UPDATED: Bachelor Juan Pablo Issues Apology, Blames Language Barrier for 'Pervert' Comment, Agrees to Meet with GLAAD

JUAN PABLO GALAVISJuan Pablo Galavis wants to know if you will accept this mea culpa.

The embattled Bachelor star released a statement Saturday via his Facebook page apologizing for offensive comments he made towards gays.

I want to apologize to all the people I may have offended because of my comments on having a Gay or Bisexual Bachelor. The comment was taken out of context. If you listen to the entire interview, there’s nothing but respect for Gay people and their families. I have many gay friends and one of my closest friends who’s like a brother has been a constant in my life especially during the past 5 months. The word pervert was not what I meant to say and I am very sorry about it. Everyone knows English is my second language and my vocabulary is not as broad as it is in Spanish and, because of this, sometimes I use the wrong words to express myself. What I meant to say was that gay people are more affectionate and intense and for a segment of the TV audience this would be too racy to accept. The show is very racy as it is and I don’t let my 5 year old daughter watch it. Once again, I’m sorry for how my words were taken. I would never disrespect anyone. Sinceramente, Juan Pablo Galavis.

AUDIO | Listen to Juan Pablo’s Controversial Interview

Galavis also agreed to meet with GLAAD in the coming days. “At a time when Latino support for gay and lesbian people and our families is growing, we look forward to continuing the conversation with Juan Pablo and working with him to help educate his fans about who gay and lesbian parents are,” said Monica Trasandes, GLAAD’s Director of Spanish-Language and Latino Media, in a statement. “Study after study shows that young people raised by gay parents are as happy and healthy as other young people.”

The controversy erupted when the former Venezuelan soccer star and single dad told a reporter at the network’s Television Critics Association winter press tour that he would be opposed to having an openly gay or bisexual bachelor take part on The Bachelor, saying, “I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV.” He went on to describe gay people as being “more pervert in a sense.”

ABC quickly condemned his comments as “careless, thoughtless and insensitive.”

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  1. Stormy says:

    You’re toast, dude.

  2. rod says:

    You are done, go home.

  3. Joe says:

    Spanish is his second language but he his PR flack decided to use “broad”, “vocabulary” and “context” huh? The ratings are gonna dive on Monday…

    • Tania says:

      Playing devil’s advocate here, his “PR flack” may have translated FROM Spanish. Believe it or not, the words “broad”, “vocabulary” and “context” do exist in the Spanish language. Just sayin’.

      • CSI Fan says:

        Vocabulario and Contexto means the same as English, the only different is “Broad” (Amplio, extenso)

        • R says:

          pervert in English is pervertido in spanish? theese are so different words… they mean exactly the same and they are writen almost exactly the same. No way he was confused.

  4. Stefani says:

    Spanish is my first language. “Pervert” in Spanish is “pervertido.” Barrier excuse is BS.

    • Claudio L. says:

      Very good point … Spanish is my first language and “perverso” comes from latin and it is the same word root for both english and spanish …

  5. Nicole says:

    What. Ever. Forced apologies are a dime a dozen these days, and there was so much else to take exception to besides his use of the word ‘pervert’. Even his apology perpetuates the stereotype that gay people can’t not be overtly sexual at all times.

  6. Jess says:

    Here he goes with ‘I have gay’ friends crap. The same thing racists use when say a racist remark. And his English? Perfectly fine right here.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Well technically you wouldn’t expect a true racist to have friends or be associated with people they are racist against. Same goes with bigotry and sexism etc. So though it might be typical to hear and not always mean much if anything at all, on a certain level it makes sense that if i say something that is insanely hateful against blacks but my best friends are all blacks..something odd is up.

      That wasnt his english. That was his PR team. Its not like he tweeted the apology written by himself. He probably met with his agent or PR person and they came up with what he wanted to say and the PR team/person wrote it up in perfect english for him.

  7. lee says:

    I have some sign language that I know he will understand.

  8. TaMara says:

    The old, “I’ve got gay friends, so I couldn’t have meant what I said” In Spanish, guess what the word for pervert or sexual deviant is? Hard to buy this excuse.

  9. Ashley says:

    AKA, ABC tore him a new one and they scrambled to get this under control before the next episode. And it’s not really going to work with a half apology and idiotic excuse. Keep digging that hole, buddy.

  10. x says:

    People have to stop complaining about everything. Aren’t we allow to have opinions?

