show.

      • Disappointed says:

        So did Stana make it up at the swings when she basically gave Castle an ultimatum by saying that she wanted the DC job and it was up to him if the relationship continued but she was going anyway. The buck stops with the show runner for the good and the bad, he signs off on what is aired.

        • Just one thing says:

          No offense, but it seems like you’re being deliberately obtuse. Obviously the showrunner/EPs have to sign off on EVERYTHING that’s said and done. They were clearly in charge of that story arc, so that was non-negotiable. At that point, it’s the showrunner’s job to get the lead actors on board with where the story is going, or at least give them enough details so they know how to play things or what to expect.
          PLEASE NOTE: This is not some groundbreaking TV theory that I’m pulling out of my keister. This really happens on TV shows. <– pretend like that's italicized.
          Conversely, something like Beckett's constant use of "babe?" That clearly (at least to me) wasn't scripted. Did it likely have to go through Marlowe first? Yep, no doubt. But because the actor is willing to say it, that's why we keep hearing it; not because it's scripted. <– pretend like that's bolded.
          Yes, the buck stops with the showrunner for the good and bad, and yes he signs off on what is aired. (Duh?) He also signs off on what ISN'T aired. And, as the gatekeeper, the captain, the commander-in-chief of his series, it's his job to make sure that everything they shoot and air is for the betterment of the series.
          Marlowe and the rest are not gleefully withholding the precious, precious Caskett sex from viewers out of spite or sadism. Clearly there's more to their creative decision than a simple stamp of sexy-times approval. Will we ever know what that "more" is? Probably not. Frankly, we're not really entitled to know, either. I feel like the show is in its twilight years, so I'm going to enjoy it for what it is and not for what it could be. There's a lot to enjoy about the series.

          • disappointed says:

            So are you now saying it’s not the actors fault that this season has not been as consistent as previous ones and I’m not just talking about the way a newly engaged couple are being portrayed. Where’s the banter, the finishing each other’s lines, the humour from Ryan and Esposito. Beckett hardly figured in Need To Know and I believe she had 4 mins in Like Father Like Daughter, and watching Castle and Alexis engaging in Caskett type banter Eeeeew. You can actually jump from Still, ” We’re just getting started”, to Number One Fan and not notice any episodes are missing, and you can catch the Caskett scenes on youtube. I used to watch Castle for it’s light hearted escapism with the serious episodes now and again. It is becoming a real labour of love to keep tuning in.

          • Francine says:

            Well said just one thing. Unfortunately I’m not sure you’ll ever convince some people.

        • eridapo says:

          It is a question about priorities. It is a question of the showrunner and writers reminding themselves what this show was supposed to be about. Wasn’t Castle meant to be a modern take on the Thin Man series of movies where a married couple solve murders while exchanging witty banter and romance. This show has now become the show were the stars are sideline to tell stories of characters no one really cares about. PI is an indication of what is wrong with the show. It was a useless character brought in for no other reason to provide for some Alexis drama that had nothing to do with Caskett.

          All secondary characters are there to service the leads, and the stories for them should be to further develop the characters of the leads. In the early years we saw Alexis interact with Castle, this year she, and her possible problems such as PTSD from the kidnapping, should have been used to develop Kate’s role within the Castle family. As someone who suffers from PTSD Kate could have been used to help Alexis deal with that issue, and by doing it this way we see Kate being introduced into the Castle household as a possible future step mother to Alexis.

          The priority should have been Kate and Rick trying to figure out what their new family would be like, and it should not have been Alexis decides to date Jar Jar and how will Castle react.

          • Just one thing says:

            That would have been a nice spin on how they dealt with Alexis this season, eridapo. How they utilize Alexis/Beckett/Castle in one episode and in the larger story arc is another mystery.

      • RBA says:

        Even the crew is mailing it in….

        The botch audio with Stana… What the heck was that? There was this audio spike and her lips were moving, but she was clearly saying something else. Heck she was still moving her lips, but there was no audio when the sound went back to normal
        The scene just prior to the reporter asking Castle about his ex-wife was shot outside of Grand Ave Park in LA,, and the Alexis and Pi scene with the quick peck it was so obvious that it was in LA… The signs and the buses are not NYC.

        Also the News paper gossip article about seeing Castle with his ex one can clearly see that the two paragraphs are the same to make it appear larger than it was (thanks to tvfanatic)

        These folks tell you were the blame is …. It is not the actors. It is the show runner, the directors, and most likely the lazy writers. These go to the lack of quality control in the show..

        • TheCastleFandomSucks says:

          And why do you watch this show? You don’t even seem like a fan. Why are some of you being such dicks? It’s as if you want the show to be canceled. I hate so-called fans like you and Skrabby. Turn the damn channel and shut the hell up!

          • Jessica says:

            You’re one to talk about someone not seeming like a fan. Have you taken a look at your username lately?

      • gg says:

        I’m pretty sure that last scene is a director’s choice. I mean, actors don’t just decide for themselves how and what is played. They can pitch an idea of course, they do multiple takes as a director decides, than it’s all edited with the writer’s-director’s vision. IDK. I just really don’t see that it could be a problem for the actor – if he embraces Beckett himself, or if she puts his hands around her. Either way hands are there. So if you’re going with “Nathan Fillion so detests playing a love scene with Stana Katic he can’t even touch her” – I can’t understand it because the result is the same, she is embraced by him. Even if it was pitched by the actors, the director must have approved and chosen this take over others, if there were others. IMO it looks too deliberate to not be a directorial choice. I won’t pretend I understand what is the purpose of this though LOL. But I don’t really see how and why would it come from the actors, even if they can’t stand each other as you (kinda) imply. Because the result is – they still touch, only Castle is made to look the passive one and Beckett the eager one. And pretty deliberately.

