NCIS: Why Aren't Tony and Ziva Staying in Touch? Show Boss Addresses that 'Valid Issue' and More

NCIS Ziva Last EpisodeA second goldfish is nice and all, sure, but why isn’t NCIS‘ Tony keeping Ziva in his life in a more literal way, either through Skyping (on an encrypted line, of course) or any other 21st-century technology available to him?

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“A lot of people have approached me about the idea of not shutting the door entirely on [their staying in touch], and I’m not opposed to it,” showrunner Gary Glasberg told TVLine at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday, when we asked if the CBS drama might ever suggest that Tony (played by Michael Weatherly) is finding ways to communicate with his ex-colleague (former cast member Cote de Pablo). “But it has to be done in a way where it feels organic to the storytelling and we’re not just throwing in lines about Ziva here and there.”

For example, “If Tony’s in a personal relationship or there’s something significant happening for him and he wondered how she would respond, then maybe we can figure out a way to do it. It’s a valid issue to bring up.”

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But anyone asking for both “Tiva” to somehow live on (even off camera) and for Tony to grow as a person/agent, is talking about two mutually exclusive things.

“Every time we bring her up, for Michael [Weatherly] and for Tony, it pulls him back to being in that relationship again,” Glasberg explained. “So it’s a tricky balance.

“We’re as sensitive to him moving forward post-Ziva as the rest of the world is,” Glasberg also said, because doing so “gives him the opportunity to grow and try things and meet people and move on.”

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Addressing NCIS‘ other hot topic — SPOILER ALERT for this week’s episode — Glasberg said he is “really proud” of the decision to make McGee’s new girlfriend Delilah (recurring player Margo Harshman) the victim of a bomb blast, leaving her paralyzed.

“Sometimes I walk into the writers room and I say, ‘We’re going to do something…,’ and they look at me like I have six heads — and one of those instances was I wanted this bomb to go off, similar to some of the tragic stories that I saw after the Boston marathon,” he shared. “I remember seeing a piece about a bunch of [female victims] who had managed to start to pull their lives back together again, and I wanted to try to capture some of that on our show. The intent is to show a really smart individual take control of her life and rise up after all she’s been through. We’re excited about the arc that character is going to face as someone in a wheelchair.”

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  1. DCC says:

    I think their hope is that if they act like Ziva never existed, the fans will eventually forget about the character and how they shafted Cote, causing her to leave, and that they will then buy into this hideous character called Ellie Bishop. Well, it isn’t working. Ratings are going down and staying there – lower than they have been in years. They are going to keep going like they are until they drive the show right into the ground.

  2. kuwervo says:



  4. sally kelley says:

    I used to watch it every week. Since the new girl came in, I have only watched it 2 times. It became her show. Everybody else is stupid, Gibbs, Tony and Timmy know thing. You’ll ruined NCIS. You need to get rid of her.

  5. None of my friends or I watch any more, it used to be we all met to play poker after we watched NCIS. Now no one cares to watch, the show is ruined. If Bishop is so good send her to LA cause we sure don’t want her. All the tweaking by the so called writers is not going to work. Fire them all and start over. They used to have a group that played off of each other, now they have ruined Gibbs as well as Ziva, trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. GIVE IT UP GUYS IT IS NOT WORKING, IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR FANS SOON YOU WON’T HAVE ANY

  6. Becky says:

    I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning, and Bishop just isn’t working. She has no personality, no edge, no history…nothing to make her interesting. Comparied to Ziva, she’s milk toast and boring.

  7. sbirdy says:

    I used to love this show. It was always original, especially with character creation and development–until Bishop. She is such a generic, boring damsel in distress. She’s completely off-putting. I hope they get rid of her soon. I’d like to start watching the show again, but she makes it too unpalatable.

    I would like to see Ziva come back, but I’d be as happy with another more believable female agent, someone real instead of Special Agent Barbie. NCIS used to be above such stereotypical bimbo of the week stuff. It’s really too bad.

  8. Iris says:

    It’s pretty easy, really . . . we miss Ziva, we don’t like Bishop, we’re dissatisfied with the season’s writing. Fix it or the show will not survive. It’s not a matter of one cast member making the show. It’s all of the above. Somebody really messed up and it’s ruining our favorite show!