    • Stefani says:

      Not when they’re discriminatory, no.

      • Ben says:

        Now this – this is when society steps over the line. People ARE allowed to have opinions that are discriminatory. Your argument is not all that different from the 14th century argument that people were allowed to have opinions, provided they weren’t “unbiblical”.

      • FedUp says:

        Discriminatory against who? Everyone has a right to have his own beliefs.

        • Jen says:

          Of course people are allowed to have their own racist beliefs and express them ….. just as the rest of us are allowed to give our opinions are their racist/sexist/moronic opinions. And just like we’re allowed to change the channel if some idiots publicly express their moronic opinions.

          • Jen says:

            Lord, I can’t type today. “just as we’re allowed to give our opinons about their racist” opinions. Doh!

      • juan says:

        An opinion is an opinion; it might hurt some but that’s life.

    • Brooke says:

      Yes. And guess what? We’re allowed to have opinions about other peoples’ opinions. So when someone says something idiotic, everyone is allowed to express their dismay over it.

    • Meg says:

      People are allowed to have opinions, but they have to understand that there are consequences attached when they choose to express them. Sometimes the public backs you, sometimes they don’t.

    • charlotte says:

      Yes, of course everyone is allowed to have opinions. But for some reason, you seem to think that one can express offensive opinions without any reaction from those that disagree with him.

    • DenverDean says:

      Of course he is allowed to have his opinion, but the rest of us are allowed to accept or reject his thoughts.

    • KD says:

      everyone has the right to their opinion, even if it’s controversial or discriminatory or offensive.

      no one has a right to a TV show. that’s a privilege. one that should be revoked for this guy.

    • Larry F says:

      I’m not so sure that this was necessarily an opinion, but a belief he NEEDED to make into an absolute !! After all, aren’t many people under the ‘impression’ that absolutes go hand in hand with internal security ??? Think about it !

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether we agree with it or not says:

      Love this comment, love this comment, love this comment!!

  11. Bets says:

    How To Spot A Fake Apology:

    1. The words “out of context” are used.
    2. The person apologizing says things such as: “I have friends that are -insert group they’ve just offended-!”
    3. They blame everything/everyone else for their words, and never blame themselves.

    Dude needs to pack it up, and go home.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      True. Even if he is right and what he said truly wasnt what he meant…in our current culture/society…once the damage is done, your done for (with anti-gay comments being the most despised). Especially if your a one off reality tv star (one season of a show) im guessing the ratings will drop and ABC cant wait for his season to wrap up, not having him do many more interviews unlike past Bachelors who are constantly doing interviews everywhere.

      Worst thing of all of this is the hypocrisy. Yes his daughter shouldnt be watching the show, nor should any child considering how the women act and dress and the sexuality and language. However even if you consider gays perverted….what he is doing is perverted assuming he is doing more than kissing any of the women….which most bachelors admit they have once the show is over.

  12. Eric7740 says:

    Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. You just need to be careful to whom you express it to.

  13. SALCHAN says:

    Really? You’re gonna blame it on your language skills? Somehow I can’t see confusing “affectionate” and “pervert.” Kinda no where meaning remotely the same thing as to be confused to say one instead of the other. He knows he’s in trouble and in threat of ABC pulling the show (though you know they won’t) so he’s trying to save himself. Damage is done, señor.

    • Ben says:

      True, but “pervert” and “overt” are pretty close in sound, and it sound like overt is exactly the word he was looking for. It’s not always meaning that can get ESOL people confused. I do think it sounds like a forced apology, but ultimately I don’t think its completely impossible to see how he could have done it accidentally.

  14. Geo says:

    When he says “gay people are more affectionate and intense” shouldn’t he add “and they’re all bad drivers who love fried chicken and control all the banks and the media”? Geez, Juan Pablo, don’t you have a good enough publicist who when writing your “apology” doesn’t still engage in major stereotyping of a minority?

  15. Single Bachelor says:

    If the taping of this season’s cycle isn’t finished yet, Juan Pablo is going to have a helluva time getting one of the remaining women to accept his proposal. The promo this year: “The most damning and punitive Bachelor finale ever!”

  16. wrstlgirl says:

    Of course he’s sorry. That’s the game. But he’s been pretty damn affectionate himself making out in that hot tub with a girl he just met. Pot meet kettle.

  17. +1 says:

    Good luck having a successful gay Bachelor without drama and overtones. JP was right. You can’t have a Bachelor where the contestants are into each other, instead of being head over heels for a single dude.

