Once Upon a Time Spring Preview: Addled Emma, MIA Neal and 6 Other Burning Qs Answered

The spring premiere of ABC’s Once Upon a Time is still seven weeks away, but at long last we have some fresh intel on the ramifications and aftermath of the game-changing midseason finale.

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When last we tuned in: To save Storybrooke from being enslaved by Peter Pan and the Dark Curse Redux, Rumple used the Dark One’s dagger to do in his mortal enemy, while Regina worked her hocus pocus to ward off the curse. That crafty countermeasure, however, came with a steep cost: As Storybrooke vanished as if it never existed, everyone — save for Henry and Emma, who went on to live in New York City with tweaked memories — was transported back to from whence they came.

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Series creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis broke their Lost-like “radio silence” to share with TVLine on Friday night an overview of the second half of the season. Here, for starters, are some quick answers to some burning questions — but rest assured, much more is to come.

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  1. chando says:

    This show is getting worse and worse…
    And I was BIG fan in season 1 but now………OH MY GOD; whay are they doing?

    • Will says:

      Doing their best season ever is what.

      • chando says:

        Do you think this is their best season? Come on, I respect every opinion, of course, but It’s hard to understand how people can defend this show.
        I’ve seen better mexican soap operas thant this.

        • Cory says:

          What exactly do you feel is wrong with the show?

          • chando says:

            I love the actor, but the writing is………….

          • kavyn says:

            Personally, the focus on shipping all of the characters together. Season 1 was essentially just Snow/Charming and Emma/Sheriff. Now it’s literally about who everyone ends up with and true love and… blah.

            Snow and Charming in Neverland also made zero sense to me and really dragged that storyline down.

          • Shannon says:

            I really liked the sheriff from season one and he and Emma had real chemistry both on the job and out. He kissed Emma and it triggered his true memories which I liked. Plus I liked how they portrayed his struggle with handling the manufactured memories and his true ones all at once in his head. I glad that he was a true hero in enchanted forest and storybook. I mean he let Snow go instead of killing her which caused the evil queen to take his heart. Even under the queen’s thumb he still helped both snow and charming. In storybook he helped Emma, gave her a job and defied Regina. I miss the sheriff and if he were still alive I would so root for him over all others for Emma. I do miss from season one that Emma and her parents were more close and interacting and getting to know each and then when they got their memories back it stopped and very little family interaction. I agree that I enjoyed the limited pairing from season one and just focusing on those. I guess I will just get used to it or get over it.

        • @ WILL : AMEN!!! I love this season soooooo MUCH!!!

        • @CHANDO: then dont watch the show and STOP commenting on it.

        • kendra says:

          first of all whoever was comparing it to a mexican soap opera, that is low.there worse than american soap operas sh*t ive seen better shows on syfy than on a mexican soap network . i think the end of season 2 beginning of season 3 was when it went down a bit (when they brought greg and tamarra into it and tried to rekindle relations with neal and emma) but what do you expect there’s no shows that are good throughout the whole series. there’s always good and bad or ups and downs in everything but it definitely is getting better though. yes it is a matter of a opinion but can you honestly say your not anticipating the march premiere if you were to say no you are lying if you’ve watched the show before you are not going to abandon it. i almost quit supernatural for a while then continued watching and i have to credit the cw’s writers they have skills because if they loose you then can draw you right back in with one episode.

        • ivy says:

          1) “soap operas” really?
          2)its people’s opinions don’t judge them

      • abcde says:

        Totally! It gets better and better!

    • Bianca says:

      I think season 3 is better then season 2 but the writers need to not waste anytime and make the second half of season 3 really good. Because Once is still losing a lot of viewers. It’s cause this season the Neverland plot dragged out too long and the family tree is getting ridiculous.

      • abcde says:

        I agree the Neverland thing got kind of annoying, but the family tree is the basis of the show – it’s a family show. How the characters are related is a big part of the choices they make. Maybe it’s a little weird, but it’s fantasy.

      • MagicThings says:

        I agree. Season 1 was great, Season 2 was terrible and Season 3 has been better but still long, drawn out and repetitive. Pan would’ve been a better villain if he hadn’t practically blathered on about his awesomeness until his very demise. Also, excellent point about the ridiculous family tree. At this point I think its say to assume everyone in Once is related to everyone else. There are too many characters, the majority of which have grown stale due to lack of development. Even so I’m still going to continue watching. I enjoy the show just not as much as season 1

        • OnceIsWonderful says:

          I agree. The first half of season 3 was really weird. I didn’t get the whole Peter Pan is evil thing. Season 2 was preety bad. But they are getting back on track with the Wicked Witch idea. And it is exiting that snow is pregnant again. I also heard that there will be a wedding at the end of the season. The possibilities are Emma and Hook, Belle and Rumple, and Regina and Robin Hood.

      • kavyn says:

        I personally didn’t have a problem with Neverland. I think they made a huge mistake bring basically every main character to Neverland with Emma and Regina. Snow and Charming had literally NO purpose for being there, and they had to bring up a really stupid plotline to keep them relevant (not to mention the parenting when Emma was focused on saving her son was beyond unnecessary).

        That plus the Emma/Neil/Hook nonsense. I just wanted some Emma/Regina bonding/awesomeness and instead we got a whole lot of nothing.

