NCIS: Why Aren't Tony and Ziva Staying in Touch? Show Boss Addresses that 'Valid Issue' and More

NCIS Ziva Last EpisodeA second goldfish is nice and all, sure, but why isn’t NCIS‘ Tony keeping Ziva in his life in a more literal way, either through Skyping (on an encrypted line, of course) or any other 21st-century technology available to him?

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“A lot of people have approached me about the idea of not shutting the door entirely on [their staying in touch], and I’m not opposed to it,” showrunner Gary Glasberg told TVLine at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday, when we asked if the CBS drama might ever suggest that Tony (played by Michael Weatherly) is finding ways to communicate with his ex-colleague (former cast member Cote de Pablo). “But it has to be done in a way where it feels organic to the storytelling and we’re not just throwing in lines about Ziva here and there.”

For example, “If Tony’s in a personal relationship or there’s something significant happening for him and he wondered how she would respond, then maybe we can figure out a way to do it. It’s a valid issue to bring up.”

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But anyone asking for both “Tiva” to somehow live on (even off camera) and for Tony to grow as a person/agent, is talking about two mutually exclusive things.

“Every time we bring her up, for Michael [Weatherly] and for Tony, it pulls him back to being in that relationship again,” Glasberg explained. “So it’s a tricky balance.

“We’re as sensitive to him moving forward post-Ziva as the rest of the world is,” Glasberg also said, because doing so “gives him the opportunity to grow and try things and meet people and move on.”

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Addressing NCIS‘ other hot topic — SPOILER ALERT for this week’s episode — Glasberg said he is “really proud” of the decision to make McGee’s new girlfriend Delilah (recurring player Margo Harshman) the victim of a bomb blast, leaving her paralyzed.

“Sometimes I walk into the writers room and I say, ‘We’re going to do something…,’ and they look at me like I have six heads — and one of those instances was I wanted this bomb to go off, similar to some of the tragic stories that I saw after the Boston marathon,” he shared. “I remember seeing a piece about a bunch of [female victims] who had managed to start to pull their lives back together again, and I wanted to try to capture some of that on our show. The intent is to show a really smart individual take control of her life and rise up after all she’s been through. We’re excited about the arc that character is going to face as someone in a wheelchair.”

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  1. Char Richo says:

    I know these are fictional people and all, but I’m just not ready for Tony to move on. Yes I’m aware I might need my sanity checked.

    • Rob says:

      Don’t you think it will be a little boring if Tony’s pining for Ziva?

      • Judy says:

        Not so much pining for Ziva, as missing her. Their relationship grew to a mutual admiration, understanding and love for one another. She will always be a part of his life. The next woman will have a hard time living up to her. Should Sean ever forgive him and walk back into his life he could be happy, but Ziva is his soulmate!

        • Hari says:

          Yes, in order to live up to Ziva’s legacy, a new girl will have to knock Tony on the ground and point TWO guns in his face. That is apparently how some people think a person shows their love.

          • RobW says:

            Abuse as foreplay only worked in the War of the Roses movie, and we know where that ended. . . .

          • Megan says:

            This is what I don’t get. Why would anybody want Tony to be with someone who would hurt him again. She doesn’t change and won’t change. She already had killed the guy in the elevator, she hit Ray and she assaulted Tony. If something Tony did that Tony didn’t like than she would hurt him again. You can see that she doesn’t change because she was there to kill Ari and yet she didn’t letting him kill Kate. She didn’t tell anybody about her Dad when she saw him in the photo and now look two kids have to grow up without a Mom. If Vance would have known then Eli and Ziva would never have been there. He would still have a wife and the kids would still have a Mom.

          • computergeekv5 says:

            Actually Ziva is changing and that’s one of the reasons why the character left, she’s questioning what she is and what she does even though I see nothing wrong it either. As we see in real life Israelis live under a constant state of war never knowing when their fanatic enemies will start another rocket strike hoping to hit a school, market, or hospital anywhere where they can kill women and children. Then when they finally have had enough and strike back they are blamed by the UN, press and progressive aka communist democrats for war crimes. The logic behind that escapes even this democrat but it is evidence that Israel stands alone and needs to do what they have to do to survive including training their boys and girls to be weapons like Ziva because in their world it’s the only way to survive.

            As far as tony I couldn’t figure out why she’d be interested in an immature idiot in the first place, your worried about ziva hurting him part of her training would be self control if she actually wanted to damage him she would have many times already. Plus I’ve been waiting several seasons for mcgee to man up give him a keyboard upper cut that would knock him out of his shoes. I hate the computer geek stereotype this geek would have put him in his place and the hospital straight off.

            ps I hope the old ziva returns this new girls is the definition of boring!!! no disrespect to the actress she can only do so much with what she’s given which was nothing.

          • Paul says:

            You people are engaging in a lot of fanaticizing and wishful thinking. I never saw any indication that Ziva ever had any affection for tony. He obviously had the hots for her but she just tolerated him and humored him to keep the peace. She considered him sophomoric and childish, and rightly so. From her side, there was no romance to keep alive.

        • Who is Sean? Tony’s undercover GF was Jeanne Benoit.

        • Tom says:

          OMG! really? LOL ….. if you’re so hung up on stupid soaps please watch day time soap garbage ….. you need help, lots.

          • jan torres says:

            I agree that daytime soaps r no better than a boring commercial but at least this show tries to handle stories that are really happening in the real world

        • Oh, Jeanne! I almost forgot about Dr. Benoit. I loved that character. THAT would be great for sure.

          • Melissa says:

            I forgot about her as well. There needs to be an accidentally meeting between Tony and the good doctor. He needs to clear the air. Please NCIS bring someone Tony to love.

          • DEL061 says:

            Except they ended on really bad terms, no?

            I have ben suggesting Tony finds out Ziva was killed by an assassin or in a firefight with a group of terrorists sent after her. Mossad delivers a young girl (age based on when Ziva and Tony spent their last night together..Ziva never told Tony. The girl looks like a young Ziva…….

            This would end Tony wondering…the fans wondering…it will also allow the writers to create a lot of back stories for episodes…..McGee babysitting….Gabby shopping with her…..Gibbs as a grandfather figure…Tony’s dad is more involved. Opening Tony to be able to have new relationships.

      • JLS says:

        Five minutes of Tony pining for Ziva would be worth more than an hour of the boring, off-balanced drivel we have now! I love the show and other characters but not enough anymore to spend an hour of my time watching something I no longer find to be enjoyable! I’m not the only one!

        • Maggie says:

          No you’re not alone. The show has dumbed down and slowed down. The good stories are gone. Now the teaser for next season is Gibbs’ ex wife and Bishop husband. Who cares?

        • cj orey says:

          that goes for me too.I quit watching the show when zeva left.maybe one day she will return..I hope so..sorry, but she was the show for one can replace her..

          • Tom says:

            well I guess we balance out then cause I left the show when they brought her in and came back when the dumped her ….. can’t please everyone

          • Linda says:

            The characters no longer have the inter-play they had before Ziva left. I think Tony and Zive will always have to maintain some kind of relationship….even if it’s through a mutual third party…..I can see down the road…who knows how many year..but at the end of Tony or the show itself they somehow end up back together…even if its very late in life after both have lived well in to their golden years…just a thought.

          • CindyB says:

            You quit watching when Zeva left? Really? The only episodes I watched had a Ziva and I cheered when she left. I started watching NCIS during season 7 and it was not a favorite. Thank God to the USA Channel, they ran marathons almost every day/weekend and I finally saw seasons 1 & 2. I became addicted. It was awesome…Then Ziva arrived…Gah! If it hadn’t been for the USA channel’s replay of all the earlier episodes again and again and again… Well, lets just say, I am glad Ziva is gone…I still don’t know who Zeva is….Probably even less enjoyable than Ziva.

          • Zavit says:

            Amen to that.

        • Tom says:

          than change the channel …. very easy, it’s the little button marked “Channel”

      • Lori McFarland says:


    • Cheryl Zach says:

      Ditto to the not ready to move on. After 8 yrs of watching Tony and Ziva growing toward something they never really were allowed to develop, rushing into relationship w/another woman makes him look as shallow as when he began. I’m still angry and have so much less enthusiasm for the show, to my sorrow.

      • sl says:

        I am right there with you. I am all for him to grow as an agent and all but after eight years and such with ziva sort of, I am not ready for him to just jump to the next female. I am not a complete bishop fan, but liking that she is not a romance partner for Tony, she is smart, and glad they made her married I am not there with her as being the new agent of the group. Tony and McGee and Ziva had this easier teasing and banter going and probie hijinks and each really earned this place. I just don’t sea that with Bishop and not really liking Gibbs and jumping with her ideas so quickly and garnish trust where the others went through trials and tribulations to earn what was just seems like it was just given to her without hard work. I will see, but so far not an entire fan of the newbie and not in a dire need to see episodes like I have before. I still watch the show but if I miss it I am fine with catching it later on tape.

        • Sarah says:

          ABSOLUTELY, positively agree with your entire post. Gibbs character has been weakened by Bishop. He agrees too quickly. And, I miss the banter. The balance is definitely off and I must admit, as well, that NCIS is not at the top of my list anymore. Too bad.

          • Ron G. says:

            I agree Gibbs isn’t the same, I say they should have kept the Ziva charactor with a different actress, with the magic of hollywood they could have done it… and having Tims girl friend parralized is wrong… Man!, the NCIS wrighters are going off the deep end.. Yes! you are loseing me too… GET WITH IT!

          • Linda says:

            Absolutely agree!! I watched faithfully everyweek. Now I don’t care if I miss it. Bishop is not a good fit at all.Not a believable character and looks and acts like a fifteen year old. None of the characters are the same now. Just not as interesting or entertaining as before. Just really blah! Sure is ashame how one person can really change things. Need to find a much more believable and acceptable replacement. Not a childish, skinny, spoiled junior high looking kid..What a bummer!!!! Linda

          • terri bingiel says:

            gibbs needs to toughen up again his relationship with bishop makes him look like putty in her hands. T

          • Judith says:

            I agree. I have not been happy with the recent shows. I am truly disappointed in the writing going on here. It’s as if, they want NCIS to fail this season.

          • GRETCHEN says:


          • Diane says:

            I just dont like the show without Ziva it has lost all its pazzaz its not fun its not anything any more

          • I agree something has happened. The show doesn’t have that draw. It can’t be all Ziva because others have come and gone. I really believe it is the character of Bishop.

          • lINDA iZDEPSKI says:

            I i
            I would like for Ziva to come back the show is not the same with out her. She is a classy grownup lady, and great on udercover work. Bishop actiong like a youngster playing ground up. Sure miss the the old NCIS not the same with Bishop.

          • Annette says:

            I totally agree he is to easy with her dont like it she just does not fit in

          • CT says:

            I absolutely agree with both of you. I also don’t think Bishop will ever fit into the team. I never use to miss a show, now I rarely ever catch one.

          • And todays news re: NCIS reports that Marlee Maitlin (deaf woman]who at least has some personality will be on in nest season. Maybe she taught Gibbs sign language, I wondered how he learned how to “sign” with Abby on occassions.