  18. frank web says:

    DENY IT.

    • Single Bachelor says:

      Really? You’re invoking the Lord’s name while discussing the silly TV series The Bachelor? What would Jesus do? He would roll his eyes when he read your fundamentalist “inherit the kingdom” line. Oh, and by the way, it appears your CAPS key is stuck on your keyboard.

    • Brian says:

      Why are you yelling…? And why do you read articles on an entertainment website….?

    • Bob Lebman says:

      The Bible, as if you did not know, was written by men. It is the word of man – not of G-d.

    • Jen says:

      Ahh frankweb…………… let’s all take the bible literally shall we?

      Seeing as we’re heading toward Superbowl Sunday ……..NOT ALLOWED in the bible ….( Leviticus 11:8, which in discussing pigs, reads “You shall not eat of their flesh nor touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you.”) so no football (not to mention those quarterbacks are working on a Sunday, also a no-no) ……….. and no eating bacon either. No. Bacon. No. football.
      (and no shellfish either).

  19. Linda says:

    No matter how he tries to dress it up, it’s still going to look and smell like bu11sh1t.

  20. emac says:

    Another case of someone being bullied by the left wing media. All he did was convey an opinion that most people, who aren’t filthy liberal scum, agree with.

    • Filthy Lefty says:

      I love the filthy liberal scum. They’re much wittier, more intelligent and much more fun than righteous, whiny conservatives…as in, “Waaaaah! The mainstream media is bullying me again!”

    • charlotte says:

      Screw. You.

    • Angela says:

      The conservative viewpoint on this issue has led to people being denied equal rights for decades. Anti-gay remarks have led to people being KILLED just for being gay, or hell, being presumed to be gay (look at what’s been going on in Uganda, for instance). THAT is bullying.
      Calling this guy out on his ridiculous views and his blatant hypocrisy is not bullying. You need to look up the actual definition of that word.
      Also, I’m proud to be amongst the “filthy liberal scum”, especially on this issue. It’s cute how people think being called liberal is supposed to be some sort of insult, though.

    • An opinion: “No. I don’t think America is ready for that.”
      An opinion with homophobic undertones: “No, Gay men tend to be perverted, so I don’t think America is ready for that.”

      The PR on these shows is terrible and people need to stop acting like generalizing and stereotyping is acceptable because we’re all entitled to our opinions. Where the hell has accountability gone? But I’m not looking to put this guy on blast, I think what he said was stupid, but I have seen interviews with him and at times his English is spotty, so I’m actually willing to accept his apology and the fact that he’s willing to work with GLAAD. Can’t hate someone who’s willing to educate themselves.

  21. Rick says:

    Interesting Mr. Galavis that you say gay people / couples “I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV.” But you’ll go on a show and strip down with half naked women, check their tonsils out and you say “What I meant to say was that gay people are more affectionate and intense and for a segment of the TV audience this would be too racy to accept.” So it’s good to go on reality TV for money to pimp yourself for a fake wife. This is good family TV?

    Your PR group apologized in your name. You said what you think … and your PR is scrambling before Sunday and Monday’s show. May your ratings go where the apology went. Down the drain!

  22. queerbec says:

    And I believe that most fundamentalist Christians believe, without harping on it like they do gays, that Jews won’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven either because they haven’t accepted Jesus as their own personal savior. So if Juan Pablo said that Jews were not good examples for his five year old daughter, I wonder what the execs at ABc would have said to that?? Let’s be honest: catering to fundamentalist Christians is supporting the inherent anti-Semitism of their beliefs. But the media are afraid to tackle that one–they should ask Duck Dynamo Phil Robertson his feelings about Jews–and we’ll see how quick A and E pulls that show.

  23. paul says:

    This man must be insane, his excuse doesnt make any sense . Pervert in spanish means the same thing pervertido. He should wake up and smell the coffee, who would want to aspire to be him, an athlete whos carreer was not going well and decided in a mid life crisis to be a celebrity marrying women for money. Yeah, great example for his kids, their getting a mommy who wants only one thing, the same thing this character wants, money & fame. I dont watch reality tv, I think its a very sad & sorry affair. Wish we had more scripted, well written shows. Watching reality shows must be like taking stupid pills…

    • jm says:

      you are not saying all the truth about it. In spanish, you can use that word with the meaning of naughty. If he has said, gays are more naughty… should have been such a problem.