    • Ally says:

      the main reason some people are mad at this season is ’cause some “ships” are not happening…the show is way more than that – not talking about u, just what I’ve seen around the fandom…

      for me is amazing…i’m loving the storyline, the way they’re dealing with everything…i love this puzzle they made, to be completed and out of order…is amazing

      • CYNTHIA says:


      • CYNTHIA says:

        IT’S GREAT!!!

      • k says:

        I’ve seen the opposite. The only people who seem to be satisfied are those who think their “ships” are happening. People who care about overall characterization, or tightly written plot, or family/friendships are fed up.

      • abcde says:

        Absolutely… the shipping gets out of control. There are certain people I would like to see together, and certain people I wouldn’t, but there is no pairing that would make me give up on the show. It is not a show about ships, it’s a show about family and happy endings. While I ship certain people, I’d be fine with whatever the writers decide as long as they sufficiently back it up and don’t just say “Because love”.

      • meresger says:

        No, some people are mad because the whole plot-line teasing about ships is detracting from the ability to suspend disbelief. The Love Triangle of Doom is so badly written, just like the Snowing moments in Neverland AND the flashbacks this season. The characters are acting out of character from previous seasons and we are expected to believe that they have all changed in a period of 7 days. To make this work ad hoc (which just makes it even more stupid), they are now throwing in a time jump and amnesia tied to another curse. This way, they don’t have to answer any of the questions fan have about the characters and their relationships and can continue to keep everyone apart and partially ignorant of whatever it is that’s keeping them from their happy ending. So, now we’re going to get another villain tied to the family and a Snowing baby to throw more obstacles and action, action, ACTION in the way of actual character interaction and development. The characters never have time to process what is gong on, the important conversations are never on screen, and yet we are supposed to be okay with this? No. It’s not okay that Snow agonized over mother/daughter bonding and then just said “screw it, I want another baby” (Yes, Ginny is pregnant, but writing it like that????) or that the Charmings were a useless plot advancing device in Neverland to give Hook a backstory, that Neal’s captivity was an excuse to write in Ginny’s pregnancy or that Hook was physically assaulting everyone smaller than him for an entire season, including Emma, and he’s suddenly given up his undying love for Milah to flirt shameless with her, never mind that Emma is suddenly so taken she’ll take pause after someone screams in the throws of being murdered to find out if he’s having sex with Tinkerbell. Or that Neal and Belle only got one episode to do anything really useful and were otherwise relegated to getting ignored in favor of other characters with little to contribute to the plot. And Regina? Poor Regina! She finally got interesting in her redemption arc and it was a B plot! I’m not even a Regina fan and that ticked me off! It’s just bad writing. Please, Matt, tell the writers when the next half starts to do less of putting fan art on the white board and more of using it to edit coherent scripts!

        • Jus says:

          *standing ovation*

        • Jamie Bing says:

          It kinda annoys me that you guys have all these complaints and yet you aren’t really complaining to the right people you’re writing to people who like it who like the way it is. If you have problems with it bring them up to people who CAN change them not just random people you see on the web.

          • Steph says:

            That is such a vague recommendation. If we wanted to share our complaints with the writers, how should we do that? Does anyone here have a telephone hotline in their living room that connects directly to the writers or the executive producers? When people address Adam on twitter with non-positive remarks, Adam offers a “just keep watching!”, which does nothing to address the actual valid criticism. And there are MANY cases where this criticism is shot down by other fans who label it “hate” or “bullying” right off the bat, without even engaging with the content of the commentary.
            And really, why would an article offer a comment section if they did not expect dialogue and discussion, and who would really be naive enough to assume that all of it would be 100% positive? OUAT is a problematic show, and online hubs like tvline are places where people go to discuss, dissect and share content, and for a show like OUAT, that is bleeding viewers and going in very strange directions, it makes total and complete sense for critiques to be so widespread and common. Telling fans on a discussion board to take their complaints somewhere else defeats the purpose of these places to begin with.

          • ivy says:

            @Jamie Bing amen!

        • jerrired says:

          *pushes you all the awards*

        • Marie says:

          Great reply. You bring up a lot of great points. I don’t think it is wrong to criticize a show that you love, it just means you care about it. There is only so much to be done about it. Season one was the best season. That being said, I did enjoy the other seasons. The only criticism I have about this season is what you stated above. I feel like we missed out on seeing the interactions between the characters that we had in the first season. I know the whole plot was different, but that is what makes it such a great show. I missed seeing the characters of Belle and Neal. I do feel like they got thrown under the bus a bit do to more time with other characters. There is such storytelling to be had with these actors, if we are given a chance to see them put in more scenarios. I hope in the second half of the season we will get back to where we were.

        • Thank you, that’s exactly it.

          The “love triangle of doom” as you so rightly call it, is already gotten past boring and annoying. What was (and still is, for some aspects) great about this series is the characters and the stories. I am fed up about shipping taking up the largest part of the storytelling. Hey, don’t get me wrong, a good love story, especially a true love story, is a nice thing, and I like it, when it’s not the main focus. But love triangles are a bore, especially because they end up in ship wars, and every other character or storyline becomes an accessory to the main course.

          Nevertheless, I am enjoying this season more than the previous one, to be honest. True, the second season was awful, so there’s that… Well, let’s just hope this other half gets better.

      • Steph says:

        I don’t ship anyone and I think this season is horrible. They wasted Neverland by not exploring any Neverland characters’ history and relationships… And Pan as Rumpel’s dad was the most insulting stupid “twist” this show has ever come up with.