          • shonna says:

            I disagree Gibbs hasn’t been weakened by Bishop, he has been weakened by life and losing people he loved. I think all it is saying is that every experience we have eventually shapes us to be what we truly are: human beings.

        • R Grande says:

          I totally agree. I’m not a bishop fan and don’t feel the “dysfunctional family” group that many relate to. I used to be glued in front of the tv on Tues night for NCIS and now if I miss an episode, it doesn’t really bother me. Would love to see Ziva return. Would bring more complication to the show!!

          • Rosalina Jusino says:

            I am 100% in total agreement with you. Ziva went through a lot in NCIS especially with her own family back home getting killed. They should have kept her going, they could have done it. Also, I agree with Tony keeping in touch with her via phone since she cannot be there. Come on Gibbs this is not you, no matter how it was done Ziva did save your life. I sure would like to have her name mentioned once in a while. I just cannot get into Bishops character. I’m sure she is a fine actress but she is not happening for me. I will try to keep watching but Bishop is not getting it done.

          • Diane says:

            I agree, the show has no more pep or interest. I do like the original cast but without Ziva its just not the same. I’m more interested in NCIS Los Angles

        • Jamal Greene says:

          Bring Ziva back with her action pack role the way she fit in with her character

          • david a towell says:

            I missed the reason for Ziva leaving? Plus the new girl isn’t working!!! I’m a fan at my TV every tuesday.

        • Linda says:

          Absolutely right on!! The banter is not there, Gibbs is not as good without Ziva< and neither is Tony, The show was #1 in my book, but not anymore/ Bishop does not fit in at all!! Sorry!!

          • Denise N says:

            i agree with everyone. bishop is not good for the show, too fake for me, sitting on a floor and scattering important files and whats with those eyebrows that looks like a caterpillar crawling across her forehead, does not go with the hair color. I used to watch this show every single week, now, i watch if there is nothing else on i want to see. the writers have really missed the mark this year. get a strong woman character that maybe trained with Ziva at one point and have them on recurring. Don’t add a regular again unless she has the same gumption as Ziva did. Gibbs is getting soft with Bishop and it stinks, she probably reminds him of his dead daughter and thats why he is being so agreeable. he needs a head slap ! go get him Abby ! As soon as i see Bishop, i change the channel. Not my favorite show anymore.

          • May says:

            I agree with most of what everyone is saying. I don’t want to see Tony move on yet, I want to see him still dealing with his feelings for Ziva. And the others, too – especially Gibbs. She save his life, they had a very special father/daughter relationship – even Ducky said that he had never taken to anyone, including Tony, as quickly as he did to Ziva. At times I feel like they are purposely not saying her name in a scene where it would be very natural for it to come up in conversation. Since when does an employee leave a job and their name is never spoken again?

        • gayartri says:

          A major problem has to do with the writers being asleep at the switch. The story lines have become something I would expect to see in an afternoon soap opera.

          • Mark C says:

            …and the dialogue for the main characters is wrong. What they’re saying, how they’re saying it just doesn’t sound right.

          • HYMN says:

            Its been running a long time and seems a little tired, the actors probably are also. Give the writers a break, it can’t be easy to deliver on demand week after week. As for Bishop, lets face it die hard fans, no one would have seemed “good enuff” to replace the Z-girl. The show is still enjoyable to me. Once you get to the top of the mountain,again,and again where is there left to go? Ahh… New Orleans !

        • April says:

          I fully agree that Gibbs jumps at any suggestions or ideas Bishop gives to the group. Its as if she is the boss and not him. NCIS has slowed down so much since Ziva left the show. It was so full of whimsical banter, seriousness and Ziva filled the program with action. So since it is slowing down, I am now more in tune with NCIS: LA. There is chemistry amongst the group including Heddy and solid storylines. Well, hope NCIS picks up…….cause it is so nice to look at ” Gibbs”.

          • Kay N. says:

            I agree they need to bring back at least someone with Ziva’s vibes and gutsiness. Bishop acts like a little baby, she just doesn’t fit in. Nedd some one with more gutsiness and be intune with the rest of the team. I also agree that Gibbs is not up to par anymore. I love Mark Harmon, but his role is more childish now. I don’t like it. WHO AGREES WIH ME?????

        • nana4 says:

          I have to agree with the statements made about the changes that have taken place in NCIS this year. I think the writers should have taken their time to replace Ziva. I just do not like her replacement. Her character acts like a high school graduate or younger, sits in the floor pretending she is some genius. Bring back the rest of the group!! This season the writers seem to be putting her character at the forefront trying to make us viewers accept her. But that strategy has only served to make this season of NCIS one of the worst since it made its first appearance on TV. I don’t watch the show much any more. I watch the first five or ten minutes just to see if Bishop is going to be the highlight of the show. There is not any real story line anymore. The team is not being given any real crimes to solve. Since Bishop has arrived, the crime is solved in 2 minutes and the rest of the show is just blah. What has happened to the directors, producers, and writers of this show? Are they squabbling or have all of them been off their game ALL season long? Something has happened. I just know that NCIS has been my favorite show until this season. Now I am trying to make up my mind whether to buy this season and add to my collection or just not waste the money. NCISLA and CRIMINAL MINDS are really rocking this year. Maybe the writers could leave Bishop in DC and move the rest of the gang to New Orleans! At least we would get to see our favorite characters back in action. According to the directors and writers, Bishop is a one man show, so just leave her there alone. At least that way we would be rid of her. There is one thing I would really like to know—-do the directors, producers, and writers ever read any of the comments made about NCIS? All I ever read is how “perfect” our little miss sunshine is for the show. Upon what do they base their opinions? Okay, I have spouted off enough—just wanted to get all of this off my chest. It is good to know I am not the only one feeling about what used to be the best show on TV!

        • I am right there with you. If I catch it on tape, fine. I actually like a show now in a competitive time slot so I watch it if I’m home. That Never would have happened before. I handled loosing Kate, broke my heart that they let Jenny die, thankful Ziva is alive somewhere but Tony does not need to “move on” quickly and I have tried but feel no chemistry for Bishop.

        • cedewi54 says:

          Exactly, I don’t worry if I miss it either, it’s no longer my ‘go to, gotta watch’ show. I think the way they did the Ziva situation was so abrupt, it’s as if she never existed and I think that is the crux of my problem with the show after having watched all of the emotional scenes she’s had with each of the characters. It can be subtle, like seeing a dark haired woman that brings back a sweet memory and a smile from any of the characters not just Tony. But to watch this show and see her so thoroughly dismissed is unreal, unfair, and imo, disrespectful to the fans who have watched it all of these years. It’s like that time on Dallas when an entire season was erased by saying ‘it was all a dream’. It’s a betrayal of good sense and all those excuses as to why not is bogus. When Ziva came in Kate was never erased, I thought given a couple of shows to get used to Ziva leaving would help writers get back to that good writing but all they’ve done is write an entirely new show and no one has a past but the new chick. Blah!

        • dian archer says:

          I truly like this reply. I do not like the bishop role. Seems like there isn’t any meat in her character. Gibbs asks her advise and directions where he used to bark out his orders to Tony, Tim and Ziva.. Seems they have made him to soft. The way tony and Ziva’s role played out was captivating and intriguing and it would be nice for her to come back now and then, for Tony to move on. The show is not all about tony and Ziva, I like the rest of the characters, the way Gibbs is protective of Abby, Jimmy has more screen time, and the relationship between Jimmy and Ducky. I used to be excited about watching it even if it was a rerun but now I’m not even sure I want to start the new season. It is a shame a great, strong show has lost so much. There is not many GOOD shows on TV these days.

      • monique says:

        Totally Agree!!!

        • Rob says:

          In your life, do you pine away for a non-relationship for many months? I’ve mourned a broken marriage and divorce less time!

        • Brenda Pellek says:

          I do not like the new (Bishop) woman. She doesn’t fit well and Gibbs acts as if she is the smartest person there. I don’t get it. Tony should have some kind of communication with Ziva, 8 years after all, its like they don’t want her mentioned. They should of killed her off like they did Kate, then maybe we would hear about her more often!

      • Christine says:

        I wished they wood bring Ziva back, it’s not very interesting anymore.

        • michelle says:

          The show is very boring, Ziva and Tony made the show. Also bring Gibbs a girlfriend.

          • ncisfan says:

            I disagree. Ziva has left the show. Leave it alone now. As for Gibbs needing a girlfriend; why? this is a fictional show about solving crimes, not a silly love story like on the daily soaps. And about the new Bishop person. She’s not a good fit.

      • Janet says:

        I agree – the show with that blond silly little girl that sits on the floor towork, etc is boring. She really ruined it for us. Seems like they are pushing her into situations and forgetting other cast. And we are faithful watchers and want Ziva back anyway it is possible.

      • terry Browning says:

        i could never figure out why they never put Gibbs and Zeva together. Age difference aside, they are peerfect for each other. When I realized this was not going to happen I stopped

      • Ann Henry says:

        Well said.

      • PegP says:

        I agree! I don’t watch anymore and also don’t see me purchasing the season DVD set when the new one is released with Ziva gone and Bishop in. I’ll just pop in the old DVDs and watch re-runs. The show isn’t going to be on much longer anyway with Ziva and Franks gone. Can’t help about Gibbs’ father (may he rest in peace), but the good characters are leaving and being replaced with weaker ones. At least when Kate Todd left, she was replaced with a stronger character. Not anymore. It’s sad. Always loved NCIS. Not so much anymore.

      • Linda says:

        I totally agree..

    • rob says:

      am I the only one to see Emily doesn’t fit in the mix ? they have put “bishop” in the back so to speak and put the ” boys ” up front. she does not fit period.

    • Nancy Brown says:

      I think MANY people feel the same way as you do, so your sanity is in tact:). Tony & Ziva were what kept me watching NCIS. Hate the killing off of Franks, the directors wife, the change in Gibbs. Bishop just does not fit in after two kick butt charters like Kate & Ziva. Sadly I don’t watch anymore and it was my favorite show.

      • June Cintron says:

        I too hate the killing off of Franks, the director’s wife but more so, Ziva’s leaving- not only was she an excellent “kick butt”, super intelligent agent, but the chemistry between her and Tony just kept us wondering one show to the next. And I agree with the person who mentioned Bishop’s caterpillar eyebrows that don’t go with her hair color at all, doesn’t fit the mix! Please, please, please bring Ziva back. Comment by June

        • Viewer of TV says:

          Cote de Pablo left the show on her own volition. She chose to go. At the time the powers behind the program did everything they could to lure her back, but to no avail. It is what it is. Ziva is no longer part of the team. Accept it. This said, I agree that the Bishop character is not effective. Why was a replacement needed anyhow? Could the team not have operated as a threesome instead of a foursome? I believe they could have done so admirably. But then, who am I? Just a viewer who no longer watches the show on a regular basis. The absence of the Ziva character notwithstanding, the show seems to have lost some of the energy it once had.