        • Just one thing says:

          I really don’t know anything about NF/SK’s working relationship, and I’ve stopped speculating. Beside, there’s more than one possibility beyond one detesting the other. Like I said, it seems to be mildly complex.
          What I AM comfortable pointing out is the flaws in the portrayal onscreen — which I do because it’s not a deal-breaker for me, it’s just almost impossible to ignore. Yes, the director has to sign off on the actors’ movements, but the moment at the end wasn’t the first time Castle has looked passive opposite Beckett’s eagerness. In fact, it’s not even the fifth time that’s happened.
          I just think that, if constant physical interaction between the two leads IS a deal-breaker for people, Castle isn’t the series for them. However, if the nearly six seasons’ worth of character development was intriguing enough to watch up to now, maybe it’s worth sticking out to the end?

          • bebel says:

            “but the moment at the end wasn’t the first time Castle has looked passive opposite Beckett’s eagerness. In fact, it’s not even the fifth time that’s happened”

            You’re right, but this is exactly why I have trouble with blaming the actor. Actors on TV botch scenes sometimes, it’s just a nature of the beast. But not on a regular basis and not backed by the script. It suggests that it’s being done deliberately. Why – I can’t imagine, but really, just leaving an actor to his devices to figure out how the scene should be played and not care if they botch it, is not how TV shows are filmed. Where are directors and writers (who sometimes are there during filming)? If the scene isn’t done right, they just do another take. At least that’s how I see it when I watch a show filming (I repeat it in 2 comments only to emphasize my point, not to brag LOL, though that too). Or Castle is filmed differently and then IDK, everything’s possible.

          • Just one thing says:

            I don’t wholly disagree with your assessment of how sets work, babel. But I’m going to pull my “lead actor” card again. :P My hunch is that the showrunner/EPs/directors have chosen NOT to micro-manage their lead actor(s) when it comes to certain scenes. Why? Well, short guess is: It’s awkward as hell, regardless of everyone’s relatively good cheer.

      • Nurk says:

        Well said indeed. You can write, can’t you, J.O.T.?

        • Just one thing says:

          Yeah, I know I’m long-winded. LOL

          • Nurk says:

            No, Jot. I meant, “You can (ital)write.” You do it well.

          • Just one thing says:


          • frankie says:

            Long winded or not, I agree that it is awkward. But I have sensed awkwardness since C/K became a couple. The audience does not know if this awkwardness is based on like or dislike. But, I believe that love scenes are just not Nathan’s strong suit. His Castle character sometimes avoids eye contact with Beckett. He acts as if he is afraid to interact amorously with her. I blame the producers more than I blame Nathan. Since they knew they were seeking to tell a love story, it was their responsibility to hire an actor that possessed the skills to,pull it off. Stana tries and her natural beauty and sexuality works for her. Plus she can act. For me, I am now satisfied when I get a well written story and good acting. I believe that if they continue to push the romance, they will fail. To repeat, it is so obviously awkward. A marriage will be a disaster. They just no longer gel as a couple, for me. Nathan may have known has strengths and weaknesses when he fought against removing the sexual tension and allowing C/B to become a couple. Romance plays great for Stana because she is able to show deep emotions in her facial expressions and especially in her magnificent eyes. Nathan comes off as disinterested.

    • Jul says:

      Ah! The eternal question : where is the chemistry?
      That question could give me headache. I don’t know much about TV but to me there is only two ways to direct actors (I am talking about attitude not dialogue obviously): either you tell them exactly what to do, where to stand, when to smile, how to move OR you give them a general direction of what you want from a scene/a dialogue and you more or less let them act the way they feel it, and re-shoot the scene until you are satisfied. The problem with that? It still doesn’t explain Nathan’s acting.
      If it’s option 1 I hardly imagine Stana receives a script that say “kiss him that way, put your hands on him like this, smile at him like you’re in love…” and what? Nathan receives one that says “act like you are bored and you don’t care”?
      If it’s option 2 then maybe someone should sit with Nathan and tell him that it’s not cutting it! I am not saying that Nathan is reluctant; For all we know he might think it’s a good portrayal. After all he is not beyind the screen and he can’t see how it comes across on TV. It’s the director’s job to scream cut and redo a scene. So to me, it comes from bad acting but also from bad directing.

      • lauri5567 says:

        Honestly, I assumed Beckett was leading because it was at the precinct. Castle promised they would be professional if he was allowed to come back, right? Also, he had the newspaper in his hand. I just don’t see it as an actor being bored as much as the show has decided that Castle drove the relationship for 4 years, so that now Beckett needs to do more to prove she’s as into the relationship as he is.

        • frustrated says:

          What about the home/loft scenes? He shows even less interest away from the precinct..

          • Jessica says:

            I don’t think he shows less interest away from the precinct. If you remember from “Limelight”, the loft scene was supposed to take place at 6:45 in the morning. You can’t really expect someone to be all perky at that time, especially when he’s able to sleep in every morning given his profession as a novelist who can write anywhere at anytime.

    • luzmelain says:

      I’m honestly no longer sure about the benefits, it’s been such a passion-free year.

