Beauty and the Beast Sneak Peek: Will Vincent Push Catherine to Risk Her Life?

Beauty and the Beast‘s Catherine this week is courted to help the FBI with a high-risk sting — could Vincent’s “coming out” affect her decision?

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In the episode “Ancestors” (airing tonight at 9/8c), Law & Order alum/American Hustle co-star Elisabeth Rohm kicks off a recurring run as Dana Landon, an FBI agent who invites Cat to pose as a thief, to thwart an imminent heist. Vincent, meanwhile, has gone public with… well, his being alive and all… and in fact is set to tell his story on 20/20 Dateline Nancy Grace The Talk.

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Will Catherine’s endeavor to move on from that derailed romance play into her decision to risk her life for the Feds? Press play to watch her wheels turn.

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  1. Samson says:

    Beauty and the Beast’s “Ancestors” episode tonight is amazing! Loved it! My fave – it was sexy, adventurous, lots of intrigue. I saw this episode last night b/c I’m from Canada but USA fans you’ll love it! BATB on CW tonight at 9pm! Thanks Matt & TVLine! You rock with the scoop!

    • Cassandra says:

      Agreed, the most solid episode of the season IMO. Although the sooner Tori’s gone, the better.

      • angie says:

        Can’t stand Tori either. Glad to see I’m not the only one. And while I understand the show wants to spice things up (with her and the Gabe storyline), what made people fall in love with this show was the chemistry and love story between Cat and Vincent. It’s the backbone of the show and it seems they are losing focus. They are turning Vincent into an unlikeable character and for me, there is very little chemistry between Cat and Gabe and Vincent and Tori. Whereas, Evan was a good foil for Vincent last season. Also, I miss the strength that Cat had early on in the first season. She lets Vincent run the show now. I don’t believe she is making decisions but rather reacting to them.

  2. Jared says:

    I’ll be watching!

  3. I’ll see ‘only # BATB today srara’ bellissma ….

  4. Jay says:

    Cat would risk everything for her abusive ex boyfriend. She’s not exactly the strong woman type.

  5. Delena forever says:

    It was amazing
    Unexpected ending it was really nice and the acting was incredible a pat on the back to all those who have contributed to this show and episode (I’m in canada right now)

  6. Beauty and the Beast gets the Mr and Mrs Smith treatment ~ cool sexy dangerous ~ loved it! Second half of BatB is just going to get better and better! Now if only I can stop this voice in my head that keeps whispering Gabe must die…

    • Shannon says:

      I would agree very Mr. And Mrs. Smith. I think Tess gets the good friend award for this episode because she was like the balance of sorts.

  7. Adele says:

    Going to be an awesome episode tonight. Love the Mr. & Mrs. Smith theme, exciting!!!
    Not to worry, Tori is getting killed off in episode 2×12, “Recipe for Disaster.”

    • Shannon says:

      If you are right about Tori and that leads Vincent on his path back to Cat, I am going to hate it because it is not Vincent making a conscious choice that he loves Cat and wants her back but more of okay another one bites the dust so I will go back to Cat because what other choice is there? I could handle Vincent being a teacher and mentor to Tori, but not a love interest.

  8. Christine says:

    Love reading all the comments. Glad to hear the “positive”. It has been a long road since the start of S2 and while challenging and full of angst, “Ancestors” was definitely a great episode heating up the Mr. and Mrs. Smith angle.. VinCat dance around each other so much wanting the other to admit they still care. Not crazy about the Gabe angle but Cat does need to explore other possibilities to confirm for her, once and for all, that Vincent is the one for her. In terms of Cat not being the strong woman type, just watch tonight and you will see. She tested the water in tonight’s episode and I won’t spoil that. She handled that beautifully. In terms of Tori, truly it could be Alex,Tori, Glenda, Shirley, who cares. It’s the fact that someone tested VinCat’s relationship along with all the other interferences,like an Evil Dad that we did not like at all. Once Vincent realizes his heart he will be committed to Catherine and Season 3 will be “Who Are We” as they go on their journey together.