  9. Scott says:

    Wake up! Do TV Math: NO Ziva = no viewers = boycott of advertisers’ products. The machines in front of you, combined, have more resources and organizational capacity than the great movements in history had. Use the tool….crush the advertising revenue and GET ZIVA BACK!

  10. Helen says:

    What is wrong with those Network guys! Bring ZIVA back!!!

    • RW says:

      What would you have the network do? Force an actress who has left the show to come back against her will? She left. CBS didn’t fire her.

      • wood63 says:

        No, but they can write as though Tony and Ziva got married and she decided to stay home. That way if she changes her mind down the road she can come back or at least make guess appearance.

        • RW says:

          You presume CBS and the show want her back. W/the 11th hour leaving, the financial stress of dealing with rewrites, they’d be fools to have her back when they could easily recast.

  11. Helen says:

    If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it!!!

  12. RW says:

    Are we truly to believe all of a sudden in the span of ten hours the world has awoken to the fact that they don’t like Bishop and Cote needs to come back, with rousing hysteria, similar syntax, and comments these people have made under other names, word for word, many a time? If you believe that, I have a lovely bridge in Brooklyn just for you to buy. Cote is in Chile, she’s uninterested in your show, or Tiva. She’s moved on. If you cannot, please don’t pollute these sites, as well as others, with your campaign, including your nsty assertions that Emily didn’t deserve this role or got it via nepotistic means. It is very calculated and transparent to anyone paying attention, which means the “hit TV Line comments between the hours of 2-midnight GMT under as many names as possible.” falls on deaf ears. If Cote wants to return and she and CBS are amenable, she will. If not, she won’t.

  13. kay says:

    Bishop needs to be gone; if nothing else, bring Borne back; at least she and Gibbs worked well together, and Tony gave her grief……

  14. says:

    I know you shouldnt like a show for one character but Ziva really put a dent into the excitement of the show.. ITs not the same electricty you use to have in the show. Hate to see it but the show is starting to loose me..

  15. A COL says:

    NCIS became too unbelieveable so hade to9 stop watching it. NCIS is NOT an Intelligence activity so does NOT work with the CIA and especially NOT with any foreign Intel agencies. NCIS has never had a single foreign integree and if they were to start, it cer4tainly would NOT be one out of a foreign intel service. Also, a foreigner can not have Federa llaw enforcement powers nor are they eligible for a security clearance at any level. Even after she received her “dual citizenship,” she never would have gotten a security clearance. So unbelieveable I just could suspend my belief long enough to get through a hour of it.

  16. George says:

    NCIS has become one of those shows that I can miss with the new cast, a weakened Gibbs, a juvenile Bishop, McGee dating a woman in a wheel chair who is going off to Dubai. Do the writers realize how silly this all is? I can miss NCIS but not NCIS: Los Angeles. I would like to get back to being a regular again with NCIS, but agree that it is like they are writing the end to the show to take place this season. Oh, and Bishop married to a guy in Oklahoma? What’s up with that??

    • Helen says:

      We should start an online Petition ,directed to the guys in charge…Call Ziva, and start the negotiations to bring her back.

  17. Jerri says:

    They should’ve just killed Ziva off.

  18. NoZiva Nowatch says:

    Is it any wonder why I stopped watching this show. I told them if Ziva left and they couldn’t be imaginative enough to have them stay together then I’m done. Haven’t watched it since. Poor writing and executive producers have totally wrecked the show.

  19. Understandably we cannot get over Ziva! She is irreplaceable! I have not watched NCIS sense she left. NCIS LA is now in the lead! If you want a good replacement, for me, it would be Zoe Saldana or Micheall Rodriguez!

  20. Arlene says:

    I am only one person but there are many that want Ziva back. Please get her back. The show is at a stand still. Arene

  21. Dennis Reyburn says:

    Ziva had the image of a warrior crime fighter who still had the compassion to be a woman. Bringing in a person now not having the warrior image and putting up the “no approach” idea by saying she’s already married is not a good thing.