  7. K says:

    I don’t have anything positive to say about the episode. Like seriously I hated all the Alexis that was present in the episode. When did the show become all about her and less about castle and Beckett. In the second half hour Beckett and castle had hardly any scenes. I hate that Andrew Marlowe is making castle an ensemble show. He can’t do that because that wasn’t how the show was from the beginning. I however liked how Alexis finally realized that moving in with PI instead of living in the dorms was a mistake. Don’t you just hate when parents are right. Alexis and PI are over. Thank goodness. In the last scene I liked how Beckett put her arms around his neck that was cute. Beckett formly announcing her engagement to Rick in the paper was amazing

  8. Mel says:

    Wow what a terrible episode… has to be the worst episode this season and this season hasnt been pretty at ALL so that says something. *sigh* Caskett continues to disappoint… no chemistry at all– the show has ripped away the magic between Nathan and Stana and turned it into dust. I don’t see or feel the passion with this couple anymore. It’s like watching paint dry with Caskett… and it kills me to say this but I think it’s time to end this show, leave it on a high before turns into more garbage (and it’s already horrible right now) :(

  9. skrable2 says:

    Do they know how frustrated they’ve made the fan base? Worse, do they care?

    • Francine says:

      To be fair, its not like the entire fanbase is disappointed. There are many of us that still enjoy the show- we’re just not as vocal about it.

    • TheCastleFandomSucks says:

      Wow! Thanks for speaking for me. Not everyone feels like you. Grow up and move on to another show. What’s wrong with you? Why are you always so unhappy? Even when Marlowe gives you what you want you’re STILL bitching about something. Just find a new show. Trust me. No other couple is making out as much as you want Caskett to. I hate fans like you. Shut up already!

    • KBC69 says:

      Seams to me as soon as Milmar got the go ahead for their new project, Castle stared to go down hill. I am a big fat Castle fan. I too see the difference from prior years to this season

  10. Kida says:

    “Alexis-heavy” pretty much sums up how many viewed this episode. It’s just too much. She’s like a really strong spice – less is more or just leave it out altogether.

  11. Paulie says:

    Yeah Alexis (or any minor character) heavy episodes don’t interest me at all. Sorry but I’m here for Castle & Beckett and right now the show isn’t giving me anything other than crumbs; and the crumbs we’re getting with Caskett aren’t anything special. Also, holy batman but is it just me or does the cast seem bored of their own show?

  12. Jayme says:

    I personally liked this episode. We received closure on Alexis and Pi, we got to see insight as to what was going on with Alexis, we saw Caskett at home, we saw Caskett interact and talk about their commitment to each other, we saw Beckett go out of her comfort zone for Castle with the engagement announcement, we saw Beckett grab Castle to pull him in for a hug/discussion and we saw Alexis redeem her character in this episode.

    Oh the cast, crew and writers did say nice things about the episode but that person commented about the set because the original tweet came from the Castle Art Department – the guy who creates the sets.

    • leigh says:

      All true. It is nice to se positivity.

    • Danielle says:

      I agree Jayme. I think there’s just so much overthinking about all of this. It’s a show. Entertainment. I used to totally enjoy watching Castle and seeing how much the fandom loved to support it. Now I love watching Castle but the constant fan complaining has given it a total sour note.

  13. Luli says:

    Wow, the people in here are being kind of harsh on Alexis, the episode, and the season… Instead of complaning about the lack of kisses, chemistry, storylines (?) enjoy the episodes! I’m a big fan of Caskett, believe me, but I thought the episode was funny, good for Alexis (She needs a friends ASAP, maybe bring Mandy back?), and a step forward in the Caskett relationship… I agree we need more physical contact betweeen the leads (maybe they should have kissed at the end of the episode) overall I really enjoeyd the episode; and it has been a good season, not their best, but a good one.

    Glad I didn’t see the sneak peek photo that showed who the killer was! And I can’t wait for the next episode, cause I heard that Beckett was going to find her wedding dress. I just hope it isn’t the one (The pic of Beckett in a dresss) that’s going around the web because it was hideous and totally not Beckett….

    • scooby says:

      The minute I saw the Alexis/Pi involvement I knew whining was imminent. If it’s not Rick and Kate making out, they hate hate hate it. The episode was fine. Not anything like the last couple of weeks, but fine. I was happy enough about their getting rid of Pi that I’ll throw’em a parade. Nice guy, not right for Alexis, funny how she was not thrilled about her father thinking he was right. As for the photo of the killer, it’s not like it had a neon sign saying ‘this is the killer’ above it. You had to guess that that was a photo of the resolution of the episode. Guest actors appear all the time at different moments in the show. If people thought they’d seen the killer, it was pure guesswork on their part.

    • Viv says:

      I agree.
      I enjoyed this episode. Much better than Disciple or Under Fire (yes, I didn’t like it)

  14. T says:

    Very disappointing. This episode was both boring and contrived. I always liked Alexis but this season she has been so out of character that trying to save her now is too little too late. The never ending interruptions of Castle and Beckett have become ridiculous. They can’t share even the most rudimentary hand hold or kiss. There isn’t even a display of nice, clean “kiss the love of my life” affection. There is absolutely nothing normal about their relationship. Are we supposed to believe that Kate was freaked out by a simple newspaper article about Castle? If that article was enough to make her change her mind and go public with their engagement then what is going to happen if someone digs into her past and finds out about her job changes, mother, and various other questionable issues? And once again, do they ever talk? Early in the season Castle got an apartment for them in DC with no discussion with Kate at all (I guess it did not matter since they did not use it). Now Kate puts their engagement announcement in the paper without even telling Castle. Ironically, he once again has to read about his life in the paper.