          • Scott says:

            Saying that Cote left the show of her own volition is the CBS-line. On information and belief: Cote sought an one year extension to her contract so that she would be on the same contractual schedule as Weatherly, et al. CBS feared the actors would join together as the Friends’ actors did, costing CBS more money in future negotiations. Therefore, CBS offered “good money” for an actress and a little extra money for her to drop her contractual extension request. She did not accept, as she should not have. With the production company and CBS apparently involved in or more other law suits, Cote demonstrated her commitment to the show and her craft, as shown by the injuries that she suffered in filming two, or more, episodes. People close to the show appear very unhappy with CBS that is why we now have the opportunity to watch a sub-standard product rather than what we wish to watch. BLAME CBS & BRING COTE BACK!

          • RW says:

            Scott, unless you got this direct from Cote herself, its all unfounded groundless rumors. So, did you get this from Cote or are your so-called allegations just unfounded BS?

          • redhatpoodle says:

            Guess I missed reading all that, Scott.

          • Scott says:

            RW think! How would Cote know what CBS feared? You watch a show that is, in part, about asking the right questions, and, in part, about coming to the right conclusions when someone presents things to you. You neither ask the right question nor do you come to the right conclusion. Perhaps, you need a tutor for watching, and learning, what NCIS has to offer.

          • RW says:

            Oh, Scott, I have asked the right questions of the people I know who actually work for the network. They don’t know the reasons, yet Cote somehow magically knows what CBS was thinking and presumably paranormally downloaded the info to you so you can fight for her right to come back to a show she’s given no indication (real not imaginary or delusion) she plans to return to. Even Michael Weatherly said on the internet (and I believe in an interview) that this was the best decision for Cote and that she is much happier now. Unlike you, I choose not to believe rumors. How would NCIS work if Gibbs arrested people because they magically were downloaded information that just happens to support their positions? A lot of people would be arrested because of personal agendas that have no bearing on reality.

    • boofina says:

      we all need to move on about the Ziva thing. didn’t like her with Tony, anyway. not his type. lets just move along with real life.

    • Annette says:

      I agree

      • Evan Cooper says:

        As do I. This article originally was written in January. It’s amazing to see the same old rhetoric being spewed 5 months later. What baffles me is why aren’t all these people screaming for the return of Cote writing her and demanding an answer? No, ignorance is bliss, right? (Also, I doubt she will reply…..) Elvis has left the building, people, the ratings didn’t plummet like some of you predicted and NCIS is returning in September. If you don’t like what’s been done, write Cote and whine at her–otherwise, watch or don’t–just stop moaning about it, it’s been a year and now it’s just plain annoying to the regular fans who DO watch the show.

    • DEL061 says:

      I have ben suggesting Tony finds out Ziva was killed by an assassin or in a firefight with a group of terrorists sent after her. Mossad delivers a young girl (age based on when Ziva and Tony spent their last night together..Ziva never told Tony. The girl looks like a young Ziva…….

      This would end Tony wondering…the fans wondering…it will also allow the writers to create a lot of back stories for episodes…..McGee babysitting….Gabby shopping with her…..Gibbs as a grandfather figure…Tony’s dad is more involved. Opening Tony to be able to have new relationships.

    • Jordan says:

      I will be next in line for the padded room, Char. I don’t know why I am so invested in the relationship between these two fictional characters, but I am. Which means that I, too, am not ready for Tony to move on. I need a hobby…

  2. DorisA says:

    Count me as another who definitely is not ready for Tony to move on. It is just much too soon. And I really do find it strange and uncomfortable that they are not shown staying in touch.

  3. Does GG mean, that if Tony would have a new girlfriend, then he would call Ziva to talk about ??? Is this logical and sensitive ..?

  4. I can’t wait for Tony to get back in the groove. It was so refreshing to see him flirting with the SME this past week.

    As for Delilah, I’m looking forward to seeing more of her relationship with McGee. I’d really love to see them bring the two of them together romantically for the long haul. Marriage at the end of the season would be nice. :-)

    • Parker says:

      Marriage between McGee and Delilah would be unrealistic IMO. They are a new couple, McGee shows no sings of being hopelessly in love yet. It stands to reason he’d think twice or more before going any further with the relationship if her condition is permanent. I’m sure 8000 bleeding hearts will jump all over me as a cold blooded, heartless person, but I’m a pragmatist and marriage is hard enough without attaching that kind of millstone to it. And a person would have to be absolutely in love to take on that commitment. He may stick out of a sense of honor, but it would be a mistake.

      • totally agreed. I was actually more than a little annoyed with Tim – he was kind of an *ss to Delilah. I never got any feeling he had any strong feelings for her. when he saw her in the hospital he didn’t even touch her. Maybe this story arc will help them bond, and that would be lovely to see unfold. Marriage at the end of the season? Ridiculous.

        • Lee says:

          I agree to a point with both of you about McGee and Delilah. Yet I think you both need to remember Tim’s past. An Admiral father who didn’t see things his way and always looked down at Tim. What it did to Tim and his mother to live with a guy like that. And to have a Grandmother who was a rebel. And to be what society calls a geek. Tim gets along better with electronics than he does with women. Why? Try being a geek and find out. And we saw that the episode where the doc had to sign off on his FitRep to let him go back to work. He didn’t know how to deal. He’s still learning the relationship side of things. I think the writers could have a real golden opportunity here, to help McGee explore that side. Especially now that it’s even more important with that facet of Delilah being handicapped. That would be a storyline worth watching. As for my 2 cents on the Bishop thing… yes. I agree with most of the comments here. I think she should go back to NSA. She just doesn’t fit in. And poor Tony… Yes, Cote left the show, whatever the reason. I thought Tony’s role was a bit weird with Cote. But now I miss that weird about him. As far as I’m concerned the writers botched his post-life role. Like that song…”I’m half the man I used to be.” And even if Cote were to come back, he’s different now. How would that work?

      • NoChance says:

        So, you’re seriously saying that Tim should dump Delilah because she’s paralyzed? Wow. That’s cold and assumes that Tim is a real “b”rick.

        • Parker says:

          No I’m saying that fate threw a monkey wrench into a beginning relationship and that Tim can be a supportive friend to her but should avoid any stronger involvement if her condition is irreversible. And if Delilah is an honorable person she would say the same thing. Staying because of a sense of obligation would destroy whatever might have been.

        • Susan says:

          Love is a choice. If she were a drunk, and he found out afterword, or something else, yes even paralyzed. It is not what I would want in a spouse. Now if they were already married, that is different.

      • Kathy A says:

        I thought Delilah’s feelings toward Tim were stronger than his toward her. There’s an emotional disconnect in that relationship — witness her hurt at his unwillingness to attend the gala, and the way she ignored his discomfort at the idea of going. She guilted him into going, by buying him a custom-tailored tux. And I think he’ll stay with her out of a sense of guilt — survivor’s guilt, this time (because of that, I hope to see more of Dr. Kate’s Sister throughout this storyline).

        • Karen W says:

          I have never felt any chemistry between Tim and Delilah, no romance, no affection. Perhaps Tim’s reluctance to go to the gala was because he is not committed to the relationship and wanted to back away. It is hard to tell from Tim’s guarded emotions whether he realized he has deep feelings for her or is feeling guilt, either way, he will stay by her side. The only realistic outcome for this is for Delilah, not wanting to keep the man she cares about tied to an invalid, to break off the relationship and set him free.

          • I think Tim should be with Abby, They have always had a connection. The writers should have explored their having a relationship. I loved Tony And Ziva but Tony & Michelle ( the Mobsters daughter) is the relationship in which Tony showed his most sensitive side. He showed his feeling for her. Everyone knew he was in love with her. He should have told her “it was real. I really loved you. “It may not have started out that way but he did fall in love with her.

      • Carol says:

        I agree…they are friends, and while that is a great basis for a lasting marriage–it’s TOO soon to think about commitment. I am glad that they are leaving her injuries a permanent reality–crap happens in life. To all of us–it is real.
        As to Gibbs and Tony—Gibbs is the center and is balanced–needs to stay that way, not COW-TOW to anyone—he never did before, no matter the others position. Tony is a natural flirt so FLIRT. There was an 8 year working relationship NOT personal one with Ziva–that was short-lived. It would not have worked in the show for long. Get over it!
        As to Bishop—WHEN can we say Goodbye? The character and the actor are awful! Last week when she was “training” and not knowing everything from the start; her acting seemed to be reading lines from a prompter. Seriously, who would want to have to depend on her to have their back?! What are the producers thinking???!!!

      • gatto54 says:

        I’m still hopeful that Abby & Tim end up together. I think they bring out the best in each other and have a very deep connection. Love to see some little McAbbys!

      • Some of the best things in life happened because of a mistake. So grow a pair and grow up. Ziva should come back. Bishope is a bit different and Gibbs trusts different ~ That’s why Abby works so well. I love the show. I do think Tony should work out some. On the game show he plays on adds more than 10 pounds to him. NCIS hides it pretty good. Tony is hot and Ziva (& Kate) brought it out. Bishop is not there for Tony, she is for balance. I miss Ziva and Kate too.

        • Lanette says:

          I think they should expand Delilah and use her character to bring something new. Maybe not with Tim, but maybe just by herself and kinda see where it goes. She’s smart, courageous and genuine. Get rid of Bishop and keep the rest. Maybe Delilah could help fill the void that was left by Ziva.

      • I think I agree with that, but also because before she was paralyzed from the bombing, Delilah couldn’t get McGee to come with her to that event where she was to be recognized (am I getting this right?) for her work. He’s not comfortable yet with committing to anyone I don’t think, which makes sense considering some of the women he’s dated, not including Abby. I always think of that Aussie, “Where’s Kai, Tim?” That woman was beautifully and deadly. lol He had another use his credit card repeated I think, too. It might be a while for that relationship to reach matrimony. What about Abby falling for someone? That would make up for no romances recently. :)

        • lsperling says:

          Apparently, while Season 10 was a banner ratings season for NCIS, Season 11 fell short.  Possible connection between Ziva’s exist and the introduction of the dullest character on TV – Emily Bishop?

  5. NoChance says:

    Thank you for the article, Matt and thank you Gary for explaining your inspiration for your decision for Delilah. Personally I love what you did. People with injuries such as her CAN move on and have a full and happy life (including love).
    And thank you too for your decisions about Tony especially in the light that the two were never really a couple. They danced around it but both knew about Rule 12 so “dancing” is all they ever did. She’s moved on with her life and it’s OK for Tony to do the same. (Maybe he’ll have a few dates with Sophia).

  6. BJ says:

    I think that Tony moving on and Ziva being in the picture have proven to be mutally exclusive things. However, a wedding invitation or something that indicates she got her happy life post NCIS might be a good touch!

    • How can she get married? She is in HIDING from some bad people!! Didn’t you see the end?

      • gatto54 says:

        She no longer needs to be in hiding since Parsa is dead, she is trying to find a life for herself without all the violence that her life has had up to now. It would be very true to their characters if Abby & Ziva were in contact with each other, I think.

  7. Sandra says:

    Why would it be mutually exclusive for Tony to grow while staying in touch with Ziva? THey grew tremendously together and I don’t see why that could not happen. And I don’t want to see him with Sofia, just no, please. Especially if this is going to be that “love triangle” with Senior.