        • Bianca says:

          See that’s why a lot of people are losing interest in the show. They’re making almost everyone related to each other and it annoyed me to no end that Peter Pan was Rumple’s father. Last season they over did it with too many plots (half of them really bad) and with everyone being more than one person. This season the writers are over doing it with the family tree and the neverland plot dragged out to much. As much as I love Once Upon a Time, and think season 3 is better than season 2, its really going downhill and I think it has a chance at being renewed but at the same time I won’t be surprised if it gets cancelled either.

          • Danielle says:

            No, instead, you all want to bitch and moan and stamp your feet like 2 year olds because you’re not getting your way. You’re right, that’s a completely mature thing to do. All these problems have a simple answer. If you don’t like how the show is being written, Stop. Watching. Amazing concept, right? Every show has a season or two that isn’t as good as other seasons, it happens. Now stop whining like 2 year olds or I’ll be forced to put you in time out because if you’re going to act like children, I have no problem treating you as such. I’m sorry you all don’t like it but whining at the fans who DO like it, does absolutely nothing. Go write an angry letter and send it to ABC studios and leave the fans be.

          • Bianca says:

            Uh I’m not acting like a two year old I’m just saying my opinion. You can love a show and have criticisms at the same time.

          • LOL I love how they told you to “stop complaining like a 2 years old” adding “stop watching if you don’t like the series.” They are mature indeed!

    • aciel says:

      if your not liking this show then don’t watch theres still many of us that love of the show. its one of the few good shows that they have on tv nowadays. go watch keeping up with the kardashians or honey boo boo or something and leave this show alone

    • Sly says:

      I loved all 3 seasons of this awesome show!
      Tho one and two are slightly better then 3. Its NO reason for a true fan to leave! >;O

    • fgh says:

      if you dont like OUAT anymore, then why are you commenting on it ??

  2. Miss VCI says:

    Now, I’m even more excited about Once’s return.
    (also, I think Emma last memory of Neal being that he let her go to jail is another reason he didn’t come and Hook did.)

    • KRG says:

      That has to be the reason! Although, I guarantee Neal would have gone if Emma still remembered their reunion and the progress they’ve made since then. He loves her and Henry, but he stayed because there’s no way he would have been able to convince her. Hook, on the other hand, is strange-looking and odd in her book. She has no memory of him, so the sheer bizzare nature of him showing up will be enough to at least get her attention and make her believe that something weird is going on.

      • Jen says:

        Neal definitely would have gone to Emma and Henry if he COULD have. We saw him drop everything and risk his life going to Neverland to find them. I can’t wait to find out what the reason is.

        • morgan says:

          Uh except when Emma found Neal in NY he said he’d never see her again, so long as she didn’t tell his father he was there. Not very romantic. Hook was the one to find her because they’re going to be together. Finding is what they do in that family, anyone remember Snow and Charming saying that obsessively season 1 & 2? Hook just gained entrance to the club. He found her and he sure as heck didn’t tell her to go away and never see him again, cough-cough Neal. Side-note: Everyone needs to stop hating on shippers. This is a show based on FAIRY TALES, not comic books or epic Greek poems. Fairy tales. Relationships ARE the show. I can root for who I want and no, I’m not going to ‘stop watching’ if my ship doesn’t happen. But it will :) CaptainSwan!

  3. KRG says:

    So excited for Regina and Robin to meet! I have high hopes for their story. Also still rooting so hard for Emma and Neal as well as Regina’s relationship with Henry. It’s gonna be painful watching Emma and Henry not remember their loved ones.

    • Marie says:

      I didn’t t know what to think about Regina and Robin Hood. It sounded kind of odd at first, two very different people. I find myself getting excited to see their relationship. I also look forward to Neal and Emma and the rest of the cast.

    • gayle says:

      I am also looking forward to Regina & Robin Hood getting together. She’ll find her true happiness with him and in the long run, when the show does come to an end I believe everyone will live “happily ever after”, as the saying goes. After all they are all fairy tales. :)

      • MARIANA VIDAL says:

        I hope so too Gayle. That is why I keep watching the show. I am so into every character of this amazing production that I get sick to think that one of them is leaving the show. Nevertheless, I will continue to watch because the next part promises a lot of action, romance, and all around excitement. I do anticipate a very happy ending for all of these personages and I am hoping that the producers do not dissapoint me. I better get a happy ending for these people! Fairy Tale characters should have a happy ending, and they are all wonderful Fairy Tale Characters.

  4. Sid says:

    I am sure Hook will try his best to get Emma to atleast listen to him and trust him enough to listen and try to remember some things, but i think something big/magical object will have to do the trick. I for one like that Hook went to FIND her! It just fits in that it would be Hook to turn up, after we have seen him fall for her, choose her, and put her first each other, and will think of her everyday.

    As for Neal, he really has NEVER ever come back to her and again, she has lasting memories of abandoning her.

    Pretty sure Emma will get her memories back soon, i dont see Once dragging that, episode 12 i think it will be fully back

    • Jen says:

      He did whatever he could to get to Neverland to find Emma and Henry. That place was a nightmare to him and he risked his life going back. He risked his life to save Emma in season 2 by making sure he went through the portal instead of Emma. He didn’t want Henry to lose her too. Saying NEVER is a lie and only because you hate him.