    • Jayme says:

      I’m pretty sure Castle bought the apartment to surprise Beckett and Beckett went with the announcement in the newspaper to surprise Castle and show that she’s willing to acknowledge that he is a public figure and she’s okay with that part of his life. Like a surprise as well. They both did it as gestures to the other.

      They do share the intimate moments. Are they full on make out sessions? No. They are the looks, the hugs, the kisses to the forehead, the talks about their wedding, that’s how they show their love for each other.

      • Francine says:

        Nicely said Jayme. I thought both gestures were incredibly sweet and done with the best of intentions. I don’t understand how they can be taken negatively.

  15. OldFan says:

    Was that Castle on the elevator doors?

  16. Danielle says:

    Wow I find it amazing how criticize people are being about this season. There have been some big time powerhouse episodes this year (Valkyrie, Dreamworld, Disciple, under fire….just to name a few) and some super cute fun ones. Like always it’s a good mixture between the two. People are so quick to freak out over a lack of KISSES!!! Seriously, in a long term relationship, true intimacy exists in the little things, the looks, the comfort in being around each other, the dialog and the need to rely on each other for support during said powerhouse episodes. Not in kisses. Come on people. If you like Castle you should appreciate that while the stories are often crazy and outlandish, the personal relationships are always very true to life. That’s what makes it a great show. The balance between the two. Try to relax and just enjoy it.

    • Danielle says:

      BTW it’s January. This is when ratings are generally lower and so ABC and AM usually put in a few fun, more ensemble heavy episodes during this time.

    • TheCastleFandomSucks says:

      You have too much sense to be in this fandom! I agree with everything you said!

      • Danielle says:

        Thanks :). I’m always going to be a total Castle fan but am tired of the negativity in the fandom so I’m gonna go ahead and quit that. Negativity breeds negativity which is just no fun.

  17. Emma says:

    As much as I love the the supporting cast, and I really do, I do not watch this show for them. I tune in for Caskett. Needless to say, I agree with most everyone on this forum on the Caskett front and their lack of passion..actually, I feel like Beckett is trying, initiates 99% of any intimacy, but Castle acts like an old geyser..NF is bored (boring too) and it shows..

  18. Francine says:

    It wasn’t the best episode, but it had its moments and I enjoyed it. I still love the subtlety of the Caskett relationship. The little things continue to charm me more than any kissing scene could. I understand those that are frustrated but I just dont see it changing. This is obviously the way the show wants to go and I guess you either love it or hate it. I didn’t even mind the Alexis scenes- although I wasn’t as annoyed as so many others were about her storyline this year. It wasn’t set up very good or even done particularly well, but at least it made her seem more human. She was too perfect for me. Kids her age do make dumb decisions. It seemed a little random to have her in this ep though.

    • Just one thing says:

      It seemed totally random to have her in this episode, though it wasn’t horrible. Just strange. I actually wouldn’t have minded an exchange between Alexis/Pi and then Alexis/Castle after the break-up, but I can understand if they just didn’t have time for that.

      • DarkDefender says:

        JOT, don’t you think it is possible that Alexis was injected into this episode just to deal with the fandom Pi hate? He has had little to no screen time since the griping started full force and even in like father, like daughter he should have had a scene or two.

        Besides we should all realize by now, 6 seasons in, that no one on Castle has a true heart to heart discussion on any topic that actually completely resolves an issue.

        • Just one thing says:

          Yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me if they wrote him off because of the hate. They didn’t even give him a chance to grow on people, though. Oh well… At least it helped Myko Oliver get his other gig.

  19. Kim says:

    While I too wish there were more physical interaction between C&B, I do not believe this season has been terrible–not by a long shot!! The last two eps have been stellar!! I was much happier with Alexis’ character in this ep than the previous ones this season. IMO I think Castle could easily run for several more seasons–and I sure hope it does!!

    • Just one thing says:

      Yes, I think this season has actually been more entertaining than the two seasons before. Not sure what it is, but Seasons 4 & 5 seemed to go into more regular slumps. Each episode this season has had something to offer or some character-specific takeaways. It’s been far more consistent.

    • frustrated says:

      I wish so too, but it looks like NF has already checked out of his role and wants the series to end. Pity, since the writing on this show is stellar!

  20. lauri5567 says:

    I liked that Kate announced the engagement. So often in books/TV it seems to me that the situation would be that Rick shouldn’t make Kate uncomfortable. To me, they both should be giving way. Last week, he gave up a book tour, and this week she agreed to go public.
    I loved Mandy’s expression as Alexis went on her rant. Poor little rich girl. And we got rid of Pi! Unlike it seems anyone here, I’d much rather see Alexis than Martha on the show.

  21. David4 says:

    I went “Pi is leaving?” because this episode is so forgettable I actually already forgot it.

  22. Lisa says:

    Season 1,2 (except for the finale, even though the case was incredible) and 3 were awesome. I will admit, outside of a few eps I did not enjoy season 4, until of course the best finale of the series (Always). I have absolutely loved season 5 and 6. Maybe because I know exactly the type of show I am watching. Not the Wire or Breaking Bad, but a crime show with an epic love story as the background. Sorry people are dissapointed but this viewer is definitely not.

    • frustrated says:

      The “epic” part is mostly in our hearts as loyal viewers than on the screen, at least not from Castle’s perspective.