    • Shannon says:

      Love your sentiments and agree. I liked that Gabe trusted Cat because she needed that. I actually like the episode because I could see the underlying hurt, love,longing between Cat and Vincent and that is something Tori can never touch with a ten foot pole, no matter how hard she wants it or tries or beastly bond. This is the episode that was a real catalyst and it paid off in my book and loved it. It was well written, acted and balanced. Although I have a little bone to pick with J.T. that can wait. My one gripe was Vincent asking Tori to trust him which was an all too familiar scene from last season with Cat. I won’t spoil anything but there was one scene in the episode that showcased everything between Vincent and Cat and it was perfect because under the hurt etc.. it showcased beautifully the love and longing between the two and both actors did great.

    • Penn says:

      So there is a season 3 for BATB?! YAY!!!!!! When does it come back from “spring break”

  9. Alichat says:

    He goes on The Talk?? Seriously?? LMAO.

  10. LindaD says:

    I am so, so, so sick of the way they’ve completely re-written the Vincent character. I miss the sweet shy Vincent/Beast from Season 1 who wrote notes and met her on the rooftop and risked life and limb for her.

    This new Vincent/Beast is just such an a**. He treats her like crap, kisses another redhead, lies, break his word to her, and then acts like he’s the wounded party (forgive the pun, couldn’t resist with him sporting the gunshot wound).

    But honestly, I’m tired of TV shows touting the idea that “true love” means letting someone treat you like crap, over and over again, and still going back to them every time. I think TV writers really need to update their definition of the word “love” and get their heads out of the Dark Ages already.

    Cuz wow, this isn’t love anymore on BatB. Don’t know what it is, but definitely not love…

    And definitely not epic anymore.

    • Shannon says:

      Valid points. I am looking at Vincent in a different way and that last season Vincent was the loveable beast because his human side was more dominant and such. This season with his memory wipe, confusion, emotions all over the place, beast side dominant he is an ass and not trying to excuse it but can understand things and mostly a beast dominant Vincent is a jerk. I also saw in the episode that our loveable Vincent is still there just under the surface if you see his facial expressions in th he bar and later when Vincent is speaking to J.t after the bar. I am hoping when he realizes his path and rebalance we will see our loveable Vincent again. That is how I am looking at it and hoping. It was a g good episode and didn’t shine a great picture of Tori.

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  12. Shannon says:

    I enjoyed the episode except Tori was being a jealous whiny bitch and acted all high and mighty. I loved the mystery of the shackle and gem and loved Cat kicking butt. J.T. lost a few respect knot by pushing Vincent to Tori because they are the last beasts. I didn’t like the two Cat kisses. Overall enjoyable episode and Cat so not over Vincent…
    I look forward to next week episode. I really liked Tess in this episode and really like Gabe trusting Cat. I didn’t like Vincent asking Tori to trust him because it was remnants of the same line Vincent asked Cat last season.

  13. Shannon says:

    I loved the implications made into the shackle and gem and related to Vincent and Cat. The one thing I asked is that let Vincent consciously choose to take the path back to Cat, when he does, because he loves her and realizes his mistakes and wants her and not because of some mythology thing or something happening to Tori or something else forced but because it is what he wants. Looking forward to next episode and seeing Cat kick some more butt. Tori doesn’t love Vincent she loves the attention and the Beast bond or whatever they have and not Vincent the person etc.. who has a past etc. Glad she showed some of her true colors last night. J.t. is right Vincent before could always tell when Cat was in trouble like he felt it, so can he still do that or w a s it taken from him with other things like his memory. I didn’t like that Vincent killed someone will he feel guilty later and do penance? Going to ‘re watch episode and glad Vincent looked heartbroken and slightly jealous when Cat kiss the guy to save her cover. Is this foreshadowing of Cat going off the cliff or leading there with her dangerous choices? Or stunts? I liked the new FIB agent and she has been tracking the gem. Is she going to be a good guy? I hope so because they need a go o d guy within the Fib.