  24. james says:

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I don’t believe Juan is a bad guy. I might not agree with what he said or how he said it, but people can learn lessons and move on. We’re all guilty of something or have said things we regret.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I mostly agree. The mistake he made was being in the public eye if he had those opinions in the first place. And if he is a homophobe in the public eye, he needs to hide that *&^%. The expectations are different when you’re someone who’s giving press conferences.

  25. unknown says:

    Why don’t you all move on and worry about your own pathetic lives. In learning spanish ive realized that there are so many different meanings in the english language that can match up to one spanish word. He didn’t mean what he said, but he can feel how he wants to feel about gays or anything else for that matter. He isnt just some arrogant guy that only thinks about himself because he was thinking about his daughter too and if this is what he gets for being honest then everyone on t.v must be liars. It doesnt matter to him what you think or say. He will never see what you all think of him and he doesn’t need to. The problems in our societies today is that the Internet is used to bring others down so you can make yourselfs feel better. In the end, you have just wasted your time being mad about basically a person you will never physically meet and who has absolutely no effect on your life. Make your life better and stop worrying about what others say. We all make mistakes. Their really no one else’s business and most certainly not yours. His comment won’t kill you but only make you think stupid stuff and that my dear friend, is a mistake within itself.
    -the anonymous 15 year old

    • Carm says:

      I agree with you.

    • Jen says:

      Actually, racism/sexism/bigotry… is all our business. Things only change when we challenge what is fundamentally wrong – things like not allowing someone their basic human rights because of who they are, the color of their skin, where they were born, who they choose to love (as in two consenting adults of course). Bigots are allowed to use God’s word to hold human beings down (I remember a time when African Americans weren’t even allowed in “white” churches because they were considered less than human) …………… and we’re allowed to call them on their ridiculous, and IMHO, anti-Christian attitudes. It’s in not challenging these people that we are giving silent approval to what they’re saying.

      If someone gives an opinion, we’re allowed the same privilege. Simple as that.

  26. Bill says:

    This guy just gets deeper and deeper in to it. Now, all gay people are more affectionate and intense. Believe me, pal, I know plenty of my friends who I wish were more affectionate and are definitely not intense. It is not a language barrier buddy it is an intelligence barrier.

  27. Jill says:

    He can apologize for the word “pervert”, but what would gay friends think of the other comments. He also said husband and wives, together, should be the parents, even though he is not married to the mother of his child. So he still doesn’t equate his friends as equals, even if they are married. I thought he might have gotten a career out of the Bachelor, due to how well he has done in interviews prior to this. He may have just lost his chance.

  28. frank web says:


    • Bob Lebman says:

      You are truly whacked. I won’t waste my prayers on you.

      • Jason Dynak says:

        the gay guy telling the religious guy he’s truly whacked. pot calling kettle black

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          You might not want to use your real name when you’re making bigoted homophobic statements like that. It’s not likely that your employer or future employers will look kindly upon such a hateful post.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Doesn’t the bible also say that women on the rag need to crawl outside the house before entering? The bible says quite a few things that no rational person in 2014 would listen to. I’m not sure why you’re clinging onto that one.

  29. ibjbyron says:

    He is obviously responding to social media commentary – almost undoubtedly by mandate of network execs, under threat of termination.

  30. wrstlgirl says:

    It’s nothing but damage control going forward. He’s just concerned about his reputation and I’m sure the network is advising him. Would he have had anything to do with GLAAD if this hadn’t happened. Unlikely.

  31. Tina B. says:

    What an asshole! If you can’t understand english, perhaps you shouldn’t be on the show! Children shouldn’t and don’t watch the bachelor anyway, the show could never hold a kid’s attention. This guy is an idiot, if I were his gay friends, I would dump him

  32. Alisa Neely says:

    talk about a LAME EXCUSE…..let’s HOPE the ratings DROP through the floor for this season….and may this also be the LAST season for DD on A&E as well.

  33. R.A. says:

    The fool is on one of the sleaziest, brainless tv shows ever & he spouts crappy hateful comments….ABC: FIRE him. It’s not too late. Bring in his understudy, quick.

  34. David4 says:

    “I’m sorry if I offered anyone” BS. However he did at least say sorry unlike some people like lawmakers in this country.

    If Jesus taught us anything it’s forgiveness.

  35. GeoDiva says:

    Your 15 minutes are up!

  36. Lisa says:

    Language barrier really ? So stupid.