      • Ally says:

        of course…after all that he did to her, it was his obligation to avoid her sufferin’ one more time…after he dind’t believe her about Tamara and everything…he did it out of guilt…for sure, he feels something for her, but as Mulan said: his guilt and fear of rejection is way bigger than his love for Emma…

        • joe says:

          Guys, get your stories straight: either Neal NEVER came after her, OR he came out of guilt. Can’t be both! Of course it can be NEITHER, which happens to be what actually happened onscreen. He crossed worlds to get to her, not out of guilt or because he needed her for something. So Hook showing up at Emma’s door means he’s caught up to Neal, not that Hook is the only one who ever comes back for her. That never happened on the show, only on the fanfiction that plays out in your head.

          • Marie says:

            I keep hearing this argument again and again. I have read interviews with Eddie and Adam, listened to the podcasts from season two with Eddie and Adam, and watched a great video clip called, “Who is Baelfire?” They have said that Neal did not call the police, he did not set her up. He left because he felt he had to in order to break the curse. Eddie quoted it as a self-sacrifice. This is just a short summarization. The podcasts give lots of information about Neal and Emma and their relationship. I understand that some people don’t like the character. He was not perfect, as all the other characters are not perfect. Their story is not done yet. We don’t have all the information about what happened. I think I read from Adam that they will be covering more in the last half of season three.

  5. Ls1 says:

    Looking forward to Emma/Hook scenes and how he will try and get her to remember and also see Emma’s life has become. Rooting for Emma/Hook!

    • Sid says:

      Also Emma&Hook connect with each other and are kindred to each other, so that will help, They do have this connection, and this push and pull from the start since they met, so i am hoping that will come into play. But she will be drawn to him because well he is this person in leather and talking of faily and knowing her name and so on

      • JR says:

        What does the leather have anything to do with it???? Other than fangirls drooling over Colin, of course.

      • Marie says:

        Actually, one of the interesting things I read was that while they were climbing the beanstalk, Emma started thinking about Neal and it was because Hook reminded her of Neal. I think it was in the Tallahassee podcast of OUAT.

        • Sid says:

          Because of how well her and Hook were working like a team and in sync, and talking of love and trust! and she remembered the last time she got burnt badly. Hence her reason to abandon Hook, was her that she couldnt herself to trust him, her past got in the way of her present which is what she needs to overcome.

        • morgan says:

          I’m glad you mentioned the beanstalk because does anyone remember when Hook said “I can tell by the look in your eyes that you an orphan like the Lost Boys in Neverland” or something like that. Hook was able to tell her something within 20 mins of knowing her that it took her an entire episode (this season, “lost girl”) to figure out. That seems pretty significant to me.

      • Jamie Bing says:

        I am kind of curious where to find the telecasts.

  6. Lisa says:

    March is too far away. So excited for the show’s return!!!!!

  7. Carrie says:

    Sounds exciting!!! Emma may not be easily charmed by Hook without her memories but if there is one thing we know about him, it’s that he loves a challenge. She does wind up getting in that bug with him so it’s pretty safe to say he succeeds. Can’t wait to see them back together. Excited for Regina and Robin too! Okay pretty much everything excites me but whatever! :)

    • JR1 says:

      Lol. I am the same as you! I am intrigued to see how Robin/Regina will be, and like you excited more for Emma/Hook, someone who always keep coming back to her, and he loves her, and has belief in her and again transcends realms.

  8. artistkae says:

    Don’t watch it, then

  9. Mary says:

    I’ve wondered whether or not it would even be possible for Emma and Henry to ever regain their memories. From what Regina said, it sounds like they’re gone for good.

  10. Mel says:

    Thanks! Looking forward to the Emma/Neal stuff. It’s interesting that Emma’s memory loss “resets” all her relationships. For Neal, I think they did it that way was so they can explain the jail stuff once and for all, no confusion about it, and be done with it. I’m intrigued by Regina/Robin too. But I have to see the couple together before I can decide to root for them or not.

    • Mel says:

      Oh, and I’m glad to hear that there is a good reason why it was Hook, and not Neal, at the door. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s hurt in some way, the writers love to torture the poor guy.

  11. Irene says:

    Thanks for getting info on Neal! I appreciate that very much! And to add in other characters as well and not just focusing on one paticular character. It makes me very happy! thanks Matt.

    • Tara says:

      I agree. All the press I see is ONLY ever about Hook and CS. Glad to see info about EVERYONE for ALL of the fans this time. Thank you so much Matt!

  12. Alex M says:

    I find it hard to get past the island “sets” they used in nearly every single episode the first half of this season. Was it just me or did it look like someone dimmed the lights on the old set of Gilligan’s Island? I think it was perhaps one of those things that came across better on paper than in reality. Without sets or anything to interact with save for a few swords and leaves, it was like watching a radio show in person. Boring!

    • abz says:

      The entire first half of the season took place in Neverland, What other type of set would you have expected for that realm?

  13. Lena says:

    Thank you Matt! :)

  14. lily says:

    So excited for the Wicked Witch vs. Regina and for Regina/Robin. Second half sounds great.

  15. Tara says:

    Very excited to see what’s in store for Belle! I’m hesitant to believe Adam and Eddy though because they’ve said things like the about Belle in the past. Say there’s great stuff in store for her and then she ends up getting no screen time.

    Very very curious to see why Neal doesn’t go to Emma and Henry. We all know he would. He did that exact thing when he left Fairytale Land to go find them in Neverland. Something big must be stopping him.