  14. jamae says:

    I just began watching this series and it has drawn me in so quickly. I first was only curious due to my mother’s love for 1987 version. I must say I enjoy this better than the first but mostly because it relates better to my generation. Though in the ordinal series Catherine dies at the hands of Gabriel who kidnapped her and Vincent’s child. Though it was a great ending for such a short series I hope we have a bit of a happier ending to this version. ;)

  15. Angelique says:

    I know some fans don’t like Gabe at all so here is my feelings:

    I’m both very happy and very sad about the relationship Gabe/Cat.

    I’m very happy to see the development of the relationship between Cat and Gabe; I would like so much to see them together and yes, stay together because I like a lot the progression of their romance, of their feelings. Gabe treats her well, with lots of respect and no, he never tried to kill her in season one (only Vincent). Vincent threated to kill Gabe’s girlfriend for bringing back Cat (even if he would never did that to Tyler, it was a threat) but Gabe never threated to kill Cat : he said to Vincent that he “will never see her again”, big difference here because Gabe always had a thing for Catherine. And when he was beginning to turn into a beast when Cat was locked up, he gave her the key under the door so that she can escape.
    For me, the most important thing is: WHO treats better Catherine now? For ME, Vincent is gone too far with Cat,
    That’s why I’m so much angry not at all against fans who still want Vincent and Cat together (I understand even if I really don’t share this point of view) but against the writters to begin a relationship Gabe/Cat like this if they just use Gabe like a toy in BATB (because Gabe had very strong feelings for her) and at the end to put together Cat with Vincent!

    So what, they will kill Gabe or change him like a very very bad man for justify that Catherine will finally come back with Vincent? That’s what disappoints me so much and makes me sad…

    So I think there’s no need for us to be angry at each other, and to proclaim like a absolute truth “Cat must come back for Vincent!” or “Cat must go out with Gabe!”, we all have an opinion about this, but for me, the truth is: the writters confused us with the new behavior of Vincent.

    Peace and love:)!

    (Sorry for my english, I hope you’ll understand enough my message)

  16. maureen says:

    I said this before and I will say again; it is only an observation, not an opinion, this is the very first rendition of Beauty and the Beast,where people are saying they DO NOT want the Beauty and the Beast together.

    • Angelique says:

      Yes Maureen, it may be the first time but in this rendition WRITTERS really don’t made the beast appealing anymore for many of us; they’re really ruin the behavior of the”beast” here, That’s why some of the fans don’t want to see the beauty stay with a beast who became very bad to her… only because of the name of the show.

  17. sandra says:

    i am a die hard Batb Fan.Nothing Can Take That Away.My Problem Is With The Writers Of Batb.Why In The Name Of Drama You Have Tarnish Our Beloved Beast Character Like That,those Behaviour Were Unnecessary.Like I Said Before,hulk,king Kong,ron Perlman (batb ’80’)show These Beast Character Werent Tarnish Like That They Only Take Out The Bad Guys.Why,because They Fall In Love With A Human.Love Break Any Barriers, Vincent(jay)and Catherin(kristen)fall In Love.Beast Or No Beast That Love Should Have Remain.The Writers Have Thrown It All Away.Then They Have The Audacity To Promise Us Not To Worry Because They Will Find Their Way Back Together.Which Woman After A Man Treats Her Like That Take Him Back.If Y Are A Rhianna Well Y Will But Not Every Woman Is That Gullible.Even When They Do Get Back Together To Me Its Not Gonna Be The Same.Too Much Damage Has Been Done,

  18. jamae says:

    I understand what most of you are saying. I enjoy the epic story of the beauty and the beast ending up together but it’s about time to see Cat have a bit of a fling too. It always seems that Vincent is stepping out of the relationship to be with another lady. Its about time Cat can do it! So for right now I am a GabCat fan, but I don’t care to see the series to end that way. But I was rather happy to see her finally open up to Gabe as a person she can trust.

  19. Taki says:

    I hate that Kat always begs Vincent or always the one thats after him. I can’t stand this season Vincent. He’s always a jerk to Kat. I like this episode because finally Kat open her eyes. I hate that the writer made me like gabe/kat couple.

  20. Maggy says:

    I love everything abt cat and vin love affair it was great and beautiful it also means we can find love anywhere we just need to protect that person no matter who he is or what he has done