  37. Sarahliz1624 says:

    Having known someone for whom English was their second language, and for whom German was their first, which has a lot of words that are very similar to English and which also has a similar grammatic structure I can tell you that errors do happen in translation all the time. You’re searching for one word, come up with another, and don’t realize until later that you said the wrong thing. Especially if you aren’t fluent, which this guy isn’t, you hear something, translate it into your native language, think of your responce, and then translate it back. If you’re answering quickly and aren’t able to do that, that’s when misinterpretations happen. The word “pervert” is something he may have heard come from somewhere else in a different conversation and in searching for the right word he grabbed the first one he could find. I’ve seen it happen, and ended up in big arguments over nothing because we had to stop and clarify word choice. I believe him when he says there was a problem with translation. Do I believe that his apology was rehearsed? Absolutely? After you screw up like that, you’re going to chose your words very carefully. But I do believe his apology is sincere. He may not think that a gay bachelor is a good idea — that’s ok. That’s his opinion. Does it make him a bigot or a homophobe? Not necesarily. He didn’t explain himself well, and it will be a while before he gets the chance to truly explain what he meant. Hopefully he can have a conversation with someone in Spanish, explain what he means, and they can tell him how to convey it in English. I don’t think this makes him a bad guy. He may just not be explaining himself well. Let’s not all hang him yet. I hate the way nowadays no one ever accepts when someone apologizes. He apologized for causing any offense and has agreed to meet with GLAAD. That’s more than someone who truly felt hatred for gay people would be willing to do. Phil Robertson wouldn’t.

  38. Carm says:

    Let him talk. Whatever happened with freedom of speech!!
    I for one do not think gay bachelor is good for tv.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Freedom of speech refers to not being thrown in jail for airing your opinion. It does not protect you from rightly being labeled an idiot by the public.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        RIGHT ON ANGIE….you are sooooooooooo right…..it also doesn’t mean, that your BOSSES CAN’T SUSPEND OR FIRE YOU……like ESPN did to HANK WILLIAMS, JR. and A&E did to DD.

  39. Chester6 says:

    I don’t see how a gay batch kept would be bad though and it’s hypocritical for him bowyo be so supposedly concerned.
    And the religious homophobes make themselves look abhorrent

  40. leigh says:

    Maybe its just me but I don’t think any Bachelor or Bachelorette is good for tv. Sigh.

  41. Angie_Overrated says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say he’s “maybe” worth giving the benefit of the doubt to. I’m about as pro-gay as they come, but he’s already paid his penance in the court of public opinion, who have summarily handed him his guilty verdict. ABC’s response was appropriate, his apology was appropriate, and I think it’s in everyone’s best interest if we move on. Continuing to lambast the dude just makes gay activists sound shrill and bully-like. Point has been made, and let’s move onto things that matter! The Bachelor is not really a show that matters. There are way bigger fish to fry. Like the really nasty homophobe from Duck Dynasty who got off way easier than he should have.

  42. Dino says:

    Well … I’m not fan of this guy … He offered an apology for what he said … I think all of us made mistakes in our lives … No exceptions ! Wonder … When people will release that we come to this world in different ways such as White, Black , tall , short , gay or straight … The list goes on !

  43. jm says:

    i want to say that once in the states, i got a problem with “false friends” words.

    For instance the word “Stupid”. If i say in spanish, this dude is “stupid” the meaning is “dull, dumb or silly” but if i use the english meaning for the word “stupid” is something more severe. I remember using that word to a guy (with the meaning, you are silly) and he told me he is not stupid cause he went to the university and he got a degree.

    Another false friend “molestar =/= moleste”. Molestar = disturb… so imagine when i used that word to a friend.. stop melesting me… go and moleste your mother…

    I can see what he means when he used the word “pervert”… and if you say “seras pervertido = you are a pervert” it can used with the meaning of naughty, and sometimes, as a joke between friends, like “you pervert”

  44. Eww Gays says:

    He shouldn’t have to apologize. Thats his opinion, and if you don’t like, just shut up. Gays are disgusting, and I hope that someday, a plague comes to kill all the gays.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      and you and others LIKE YOU: are the reason YOUNG GAYS are being BULLIED TO THE POINT OF KILLING THEMSELVES……if you are an ADULT; you should be ASHAMED of yourself for teaching kids to be CLOSED-MINDED HATERS……imo, if the VICTIM of BULLIES kill themselves….the BULLIES SHOULD BE HELD CRIMINALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE IT.