  16. Kali says:

    So looking forward to the second part of S3 :) The first part was AMAZING! Loved everything we learned about the characters (and the characters about themselves) in Neverland.
    The story of Hook & Emma has me particularly hooked :) Love all the characters on ouat, but for some I do have a particularly soft spot (among these are Killian, Emma & Rumple)
    Keeping my fingers crossed that Emma will recognize how selflessly and boundlessly Hook loves her

  17. Paul5 says:

    Ohhh excited about Emma and Henry’s memory storyline, I wonder what’s gonna happen now.

  18. Jen says:

    I can’t wait to see more Belle! I love her so much! I wonder how she will find out Rumple is alive( come on he’s not dead)? Will they be separated again right after they reunite? That’s always how their story goes.

    I was hoping to hear something about Lumiere and Belle.

  19. jenferner8 says:

    I actually can’t wait for the Regina/Robin stuff. I’m thinking since she knows about the tattoo/mark that at some point Regina will see Robin’s and in her concern for Henry she probably won’t put it together right away, or even remember for a while.
    As for Hook and Emma, anything that keeps that badass leather wearing pirate on screen is ok by me. As for that kiss, I don’t think Hook really expected it to work just then, Hook said it himself “it was worth a try” BUT Emma wasn’t into it and that is why it didn’t “work”.

    • Sid says:

      True love kiss was a long shot as Hook said, but the fact that he tries it and they brought it in, is pretty big. Also in memory loss it doesnt work – which we saw with Snowing and Rumbelle before! Cue parallels! ;)

  20. k says:

    “There’s plenty of story we have in mind for Belle”–gosh, why does that sound so familiar? Maybe because it’s what they said before S3a when she didn’t appear until episode 7?

    • Tara says:

      MTE. Adam said that before season 3 started. It’s so hard to believe him. I’ll be happy if it happens but I won’t believe it until I see it.


      • k says:

        I’d like to not be disappointed by OUAT, and I’ve learned that the only way to do that is to keep my expectations very, VERY low. Unfortunately that doesn’t leave much reason to watch either.

    • regina says:

      ikr this song is old broken record. we hear it since season 2. then these two stop talking and DO what you promise already? also no promotion for belle and rumbelle whatsoever. doesn’t look like their treatment is gonna change months of separation and minutes together. no screentime no development. I’m so tired

      • abz says:

        I’m thinking the little promotion for Rumple/Belle has to do with the fact that Rumple’s fate is still up in the air after that last episode and they want to keep their plans for him under wraps.

    • Luli says:

      He said the same thing about Red, and look where her character ended up…

  21. James says:

    Sure hope the second half of the season picks up because the first half seemed like 22episodes. I thought never land would never end. Season one is still the best one. Their family tree keeps getting larger if there is a fourth season I’ll probably find out that I was born in the enchanted forest!

  22. jess says:

    it’s always ‘keep watching’ with rumbellers. it’s been 2 years and rumbellers got nothing. 2 mins in 11 episodes how generous! and belle is still invisible and don’t exist for writers outside of rumbelle. f them I quit.

  23. Louise says:

    I’m torn about the New York story. It’ll be great material for Jennifer Morrison, but memory loss and altered memories is something that’s been done a lot on this show. And I’m also a little tired of the constant seperations of the main characters. What Kitsis said about Neal and Emma for example is true, but I’d much rather see them work through their history on the show, but of course that can’t happen if they’re constantly seperated. But thanks for getting scoop about that, Neal is so often ignored in the press.
    I’m excited to meet the Wicked Witch. Rebecca Mader is a great choice for the character and Wicked Witch vs. Regina sounds awesome. I’m hopeful they’ll give something Belle outside of Rumbelle now. That should be good too. Robin Hood and Regina is another story I’m looking forward to.

    • meme says:

      I’d like to see Emma and Neal work it out too, there’s so much more they could explore with them than with Captain Eyeliner. So much drama and angst, and they actually love each other.

  24. shuayb says:

    You know I applaud people for having their own opinions I really do. There are some intelligent people who write thought provoking and imaginative stuff on the most mundane ideas. Then you get some real dumb dumb doogans.
    You people moan oh they are ruining the show, season 1 was so much better, its better than mexican soap operas.
    Why don’t you opiniated geniuses take over from Adam and Eddy and produce, write and direct the show. Instead of moaning give us your brilliant takes on what should be happening.
    The show is brilliant, there has never been another show that has taken the most innocent fairy tale stories and twisted it to make it awesome, weird and wonderful.
    Yes there were parts that lagged but this show has been great.
    I’m so over people going oh this not good, I bet none of them could create a show like Once.
    I’m not saying you can’t say anything bad about an ep or the show but if you’re gonna knock it, how about you use that brilliant brains and explain how you’d make it better.

    • jess says:

      any fanfiction is way better that the writing on the show.

      • shuayb says:

        You just made my point… Again I will say it. If you people think your fan fiction is better than thee writers go and stage a coup take over and write the story how you want it done.

    • joe says:

      Clearly you’ve never watched Grimm. Or The Tenth Kingdom. Or read Fables. Or heck, OUATIW is better than Once this season except for the pitiful CGI. Ways to make it better? Spend less time on wretched love triangles and macguffins, more on family and couples the audience cares about. Stop trying to make Hook the face of the show; he’s bearable as a supporting character but that’s all. Give up the useless, boring flashbacks to the Snowing/Regina feud (WE’VE SEEN ENOUGH), and show flashbacks for the characters who still have mysteries in their past: Emma, Neal, Belle primarily. Don’t ruin Oz the way they did Neverland. I can go on.