    • suzi says:

      I agree that suggesting that they have stayed in touch does influence Tony’s maturation process at all. Irregardless of where their relationship may have gone, they were friends, and bringing him back to that could give him comfort. Regarding the “love triangle”, I’m hoping this woman comes in between Junior and Senior in a totally unromantic way.

    • monique says:

      Yes, I think Tony and Ziva grew together and they both want to change. He is now going to his “group” and she stayed in Israel to sort things out. Getting them together just makes so much sense and would help the show. It has become kind of boring with Bishop and no sparing, love interest etc. I agree the whole show changed for me when Ziva left.

    • Tv viewer says:

      If she is hiding out, it would be inappropriate and dangerous for Ziva to stay in touch with anyone from her past life. And ANYONE includes EVERYONE and that includes the team. This said, we know how loyal, circumspect and secretive Gibbs is, so it might follow that he is the only one who knows where she is and with whom she maintains communication.

  8. Edgar Humpert says:

    It’s not to understand why a network not able for normal negoations, why a network not able to find the best solution for a proper show before. Why a network is proud about decreasing ratings from 2 Mio. viewers. What are this people?
    They had the best show ever and look only on her own “view”. In all ridiculous

  9. as524 says:

    Considering that Tony & ziva had no special romantic relationship throughout the show, I see no reason for him to contact her with momentous news about his life or his relationships.

    The sheer idiocy of a small group of fans trying to keep tiva alive is almost funny at this point.

    Can not wait for Tony to find a GF this season – much like Jimmy & McGee have (aka keep it offscreen)

    • Analyn says:

      I agree with what u said. People really need to levea cote de Pablo alone with her decision & move on It ok miss a Ziva but to keep on obsessing abt is not just be happy she was left alive

    • mic says:


    • JLS says:

      “Considering that Tony & ziva had no special romantic relationship throughout the show…”

      Oh honey, you’re single aren’t you!!?!?

  10. Oh, and I love that we’re going to see Delilah rising up from this and overcoming her new challenges. Being paralyzed does not mean her life is over. I’m glad the show is going to explore that.

  11. Sammy Thinks says:

    I have never seen so much wrong piled up in one interview since Mitt Romney.

    • Mari says:

      OMG. This. Best one liner ever Sammy.

      In my opinion the show has been nothing but incosistent regarding Ziva since her departure.
      And for the people who say That Tony and Ziva were never together, yeah, that’s true.

      But it was practically always shoved in our face, the underlying tones of it.
      We all know that, had Cote decided to stay, season 11 was gonna bring a resolution to the relationship, probably with the two of them going for it.

      I mean, come on, the only two serious relationships Ziva had on the show were criminals in disguise.
      I don’t believe in coincidendes.

      And come on, they made Tony say “I’m fighting for you, I can change”.
      If that’s not leaving the door open what is it?
      Why, why in hell would Tony call Ziva to say he’s in a relationship now?
      Doesn’t make any sense, come on.

      Please Gary, call Jason Katims and ask for advice for tv relationships.

      • as524 says:

        incorrect – GG was already on record that Season 11 would have brought more of the idiotic heavy ship anvils and then more backing off anything but the painful tease

        the best thing that could have happened to this show was to have cdp quit (but not in the way she did which was just rude)
        Now the show just needs to move on from the ziva era

        • Mari says:

          I didn’t like Ziva in the beginning actually.
          I think I began to really like her after Somalia.
          And then I got into the idea of her and Tony together.
          I mean, it was always there in our faces that something was gonna happen sooner or later, and they played it for so long and lost the chance.
          I think I would have liked some resolve – get together or not, but please stop keeping us in limbo.
          Then Cote chose to leave, and in my opinion it became a mess.
          Because seriously, how do you wrap up something that was there but wasn’t really there?

          The way the farewell went it was like something that could have been, and still could in future.
          That’s the way I perceived it.

          If their partnership was handled like the Garcia/Morgan relationship on CM, with the flirty banter and the emotional connection that is in no way romantic( always imho), I could have been on board with it.
          I would have liked it.
          I would have been displeased with Cote’s departure, but I wouldn’t feel like I was part of a cosmic joke.
          They set, still my opinion – I’m aware of people whoo think that Ziva never respected Tony and so on – the will they/ won’t thet dynamic since earlier days, and then draggen on too long without resolve, because… idk, maybe they tought it helped the numbers? – even though the show was pretty strong story-wise – and it still is.
          But they are going around it the wrong way, handling it now.
          I mean, for Tony to say those thing to Ziva in her last episode, and then crushing on his possible new stepmommy?
          For me, it was pretty clear he loved her, and I think that, realistically speaking, it takes longer than that to forget a person you spent four months looking for in the desert.

          And frankly, everyt single time Gary speaks about Tony and Ziva, I feel like I’m in the Twilight zone.
          The things he says don’t make sense for me, and not because I wanted Tony and Ziva to make ninja babies, but because seriously?
          You would call someone you’ve cared for so long in a so ambiguous and tragically resolved way to say you are in a new relationship?
          In what universe?
          And sorry, but for me, the show has been anything but organic in this season.
          I mean, I like Ellie, she has potential, but really?
          Where’s the Gibbs I learnt to love?
          Are the years finally catching up to him?

          • leia says:

            yup the years have caught up, first change happened after Hiatus, second after Judgement Day, third after Spider and Fly among others. Gibbs can’t be exactly the same after 11 years can he? As for Tony contacting Ziva that was in response to a question delivering the why not, not will, Tony needs to just move on. They would be hard pressed to even have a phone conversation without her willingly doing a voiceover ala Sasha in Man Walks into a Bar. Don’t see that happening. Cote’s trying to separate herself from the show for her career future, so she’s not typecast. You can’t say that’s a bad move on her part. Further her departure hasn’t really hurt the show’s ratings. Ellie is not a team member, she’s an analyst on loan from NSA, she’s the sounding board things get bounced off her, she rattles off possible scenarios, Note that in Kill Chain Gibbs got the answer in his mind just before Bishop was able to say it. She’s not superwoman or Mary sue. The team still pulls its own weight and has its own insight. Ellie just brings analysis to the situation, just like Ducky brings psychological profiling, Abby forensic science, Tim computer skills which do not mirror Bishop in any way. TIm follows the 0’s and 1’s hacks, tracks, Bishop is not capable of that, she’s a puzzle girl, she uses paper and computer to find the what ifs. Tony and Gibbs are the true cops with their instincts, and experience. In fact they sometimes as noted have the answer before it can be delivered by the others. A theme throughout the history of the show. The tenor of the show has changed over the years, but the themes persist

      • TV Gord says:

        No, it was not shoved in our faces. It was mostly a figment of your imaginations.

        • Mari says:

          Well, hopefully figments of my imagination will make me rich.

          And I think we should all be more laid back, the pro Ziva and the anti.
          It’s not really nice when opposites sides of a fandom are snappy and offensive to each other just because they don’t agree.

          I always try to avoid the snark while expressing my opinion regarding a fandom.

          • TV Gord says:

            I appreciate your snarklessness, but it’s hard to notice in the constant barrage of vitriol. :-)

        • CBS SOLD THE SHOW to sponsors based on that figment of our imaginations for 8 years.
          THey trotted out CdP and MW to events constantly, featured them in publicity photos and promotional clips. In fact today at the TCA, the promo clip for NCIS prominently feature TOny and Ziva. and guess what, this topic is once again generating ridiculous numbers of replies, for this fignment of our imaginations.

          • as524 says:

            lol – you make it seem like that was the only detail that ‘sold the show’….they had the team, they had Harmon, Weatherly by himself and with all the guys or just Harmon or even with only PP. The show was not sold solely on the basis of the faux romance.

    • patricia says:

      If you had replaced Ziva with someone like that Coast Guard woman (Morin??), the
      show would have continued to be exciting, compassionate, challenging, and funny.
      Tim and Tony are trying to pick it up, but for the most part, they just seem deflated.

  12. realityxash says:

    This was my emailed question about why Tony and Ziva aren’t in contact. Definitely not the answer I was looking for. He shouldn’t call her up for the first time and say “Hey Zi, I have a girlfriend” when four months ago he tore up he homeland looking for her and kissed her. This show is become worse and worse. Social media is blowing up with asking when Cote will return because the show hasn’t been the same. Emily seems nice, but the characters have all lose themselves as soon as she came along. No one is acting the same so, it’s not realistic. As a loyal viewer, I’m officially done with this show.

    • Saywhat? says:

      Oh please, a select group of people whining isn’t all “social media”. The show didn’t “lose” itself when Emily came along, once again a select group of people keep saying that like it’s true. I also seriously doubt the notion you are a loyal viewer, The type of loyalty you are showing is basically, “I’m holding my breath until I get my way”, I find it amazing you think that will work. I’m not giving up on a show with the great cast that NCIS has for anyone. I’m a fan of Ms. De Pablo, I enjoyed her since she took over for Sasha Alexander. However, after giving 8 years of her life she wanted to move on–guess what? That’s her right, perhaps everyone whining should ask Ms. De Pablo, what she wants instead of acting like disgruntled kindergartners. Another thing, all these so called “fans” are doing the same thing to Emily, badmouthing her the same way others did Ms. De Pablo, proving they are no better than the Ziva haters–I do love hypocrites……….

      • Lillian says:

        They’re a loyal Ziva/Tiva fan, not a loyal viewer of NCIS.

      • Elise says:

        A “select group”? LOL. Social media isn’t your thing I see. Get your facts straight :)

      • Flora Neff says:

        I agree I want to give Emily a chance to prove herself, The loyal fans gave Sasha and Cote a chance not Emily deserves the same respect.

      • JLS says:

        You know what I find amazing? That people actually still think this was as simple as Cote wanting to “move on”!!! She stated herself in an interview that the decision was totally unexpected and unplanned for (look for the article yourself if you really want to know where she said it). That IS NOT something someone says when they just wanted to “move on’!!! That would have been a decision that she would have been thinking about for awhile! PLEASE stop perpetrating a myth that has ZERO info to support it!

        • RobW says:

          Simple logic. Whether unexpected, last minute or not, Cote, of sound mind and body, chose not to sign a contract. Therefore she made a choice to move on from the show, whatever the circumstances surrounding her contract terms, negotiations, or relationship with CBS. Nobody is debating whether or not it was an easy choice, or contract terms, since we only have rumor and innuendos there, but what else do you call it when someone leaves a job, if not moving on?

    • flootzavut says:

      Uh, it wasn’t the answer you were looking for? So now you’re going to whine about it? Oooookay…

    • as524 says:

      yes we know ash….you tweet every week with your buds about how the show is crap with cdp and how she needs to come back to make you happy – then you throw in the MW part as well….face it – THERE WAS NO ROMANCE ON SCREEN. it’s all in your head.

      so if you are officially done with the show does that mean you and your gang will stop harassing MW demanding that he take cdp to PCA or be her date for her movie premier?

      • NoChance says:

        as524, they want what?! Did they really want the married Michael to ditch his wife to take another woman on a date to the PCAs? And want him to be Ms de Pablo’s escort to a movie premier in place of her long-term boyfriend? That’s just, just…. wrong!
        That is so disrespectful to all 4 people involved.