      • scooby says:

        Just because you don’t get fan fiction make outs doesn’t mean there isn’t an obvious love story. If you’re paying attention you see it. If you only judge it from lip locks, I guess you’ll be missing the character development, flirting, and tonight the ear nibble. He gushed that she was his family last week. What else does the man have to do? That’s real love, folks.

        • RBA says:

          I’m not seeing it, and I’m paying attention. Caskett are no better than close friends and all the wedding talk is there to mask the lack of real romantic intimacy. These people talk have to talk about a wedding because without such talk the viewer wouldn’t know these two were lovers..

          • Francine says:

            Not all viewers. The thing I love most about Caskett is their subtlety. Those little things show me way more intimacy than any kissing scene could. Kissing doesn’t equal romance and intimacy. It’s fine if you see it differently though.

  23. DarkDefender says:

    I liked the episode.. Lots of Caskett progression (and Alexis too). I still like Alexis.
    As for Caskett.. Still playful, closer with the space invading PDA at the precinct. They talk more openly about lots of things even when walking up to a crime scene.. No more need to hide the relationship. Kate sucking it up and having the engagement posted (I think the raminfications might not surface until next weeks episode).. The fun joking about Castle’s other ex-wife wanting time,. Could have triggered Kate to submit the engagement blurb.

    But the most important thing I believe has happened (and I am so glad they didn’t just bail on the idea) is that in the end.. Space would really be a cool place for their wedding. And was Nathan channeling a little Shatner there whilst turning his head?

  24. James D says:

    Sayonara Pi you shall not be missed. Alexis still annoys me but she is on the right path towards redemption. Episode wasn’t great but certainly wasn’t horrible either.

  25. morgan says:

    way too much alexis. i never need to see her investigating and working a case for almost an entire act. i know they want to build the ensemble but seriously, alexis doesn’t need to be apart of that. it’s bad enough that so many episodes give more screentime to the boys and tory than they do castle and beckett. castle and beckett barely appeared together in this episode and most of their scenes were spoiled early by abc trying to promote the show, because they’re obviously smart enough to know people watch for castle and beckett and were trying to promote it that way.

    the problem is that spoiling the best parts of your episode before it airs means nothing surprising or new happens that people care about when it actually airs. the problem is that not having castle and beckett investigating cases the way they used to means really limiting how much we actually see them. and the last problem is that when we do see them it’s either all about work or it’s interrupted by SOMETHING else happening.

    they need to stop shoehorning alexis into episodes as if she’s a major player. she’s less liked than she is hated. thank god Pi and that horrid subplot is gone but the way they did it just made her seem totally all over the place in terms of the rest of this season.

    Go back to castle and beckett investigating with the boys helping them out. episodes like this don’t need to exist.

  26. lame says:

    I get a kick from everyone who writes the actors looked bored and no longer care. Hey, wake up this isn’t a broadway show. Each scene is shot three or four times, from as many different angles, and with different expressions. It is up to the people in the editing room to make the final decision on what is used and what you see. The actors have no idea what is used until the see the final product.

  27. Kris says:

    Haven’t seen this ep yet but judging from the comments, now i know why they switched this ep with under fire.

    • TheCastleFandomSucks says:

      Honestly… is the Castle online fandom ever happy? They’ve been bitching since season 2. I enjoyed the episode. Some of these people bitching are from the ABC Discussion board and all those people do is whine and complain and cry whenever Castle and Beckett aren’t making out. The IQ level has to be in the negatives and full of horny teenagers or adults who lack passion in their own lives and need it to play out on their tv screens. I wish all 15 of them would turn the channel already.

  28. Hege says:

    Wow, harsh comments! I liked this episode a lot. I don’t need Castle and Beckett kissing to get that they are in love. I think it comes through.. It wasn’t the best episode but it was better than the Washington episodes, the two first of the season. I was worried that the show was going downhill then. But I think it has been a string of good episodes lately. And as long as we never have to go back to the murder of Becketts mum I’m fine with the show. For me Castle is best when it’s light and fun. As for Alexis, welcome back!

  29. Alex says:

    The thing that bother me the most isn’t the lack of kisses but Castle’s (Fillion’s ?) attitude : he looks like a depressed guy, isn’t he supposed to marry the woman he loves ? He never smiles to Beckett, never looks at her with even affection, that is most weird than the fact they don’t kiss for me, at least we can pretend it happens off screen.

    • Heat says:

      This. For me too. The energy that season 1-4ish Castle (the character)had is nowhere to be seen lately. He just go “meh” for everything now. Where’s the fun and energetic Castle? The one who gets so excited about a new murder, a new lead, and a new theory? The one that runs around and get chased by dogs?

  30. EB says:

    It would make more sense if Kate was attracted to Eric Vaughn now than in 5.22 ;) I sure wouldn’t blame her now !

    • Mickael says:

      Yeah i could understand why she would feel neglected now instead of after one video game … I mean the guy is acting like he really doesn’t care … Its Kate Beckett man !!!

    • frankie says:

      I too liked Eric Vaughn as a character for Beckett. They showed us a man whose sexy side was displayed by showing us his ability to read a woman’s needs and respond to those needs. This was a man not so consumed by money that he could not appreciate a beautiful strong woman as well as the needs of the people who work for him.. Beckett needs a Man, a real one.

      • Just one thing says:

        Vaughan was hot and smart and all. But I can’t help but think he would’ve unintentionally turned Beckett into a Stepford Wife – or died trying (by her hands, of course).