      • abz says:

        And you’re the authority on what “the audience cares about”? All of this is subjective. For instance, I find it crazy that people think OUATW is better than the original. Hook is far from being made the “face of the show” (some people just dislike him with Emma and try to use that as some sort of excuse). I also thought Neverland was pretty well done and Robbie Kay was great as Peter Pan as I’m sure several people out there think so too. I do agree with you about cutting back on the Snowing/Regina feud flashbacks. That’s definitely something they should consider. In the end, the audience enjoys the show for what they individually like and dislike the parts they don’t. If you can no longer find anything about the show left that interests you, then really just give up watching. It’s not like you’re in the writer’s room and have any input whatsoever on what happens.

        • Tarc says:

          Frankly, the Neverland bits were cool enough that I’m hoping they add a Neverland section to The Magic Kingdom in Orlando… the kids would have a blast.

        • joe says:

          Sure, I’m as much of an authority as anyone. (Such as you or the OP who was complaining about people who don’t think the show is “brilliant.”) I think it’s a pretty safe bet that the audience cares about Rumbelle and Snowing. If you don’t think they’re trying to make Hook the face of the show, you haven’t been to the Once Facebook page in a while. I’m not the only one in this thread complaining about his overpromotion. Sure, he’s a pretty boy, but I’m not in this for pretty boys–the CW is full of them. The kickass women of this show is one of the big draws for me and I imagine many of the other original viewers who have been tuning out in droves. Robbie Kay was great as Peter Pan but that doesn’t fix the fact that Neverland was mostly eight episodes of people walking around in circles among potted palms. Neverland had none of the excitement and magic of other versions of the story; the Gilligan’s Island at night comment pretty much nailed it. And of course if there’s NOTHING about the show I like, I’ll give it up. As I said, it will probably happen soon. A couple of million people have already tuned out and it wouldn’t surprise me if more follow.

    • sara says:

      Probably a LOT of people could create a show like Once. It’s Disney fanfiction, it’s not that hard. But not everyone has connections and a resume in the industry like Kitsis and Horowitz.
      But in terms of ‘there has never been a show like it’, that’s not entirely true. Fairytales are an incredibly common topic for storylines, movies and television retell them yearly.

    • Lili says:

      Finally! Well said! I too am sick of OUAT bashing,,,,I love this show,,,if people hate it, just don’t watch it then. people forget that this is TV and this is a FANTASY TV SHOW,,,fairy tales with twists & turns,,,,,,could K&H develope the characters more?, sure they could,,,But, nobody knows how anything will play out. What if all of the twists , turns, love interests, and seemingly unrelated plot scenes and turns are part of the bigger picture? A bigger picture that only the writers know?

  25. Jesse says:

    I want more Neal flashbacks! He needs an episode centric.

    • anonymousse says:

      Oh God, no. Neal is boring and looks like a homeless person. A Neal-centric episode would put me to sleep in about ninety seconds.
      Captain Swan, on the other hand…need more of that!!! <3

      • Marie says:

        Not everyone thinks this. I would like to see his character developed more than Rumple’s son or Henry’ s father. Baelfire is Adam and Eddie’s own creation. I hope they expand on his character.

      • sara says:

        I need less of Hook and Neal both, actualy.

      • Mary says:

        Neal isn’t boring, and there’s a good reason he looked like a homeless person in Tallahassee because he was. He was living out of a car.
        I’d like to see when he arrived in this world.
        What’s so interesting about Hook? He spent 300 years obsessing over killing Rumplestiltskin. Yeah that’s really interesting. We need less of him not more.
        What we also need is more of Emma’s back story. At least one point in her time in the foster system would be nice. I’d like to know if she had at least one family she with that wasn’t horrible. The Swans at least sounded kind of decent. Sure they sent her back at three, but maybe they had run into financial troubles about the time Mrs. Swan became pregnant and they had to send Emma back, so that it wasn’t just about having kids of their own as she put it.
        I’d also like some more on Charming. A lot of the flashbacks with him and Snow are more about her.

      • Steph says:

        “And looks like a homeless person”

        Well we can see where your priorities lie….

    • Mel says:

      I definitely think there is more flashback material. I want an episode that uses both Dylan and MRJ, that explains how Bae adjusted to our world in modern time & became Neal.

  26. Jus says:

    Evil vs Wicked. That’s the only thing that matters. Also, Regina& Herny mother/son relationship. New interesting things for Belle – not my fave character but I think she deserves to have her own, exciting storyline.

    Not a fan of romantic storylines on OUAT, I just can’t force myself to care about them. I really don’t know why… But it looks like “shipping” won’t be the main focus in season 3B, so that’s good!!

  27. MM9 says:

    “In Emma’s current mind. the last time she saw Neal, that guy f—ing let her go to jail,” Kitsis points out.

    Well, hopefully there’ll be a bit more conflict there this time. Emma was initially depicted as a rough and tumble woman, who was REALLY pissed at this fact. Yet she seemed really mellow and lovey dovey around Neal when they met again. It was just like, give him a slap. Do something over than swoon.

  28. Maggie says:

    Thanks for the scoop can’t wait for what’s to come for hook and Emma and Robin and Regina.

  29. meme says:

    Gosh, i’m so excited about Robin and Regina, i can’t wait for them to meet. Also, getting forward to seeing Regina vs. Wicked Witch, seems like she stole Regina’s dress. :P Watch out greeny. :P

  30. JJ says:

    Anyone else bored with Hook this season? He’s just a love interest. Blech. He was more interesting last season. I don’t care about any of this shipper stuff on the show.