    • Debbie says:

      I’m so exited to hear that! Does that mean you will be done commenting about the show as well? Because really. The show must go on. The show has gone on. And nobody is going to wait around until you and all those in your Ziva/Tiva/mote bubble (and the mote thing is really disgusting, btw) are ready to move on…or write the show your way, or give you the answers you want to hear, just because you want it that way. The only life you can control is your own. And that’s reality.

  13. vaneileana says:

    While i would love that they kept Ziva alive off-screen, I would really really like it if they bring back the team dynamic. Ever since they brought in the new girl, the boys have been different. Especially Gibbs. They have been focusing on Bishop, making the team seem superfluous. The reason this show rocks is that they are each different talented individuals who work as a team. They might as well change the name of the show to The Ellie Bishop Show. This last episode was good but Gibbs was so uncharacteristically silent about this whole Parsa thing. I mean this guy went after Ziva, killed SecNav, bombed a gala that resulted in deaths and injuries and he’s quietly demanding they find Parsa. Where’s the anger and the yelling? It just doesn’t flow. Adding a new agent shouldn’t cause such a big dramatic change but yet it has. It just no longer feels like the NCIS we all know and love.

    • John 1138 says:

      Last night moved in that direction, IMHO.

    • TV Gord says:

      It’s still the NCIS I know and love, so be careful of the use of that word, “all”. You definitely don’t speak for everyone.

      • Casey R. says:

        Oh, bless you! Nothing annoys me more than having someone use the word “all”. I speak for myself. Thank you for saying that!

      • vaneileana says:

        I wasn’t speaking for everyone. I was speaking for myself. Excuse me for not using I. You don’t need to be so damn literal.

    • the team dynamic is impossible with Bishop. I actually like her, but her work habits and skills don’t fit. she doesnt’ work WITH the team at all. TOny told her to “watch and learn” Gibbs in interrogation, she walked out. She does her work in her head (which is great) while the others stand and stare. in the field, it’s damn lucky she doesn’t get them killed. I *like* her. But she is NOT a good fit for this team at all and it is painful.
      and actually she is not even the problem.
      EVERY team needs a fighter, the muscle. Kate and Ziva were fighters. Ellie is a brain, which is gerat, but you cannot replace a fighter with a brain and vice versa. It just doesn’t work. We are really seeing it now.

      • Debbie says:

        Sure you can replace a fighter with a brain. Then Gibbs and Tony can be the fighters they were before Ziva came along and suddenly they couldn’t do anything. It’s called shifting responsibilities on a team. It happens all the time.
        If you’re citing her walking out when Tony told her to “watch and learn” from Gibbs in interrogation as a reason she’s not a good fit, well, let me see…Tony told Ziva to get his father out of a dangerous situation, and she refused because she didn’t think it was necessary; Tony told Ziva to wait for him before going to Ray’s hotel room, she told him ‘no’, and countless other times Ziva did opposite what she was told to do and made unwise decisions. Her sleeping with a foreign operative (Rivkin) caused the team a lot of grief. Ziva was not a good fit for the team (dare I bring up her independent search for Bodnar without Tony and Gibbs’ knowledge? Out there on her own doing what she wanted to do. Yeah, great teamwork there, Ziva). But since Bishop is not Ziva, a woman acting independently on NCIS these days is a big, big problem.

        • mic says:

          no 1–tonys father he was awed when he first saw ziva–as was tony by the way–he even asked tony what was wrong with him–were co workers dad.no2–when she went to find ray tony was seeing ej & ziva didnt need him to baby sit her,& didnt like the fact that he went against gibbs rules plus ej was disrespectful to gibbs no 3we all know ziva could handle her self but tony stuck his nose into her thing with ray didnt he.all ziva told him was to talk to gibbs she knew gibbs was pissed at tony she was doing the right thing,oh & why did he go to the bar? oh & why didnt he say ray loved her instead of he cares about you..—ziva didnt know what riffkin was up too,she got confused & ? herself after somalia is when she realized that she was being used by riffkin,as tony told her she was being played by him.–it was ok though for tony to sleep with the arms dealers daughter though ????? ziva going after bodner her self was just as much anger in her for vances wife also,that was zivas way she needed to do it herself for what he did,& blamed herself for jackies death.all because her father came to dc–but she also told gibbs her father was here & she her self said we will find out what he was up too,– true to gibbs wasnt she,she was an ncis agent & a us citizen –dont you get it she saw just what gibbs told her that her father was not a good guy & chose gibbs over him—ziva & tony did care very much for each other but could not act upon the feelings for each other,gg built it up & let the fans down blame him,stop knocking cote. mic

        • Rob says:

          Being obstinate in the field is being a block, rather rather a brainy or kick ass addition.

      • pdunn says:

        I am disappointed in the way my favorite show is going. The character of bishop appears to be taking over in the sense she is made to look like she knows most of the answers making the other characters look less effective.

        • Shannon says:

          I am also disappointed that they make it seem like she has nothing new to learn and has all the answers or is unwillingly to try something new and different and learn from observing and still bring her skills when needed. The others brought their own skills and such, but still observed and learn from Gibbs and such to improve their skills and such. I still feel like she is off to her own self doing her own thing and has yet to realize she is on a team and be a team player. When she went up to the guy they were survelling in her premiere episode, Gibbs excused her rash act instead of lecturing her as he would have done to any other member of his team. I think Bishop is okay, but instead of incorporating herself into the group and being a team player I feel like she is isolating herself and still just doing her own thing without thinking things through. I agree it always seems like she is right about everything.

          • Kathy A says:

            Ever since Bishop joined the cast, then the team, Gibbs has been a pod person. He takes garbage from her that, if any other character had pulled it, would have caused a monumental blowup putting Mt Vesivius to shame If anyone else had removed an earwig in the middle of a surveillance op, there would have been no second chance — he would have booted them off the team, and rightfully so. But Bishop gets a pat on the head, told she’s been a bad little girl, and told not to do it again. Bishop may be useful as an analyst, but she’s a bad fit for the team. And please — I never want to see her handle a weapon again. The other actors look natural when they use handguns or rifles — she just looks awkward (a few sessions of training with an actual weapon would have come in handy for the actress). And if that’s organic to the character — she shouldn’t he anywhere near a weapon because that makes her a danger to herself, her team, and bystanders.

  14. CTO says:

    I respectfully disagree with Glasberg. They don’t try. It would have been very organic and logical for Tony to tell McGee to not “run” from Delilah because he’s scared using his experience with Ziva. He didn’t even have to name her. Just a line like “You saw what happens when you don’t go for the one you care about”.
    It could have been a clear indication that Tony acknowledge his mistakes and he is in the first steps to moving forward.

    • flootzavut says:

      That assumption only works if you presume Ziva was Tony’s “one” despite them still never having made a go of it after 8 years…

      • CTO says:

        Their storyline was written like that, promote like that by TPTB. I am neutral on this. But you can’t say that Tiva didn’t exist at all in the show and there was nothing there.

        • Lillian says:

          It was promoted by CBS, but never really written by the show. It wasn’t played that way by MW. It was all talk, but never shown, until the very last part, where they had to pull something off for the screaming Ziva fans. It never felt natural. MW showed more “love” for Jeanne than he ever did for Ziva, even in their last episode together.

          • mic says:

            yes & jeanne accused him of murder, ziva told tony go tell her what she needs to hear–meaning his feeling he did have for her were real & ziva knew that,but she also made him see that accussing him of murder was a knife in tonys back, why is tony not the blame for any of the tiva stuff he started it all the moment she walked into the bullpen from day 1 tonys jaw dropped & it didnt take the team that long to come to love her–all of them cared for her & about her. she did a great job playing ziva david no one could knock that so get over your your selfs. mic

          • Kathy A says:

            Gah! That La Grenouille/Jeanne storyline was one of the most ill-conceived arcs this show has ever given us. My husband and I watch the USA/Cloo reruns regularly (despite owning the entire run on DVD), and we’ll change the channel when one of those episodes comes on. Talk about a personal abuse of power by an agency director, using Tony as a chesspiece and involving an innocent in her own personal agenda.

        • Pete says:

          Considering that both show-runners, over a considerable length of time, spoke of ‘Tiva’ as being the interaction between the two characters – that is scenes between the pair, rather than romance – it was not promoted as a romance until season 10.
          However the media sites, and possibly CBS publicity, did promote it as a romance – egged on by the small but loud group of fans on social media -but this was not backed up by the characters’ onscreen behavior: Ziva couldn’t even be nice to him, that certainly didn’t feel like love, and his concern for her was just that, concern for a team-mate.
          By season 10, what has now turned out to be a small number of viewers pursuaded TPTB that a ‘Tiva’ romance was wanted by all viewers, and that has proven to not be the case.

        • flootzavut says:

          Ummm did I say it didn’t exist? I did not. Please try responding to what a person has written, not what you read into it.

      • John 1138 says:

        8 years and that one roll in the sack when they were in Paris…. and by the entirety of any lack of follow up: we’re not impressed.

    • Lorraine64 says:

      I agree – Tony obviously felt something for Ziva. In WTF he said that now they were no longer agents, “all bets were off” and as for in the orange grove “I’ll change” “I’m fighting for you Ziva” – sorry not something I’d be saying any time soon to my “co-worker”. So yes, a nice moment between Tony & McGee about you have to go after your chances when you can, otherwise chances will pass you by would have been lovely and really poignant. And given the chance of some decent dialogue, no one delivers angst and emotion better than Michael Weatherly.

  15. Svenja says:

    I am really not a person that goes around pointing fingers as CBS and Gary, but the writing was not organic at all. You can tell they tried to overcome the obstacle as quickly as possible and it didn’t work. They should have worked on the TEAM getting over the loss of a family member/friend by discussing it and working on it in a few scenes. First you cope with the loss, then you move on. The coping part was missing cause they were afraid dealing with Ziva would make the cries for her to come back even louder (I think that didn’t work). It backfired now. Even I am like of “meh” about it and not happy. I like Ellie. I think she is fantastic and there is a lot of potential in her. But the meaningful moments between team members and the connection is missing and I blame the way they dealt with the Ziva thing for it. Nothing was organic about it cause basically there was almost no reaction from the other team members. And Tony is written differently in each episode. You never know what you get. First you have him subtly missing her, then you have him having serious insomnia over her, then he gets weird and joins a support group in order to sleep with another random girl (he just mentioned he did it but he did it) which is an old pattern and now in the latest episode he flirted with a version of himself. There is no straight line for him. I never saw the defining moment in him where he was like “ok I loved this girl and she is out of reach so I have to move on”. That would have required a b-story maybe in an episode. So idk. I love the show and characters and think they did a good job with Ellie but they seriously need to work on the other team dyamics more and maybe deal with some of the old demons to move on to new things.

    • John 1138 says:

      I detected playing “catch up” with those early, already written episode that had to be awkwardly modified to the new cast. And I expect that spilled over into Bishop’s first few eps.

      They’ll settle in.