    • RW says:

      Compassion to be a woman? Which episode? The one where she asked Tony what any woman would see in him? All the times she put him down and chipped away at his self image? I was married to a woman like that. I gladly divorced her.

  22. Artist says:

    Hey people, this is NCIS. No one has ever had a happy relationship except Vance and they killed her off.

    BTW anyone remember Tony having a relationship with the petite redhead I think she was called TJ?

    • martin says:

      Cote de pablo walked away good luck to her. She did the best thing for herself. She made ncis. Without her its nothing. She’s very happy about leaving it. No problems

  23. Bill says:

    there is something missing in the show, it not the same show, yes cote left, ( who really knows why)
    But, out side of that, there is something missing, and now that CBS going deeper into comedy (not the greatest of new shows ) it’s time to start looking, very disappoint in this season’s shows, no has ever asked me anyway.

  24. gatto54 says:

    I hope that they try to get Cote to come back for the tribute show to Gibbs’ father or at least mention or show her calling Gibbs to express her sympathy. She no longer needs to be in hiding, since Parsa is dead, she said she needed to find her true self and get away from the violence of her job. She loves Gibbs too much (and his father), they are the only family she has now, to not touch in with him when he looses his father. She would understand his loss better than any of the others. Plus – WE NEED ZIVA BACK ON THE SHOW!!

    • RW says:

      You may need Ziva back on the show. We do not. The ratings seem to say we do not, either.

      • tvviewer says:

        RW, you said “You may need Ziva back on the show. We do not. The ratings seem to say we do not, either.”

        Who is “we” and how are you authorized to speak for “we”?


        • J T says:

          Good ratings or not .. NCIS is merely a shell of its former excellence .. And who says that buster ?  . Well . I do .. that’s who !

          • RW says:

            Your opinion, J T. No greater or lesser than anyone else’s. Too many people are making assertions, declarations, accusations, and demands, instead of stating their opinion. You may think NCIS is a mere shell of itself, others disagree, The ratings don’t seem to support most viewers agreeing with your opinion.

        • RW says:

          Irony and sarcasm, tvviewer :) If pro bring Cote back people can speak for “us” surely those who like Bishop can speak for “us” too. And regarding the ratings, the +7 numbers show now appreciable hit, so that bears the belief that the show in general is not in need of ZIva the character to sustain it.

  25. Jack says:

    Gotta face the facts …. The entire NCIS franchise is ” swirling the bowl ” …. and the prime flusher is none other than this very same wretched excuse for a ” writer ” …Gary Glasberg who should be known as Gary Iceberg .. as in the iceberg that sunk the Titanic .. .. Mark Harmon has reverted back to 1987 when he played the goofy, weak-willed high-school gym teacher ” Freddy Shoop ” …. After this NCIS season, he will NEVER, EVER be Gibbs again …. The show writers have allowed the Wickersham/Bishop character to thoroughly emasculate not only all the male characters on the show, but has specifically done the best job on the Gibbs character ….. turning the once fierce Gibbs into a weak, Wickersham/Bishop groupie who is now known as Special Agent Cupcake.

  26. djones says:

    It is sad but the show has gone down hill and I don’t see it coming back.
    They would be smart to go out while they still have a few loyal followers.
    Bring back Ziva have her and Tony get married,
    I agree with gatto54 it makes no since that Ziva hasn’t contacted Gibbs about the death of his father.

    • RW says:

      I’m confused. Jackson hasn’t died yet in NCIS land. You want Ziva to contact Gibbs about the death of his father before his father dies? That doesn’t make sense at all.

      • gatto54 says:

        They are suppose to address Jackson’s death in the season finale, that’s when they should have Ziva contact Gibbs or Cote reprise the role or do a cameo.

      • It’s interesting to read how many fans are mixed up with public and private happenings mixed up. Tony {Michael} from his firsst relationship that was scipted and He sureta;led abpi real, Hi son must be 14 or?? and while we were whineing about his proffessional AND personal life, He was off making babies woth his present wife and sounded very proud of his real family Jamie Lee Curtis, and a cple of tthe other government women Gibbs has worked with on the show, wade for good interaction with Gibbs. He needs to give his Pam wife and extra big hug for being so tolerant of his careerPlease Google him and Sean to read about some fun facts. I gotten to learn and like rhe actors from NCIS LA who also seem to have interesting publiic & private lives The writers have done marvelous job making the make believe life a fun read…….