    • JR1 says:

      Hook is becoming the man he was before, the one before the pirate, and i am sorry if ppl want to see him dwell in the darkness and be dark/because as he said when he realised revenge is an end and not be beginning and chose to let it go and be part of something – something better and meaningful. He has hope and love in him, thats bigger and stronger then anything. You know this show is about hope. Yeah he is a love interest, but then again he was always motivated by love, loss of love – risked his life for love and revenge which is also based on love, and again its love that is the key to him. And thats beautiful, and Emma;s love interest has to be that, all about love but love in the way that gives support to her, loves her, believes in her and also about going back to the man he was before – all about good form, man of honor , the man who was on this hero;s journey but was cruelly snatched from him when his brother died from a corrupted king and he changed to a pirate to oppose and again changed to Hook to oppose lost of love. This is how Hook is! He;s more then that!!! which we are seeing and i am glad of it!!!

      • Marie says:

        I don’t want to see Hook lose the pirate and become Killian Jones, regular guy. That would take the essence out of his character. That’s why I like him. You never know if he is going to be bad or good.

      • Jennifer says:

        Being motivated by love is not the same as being just a love interest. Rumple and Regina are motivated by love in their own ways but their actions and relationships are much more complex and diverse. Hook hasn’t done a single thing this season that hasn’t been about trying to win Emma. That was the point.

        • Serena says:

          You clearly have a biasness against Hook but no that wasn’t the point. When Hook led Emma to Neal in the cave was he trying to win her heart? No he even said it and when Hook let Emma go in SB was he trying to win her, NO he wasn’t. Stop trying to twist crap or leave details.

          • Jennifer says:

            Well only JJ can attest to what the original point was so I won’t attempt to speak on their behalf again and I expect that you won’t either. As for the rest of your rebuttal… by Hook letting Emma go in SB, I suppose you mean the conversation in the diner when he says he’s going to back off? The same conversation in which he says he’s in it for the long haul? (I’m only asking because I don’t want to leave details.) And when he led Emma to the cave, I could argue that he was merely trying to get in her good graces and/or didn’t want to risk her finding Neal some other way and learning that Hook already knew about it. BUT I don’t want to twist crap either so I’ll leave that up to interpretation. Regardless, Pan implied that Neal would interfere with his romance with Emma and the end result of finding Neal was Hook confessing his feelings to Emma. So, yes whether or not he was actively trying to win her in the moment, it was still about Emma. It could have been about Hook’s history with Pan or Neal but it wasn’t. That was MY point.

        • M&M says:

          That’s so true. Fans in the comments always complain about haters and viewers not liking something because of ships. But more often viewers are just disappointed with the writing. Hook is a very poorly written character. Rumple and Regina are not perfectly written either, but they are at least a hundred times more complex and human. It’s too bad because it’s Captain Hook. He had so much potential from the original stories. On OUaT I wouldn’t miss him at all if he were killed off in the next episode. But for the sake of the lovely actor I hope they can salvage him with better writing.

    • joe says:

      He’s incredibly boring this season, but he wasn’t much better last season. Last season all he ever said was “My wevenge!” This season it’s “My wuv!” He’s still one note; just a different note.

      • Mary says:

        Yep. That’s why I don’t get the obsession with him, other than because people think Colin is cute and like his accent.

  31. Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

    I am going to reserve any judgement until after the end of this season. I thought I hated it, but if that whole pan deal is leading to a crazy-new-style show, I might be ok.

  32. Babybop says:

    So excited for the rest of the season! I really hope we do get more Belle. Especially the bad-ass Belle from the Ariel episode.

    • abz says:

      Belle kind of bores me sometimes, but I agree, I did enjoy her in the Ariel episode. I also wish that they’d bring a bit of Lacey back.

  33. sarah says:

    Emma’s going to get her memories back before she reunites with Neal so their reunion won’t go badly.

  34. Stevio says:

    I’m Surprised Absolutely NO ONE Has even Mentioned Christopher Gorham! His role on the show is Super TOP SECRET and they didn’t even give us a bread crumb!

  35. Pat says:

    Just sitting here and reading and enjoying everyone of the comments, on this site. One in particular made me laugh. (Shout out to jenferner8) your comment on Hook & Emma made me laugh so hard, but your point is spot on! Anyway, cannot wait for this show to start back up. I am sure that Emma & Henry, will probably get their memories back, sooner rather then later. I am just wondering if Regina gave the Storybook to Hook and told him to show it to Henry in order to start jogging his memory. I think it is that Henry will get his memory back first and he will be the one to help Emma get her’s back. Just a thought.

  36. abz says:

    While there are several things I’m interested in seeing in 3B, I’m most excited about Wicked vs. Evil. Can’t wait to see how this Big Bad plays out. March needs to hurry up and get here soon.

  37. rk535 says:

    Really excited to see Hook win Emma over. I am even more excited to see the Regina/Robin romance begin!