      Or not, but I’m willing to let it evolve for a while. And I also expect, from some of the body language I saw, that some of the Bishopisms are going to get more reaction as time goes on from Gibbs….

    • flootzavut says:

      Took them longer to “get over” an alive Ziva choosing to leave than when Kate died and
      Ziva joined the team… Just sayin’…

      • Mari says:

        Wouldn’t say that.
        Kate is always a costant, a presence.
        the Au episode, her appereances as ghost after her death, the voiceovers, the goldfish, her being mentioned every now and then.

        • Lillian says:

          Kate’s not a constant presence. She was never mentioned until Bait, then nothing until A Man Walks Into a Bar. She does one voiceover for that, has old footage show up in the AU and has a fish – that we never see & Tony mentions one time to the SecNav – and that’s a “constant” presence?

          • Mari says:

            Seems we have differents view on the matter. ;)
            I always feel an undertone of Kate.

            I mean, her sister?

          • Lillian says:

            She’s on once a season, how is that a “constant” presence or an undertone?

          • TV Gord says:

            You hit the nail on the head. You “feel” something that’s not really there. You let your imagination run wild. Meanwhile, most of us are watching what’s actually on the screen.

            Why doesn’t Gibbs mention all of his ex-wives in every episode? I mean, they were actually married. These constant whinings for Ziva seem just as irrational to me.

          • Mari says:

            Then what’s the point of bringing her sister back?
            Why couldn’t have been Ducky to have that conversation with Ellie, since he’s the unofficial shrink of the team?

            And why, in the name of God are you people so snarky?
            Why can’t you contradict an opinion on a fictional show in a nicer manner?

      • Svenja says:

        There difference is that each character had a “good bye moment” with Kate. Of course Kate was dead and Ziva isn’t, but still a member of their “family” left due to horrible incidences. Kate was just an imagination to each team member during these “good bye moments” but it was dealt with. Also when Ziva came in they declared the desk as Kate’s desk. Ziva had to bond with Gibbs in order to be allowed to sit there. Also Ziva had defining bonding moments with the field team agents. There is still time for that to happen with Bishop, but except for Gibbs, no team member had an important moment with Bishop yet. Something where you feel the connection grow. I am still waiting for that.

        • Lillian says:

          No one knew Cote wasn’t signing and she was only back for a limited time. There was no way to write a good bye for each character. That’s Cote’s fault.

          • svenja says:

            I am quite aware of these circumstances. You don’t have to tell me that. I am one of the few Tvia fans that got that part. You can still have a good bye moment without her being present. You can have them get a letter from her or characters talk about losing her in a scene that results in a “I will miss her but she will be ok”. There are many ways.

          • BlacklisterNo.134 says:

            These are professional writers. They are supposed to deal with change. At least she gave them a warning unlike George Eads who took a leave in the middle of filming an episode or Mandy Patinkin who did not even warn them he was not coming back to CM for the new season. I am also sure Shane Brennan and Shonda had to change the whole season to accommodate the pregnancies of their actresses but you do not hear them using that as an excuse.

          • THey were 100% aware that she had not signed a contract. Professional show runners and writers should always have a contingency plan in these circumstances. they did not. That is on Mr. Glasberg completely. If he were professional he would have never been caught short.

          • Lorraine64 says:

            In PPF we cut from the orange grove straight to the airport. One minute a bearded, emotional Tony is “fighting for Ziva” the next he’s at the airport, clean shaven and for all intents and purposes resigned to the situation, leaving Ziva, who he’s spent the last four months searching high and low for, distraught on the tarmac. We the audience were again left to “imagine” what happened between the scenes. If there wasn’t time to film something with CdP then at least there could have been a conversation where Tony spoke about Ziva’s plans for the future – perhaps she planned to travel or perhaps teach, whether she was going to stay in touch, at least send a post card from time to time.

            I agree Tony has to move on and the last thing I would want is to see his character held back with an off screen relationship, but the whole fish called Ziva, and maybe drop her an email to ask about a new girlfriend is just plain silly. Since Senior always had a soft spot for Ziva, perhaps Tony could have a conversation with him, to the effect of yes we keep in touch, she’s fine, she’s teaching English to kids in Africa and I get the impression there’s a special someone in her life, I guess I missed my chance, if there ever really was a chance and now I’m moving on too …..

            And please TPTB when Tony does move on, can he please, please have a proper serious relationship, ideally something that really does grow organically and realistically, so that we get to know her too, in a similar way to how Gibbs’ relationships have developed in the past, eg, Hollis Mann & Ryan. Maybe something that hits him out of the blue when he least expects it. Perhaps he winds up in hospital (I could do with some Tony whump) and he’s treated by a lovely (not necessarily beautiful) nurse, they get close, but subsequently she’s only going to be around from time to time because she’s in the Navy and gets posted, but their relationship grows over time. Something like that … ease someone in gradually and romantically … Michael Weatherly is just brilliant at the romantic emotional stuff. But please don’t play it for laughs or just shove someone down our throats. If he ends up with a tennis pro, or heaven forbid Sofia from this week’s ep, I’m just going to scream!

          • Marie Heney says:

            No that’s GG’s fault. You cannot tell me there was not a clue that CDP was going to possibly walk away? As the showrunner for the No. 1 show you need to be a little more prepared for something like this. Sorry. Don’t blame CDP. She’s was just an employee who decided leave her job.

          • BlacklisterNo.134 says:

            Another thing that needs to be considered is that both parties probably set that date as the deadline for contract negotiations. If CBS was so worried about it affecting the show they probably should have set the deadline in June.
            In addition GG should have had an alternate scenario planned. It was not expected outcome but it was a possibility and he should have planned accordingly.

    • Rob says:

      They didn’t cope with the bombing at NCIS, or the death of Franks, or even Kate’s death took one two-parter and then they were done. Ziva was held captive for months and she was back on the job in a jiffy. They’ve never been good at follow thru.

    • as524 says:

      I’m sorry – there isn’t a work environment around that would have co-workers sitting around talking about a ex-coworker who quit and trying to ‘get over it’. That’s done privately, outside of the work arena.

      As far as Tony written differently in each episode- that’s been like that for YEARS. the only difference is – prior to that, we’d gotten Tony clearly ambivalent to or barely tolerating ziva followed by a writer who inserted sledgehammer worthy ship anvils for the two characters.

      • speaking as someone who has held a job for long periods of time, we most certainly DID talk about co-workers who left, particularly co-workers with whom we worked for YEARS and had a close relationship with. We still talk about them all the time.

        • Rob says:

          At my job, we tragically lost a colleague and a friend we’d worked side by side with for over a decade. For years, we rarely mentioned that colleague unless we had to, it was too painful. Yet, the people who have quit, or were fired, we mention in passing, maybe once a year, if so much. It sure as shooting isn’t a daily thing, only when we’ve crossed paths, gotten a Christmas card, or have some info about life changes.

          • at my job, we tragically lost two colleagues, both to cancer, both young, both horrible deaths. We DO talk about them all the time. I recognize that everyone has to process things differently, that is up to you. At my work, the most difficult losses are the ones we talk about the most. This has been my experience. I CANNOT imagine not talking about them.

          • Rob says:

            This colleague was a best friend to me, the best I’ve had, or will ever have. We all shared a lot of our lives. Our kids were best friends when he died suddenly. My corp is all male, and in that atmosphere, we didn’t discuss him. Ever. Not on work hours, rarely socially.

          • Rob, I am so sorry for your loss. No one can tell anyone else the right way to grieve. You need to do it your own way, and whatever you need to do is right.

          • Rob says:

            AGENTSCULLY514, I’m sorry for yours, too. The more we march on in life, the more friends & colleagues & loved ones we mourn. He was a once-in-a-lifetime friend, and I’ll always honor his memory.

    • mic says:

      I AGREE WITH EVERY THING YOU JUST SAID,,to never talk about her & say they miss her & how loyal she became to all of them was so wrong,they should have never had tony say what he said in the final e epi with ziva,they just needed to make the tiva fans a little happy & then boom shes gone lets move on as gibbs said ,that was the coldest of all the things to say,they looked at her desk more when she ended up in somalia— they didnt need to show it on screen with her & tony ,but gg you are to blame if people arent warming up to bishop,you should have a basket of lollypops on her desk the way you are portraying her. shes quirky all right as you have said,you still should have gotten someone more mature & she can very well do her job in the confrence room not on the frigging floor,& gibbs are you for real with him & the way he justs accepts her eating & sitting on the floor? tony made a comment to bishop about the woman from nsa that she reminded him of someone–but i bet they have tony asking about her & because they arent on the same team they will have him involved with her–i can see it already.they dont need any romances ,they need new writers, mic

  16. Mel says:

    Yes, please, let Tony move forward. Let him grow while re-capturing the smart, competent cop he used to be. Give him back his layers. And don’t tether him to an invisible character. That’s not fair to the character, his fans, or the actor playing him. Give Michael Weatherly something to use his considerable talents on. More mojo, less casseroles, please.

    • DanBCT says:

      He needs a promotion. He really needs to get out of that job. he’s been working under Gibbs for 12 years, for God’s sake. HE doesn’t even have anything to do any more, just bring cupcakes to BIshop while she solves the case. He is FAR too good of a cop for this. it’s absurd.

  17. Pete says:

    Why on earth would any of the team be keeping Ziva in their lives?
    She was a co-worker who moved on and left them behind. I have never pined after a co-worker that left, even ones that I have worked with for years through several employers, even one that I had a relationship with.
    Only a few viewers saw a fantasy romance between Tony and Ziva, the rest of us saw concern for a team-mate from Tony and disdain from Ziva for someone who she didn’t respect, but who she thought should worship her. For many viewers it makes no sense whatsoever for Tony to be hung up on Ziva now that she is gone, and from the sound of it Weatherly doesn’t want his character tied to her either.
    The only possible reason for Tony to have any contact with her is to appease the loud minority – who believe that their idol lied when she said that she left for personal reasons – and who have been supremely ungrateful at the show for botthering to finish her storyline when all they needed was a throwaway line about her not returning following her resignation.
    There is no evidence that any bones thrown to them by the show will be appreciated – and plenty of evidence that all mention of her will do is add fuel to a fire that does not need fanning – whilst they are likely to jar with the viewers who are still watching the show.
    I appreciated that Ziva was not killed off but her story with NCIS is finished and if some fans are not prepared to accept that, after more than 6 months, then perhaps the show should consider the finality of killing her off so that the rest of us can enjoy the show as it is now without constantly harping back to someone who should be long forgotten.
    The genesis of the bombing/Delilah recovery arc sounds interesting, but perhaps Glasberg would be better served reading news stories of real NCIS cases as inspiration…

    • flootzavut says:

      “There is no evidence that any bones thrown to them by the show will be appreciated – and plenty of evidence that all mention of her will do is add fuel to a fire that does not need fanning – whilst they are likely to jar with the viewers who are still watching the show.”

      ^ this. So much.

      Nothing but Cote returning and full on Tiva happening unambiguously onscreen will appease the most vocal and obsessive folks, and smaller gestures have been ridiculed and generally derided. The Tiva fandom has made its own bed on this one.