  31. Lena says:

    It’s funny how in fanfiction Castle is looking at Beckett like she’s the sexiest woman in the world and in the show : -_- haha

  32. Ze boy says:

    So to resume Castle became less attractive and now they made him boring. Poor Kate and poor us …

  33. Mickael says:

    I’m becoming tired of this depressed Castle too. Can’t the producers/writers ask NF to stop playing like being with Kate is the worst thing in the world ? I mean who would do this face with her almost in your lap kissing your neck ?? I’m ready to do your job Fillion !
    And it’s also becoming ridiculous the way they end the “couple” scenes to not having them kiss. Honestly that comment about the wedding Space was not funny at all. If you don’t want them to kiss fine but no need of Castle being an idiot or Ryan interrupting them or anything. It just made the thing worse and emphasize it.

    • G says:

      I really doubt it’s all Fillion though. Unless he somehow took over the show completely. It’s more believable the other way around.

    • Danielle says:

      I am really having a hard time with this whole NF being a board with his character. The last several episodes certainly do not support this theory. We have had three out of the last five episodes have a very serious tone which by the way he does very well. The last lighthearted episode we had was the good the bad and the baby and he certainly did not seem bored or lackluster during that episode at all. I think that this episode was written with them being in the background and as a result everyone so quick to judge a couple of means that the two of them are in and this apparently makes up his entire body of work. It’s kind of jumping to conclusions people. Believe what you want about the rumors but this is why there is such privacy that exists between these cast members because of the crazy amount of speculation and always comes their way. Let them do their job, which they do very well and leave everything else alone.

  34. Cap says:

    A typical case of much ado about nothing. A whole lot of verbal foreplay over the first 4 years and when it’s time to walk the talk, we get a whole lot of nothing. Season 5 was a good start and I’m really curious about what happened from Still till now. From Marlowe’s interviews I kinda get the feeling he is sticking it to the fans, who tend to be a bit nuttier than most and express their – how can I put this – nuttiness more than others. Marlowe sure is a lot of talk and no walk. I don’t have much hope for the rest of the season so lets see when we can officially stick a fork into the dead horse.

    The episode wasn’t that bad. It had its moments. Nothing can top Like father, like daughter so far but we still have a couple of eps left. I couldn’t care less about Alexis and her stupid storyline. I started tuning her out during season 4 but that was hardly possible this season. On top of that there was nothing decent to make up for that crap. I’ll actually take clueless Pi over her anytime. I feel kinda sorry for him. First she used him for her personal vendetta against her father and now he gets the boot because the little princess shot herself in the knee with her actions. Poor little Alexis doesn’t have any friends to talk to. She can’t talk to her dad or Martha since she was ALL so grown up and didn’t wanna listen to anyone. So what’s next ? Is she moving back in with daddy again ?

  35. Ana says:

    This is what happens when an story is so hard with subtext, lead people to overanalyze everything about it, there has been 2 times now that the actors has to explain what they where trying to convein. Plus of the 4 years of forplay, people understandable or not expected more from this couple and some of the answers the creators has given has came out flat, they only have left to say is “this is my story and I am telling it the way i want and you just have to accepted or move on”.

    About actors, there is a tendency to believe one of them it is not into it, funny thing is that is the character less developed of the 2, the character has issues unexplored, has said words that never have been explained, and that apparently is because the actor doesn’t want to. Crazy.

    I see it as a little role reversal, the one that pushed before is now passive and the one that ran when things got serious before is the one now pushing. Will just have to wait and see.

    Finally, it is normal that people like one character more than the other(or actors) but come on, all the good it is not just because of one neither the bad things, if you can call it bad things, because one of the things that this show has is big names and smart minds in the production department, if something is laking they should be able to put it aside and elevate the good things.

    • Jen says:

      I love Nathan as much as I love Stana but it’s not hard to see that there is something weird in his acting. He just doesn’t seem concerned anymore and that make me sad because these two had one of the chemistry i’ve ever seen in a show.

      • Ana says:

        How do we know that is his acting? or is directing? etc? we just don’t know. of course for whatever reason the guy for the last 2 years has been getting bad publicity, rumors has came out, and all of them are related to this show (in the outside he is one of the more likeble person in the bussiness) so is more easy to think that is him, I guess without those rumors I really doubt people will be saying is him but whatever… by the way, I am not trying to “defend” him, just adding perspective, there is more in a show than the actors.

        • Jen says:

          Well I didn’t had that feeling last year, but now it’s almost all I can see. I’m not saying it’s only his fault but Castle’s attitude is the thing that bother me the most honestly, not the lack of kissing or annoying Alexis etc … If Nathan is asked to act like a depressed guy (okay i exagerate a little) then I don’t understand what they’re trying to do and if this is Nathan not being able to invest anymore in the show, well they should have a word with him. But in both cases they really need to do something about it.

          • Ana says:

            I have to think that he is a profesional and has said before that he is undercontract for 7 years. The rest I agree.

        • g says:

          what are 2 years of bad rumours? I only heard about him wanting a shorter week this season and everyone giving him hell for it. I wasn’t aware of bad rumours previously.

          • Ana says:

            The 4 day of work week was a fact not a rumor. There has been rumors about him since season 4.

          • magneto says:

            what kind of rumors? I only ever read good things about him. A friend of a friend of a friend worked with Nathan some time ago and he always says what a solid dude he is. I started watching the show in season 4 and read a lot about it since but never heard any bad rumors about Nathan.