  38. xx says:

    “to from whence”
    This is such terrible writing. Even if you accept the nonsensical “from whence” idiom, you’re saying “to from what place,” which is just ridiculous. (If you don’t accept it, you’ve got “to from from whence…”)

  39. Shannon says:

    Not sure what to think. I am looking forward to the show coming back. I am not one to usually root for a villain but I think both actors who portray Rumple and Regina do an awesome job and hopefully we see more of them. Will Rumple revert by to his dark one status? Looking forward to new episodes. I like Hook and Emma flirting and bantering back and forth but don’t think they should be together romantically. However, I do think he should make Neal see what he had and could have and get him to fight for Emma and try and amend his mistakes. They have a kid together so whether they are connected romantically they are still connected in another way. Are we going to see Emma start to fulfill her Destiny as savior? She hasn’t really done much in that role. I liked Rumple and his little speech before he stabbed pan and himself with the dark one’s dagger essentially killing himself and preventing a new dark one. Will have to wait and see what happens.

  40. Shane says:

    *Squeals* I am so excited by this scoop, so thank you! :) I am looking forward to OUAT’s return. I love Lana Parilla’s performances. Week after week she would always bring it and she never disappointed (well not me, at least). Can’t stop smiling, must leave now :)

  41. Shannon says:

    Ooh Neal along with the Charmings in trouble…
    I can understand Neal being in trouble and not liked and a used a scapegoat since he is the dark one’s son. I cannot wait to see how and why they are in trouble. Even with the sapped memories you can still see the magic because of the routine Emma and Henry do and it is 8:15 just like in story Brooke of the time each day and didn’t start again or time didn’t start again until Emma chose to stay in Story Brooke. I kind of like Emma not feeling Hook in the real world but him showing up was a shocker. I like Colin as Hook and he is really making me root for him in some ways.

  42. Shannon says:

    I am curious if Emma will eventually get all her memories back and such? Will she be able to remember storybrooke and all or is that zapped for good and she essentially has to start over again and not believing she is the savior etc like in season one? I thought there were a lot of people in Story Brooke we didn’t know was there so since they got rid of it, I am assuming we won’t be revisiting there anytime and who else was transported to our world. Are we going to delve into more robin hood and co.? Aren’t we supposed to learn how auroral and mulan saved Phillips soul from the wraith and which dimension he was sent to? How were they able to find Neal? Will Regina get to meet Robin and a chance at love and amending her ways? Will we learn how and why Maid Marion died?

  43. Aly says:

    I’m so excited to see the Regina/Wicked Witch storyline! It’s gonna be great, hopefully.

  44. Shannon says:

    Does Regina have a sister we don’t know about? Lol
    I would love to see their rivalry like with rumple and her too. Will Regina take her second chance with her true love? She has the option to be a mom again. Will she choose evil or try and go for good or on the path of good? I like the idea of Regina getting a second chance at love and having tinker bell show her she could have love again in the past. For me, I liked Daniel as her true love and such but hey I guess even when one love dies there is another. Thanks for the teasers I can’t wait and will certainly be watching.

  45. Jennifer says:

    It really is nice to see Neal get some press attention for once.

  46. kath says:

    Looking forward to seeing how Hook deals with Emma’s memory loss and convinces her to return to help her family.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m looking forward to seeing how EMMA deals with her memory loss and how EMMA reconnects with her family and how EMMA is changed by having two sets of memories.

      • joe says:

        Emma? Who’s that? Is that the blonde chick Hookiepoo is in love with?

      • Serena says:

        Hey Jennifer, everyone is free to say what they’re looking forward to. Not everyone needs to feel the same way you do. For example not everyone cares for Neal, that’s something you just have to live with and accept.

      • Steph says:

        I agree Jennifer, I want to see more about how Emma deals with things. I’m so tired of people only wanting Emma’s development only in relation to HOOK.

    • Len84 says:

      Same here… he has gone to get her back and bring her home. As he to me is someone like he has been in Neverland, a supporter and someone by her side throughout whilst she has to save her family and other ppl. Hook is just by her side and supporting her, and being there, and honestly this is what you would want for Emma, someone unconditionally there and being by her side and believing in her, whilst she has go on being a saviour. but just helping her

  47. amint says:

    Nice to see Regina and Robin as well as Belle and Rumple info. I need Killian and Emma to happen. Love them. As you wish! True love! Princess and Pirate!

  48. Mira says:

    I would stop watching if Emma and Neal got together. Even the writers didn’t think the other characters thought that Emma and Neal were true love. They would not have put the protection spell on Henry’s heart if that was the case. Emma is the product of true love and can’t have her heart taken. Very interesting stuff.

    • joe says:

      There is no proof anywhere, at all, as far as I know that Emma’s heart can’t be taken because she’s the product of true love. Regina took out Snow’s heart, but Snow’s parents seemed to have true love. None of the hundreds of people in Regina’s/Cora’s vaults were productis of true love? If anyone ever said onscreen that TL was the reason Emma’s heart was invulnerable, point me to the episode. I’m pretty sure that Adam said that Emma’s heart couldn’t be taken because she was defending Snow–the Lily Potter loophole.

    • Marie says:

      I don’t think Regina knows one way or another if Henry is the product of true love or not. They have been very closed mouth about it even when asked in interviews. If Henry is not product of true love, ,I doubt they would hide it, but he has the “heart of the truest believer”. I believe that means something. Also, something funny I found out. The lovely music that was playing when Henry and Emma were leaving Storybrook in the yellow bug is called “True Love” by Marc Isham. It is the same music that played in season one when Henry “died”. Also, when Neal fell through the portal.

  49. Marina says:

    adam is like that girl who screamed wolves only he screams rumbelle. after 2 years of lies no one believes you anymore. just stop.

  50. K. says:

    I’m with the ones that don’t want Neal and Emma together! I just don’t see any chemistry there at all…I like the character Neal alright but not with Emma!