  18. ling says:

    Gary Glasberg needs to find his personal doctor Cranston in life. He really does.

  19. Rob says:

    Tony stagnated under the load of Ziva and the TIVA. I like his maturity and gravitas in this season, and I hope he’ll be a rock for Mc Gee when he’s forced to deal with Delilah’s continuing med conditions.

    • He has no gravitas. He has become a babysitter for Bishop, with nothing much to do at work. He provides comic relief. I am not sure why the Navy is paying him, right now. He will have gravitas when he gets out of that team and becomes a team lead like he should have done years ago. it is embarrassing that an agent of his abilities is still in the same job.

      • Rob says:

        AGENTSCULLY514, I think we’re seeing Tony very differently this season. He seems to have shown growth, to me, that has been missing.

      • Debbie says:

        Are you saying now we should have two teams on NCIS, one under Gibbs’ leadership and one under Tony’s? Not sure the show can afford that.

        Or are you saying that Weatherly should leave the show? Because after all, if there is no Tiva, in your opionion there’s no use for Tony?

        Which is it?

  20. Kate says:

    As someone who invested years in Tony/Ziva’s relationship, I still feel betrayed these months later as to how this relationship ended. Did it end? Not really. They obviously left a door open. But they are clearly choosing to ignore that. So fans are strung along, not able to fully leave the show “just in case” the relationship gets picked up again. It was obviously a cruelly designed trick, a way to keep Tiva fans on the hook, rather than letting us move on. I choose to not watch the show anymore since it was obvious to me from the get-go that this would be the case. I realize that Glasberg was left in a tough spot after whatever happened with Cote de Pablo; I acknowledge that. But he spent years laying the ground work for Tony and Ziva to mature into a relationship together and then…nothing. If this new agent can have a spouse off-screen, if Tim can have romance, if none of the other main characters need to have a relationship mentioned in YEARS, then why can’t we get an occasional mention of Tony and Ziva’s communication? Why can’t Tony be just as beholden to her as he can to whatever guest actress inevitably comes onboard for one big episode, or a few scenes scattered throughout the season? Tony has plenty to work on with his life aside from romance that could bring storytelling opportunity; he could make a friend, be a Big Brother, angle for a promotion.

    It feels like a cheat. And I have yet to watch a CBS show since.

    • TIva sells. Tiva gets clicks. Any Tiva story on any website gets ten times the comments of any other article. Yes they strung us along, and we certainly did not get closure, which is why so many fans are still “whining”. CBS SOLD us this relationship as endgame, we got invested in it, then they gave us that ridiculous ending. no one has closure. If they don’t fix that, fans will never stop “whining”, ever.

      • BlacklisterNo.134 says:

        While they do not give us a definite answers on the Ziva topic they will continue to get the same questions because she get them the clicks. It is only going to get worse if they let it fester because it has been six months and it is still a buzzy topic.

        • yes, it is STILL a buzzy topic and still starts fights. The NCIS Facebook page is a nightmare. flat out riot. It is only getting worse over time.

          • BlacklisterNo.134 says:

            They should have just given her the one year she wanted. Instead they have had a half year of nightmares with no end in sight.

        • NoChance says:

          Is the 1 year contract a fact? If it is could you direct me to where it was reported? I remember seeing it said on forums but missed any article links. Thanks.

          • flootzavut says:

            No, it’s not a fact. Like many of the other talking points constantly dragged up by the people who refuse to believe Cote’s own statements about why she left, it’s speculation.

      • Cheryl says:

        And they won’t be fans forever. They never got where they were going, and neither did we, and now we don’t trust the writers/producers or whoever controls the show.
        And, as several people have noted, an ensemble show is a tricky thing (and yes, I know who the star is, and MH is good, but–) but it’s a group show, in the end, and it’s too easy to throw off that crucial balance. We’ve watched these characters work and live together, meshing their lives for years, growing and becoming more real and interesting and sympathetic and worth our time, and Tony and Ziva were part of that, and that part got lopped off, with little warning. And that balance is not working now, and all the characters are suffering. And every week I have less incentive to turn NCIS on. I’ve never liked the LA show, most of the the actors can’t act (sorry). And I’m in no mood to test a new spin off.

  21. BlacklisterNo.134 says:

    Of course it is so mature of Tony to call Ziva while she is having a mental breakdown in Israel to say that whatever they were moving towards is over and she is now completely alone. Real smooth!

  22. Vilma says:

    Come on this is a show. I mean those haters of Ziva and Bishop need understand something. The writers and the producers know how the things are moving. GG says “A lot of people have approached me about the idea of not shutting the door entirely on [their staying in touch], and I’m not opposed to it…” He knows that bring Ziva ( Cote) is possible and the people out there that call themselves “ziva’s haters” will see the show no matter what, but in this moment they need explore other things, like Tony move on.I will like Tony move on …, no , but Ziva is not here and maybe never comeback and our Tony will not convert in a priest so…., In this show the fan never will have a word, the writers are judges and GG are a god. So whatever that they think is good , we , the fans will see.

  23. Anita says:

    I agree with Kate, plus I am finding NCIS to be really boring lately, and not just because Ziva left. Tony’s character is shallow and unappealing, the new character, Bishop is it?, is in no way engaging and talks way too fast. Most of the time I can’t understand what she’s saying. McGee is deserving of a happy meaningful relationship, but doesn’t appear to be worthy of it, or so it seems. Abby remains interesting, but even she’s wearing thin. As for Gibbs, how many ex-wives/”girlfriends” are waiting in the wings, ready to appear and tempt him? The witty repartee among the main characters is growing tiresome. Hope this season takes a turn for the better, or this is one viewer who’s moving on to greener pastures, so to speak.

  24. I love Gary’s inspiration for the Delilah arc. What a great story. It’s a little weird in that the interaction between Tim and Delilah doesn’t suggest any deep love. In real life I would not give them good chances. BUt I am looking forward to watching the story develop.

  25. LK says:

    Why do they need to cope or get over her?! Geez, she was a employee who quit her job and then moved on with her life. She ain’t dead. It happens everyday.

    • Rob says:

      The cast and the characters shouldn’t need to mourn her loss. Ziva (and Cote) left. The character didn’t die. And when she was in Somalia, we didn’t see them pining for her, just testing her potential replacements.

  26. Lillian says:

    Why do we have to have any more closure than already given regarding Ziva? Cote didn’t want to continue in the role. The romance was mostly in the minds of the vocal minority while Tiva was written and acted as a partnership/friendship, and most of the the time even that felt one-sided. Ratings show that the people calling for Tiva and more Ziva is and always has been a minority and not the huge segment of the fanbase as claimed. The ratings are high and steady. Sure, NCIS lost a few million, but the average ratings to date show a difference of less than a million in overall viewers and .2 in the demo. I’d like the specter of Ziva and Tiva exorcised – the majority of the viewers just don’t care. Don’t hold the rest of the audience hostage to a “romance” all because of a vocal minority – the majority of which are international viewers who stream the show.

    • NoChance says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong please, but wasn’t Weatherly always against a hookup for the Tony & Ziva characters? I don’t remember any interviews where he supported it but do remember him saying that it would be a disaster for the show.
      If he was against it wouldn’t it have been wrong to make him do a continuing story like this? And to force him to play Tony as linked to a character that’s never seen would be awfully dull for him as a actor.

      • JLS says:

        Wouldn’t have ben a disaster for the show had it happened at the endish of the series, and that is I think what the original goal of the writers was. Until the network got stupid that is!

  27. cherry says:

    Whether or not McGee & Delilah relationship survives,.i am glad they finally gave McGee a story line. We have people from Tony’s & Gibbs past, how about people from everyone else’s life, they all have a past. Wasn’t Abby adopted? How about her real parents. I know everyone from NCIS can be there for McGee to help him through everything with Delilah, but how about his mother or grandmother being there for him. How about finishing the story with McGee & hid father’s cancer & why there relationship went sour. How about explaining where Palmer went. Maybe someday they will get around to this.

    • Kathy A says:

      Remember Tim’s ‘Great Santini’ comment to Tony? I think Tim’s relationship with his father soured because his father had far different expectations for Tim’s future than Tim did. And when Tim wasn’t the good little sailor dear ol’ dad expected him to be, pursuing other career interests, dad didn’t support him in his choices.

  28. Ange says:

    I think people need to move past Tony and Ziva. It’s done. No need crying over spoiled milk. I like Ziva but she is no longer on the show. Her absence has opened the door for both Delilah and Bishop who both bring something new to the show. I’m impressed by the writing taking the turn that it has because the stories do not seem so mundane “Grab you gear. Dead Marine in such and such place” was really old. Happy to see the new and experimental.

  29. I just presume that Tony and Ziva *are* keeping in touch, just not romantically. I’d be more interested in why Ziva won’t respond to McGee’s text messages. He didn’t do anything to her, they admit they were friends, and she never did anything to him. Why would she just cut off contact. And speaking of McGee, can I officially say that I HATE having Delilah shoved down our throats all the time? Glassberg is trying to alienate the viewers who know Tim belongs with Abby.

    • John 1138 says:

      Belongs with Abby? That’s so 7 seasons ago.

      • Cheryl says:

        Interesting that when they did the 200th episode and had Gibb’s life–and other possible lives–flash before his eyes, they had Abby and McGee hooked up in several possible lives, and Abby saying it was ‘Fate,’ and Tony married to Kate, which was funny but very unbelievable, as those two never had one spark of sexual tension between them.
        PS Of course we know it’s fantasy–doesn’t mean it’s not fun to have opinions over.

        • Kathy A says:

          Cheryl, ITA — the Tim/Abby bits of the 200th episode were the best parts of it for me. And the idea of Tony and Kate together? They had a squabbling pseudo-sibling relationship which was one of the best parts of the first two seasons. But married? Nuh-uh.

    • Kathy A says:

      I’m not thrilled with Delilah, either. I have nothing against Margo Harschman (I loved her on BBT), but she and Sean Murray have no chemistry. I see this Tim and Delilah relationship going down a guilt-fueled road I really don’t want to travel.

  30. GoGiants says:

    So happy “Tiva” is done. Just because a man and woman work together doesn’t mean they have to fall in love.

  31. Brittany says:

    I completely respect Cote’s decision to leave it was her choice and she felt like she needed to move on. As far as the Tiva relationship goes, it was always played around with as Michael and Cote said “sexual tension” and it kept the Tiva fans interested, I was a fan but now it’s over and yeah it sucks for some people but everyone has to get over it and move on. This means that Tony will eventually move on or be lonely for the rest of his life which would be miserable. I do agree that Tony should not call Ziva and say that he has moved on, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a call or texts saying hi and talking about their lives to where they come to an understanding. But as far as I’m concerned I’m okay with how it was left they kissed and said their goodbyes, and that ended Tiva for me. Btw it is very childish to be fighting and arguing over a tv show that is not real life some people need to grow up and get over some things. I mean yes it can suck that TV shows change but the bottom line is that it’s not real. All the actors have their own lives to attend too and should not be disrespected by all this trash talk when they worked years just to entertain us. We all have our own opinions and this is mine if you don’t like it then too bad you don’t have to reply to it!