  27. Jean Gordon says:

    Whenever the writer does things like these, changing a dinamic character for a lame one, or a situation, that is when the actors get upset and want to give their opinions, and should not be ridiculed, sanctioned, or have to leave a show because they have an insight about the character. The writers should be wise enough to follow the line of writing, and make the actor feel that he or she has been doing their best. This goes for CSI, NCSI, and all shows!
    Jean Gordon

  28. Nana says:

    As far as I recall, with departure of Code de Pablo the creator’s of the show were forced to throw away the whole script that was almost ready for the season 10. So they had to struggle their way during the whole year. Let’s be patient and give some time to work out what they’ve got, let see what comes next. As for Bishop, I like her, because she is so different from Ziva. This is my favorite show, thus I don’t want to give up so easily and wish them success.

  29. LAD says:

    I do wish there was somehow a way for you to bring Ziva back into the cast, though I know it was a personal decision on her part to leave the cast. in my personal opinion she is irreplaceable. Bishop is ok, but that doe not fill the void of Ziva. What exactly is Cote doing now?

  30. Flora Neff says:

    I really like Emily Wickersham but they need to do more action with her. Right now the show is more psychoanalyzing then anything and I like more action. I do love the show though

  31. JANET says:




  32. Rosalina Jusino says:

    I am sad to say that I have stopped watching NCIS after Ziva was watched off so fast. If you really knew how close the whole group was how could they. I really thought Tony would keep in touch someway knowing him. Hey come on you writers can do anything do it they don,t have to be love just BFF.s at least.

    • I agree with you Rosalina, there is no reason for tony and ziva to not have been in communication this whole season. Did we need to hear about it every week? No. But once since October? Would have been more realistic IMO. I think that something must have happened personally to make those who had the power to do that, namely mark harmon and Glasberg, stubbornly deny the fans of that mention. Fine, if that is how they are playing it? I am done watching! I watched s11, or more like suffered through it, to see that mention and it never happened. If the show can’t do that one little thing in 22 episodes for a loyal group of fans who have been watching the show each week for years? then. I’m on to another show.

  33. HE Perkins. says:

    Whatever you do bring Zeva back. The show is nowhere near the same without her.

  34. Divr says:

    WTH Today is 6/14 and this is a 1/15 article…….

  35. nan says:

    I was so hoping the New Orleans woman would move into the Ziva spot, but guess she will stay with NCIS: New Orleans. Bishop is not the right character for NCIS. Please, find another woman for that spot. Bishop is too childish and the lines from Gibbs seem forced. The Gibbs we know would never put up with that silliness!!!!!!

  36. Evelyn Tarbell says:

    NCIS was my favorite show when Ziva was there, but after she left I have lost interest. The new person just doesnt do it for me. Ziva was tough and brave and that was what they needed in replacing her. As for Tony needing to grow, I think he can be repaced anytime. Tony is a weak link.

  37. Gina says:

    Tony really needs to get a life, his childish behavior is ruining the show. Get rid of him get in someone awesome and then the show has another chance….Tony’s character is just getting too boring and childish. Not fun.

  38. Calvin says:

    Gibbs, Tony, McGee, and Ziva were more like a family team. Bishop however seems to be outside the loop and Gibbs caters to her to much. I think it would be good for Ziva to text Tony or email him and get back in touch with him again! It would bring some life back to the show and give Tony and Ziva a fresh outlook on something they were developing when she left the show! There are a lot of fans that would love to see them reunited at least for one showing sometime in the future. Ziva could drop by for a visit and maybe have dinner with Tony or something.
    With Bishop she doesn’t seem to fit the “probie” character that all newbies should go thru on NCIS and Gibb’s team! Strengthen her role and the show might be a lot better then it is now.

