Revenge Winter Finale Recap: The Ex Files

Revenge Midseason FinaleOld flames burned anew in the midseason finale of ABC’s Revenge. But, since the episode’s called “Hatred,” love is the last thing on any of their minds.

Daniel moves his ex, Sara, into Grayson Manor to tick off Emily, former couple Nolan and Patrick find themselves “a million miles past ‘sorry,’” and Conrad’s first wife (the fabtastic Gail O’Grady) touches down in the Hamptons. Need a scorecard to keep up with it all? Not to worry. That’s pretty much what this recap is. Read on… (And remember: Revenge returns on March 9, now airing at 10 pm.)

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MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY | To thank Patrick for assaulting and robbing him, Nolan reveals to him not only his father’s identity – Jimmy Brennan (Brett Cullen from Devious Maids) – but also that he came looking for him at the orphanage and, per Mommie Dearest’s instructions, was turned away. Only after locating his pop – and seeing Victoria’s freaked-out reaction to her chance encounter with him – does Patrick allow her to reveal that Jimmy raped and then stalked her. That’s why she gave Patrick up for adoption – to protect him. Um, and also to go to art school. (But mostly to protect him.)

FASHION VICTIMS | When she isn’t busy making plans to buy a house with Jack – not a chateau? – Margaux learns that Conrad planted false content in Voulez just so he could sue the magazine for libel. Mind you, neither a lifetime subscription nor a hefty settlement is what Daddy Warbucks is after: Still as pissed at his son for costing him Lydia as I am, he wants the editrix to can Junior and make him her new partner. Her immediate answer: Oui.

THREE’S COMPANY | At first, it seems like Aiden’s Niko problem can’t possibly get any bigger: Besides wanting his help to avenge her father’s death – awwwkward! – she also moves into Nolan’s house (which is most definitely not covered by the odd couple’s roommate agreement). Shortly thereafter, however, Nolan fabricates intel that recasts Declan’s killer (you remember, that whole bombing thing?) as Takeda’s killer, in order to send the ninja nurse off on a wild goose chase. The one fly in the ointment? Before Niko can leave, she finds the murder weapon hidden in Aiden’s bedroom. (What’s worse than “awwwkward”?)

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FIGHT NIGHT | Though Victoria warns Daniel that, by moving Sara in, he’s asking for trouble – “She’s a soft target” – he delights in rubbing his affair in Emily’s face. (Three words for you, Danny: Mother knows best.) In no time, the missus has called in the big guns: her rival’s mother! And, after being disowned for standing by her married boyfriend, Sara decides that, on second thought, she doesn’t wanna stand by him after all. (What?) Enraged, Daniel gets violent with Emily and, all but foaming at the mouth, says, “Sterilizing you was my gift to the universe.” Yikes!

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS | Throughout the hour, Emily seems to be suffering from blackouts – a side effect of her head injury. First, this results in her turning up unexpectedly at Nolan’s (making Aiden think that maybe they still have a chance), and later – mon dieu, as Margaux would say – it results in her waking up in Conrad’s bed! He even compliments her on the night they spent together! (I can’t imagine they really did the deed, but still – a great WTF moment!)

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode – and of the season thus far? While the show still makes me scratch my head on almost a weekly basis (What kind of magazine is Voulez, anyway?!), I think we can all agree that, at least for the most part, it’s achieved its get-back-on-track, er, initiative, right? Emily and Daniel’s War of the Roses is as vicious as we could have hoped it would be. And, even though we only got a little peek at the first Mrs. Conrad Grayson, I have a hunch she’ll give Victoria a run for her money. Or Conrad’s money. Money in general. Any old money. Don’t you? Hit the comments!

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  1. queerbec says:

    I take Revenge to be a nod to the era of “high camp” in which everything was exaggerated for ironic effect and nothing was to be taken too seriously. At the same time, it’s quite hard for the writers to come up with good ideas all the time-did anyone catch Homeland this season. They are running out of beds for people to hop in, so either new blood will be required or we’ll have to go in some more distasteful directions (Jack and Victoria anyone–talk about jumping a shark!). I can lots of plot mileage out of a Daniel murder–wouldn’t it be funny if Emily got control of the Grayson Empire as the legal widow after Daniel had wrested control from Dad and discovered even more secrets that required her to become the new Conrad? Naw, she’d start an ESOP and let the employees run the company and give the profits to wayward girls.

  2. Grif says:

    The whole lot can go as long as NOLAN stays!

    • Mike says:

      Nolan is still coasting along on first season popularity, but I think he’s been pretty unlikeable this year, this episode especially. The overnight true love stuff with Patrick came out of nowhere. His attitude to Aiden wanders across the scale and back. And he’s supposedly Emily’s closest dearest buddy, but can’t see there’s something very obviously amiss with her. Still waiting for them to remember he spent six months in prison between seasons – it should have had more of an effect on him than improving his baking skills.

  3. shauna says:

    Is Emily in a coma and dreaming it all?

  4. Cat27 says:

    I didn’t watch the second season, so I am catching up. The only thing that I have to say about this episode: Emily and Conrad, absolutely disgusting. Please writers, make this right. I am done with the show if they slept together. So gross.