          • DarkDefender says:

            Apparently everyone is benefiting from a 4 day week.. Just NF was vocal about wanting it.

            More ensemble cast = we are giving the leads less air time so we don’t over work them. Like they did the previous 5 seasons.

            SK & NF are in almost every scene, seasons 1-5. It has to be tiring. 14 hour days and 6-8 day weeks per episode.. Geez. Give these people a break. A lot goes into making this show and the results this season have been pretty great overall. These “filler” episodes where the supporting cast steps up gives Nathan and Stana a chance to have time off, which will make for a stronger end to the season when we get to Eps 20-24.

            This show is ALL about the subtext. The small things and true moments of love/caring. It is not about how many kisses do we get per episode.. These are adults in an adult relationship. And if you think there is no heat between these two.. Go back and watch the Pilot (Flowers For Your Grave), Always, After the Storm or Murder He Wrote. It’s all. There.. Caskett is just evolving.

  36. T says:

    I am in no position to know the inner workings that are delivering Castle as it is now. The bottom line to me is that it is no longer the enjoyable show that it once was. The story lines have degenerated into contrived and boring concoctions that are largely disconnected from each other. The Caskett progression is a work of mystery that I find especially disagreeable. Beckett finally seems like she is all in and is actually quite fun. Castle seems checked out with absolutely no reasons given. The show took the direction of having them get engaged so I feel like we have an appropriate expectation to see them actually act engaged. For the most part they were more exciting as a non-couple than they are now. This most recent episode is apparently an attempt to redeem Alexis for her OOC behavior earlier in the season. I always liked Alexis and appreciated that the show had the courage to show a smart, mature girl growing up with her father. The story line ran that completely off the rail and threw out one of the relationship tenets that made Castle unique. The quality of the shows is very up and down. I no longer have the same expectation that next Monday will be enjoyable. Castle needs a major overhaul immediately or it will lose viewers like me who feel like they are not watching the show they previously enjoyed.

    • John says:

      You are right.

    • Jen says:

      They have shown in season 5 that they can be good as a couple, it was still fun and enjoyable to watch, the problem is more about this season …

      • TheCastleFandomSucks says:

        Oh, please! This fandom bitched all through S5 and started the lack of kisses and passion in S5. Some fans will never be happy. It’s time for them to turn the channel, imo. This show will never be what they want.

    • Carolina says:

      I am baffled myself as to what’s going on. I don’t know if NF is really that unhappy, but I can’t imagine the writer/director/producer giving instructions for Castle to look like his dog just got run over by a bus while he watched. There is no genuine smiles, no sparkle to the eyes. I don’t care if Caskett kisses, I just want there to be some, I don’t know, connection there.

      Not to pick on Nathan, but Stana is working her butt off every week to keep this relationship going. She has been a fan of the show and a die-hard shipper since day one. She really is doing her best to keep the relationship ‘spicy’ but it’s really hard when your acting partner is doing his best Eyore impression week after week.

      At this point, I hate to even watch the episodes on TNT because it’s so depressing to see the spark and the chemistry between these two in seasons 1-5 knowing that that’s all gone now. And I refuse to buy into the whole Moonlighting curse BS. It was fine up until this season. No, something has happened behind the scenes and it’s murdering the show.

      • bam says:

        Ok with you, I honestly feel like Nathan is destroying this great relationship we’ve had for 5 years … I don’t even know how Stana can still be that enthusiastic when her co-worker act like he’s just waiting for the show to end the sooner.

      • Just one thing says:

        First, I agree with you. Second, points for being hilarious. :P

    • KBC69 says:

      I agree with you. Kate looks all in on the relationship. For instance take next week episode the kissing scene. She looks happy and you can tell, however, Castle look like he was being force in kissing his sister if he had one.

  37. acurat says:

    Beckett’s modeling days… perhaps based off of Stana Katic’s modeling days???

  38. lmam says:

    Maybe Nathan & Stana really can’t stand each others anymore but she’s better at hiding it ;)

  39. Boiler says:

    I find a lot of the comments about the supporting cast interesting. Many complaints on other shows are that the supporting cast doesn’t get enough time on screen. Personally I think it is neat when they do that on this show. I liked Alexis on the show last night although if Mandy doesn’t come back as a friend it may be a little useless. I also think Espo and Ryan are great. As to Stana’s and Nathans’s chemistry, I think it is there and real. I like shows where the chemistry between the leads is obvious…Bones, Rizolli & Isles, Elementary and Castle certainly fits that. I don’t get the complaints around lack of physicality. They have been told to be professional at work and I think I would feel like a voyeur if they showed too much at home.

    Ah well, enjoy the show and all the actors

  40. KC says:

    -This episode was entertaining enough, which is all I expect from a weekly TV show. The case was typical, one of the characters introduced in the first 15 minutes will turn out to be the killer, but that’s the formula (ala The Thin Man movies.) I like the way that Beckett re-thought going public with their engagement. At first she was fine with anything that was printed in the papers and even seemed to enjoy the fact she could tease Castle about it. But after the blow back with Espo and Ryan pulling her chain and especially the phone call from her father being worried about her, she realized the people she cares about are affected by what’s talked about in the media too. I’m glad they moved the Alexis/Pi storyline along. I never hated Pi, he was just there to create tension between Castle and Alexis.
    – As for the “chemistry” between Castle & Beckett, I see it in every episode, they are definitely in love. Is it the way everyone acts when they’re in love? No, everyone is different and everbody has different ways of showing their affections. Castle has been was developed as a wise acre and a joker. He does not wear his emotions on his sleeve. Joking about things, especially murder (a VERY serious matter) is his way of expressing himself. If he can be flippant about someone’s death it’s very believable he’s the same way expressing affection, as much as it disappoints some fans. Also much of how we express our feelings is learned in childhood from our parents. If your parents are touchy-feely then you’re more likely to be that way. Castle was raised by a single mother that never had a long term partner (that we’re aware of) during his childhood. Beckett was raised in what seems to be an environment with parents that loved each other and were demonstrative. I see that as being the difference in their levels of expression of their love.