  39. Twiliah says:

    How many service people can die each week. Granted that’s the story line BUT when you have a slow hot relationship developing along with the cat an mouse game makes you wonder each week if they will make it. Now that Ziva is gone I just lost interest in the show. No mater who they replace Ziva she cant compete. If they want to save the show well its right in front of their face.

  40. MEW says:

    I know the communication must fit in with the story line, even if you do end any sort of relastionship between Tony and Ziva, they are all still friends. For example in the session finally after the funeral for Gibb’s father. Gibbs could have gotten a text from Ziva, “I’m sorry Gibbs, – Z” short, sweet and it still lets us know even though she is no longer in the building she is still a part of the team as a friend.

  41. Karen says:

    Ziva was such an amazing character. I really wish she hadn’t left the show. Her replacement isn’t nearly as interesting.

  42. Acidhedz says:

    Why all the soap opera crap? Tim’s GF getting paralyzed. On Bones not one, but (at least) two interns lose their GF’s and another is diagnosed with cancer. I’m still working my way through the shows I watch so I don’t know what all is going on. I recall on CSI the lab tech with the Italian fiance broke off the relationship.

    These are police procedural shows. Not soap operas. Just because garbage like game of thrones and breaking bad are so popular with some degenerates and fools doesn’t mean every single show on tv has to become a soap opera where nothing ever goes right for anyone.

    Isn’t a story about a bombing enough? Isn’t it enough to have the team investigate something that hurt a bunch of people? Why does it have to include Tim’s GF? Why? What is the point? It’s contrived soap opera nonsense. Nothing but an excuse to derail the show from solving crimes and show more “character driven drama” down our throats AGAIN.

    NCIS used to be really good at keeping the serialized soap opera tripe to a minimum.

    “The intent is to show a really smart individual take control of her life and rise up after all she’s been through. We’re excited about the arc that character is going to face as someone in a wheelchair.”

    And this has WHAT to do with solving crimes? How is this in any way shape or form related to the show?
    Why can’t Tim just have a relationship going on in the background? Since they are determined to never have him and Abby hook up, why can’t he just have a normal, in the background, not taking up time on the show, relationship with someone. Why, why, WHY, does it have to be turned into this tripe?

    • CatScan says:

      You probably need to find another show to watch. NCIS has always been about the characters first, crimes second.

  43. cindy morton says:

    Tony and Ziva were good together. Would love for her to come back to the show! Plz Ziva!

  44. Cindie says:

    Okay – but can we get rid of Bishop? Please?

  45. cindy morton says:

    Agree Judy

  46. pat achuler says:

    Plese gegt a new team member get rid of Bishop she is tepid we need someone with spunk like Kate and Zeeva

  47. S. Allside says:

    NCIS has been my favorite show, but they have jumped the shark this year with the actress & storyline for the “blonde kid” the show selected to be the next female agent. I don’t like it.

  48. Shannon Barlow says:

    I’ve tried watching the show a couple times since Ziva left. I DON’T LIKE IT!!!!!!! Somehow, I am hoping Ziva comes back. I watch re-runs all the time. I figured I’d get use to this new person Bishop but I she doesn’t fit or work for this show. It’s too bad really because I loved watching NCIS. It was great. NOW, not so much anymore. I hope NCIS figures something out soon or you may find your show not making the grade anymore. Sorry!!!

  49. Red says:

    I don’t care what they have to do to bring Cote de Pablo back as Ziva, but I hope they do it! The Bishop character is terrible.

    • grandmal006 says:

      I agree,she is terrible.

    • RobW says:

      Therein lies the problem. You don’t care that she wanted to go and that she moved on. All that matters is that you want her back. Do you endorse kidnapping her and forcing her to do a job she’s over?

      • Maggie says:

        If she is such a genius, why does she come across as an airhead? Sorry but she is not a good fit for the team. All the sparkle and chemistry is gone. And yes I wish Ziva would come back, whatever it takes to make it happen.

      • Julie Schreiner says:

        She didn’t want to leave. She wanted her contract to for the same time period as Michael Weatherly’s. They were afraid they would do like “Friends” did and both hold out for outrageous salaries. They deserve it!

    • VeeBee says:

      For the right price, she’ll want to come back. And I hope she does.