  5. Shezza says:

    I think they need to Emily knock out Daniel and he wakes up feeling say to a vasectomy Emily finally getting REAL revenge!!! they need to get Emily sterilization reversal so she can start a familyone day with Aiden

  6. Jenna says:

    Emily would have had all the revenge she need just saying that Daneil had shot her. He would go to prison and Victoria would be destroyed.Isnt that what she had wanted to happen?

    • Shannon says:

      True but she wouldn’t have gotten Conrad and I think she wants them completely destroyed. Hence right now she has a slight upper hand

  7. Deanna says:

    I think it would be a good/crazy/sick if Emily did sleep with Conrad and got pregnant! That way she could show that Victoria lied about her being sterile and give the middle finger to Daniel because she would still be giving birth to a Grayson!

  8. Can someone refresh my memory- why did Aiden kill Takeda? The 1st mrs Grayson Iappeared at the end of the episode- what is her story, I can’t remember what Victoria said about her?
    What did Emily say to Aiden in Nolan’s house!

    • Shannon says:

      Aiden challenged takeda to a duel because he wanted Emily to be free…and like niko he didn’t want Emily to ever be free of her revenge.

  9. Anne says:

    The first couple of seasons were great. but the latest episodes are awful. I really liked this show, but felt like I was watching the original Dallas…. Bobby wakes up and Pam says it was all a dream. OY! Come on, get back on track with the story/writing. These are good actors (except for Daniel character). Give them the script they deserve… and the story the audience deserves.

  10. Shannon says:

    I was hoping Charlotte would be the shooter as that could be cool… I don’t like or trust niko as like her father she manipulates people for their own purposes and I think she injected something not good in Emily… before Charlotte came in that one time she was injecting or about to Inject something in Emily’s I’ve. Plus aiden asked for her to get Emily out and to him and she gets her to Grayson manor because aiden told her they reconnected. Aiden is a jerk for being with niko and then brings her to Nolan house. Stuff doesn’t add up like why didn’t aiden bring Emily back on his boat and to a hospital they can control? What part of Emily made her freak and not recognize aiden but comfortable with Charlotte Nolan and Jack? Why after everything would margo accept Conrad and his offer so readily unless she can use it to investigate him? How did Nolan get fake Amanda’s infinity box? Niko wants Emily to finish her work why? Emily I do not think is barren but a trick and her want and loss of the ability is a trigger which makes me think something is wrong in her head or she is still somehow stuck in her head. I think aiden knows something different and such. I don’t think it is Nolan doing it and that he is afraid aiden found out he spilled to Emily about aiden sleeping with niko. Seriously what type of guy says he loves a girl and at the slightest bump goes and sleeps with an ex and moves her in to his room? I have a few ideas of what is going on… the first is her head trauma created a split personality for real and certain stresses trigger it and blacks out because she only wanted Nolan when she showed up at his house and not aiden. Emily didn’t seem to remember niko punching her in the gut but remembered aiden sleeping with her. Next is some stuff is in real life and other stuff in her head and can’t tell the difference. Or she is still unconscious and all we are seeing now is in her head. I have other thoughts but this is what I thought now..
    I don’t think Nolan is harming her but still don’t know what aiden asked him to do and keep it between the two of them. Plus Nolan has always been there for Emily and loved her dad and he has been trying to get her to have revenge free life and she was willing to give it up don’t think he would change or anything…
    Curious as why she didn’t freak out on the Grayson before she regained her memory that didn’t make sense and she should have had some reaction to them.

  11. SL says:

    Maiden had Nolan do something and keep it from Emily and I am curious as to what it is or was. I hope aiden isn’t going to be turned bad and turn on Emily even though I want Jack and Emily together I don’t want aiden to be bad either. I hope Nolan isn’t helping to drug or do something else to Emily to cause blackouts because she was willing to give up her revenge etc.. that has been what Nolan wanted and all others are manipulating Emily like takeda and Nolan and Jack are the only two who truly care about her. If she didn’t think she could have children or a future etc.. of course she would go back to revenge. I am sort of liking the Grayson family being torn apart from within and father against son. Who would want a father who favored his mistress over his son anyway? I lost hope in Daniel when he sided with his father and family instead of outing his father when he had the chance during the interview…
    I don’t like Margo and hate her being with Jack. Now she is even lying to him etc….
    I hate Lydia too… she always tries to bite off more than she can chew. I figured she was alive since we never saw her body and that Victoria would help her off..
    So Victoria got hold of the real Emily’s infinity box… nice going Nolan for the switch.
    Will anyone find the photo of father and daughter in Emily house or will Charlotte start piecing things together that Emily is really Amanda and her sister?
    At least one Grayson felt sorry for her actions and hurting people, but will it stay that way?

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  13. Myself says:

    Conrad’s ex showing up at the Stow-away made me laugh out loud. It made me remember the scene in Austin Powers where someone said “I am your father” ” alright no , I cannot back that up” When Conrad’s ex said to Jack “I am your mother” I HAD to laugh out loud how preposterous, I mean COME on,

  14. Suzie Green. says:

    great fun show, just sit back enjoy the plot twists and unwind without stressing over analysing every nuance. We down here in New Zealand find these shows excellent for a good chill, feet up and go with it. I also like Revolution and Rick, Darryl and co and their Zombie friends.

  15. Lea Wolfe says:

    I think she will gibe her a run for her moneybut Victoria will win she is one evil women I love seeing her and Emily go at it.