    • Deftuv says:

      I just think that Nathan Fillion is done with the show, it’s sad but true, the difference with Stana Katic is flagrant now. I never thought I’d said that but it’s time for Castle to end.

  41. Linda says:

    Wow! I know I am not the only fan who would prefer more “hugs and kisses”, where we are only getting hugs and misses right now. But I still find the storylines to be interesting as backdrop to the main characters lives. As far as this season goes, I especially liked “Number One Fan” and the Thanksgiving episode.
    That said, I think what many fans find hard to swallow is the extreme contrast from the earlier fire and smolder between Beckett and Castle, witty repartee when they were in “the dance”, and what we are seeing now on the screen – a bland dose of “normalcy” that borders on the boring. They are not even married yet and have devolved into a staid couple with only flashes of passion “alluded” to. We are not seeing it on screen.
    We know they are a committed couple moving forward with a life together, but we as fans want to see more of what we saw in “Murder He Wrote” and “After the Storm”. The lack of on-screen kisses and bedroom scenes are just a symptom of the writers’ lack of imagination.
    Take a cue from the popular older series “Hart to Hart” where the leads, although married from the start, never lacked for emotion and passion, within the boundaries of the censors at the time. Engaged need not mean dull, and married need not translate into boring.
    There have been plenty of scenes during this season where a well placed “smooch” was in order that the writers chose to give an interrupted peck or a hand-hold and adoring glance.
    Perhaps the edict to be “professional” in the workplace has spilled over into the characters’ psyche so that they are now repressed at home as well.

  42. J.R. says:

    The actor who portrayed the young detective when Beckett was with the Feds. should be Alexis’ new beau. A kind of bumbling detective that Alexis helps just like Castle helps Beckett. That would be priceless.

  43. Phoebe says:

    Yawn. All we see is Castle and Beckett acting cutesy with each other. Well, mostly Beckett. Castle barely reacts. Where’s the passion? Castle is good-looking but he acts like a dorky grandpa most of the time. Not someone to have the hots for!

    • Drape says:

      Exactly ! Castle in season 6 is like an old man depressed, i’m beginning to wonder why Beckett is so in love with him ! A smile sometimes maybe ?

  44. Miss Rozie says:

    Last week was a “Martha” heavy episode (which was still one of THE BEST Castle’s in the last couple of years) & this week it was Alexis’s turn. There is something going on with Nathan Fillion himself … he is just not portraying Castle as he has in the past. Less smiling & that twinkle in his eye & has an adopted an “as a matter of fact” type attitude in his lines, with not much feeling – like he is going through the motion of it all … it almost seems as if “Castle got his woman” now, he’s bored with her. Sure hope not, Kate is totally in love with her man ~

  45. Rick Katze says:

    While I didn’t find this episode as interesting as most, it had one MAJOR positive. Goodbye, Pi and good riddance.

  46. Alex says:

    Even season 1-Beckett was more smiling than season 6-Castle.

  47. jay says:

    Is Castle Gay?

  48. sam says:

    Don’t know whether it is Nathan Fillion who is doing a terrible job this season or the directors that are failing to direct or it is the writers who are scared of writing in any passion, but they are pretty much killing off the chemistry that got us hooked to the show. He seems least interested or in love.

  49. frankie says:

    I am neither satisfied nor disappointed with this episode. It could have been better since this a suppose to be ‘the growth of a relationship’ show. But I think I can still get involved if the storytelling and acting are good. Unlike some people I am not very enthused about the PDA for Castle/Beckett. The reason for this switch is because I find their attempts very awkward. Beckett tries but she must have some cooperation from her partner. I said it before and I will say it again, Nathan acts more like Beckett’s father. When a woman has to put the man’s arms around her, it is time to give up. Marlowe, if you want a love story, then bring in a romantic interest for Beckett. Otherwise, just emphasize good storytelling and acting. Disciple is a good example of this. With episodes like Disciple, Nathan can continue to sleep walk (or yarn, if he wants) and it will hardly be noted.

  50. Jul says:

    Too bad the show is named Castle because I could sure do with a new leading man (preferably younger and hotter) :)
    I saw the episode with Ioan Gruffudd recently and if I was Beckett I would have run away with him.

    • Phoebe says:

      With the way Castle acts this season, yeah I would’ve ran away with Vaughn too!

    • frankie says:

      Should have called the show Castle and Beckett from the start. Yet it is not too late for a spin off. Maybe that is Marlowe’s intent. Best way is neutralize the relationship and then allow Nathan to leave. This would be better than to abruptly split them. Just speculation. Marlowe is not a stupid man.

      • lauri5567 says:

        Well technically, Kate and Rick could get married. 3xk could kill him, and then Kate and Alexis Castle could team up. They wouldn’t have to change it to “Castle’s family”, if anyone wants to talk to Valerie Harper about TPTB keeping someone on a show just because their name is in the title….