  32. Cheryl says:

    If you didn’t see Tony ‘pining’ for Ziva when she was a captive in Somalia, you didn’t see the same episodes I did. They were excellent ones, re the writing and acting, too, and very satisfying for the show’s fans.

    • Kathy A says:

      Truth or Consequnces — possibly the best episode the show has ever done. MW should have been nominated for an Emmy for his performance.

  33. jj says:

    Wish the blast victim could have been Bishop which will lead to her exiting the show. McGee and Delilah deserves better.

  34. sl says:

    I just watched an old episode of NCIS, the one where Gibbs and co..rescued Ziva in Africa from the terrorists that her own agency refused to do. I loved that episode because it showed how much the team cared about one of their own. If not Tony, I think Gibbs should at least have some form of communication with Ziva keeping tabs on her or a silent phone from Ziva to Gibbs. Tony did tear up her homeland looking for her and she in turn opened up to him like she never has before so even if they are not together off screen they can still communicate as friends making sure she is okay and vice versa. I just can’t see with all the team went through on so many occasions that any communication with any member would just cease to exist. I just wish for her exit that they didn’t use Ari to make him into a victim and good guy etc.. and Ziva into the villain because Ari was a full on bad dude terrorist who shot Kate in the head to send Gibbs a message, ruined Ducky’s first assistant arm when he shot him, he bombed countless things and tormented Gibbs and he was about to murder Gibbs when Ziva shot him. It was also that episode Ziva learned her brother was no saint and chose to save Gibbs. That is what I didn’t like about her exit story…
    I also rather see Tony grow as an agent, fighter etc.. first before a new love arriving in his life. I really do not want to see a love triangle with his dad that is just wrong on so many levels. I also don’t see Tony jumping into a relationship after he traveled to Isreal looking for Ziva finding her, comforting her and declaring his feelings then come back and just go to a new girl like what he did was nothing.
    I am not sure about Bishop… some of the stunts she pulled would have got a lecture or a slap in the head from Gibbs but so far she is just getting praise like and not really adapting to the team. I liked the team where everyone brought their own skills to the team and they all interacted well with the joking and banter and working together and so far I still see Bishop as just being her own team and working on her own. So far, I am not impressed and wish she would grow to and learn to adapt and work with the group and learn that field work is different. Kate coming from Secret Service had to adjust and learn and earn her spot, Sam with Ziva and McGee. I am not liking how Bishop comes in and just does her own thing and not really listening to others sometimes.

    • sl says:

      With that exit story it kind off diminished the Ari arc which was well written and done in the earlier seasons of NCIS.

    • Rob says:

      She accused Tony of murdering her lover in a fit of jealousy. That is a funny funny estimating of caring, in my book.

    • Melinda says:

      I feel the same way. I don’t like Bishop, she has her own way of doing things. Ziva played the part of the woman agent the best. When she was on the show. I couldn’t wait to watch it again. But now I’m to the point I don’t care if it comes on or not. They need to bring her back at any cost.

  35. Carol says:

    lol, what? Is he out of his mind? “Tony has a new relationship and calls Ziva to talk about it”, is this sensitive? when? Now I see why the scripts are all over the place and poorly written… geez

  36. Cheryl says:

    Agree with sl totally–

  37. DCC says:

    I am another who is SO not ready to see Tony in another relationship and do not like the new agent at all. But let’s be honest here people. How many shows have been produced through the years by Bellisarius that have allowed ANY of the main characters to engage in a long term, serious relationship? Once in a while there will be a secondary character who will be happily married or in a steady relationship, but it almost never happens with one of the main characters. Don’t know why, but it certainly seems to be the case.

    • Kathy A says:

      DPB hasn’t been involved with this show since Mark Harmon led a (well-deserved and much-needed) coup several years ago. His name is in the credits, but he’s not involved in a hands-on manner any longer.

  38. SUSIE says:


  39. Sheryl Jackson says:

    I agree the show was a priority for me when Ziva was on there the chemistry with Tony and Tim was great, now I hardly watch it at all seems like the show has lost it zest. To me the people on the show don’t seem excited and Gibbs he just kind of goes along with what they say. No opinion of his own anymore.

    • E. J. Lorraine says:

      I agree. The show just hasn’t been the same. I don’t see why Cote deP can’t come back in a part time role, i.e., like Robert Wagner: romantic interest for Tony w/some great job of her own. Still gives her time to do what she wants with other roles in film, etc.

  40. vicky smith says:

    my view point on tony and ziva not talking for the world to watch right ok , it adds to the drama just because its not tv for viewers does not mean there not talking in a drama way for later for it to be revealled within story lines, yes with the above gibbs has lost the edge through bishop which is not good on top of the tony and ziva issues its just to much, You see part of the show charm is its comedy side charm that tony and ziva bring to the show but now the comedy side is but gone now, you see Comedy Some what rear with good guy against bad guy drama. Things are so much more serious without charm element , its all serous as with the show such as CSI New York etc,So my advice is for writers to bring back the charm with Ziva and Tony happy reunion., and for gibbs to be strong again as leader without Bishop, because two managers running the show not good in any show any business. As for Mcgee love the sweet nieve side he brings no change. Conculsion to my remarks please bring back the old feeling that had everything charm romance Tony Ziva, the strength Gibbs and the sweet side of Mcgee and abby plus the knowledgeable wise doctor . Its needed because to many changes to soon not healthy especially now as we have other reports that the doctor with soon edge out soon due to his age. please vicky smith hug english fan

  41. vicky smith says:

    plus to add mcgee and gibbs cant provide the chemstry tony and ziva bring they dont have the comedy element chemstry , people have that ability naturally only ziva have that, for the show to move forward we need a happy element to tony and ziva that fans will enjoy, Any fans upset are only upset because we need more happy endings in a world short of happiness we all need cheering up Tony and Ziva provided that happiness, so provide please provide that happiness its what most inside wants.. Any viewers wanting just wanting bad guys good guys no romance dont need a show for that they can just watch and catch up on bads things on the news and lead unhappy lives .

  42. bjvicky says:

    tony pineing for zia part of life, as crime part of life , people get sad whenever they are parted from somebody they have longed for so long, for him to come back after pouring his heart out to ziva with the attitude towards women, lets get laid lets have a shag with another girl would make the chartacter shallow and tony not as that at all , thats why who watch the show love him, When tony feels he feels, that plus the hurt in his own life having lost his mum when he was 8 years old and a father never home have made him emotional. Because as a child he would given anything for a normal family as did ziva. To explain a sweet boy player of woman as Tony is, who is sacred to settle due to his father. once in love falls in love would never fall out of love quickly. So be patint with the character and lets not lose track with the show , after all part of the charm of show was its balance with real life, love part of life, crme part of life to dismiss elements of both makes the show untrue and unreal , hugs follow fans x

  43. says:

    Truth be told, bring Ziva back!!

  44. vicky smith says:

    my view NCIS fans is this,what has made NCIS the tops is its all round approach to life situations with the comedy and emtions . it had the right blend of dectective work who done it crime solving, with the emotional blend of heart ache that all the agents experiences, it proved agents are human and feel, with ziva away the comedy emotional losts its edge yes we have mcgee looking after his girl , but the blend has gone and Bishop does not help repair this blend. It has got more like CSI new york etc In the CSI series they are just dectective work they are cold. NCIS was special a all round blend of emotions of agents living day to day through a difficult job coping with the difficulty of job. turning it cold as CSI just makes the programme loss its soul for the viewers. we need ziva back asap

  45. vania says:

    Na tentativa de dar notoriedade à Bishop, a equipe anda apática, e o grande Gibbs parece um figurante; o dinamismo da equipe anterior desapareceu com a saída de Ziva david. Não consigo ver Dinozzo jogando (provocações) a outra pessoa que não Ziva, mesmo que nada rolasse o enredo era o que estimulava

  46. Scott Thackaberry says:

    You want Tony to move on: the season ends with Schmiel (spelling?) leaving Tony with a newborn that is wearing Ziva’s necklace. Then, Tony will grow and the show will again head in the correct direction.

  47. Ziggy says:

    Loved the show when Ziva was on – Please bring her back – the cast had the best combo interactions with Gibbs –Tony & Ziva perfect- banter – the show seems very lack luster now – in limbo -Please give us fans what we want – Ziva back – !!!! OR at least Tony missing her – …

    • Jamal Greene says:

      Bring Ziva back the show has lost something that Ziva brought to the table and how tony flirted with her , Ziva brought a presence to her role which is believe able
      A strong but sexy female role in which she held her own and mixed in with the other cast members , replace this new agent with another powerful female agent !!!
      You have a good show and I have been watching your show from day one and through cast changing

  48. Kim says:

    Simply…bring Ziva back!!!

  49. mic says:

    im getting sick of gg & his famous word organic–cote wouldnt have left if he was more reasonable- the big shots know that any one can replaced & thats why they keep saying –but we offered her more money-perhaps she was worth more then what she was offered & its the shows loss as well. if i was cote i wouldnt come back she left on her own terms & never downed any one on the show or the ones that are in charge,ducky was so wrong for his comment—–sad isnt it- mic

  50. Robert says:

    bring back Ziva no matter the cost the show was good with her in it with bishop gibbs has changed not good.

    • RW says:

      If you missed the memo, the actress chose to move on to other projects. Who would you like to play Ziva?

      • JLS says:

        There was a memo? Huh, I must have missed that! No official statement was made by De Pablo indicating that she chose to move on solely to do other projects. In fact, if that was the reason, why would she not have stated that by now? Perhaps had you done a little in-depth reading you would be able to read between the lines and decipher that she chose to leave because contract negotiations could not be worked out. So of course she is moving on to other projects – what else would she do? I think fans of the show and De Pablo could have accepted her leaving if it had been entirely on her terms. There would have been disappointment yes, but also acceptance eventually! Fans are angry at the roll the network’s good ol’ boys played in this and blame them entirely! They are right to do so. Had negotiations worked out, make no mistake, she would still be on the show – other projects or not! I bet this season’s falling ratings was a nice little lesson for them and they will think twice about foolish contract negotiations in the future for well loved actors who are fully entrenched (please do not compare De Pablo’s 8 years to Kate’s 2 – not even comparable time frames) in a show. Also, why is Yahoo relinking this article – it came out in January!?!?! As much as I love the show and the other actors/characters – Ziva’s character was integral and her leaving was a deal breaker in a way for A LOT of people. It’s just not the same show, and with busy schedules and other things to watch on TV, people are making their choices………..and the rating reflect it!!

        • I agree 100%. I used to never miss an episode. Now, I have forgotten even when the show is on,…:(

        • Antoinette Romero says:

          Bishop is not bad, but, she cannot compare to Ziva. I believe Ziva could actually bring things into reality and her acting was sensational. Please please bring Ziva back.

        • Megan says:

          She wanted to leave. The writers even had to rewrite two of the episodes because of her leaving without word that she was leaving. She wanted to go and they offered her money, but she left anyway.

          • VeeGee says:

            She didn’t leave without word. Her contract wasn’t signed and they knew it wasn’t signed, for months. They didn’t have a plan B like they should have. It happens every year.